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🎥 | Friday low "Star Wars" final episode TV first broadcast tonight!Cast & Series Review

From the photo "Star Wars: The Dawn of Skywalker" – (C) 2019 ILM and Lucasfilm Ltd. All Rights Reserved

Tonight, Friday's "Star Wars" final episode TV first broadcast!Cast & Series Review

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In addition to movies, many TV animations and games have been developed in this series so far, and Disney's video distribution service "Disney +" has a series of new drama series starting with "The Mandalorian". ing.

"Star Wars: The Dawn of Skywalker" (201 ...), the final edition of the movie "Star Wars" series → Continue reading

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Disney +

Disney +(Disney Plus)Walt Disney CompanyOfficialVideo distribution service(SVOD). It distributes video content produced by the company and its affiliated companies/joint ventures.4KAlso supports high-quality distribution by[2].


Disney(Disney),PIXAR(Pixar),MARVEL(Marvel),STAR WARS(Star Wars),NATIONAL GEOGRAPHICIn addition to the 5 brands of (National Geographic)20th century studioThe work is lined up.

A private video distribution service dedicated to Disney affiliates and a competitorNetflix,Amazon Prime Video, Disney subsidiaryHulu[Note 1]Etc., but multipleThird partyIt is different from having a license agreement with[4](However, since 20th Century Studios is visualizing many existing contents, the characters themselves are also distributing works that are not under the jurisdiction of Disney.[5][6]).For this Hulu and this service,SportsSpecializes in live broadcasts and related programsESPN +A set sale called "Disney Bundle" is also available in the United States.[7].

There is no age limit function, and even if it is produced by a Disney affiliated company, works judged to be unsuitable for viewing by all age groups will be distributed on Hulu.[8]..In the overseas market, the sixth brand as a saucer for those works to replace Hulu.STAR(Star) exists,Parental controlHas also been introduced[9].

Some works and episodes are not delivered due to the following circumstances.


2019May 11ToAmericaとカナダWith the North American region NetherlandsStarting with[19][20], Next week19 DayToAustraliaとNew ZealandIn the Oceania region[19],2020May 3ToThe United Kingdom[Note 3]とスイス,Part ofEuropean UnionMember countries (Germany,イタリアEtc[Note 4][24],May 4ToIndiaで[Note 5][Note 6][25],May 4ToFranceで[Note 7][29],May 6ToJapanで[27][30],May 9ToIndonesiaで[Note 5][31],May 9ToNordic,ベルギー,PortugalEtc[30][32][33],May 11ToLatin AmericaAll over[34],2021March 2Singaporeで[35][36]It was started sequentially.Also within the same yearEastern EuropeとHong Kong, South Koreaで[37][38], Each of which is scheduled to start, and is scheduled to be deployed in major markets around the world by 2021.[19][39]. Also,Verizon Communications(America)[40]And hot stars (Indonesia / Indonesia)[25][31],Canal +(France)[41],NTT DoCoMo(Japan)[27], StarHub (Singapore)[36]Such,carrierThere are also regions that provide services in collaboration with distributors.

Changes in the number of subscribers and downloads

Initially, Disney expected the number of subscribers to reach 2024 to 5 million in the five years from the start of the service to 6000.[42].

Disney announced on February 2020, 2 that there are 4 million subscribers as of the 3rd day before[43].. Then, as mentioned aboveEuropeLaunching services in each country andNew coronavirus infection(COVID-19) The number of subscribers exceeded 4 million as of April 8 of the same year due to restrictions on going out due to the epidemic.[44].. 5 million people as of May 4th[32], 8 million as of August 3[45], 10 million as of early October[46][47]Revealed that it had reached 12 million as of December 2nd[7][48].

Disney's first-quarter financial results on February 2021, 2 revealed that as of the same month, the number of subscribers reached 11 million, about four times the number a year ago.[49][50]..On March 3, the same year, it announced that it had exceeded the 9 million mark.[1]..Netflix, the same video distribution service provider, took nearly 1 years to get 10 million subscribers, soPandemicDemand for nesting and exclusive distribution work byWonder Vision"MandalorianIt became clear that the number of subscribers increased at an unusual speed due to killer content such as[50][51].

Disney predicts subscribers will reach 2024-2 million by the end of 3000[42].

2021 year 1 month,AppleAnd Apptopia announced the ranking of applications (apps) in the previous year (2020) one after another, and the former is the number of downloads of apps.ZOOM Cloud MeetingsThe latter was ranked 1th in the number of app downloads in the United States (8 million downloads) and 4500th in the world ranking of non-game app sales ($ 4 million).[52][53].

Reorganization and enhanced distribution

On October 2020, 10, the Walt Disney Company reorganized its media and entertainment divisions in response to the strong performance of video distribution services such as Disney +, and the global distribution team "Disney Media & Entertainment DistributionIs newly established.Announced that it will strengthen video distribution services by producing works for distribution services such as streaming distribution and rental sales with the highest priority over works for theaters.[54][55][56][57].

After that, at a briefing session for investors held on December 2020, 12, 10 works of the Marvel series, 10 works of the Star Wars series, 10 works of the Disney Pixar series, 15 works of Disney Pixar feature films Announced that the work will be exclusively distributed on Disney +[58]..Also, Disney's held on March 2021, 3General meeting of shareholdersIn the companyChief executive officer(CEO)Bob ChapekReveals Disney + to supply more than 100 new titles annually[51][59].

Disney + is a major shareholder of Disney on October 2020, 10Investment fundThe operatordividendHe insisted that the funds should be used to expand the content of the video distribution service after seeing off.[54][56].

Addition of new brand "STAR"

Disney announced at its financial results announcement in August 2020 that it is preparing a video distribution service for overseas markets[60]..At a briefing session for investors held on December 12, the same year, the new streaming brand "STAR" was announced, and from February 10, 2021, STAR was added to the Disney + interface.[9][38]..In this brandAmerican Broadcasting Company(ABC) and 20th Century Studios series (FX,20th century television,Searchlight PicturesEtc.), and like Disney +, create original works at STAR[Note 8]..Also, in Latin America, it started as "STAR +", which is a video distribution service different from Disney + and STAR, and is affiliated with Disney.SportsProfessional channelIsESPNからSports broadcastWill also be supplied.The brand has been rolled out in various countries around the world, and it has been revealed that it will start in Japan in the latter half of the same year.[38][41][61].

Also, before introducing the STAR brand,デ ッ ド プ ー ル(Produced by 20th Century Studios), etc., works that Disney judged to be unsuitable for viewing by Disney + target families were not distributed on the service.[8][17]..For this reason, it was originally produced on the premise of theatrical release and distribution on Disney +, but later changed to distribution on Hulu, a sister service in the North American corporation.[Note 9]In some cases, the distribution right was transferred to a video distribution service of another company in the same industry.[Note 10][8][65][66].. Parental control was also introduced at STAR, and for the reasons mentioned above, it was not possible to line up with Disney +.R designationWorks for adults such as[61].

Initially, Disney was planning to expand its sister service Hulu overseas, but in May 2019 Disney announcedComcast(NBC Universal), When it gained full control of Hulu, Comcast had purchased it from January 2024 with ancillary provisions that could require Disney to buy shares at any time.[3][67]..Therefore, if the value of the service increases due to the expansion of Hulu overseas, there is a risk that the cost of acquiring shares to be paid to Comcast in a proportional manner will increase, so it was decided to abandon this plan in October 2020. ToBloombergReported from[68]..Disney CEO Bob Chapek also pointed out Hulu's lack of brand awareness outside the United States when it announced its financial results.[69]..As a result, Disney has established a new brand as a receiver for overseas distribution of ABC and 20th Century Studios series works.[41].


2020/4/8[Note 11],Walt Disney Direct to Consumer & International(DTCI) announces the deployment of Disney+ in Japan in the latter half of 2020[70][71].. At this point,Walt Disney Japan(WDJ) and NTT DoCoMo have been collaborating with each other since March 2019.Disney DeluxeIt will be a different service from[44][72][73], Trends were drawing attention as Disney + and Disney Deluxe could coexist as they are[73][74].

May 5, same year[Note 11], Announced that it will start service in June at Disney's earnings conference[Note 12][30][75].

On May 5 of the same year, WDJ announced that Disney+ service will start on June 28 of the same year through exclusive collaboration with NTT Docomo.[27], NTT Docomo made a similar announcement late[76].catch copyIs "Let's add Disney-like everyday life.'[77].. The issue surrounding coexistence was settled by updating ``Disney Theater'' which is one of the apps that make up Disney Deluxe to Disney+, so Disney Deluxe members can use Disney + as it is from 8 o'clock on the same day. became[76][78][79]..なお、ディズニーデラックスとしてはアプリ「ディズニーDX」や優待サービスなどの提供を継続するDisney Deluxe will continue to provide the app "Disney DX" and special services.[Note 13][78][79][81].

However, because of that,

  • Separately from "Disney Account"d accountNeed to get[76][82].
    • d Account itself is not NTT DocomoCommunication carrier,MVNOCan be acquired by[82]..However, the payment method is NTT DoCoMo or its cheap plan.ahamoDetermined by the presence or absence of a mobile line[76][83].
    • The payment system is different in Japan, so it is done overseasFort Knight(epic Games) And other collaboration campaigns are not covered in Japan[84].
  • For the time beingFull HD- 2 ch It will be delivered by voice, and as of May 20204K/HDR-5.1ch surroundVoice delivery is under consideration[85].
    • for that reason,Dolby LaboratoriesWith Dolby VisionDolby Atmos, AppleAirPods ProThere are no plans to support the stereophonic technology "spatial audio" that is being developed at the time of launch.[86][87].
    • "Star Wars Episode 4/New Hope”, with the start of distribution on this service,George LucasVideo has been added or deleted under supervision[Note 14].. However, this change is not reflected in Japan because it does not support 4K, and it is delivered in the same Blu-ray version as at the time of the previous "Disney Theater".[88].
  • PlayStation 4Such asgame machineSupport is not planned at the time of launch[89].
    • In addition, it was released on November 2020, 11Sony OfPlayStation 5In (PS5), the media remote control was released on the same day as a peripheral device of the product, and this service is also assigned as the service start button of the remote control, but in Japan, the application for PS5 is not prepared at the time of release. It is not possible to start from[90][91].
  • Support for the GroupWatch function (provided from September 2020, 9 in the United States, etc.) is not planned at the time of launch.[92].
  • Basically, distribution will start at the same timing as in the United States, but due to the content of the work and the production of the Japanese (dubbed) version, distribution may start later than overseas (timing shifts) ( "Noel" (produced by Disney)[Note 15]Such)[96].
  • Even past works do not have the same content as in other countries such as the United States (such as "So Wierd" (Japanese title: Somewhere Mystery)).NTT DoCoMo manages content that cannot be lined up on Disney + for the reasons mentioned above, such as works for adults.dTVIt is delivered by[97].

It is revealed that there are some differences from Disney+ in the United States.

In addition, as with Disney Deluxe, NTT Docomo mobile phone subscribers andAndroid smartphoneWhen a user joins, a total of 2 apps, "Disney +" and "Disney DX", are automatically (pushed) as "apps for docomo service subscribers" using NTT DoCoMo's app distribution platform. ) Will be installed[Note 16][72][76].. Unlike Disney Deluxe, you can watch the audio in Japanese/English and ON/OFF of subtitles in Japanese/English freely. However, depending on the work, only Japanese (dubbing) is available.[98].

Done on September 2020, 9Bank of AmericaDisney at a conference hostedCFOWhen asked about the Japanese business of this service, (CFO) Christine McCarthy suggests that there is a possibility that the service will be fully developed outside of NTT DoCoMo.[99][100]..In addition, WDJ has been organizing mobile services since Disney + started, and on September 2020, 9LINE"Disney x" which is a collaborative service with LINE, Some on January 2021, 1Cable tv station"WATCH" that was provided to Disney channel"And" WATCH Disney junior, On September 2021, 9KDDI(au), Which is a collaborative service with ), has been announced to be terminated.[101][102][103].

Rate plan

  • 770 yen (tax included) per month.No annual plan is set. Join "Service to enjoy" Disney + "and" Disney DX "apps"[104].
    • Only the first time is free for 31 days from joining. Also, "Giga Plan of Docomo"[Note 17]Contractors are also offered a set discount of up to 1 yen (tax excluded) for one year (existing members of Disney Deluxe will continue that period)[76].
    • Payment is billed together with the mobile phone charges for the d account associated with the mobile line of doCoMo or its cheap plan ahamo (that is, the mobile line subscriber of docomo ahamo), and credit card payment for other d accounts Limited to[76][83].

Disney+ exclusive distribution work

The list below is a work distributed in Japan and may not be the same lineup as other countries (posted until February 2021, 4).As a general rule, new episodes of series works will be added every Friday at 30:0.[105][106][107]..Also, for works that will be distributed simultaneously with overseas, the United StatesPacific Standard TimeIt will be similar to the above, and will be on Friday at 16:XNUMX (Daylight saving timeDelivery will start from (at the time of implementation) or 17:XNUMX[108][109][110][111].

Disney+ original

A work created from the beginning on the premise of distribution on Disney+. A special opening called "Disney + ORIGINAL" is displayed at the beginning[112]..According to a Bloomberg survey, it is reported that the content production budget for 2020 is 15 billion to 17 billion dollars (5000 billion to 1618 billion yen in Japanese yen).[113].

2020/7/28[Note 11]ToAcademy of Television Arts and SciencesAnnounced by72nd Primetime Emmy AwardThen, it became clear that "The Mandalorian" was nominated for Best Picture in the drama category, and that Disney + original works as a whole won nominations in a total of 19 categories.[114][115][116].


Work titleDelivery start dateRemarks / Exhibition
Live-action version "Doggie story"2020/6/11[117]
"Star girl"[117]
"Detective Timmy"[117]
"Hamilton"2020 Year 7 Month 3 Day 16[Note 18][108]
"Black Is King"2020 Year 7 Month 31 Day 16[Note 19][109]
"Be fascinated by magic"2020/8/21[119]
"Phineas and Ferb / The Movie: Operation Candice Rescue"2020/9/4[120]
"Secret Society-The Second Child of the Royal Family Secret Society-"2020/10/2[121]
"Clouds ~ Beyond the Clouds ~"2020/10/23[122]
"OlafBirth day "2020/10/30[123]
"folklore: Long Pond Studio Session"2020/12/4[124][125]
"Noel"2020/12/11[Note 15][95]
"Fairy Godmother"[126]
"High School Musical: The Musical Holiday Special"2020/12/18[127]
"Black beauty"[95][128]
"Safety-The Best Brothers"[129]
"Christmas firewood at Arendelle Castle"2020 Year 12 Month 18 Day 17[130]
"Flora and Ulysses"2021/2/26[131]
"Chip'N Dale: Rescue Rangers(Original title)Scheduled for spring 2022[132]
"Spooked"Delivery time undecided[133]
Live-action version "Pinocchio"[134][135]
Live-action version "Peterpan & Wendy"[134][135]
"Disenchanted(Original title)[136]
"Hocus Pocus 2(Original title)[137]
"Three Men and a Baby(Original title)[137]
"Cheaper by the Dozen(Original title)[137]
"Diary of a Wimpy Kid(Original title)[137]
"Sister Act 3(Original title)[137][138]
"Dolly and coral reef world"2020/12/25[139]
"Soulful world"2020 Year 12 Month 25 Day 17[Note 20][142]
"That summer Luka"Scheduled for December 2021, 6[143][144]
"LEGO Star Wars / Holiday Special"2020/11/17[145][146]
20th century studio
"The Ice Age Adventures of Buck WildDelivery time undecided[137]


Work titleSeason/Number of storiesFirst delivery start dateRemarks / Exhibition
"High School Musical: The Musical"Season 1, all 10 episodes2020/6/11[106]
Special edition / 1 episode[106]
Season 2 ・UndecidedScheduled for December 2021, 5[147]
"Future President's Diary"Season 1, all 10 episodes2020/6/11[117]
"One Day at Disney (Short Story)"Season 1, all 51 episodes[117]
"Short circuit"Season 1, all 14 episodes
"Disney DIY at home"Season 1, all 40 episodes
"Ximation"Season 1, all 11 episodes2020/7/10[148]
Season 2 ・UndecidedScheduled for December 2021, 6[147]
"Do your best! Working dog"Season 1, all 10 episodes2020/8/7[119]
"Which one is a lie?!"Season 1, all 30 episodes2020/8/14[119]
"Muppet flock!"Season 12020/8/21[149]
"Talk Show of Alien Ned"Season 1, all 20 episodes2020/9/11[150]
"Becoming-To be the one you aim for"Season 1, all 10 episodes2020/9/25[151]
"Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse"Season 12020/11/18[152][153]
"On Pointe-Young Ballet Dancers"Season 1, all 6 episodes2020/12/18[154]
"Duck that can't fly-Game changer-"Season 12021/4/2[61][155]
"Big shot!"Season 1Scheduled for December 2021, 4[61][155]
"Disney's LAUNCHPAD"Season 1, all 6 episodes plannedXNUM X year X NUM X schedule[156]
"Mysterious Benedict Society (original title)"Season 1 ・UndecidedXNUM X year X NUM X schedule[61][157]
"Turner & Family(Original title)All 12 episodes planned[61][157][158]
"Chip and Dale: Park Life"Season 1 ・Undecided[159]
"Zootopia +(Original title)UndecidedScheduled for 2022[160]
"Big Hero XNUMX!(Original title)[160]
"Tiana(Original title)[160]
"I wájú (original title)"[161]
"Moana(Original title)Scheduled for 2023[160]
"Beauty and the Beast(Original title)Delivery time undecided[162][163]
"Swiss Family Robinson(Original title)[162]
"What is this folky?"Season 1, all 10 episodes2020/6/11[105]
"Where is Bo Peep?"All 1 stories[105]
Spark Shorts seriesAll 8 stories
"Pixar popcorn shorts"All 10 stories2021/1/29[61][139][164]
"Monsters at Work"Season 1 ・UndecidedXNUM X year X NUM X schedule[165][166]
"Doug day(Original title)UndecidedScheduled for fall 2021[167][168]
"Cars』Spin-offScheduled for fall 2022[167][169]
"Win or Loose"Scheduled for fall 2023[139][167]
"Wonder Vision"All 9 stories2021 Year 1 Month 15 Day 17[Note 21][172][173]
"Falcon & Winter Soldier"All 6 stories2021 Year 3 Month 19 Day 16[Note 22][177]
"Loki"All 6 episodes plannedScheduled for December 2021, 6[174][177][178][179]
"What If...?"UndecidedScheduled for summer 2021[Note 23][180]
"Hawkeye"Scheduled for fall 2021[181]
"Ms.MARVEL"Scheduled for the second half of 2021[182][183]
"The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special (original title)Scheduled for the end of 2022[184]
"MOON KNIGHT"All 6 episodes plannedDelivery time undecided[178][185]
"SHE HULK"All 10 episodes planned[178][182]
"Armor Wars"Undecided[186]
"Secret Invasion"[186]
"I am Groot(Original title)[184]
"Black panther』Spin-off[187]
"Mandalorian"Season 1, all 8 episodes2020/6/11[Note 24][Note 25]
Season 2, all 8 episodes2020 Year 10 Month 30 Day 16[189][190][191]
Season 3 ・UndecidedXNUM X year X NUM X schedule[192]
"Star Wars/Clone Wars"
Final season
All 12 stories2020/6/11[193]
"Star Wars: Bad Batch"Season 1Scheduled for December 2021, 5[194][195][196]
"The Book of Boba Fett"UndecidedXNUM X year X NUM X schedule[197]
"Star Wars: Visions"Scheduled for 2021[195][198]
"Star Wars: Ando"Scheduled for 2022[195][199]
"Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi (original title)"Delivery time undecided[195][200]
"Star Wars: Ahsoka (original title)"[192][195][201]
"Land (original title)"[195]
"Acolyte (original title)"[195]
"Star Wars: Rangers of the New Republic"[192][195][201]
"Droid Story (original title)"[195]
20th century studio
TV drama version "Percy Jackson and the Olympus Gods"UndecidedDelivery time undecided[202]
Anime versionNight museum"[203]
TV drama version "Willow"UndecidedScheduled for 2022[137][204]
TV drama version "National treasure"All 10 episodes plannedDelivery time undecided[205]


Work titleSeason/Number of storiesFirst delivery start dateRemarks / Exhibition
"Imagineering"Season 1, all 6 episodes2020/6/11[94]
"We are guide dog candidates"Season 1, all 6 episodes[117]
"Backstage of Disney"Season 1[117]
"Disney Prop Culture"Season 1, all 8 episodes
"Disney Fairy Tail Wedding"Season 1, all 6 episodes
Season 2, all 8 episodes
"One day at Disney"All 1 stories
Disney nature"Following the footprints of elephants"
Disney Nature "Unknown World of Dolphins"
Disney Nature "Coral Reef Dolphins"
"Into the Unknown-"Frozen 2"making"Season 1, all 6 episodes2020/7/3[206]
"Greek Freak (original title)"UndecidedDelivery time undecided[61][134]
"Behind the scenes of Pixar"Season 12020/11/20[207]
"Marvel 616"Season 1, all 8 episodes2020/11/27[208][209]
"Marvel Studios Unknown Secret"6 story2021 Year 1 Month 8 Day 17[210][211]
"Marvel Studios Assemble"1 story2021 Year 3 Month 12 Day 17[212][213]
Disney Gallery "Star Wars: Mandalorian"Season 1, all 8 episodes2020/6/11
Season 2, all 1 episodes2020/12/25[214][215]
"Jeff GoldblumQuest for the worldSeason 1, all 12 episodes2020/6/11[107]
"Bob & Mac's Parent-Child Wandering Record"Season 1, all 6 episodes2020/7/31[216]
"A true story like a lie"Season 3, all 13 episodes2020/8/28[119]
"Magic of Disney's Animal Kingdom
Disney's Animal Kingdom Magic
Season 1, all 8 episodes2020/10/2[217]
"Mercury Seven"Season 1, all 8 episodes2020/10/16[218]
"Chimpanzee Paradise"All 6 stories2020/10/23[219]
"The Real Right Stuff"All 1 stories2020/11/27[220]
"Big Ideas Future Entrepreneurs Who Will Change the World"All 1 stories2021/3/19[221]
"Society of whales and marine life"Season 1Scheduled for December 2021, 4[222]
"Limitless with Chris Hemsworth"UndecidedDelivery time undecided[61]
"Welcome to Earth (tentative title)"[61]
"Genius (original title)"[61]
"Secret of Whales"[61]
"Real Bug's Life (original title)"[61]
"America the Beautiful (original title)"[61]
"Save Our Squad"UndecidedUndecided[223]

Reality show

Work titleSeason/Number of storiesFirst delivery start dateRemarks / Exhibition
"Encore!"Season 1, all 12 episodes2020/6/11
"Aiming to be a chef!"Season 1, all 11 episodes
"Manufacturing Contest"Season 1, all 8 episodes
"Pixar in Real Life"Season 12020/6/11
"Hero Project"Season 1, all 20 episodes2020/6/11


Work titleSeason/Number of storiesFirst delivery start dateRemarks / Exhibition
"Let's sing together /" High School Musical: The Musical ""Season 1, all 10 episodes2020/6/11[106]
"Remember Me Orchestra concert”All 1 stories2020/6/11


The theater screening was canceled due to various reasons and works that were continuously distributed from the predecessor "Disney Theater" (Delivery through), As a result, the work that was first released on Disney +.

Work titleDelivery start dateRemarks / Exhibition
"Disney It's A Quiz World"2020/6/11[Note 26]
"Legend of the Three Knights"[Note 27]
"Disney My Music Story"[Note 28]
"Artemis and fairy ransom"2020/8/14[Note 29][228]
"Gorilla Ivan"2020/9/11[Note 30]
20th century studio
"Spy in Danger"2020/7/10[Note 31][233]
"Maggie Simpson's first love struggle"2021/4/9[Note 32][236]

Premier Access

It is NTT Docomo's payment service on the official Disney websited paymentMovies that can be viewed by early video distribution (PVOD) by[237][238]..By paying an additional 3278 yen (tax included) for the premier access fee, you will be able to watch multiple times during the membership period.[239][240][241]..Including works that were rented and distributed on this service at the same time as theatrical release[242].

Work titleDelivery start dateRemarks / Exhibition
Live-action version "Moulin"2020 Year 9 Month 4 Day 16[Note 33][Note 34][240]
"Raya and the Kingdom of Dragons"2021 Year 3 Month 5 Day 17[Note 35][Note 36][241]
"Cruella"Scheduled for December 2021, 5[143]
"Black widow"Scheduled for December 2021, 7[143][247]



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外部 リンク


"Mandalorian''(Mandalorian) IsAmerican movies"Star wars series] Is a group that appears in.


Mandalorian is a group of warriors who are active around the planet Mandalore.Jet packWith high combat techniques that make full use of various weaponsBounty hunter,mercenaryThere are many people who make a business.Bounce off the blaster attack,LightsaberWe often wear combat uniforms with a T-shaped visor that uses this metal as a sacred metal called Vesker Steel, which is also resistant to resistance.

As the name implies, Mandalorian is from the planet Mandalore as a race and race.A humanHowever, there are no restrictions on the race or place of origin of the members, and the willingness to follow the culture and doctrine of their warrior group is emphasized.そのため、部外者であっても彼らの文化や教義に従う意思を示す者に対してはTherefore, even outsiders who are willing to follow their culture and doctrineAdoptionParticipation as a new Mandalorian in the form of an introduction or introductory is widely accepted, and many non-human aliens and people from planets other than Mandalore are enrolled.

At the same time that a person who was once called Tar Vizsla belongs to the MandalorianJediにも属し、ダークセーバーと呼ばれる通常のライトセーバーとは異なる黒い刃を持つライトセーバーを製作していたとされる。このダークセーバーはター・ヴィズラの子孫によってジェダイ聖堂から盗み出され、以降の代の子孫に当たるヴィズラ一族の当主に受け継がれる。

New Mandalorian

Animation "Star Wars/Clone WarsA radical reformist who advocates the abandonment of warrior culture and pacifism.そのためマンダロリアンのシンボルである戦闘服を身に付ける者はTherefore, those who wear the combat uniform, which is the symbol of the Mandalorian,PolicemenIt is limited to some people.It was the mainstream Mandalorian at the end of the Old Republic.

クローン大戦ではこの派閥の指導者であるサティーン・クライズ女公爵が銀河共和国と独立星系連合の双方に対して参戦を拒む勢力の代表で構成される中立星系評議会を同時に主導していたが、後述するデス・ウォッチと結託した独立星系連合による軍事攻撃や、銀河共和国に属する星系によるEconomic sanctionsの標的となり、内部においてもデス・ウォッチと内通したタル・メリク元老院議員や、経済制裁によるニュー・マンダロリアン達の困窮の裏で自ら密貿易を主導するアルメク首相のように問題行動を起こす主要人物が続出するなど非常に危うい立場に追い込まれていく。

AndDarth MallDeath Watch in collusion with the criminal organization Shadow CollectiveCoup d'etatにより主流派の立場を奪われ、サティーン・クライズ女公爵も死亡。その後モールの傀儡となったアルメク首相が平和主義の放棄と戦士文化への回帰を宣言し、これを以てニュー・マンダロリアンは消滅した。

True Mandalorian

Unlike the New Mandalorian who advocated the abandonment of the warrior culture itself, the conservative reformers advocated the establishment of new discipline and the promotion of reforms based on it while maintaining the culture as a warrior race.

In the setting of spin-off works classified as Legends (non-official history), "Star Wars Episode 2/Clone Attack]Jango FettIs said to have been the leader of this faction, but announced that Django was not a Mandalorian in the Kanon (Masashi) setting.[1]The faction itself has not been confirmed for the True Mandalorian.

Death Watch

The origin is "Star Wars Episode 1/Phantom MenaceMandalorian's extremist right-wing armed organization, which can be confirmed from 3,700 years ago.After the rise of the New Mandalorian and the True Mandalorian, he moved to a fundamentalist position advocating the adherence to the tradition of the traditional fighting nation, causing numerous armed conflicts with both sides.

After that, he lost the battle and was apparently exiled to the satellite Concordia on the planet Mandalore, and then declined. Against the Satin Clydes administration leading the MandalorianterrorismAnd so on.However, in the end, the assassination of Sateen failed, and the cooperation with the Confederacy of Independent Systems broke down.And at the end of the Clone WarsDarth MallIn collusion with his brother Savage Opres and the criminal organization Shadow Collective formed by the brothers.Coup d'etatBecame the new mainstream of the Mandalorian.

Immediately afterwards, however, Death Watch leader Pre-Vizsla imprisoned Darth Maul and his brothers and applied for a duel against the jailbroken Mandalorian, betting on the position of the new Mandalorian leader, Mandalore.When Vizsla is killed by Darth Maul in this duel, Maul declares himself a new "Mandalorian" and reorganizes Death Watch as a "Mandalorian Super Commando."However, Vizsla's adjutant, Bo-Katurn Clydes, disagreed with making Mole, who does not show the intention of belonging to the Mandalorian, a new "Mandalorian", and some Death Watch forces who agreed with her said " Divided as "Night Owl".Furthermore, in Darth MaulSithIs a master asDarth SidiousRaids Darth Maul and Savage Opres brothers, Savage dies and Maul is imprisoned again.

After that, the Mandalorian Super Commando and others regained Mole from Sidious and intervened in the Clone Wars again as a third force with Mole at the top.Causes various sabotage activities for the purpose of killing Sidious.クローン戦争終盤、シディアスの弟子となる可能性のあるPossibly a disciple of Sidious at the end of the Clone WarsAnakin SkywalkerAt the same time, Anakin was struck by Sidious's tactics, although the malls and commandos occupied the Mandalore capital, Sandari, in order to attract them.Participate in the battle of Coruscant..サンダーリに対してはアナキンの副官であるAnakin's adjutant to SandariClone Commander RexAnd Anakin's former disciple who decided to cooperate as his military adviserAhsoka TanoClone battalion led by501st BattalionThen, "Night Owl" led by Bo-Kataan Clydes advanced.In this battle, Mole was arrested again and escaped alone.Many of the commandos were killed in action, and the survivors were taken prisoners of war.

AndGalactic RepublicIs newGalactic EmpireAn anime depicting the era after being reorganized asRebelsIn "Imperial Super Commando", which shows a reluctant attitude toward the rule of the empire as the successor to "Mandalorian Super Commando", and the remnants of "Night Owl", Death Watch became the empire. It was said that he was divided into those who rebelled and built a new resistance.In addition, the Mandalorian girl Sabine Len, who was born in the Death Watch family, has appeared as a member of the "Ghost Team", a rebellious organization against the empire that is the main character of this animation.

Journeyman protector

A branch organization that governs the colonial planet Concord Dawn, which was devastated by the conflict between the Mandalorians.In the anime "Rebels", it is only called "Protector".

Participated in the Clone Wars as the Galactic Republic side,Clone trooperI was also training.

After the establishment of the Galactic Empire, he showed a rebellious attitude toward the empire, and in the anime "Rebels", he was initially involved in cracking down on rebels against the empire.Therefore, when a fighter unit led by Hera Sindura visits the planet to obtain permission to navigate the Rebel Alliance (the predecessor of the Rebel Alliance) at Concord Dawn, it intercepts it and seriously injures Hera.However, after that, Fen Lau, the leader of the Journeyman protector at that time, was captured by Hella's friend Sabine Len and Kanan Jarrus, who had the experience of being saved by a Journeyman protector during the Clone Wars in the former Jedi. And they are forced to join the rebels.

After that, the rebels were exposed to the empire, and the protector village was attacked by the Imperial Super Commando and destroyed.The remaining Fen Lau joined the rebels at his own will and later joined the rebels in Death Watch.

Concord Dawn is also the birthplace of Jango Fett, and is a pure clone of Jango in the setting of spin-offs classified as Legends (non-official history).Boba FettIs said to have belonged to this faction for a while.

Children of the Watch

An extremist who advocated the revival of the ancient Mandalorian culture "The Mandalorian Road" and separated from the Mandalorian societycult.. Also called a "watch".

Masashi's TV drama "MandalorianThe Mandalorian group called "Ethnicity" that appears in the book belongs to this faction.They said in the play, "The Mandalorian is a doctrine, not a race," and vowed not to show the face in the helmet to other creatures.Also, the main character of the same workDin JalinAlthough unrelated to race, he swore allegiance to the doctrine because he was saved by the Mandalorians when he was young, and he is an introduction to the Mandalorians.

It is said that those who welcomed Din Jarin to the Mandalorian belonged to Death Watch, and the organization name suggests a connection with Death Watch, but the details are unknown.

Live-action drama

Disney +Has been delivered since 2019.

Set in the world of "Star Wars", "Return of the Jedi』Starts five years later.Galactic EmpireFrom the collapse ofFirst orderDuring the appearance ofNew Galactic RepublicA lonely Mandalorian gunfighter who works in a place that is out of reach is depicted.It is said that the planet Mandalore was destroyed during this period, and that the Mandalorians are hiding in small groups in many worlds.


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