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🎥 | [The Supporting Actors XNUMX Directory] Takashi Ukaji "I noticed myself as a young man at the shooting site."

Photo Takeshi Ukaji (C) "By Players 2021" Production Committee / (C) 2021 "Movie By Players" Production Committee Appearing in New Project of "By Players" Series

[The Supporting Actors XNUMX Directory] Takashi Ukaji "I noticed myself as a young man at the shooting site."

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Ukaji played the role of "Takashi Ukaji", an actor who appears in the movie "Outlaw Forest" and is a strict and reliable actor in the actor world.

The drama "By Players" series (TV Tokyo series) in which the leading Japanese actors appear in their own roles. 202 ... → Continue reading

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Takeshi Ujiji

Takashi Ukaji(Takashi Kaji,1962May 8 -) isJapan OfAn actor,talent.Office33Affiliation.The director of the theater company PATHOS PACK.



1962,TokyoShinjuku wardNishi Okubo 1-chome (currently:KabukichoBorn in "Tokyo Metropolitan Ohkubo Hospital" in 2-chome)[1]..At birth, he weighs 5,000g and has received an award for excellent health children in the city.[1].. Tokyo from 3 to 5 years oldKodairaAnd then until the second grade of elementary schoolHiroshimaAki DistrictFuchu TownRaised in[1][3]After that, moved to Kunitachi, Tokyo,Kunitachi Dainana Elementary School-Kunitachi XNUMXst Junior High SchoolGraduate from[1].Takushoku University Daiichi High SchoolThen.Baseball clubBelonging to the professional team as a "promising player in the future" because he was a big playerscoutWas so talented that he came to see Ukaji several times.

Bosozoku Era-Before Debut

However, in that high school days in club activitiesBullyingOn the contrary, he was concealed from the school side due to the accusation of Shigoki and was not allowed to play baseball for two months and stood on the edge of the ground with supervision, but who was the teacher and other adults at that time? You can't trust an adult without calling out alone[4][5], That triggered a violent incident outside and was arrested,Juvenile discrimination officeEntered.Dropped out of high school after being released and has an uncle for a whileHokkaidoUrakawa-gunUrakawa Town,Nikai-gunYakumo TownI got a working opportunity but couldn't rehabilitateTokyo Family CourtReturn to Tokyo with the excuse of calling from[1].. After thatMotorcycle gangJoined and became the largest organization in Japan at that timeBlack EmperorIn the Santama area ofheadLater, he became the 7th Honorary President, and he often enthusiastically talks about his lifelong friends on TV programs.Also of the former runaway tribeHiromi"The person who was ridiculously famous when we were kids," commented.[Source required]Also a writer living in Hachioji and of the same generationGetz ItayaIn his book, there is a description that "it was a legendary existence."And he was arrested again due to the conflict between the runaway tribes.Sent to the family courtJuvenile trainingAccommodated in.

Converted in life at Juvenile Training School.I read at this timeチ ャ ッ プ リ ンBiography is an opportunity to become an actor[3]At the same time, I worked hard to study for returning to high school, and thenNakano High School attached to Meiji UniversityPart-timeGraduated, for classmatesMasahiko Kondo,Nomura Yoshio,Makoto Nonomura,Tsuchiyakaori,Rei Sakuma, Shinichiro Fuji (Yukami Riki) and many other idol entertainers.Papaya suzuki-Toshikazu NunokawaAre juniors.

At that time, the drama "The HangmanWas the criminal role, but Hitomi Yokota, who was the girl who was kidnapped at the same time, was also a classmate.

After debut

Akira NishikiWhen I was 18 years old[6]When I visited the office messenger,Bunta Sugawara"Who are you? Are you a singer?" And answered, "No, I want to be an actor, but I don't know how to do it, so I'm helping Nishikino-san." Sugawara said. Immediately I called the office of Nishikino and said, "I'm a big nerd, can I get it?", Hang up, and said, "That's okay," and became Sugawara's attendant.After that, SugawaraFatherAfter his death, he told the media a memorial comment for Sugawara.

Akihiro MiwaFound in "Aomori Prefecture's Semushi Otoko" (Shuji TerayamaWritten by Miwa on the first stageEri WatanabeGain stage experience under such circumstances.When he was young, he was a slim and beautiful man, and he was in the same office for about two years from the age of 18.Koji TsurutaI got a name from "Hiroshi TsumuraWas active under the stage name.For a long time, the era of unnamed and underlaying continued, and during the period when it couldn't sell, I spent most of my time doing work other than performing arts, eating, and watching movies.He says that the works he watched at that time are the source of his current entertainment activities.

1980 eraMany in the second halfTrendy dramaWhen he began to appear as a supporting character, his name gradually increased, and he said, "2 under one roof』(1997) Breaks in the role of Pikarin (Toshio Saeki)[7], Since then manyTV drama,moviesActive in.On the other hand, since he is from the stage, he is a "striking play" (1990Formed), "damim" (1999He presided over a theater unit such as (formed in October) and produced the stage in the form of a performance produced by himself.2007From the desire to pursue the creation of a stage that can only be expressed in the form of a "theatrical company"Yoshinobu Kanai-Takahiro HiranoFormed "" with them[8].

August 2019, 4,Hiroshima Home TV"Live 5up from Mimi!』, Handmade workshop Goappu Home Let's make an adult hideaway with DIY appointed as a project leader.I will be active in Hiroshima for a year.

Activities other than acting

  • Even in variety shows, the background of being from a runaway tribe is often mentioned.
  • I've been doing it since I was a boybaseballIn March 2007IwateBaseball club team based inIwate 21 Akabeko Baseball Corps』, But was abolished in December of the same year.
  • From the experience of recovering from a defect, "GenejanAs a panelist, he appeared frequently enough to be called semi-regular.He is still actively giving lectures.
  • Operated by the Ainu Folk Culture Foundation in Shiraoi Town, Hokkaido in 2020,UPOPOY(Symbol space for ethnic symbiosis) Appointed as a PR ambassador.Before the opening of Upopoi, he was also a PR ambassador for opening Upopoi.


  • The movie released in July 2015, "Future shutter"Kazutaka TakahashiDue to the director's workBunta SugawaraUkaji has taken over the will and appeared in the narrator who had consented to[9].
  • 2017 years,ToyamaNanto City At the "29 1st Nanto Municipal University Lecture" held at the Inami Cultural Center, "Accepting bullying is "a daily routine of things that shouldn't happen" and is being driven into a terrifying place.", Strongly blaming bullying and himselfBullyingHe criticizes bullying in lectures, etc., based on his experience of being sick.[4][5].
  • Mother'sShizue Ukaji TheAinu Ofpoets・ A writer and a national activist.Due to this situation, her mother was often absent from her family, and she stated in her books and media that she had a feud until adolescence and that her opposition to club activities and school conditions in high school became poor.Haruzo UrakawaIs my uncle.
  • Because of the close relationship between the background and the Ainu,HokkaidoShiraoiShiraoi TownIt is inAinu MuseumAppeared as a facilitator in the Ainu culture introduction VTR.I also followed my uncle UrakawadocumentaryOf the movie ""NarrationAlso serves.
  • I profess that I can't settle down unless I eat something sweet in a daySweet toothIs. Especiallyチ ョ コ レ ー トとAnkolike.
  • During the runaway era,Tyman,StegoroFor those who have challenged withquarrelHe said that he had settled after the event, but he did not forgive him when he attacked him by cowardly means such as darkness.Hiroyuki KanezakiUkaji was "a terrifying existence like a demon" at that time, he said.



TV drama

Web drama

  • ROAD TO EDEN(October 2017, 10 --December 26, Fuji TV On Demand / January 12, 14 --March 2018, Fuji TV) --Crispy


V cinema

Web drama

  • I ran slowly in Japan ~ Around Japan for that girl ~ (2017-2018,Amazon Prime Video) --The role of an uncle riding a motorcycle


  • After that, become a wilderness and a mountain (October 2011,Honda Theater)
  • Squash(November 2013)
  • Theatrical company 500-year-old party launching performance "Someday I saw men-Genesis-" (July-August 2012, Honda Theater, etc.)
  • Takayuki Suzui Project OOPARTS Vol.1 "CUT" (October 2010-10, 14)
  • Mentai Piriri(August 2015,Hakataza) --As Masakichi Yajima

Theater animation

Television Animation


Entertainment shows

Documentary program

Liberal Arts Program

  • A story you want to tell tomorrow (October 2015, 10-September 4, 2016, BS Nippon Television)

Music related programs



Manga original


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