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🎥 | Mackenyu Nitta, a hot hug shot with Haruma Miura! Co-starred in "Brave"

Photo Image is a screenshot of Mackenyu Nitta official Instagram

A hot hug shot with Mackenyu Nitta and Haruma Miura! Co-starred in "Brave"

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There you can see Miura, who plays the role of Ieyasu Tokugawa in armor, hugging Nitta with a big smile, and in the comment section, "Thank you for the wonderful photo" and "The best photo". Many fans have been impressed, saying, "It's too good a photo and tears."

Actor Mackenyu Nitta is hugging with Haruma Miura who co-starred in the movie "Brave-Gunjo Senki-" released on March 3th ... → Continue reading

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