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🤖 | Makoto Okunaka from Bushiroad's “Road 59” participated!New information such as the first cast stage event will be announced

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Makoto Okunaka from Bushiroad's "Road 59" will participate!New information such as the first cast stage event will be announced

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Makoto Okunaka, who plays, is known for his role as the heroine Koyomi in "Kamen Rider Wizard."

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Masked Rider Wizard

Kamen Rider series > Masked Rider Wizard
Heisei Kamen Rider Series
First workKamen Rider Fourze2011/9
-March 2012
First workMasked Rider Wizard2012/9
-March 2013
First workKamen Rider Gaim/Gaim2013/10
-March 2014

"Masked Rider Wizard(Kamen Rider Wizard, European notation:KAMEN RIDER WIZARD[Annotation 2]It is,2012May 9から2013May 9Until,TV Asahi seriesAt every Sunday 8:00-8:30 (JST) All 53 episodes were aired,ToeiProductionSpecial effects TV dramaThe name of the work and the hero that the hero transforms into during the work.

The catch phrase is "It's showtime!. "


Heisei Kamen Rider SeriesThe 14th.For the first time in the seriesWitchThe theme is ", but this is the previous work"Kamen Rider FourzeIs a rider who transforms with a mechanical setting, and the content is alsoSFBecause the element was strong, I changed my tasteFantasyThis is because the policy was taken to create the ultimate rider on the route.[1]..In the previous work "Fourze", a bright hero image was aimed at, but in the process of becoming a masked rider (witch), the hero of this work had the experience of "overcoming despair and gaining power", and then However, there are often depictions of suffering in battle.In addition, on the enemy side, the suffering of those who "have inherited the original human personality while being born as a strange existence" is also touched, and other things such as the way of mind as a person and how to use power are talked about. The elements seen in the early days of the Heisei Rider series are also incorporated.

From this work, it has been used until thenPanasonicof"VariCamInstead ofArri & RichterIntroduced "ALEXA", a high-speed compatible full HD camera with a maximum of 120 frames, as the main camera for the entire movie[2]..Or later"Kamen Rider DriveWas used up to.

"Kamen Rider WAfter that, the Heisei Kamen Rider series work started in early September-it took the broadcasting style of ending at the end of August of the following year, but in this work the next work "Kamen Rider Gaim/Gaim] Has been extended to the end of September for the convenience of changing the schedule to start in early October.In addition, the TV series has a break in the story so far in episode 10, and episodes 9 and 51 are "Kamen Rider KuugaIt is a story in which the leading Kamen Riders and enemy monsters from "" to the previous work "Fourze" gather.Kamen Rider DecadeKadoya / Kamen Rider Decade, and although it's only voice, "Kamen Rider Den-oKamen Rider Den-O Sword Form (Momotaros) will also appear in the original cast.In this special edition, Kota Kazuraba / Kamen Rider Gaim from "Kamen Rider Gaim" also made a special appearance prior to the start of the broadcast.

As for the broadcast format, it has a two-episode complete structure like the conventional series, but in this work, several episodes that complete one episode are inserted.In this regard, the pilot directorShojiro Nakazawa"I tried to show the first episode in one episode and motivated to watch the second episode," said "Tsuyoshi Kida and Takaaki Utsunomiya," even if you don't care about the completion of the second episode. There was also the recognition that it was good. "[3].

According to Tsuyoshi Kida, who was in charge of the script for this work,Great East Japan EarthquakeIt is said that the theme is "to accept the present and move forward", including the ale to Japan later.[4].


The story is set in modern Japan.Novice detectiveRinko DaimonWas a monster I had never seen before.A young man riding a motorcycle jumps in front of Rinko and his friends who are cornered without any help from their pistols.When the young man called himself a "witch," he turned into a warrior in flames and began fighting monsters with silver bullets and silver blades.

The name of the youth isHaruto Sohma(If so..A mysterious ritual that was secretly held on a certain beach on the day of the solar eclipse six months ago.SabbathBy surviving inMasked Rider WizardQualified to transform into a terrifying monsterphantomI was spending days fighting with.

PhantomGateIt is created by despair of a human with magical power called, and it takes the place of a dead gate and blends into everyday life.And he was repeatedly attacking the new gate.Haruto is forced into the abyss of despair"I'm your last hope"Encourage them and continue to protect them.

What is the purpose of the phantoms?Giving Haruto the power of a wizardWhite wizardAnd the girl who lost her memoryKoyomiWhat is the true identity of?In addition, the shadow of the mysterious person Wiseman who appears and disappears ...Eventually, the battle for hope and despair will intensify.


Wizard (Masked Rider)

Haruto Sohma(If so / Masked Rider Wizard
The main character of this work.By being involved in the ritual of creating a phantom on the day of the solar eclipse six months ago, I qualified to become a wizard from a white wizard.Wizard LiverWizard ringGiven the youth[5][6][7].. 22 years old.I vowed not to repeat the same tragedy again, and said the gate that had fallen into despairI promise, I'm your last hopeWhile encouragingMasked Rider WizardTransformed into and fighting the phantom.
He had a car accident with his parents when he was young and only he survived.The will of his parents at that time, "Haruto is our hope," supports Haruto's heart.After that, he belonged to a soccer team and was aiming to become a professional player.[Annotation 3]However, during the selection, his teammate Kazuya Shinozaki was seriously injured, and he was severely criticized by Kazuya's lover Naomi, and as a result he left the team.The habit of starting the battle "It's showtime!Was also a decisive line from the time of a soccer player.
Although he usually pretends to be in good health, he has a serious personality.He doesn't talk much about the past and doesn't show his true intentions.In addition, he reveals intense emotions to the crisis of his colleagues.This was especially noticeable with Koyomi, who sometimes took actions that did not care for others because he wanted to save him.
Thinking that "only a witch can protect a person from a phantom", if he is defeated by the phantom or has doubts about his behavior because of his sense of mission, he will show impatience and anxiety and fear that someone will be hurt in front of him. It can be very distressing.Since I was a child, I killed my emotions and lived without being understood by others, so even after the number of friends I can fight with has increased, I will try to solve everything by myself.However, he changed his mind to the words of his teacher, Kumagai, when he was in elementary school, and promised to rely more on his friends.
donutIs my favorite, and I'm a regular at the mobile donut shop "Hanguri", but I always order only my favorite plain sugar (unless I'm hungry for someone else).
In addition to using the Wither Sword Gun before transformation, he also uses magic in front of ordinary people.During the battle, he wields the Wither Sword Gun Sword mode, and after the battle, he has a habit of taking a breather with "Fee".He does not hide himself as a wizard, but rather professes to be a "witch".
After learning that Fueki is Koyomi's father, he suffers between trust and doubt about Fueki.Even so, once he tried to believe in Fueki, he killed himself and tolerated Koyomi being taken away, but when he learned that all the events so far had been Fueki's tactics, he was shocked to lose his fighting spirit. ..In his disappointment, he even said that he could become a pillar for Koyomi, but he was furious when he learned that even unrelated people would die.Sabato is eventually stopped by Nito, but once again inspires himself to stop Fueki, who is obsessed with reviving Koyomi, and to save Koyomi in another way.However, although it seemed that he had won the battle with Fueki once, he collapsed again before Fueki's obsession.The fueki that was stabbed at the end by the gremlin that appeared there disappeared.Furthermore, Koyomi is torn in front of her eyes, and she finally loses her without any help.After Koyomi disappeared, Wajima was so depressed that he was worried that he might imitate him, but with the hope and words entrusted to her, he went to the final battle alone. ..Struggling with Gremlin, who has run away with the power of the philosopher's stone, but by fulfilling Koyomi's wishes, to save her heart, not her life, to fulfill her own wishes, not for anyone else, with a full thrust Recapture the Philosopher's Stone from Gremlin.And the philosopher's stone is the thought of Koyomi and Haruto himself.Hope Wizard RingWith the last blow of Haruto who changed his appearance and put it on his finger, he finally defeated Gremlin.
After the battle is over, in order to fulfill Koyomi's last desire to "sleep quietly", he searches for a distant place where no one can find the Hope Wizard Ring and leaves alone.In his hand was the usual plain sugar donut and a special donut for Koyomi.
"Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Armor & Wizard Sengoku MOVIE Great Battle"
In "Kamen Rider Wizard Promised Place", he appeared as the main character and traveled around the world in search of a place where the Hope Wizard Ring could be placed, but in reality he could not cut off his regrets about Koyomi and did not let go of the ring. ..However, he is taken advantage of by an auger aiming at the Wizard Dragon, and Koyomi is revived as an evil white wizard.In addition, he is forced to choose between killing Koyomi and despairing, or seeing Koyomi destroying the world and despairing.Hope Wizard Ring, who has become the cause, entrusted and sealed it with Haruto's own hands to "Koyomi of the Day" of "Omokagedo of the Day" that exists in his underworld.
In "Kamen Rider Gaim Battle Royale!", When he saw the subordinates of Jayas being killed by the monsters of Kamen Rider Gaim, he questioned the unification of the world and refused to fight if this battle was not a game. He told Kazuraba, "I'm fighting to protect someone's wishes, not just wanting the world," and encouraged Kazuraba, "Is he doing nothing even though he has the power to protect?" Together, he confronted Takeshi Kamen Rider.
"Heisei Rider vs. Showa Rider Kamen Rider War feat. Super Sentai"
In the final battle, Takumi Inui, who was wondering about the resurrection of his friends, talked about his experience at the above-mentioned "Kamen Rider Wizard Promised Place", saying, "I have revived Koyomi as an evil wizard because of my unskilledness." "If you really despair, I'll be your hope," he says.
"Kamen Rider Heisei Generations Dr. Pac-Man vs. Ex-Aid & Ghost with Legend Rider"
Appeared as the most senior rider among the legend riders.Police to infiltrate Michihiko Zaizen's facility[Annotation 4]Is erased in an instant and succeeds in infiltrating as a bodyguard.After that, using a plastic monster, Shinnosuke TomariTakeru Tenkuji / Kamen Rider GhostWhen I contacted TakeruEmu Hojo / Kamen Rider Ex-AidInfiltrate the facility.
After that, when he joins Shinnosuke Tomari, who had infiltrated the facility alone, and Kamen Rider Gaim, who suddenly appeared, he transforms with four people other than Gaim at the same time.In addition, at the time of the merger, we also introduced the armored armor that was acquainted with the previous "Sengoku MOVIE Taisen" and "Kamen Rider Taisen".
Appeared as a future Haruto whom Shunpei met in the future 20 years later.Kamen Rider PoseidonHe said that he was rewound to the past at the same time as he was defeated in the battle with, and is in a state of a loop that keeps fighting repeatedly (it is said that he has repeated 20 times), and only Shunpei can overcome it.With the power of Shunpei, he transformed into Infinity Dragon Gold and was able to defeat Poseidon.
Wizard Dragon
A huge phantom that exists in Haruto's body[8][9]..Called a "dragon" by Haruto.
It was Haruto's magical power itself, and was supposed to be born completely in Sabbath's ritual, but it is in an incomplete state because Haruto did not despair.Currently, he is cooperating with Haruto, but he is aiming to invite Haruto to complete despair.
Haruto's own underworld interests Haruto's words, "Your power is also my hope," and gives him the ability to transform into a strengthened form in order to determine how much he can withstand his own power.At that time, he warned, "Using my power means getting closer to despair."
It was once defeated by Legion who invaded Haruto's underworld and disappeared, but it was revived by Haruto's strong heart.
NITTO Shousuke(Nito Kosuke / Kamen Rider Beast
A young Furaibo who is traveling in search of a phantom. 23 years old.
Instead of settling in a fixed place, he usually puts up a tent he carries with him in the precincts of parks and temples without permission and lives on his own.
FukuiI'm from.Long time agoarcheologyCollege student majoring in[Annotation 5]So, it was sealed during the investigation of a certain ruinBeast driverBy discovering and wearing it and opening the doorBeast ChimeraBeast Chimera is given magic, but at the same timeKamen Rider BeastIf you do not continue to give magical power to Beast Chimera, you will become a body that can not live[5][Annotation 6]..Therefore, "meal[Annotation 7]I will not forgive anyone who disturbs me.However, because of his positiveness, he feels almost no sadness, but rather is excited by the unknown experience and has an inquisitive spirit of "I want to know what will happen in the future."Therefore, he stubbornly refuses the means that "the wizard who entered his underworld defeats Beast Chimera and solves the problem".
Always hungry, cheerful and self-paced, but without listening to the end of the story, when others try to say something, "Don't tell everyone!With a rough personality that convinces with an arbitrary interpretation, "think of a pinch as an opportunity" is the creed.[6]..Due to the above circumstances, he became a wizard without experiencing despair, so he had almost no knowledge of gates.
It is a free-spirited personality that is not caught in the frame, but it is not good to say that it has a bad aftertaste to sacrifice the gate and create a new phantom due to inconvenience caused to others unintentionally or personal interest. , I also have a sense of responsibility to wipe my back, I was dazzled by greed and easily forgave Nakamoto who stole the beast driver, and while receiving terrible treatment from Tsuchiya who was a high school classmate and a close friend, as a close friend until the end The roots are friendly, such as trying to save.He is also a pretty female lover, and although he knows he is an enemy, he tells Medusa / Misa that he is "cute". In episode 26, he misunderstands Mayu Inamori as Misa and attacks him, and is arrested by the police.
Fukui's parents' home is quite famous, and he is even a little boy.However, because he was proficient and inquisitive for a long time, he collided with his strict grandmother, Toshie, who blamed him for it, and finally left home to study archeology at university.However, he realized that Toshie's words and actions were due to his own thoughts, and he has settled after the battle with War Tiger.
"mayonnaiseIs the greatest food in the worldMayor[10]I like to eat everything with mayonnaise.Therefore, it was sometimes called "mayonnaise" by Haruto.Originally, it should be peaceful if the phantom does not do wrong, but in inverse proportion to that, it is often depicted that he gets lost on the road because there is no "bait".He goes through various measures in search of his own prey, but most of them are shallow and wasteful, or self-destruct.The targeted phantom is called a "main dish".
Before and after transformationbikeAlthough it does not ride onBicycleAs for, he has considerable driving skills from his experience of visiting many archaeological sites, and from Shunpei.Off-road OfMountain bikeWhen he borrowed the ghoul, he showed the fighting ability to overwhelm the ghoul without transforming.
When I first met Haruto, I thought that "every wizard would eat the magical power of the phantom," so I see him as a rival.However, in addition to understanding the relationship between the phantom and the gate to some extent, Haruto changed his mind and treated him as a rival, although he was told by Haruto that "It is today's life rather than tomorrow's life." Will fight with.Also, when Haruto couldn't use magic, he felt responsible for the fact that Wizard Ragon was defeated by Legion because he was hiding himself and Chimera, and he was particular about defeating Legion.I have a strong distrust of the white witch (Fueki), who has nothing to do with becoming a witch, from the case of Yuzuru.
When the wizards except himself fall into the palm of Fueki and become the last wizard to stop Sabbath, he is overwhelmed by confronting Fueki.However, without regard for his own life, he destroyed the Beast Driver with Hamel Kane, which he stole from Fueki, and stopped Sabbath by releasing Beast Chimera.This freed him from Beast Chimera's servant and lost his power as a witch.
After the battle with Gremlins, he spends his days exploring (weekend-only) with Yuzuru to seek out Beast Chimera and find out more about him.
In episode 52, unlike Haruto, who continued to appear from the previous episode, he came from the timeline before he broke up with Chimera. In episode 53, he challenged Amadam alone, but was exhausted by the onslaught of the monsters summoned by Amadam, and was returned to the original timeline.[11]It did not appear as it was.
"Movie version Kamen Rider Wizard in Magic Land"
He is a resident of the Wizard's Country.Although it is widely known as an authority on ancient magic in Japan, it is considered to be a stranger by the people around it because it lives a self-sufficient life without relying on the magical power distribution system.In this work, the beast driver is also Nito's own crop, and there is no need to eat the magical power of the phantom.I like mayonnaise, but in the land of wizards, mayonnaise swims in the river, so night fishing is my daily routine.
"Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Armor & Wizard Sengoku MOVIE Great Battle"
We have succeeded in capturing Chimera again.Initially allegedly captured to study Chimera, it did not use the power of wizards.However, after seeing the appearance of an auger in "Kamen Rider Wizard Promised Place" and Haruto who is unable to fight Koyomi who has transformed into a white wizard, he contracts with Chimera again.
In "Kamen Rider Gaim Battle Royale!", He confronted Kamen Rider Gaim with wizards and armored riders.
Beast Chimera
A huge synthetic monster-shaped phantom sealed inside the Beast Driver.The first person is "I".On the bodyLion,Peregrine Falcon,カ メ レ オ ン,Dolphin,BuffaloYou can see the design of[12][13].
Instead of simply calling himself "Chimera" and giving magic to Nito who is one with himself, he is letting him provide the magical power of the phantom.He likes Nito's personality and describes him as "an infinitely interesting guy."It is an eccentric being that does not create new phantoms like other phantoms.
At the time of the decisive battle with the White Wizard, Nito released it to the real world and consumed all the magical power of Sabbath.Immediately after, he released Nito from his servant and flew away somewhere.
In "Kamen Rider Wizard", he was found and captured again by Nito, and he helped Nito to defeat Koyomi who had transformed into a white wizard.Nito said he liked the fruits of Helheim instead of magic.

Wizard collaborators

The heroine of this work.A girl entrusted by Haruto to a white wizard.In the white wizard's valve, it was said that he was caught in Sabbath like Haruto and produced a phantom, but the body remained after that, but according to Sora, it seems that it is impossible to produce a phantom and the body remains, Mass and Sora They are called "puppets that move with magical power" and "dolls".The true identity is Fueki's daughter, who died of an incurable disease.Fueki calendar(Fueki Koyomi..The ultimate magic jewel "Philosopher's Stone" that reverses life and death is included in the body, and it lives with that power[5]..However, the Fueki calendar is only the body, and the personality and consciousness are completely different people born.He was unfriendly, and at first he only smiled at Haruto, but gradually he began to express his emotions abundantly.
Currently, he is living in a pseudo manner by receiving magical power from Haruto through the please wizard ring on his right hand.[6][14], When the magical power is exhausted, it returns to the corpse.The body temperature is low probably because there is no blood, and there is no need to eat because it is alive with magical power.In the middle of the game, the magical power runs out faster, and you have to receive magical power more frequently than before.Then, the limit of physical maintenance approaches, and the phenomenon that a part of the body cracks begins to occur.
He used to be pessimistic about himself as a "monster," but Haruto advised him that "the only way to move forward is to accept the present," and since then he has supported him.He has absolute trust in Haruto and continues to be on his side in everything.For this reason, it is not uncommon for the gate to behave in a way that bothers the hand or to be sweared at, and to show disgust.
I wasn't happy about Rinko and Shunpei, but I heard that Rinko and Shunpei were the same people who "received hope from Haruto" and gradually accepted them. To go.Wajima says, "Since I rarely go out alone, Haruto regularly accompanies me and takes me out."
It has the ability to detect phantoms that mimic humans, detect the appearance of phantoms through crystal balls, project the battle of wizards, and sense the power of rings from magic jewels.
In addition, although Koyomi himself has no memory, he met the novelist Saionji, who is the gate, when he was young, and when he broke up, he dropped the toy ring, which was a talisman given by his mother, and returned it to the owner of Saionji. It was hope.
Although he is about to be taken away by Sora who aims at the philosopher's stone, he is helped by a white wizard who suddenly appears and is taken to a space created by magic to ensure safety and is temporarily imprisoned, but because the magical power is exhausted severely Moved to Fueki's home while fainting.After waking up, he steals Fueki's diary in the house and finds out that he is Fueki's daughter and died of an incurable disease.Although he cannot hide his shock from the fact and tears, he refuses to revive after making many sacrifices and blames Fueki's actions.He steals the eyes of the whistle tree trying to extinguish the gremlin that appears there, escapes from the mansion, and arrives at the lake with a broken swing while swaying with a body close to the limit.Reunited with Haruto who came to look for it, but refused to transfer magical power from Haruto by Please Wizard Ring.He vomits that he is afraid to disappear, but laments, "This is the only way to finish everything."He handed over the Infinity Wizard Ring he brought out of Fueki's bag, and tearfully begged him not to hand over the Philosopher's Stone to anyone.However, immediately after the single combat between Fueki and Haruto who brought him back, Gremlin who attacked Fueki again slashed him with Hamel Kane and robbed the philosopher's stone, causing his body to reach its limit completely.
However, because he had already accepted his destiny, he advised Haruto, who was desperate to save himself, "Don't recover the life that died once."Then, telling him that he was happy, he entrusted Haruto with the philosopher's stone and disappeared in his arms.
"Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Armor & Wizard Sengoku MOVIE Great Battle"
Only "Kamen Rider Wizard Promised Place" appears.Oga is revived as the same white wizard as his father, shaped from Haruto's unskilledness in the Hope Wizard Ring.Manipulate powerful magic to destroy the city and make Haruto struggle.
Shunpei Nara(Nara Shunpei
A young man who dreams of becoming a witch under the influence of the picture book "Wizard of the Forest" that he read in his childhood.[5][6][14].
It is a gate that was targeted by Phantom Hellhound, and will help Haruto who saved himself as a "witch's assistant".He has gained a certain amount of trust from Haruto, and later he began to divide the work that Haruto alone could not handle.
A grandmother, her grandmother died when she was in junior high school, so she fell in love with Nito's grandmother, Toshie, and struggled to restore the relationship between the two who had a feud.
It's a trouble maker that is a little noisy, often falls, breaks things, and often fails, but it's also a bright and energetic mood maker.He has a strong sense of justice and often acts as a gate targeted by the phantom or as a bodyguard for those who want the gate.
Also, when Haruto wanted to save Koyomi and tried to despair the gate intentionally to lure Fueki, he stopped it and rebuked Haruto and Nito. It is one of the few people who can stop.
After the battle with Gremlin, he decided to become a disciple of Wajima and make a ring until Haruto returned.
"Movie version Kamen Rider Wizard in Magic Land"
He is a resident of "Wizard's Country".Although he has lost acquaintance with Haruto, his personality remains the same, and he believed in Haruto Koyomi, who was forced into a difficult situation, and helped him.Also, unlike the sloppy Shunpei in the TV series, he is a reliable and solid person with flexible thinking, helping two people who are lost in the witch's country and do not know the common sense there.
"Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Gaim & Wizard World War II Battle Pole MOVIE Great Battle"
Only "Kamen Rider Wizard Promised Place" appears.His first "Chichin Puipui Wizard Ring" is a key key to "The Promised Place".
KogamiAt the request of, he set out to make a ring and made a ring with a rainbow design, but immediately after that, he was attacked by Kamen Rider Wizard.Kogami, who made a call on the berth driver's line, was urged to use the wizard river to exercise the ring, and jumped into the future 20 years from now.
Rinko Daimon(Daimon Rinko
New female detective at Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Toriisaka Station[6][15]..I chose to become a police officer because of my longing for my father who was stationed in the country.
He has the belief that it is the police's duty to protect people, and is dissatisfied with not being involved in the phantom case under his jurisdiction.The gate was targeted by the Phantom Minotaur, and he began to enter and exit the Omokagedo in love with Haruto who saved him.He also has a habit of taking the initiative in sticking his head into things, which Haruto is worried about.However, because he is older than the people who usually gather at Omokagedo, he also plays a role as a stopper to stop Shunpei and Nito, who tend to run away.When Haruto and Mayu are distressed or upset, they often say words that gently push their backs.However, for a woman, she has a rough side and wipes her dirty pants with Haruto's jacket beside her, and I don't see or hear the color love that comes to mind because of her personality.
The chief and Kizaki are supposed to investigate cases involving phantoms prior to their original duties, but they are overlooked by Kizaki's instructions.
Koyomi was awkward because she had been rejected by her at first, but she continued to be patient and deepened her relationship little by little.When I learned of her end, she cried too much.
One day, I happened to encounter Yugo.He investigates his identity alone and finds out that he is a phantom, but he overlaps him with himself saying "I can't do what I want to do" and tries to communicate with him without knowing Phoenix.The result is a runaway Phoenix, seriously injured, and captured as bait to summon wizards.However, he was rescued by Haruto, and from this incident he decided to "protect people from phantoms, even if he was not a wizard."
Later, due to the missing Kizaki Nemawashi, he was assigned to the National Security Division 0 (seconded).[5]..After the battle with Gremlins, he continues to work to see if all the phantoms have been annihilated.
"Movie version Kamen Rider Wizard in Magic Land"
He is a resident of "Wizard's Country".Like Shunpei, he has lost acquaintance with Haruto, but his personality remains the same, and he helped by believing in Haruto Koyomi, who was forced into a difficult situation.
"Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Armor & Wizard World War II Sengoku MOVIE Great Battle"
Only "Kamen Rider Wizard Promised Place" appears.
Upon receiving the news that the wizard is rampaging, he goes to the scene and saves Shunpei who is about to be killed.Later, he canceled the transformation of Bath because of "overtime work".Erica SatonakaThe berth driver was pressed againstKamen Rider BathTransform into and confront the wizard.
Wajima Shigeru(Wajima Shigeru
The owner of an antique shop, Omokagedo.
Haruto and Koyomi, who survived the "ritual" six months ago, are hidden and kept in the store.[5][6].
It is possible to process magic jewels with various magical powers to make a ring (wizard ring) used by wizards when exercising magic.[16]The only person in the work.However, since the person in question could not confirm the effect of the ring, he was not aware that he was making wizard rings until he met Haruto, but about a year ago, he processed each wizard ring that Haruto used later from Fueki. I have been asked to cooperate with Haruto from the feeling of guilt that caused tragedy with the ring I made.According to him, "I just listen to the voice of the magic jewel and make a ring, and I can't understand the effect until I use it."They rebuked and comforted Haruto who was suffering, and when Koyomi was taken to Fueki, he muttered, "You should be near your real father," and made the two suddenly appear like real children. He was adorable and was always worried about their future.
In the world of special editions, unlike the other members, he was the same as usual.
"Movie version Kamen Rider Wizard in Magic Land"
He is a resident of "Wizard's Country"."Omokagedo" in the land of wizards is a shop for wizard rings, and is the owner of the shop.
"Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Armor & Wizard World War II Sengoku MOVIE Great Battle"
Only "Kamen Rider Wizard Promised Place" appears.
After Shunpei jumped into the future and disappeared, instead of him who was absentThree medals requested by the Kogami FoundationHowever, he mistakenly made a "wolf" medal for a wolffish, and Kogami criticized his lack of desire.

Fueki and its sect

Fueki Kan(So / White wizard
A mysterious person who controls both the witch and the phantom and directs the battle between the two powers.
A middle-aged man wearing a brown coat and carrying a cane.Koyomi's father[5][17]However, Zhang himself who acknowledged the qualities of Haruto who endured Sabbath, entrusted Wizard River and Wizard Ring, and Koyomi who became a doll.From Kizaki's research, it is famous as a front figure "Fueki Kan" who is familiar with many fields.physicistA genius who succeeded in fusing science and magic with his knowledge of medicine, science, and physics, and acquired the technology.
Transformed into a witch with a ring and a screwdriverWhite wizardWhile guiding the person who overcame the despair of the phantom as a witch, he supports by supplying magic jewels and rings.On the other hand, command them against phantomsWisemanIs commanding the gate to despair through the masses and executive-level phantoms.[Annotation 8]..It rarely appears directly in front of both sides, and usually hides in the hideout in the deepest part of the cave camouflaged by the barrier, and stands on the bed of the stone chamber hidden by the curtain, considering the situation of both sides. It is dispatched after transforming into a white witch or a Wiseman.
She lost her wife Kyoko early, and her last hope, her daughter, Kyoko, died of an incurable illness, and she was in despair. She gathered gates on the day of the eclipse and opened a sabbath to revive her. Due to lack of magical power, Koyomi revived as an imperfect existence that could not live without regular supply of magical power, so after that, Koyomi was made into a wizard to maintain the philosopher's stone in Koyomi with magical power supply. At the same time, he reigned as a phantom controller to increase the number of wizards, and ostensibly despaired the gate to increase the number of phantoms, and selected people who could endure it and qualify to become wizards.Its ultimate goal is to really revive Koyomi, who is nothing more than a doll.For that purpose, secure 4 wizards other than yourself[Annotation 9]However, it is the highest task to open Sabbath again with them as human pillars.The real reason for entrusting Koyomi to Haruto was to preserve the magical power to reopen Sabbath.Later, he learned that Koyomi's body was approaching its limits and protected her.Finally, Masahiro Yamamoto was the last to have four qualified personnel, and he gave up on the phantom because there was no need to search for a gate.
For Yuzuru Iijima and Yamamoto, who refused to become wizards even though they were qualified, without considering the intentions and hopes of others for the purpose, they dismissed the beasts who tried to prevent them and forcibly secured their identities. He shows a ruthless side that he is willing to make any sacrifice to regain Koyomi, such as giving mental control and tailoring him to a slave who follows himself.In addition, he tried to threaten Haruto and Wajima, who show a non-cooperative attitude to himself, to obey him, and attacked Kizaki who reached his identity and seriously injured him. I also took a lot.There is almost no sense of guilt for these actions[Annotation 10]He argued that even if Haruto accused Haruto of driving so many humans into despair with too selfish motives, the despair they experienced was only small compared to what they had experienced.The reopened Sabbath failed, and with the wizard after thatOne fightEven though it was a trade-off, he tried to keep the promise that he would save himself, but he was slashed by Gremlin's Hamel Kane, and the driver was destroyed.At the end, she disappeared in front of her, thinking of Koyomi.
"Kamen Rider Ghost Legend!Rider's soul! 』\
Called by Frey, he confronted the ghosts in the form of a white wizard.He replied, "There is only one important life," to the ghost who preaches the importance of life, and does not answer the ghost's question that they are trying themselves.Defeated by the ghost who became the soul of the wizard, he left behind saying, "Is it the same last hope as that man?"
Mayu Inamori(Inamori Mayu / Kamen Rider Mage
Misa Inamori's younger sister, who was the gate of Medusa, and a student at Ryoizumi Gakuen High School.
Gemini[5][Annotation 11]Therefore, at first, Haruto, Shunpei, and Nito were mistaken for Mass.[Annotation 12]..Her hairstyle was a ponytail, but she later dropped her hair, so she became exactly the same as Mass.
When I was studying abroad, my sister Misa and even my parents disappeared, so I went to high school while living in a dormitory.Later it turns out that his parents were killed by Medusa.
At first, he didn't know that Misa gave birth to Medusa and died, and when she saw Misa transform into Medusa, she thought she was a monster, but after receiving Haruto's explanation, she learned the truth, but Misa's Thinking that Misa's heart might still remain inside, she heads for Mass, but in fact she is one of the gates, and she does not know that she is being targeted by Mass, and the whole family is killed by Mass. I was informed that it was, and I was despaired.However, he avoided creating a phantom like Haruto by the words of his older sister and his strong will, and was recognized by the white wizard for that, and left with him to become a wizard.
Later, in episode 40, he stands in front of Medusa, who blocks Haruto's path, and transforms into a Kamen Rider Mage in front of Haruto.Although he is trying to increase the number of wizards, which is the purpose of the white wizard, he has a sensible judgment ability, such as pulling himself out with the will of the other party.In addition, when Koyomi runs out of magical power in front of her, she sometimes supplied magical power to Koyomi instead of Haruto through Koyomi's Please Wizard Ring.
The motive for becoming a wizard is to defeat Medusa, the enemy of the fate.[18]He hopes to gain more power for not being able to settle in the two battles, and the white wizard teaches him how to do it, but the condition is to rob Haruto's Infinity Wizard Ring. there were[Annotation 13]..After that, Haruto, who agreed to defeat Medusa, entrusted him with the Infinity Wizard Ring, and in exchange he was given the Holy Wizard Ring.After the decisive battle with Medusa, he knew the identity of Fueki and began to hesitate to fight as a wizard, but he was detained and abducted by Yuzuru who transformed into a mage.After being released from Sabbath's pillar, Rinko declares that she will stop using the wizard, but she is told that "remember that some people have been saved by the wizard."Then, when he sees a gremlin attacking people indiscriminately in the city, he declares that "whatever the power is given to you, you decide what you want to use it for," and fights again.After the battle with Gremlin, he became a supporter of the National Security Division 0 with Rinko Daimon to take the place of Haruto who left.
Details of the phantom awakened inside are unknown[Annotation 14].
"Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Armor & Wizard Sengoku MOVIE Great Battle"
Appears only in "Kamen Rider Wizard Promised Place". He was annihilating the artificial phantom with Rinko and Kizaki in Section 0, but was defeated by the suddenly appearing Oga.
Yuzuru Iijima(Yuzuru Iijima / Kamen Rider Mage
A junior high school boy who appeared from the end, the gate that Phantom Sylphy was aiming for.
When I was a child, I had a traffic accident when I was riding a bicycle of Shuri who was a substitute for my sister without permission, and after that I had a complex to ride a bicycle, but after witnessing a battle using Beast's bicycle, I went to Nito He asked for a special training on a bicycle and called him "Kousuke-chan".
Sylphy's ability seriously injured Shuri, and although he was desperate, he held up with a strong mental power, and awakened to the qualities of a "third" wizard.While being upset by the strange fate, he watches Haruto's fighting brave figure in order to determine his own way, and eventually chooses to abstain from becoming a wizard, but Nito lurks in him. When trying to eliminate the phantom, he is abducted by the attack of a white wizard who plans to make Yuzuru a wizard.[5]..After that, he is mentally controlled as a witch who follows Fueki, attacks Beast and abducts Mayu.After being released from Sabbath's pillar, he returns to his sanity and declares that he will fight as a wizard if Nito can no longer become a wizard, but Nito is advised to think carefully about what he should do now.However, when he sees Gremlin attacking people indiscriminately in the city, he declares that he will save people without overdoing him, and rushes to the battle.After the battle with Gremlin, he was a junior high school student, so he went to search for Beast Chimera only on Saturdays and Sundays.Also, probably because of the influence of Nito, I always bring my own mayonnaise.
Like Mayu, he has also supplied magical power to Koyomi through the Please Wizard Ring.Details of the phantom in his underworld are unknown[Annotation 15].
"Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Armor & Wizard World War II Sengoku MOVIE Great Battle"
Only "Kamen Rider Wizard Promised Place" appears. He was annihilating the artificial phantom with Rinko and Kizaki in Section 0, but was defeated by the suddenly appearing Oga.
Masahiro Yamamoto(Masahiro Yamamoto / Kamen Rider Mage
A young man who appeared from the end of the game, he had a pregnant wife, Aya, and was about to become a father, but Medusa was noticed as the last gate.
At first, he was targeted by Phantom Arachne, but when he saw a picture of Aya who became pregnant, Aya and her daughter, who was to be born, were newly targeted for life. He thinks that the two have died due to Medusa's attack, and despairs.
However, because Aya's life was saved by Haruto who transformed into a wizard and Rinko and Shunpei persuaded him, he succeeded in overcoming despair from the sense of mission to protect his family and became the "fourth" witch. You will be awakened to the nature of.After that, he refused the request to become a wizard of Fueki, but he was forcibly taken away like Yuzuru.[5]..After that, he stands in front of Haruto while being mentally controlled by Fueki, and defeats him and captures him.After being released from Sabbath's pillar, he returned to his sanity, resented that he was involved in troublesome things due to the power of the wizard, and declared that he was not involved in the wizard anymore and left.However, when he sees Gremlin attacking people indiscriminately in the city, he goes to battle with the desire to protect him because he has a family behind him.After the battle with Gremlins, he has built a happy family with his daughter who was born safely.
The details of the phantom he is also in the Underworld are unknown.
"Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Armor & Wizard World War II Sengoku MOVIE Great Battle"
Only "Kamen Rider Wizard Promised Place" appears. He was annihilating the artificial phantom with Rinko and Kizaki in Section 0, but was defeated by the suddenly appearing Oga.


Store manager
Manager of mobile donut shop "Hanguri"[5].
It features a pink apron, a wacky hairstyle, and onee words.The regular Haruto is called "Haru-kun".He is also enthusiastic about making new donuts and recommends new ones to Haruto every time he visits the store, but he is worried that he always orders only plain sugar.[Annotation 16].
The store was destroyed when Gremlin indiscriminately attacked people, but it was later rebuilt.
In the world of special editions, he became a married couple with a clerk and became old.
"Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Wizard & Forze MOVIE War Ultimate"
Actually, the real name was that it was a "gate" that was forcibly made by Akumaizer.Yu Uemura(Yu KamimuraIt has been clarified that it is, and after the incident in the same work, there are scenes that support Haruto who transformed in front of him, and there are also depictions that suggest that Haruto is a witch Was done.
"Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Armor & Wizard Sengoku MOVIE Great Battle"
Appeared in "Kamen Rider Wizard Promised Place".
A clerk at the mobile donut shop "Hanguri"[5]..The official name on the setting is unknown, but from Shunpei, "RyoWas called[19].
Listening to the stories of Haruto and others, they often restrain the store manager who tends to run away, or conversely get involved.He recommends a new donut to Haruto with the store manager, but he fails every time because Haruto, who is important, does not look at anything other than plain sugar.
The existence of the store manager and other store clerks has not been confirmed in the play.
Masanori Kizaki(Kizaki Masanori
Detective belonging to Section 0 of the National Security Bureau of the Metropolitan Police Department[5][16]..The class is vigilant.It features neatly arranged hair and glasses.The first person is "I" or "I".
It's usually cold and cool, but sometimes it's passionate, such as catching Haruto who told him that "ordinary humans aren't involved" and repelling "I think I'm the only one who can compete with the phantom." ..
We are investigating cases involving wizards and phantoms, and by manipulating information, we are making the existence of both unknown to the public.
Half a year ago, I was investigating a mysterious mass disappearance with my senior Yoshio Katayama, but in the process of the investigation, I learned that Katayama's son Naomi was a gate, and Katayama was killed by a phantom in an attempt to help him. , I am keenly aware of their powerlessness.Therefore, the police also thought that magical power should be obtained as soon as possible, and put Wajima under house arrest in Section 0, and Katayama obtained a green magic jewel as a clue to the disappearance case.[Annotation 17]Was forced to be processed into a ring.
Naomi was misunderstood that he had "killed his father", but in reality he was trying to protect himself for the promise with Katayama even if he abandoned himself so that Naomi who knew the truth would not despair from his remorse. ..
Haruto = Wizard was regarded as a "monster" like a phantom, but I heard from Wajima that "only wizards can use rings" and thought that they wanted to protect their loved ones together. I changed my mind and entrusted the green magic jewel to Omokagedo.Since then, the high-pressure attitude has not changed, but he has shown a cooperative attitude, such as providing information to Haruto and encouraging Haruto who is suffering from battle.
In the 41st episode last, Rinko and his friends will investigate Fueki from the completed montage photo of Fueki and find out his identity, but immediately after that, someone[Annotation 18]He went missing with evidence of being attacked by.After that, it was discovered by Nito and others, and although there was no difference in life, he was in an unconscious state, but later he regained consciousness and told Haruto the identity of Fueki and the location of his house.
"Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Armor & Wizard World War II Sengoku MOVIE Great Battle"
Appeared in "Kamen Rider Wizard Promised Place".
Chief of the Toriisaka police station.The principle of things.I say something to Rinko, but I can't think of Kizaki.
In episode 51, he himself offered to join the National Security Division 0, but Kizaki refused.

The world in the magic jewel

For the Kamen Rider summoned to the world in the magic jewel, see below and the link.

13 people from Kuuga to FourzeLegend Rider RingHowever, Wizard, Beast, and Gaim were summoned by a voice from the stone regardless of the Legend Rider Ring.In addition, Beast is summoned from "time before losing the power of Chimera"[Annotation 19].

Boy and girl
A boy and a girl who stole the rider ring from Adam.
The boy can summon the rider by holding the driver like a wizard on his waist and holding the rider ring over the belt.From the desire to save help, he unknowingly attracts three people, Wizard, Beast, and Gaim.Being a resident inside the magic jewel, he was destined to eventually mutate into a monster and wanted to escape to the real world in order to escape that fate.Later, I was shocked to learn that the purpose was used by Adam, and that Kamen Rider was the one who killed them who became monsters.
However, when the boy was told by the wizard in the final battle with Adam that "Kamen Rider is the hope of people even if he was born from evil", he asked the rider ring to "seek hope" rather than "go out". He chose "Koto" and summoned Gaim to contribute to the victory over Adam.
From the brave appearance of Haruto and others, he learns that there is a way to become a Kamen Rider instead of a monster even if he has the same power, and after the battle, the boy receives the Infinity Wizard Ring from Haruto.
The true identity is "" in the world inside the magic jewel.Haruto(HaruAnd "Koyomi"[Annotation 22].
A mysterious person who is the master of the world in the magic jewel.It has the same name as the spirit stone inside Kamen Rider Kuuga.When it appears, it has changed to the costumes of people who were hostile to the riders of the past.
A wizard who was once sealed in a magic jewel, he can also use magic such as connect, thunder, and teleport.While gaining that power from the rider ring, he himself escaped to the outside world using boys and girls trying to go out to the outside world, trying to take revenge on those who sealed himself.
A kind of "rider was able to be born from the existence of evil"SexismThe Cross of Fire, the source of that power[Annotation 23]I am proud to have.
Amada Phantom
All the monsters were defeated by the riders, and they transformed themselves.It absorbs the power of riders such as switches, medals, cards, etc., including Fourze's Astro Switch.It shoots shock waves and light bullets from both arms, and also uses the magic hand module with the power of the astro switch stolen from Fourze.It also shoots a flying kick similar to "Rider Kick".
He also robbed the wizard of his magical power and overwhelmed him, but the situation was reversed by Gaim who was called again.He was regained power and was defeated by a continuous kick by each rider's strongest form (excluding Gaim) and a double rider slash by Wizard and Gaim.

Kamen Rider

Hero character in this workKamen RiderIs a monster born from human despairphantomfight withWitchIs.Although they themselves have the experience of standing on the edge of despair, they have a strong will to seal the phantom inside their spirits and use their power.Wizard ringPull out with a ring called, and use magic.


Previous workKamen Rider FourzeWas a mechanical character,Toei OfTakaaki UtsunomiyaProducer advocated "Let's be a witch next time"[22]..However, "Harry Potter SeriesThe image was not a fantasy like "Wizard living in the city"[22]..Therefore, the staff considered what would happen if magic was used in the city, and as a material, "Percy Jackson and the Olympus GodsI also watched movies such as[22].

PlexDaisuke Kobayashi picked up key items from his experience of living at his wife's parents' jeweler.ringProposed to[22]..There was a strong impression that ring toys were for girls, so people were concerned about this idea, but Kobayashi said, "There is no ring toy for boys in the world yet, and this is the first boy in the world to wear it. It's a ring toy that isn't strange, "he said.[22].

It was decided to use the ring as a key item, but since only silver or gold can be used for the ring part, the shape of the jewel part was repeatedly examined to bring out the characteristics of each ring.[22].The alphabetThere was also a plan to use the motif, but if the items are lined up in order, the impression will be that of the key item "Astro Switch" of the previous work "Fourze", so the direction was to use the face of the Kamen Rider itself as a motif.[22]..Therefore, the rider's design was done at the same time as the ring, and it was decided early on that the face would be composed of jewels and rings.[22]..However, "red isRuby"Blue issapphireIf you put the type of jewel on the front like "", it will look like a toy for girls, so instead of "flame" "water" etc.elementIs applied[23].

Since he is wearing a ring, he does not attack with his hands such as punches and chops.[24].

Masked Rider Wizard

Kamen Rider transformed by Haruto Sohma.From the phantom, "Ring WizardAlso called.

eclipseMagical ritual performed at that timeSabbathPeople with high magical power called "gates" who were caught up in the world died one after another and created phantoms from the spiritual world Underworld.[25]..Haruto was also one of the gates, but with a strong will, he succeeded in keeping the Phantom Wizard Dragon within his own underworld and saved his life.[25]..It was discovered by a white wizard, and was given a wizard river to gain the ability to transform.[25].

Basic style

Haruto Sohma turns the handprint hand author on the buckle of the transformation belt "Wizard Liver" to the left, holds the transformation wizard ring on his left hand, and holds his left hand in any direction to create a magic circle in that direction. Appears[25]..The outer edge of this magic circle is written in English capital letters, "The magical power dwells out of the stone, revealing great power in this world." Similarly, the inner edge is written in lowercase letters, "Hidden in the ring." Release the power of the dragon. "[26]..The magic circle overlaps Haruto's body and passes through to complete the transformation into Kamen Rider Wizard.[25].

  • Producer Takaaki Utsunomiya had "rotating action" in mind when producing this work, and requested the designer to "put on a coat" to emphasize the movement.[27]..Therefore, the wizard has a long wizard robe that extends below the knee.[28]It was decided to wear.In addition, as a result of pursuing the concept of rotation action, Extreme who rolls back from Roundoff and shoots a kickMartial arts(XMA) fighting style was adopted[23][Annotation 24].
  • The base suit is a simple one in black, and the lines and details seen in the latest Kamen Rider are eliminated.[29]..In addition, because it is set as a robe worn by a witch, a fabric with conspicuous wrinkles is intentionally used.[30]..There is little change in the body by style, and it is almost limited to the difference in the color scheme and modeling of the chest.[31]..Masks with a jewel ring motif are also made simply, and the only thing that changes from style to style is the shape of the binaural "rune ear" in addition to the jewels on the face.[26].
Flame style
Flame Wizard RingTransform usingTueBasic form of the wizard that contains the elements of[25]..The spell cast heard from the Wizard River during transformation is "Hey, hey, hey hey!'[32].
Face guard center stone[28]And chest flame langstone[28]The color of is red.The center stone and rune ear are circular (○).
Has the ability to manipulate flames and heat[25]..Balance of physical ability and magical power[33]Because it is a form that has been removed, it often takes this form at the beginning of the battle and then re-transforms into another style depending on the battle situation.[25].
Water style
Water Wizard RingTransform usingWedA derivative form that contains the elements of.The spell chanting at the time of transformation is "Swissie Swissie!'[34].
Face guard center stone[35]And chest water langstone[35]The color is blue[36]..Center stones and rune ears have a diamond shape (◇)[37].
Water and moisture[33]In addition to having the ability to manipulate, it is the most magical in the normal style[36]..The type of fighting isBagua[38]..The magic that I use a lot is "liquid" that liquefies my body, and I also take a tactic that entangles with the enemy as it is and connects it to joint techniques.[39].
Hurricane style
Hurricane Wizard RingTransform usingWindA derivative form that contains the elements of.The spell chanting at the time of transformation is "Fufu, Fufufufu!'[40].
Face guard center stone[41]And chest hurricane langstone[41]The color of is green.Center stones and rune ears have an inverted triangle (▽)[42].
WindatmosphereIn addition to having the ability to manipulate, it has excellent speed and jumping power even in normal style[43]..Therefore, when rushing to the scene where the phantom is rampaging, it often appears in this figure.[43]..You can also fly in the air with the wind under your feet.[43]..There is no ancient martial arts motif in the type of fighting, but the vertical movement distinguishes it from other styles of action.[44]..In addition, wither sword gun sword mode is used in reverse handheld[45].
Land style
Land Wizard RingTransform usingSatA derivative form that contains the elements of.The spell chanting at the time of transformation is "Dodd ... Dodddon!Don!Dodddon!'[46].
Face guard center stone[47]And chest gradlangstone[47]The color of is yellow.Center stones and rune ears are square (□)[46].
Soil and rocks,The earth[33]In addition to having the ability to manipulate, it has excellent physical power and defense power even in the normal style, and it was often used when fighting while protecting yourself against strong opponents.[48]..The type of fighting was slammingDitangquan[46]..A wizard who basically does not attack with bare hands because he wears a ring, but in land style he often uses palm strikes and throwing techniques.[49]..The magic that is used a lot is the "big" that is huge and makes use of its high power, and the "drill" that is closely related to the soil.[49].
Wizard Liver
WizardTransformation belt..Black handprint on the buckleHand authorEquipped with an engine called, next to the buckle so that it tilts to the left palm side when using the transformation ring and to the right palm side when using the magic ringshift lever[50]The effect is exhibited by operating and holding the ring.Normally, the hand author is attached to Haruto's waist in the state of a normal belt with a buckle, and the magic ring can be used even in this state.
  • Since the gimmick of Kamen Rider's transformation belt tended to become more complicated year by year, Wizard River was created with the concept of "doing nothing but holding a ring".[22]..However, in reality, it was difficult to maintain the output of the reading function for a long time, so the operation to switch the left and right of the hand author with the lever was included.[22].
  • The gimmick of a toy is that the belt reacts to the chip built into the ring, and the ring emits light without batteries.[22].. Two years ago, "Kamen Rider OOOIt was an impossible technology at that time, and Kiyoto Nishizawa of Bandai said that it became possible by continuing research after that.[22]..In addition, regarding the plating applied to the edge of the hand author, there was a dissenting opinion that "even if it is plated on the part that the child touches, it will peel off", but it was adopted by Nishizawa's strong will to give a sense of luxury.[22]..In addition, the diamond cut of the silver part is "Gold lightan"ofSuper alloyI refer to toys[22].
  • The sound emitted from the belt is quite unique[51]..Nishizawa said, "Kamen Rider FourzeI heard a child humming the voice of "Meteor Driver", and this time I was thinking of making a humming sound, a spell like a witch.[51]..To voice staffScatman JohnWhen I explained by referring to, the completed sample is "Shabadubi Touch Hen Scene!Was strongly opposed by the producer of Utsunomiya, saying that it was "difficult to use in the play."[51]..However, in the end, it was decided that the belt should be a little more interesting because the wizard is stylish.[51]..Also, when magic is activated, "Lupatch Magic Touch GoThe spell is cast, but this "Lupatch" was suddenly inspired by Nishizawa and has no particular meaning.[52]..In addition, the main voice is not disclosed because it is a "corporate secret".[52].
Wither Sword Gun
A special weapon for wizards common to all styles.Gun-shapedGun modeAnd sword-shapedSword modeTakes two forms[53].
It can be used even before transformation, but after transformation, the destructive power becomes stronger due to magical power.[53]..In addition, by giving the power of each style's attributes, it is possible to make effective attacks according to the characteristics of the enemy.[53].
The magical power release device of the handprint in the center Pulls the thumb of the hand author to deploy it, and shake hands (handshake) with the left hand with the transformation ring to activate the special move.[54].
  • The production staff had the concept of "continuing to sell one weapon"[23], Toei requested "I want to use a gun and a sword", so it became a weapon of 2 mode transformation[51]..The popularity of toys is high, and the number of sales is the highest in the history of Kamen Rider Narikiri toys at that time.[51].
Gun mode
Gun form.Phantom is not good atSilverThere is no need to worry about running out of bullets because the bullets are immediately replenished by magical power to the bullet spring that hits the magazine.[55]..Since it is a bullet with tracking performance, it boasts high accuracy enough to hit all bullets even if it is fired without confirming the position of the enemy.[56]..Also, unlike ordinary firearms that use gunpowder, bullets are also ejected with magical power, so recoil is extremely small.[55].
In the first episode, Haruto Sohma before the transformation used it against Minotaur and broke the tough left corner.[55]..From this, it can be seen that it has high destructive power even without adding magical power.[55].
Sword mode
Sword form.The magical blade astral leather slashes even the hard shell of the phantom and is instantly restored even if it is damaged by the built-in repair device Trigonal Stone.[55].
Strike Wizard
Kick Strike Wizard RingKick that focuses magical power on the foot and releases it[57]..Destructive power is 21t[57].
Flame style with flames[57], Wear a tornado in hurricane style[45]..Also, in the land style, by using it together with the magic of "drill", it rotates at high speed to dig through the ground and defeat the gnome that escaped into the ground.[49].
Strike end
Kick Strike Wizard RingUse to combine the Winger Wizard Dragon transformed into a strike phase with your right foot and hit a flying kick.[57].
Used against giant phantoms in the underworld[57].
Shooting strike
Shoot enemies with bullets of elements according to the style emitted from Wither Sword Gun Gun Mode.
Flame shooting[58]
Flame Wizard RingActivated using.Fire fire bullets and burn enemies[57].
Water shooting[59]
Water Wizard RingActivated using.Condenses the energy of water and emits a powerful stream of water[39].
Hurricane shooter
Hurricane Wizard RingIt is a technique that is activated using, but it is not used in the play[60].
Land shooting
Land Wizard RingIt is a technique that is activated using, but it is not used in the play[61].
Slash strike
Wither Sword Gun Sword mode with elements that match the style of the blade cuts the enemy in half.
Flame slash[58]
Flame Wizard RingActivated using.Wear a flame on the blade and shoot a cross-shaped flame blade[57].
Water slash[59]
Water Wizard RingActivated using.Collect the surrounding water with the tip of the sword[33], Cut into a single horizontal character with a water blade[39].
Hurricane slash[60]
Hurricane Wizard RingActivated using.Make a tornado appear from the blade, blow the enemy into the air, and slash it with the blade of the wind.[45].
Land slash[61]
Land Wizard RingActivated using.Attack by adding the attribute of soil to the blade[49].

Reinforced style

A figure that transforms using a newly generated transformation ring.By releasing some of the power of the Wizard Dragon in the real world, it demonstrates a fighting ability that exceeds the normal style.[62].

The reinforced style is flashy because the basic style was a simple design except for the head.[52]..The mask incorporates the modeling of a dragon, and the mustache of the dragon forms the antennae Exdrago rod of Kamen Rider.[63]..In addition, magic jewels are embedded in the forehead signal and binaural brilliant ears to enhance the impression of strengthening.[63].

The shape of the chest is complicated, and the dragon's design Skull Cuirass is displayed.[64]..Sealing stone Grand Majesty for power control is placed on both shoulders[64]..And the coat that covers the whole body is changing from black to bright color[64].

Flame dragon
Processed the red magic jewel given by the White Wizard through White GarudaFlame Dragon Wizard RingA reinforced form of flame style that transforms using[65]..The spell cast heard from the Wizard River during transformation is "Bo, bo, bo bo bo!'[62].
Initially, the Wizard River did not respond when I held the Flame Dragon Wizard Ring over it.[65]..However, Haruto Sohma, who was cornered by Phoenix, persuaded the Wizard Dragon in his underworld, and it became possible to transform.[65].
It is a basic form in the strengthening style, and it is also done in this way to activate the dragon timer for the alter ego[65]..With the Special Wizard Ring, the Wizard Ragon's headDrago SkullIs embodied in the chest[66]To[65].
Water dragon
Koyomi was led by Black Cerberus to process the blue jewel found in a mysterious cave.Water Dragon Wizard RingTransform using, enhanced form of water style[67]..The spell chanting at the time of transformation is "Java Java Bashaan!Zabun the Boone!'[68].
You can control not only water but also cold air[67]..By using the special wizard ring, the tail of the wizard dragonDragotailIs embodied in the waist, and the power of the blow is enough to break the sea surface[69]..A common magic is "Blizzard", which releases cold air to freeze enemies and extinguish fires.[69].
Hurricane dragon
Processed the green magic jewel entrusted by Masanori Kizaki of the National Security Bureau Section 0Hurricane Dragon Wizard RingHurricane-style enhanced form that transforms using[70]..The spell chanting at the time of transformation is "View view!View View View !!'[71].
It has the ability to control lightning as well as wind and atmosphere.[70]..In addition, the flight ability has been enhanced, and the wings of the Wizard Dragon can be used by using the Special Wizard Ring.Drago WingEmbodies on the back[70]..The magic often used in battle is "Thunder", which used to shoot powerful lightning bolts to wipe out ghoul swarms.[72].
Land dragon
Koyomi processed the yellow magic jewel given by Sora, the human form of Gremlin.Land Dragon Wizard RingA land-style enhanced form that transforms using[73]..The spell chanting at the time of transformation is "Danden Don's Dogone, Danden Don's Gone!'[74].
Has the ability to manipulate the power of the earth and the earth as well as the land style[73]..Wizard Ragon claws on both arms by using the special wizard ringDrago Hell ClawEmbodies and the attack tears everything[75]..The magic I often use is "gravity", which manipulates gravity, holding hydra to the ground and floating phoenix in the air.[75].
All dragon
Fusion of magical power to the body with the flame dragon as the main body[66]Super strengthening form that brings together the power of each strengthening style[76]..After performing the "Dragon Formation" that calls the alter ego with the Drago Timer, by holding the Drago Timer over the Wizard River, the three alter ego become dragons and overlap with the Flame Dragon, completing the transformation.[76].
By maximizing the power of the Wizard Dragon, each enhancement style can constantly use the ability to activate with "special" magic.[77]..A wealth of attacks such as high aerial flight ability with the wing Old Drago Wing that turns into a sharp blade, slamming attack with the tough tail "Old Drago Tail", ripping attack with the claws of both hands Old Drago Hell Claw, flame radiation from the old Drago skull on the chest Have a means[78].
The white wizard who saw this figure muttered, "This completes the first person."[76]..It is probable that the All Dragon was the completed version of Kamen Rider Wizard that Fueki had envisioned.[76].
  • The shooting suit is made by attaching the Drago Skull and Drago Hell Claw props to the Flame Dragon.[79]..Old Drago Wing and Old Drago Tail are expressed by overlapping CG.[79].
Dragon timer
A magic tool that embodies Haruto's magical power to be worn on the right arm[80]..Haruto, who was defeated by Beelzebub in episode 21, was created by overcoming the harsh test of confronting the Wizard Dragon in a different space created by a white wizard.[81].
Turn the turntable drago dial and then press the start switch Sam's Encounter to activate the device.[80]..When the Drago dial begins to rotate over the heraldic elemental sign and the needle of the dial reaches the color of each element, press the Sam's Encounter, and the light projected by the magic crystal prism Dragorite is the element according to the position of the needle. Transforms into a body[81]..Each of the split bodies has the same consciousness, and four bodies can act at the same time.[80].
When the rotating drago dial stops, "Final time!" Is issued, and by holding it over the wizard river in that state, the alter ego is reduced to magical power, and the transformation into an all dragon with the spell chanting of "All Dragon Please !!" Will be possible[82].
As with the basic style, you can use the Kick Strike Wizard, Shooting Shooting Strike, and Slashing Slash Strike, but their power is increasing.
others,Special Wizard RingBy using, you can embody a part of the Wizard Dragon according to each style and activate each of the following Special Moves.
Dragon breath[58]
Flame Dragon's Special Move.Burn your enemies with a powerful flame from a drago skull embodied in your chest from a floating state.[83].
Dragon smash[59]
Water Dragon's Special Move.Hit the embodied drago tail on the waist[69]..In the game against Lizardman, the opponent is frozen with "Blizzard" and then crushed, and in the game against Phoenix, the enemy is defeated in cooperation with Water Slash.[69].
Dragon Sonic[60]
Hurricane Dragon's Special Move.Fly at high speed with the Drago Wing embodied on the back and shoot a tornado and electric shock to defeat the enemy[72].
Dragon ripper[61]
Land Dragon's Special Move.Swing the Drago Hell Claw embodied in both arms and slash the enemy[75].
Dragon formation[84]
A technique that works with the body as much as it is generated by the dragon timer.Each strengthening style embodies a part of the whole body of the Wizard Dragon, and attacks all at once with each special move.
Strike dragon
All Dragon's Special Move.The illusion of Wizard Ragon wearing each element assaults from the huge magic team generated at your feet, and finally the all dragon shoots a kick[77]..Blow the immortal phoenix to the sun and make it unrecoverable[77].

Infinity style

The strongest form of wizard that transforms using the Infinity Wizard Ring.The Infinity Wizard Ring was born from the tears shed by Haruto Sohma, who was unable to use magic after being defeated by the Legion who invaded the Underworld, and at the same time, the Wizard Ragon was revived by the strength of his heart. It became possible to transform[85]..The spell chanting heard from the Wizard River during transformation is like a combination of spells of each style so far.Heathui Hoodoo, Boza Babued Gone !!'[85].

Four elementsUnlike the basic style that uses the power of the dragon and the strengthening style that borrowed the power of the wizard dragon, it is a form that transforms with the magical power of both Haruto and the wizard dragon.[85]..Armored with adamant stones with crystallized magical power, it boasts extremely high defensive power.[85]..In addition, the silver Infinity Robe that covers the whole body is a kind of that takes in the magical power released by itself and sends it to the adamant stone of each part.Eternal institutionHas become[86].

  • The final form of the hero with a ring motifdiamondIt was a tacit understanding among the production staff that no one disagreed.[51]..However, the shape of the mask is based on the so-called Tiffany setting, which is a stone clasp on the ring rather than the diamond itself, so the impression is different from the conventional style with the jewel face as the face.[87]..The part of the claw that holds the jewel is set as an antenna chaton rod that acts as a sensory sensor.[86].
  • Haruto has let go of the ring needed to transform into Infinity style twice in the play.[85].. The first episode was in episode 1, and Infinity Wizard Ring was temporarily in the hands of Fueki via Mayu Inamori, but in episode 47, Koyomi found it and returned it to Haruto.[85]..In the final episode after that, the ring was entrusted to Haruto in the world of magical jewels, but in "Gaim & Wizard", the thing that was a keepsake of the War God Wizard was handed over from Jayas and it became possible to transform again.[85], "Kamen Rider Taisen" and "Heisei Generations" continue to transform.
  • Infinity Style will be further strengthened to Infinity Dragon and Infinity Dragon Gold in later films.The idea of ​​adding dragon parts was conceived at an early stage, but it was not realized in the TV series because it was difficult to realize.[88]..The Infinity-style design has its remnants, and the back has a shape that makes it easy to attach dragon wings.[89].
Ax Caliber
Infinity-style exclusive weapon made with the magical power of the Wizard Dragon[90]..Emphasis on sharpnessCaliber modeAnd emphasized destructive powerAx modeTake the two forms of, and activate the special ability for each form by touching the handprint hand author in the center.[90].
  • The final item is a sword because it's the most obvious weapon for kids, plus an ax element that the wizard hasn't used yet.[51].
Caliber mode
Sword form.The blade scary talon, which is sent magical power through the caliber stone of the tip, cuts through several phantoms with a single stroke.[91].
A high five to the hand author in this form has the effect of "interfering with the passage of time", and a high-speed tactic that is unnoticeable can be set up.[92].
Ax mode
Ax form.By turning it in the opposite direction with your left hand, it shifts with the voice of "Turn on!", And the ax head Bloody Tooth, which relays the "Ackstone" at the tip and sends magical power, also breaks the sturdy armor of the phantom.[91]..The higher the magical power, the higher the destructive power.[91].
A high five to the hand author in this form activates a special move according to the number of times.[90].
Strike Wizard
Flying kick released by kick strike[92]..Used in the decisive battle with the White Wizard[92].
Dragon shining[84]
By touching the Ax Caliber Ax Mode hand author, it will be activated with the voice of "High five! Shining strike! Glitter!"[92]..The blade part of the huge ax caliber[93]Smash the enemy with[92].
Plasma Dragon Shining[84]
Activated by touching the Ax Caliber Ax Mode Hand Author 5 times.[92]..The thrown ax caliber hits the enemy many times[92].

Kamen Rider Wizard appearing in works other than the TV series

Special rush
Special Rush Wizard RingA special enhancement form of the wizard that transforms using.
MoreKamen Rider x Kamen Rider Wizard & Forze MOVIE War Ultimate #Appearance Hero HeroineSee.
Infinity Dragon
Finish Strike Wizard RingAn enhanced form of Infinity style that embodies the body parts of the Wizard Dragon, which transforms using.
MoreTheatrical version Kamen Rider Wizard in Magic Land # Appearance Kamen RiderSee.
Infinity Dragon Gold
Finish Strike Wizard RingAn enhanced form of the Infinity Dragon that transforms using.
MoreKamen Rider x Kamen Rider Armor & Wizard Sengoku MOVIE Great Battle # This work's original Kamen RiderSee.
Beast cloak[82][Annotation 25]
Appeared in "Televi-kun Super Battle DVD Kamen Rider Wizard / Dance Ring Showtime !!"
When Kamen Rider Beast's Falco Ring accidentally touches the Wizard Liver, the Wizard Flame Dragon rides a little badly by equipping the right shoulder with a Falcomant, and using the borrowed buffer ring, equipping the left shoulder with a buffer cloak. ..

Kamen Rider Wizard Wizard Ring

Kamen Rider Wizard exercises various magic by holding a ring with magical power over the waist belt "Wizard River".These are mainly composed of magic jewels processed by Shigeru Wajima, the owner of the antique shop "Omokagedo", and metal rings.[95]..However, the strength is low because it can be processed by hand.

Makeover ring

Transform the wizard into various forms with a ring that fits on the middle finger of your left hand[95].

Each ring is shaped like a wizard's face[22]..The magic jewel part is protected by a movable visor visored nail[96].

Flame Wizard Ring
A red ring with the attribute of fire used to transform into a flame style[97].
Water Wizard Ring
A blue ring with the attributes of water used to transform into a water style[97].
Hurricane Wizard Ring
A green ring with a wind attribute used to transform into a hurricane style[97].
Land Wizard Ring
A yellow ring with earthy attributes used to transform into a land style[97].
Flame Dragon Wizard Ring
A ring with a fire dragon attribute used to transform into a flame dragon[97].
A processed red magic jewel brought by White Garuda[97].
Water Dragon Wizard Ring
A ring with a water dragon attribute used to transform into a water dragon[97].
A processed blue magic jewel that was placed in Wiseman's cave[97].
Hurricane Dragon Wizard Ring
A ring with a wind dragon attribute used to transform into a hurricane dragon[97].
A processed green magic jewel entrusted by Masanori Kizaki of the National Security Bureau Section 0[97].
Land Dragon Wizard Ring
A ring with the earth dragon attribute used to transform into a land dragon[97].
Processed yellow magic jewel given by Sora / Gremlin[97].
Infinity Wizard Ring
Ring used to transform into Infinity style[97]..Born from the tears of Haruto Sohma, who did not give up hope even if he lost his magical power[97].
  • This ring has no visor and instead has a collar design[98].
Magic ring

Activate various magic with the ring used by putting it on the middle finger of the right hand[95].

Magic jewels are mainly orange, but there are exceptions such as for summoning plastic monsters.[96]..In addition, many dragon patterns are drawn, showing the magical effects of each.[95].

Driver on Wizard Ring
Transform the Wizard River into its original form[99].
  • In the latest series of works, the production of wearing the transformation belt that you already have on your waist continued, so it was set by the intention of the Utsunomiya producer, "I want a ring that makes the belt appear."[23].
Connect Wizard Ring
Connect distant spaces and order goods[99].
Kick Strike Wizard Ring
Deliver a deadly kick[100].
Engage Wizard Ring
You will be able to enter the wearer's underworld[101]..Possessed more than one and was used to fight the person's Underworld-born phantom when the gate was in despair.[101].
Dragonize Wizard Ring
Summon a Wizard Dragon in the Underworld[99].
Small Wizard Ring
You can also make yourself smaller with the magic of making objects smaller[101].
Defend Wizard Ring
Create a barrier[100].
The shape of the wall changes according to the style of the wizard, which is flame in flame style, water in water style, wind in hurricane style, soil or rock wall in land style[100].
Sleep Wizard Ring
Put the wearer to sleep[102]..If you want to put another person to sleep, you need to put it on that person's finger[102].
Big wizard ring
It is a magic that makes an object huge, and during battle it was attacking with large arms and weapons[101].
Light Wizard Ring
It emits magical power as light and illuminates the surroundings brightly.[99].
Liquid wizard ring
Turns the wearer's body into a liquid[100].
Mainly used by water style[100].
Bind Wizard Ring
Restrain the enemy with a large number of chains[99].
The shape of the chain changes according to the style of the wizard, which is a normal chain in Flame style, but water in Water style and rock chain in Land style.[99].
Copy wizard ring
It is also possible to transform yourself with the magic of duplicating an object[99]..If you use it continuously, the number will increase further.[99].
Drill wizard ring
Gives strong rotational force enough to excavate the ground[99]..You can also rotate the Strike Wizard to increase its destructive power.[99].
Smel Wizard Ring
A strong foul odor is emitted from the wearer[102].
Extend Wizard Ring
Stretch parts of the body such as arms and legs[101]..It can be attacked by shaking its limbs like a whip, and it was also used to rescue people at a distance.[101].
Dressup Wizard Ring
Change the clothes you are wearing to another one[102].
Excite Wizard Ring
Increases muscle strength and becomes a muscular figure[101].
Merry Christmas Wizard Ring
Make a miracle only once on Christmas day[103].
A ring given by a person who seems to be Santa Claus restored the gift item burned by Phoenix to its original state, but it disappeared after one use.[102].
Special Wizard Ring
Bring out the power of the Wizard Dragon[100].
The abilities according to each style are released with the feeling of Drago Skull for Flame Dragon, Drago Tail for Water Dragon, Drago Wing for Hurricane Dragon, and Drago Hell Claw for Land Dragon.[100].
Blizzard Wizard Ring
Give off a strong cold air[100].
Mainly used by water dragons[100].
Thunder Wizard Ring
Fire lightning[100].
Mainly used by hurricane dragons[100].
Gravity Wizard Ring
Manipulate gravity[100].
Mainly used by land dragons[100].
Fall Wizard Ring
Make holes in the floor and walls to allow passage[101].
Please Wizard Ring
With the ring that Koyomi wears on her finger, you can share the magical power by holding it over the Wizard River.[101].
Hope Wizard Ring
The philosopher's stone is a ring that holds Koyomi's heart.[102].
The design itself is similar to the Engage Wizard Ring, but red from the philosopher's stone color.After the television series, Haruto set out on a journey in search of a place to put the ring, but eventually it was in the hands of Koyomi in his own underworld.[102].
Legend Rider Wizard Ring
52 rings that appeared in the "World of Magic Jewels" in episodes 53 and 13[102]..Each can summon the Heisei Kamen Rider[102].
It was owned by Amada, but was stolen by a boy who tried to escape from the world of magic jewels with the power of a ring.[102]..After regaining the ring, Adam summons a rider and tries to send it to Haruto, but the riders who fight based on their own will fight against Adam.[102]..When the riders who had defeated Adam and finished their roles disappeared, the ring disappeared.[102].
W Wizard Ring
Summon Kamen Rider W to the Underworld with a ring given by Shotaro Sakata and the illusion of Philip.[96].
Accelerator Wizard Ring
Summon a Kamen Rider Accelerator to the Underworld with a ring given by Ryu Terui's illusion.[96].
OOO Wizard Ring
Summon Kamen Rider OOO to the Underworld with a ring given by Eiji Hino's illusion.[96].
Bath Wizard Ring
Summon Kamen Rider Birth to the Underworld with a ring given by Shintaro Goto's illusion.[96].
Time wizard ring
Travel back in time to another era[104].
Fourze Engage Wizard Ring
You will be able to enter the wearer's underworld[104].
Special Rush Wizard Ring
Transform Kamen Rider Wizard into a special rush with the ring created by Bishoujo Kamen Powatrin with the last magic.[104].
Miracle Wizard Ring
Summon a giant Wizard Dragon to the real world[104].
Super Sentai Wizard Ring
Wizard Dragon andZyuden Sentai KyoryugerGiant Robo Kyoryugin's union techniqueBeast power brave strike endTo activate[104].
Flower Wizard Ring
A ring made by Shiina, a boy from "Magic Land", scatters countless petals.[105].
Finish Strike Wizard Ring
Transform the wizard into an Infinity Dragon or Infinity Dragon Gold[105].
Chichin Pui Pui Wizard Ring
The ring made by Shunpei Nara was thought to be a failure, but by resonating with the Hope Wizard Ring, he summoned another Haruto.[105].
Dance wizard ring
Dance "Life is SHOW TIME" to the choreography.Unusual in the Wizard Ring, the figure of the Wizard himself is drawn instead of the dragon[82].
Garuda Wizard Ring
Summon Red Garuda and become its power[106].
Unicorn Wizard Ring
Summon a blue unicorn and become its power[106].
Kraken Wizard Ring
Summons the Yellow Kraken and becomes its power[106].
Golem Wizard Ring
Summon a violet golem and power it[106].

Kamen Rider Wizard Vehicle and Giant Phantom

Machine winger
Haruto Sohma / Kamen Rider Wizard's exclusive off-road motorcycle.The base model isHonda CRF250L[107].
It is supposed to be boarded in a battle against phantoms, and has obtained extremely high durability due to the effect of the magic jewel "Shield Core" housed in the front cowl.[108]..In addition, floating stones "Magritte Blast" are provided on the left and right sides of the cowl, enabling high-speed turning that is not normally possible by assisting the attitude control of the vehicle body.[109].. The output of the 4-stroke in-line 2-cylinder gasoline engine "WZ-0D" has been improved by about 50% due to a dedicated tune-up.[109].
When Haruto needs a machine winger,Connect Wizard RingCan be taken out anywhere using[109]..Not only is it used in battle, but it is also used on a journey to find a place to put the Hope Wizard Ring, which is Koyomi's keepsake, and it can be said that he is more than just a motorcycle.[109].
Wizard Dragon
A giant dragon-shaped phantom that lives in Haruto's Underworld[110]..It was born by Sabato during the solar eclipse, but Haruto overcame despair and could not go out to the outside world, so he was contained in the underworld.[110].
It is the source of Haruto's magical power and is a powerful phantom with elements of the four major elements.Summoned by the magic of "Dragorize" when fighting a giant phantom in the underworld of the gate[110].
Fly at high speed with a small but powerful wing Drago Wing and fight with a tail drago tail and limb claw drago hell claws[111]..A flame is emitted from the drago skull on the head, and the brilliance of the dragon's heart on the chest scares the phantom.[111].
Initially, he was planning to go out to the outside world, and was working to despair Haruto again.[110]..Also, during the battle, he did not follow Haruto's instructions and rampaged, damaging the underworld of the gate.[111]..However, he gradually becomes interested in Haruto who never gives in to despair.[110].
It disappears once under the attack of Legion, but it revives due to the strength of Haruto's heart.[110]..After that, he described Haruto as an "interesting guy" and trusted him.[110], We built a cooperative relationship, such as putting Haruto on his back without uniting with the machine winger.[111].
  • Although Wizard Ragon is combined with a motorcycle, the concept advocated by Osamu Abe of Plex is "the organic feeling of a Western-style dragon, not a mechanical dragon", and the movie "Kunida Kei, who is in charge of design, is a reference material.Dragon heart』I lent the figure[23].
Winger Wizard Dragon
A reinforced flight unit that is completed by setting the machine winger deployed to the left and right on both wings of the Wizard Dragon.[112]..In this form, the wizard will be able to control the wizard dragon at will.[112].
The combination of machine winger strengthens the wings on the back to a great full winger, and improves flight ability by receiving magical power from the four magic circles Drago Symbolix that emerged.[113].
When the wizard shoots a strike end against a giant phantom, the winger wizard dragon transforms into a strike phase.[113]..Once the machine winger separates, the Wizard Ragon's head is stowed in the neck, its limbs rotate to face its back, and its torso and tail bend forward to form a giant dragon's leg.[113]..When a machine winger connects behind it and attaches it to the wizard's right leg, the whole thing burns and tramples the giant phantom.[113].

Kamen Rider Beast

Nito ShosukeBeast driverBeast Wizard RingKamen Rider transforms using[114]..By loading the ring into the beast driver and turning it, the buckle door "Liberation Door" is accompanied by the voice "Set! Open!"[115]Opens, and a magic circle appears[114]..The outer ring of this magic circle is in English capital letters, "I command all spirits. According to my covenant, release that great power", and the inner ring is in lower case, "Great power, land, sea, sky, Nature, the chief of the four worlds, my genus "[116]..The transformation is completed when the magic circle passes through Nito's body, and "L ・ I ・ O ・ N Lajen !!The voice echoes[114].

Beast's transformation system was created in the past when magic, not science, flourished.ancient(Ancientthe magician of"It is called[114].

at UniversityarcheologyNito, who majored in ghouls, was attacked by a flock of ghouls when he excavated a beast driver at the ruins.[114]..Following the whisper of Beast Chimera in the driver, "Use the ring," Nito decided to sign a contract to eat the magical power of the defeated phantom and give it to Beast Chimera in exchange for the ability to transform into a Kamen Rider.[114]..If this duty is neglected, Nito himself will die.[114].

Beast is a black magic robe wild robe[117]Cover with arm and front frets[117]Yasune rear fret[117]And so on, they are wearing golden armor everywhere.The lion's head on the left shoulder is the Chimera Totem, a part that embodies the power of the Beast Chimera.[117]..Golden mask predatory hood[117]Symbolically resembles a lion's mane[118], Compound eye sheet lacquer[117]Is green.

  • Based on the concept of having the No. 2 rider use multiple magics as well as the wizard and wanting to equip the cloak, it was set to change the cloak by activating the magic.[51].
A cloak with the power of four kinds of animals that is worn on the right shoulder using a magic ring attached to the cloak.It looks like a cloth hanging from the shoulder armor that imitates the head of an animal.
Falco Wizard RingEquipped usingPeregrine FalconCloak with the power of[119]..The color is orange.The spell when wearing it is "Fat ♪ Fat ♪ Fat ♪ Falco !!"[120].
In addition to giving the beast the ability to fly, you can use magic that creates a strong wind.[119].
Cameleo cloak
Cameleo Wizard RingEquipped usingカ メ レ オ ンCloak with the power of[119]..The color is yellowish green.The spell at the time of wearing is "Kaka ♪ Katsu ♪ Katsu ♪ Kameleo !!"[121].
You will be able to move easily, and you will be able to hide yourself by assimilating with the surrounding scenery for a short time.[119]..It is also possible to attack by changing the part of the chameleon that hits the tongue like a whip.
Dolfi cloak
Dolfi Wizard RingEquipped usingDolphinCloak with the power of[119]..The color is navy.The spell at the time of wearing is "Doo ♪ Do ♪ Do ♪ Do ♪ Dolphi !!"[121].
You can use healing magic such as detoxification[119].
Buffer cloak
Buffer wizard ringEquipped usingBuffaloCloak with the power of[119]..The color is reddish brown.The spell at the time of wearing is "Bab ♪ Bab ♪ Bababa ♪ Buffer !!"[120].
Increase your physical power and launch a powerful rush attack[119].
Beast driver
Beast transformation belt.A transformant, Nito, excavated an ancient ruin while investigating it.[114]..Beast Chimera is sealed in it by an ancient wizard[122].
Set the beast ring in the ring slot on the left side of the buckle and twist it forward to open the central liberation door and unleash the power of the beast chimera.[115].
  • The motif isChampion belt[51]..Gold-plated to contrast with the silver Wizard River[51]..Also, the gimmick that twists the ring is the result of thinking about how to use it differently from the wizard.[51]..The initial plan for the transformation sound was "H, E, N, S, H, I, N!", But it was too long for the child to remember, so it became the four-letter "L, I, O, N". Ta[88].
Dice saber
Magic sword used by Beast[123]..In addition to cutting through enemies with a slender blade high-oid fencer, you can also shoot magic bullets from the tip pastoral fleur.[124].
Core crystal eyes embedded in the brim of the saberDice,Beast diceIt is equipped with, and by loading various wizard rings in the ring slot, it rotates and has the effect of doubling the magic power according to the outcome.[124]..However, because of the strong luck factor, no wizard can interfere with the dice's eyes.[124]In an emergency, small eyes could come out and cause a crisis.[123].
Strike Beast
Activated by reinserting the Beast Wizard Ring into the belt slot.Overtake the enemy launched by kicking in front with a jump, sneak through the magic circle floating in the air, wear energy that imitates Chimera's head, and hit a flying kick[119].
Strike end
Used by Beast in Magic Land in the movie "in Magic Land"[119].
Transform the Beast Chimera into a strike phase, attach it to your foot, and trample the giant phantom.[119].
Saber strike
Fire a magic bullet from the dice saber to attack. The power changes according to the roll of the dice from 1 to 6, and the larger the number, the stronger the attack.[119]..When the result is 6, the technique name will be "Saber Strike Hexa".[125].
The shape of the magic bullet changes according to the cloak worn[119].
Saber Falco[125]
Falco Wizard RingIs set on the dice saber and activated.A Hayabusa-class magic bullet attacks while flying around the enemy.
Saber Cameleo[125]
Cameleo Wizard RingIs set on the dice saber and activated.Chameleon-type magic bullets jump and attack all at once.
Saber buffer[125]
Buffer wizard ringIs set on the dice saber and activated.Buffalo-type magic bullets charge and attack all at once.
Saber Dolphy[125]
Dolfi Wizard RingIs set on the dice saber and activated.A dolphin-shaped magic bullet attacks while flying around the enemy.

Kamen Rider Beast Hyper

Hyper Wizard RingThe strongest form of beast that transforms using.When you set the ring on the beast driver, the beast chimera that became an energy body appears, and by wrapping the beast from behind, the armor is attached and the strengthening transformation is completed[126]..At this time, the beast driver said, "Hyper!Go!Hi Hi Hi Hi, Hyper !!The voice echoes[126].

A magical robe with a blue bodyHyperion robeCovered with, chest armor shaped like the head of a Beast ChimeraChimera Lang ShellHas changed to[127]..Compound eyeSea searcher[127]The color of is red.Antenna rod that controls perception on the foreheadChimera whiskersIs equipped with[127].

By releasing some of the power of Beast Chimera in the real world, the fighting ability has increased dramatically.[126]..In addition to performing long-distance battles with the special weapon Mirage Magnum, the straps of both arms that expand and contract freelyFringe slingerBy waving like a whip, you can play an active part in close quarters.[128].

  • The reason why blue was adopted for the reinforced form coloring is that it was a color that was not in the cloak change.[89]..In addition, the fringe that was proposed other than the cloak is adopted as the "fluttering part" that is an essential feature of the Kamen Rider of this work.[51].
Mirage Magnum
Beast Hyper Dedicated Magic Gun[129].5th century BCから4st centuryIt is believed to have been built aroundAfrica OfNiorAt the ruins of civilization, I slept in a stone-wrapped state with the Hyper Wizard Ring.[129]..It was excavated by Osamu Nakamoto of the Asahina Archaeological Institute.[129]..Nakamoto was tempted by Sora / Gremlin to steal the beast driver and ring from Nito, but after that he converted and entrusted Magnum to Nito.[130]..And as Beast was strengthened and transformed into Beast Hyper, the main body of Magnum emerged from the stone.[130].
The upper part of the barrel of the Mirage Magnum is equipped with a magic mirror Mirage Specter, which embodies the Beast Chimera as the magical power increases.[130]..Also, by connecting the Hyper Wizard ring to the rear ring slot, you can send a large amount of magical power and shoot a deadly blow.[130].
  • Mirage Specter refers to Bandai's toys for girls, whose face appears in the dresser as a result of seeking an unprecedented magical gimmick.[51].
Shooting Mirage
By transforming the Hyper Wizard ring, expanding the mouth part, and loading it into the ring slot of the Mirage Magnum, a powerful magic bullet that imitates the appearance of Beast Chimera is released from the magnum where the magic power is focused.[128].
Hyper Saber Strike
Activate by setting the Hyper Wizard Ring on the dice saber[128]..A magic bullet in the shape of a falcon, dolphin, buffalo, or chameleon appears as many as the number of eyes that appear, and charges the enemy all at once.[128].

Kamen Rider Beast that appears in works other than the TV series

Wizard style[131][Annotation 26]
Appeared in "Televi-kun Super Battle DVD Kamen Rider Wizard / Dance Ring Showtime !!"
A form in which Beast is transformed using the Land Dragon Wizard Ring.Based on the normal form, it is equipped with a part of the land dragon robe on the waist and a drago hell claw on both hands.
Originally, the Beast Driver cannot read the ring for Kamen Rider Wizard, so it is an irregular existence only for battle DVDs.[131].

Kamen Rider Beast Wizard Ring

Kamen Rider Beast uses a ring to transform and activate special abilities[133]..By loading it into the ring slot of the Beast Driver, the magical power contained in the ring is released, and each magic can be exercised.[133].

The Beast Ring was made in ancient times when magic was prosperous, and details such as the creator are unknown.[133]..Except for the Hyper Wizard Ring, all the rings were excavated at the ruins by Shosuke Nito with the Beast Driver.[133].

Kamen Rider Wizard can also be used for some rings, but a different magic will be activated when using Beast.[133]..However, on the contrary, Beast cannot use the Wizard's ring because it does not match the shape of the ring slot.

  • The Wizard's ring is round, while the Beast's ring has a square edge.[134]..Since the toys are gimmicks that the driver recognizes by the pins, the shapes are slightly different, but the shooting props are basically the same detail.[134].
Beast Wizard Ring
Used when Shosuke Nito transforms into Kamen Rider Beast[135]..While other ability activation rings fit on the middle finger of the right hand, only this transformation ring fits on the middle finger of the left hand.[133].
Used to activate the Special Move Strike Beast after transformation[135].
Driver on Wizard Ring
Used by Nito to activate the standby Beast Driver and prepare for transformation[135].
Engage Wizard Ring
You can enter the underworld, the spiritual world of the gate with the ring[135].
Chimera Wizard Ring
Summon Beast Chimera in the Underworld[135].
Falco Wizard Ring
Equip Falcomant and gain flight ability[135].
Used by wizards, your body can transform into a myriad of feathers to dodge enemy attacks.[135].
Buffer wizard ring
Wear a buffer cloak to make your body stronger[135].
Cameleo Wizard Ring
Wear a cameleo cloak to gain transparency[135].
Dolfi Wizard Ring
Wear a dolphin cloak and gain healing ability[135].
Wizards allow you to swim around the ground like water[135].
Hyper Wizard Ring
Used for enhanced transformation to Beast Hyper[135]..Osamu Nakamoto excavated in Africa with Mirage Magnum[129].
It is also used when the lion engraved on the ring is transformed to open its mouth and the special move "Shooting Mirage" is activated.[135].
Griffon Wizard Ring
Summon a Green Griffon and load it into its body to power it.[134].

Kamen Rider Beast Giant Phantom

Beast Chimera
A giant phantom sealed inside a beast driver by an old wizard[122]..Signed a contract with Shosuke Nito who opened the seal, and instead of giving the power of Kamen Rider Beast, it became a relationship to obtain the magical power of the defeated phantom.[122]..Unlike the other phantoms in the play, it doesn't work to despair the gate.[136]..It seems that this is because Beast Chimera was not born in Wiseman's Sabbath, but is an ancient phantom.[136].
Based on the lion's body, it has five heads throughout its body.The falco shoulder of the falcon that controls the flight ability on the right shoulder, the dolphin dolphin shoulder that controls the healing ability on the left shoulder, the buffalo buffalo sternum that controls the physical toughness on the chest, and the chameleon chameleo pervis that controls the agility on the tail. Is placed[136]..Only the central lion's head Rio Skull has a conversation[136].
In battle, you can swing sharp claws Rio Nail, shoot rays from the mouths of the five heads to attack, and use the biting end where Rio Skull swallows the phantom as a special move.[136].
At first, it seems that Nito was seen simply as a means of gaining magical power, but he seems to like it as he acts together.[136], When he acquired the Mirage Magnum, he also made remarks about Nito's body.[122]..At the end of the TV series, Nito destroyed the Beast Driver to prevent Sabbath from opening again by the White Wizard, which was released to the real world and consumed the magical power of the place, canceling the contract with Nito. I flew away to the place[122].
After that, he was captured by Nito who was trying to study himself, and he signed a contract again.[122]..After that, it seems that he is eating the fruit of Helheim that Nito found in another world.[136].
In the underworld battle in the movie version "in Magic Land", when Beast activated the strike end, it transformed into the strike phase.[136]..However, since Beast in the magical country has unique characteristics such as making a driver by himself, it is unclear whether Beast Chimera of the TV series with different settings can also enter the strike phase.[136].

White Wizard (Masked Rider Wiseman)

Fueki KanWhite wizard driverChange Wizard RingTransformed using[137]..When Fueki holds the ring over the driver, the voice "Change, now" sounds and a magic circle appears.[137]..The outer ring of this magic circle is in English capital letters, "Chaotic executor, give the power of the innocent, I am the one who reveals the ancient covenant." It is written in lowercase letters, "Power to control all things, with my will."[138]..The transformation is completed when the magic circle passes through the body of Fueki.[137].

In order for humans to become wizards, they need to have a phantom in their spiritual underworld.[137]..Physicist Fueki was qualified as a wizard by artificially creating a phantom carbunclo using science and technology and incorporating it into his body.[137]..At the same time, it became possible to transform into Carbunclo, and used the two figures properly to control the battle between Kamen Rider Wizard and Phantom from behind.[137].

White magic garment for the whole bodyBright robeCover with a white cloak as wellElemental capeI'm wearing[139]..On the headReflection hoodWearing a chain-shaped orthosis Langchain with a large number of rings on the chest[139].

In addition to using advanced magic such as "Explosion", he is also good at martial arts.[137]..Its fighting ability is almost equal to Wizard Infinity style[140].

  • The tentative name at the design stage was "No. 0 Rider"[141]..After that, the name is "white" OfAlthough it was decided to be a "witch", the Super Sentai series "Wizard" that was produced in advanceMagic squadron magillanger]Serious motherIt is said that it became a "white wizard" because it was covered with the classification name of[142]..After the TV series aired, the name "Kamen Rider Wiseman" was officially set.[141].
  • The white wizard who eventually became the mastermind of the story, but it is said that it will disappear from the stage early at the planning stage, and it was a character with no plans to commercialize it.[88].
White wizard driver[139](Wiseman driver[143]
A transformation belt of a white wizard.The appearance and function are the same as the Wizard River, but the handprint in the center of the buckle has a claw design on the red border.
  • "Kamen Rider 555It was commercialized by Kiyoto Nishizawa of Bandai, who aimed for total sales of 100 million transformation belt toys since.[88]..Daisuke Kobayashi of Plex objected, "Who wants it?", But the actual sales were good.[88]..However, the target of 100 million belts could not be achieved in a regrettable place.[88].
Hamel Kane
The main armament of the White Wizard,fluteType sword[144]..In addition to wielding in close quarters, you can negate the opponent's magic by playing as a whistle[144].
It is the only tool that can raise Sabbath and remove the philosopher's stone from Koyomi.[143], Finally robbed by Gremlin.
Kick strike[144]
Kick Strike Wizard RingActivated using[144]..From the magic circle generated at your feet, you can concentrate the golden magical power on your right foot and jump up, then jump and kick while plunging.
Other appeared works
Net movie "Kamen Rider Ghost Legend!Rider's soul! 』\
In Chapter 5, "Ooos", summoned by the mysterious boy Frey with the dinosaur Greed, he stands in front of Takeru Tenkuji / Kamen Rider Ghost.In addition to various magics, this work also shows a series of attacks with punches that were not shown in the TV series.

White Wizard Wizard Ring

The Wizard Ring used by the White Wizard is similar in shape to the Wizard's, and some have the same appearance.This is because it was Shigeru Wajima who worked on both rings.[145].

In toys, even if the same ring is used, the voices emitted by the wizard river and the white wizard driver are different.

Change Wizard Ring
Used when Kanade Fueki transforms into a white wizard[146]..While other magic ring is attached to the middle finger of the right hand, only this ring for transformation is attached to the middle finger of the left hand.[147].
The shape of the visor is different from the transformation ring of the wizard, and the magic jewel is rough-cut.[138].
Driver on Wizard Ring
Used to activate the White Wizard driver and prepare for transformation[146].
Same type as Wizard's ring, but with red edging[146].
Explosion Wizard Ring
Explosion is generated by releasing the magical power compressed in the subspace at once.[146].
Teleport Wizard Ring
Manipulate space to move to different locations[146].
Eclipse Wizard Ring
Necessary for Sabbath ritualeclipseGenerate[146]..What Fueki forced Wajima to make[145].
Can only be used by White Wizards and cannot be activated by Wizard Rivers[147].
Connect Wizard Ring
Connect distant spaces and order goods[99].
Same type as Wizard's ring[99].
Kick Strike Wizard Ring
Shoot a deadly kick[145].
Same type as Wizard's ring[100].
Dupe Wizard Ring
It is also possible to transform yourself with the magic of duplicating an object[99].
Same type as the wizard copy[99].
Chain Wizard Ring
Tie up the subject with a chain[145].
Same type as wizard bind[99].
Gravity Wizard Ring
Manipulate gravity[145].
Same type as Wizard's ring[100].
Special Wizard Ring
Activates special attack magic[145].
Same type as Wizard's ring[100].
Thunder Wizard Ring
Shoot lightning to attack[145].
Same type as Wizard's ring[100].
Cerberus Wizard Ring
Summon Black Cerberus and load it into its body to power it.[145].
Garuda Wizard Ring
Summon White Garuda and load it into its body to power it.[145].
  • Same type as Wizard's ring, but different in magic jewel color[145]..There was no shooting prop, and the wizard's ring was color-processed.[143].

White wizard appearing in works other than the TV series

White Wizard (Koyomi)
Koyomi transformed into a phantom auger.
MoreKamen Rider x Kamen Rider Armor & Wizard Sengoku MOVIE Great Battle #White Wizard (Koyomi)See.

Kamen Rider Mage

Mayu Inamori, Yuzuru Iijima, Masahiro Yamamoto with transformation beltMage Wizard RingKamen Rider transforms using[148]..When you hold the ring over the belt, a magic circle appears, and by overlapping with each person's body, the transformation is completed with the voice of "Change, now"[148].

Mayu was given a driver and a wizard ring by a white wizard to suppress the inner phantom in order to confront Medusa, who was born with her twin sister Misa as a gate.[148]..Yuzuru and Yamamoto each suppressed their own phantoms, but were manipulated by a white wizard to perform Sabbath's ritual.[148]..After the ambitions of the White Wizard were destroyed, all three began to fight to protect people on their own will.[148].

MASKSApprentice foodIs a gemstone[149]..Shoulder armorShield scaleA horn-shaped crystal for storing magical power extends from the left hand, and a large claw on the left hand.Scratch nailHas become[150]..Tail hanging from the waistDodge tailHas the ability to capture enemies behind it, and special magic makes it a stretchable whip.[150]..The color of the mask and crystal part corresponds to the magic jewel of the Mage Wizard ring used by each person, Mayu is yellow[150](Amber[151]), Yuzuru is blue and Yamamoto is green.There is no difference in ability due to the difference in color.[150].

  • The idea of ​​a large number of wizards appearing at the end of the TV series had existed since the beginning of the project, but it was difficult to find a budget to realize it.[152]..Therefore, it is said that the Utsunomiya producer was designing in consideration of transferring the characters produced for the movie version to the TV series.[152]..The concept is "Kamen Rider 555Is a mass-produced wizard, like the Rio Trooper.[88].
  • The completed form reached by the wizard is an all-dragon, while the mage is a "witch completed from the beginning".[89]..To reflect that setting, claws and tails that were not in the initial design were added later[89]..As a result, Mayu became a monster that does not seem to be transformed, because the transformant was not decided at the design stage.[152]..I saw Mayu's success in the TV seriesOsamu Abe"It is highly possible that the design would have been different if it had been known earlier."[88]I was disappointed that I was able to be more girlish.[89].
Mage belt
Same type as the white wizard driver, but details are unknown[150].
Wither Sword Gun
Same type as Wizard's, but with red hand author edges[153]..Since Mage does not change style, it seems that he will not attack with attributes like the wizard.[55].
In the play, I use only gun mode, but it is unclear whether I simply did not use sword mode or can not transform to sword mode.[55].

Kamen Rider Mage Wizard Ring

Since the mage is created by a white wizard, it uses the same ring as the white wizard's except for the transformation ring.[145].

Mage Wizard Ring
Used when transforming into Kamen Rider Mage[146]..While other magic ring is attached to the middle finger of the right hand, only this ring for transformation is attached to the middle finger of the left hand.[147].
The color of the magic jewel differs depending on the transformant, Mayu Inamori is yellow, Yuzuru Iijima is blue, and Masahiro Yamamoto is green.[146].
Driver on Wizard Ring
Used when activating the driver of the transformation belt[146].
Same type as Wizard's ring, but with red edging[146].
Holy Wizard Ring
Emit holy light and attack enemies[146].
Mayu was given by a white wizard to counter Medusa, and it has such a powerful power that it gives Medusa a deep hand.[146].
Connect Wizard Ring
Connect distant spaces and order goods[99].
Same type as Wizard's ring[99].
Chain Wizard Ring
Tie up the subject with a chain[145].
Same type as Wizard "Bind"[99].
Barrier Wizard Ring
Activate defensive magic[145].
Same type as Wizard's "Defend"[100].
Giant Wizard Ring
Make the object bigger[145].
Same type as Wizard's "Big".
Gravity Wizard Ring
Manipulate gravity[145].
Same type as Wizard's ring, used by Mayu's Mage[100].
Special Wizard Ring
Activates special attack magic[145].
Same type as Wizard's ring[100].
Blizzard Wizard Ring
Attack with cold air[145].
Same type as Wizard's ring, used by Yuzuru Mage[100].
Thunder Wizard Ring
Shoot lightning to attack[145].
Same type as Wizard's ring, used by Yamamoto's Mage[100].
Garuda Wizard Ring
Summon White Garuda and load it into its body to power it.[145].
Given to Mayu by the White Wizard[145].

Kamen Rider Mage appearing in works other than the TV series

In the "Magic Land" created by Kamen Rider Sorcerer, many residents, including Rinko Daimon, Shigeru Wajima, and Shunpei Nara, were able to transform into Kamen Rider Mage.
Also serve the Great MayaGuardsWas equipped with a cloak and was particularly capable.
MoreMovie version Kamen Rider Wizard in Magic Land # Kamen Rider MageSee.

Kamen Rider appearing in works other than the TV series

Kamen Rider Sorcerer
A Kamen Rider transformed by Minister Oma of the Magical Land.
MoreMovie version Kamen Rider Wizard in Magic Land # Kamen Rider SorcererSee.

Kamen Rider spec list

Since the Kamen Rider of this work uses the power of the ring on his finger to use magic, in principle he does not use punching techniques that may damage the ring.Therefore, the punching force cannot be measured, and the published value is estimated.

Kamen RiderStyleheightWeightPunch power
(Estimated value)
Kick powerJumping power
Running power
WizardFlame style198 cm90kg4.5t7.3t35m5 秒
Water style4.1t6.5t30m4.7 秒
Hurricane style3.7t6.1t40m4.2 秒
Land style4.9t8.7t28m5.9 秒
Flame dragon205 cm95kg6.7t10.9t35m5 秒
Water dragon5.7t8.4t30m4.7 秒
Hurricane dragon5t8.1t42m4.2 秒
Land dragon7.4t13t25m5.9 秒
All dragon115kg14.8t26t42m4.2 秒
Infinity style202 cm96kg8t11.3t32m5 秒
BeastBasic form198 cm94kg5.3t7.5t31m4.6 秒
Hyper208 cm99kg12t20.3t30m4.5 秒
White wizard208 cm85kg7.4t9.3t30m4.7 秒
Mage195 cm80kg2t3.2t12m7 秒

Plastic monster

Causative by a witchFamiliar..When summonedPlastic modelAppears in a magic circle mode like a runner, and activates by loading a ring after the parts are automatically combined.Since it is moving with the given magical power, it disappears leaving the ring when the magical power runs out.[154].

Plastic monsters can be combined by rearranging the parts of each part.[155]..In episode 11, Red Garuda, Yellow Kraken, and Blue Unicorn merged to confront Gargoyle.[155]..Also, in episode 37, Green Griffon and in episode 45, Violet Golem are added to the union.[155].

Red Garuda
Owned by the wizardGaruda Wizard RingSummoned usingGarudaPlastic monster that imitates[154]..In addition to the wizard, he also acted under the direction of Koyomi and Rinko Daimon.[154]..It is nicknamed "Gull-chan" by Koyomi.
He often took on reconnaissance missions, taking advantage of his high mobility.[154]..With a tough leg maximum foot, you can also carry other non-flying plastic monsters[155].
Blue unicorn
Owned by the wizardUnicorn Wizard RingSummoned usingunicornPlastic monster that imitates[156].
In addition to running with excellent leg strength, it is also possible to dig the ground using the corner monoke road of the head[156]..I've even carried Haruto, who has become smaller due to the magic of small things, on his back.[157].
Yellow kraken
Owned by the wizardKraken Wizard RingSummoned usingKrakenPlastic monster that imitates[158].
The only familiar that can be active in the water, and can also move in the air[159]..Also, in episode 12, it moves at high speed on land by sticking to the car, and it can be said that the wide range of action is the biggest feature.[159].
Violet golem
Owned by the wizardGolem Wizard RingSummoned usingGolemPlastic monster that imitates[160]..Born with a new ring made by Wajima Shigeru in episode 26[161].
He is very shy and not suitable for searching for phantoms, but his hands are dexterous and he is an assistant to Wajima.[161]..Wizard ring box[161]Assisted the fight behind the scenes by creating elaborate replicas of the Beast Driver[160].
It seems that he gained confidence by accumulating such achievements, and later he went to search for phantoms.[161].
Green griffon
Beast possessesGriffon Wizard RingSummoned usingGriffonPlastic monster that imitates[162].
Used to search for phantoms for Nito to gain magical power[162]..It can be said that it is a companion for Nito who will die if he does not eat the magical power of the phantom, and it is nicknamed "Griffon-chan".[162].
In the 18th episode, he attacked the strong enemy Medusa and was dismissed, but he showed a brave attitude to protect the main Nito.[163].
Black cerberus
Possessed by a white wizardCerberus Wizard RingSummoned usingCerberusPlastic monster that imitates[164].
In addition to boasting the fastest leg strength of plastic monsters, he has high intelligence and played a part in the plot of the White Wizard / Wiseman by toying with Haruto and others.[165]..In the 14th episode, which first appeared, Koyomi was led to Wiseman's hideout to find the blue magic jewel.[165]..In episode 39, Haruto takes the Eclipse Wizard Ring from his hand.[165]..It also appears in episode 44, inviting Haruto's upset during the battle.[165].
It has a number of weapons such as the Tiffon Hooker with sharp claws on its front legs and the Hammerball Ekdanaster on its tail.[165], There was no scene to actually utilize its high fighting power, and it was my mission to contact Haruto and Koyomi exclusively.[164].
White Garuda
A plastic monster that imitates Garuda, summoned using the Garuda Wizard Ring possessed by the White Wizard.[166]..Became a familiar of Mayu who later became a mage[145].
There is no difference in performance due to the different colors of Red Garuda.[167]..However, the personality seemed to be different, probably due to the difference in the summoners.[167].
In episode 8, I visited Omokagedo and delivered a red magic jewel.[167]..At that time, avoid all the actions from the people of Omokagedo who tried to capture it, and on the contrary, let Red Garuda be caught, and at the end, after showing a gesture that makes fun of Shunpei, properly open the entrance door with your feet. I left while closing[167].
List of plastic monster specs
Plastic monsterOwnerLengthWidthHeightweightTop speed
Red GarudaMasked Rider Wizard104 mm145 mm121 mm212gApproximately 14km / h (flying)
Blue unicornMasked Rider Wizard173 mm64 mm167 mm263gApproximately 30km / h (running)
Yellow krakenMasked Rider Wizard130 mm140 mm110 mm220gApproximately 2km / h (on land)
Approximately 10km / h (underwater)
Violet golemMasked Rider Wizard128 mm120 mm101 mm260gApproximately 6km / h (walking)
Green griffonKamen Rider Beast164 mm175 mm100 mm230gApproximately 25km / h (flying)
Approximately 12km / h (walking)
Black cerberusWhite wizard125 mm85 mm60 mm200gApproximately 45km / h (running)
White GarudaWhite wizard104 mm145 mm121 mm212gApproximately 14km / h (flying)


The enemy monster in this work. It arises from a gate that died from "despair."It can be mimicked by the gate that created it, and although it has memories of its life, it has a different personality.[Annotation 27]..You can eat and drink, but you have no taste.

The organization is led by Wiseman, and they are trying to increase the number of new phantoms by "despairing" the human beings who will be the gates.However, since phantoms are basically individualists, those who have a sense of companionship towards phantoms of the same family and loyalty to Wiseman such as Medusa are exceptional, and most of them are stronger than themselves. I just follow.It is Wiseman's command to aim at the gate, and Phantom himself is not obsessed with increasing the number of friends.

Under the supervision of the executive masses, the range of action is limited to Tokyo, so if the gate escapes outside Tokyo, it will not be attacked until it returns to Tokyo.Killing the gate to death without destiny (without creating an inner phantom) is considered a taboo that they must avoid, and irregular phantoms that deliberately take such actions become the target of purge. Destiny.

Most of the phantoms that exist in this world are humanoid, but the phantoms that appear only in the underworld of the gate are generally in the form of giant monsters.[Annotation 28].

The name of the phantom is basically the same as the monsters that leave their names in folklore, but in folklore it does not necessarily inherit its characteristics, as in the case where women Valkyrie and Arachne appear as men. is not it.It was hostile to wizards and beasts, but it turned out that it was danced by Wiseman, Fueki, at the end of the game.

  • The origin of the name is not a phantom meaning evil spirit, but "Phantom limb painFrom (Phantom Pain)[168].
  • Although each name is diverted from mythology, it does not match the image of the name, it is a free idea, and it is a design that is simple and can move as it is like an early shocker monster according to this work that emphasizes splendid action. Has become[21]..As a common part, an emblem designed like a beak holding a jewel is attached to the head, chest, abdomen, etc.[21].
  • The design motifs of Wiseman and the executive monster areFour gods[20][21]..As a common element, both shouldersShocker PhantomIt has a beak-shaped armor like a belt[20][21].
An artificial phantom created by science to make Fueki a witchCarbuncleThe figure that embedded[169].
Its appearance is sharp and life-sized based on white, and by pretending to be a phantom, Fueki was manipulating the phantom side.
Attack with a sword that changes the left arm, generate magic jewels from the purple core of the chest, re-establish the broken barrier by absorbing and using the magical power of Infinity style, and at the same time force the wizard to untransform. Although it shows abilities, it basically transforms into a white witch during battle, and this figure changes only when acting as a Wiseman in front of Phantoms and when creating magic jewels.
The goal is to reopen "Sabbath"[6][170][171], It is moving the masses, proclaiming that it is to cover the same magical power as during a solar eclipse by increasing the number of phantoms.When Yugo is overwhelmed with anger, he takes a generous response, such as giving him a strategy that utilizes his temperament and allowing him to sortie, but he tries to execute Sora, who has released the dangerous phantom Legion without permission. There is no mercy on the disturbers, such as disposing of the mass that has become obsolete with the prospect of having all the wizards.
  • The design motif isWhite tigerSo, the image of the white tiger is hidden in the white whole body and the black pattern[20][21]..The body has an image of the wizard's head[20][21]..The jewel in the center of the chestamethystThe romaji "MAIHARA" of Maihara, who was the director of the appearance, is broken down and put in various parts of the back.[20][21].
One of the phantoms born in Sabbath.Beautiful girl with black hair.The original gate is Mayu Inamori's twin sisterMisa Inamori(Inamori Misa.
He has a soft demeanor but a ruthless personality.It is responsible for monitoring and commanding other phantoms, but occasionally goes to the front lines after fighting the wizard for the first time.In the human state, it generates a shock wave and uses it to intimidate the other party.
Creating a phantom is called "Wiseman's will" and is faithful to Wiseman.[5][6][172], Prioritizes despairing the gate over killing the wizard. I don't like to do harm to humans unnecessarily because "the number of gates is reduced"[Annotation 29]Although he regards the rough Yugo as a problem, he has a certain sense of companionship and has a certain relationship of trust.On the other hand, he hates Sora because of his attitude, and complains that he has been in a higher position in negotiations with Wiseman.
It is said that it has been used up because it is expected that four wizards will be gathered, and the place where Mayu was completely wounded by the transformed Mage's Holy Wizard Ring is stopped by Wiseman who hated to defeat the secured wizard. He was stabbed, and when he learned that he was a white wizard, he disappeared as dust, lamenting that he had been disguised.
Mass Phantom[172][173].
It was the only phantom capable of seeing through the gate, and was heavily used as a necessary presence in Wiseman's planning.
It is possible to freely manipulate the innumerable snakes that extend from the head and absorb the magical power of the opponent.At this time, it is also possible to petrify the opponent who blocked the movement.The main armament isArrogantIn addition to being a weapon in close combat, it is also possible to generate a shock wave in the shape of a large snake by concentrating long-range bullets and magical power from the tip of the wand.It is more than equal to the wizard strengthening style, and although it is not a special move, it boasts a high fighting ability such as parrying that move.
  • Design motifXuanwu[20][21]..The whole body is a snake motif, but turtle elements such as a hexagonal head are included.[20]..The black part around the turtle shell on the head is arranged like goggles[20][21]..The waist is treated like a skirt[20][21]..Scale textures are included in various places in the design drawing, but they are omitted in the actual suit.[21].
One of the phantoms born in Sabbath.
A young man with stubble and flashy clothes[5][6][170]..The original gate was working at a flower shopYugo Fujita(Yugo FujitaHe was a gentle person who loved flowers.
He usually speaks well and has high tension, and behaves frivolously, but when he becomes emotional, he shows a violent nature.He behaves like a tall man to his subordinates, but he can't stand up to Mass.
Misa said that her straightforward and violent personality was a problem, and she wasn't put on the front line for a long time, but she got permission from Wiseman to get rid of her anger. I will go.
Although he overwhelmed the wizard in the first match, he was defeated by the wizard flame dragon who gained the power of the dragon, and since then he has been enthusiastic about him.[Annotation 30], I couldn't get forgiveness from Wiseman.However, when he received the words of Rinko who had an exchange with him, he decided to "do what he wanted to do" and took Rinko as a hostage to overthrow the wizard and overwhelmed the strengthening style wizard.However, because Rinko was rescued by the invasion of Beast, he carried out sabotage in the city and applied for a duel again with the wizard.
Then, in the final battle with the wizard, he overwhelms the body of the strengthened style generated by the once defeated Flame Dragon Drago Timer at the same time, but it is the opposite while fighting an aerial battle that is equal to or better than the newly transformed All Dragon. At the end, he was overwhelmed by the all-dragon strike dragon and was kicked to the sun, and while being burned by the heat of the sun, he continued to die and regenerate forever.
Yugo's monster, with a smart appearance based on red[170][174].
Large swordcatastropheAttack by,Hell fireAssault with a magical flame called.It overwhelms all four basic forms of the wizard and boasts a fighting ability that even erases special moves.
It has the power to repeat death and regeneration, and can be revived even if it is defeated, but the magical power is greatly reduced immediately after the revival.However, when the magical power is completely restored, the fighting ability increases and the previously received attack becomes ineffective.Furthermore, each time it is revived, the time required for playback will be shortened.As a result, it was finally strengthened to the extent that it was overwhelming even against all the strengthening styles that were separated by the Dragon Timer.Furthermore, it became possible to fly and attack with wings wearing magical flames generated on the back.
"Super Hero Wars GP Kamen Rider 3] Appeared as a Shocker monster.
  • Design motifSuzaku[20][21]..The beaks on both shoulders are shocker eagle marks[20]..The image of bird feathers and the body color reminiscent of flames have not changed since the first draft.[21].
One of the phantoms born in Sabbath, a heretical existence among the phantoms[5].
A young man dressed roughly.The original gate is a beautician'sTakigawa sky(Takigawa Sora.
He always smiles like a boy and has a funny personality, such as calling out to others as "hello".On the other hand, he is very smart, and the wizards have the aspect of being a cunning tactician who is willing to overtake other phantoms, and in addition to his activities as a phantom, he throws green and yellow magic jewels to the human side. , Act alone based on your own thoughts.Due to his unfamiliar behavior, he is completely untrustworthy and heretical by other phantoms such as Misa Yugo, but Sora himself despises the other phantoms.
The reason is that Sora was awakened while maintaining the personality of Takigawa Sora, the gate, and is an unprecedented phantom (as far as he investigated).Therefore, by emphasizing that he is not a phantom "Gremlin" but a human "Sora", or calling himself by the name of a gate based on another phantom, he acts with the idea of ​​a human rather than a phantom. He does not accept the fact that he has transformed into a phantom.
In fact, before being heretical as a phantom, he was also extremely heretical as the original gate, and when he found a woman with the condition of "white clothes and long black hair" from the "Takigawa Sora" era before Sabbath, he was urged to murder. Has killed and killed dozens of womenPsycho killer[Annotation 31]Met.
Even after becoming a phantom, his instinct as "Takigawa Sora" remained unchanged, and he faced the dilemma of being a heretic being unacceptable to both humans and phantoms.As a result, he dreamed of becoming a human being as his ultimate goal, and as a result of trial and error based on that desire, he developed his own actions.In addition, I feel sympathy for the witch who is "not a human being or a phantom" like myself, and I invited Haruto to his conflict by expressing his identity and feelings. When Haruto learned of the bizarre nature of "Takigawa Sora," he denied his identity as "not a human being," and declared war on each other.
I can't agree with Wiseman trying to increase the number of phantoms[Annotation 32]I was skeptical, saying that I wanted to know his thoughts.However, thinking that he could become a human being with the philosopher's stone that Wiseman possesses, he started contact by buying a support role for Mass instead of him after the defeat of Phoenix.By releasing the phantom legion who was imprisoned because it was too ferocious, he invited Wiseman himself, succeeded in negotiations while being executed, and was entrusted with the mission of the phantom to "despair the gate".[6].
However, skepticism about Wiseman could not be abandoned, and after conducting an internal reconnaissance between the gate attacks, he discovered Wiseman's identity and purpose and declared a break with Phantom to Mass.After returning to acting alone again, he has a strong attachment to Koyomi, who has a philosopher's stone in his body, and plans to aim and kidnap her, but at last Fueki, who had overlooked his selfish behavior so far. (Wiseman) got angry, he was completely overwhelmed by him who transformed into a white witch, and escaped in a state of full-blown wounds, but Koyomi was enshrined in the magic circle, so it is almost impossible to touch. I fall into a difficult situation.Therefore, he aims to secure wizards as a hostage to exchange for the philosopher's stone, talks about Sabbath, and urges Nito.Then, he kills Fueki with Hamel Kane, which he stole during the battle with the White Wizard, and succeeds in obtaining the Philosopher's Stone from Koyomi.
Eventually, he takes in the philosopher's stone and becomes an evolved body, attacking people indiscriminately in order to collect magical power to become a human being, but the wizard robs the philosopher's stone and is defeated by the enhanced strike wizard.He ironically protests to Haruto that he has been deprived of hope, but his identity is denied again and disappears, saying, "You are the one who lost the heart of the person?"
Sora's Phantom Voice.
RuptureUsing two swords called[175], Play with the opponent with agile movements.Rupture also has a function to be used like a pair of scissors.Boasts a fighting ability enough to take the Wizard Beast.It also shows the ability to slip through concrete walls, and demonstrates its true value in surprise attacks and sudden hits in complicated terrain with many places to hide.
"Heisei Rider vs. Showa Rider Kamen Rider War feat. Super Sentai], Appeared as a monster of the underground empire Badan.
  • Design motifBlue dragon[20][21]..Since blue is also a word that refers to green, the whole body is made into an iridescent image.[20][21]..I tried to give a glossy feeling by coloring the silver base with a clear color, but it was not realized due to various circumstances.[20][21]..The beak on the shoulder is arranged like a dragon[20][21]..Since Sora was a beautician, the rupture can now be used like scissors by combining the two.[20].
Gremlin evolution
The evolution of Gremlin, which incorporates the philosopher's stone.
The whole body has a thorn-like design, and the head is more terrifying, giving it a more ferocious look than usual.
Armed with magic bullets released from the hands, shock waves emitted from the chest, and Hamel Kane stolen from the whistle tree, the body, magic power, and fighting ability are greatly strengthened by incorporating the philosopher's stone, and the three mages are wiped out, usually. On the contrary, he overwhelmed the Wizard Infinity style, which was sometimes out of hand and legs, and showed his terrifying ability to force him to release his transformation for the first time.However, the philosopher's stone is stolen by the wizard and returned to its original state.
  • The suit is a new model, strengthening the image of a dragon[20][21].."Sora" is put on the shoulder blades on the back[20][21].
Combatant existence created from pieces of magic stone[172]..Boasts power that humans cannot compete with, but has low thinking ability[6][176].
  • The design image isMud doll[20][21]..The orange part is an image of lava-like blood flowing, and puts a living element in the mud doll.[20][21]..It has a corner as a symbolic one[21]..The suit is made of urethane on tights for ease of movement.[20][21].

the term

Magic and magic
The power used by wizards, and magical power is the power source required for that purpose.Its existence is also known to Phantom.Some of the magic can be used without transforming, and it can be used very much, such as taking out what you need each time with "Connect", or sprinkling ordinary people who do not know the circumstances of the phantom with "Small" and "Sleep". There are many.Haruto's physical strength is consumed in conjunction with the decrease in magical power, and it also affects the operating time of plastic monsters that are moving with magical power, but as the story progresses, Haruhito's magical power also grows, resulting in "special" and "thunder" Rings that were previously used in reinforced styles such as "Gravity" can now be used in pre-transformation and normal styles.
Since magical power is indispensable for connecting Koyomi's life, Haruto regularly shares it with "please".The magical power recovers by taking enough rest, but since it is halved immediately after giving the magical power to Koyomi, there is a weakness that "out of magical power" is likely to occur if it becomes a battle without taking a rest. ..
Since Nito is integrated with Beast Chimera, it is necessary to ingest the magical power of the phantom separately from eating and drinking as a human being.
A human with powerful magical power that is considered to be the energy of the phantom.
A new phantom is born in the underworld of the gate by being mentally damaged by another born phantom and "despairing".
When the phantom enters this world, the body of the gate gradually cracks, and eventually it disappears like shattering and the gate himself dies.However, even if the gate falls into despair (cracking), you can avoid the disappearance (death) of the gate by destroying a new giant phantom that is about to be born in this world before the body shatters in the underworld.When the phantom in the spirit disappears, the magical power of the gate also disappears, so there is no fear of being targeted again.
Individual details#Kamen RiderSee.It is a gate that succeeded in suppressing the phantom (despair) born in his own underworld by himself, and refers to the "Kamen Rider" in this work.However, those who have become artificial wizards, such as the "Old Wizard (Beast)" who accidentally fused with Chimera at the ruins, and the "White Wizard (Fueki)" who has a self-made artificial phantom (Carbunclo) in his body. There are also.It is possible to use magic by using a phantom that was originally supposed to be born as a source of magical power, but as in the case of Wizard Ragon aiming at the body of Haruto and Haruto, he became a witch. The threat of the phantom does not disappear, and the risk remains the same for the rest of your life.In addition, Fueki tells Mayu that if five wizards including himself (except for archetype beasts) can annihilate the phantom, it is actually just a kyogen to raise Sabbath, which is the ultimate purpose of Fueki. There wasn't.
Half a year agoeclipseA ritual in which a large number of phantoms were created, which was held by abducting a large number of gates including Haruto to some beach on that day.According to the White Wizard, only Haruto and Koyomi survived the phantom without awakening, and this ritual gave birth to the Minotaur Valkyrie Lizardman Phoenix Medusa Gremlin.[Annotation 33]In addition, Wizard Dragon stayed in Haruto's Underworld.The whereabouts of other phantoms are unknown.
According to Sora, the phantoms were trying to increase the number of phantoms by despairing the gate under the name of Wiseman, in order to replace the magical power gained by the solar eclipse with a large amount of phantoms and reopen Sabbath. It was Wiseman's true identity, Fueki's Kyogen, which really encouraged Gate's despair in order to efficiently gather Gate-Wizards who overcame "despair" in the process of creating the phantom.
Wiseman followed the phantoms with the mission of opening Sabbath to increase the number of phantoms, but in reality the birth of the phantom was only a by-product of Sabbath, and the true purpose of Sabbath was to pour a large amount of magical power into the philosopher's stone. The last Sabato was also caused by Wiseman = White Wizard = Fueki.When caught in Sabbath, the special tone emitted by blowing Hamel Kane forces all humans affected by it to despair, and the gate releases magical power from the body, creating a phantom and dying. However, even humans without magical power will die.However, only the archetype Beast = Nito is not affected at all.
Made by WajimaEclipse Wizard RingReopened by Fueki, who caused a solar eclipse by, Sabbath spreads the magic circle of Sabbath throughout Tokyo by using four wizards with much higher magical power than the phantom as human pillars, and even more magical power than last time. Except for the witch who became a pillar to collect[177]It was a magnificent event that all humans in Tokyo would die, but Beast Chimera, who was released from the Beast Driver by the plan of Beast = Jin Rattan's abandonment that was not affected by Sabbath, magically magically generated the magical power generated by Sabbath. It ends in failure because the whole team has been eaten up.After that, Fueki himself planned a "third Sabbath", but it ended in an attempt when he was killed by Gremlin.
Magic Jewel(Gemstone
A general term for stones with magical power.
philosopher's Stone
A special magic jewel with enormous magical power that is said to "swallow everything in the world."According to Fueki, there is only one item contained in Koyomi that Sora is looking for to return to humans.Attracts powerful magic such as reversing life and death.After embedding it in the body of a dead human like Koyomi (calendar), it is possible to revive the dead by injecting enormous magical power.However, those who have been imperfectly revived have no blood in their bodies, and in order to maintain their bodies, they need to be regularly supplied with magical power from others (Haruto gives Koyomi a please wizard). This is why it was necessary to supply magical power with the ring).The magical power required to draw out the power is immeasurable, Fueki gathers the magical power from the gate to the stone with Sabbath and aims to revive Koyomi, Sora fuses with himself and attacks humans indiscriminately and attacks the enormous magical power. I tried to get it.At the time of the final battle with Gremlin, it was transformed into a Hope Wizard Ring by the reclaimed Wizard, and it was sealed somewhere by Haruto according to Koyomi's will that "I do not want someone to be unhappy with the power of stones". Become.
Wajima has a record in folklore, citing the medieval folklore that "everything was turned into gold."
The spiritual world of the gate.The background recreates the most memorable mental landscape that Gate has experienced in the past.
A new phantom is born in this world, destroying the underworld and trying to enter this world.The phantom at that time has a different form as described above.
Wizards and beasts can wear an Engage Wizard ring on a gate's finger and use the power of that ring to enter the underworld of that gate, allowing the phantom born in the underworld to be defeated before it reaches the world. , It is possible to prevent the death of the gate.After defeating the Phantom, he called the Engage Wizard Ring "Hope" and handed it over to the person who was the gate.
National Security Bureau Section 0(Is it zero?
A secret department for phantoms established by the Metropolitan Police Department.Known as "National Security Division 0(Is it zero?".We are aware of the existence of wizards and phantoms that are not yet known to the world, and continue to monitor them in secret.
The activity itself is treated as a top secret, and Kizaki says that if an outsider snoops, the obstruction of public affairs execution can be applied.Even a big incident where a phantom appears during a live TV broadcast has tremendous authority to manipulate the media and rub it out.
The world in the magic jewel
The world that exists in the magic jewel that Haruto, who was on a journey to enshrine the Hope Wizard Ring, got lost.Haruto says that "time and space are messed up", as the Omokagedo is built in the grassland and sometimes teleports to a distant place within a short distance.
Residents also have similar people from Omokagedo and Hanguri, but their age and personality are different from the reality.[Annotation 34].
The true identity of this world is the realization of the unskilled monsters who have been buried by successive Heisei riders from Kuuga to Fourze.Residents live as ordinary people, but at some point they transform into monsters (Grongi, Unknown, Mirror Monster, Orphenok, Undead, Demon Crab, Worm, Imagine, Fangaia, Dopant, Yummy, Zodiats). It will be possible.However, not all the inhabitants do so, and some, such as Omokagedo and Hanguri, live without becoming monsters.
According to Adam, the monster who governs this world, it is possible to destroy this world by using the rider ring, and the inhabitants can escape to the outside world and escape from the "destiny of becoming a monster", but at the same time countless The monsters are also released to the outside world.
Rider ring
A wizard ring that imitates the heads of 13 successive Heisei riders from Kuuga to Fourze.Riders can be summoned by using them by wizards, but they do not have the power to submit the summoned riders.
It disappeared after Adam was defeated by the wizards.



Voice appearance


Suit actor

I was in charge of No. 2 rider until the previous workEitokuIs not in charge of regulars in this work due to an injury at another site[180].

ス タ ッ フ

Unlike in the past, many of the main staff are "Super squadron seriesIs occupied by regulars of the work[Annotation 41].

"Samurai Sentai Shinkenger"Pirate Sentai GokaigerTakaaki Utsunomiya is in charge of the first Toei side chief producer of the rider's work.The main writer is "Kamen Rider HibikiSince then, Tsuyoshi Kida has been in charge, but due to the schedule of Kida, the number of participants was limited, soKamen Rider seriesIt became a real double main system with Junko Komura who will participate for the first time in[201]..In addition, episodes 52 and 53 are "Kamen Rider Decade』Since then, Noboru Aikawa was in charge.

As a pilot director, he was active in the squadron series as well as Utsunomiya,Kamen Rider Kiba], Shojiro Nakazawa, who has experience in directing rider works, pitched.Nakazawa's recommendation for the action director has been "Super squadron seriesHirofumi Ishigaki, who has been dedicated to[200], Heisei was once the designer in charge of PhantomUltraman seriesHiroshi Maruyama, who has been active mainly in his works, was invited by Ishimori Productions Hideki Tajima.[20]I'm joining.For music accompanying the play, see "Kamen Rider Decade』Since then, participation alone is"Kamen Rider OOOKotaro Nakagawa has been in charge since then. TV Asahi producer Kengo Motoi, who has been in charge of Kamen Rider's work from the 28th episode of "Decade", dropped out in the 44th episode of this work due to personnel changes.After that, Motoi Sasaki said, "Zyuden Sentai KyoryugerI am also in charge of it.


Theme song "Life is SHOW TIME'
Lyrics- Seiko Fujibayashi / Composition / Arrangement- tatsuo / song - Sho Kiryuin from Golden Bomber
In the first episode, the OP video did not flow, but was played in the sequence during the play.
Episode 51-In Episode 53, the title logo was displayed but the OP did not flow, and in Episode 51, the credit was ED and the theme song arrangement BGM was played in the background.In episode 53, the credit was ED and BGM was backed.
Insert song
ED as an insert song of this workKamen Rider GIRLS,RIDER CHIPSWas in charge of each of the two groups.
"Last Engage" (Episode 4 and 10)
Lyrics-Seiko Fujibayashi / Composition / Arrangement- Ryo / Song-Kamen Rider GIRLS
Wizard flame style theme song[202]
"Mystic Liquid" (Episode 3, 4, 15)
Lyrics --Seiko Fujibayashi / Composition / Arrangement --Ryo / Song --Kamen Rider GIRLS
Wizard water style theme song[202][Annotation 44].
The instrumental version was used in episode 3.
"Blessed wind" (Episode 5 and 13)
Lyrics-Seiko Fujibayashi / Composition / Arrangement- Nomura Yoshio / Song --RIDER CHIPS
Wizard hurricane style theme song[202][Annotation 44].
"Strength of the earth" (Episode 6, 7, 10, 17)
Lyrics --Seiko Fujibayashi / Composition / Arrangement --Yoshio Nomura / Song --RIDER CHIPS
Wizard land style theme song[202].
The instrumental version was used in episodes 10 and 17.
"Just The Beginning" (Episode 9 and 12)
Lyrics-Seiko Fujibayashi / Composition / Arrangement- AYANO / Song-Kamen Rider GIRLS
Wizard Flame Dragon theme song[203][Annotation 45].
"BEASTBITE" (Episode 17, 18, 19, 34)
Lyrics --Seiko Fujibayashi / Composition --Yoshio Nomura / Song / Arrangement --RIDER CHIPS
Beast theme song.
The instrumental version was used in episode 18.
"Alternation" (Episode 26)
Lyrics-Seiko Fujibayashi / Composition / Arrangement- Naruse Shuhei / Song-Kamen Rider GIRLS
Wizard All Dragon Theme Song[204].
It was produced as an all-dragon theme song, but was not used in the all-dragon appearance scene, and was used only during the dragon formation in episode 26.
"Missing Piece" (Episode 31, 32, 37, 39, 45)
Lyrics --Seiko Fujibayashi / Composition / Arrangement --Ryo / Song --Kamen Rider GIRLS
Wizard Infinity style theme song.

Broadcast schedule

  • Basically, like the conventional series work, the pre- and post-part format is adopted, but only the first, 2th, and 1th episodes are produced as a single story with one episode completed.
  • The main story is divided into episodes 51, and the following episodes 52 and 53 are positioned as special editions centered on successive Heisei riders.
AirdateBroadcast timessubtitleAppearance phantomscriptAction directordirected by
20120902 Day1Ring WizardKida TsuyoshiHirofumi IshigakiShojiro Nakazawa
909 Day2I want to be a witchJunko Komura
Kida Tsuyoshi
May 93Makeover! Live broadcast
May 94Dolls and pianistsKida TsuyoshiMorota Satoshi
May 95Decisive battle competition
1007 Day6For beautiful flowersJunko KomuraKenzo Maihara
May 107To buy memories
May 108A new magic jewel
  • Phoenix / Yugo
Shojiro Nakazawa
May 109Cry of the dragon
[Annotation 47]May 1110National Security Bureau Section 0Kida TsuyoshiMorota Satoshi
May 1111Promise to keep
May 1112Japanese sweets of hopeJunko KomuraRyuta Tasaki
1202 Day13Those who inherit dreams
1209 Day14The movie director who came backKenzo Maihara
May 1215After the last scene
May 1216Christmas miracleKida TsuyoshiShojiro Nakazawa
20130106 Day
[Annotation 48]
17Another witch
May 118Magical power is a mealMorota Satoshi
May 119Today's life, tomorrow's life
May 120The truth approachingJunko KomuraHidenori Ishida
203 Day21Ranbu of dragons
May 222Phoenix runaway
  • Phoenix / Yugo
Kida TsuyoshiShojiro Nakazawa
May 223Decisive battle
May 224Wizard grandmother
  • War Tiger/ Ikawa (act, voice-Kingoro Torashima)
Junko KomuraKenzo Maihara
303 Day25Choice of life
May 326School infiltration
  • Medusa / Mass
Kida TsuyoshiMorota Satoshi
May 327Sister and sister
May 328Stolen belt
  • Spriggan/ Security guard (act, voice-Kenji Kotton)
Junko KomuraShojiro Nakazawa
May 329Evolving beast
407 Day30The day when the magic disappearsKida TsuyoshiTakayuki Shibasaki
May 431
May 432Dangerous part-time jobDaisuke IshibashiHidenori Ishida
May 433Things you can't buy with money
505 Day34Behind the popular modelKida TsuyoshiKenzo Maihara
May 535The other side of the sky
May 536Myna talks
  • Lahm/ Kaga (Performance-Mr. Watanabe, Voice-Ibuki Anai)
Daisuke IshibashiMorota Satoshi
May 537Despair, wanted
602 Day38Hope robbedKida TsuyoshiHidenori Ishida
609 Day39Forgotten pitch
[Annotation 50]May 640I want to ride a bicycleJunko KomuraKenzo Maihara
May 641The witch is fate
707 Day42Ring novelistKida TsuyoshiMorota Satoshi
May 743White Wizard's Secret
May 744My son's keepsakeJunko KomuraHidenori Ishida
May 745Smile on my chest
804 Day46Cracked thoughtsKenzo Maihara
[Annotation 51]May 847The truth of Wiseman
[Annotation 52]May 848philosopher's Stone
  • White Wizard / Kanade Fueki (Wiseman)
Kida TsuyoshiMorota Satoshi
[Annotation 53]901 Day49The dawn of Sabat
908 Day50The important thing isShojiro Nakazawa
May 951the last hope
  • Gremlin / Sora
    • Gremlin evolution
May 952Kamen Rider RingNoboru AikawaGo MiyazakiHidenori Ishida
May 953A never-ending story

Other media development

Other TV series

"Kamen Rider Fourze"
Haruto Sohma at the ending of Episode 48 (final episode)[Annotation 54]Appeared.
"Kamen Rider Geo"
Kamen Rider Wizard appears in the world of 2068 as one of the statues of successive Heisei Kamen Riders.
Shosuke Nito / Kamen Rider Beast appears in EP07 / 08[206]..In addition, Haruto Sohma / Kamen Rider Wizard and Phoenix appear in EP08 only in one scene[Annotation 55].. Ghoul appears in EP48 ・ LAST (final episode), and Kamen Rider Wizard Infinity Style appears in LAST.


"Kamen Rider Fourze THE MOVIE Minato Universe Kita!"
Published August 2012, 8. A solo work of "Kamen Rider Fourze".Kamen Rider Wizard appears in advance.
"Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Wizard & Forze MOVIE War Ultimate"
Published December 2012, 12.A crossover work between this work and "Kamen Rider Fourze".
The video of the same work is used in the OP from episodes 12 to 18 of the TV series (during the main broadcast), which is the release time.
Superhero wars series
BothKamen Rider seriesSuper squadron seriesCrossover work.
"Kamen Rider x Super Sentai x Space Detective Super Hero Wars Z"
Published April 2013, 4.With the previous 27 seriesMetal hero seriesCrossover work.
The video of the same work is used in the OP from episodes 31 to 36 of the TV series (during the main broadcast), which is the release time.
"Heisei Rider vs. Showa Rider Kamen Rider War feat. Super Sentai"
Published March 2014, 3.Haruto Sohma / Kamen Rider Wizard is here.
"Super Hero Wars GP Kamen Rider 3"
Published March 2015, 3.Kamen Rider Wizard is here.
"Kamen Rider x Super Sentai Super Super Hero Wars"
Published March 2017, 3.Kamen Rider Wizard is now available in water style.
"Movie version Kamen Rider Wizard in Magic Land"
Published August 2013, 8.A single work of this work.
The video of the same work is used in the OP from episodes 44 to 49 of the TV series (during the main broadcast), which is the release time.
"Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Armor & Wizard Sengoku MOVIE Great Battle"
Published December 2013, 12. "Kamen Rider Gaim/Gaim] And the crossover work of this work.
"Kamen Rider Heisei Generations Dr. Pac-Man vs. Ex-Aid & Ghost with Legend Rider"
Published December 2016, 12. "Kamen Rider Ex-Aid"When"Kamen Rider Ghost』Crossover work.Haruto Sohma / Kamen Rider Wizard is here.
"Movie version Kamen Rider Build Be The One"
2018May 8Release. 『Kamen Rider Build』Independent work.In the epilogue, Wizard Flame Style, Gremlin Evolved Body appears.
"Heisei Kamen Rider 20th Anniversary Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FOREVER"
2018May 12Release. A crossover work focusing on "Kamen Rider Zio" and "Kamen Rider Build".Kamen Rider Wizard, Ghoul is here.
"Movie version Kamen Rider Zio Over Quartzer"
2019May 7Release. A solo work of "Kamen Rider Zio".Kamen Rider Wizard is here.
"Kamen Rider Reiwa The First Generation"
2019May 12Release. "Kamen Rider Zio" and "Kamen Rider Zero One] Is the main crossover work.Kamen Rider Wizard is here.


"All Kamen Rider Rider Generation 2"
Released on July 2012, 8,Nintendo DS(Nintendo 3DSCorrespondence) andPlayStation PortableDedicated software.
Prior to TV broadcasting, it was made into a game for the first time as a hidden element.You can use Kamen Rider Wizard by entering the password in the sticker book (with 2 cards) distributed at the time of movie release (common to DS and PSP).Like Kamen Rider Fourze that appeared in the previous work, there is no wizard's voice and no special move.
Selling agency:BANDAI NAMCO Games(Bandai label)
"Kamen Rider Super Climax Heroes"
Released on July 2012, 11,WiiAnd PlayStation Portable dedicated software.
The fifth in the "Climax Heroes" series.A wizard appears as the main player character.In this work, "Free Run" is introduced as a new element in the battle system.
Selling agency:BANDAI NAMCO Games(Bandai label)
"Kamen Rider Wizard x Bike Rider"
Delivered December 2012, 12,Google PlayandAppStoreA game app for smartphones delivered by.
Side-scrolling one-button action game "Bike Rider] Collaboration app.
This is the second installment following "Kamen Rider Fourze x Bike Rider" delivered the previous year.
The game is to keep running while jumping on a stage with irregularities and holes, and you can transform into four styles by acquiring the ring that appears in the middle.
Selling agency:Spicysoft
feature phoneThe Flash game with the same title is being distributed simultaneously on the mobile 3 carrier official website app ★ Get DX, Bike Rider ZERO, Toei MOBILE, and TV Asahi Complete.
"Kamen Rider Battride War"
PS3Dedicated software. Released on May 2013, 5.
Heisei Kamen Rider who appeared from Kuuga to Wizard and the monster of each work will appear.

promotion video

Kiryuin Sho from Golden Bomber "Life is SHOW TIME"
A wizard confronts a ghoul attacking Sho Kiryuin.Wizards magically change the costumes of Kiryuin and summon a corps of fighter helpers.
Demon His Excellency"FOREST OF ROCKS"
"Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Wizard & Forze MOVIE War Ultimate』Theme song.Wizard Ghoul appears from this work, but the turn is short, and the procession of His Majesty the Demon and the back dancers who dance to it are the main focus.

Super Battle DVD

"Televi-kun Super Battle DVD Kamen Rider Wizard Dance Ring Showtime !!"
  • Haruto Sohma / Kamen Rider Wizard-Shunya Shiraishi
  • Shosuke Nito / Kamen Rider Beast --Tasuku Nagase
  • Manager-KABA.-chan
Voice appearance
Suit actor
  • Seiji Takaiwa
  • Atsushi Watanabe
  • Yasuhiko Imai
  • Yasuaki Ishii
  • Kamimae
  • Kei Fujita
  • Tatsuya Kaneko
ス タ ッ フ
  • Dance choreography-KABA.-chan
  • Original --- Shotaro Ishinomori (Professional Shotaro Ishinomori)
  • Screenplay-Daisuke Ishibashi
  • directed by - Kyohei Yamaguchi
  • Action Director-Hirofumi Ishigaki
  • Produced-Takaaki Utsunomiya
  • Assistant Producer-Kei Ishikawa, Yuki Takahashi
  • Production/Issue- Shogakukan
"Kamen Rider Wizard Beast Cloak" and "Kamen Rider Beast Wizard Style" will appear in the DVD-only form, and "Dance Wizard Ring" will appear in the Wizard Ring.

Web distribution drama

"Kamen Rider Brave-Go Survive! The Beast Rider Squad of Revival! ~"
Distribution will start on February 2017, 2 at the Toei Tokusatsu fan club.Kamen Rider Ex-AidSpin-off work.Kamen Rider Beast is here.
"Drive Saga Kamen Rider Bren"
"Kamen Rider Drive』Spin-off work.Introducing the White Wizard and Gremlins.

Video software

Both are sold byToei video.

"Masked Rider Wizard"
Of the TV seriesBlu-ray DiscDVDWill be released on February 2013, 2.In addition, the pilot making of this work is recorded as a video privilege of Volume 21.
Two volumes of the "Hero Club" series have been released. Volume 2 "Now Showtime. Kamen Rider Wizard Appears !!" released on December 2012, 12 will release episodes 7 to 1 (episodes 1 and 3) of the TV series on January 1, 2. Volume 2013 "Dragon, help me! Flame Dragon !!" is a re-edited version of episodes 1 and 21 (episodes 2).


"Novel Kamen Rider Wizard"
Written by: Tsuyoshi Kida.Kodansha character library(Kodansha) Released on November 2014, 11.ISBN 9784063148718
A later story of the movie "MOVIE Taisen".Focusing on the existence of "another Haruto Sohma" born from the legacy of Fueki, he focuses on the relationship between Haruto and Rinko.
"Monthly Hobby JapanA diorama novel that was published from the October 2014 issue to the September 10 issue.Written by:Hayase Masato.
In a later talk after making Shunpei the main character, "Kamen Rider OOO"and"Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Fourze & Oze MOVIE War MEGAMAXThere is also a crossover with.

Online delivery


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注 釈

  1. ^ No notation from episode 30.
  2. ^ "Kamen Rider Wizard" and "KAMEN RIDER WIZARD" are written together in the title logo.
  3. ^ Shiraishi himself, who plays, is also an experienced soccer player.Shiraishi JunyaSee also item.
  4. ^ I couldn't transformShinnosuke Tomari / Kamen Rider DriveIncluding.
  5. ^ He had repeated a year in the play and is still active.
  6. ^ Unlike Koyomi, supplying magical power is not possible with the Please Wizard Ring.
  7. ^ Defeat the phantom and eat its magical power.
  8. ^ When they first appeared, their appearance after transformation was dubbed by different voice actors, but after the discovery of their true identity, both have changed to Fueki's voice.
  9. ^ ArchetypeBeast is an exception that is not included in it, and when it becomes an obstacle, it will be mercilessly expelled.
  10. ^ However, when Koyomi criticized his actions, he was slightly upset.
  11. ^ Nakayama, who plays the role of Misa, plays two roles.
  12. ^ It was written on the official website and magazines that Mass might have turned into a high school girl.[Detailed information for identifying documents].
  13. ^ This is because the Wizard Infinity Style, which has a different system from the magic used by itself and has powerful power, is difficult for the white wizard (Fueki) to deal with in the unlikely event of rebellion.Mayu explains, "It's also for Haruto himself."
  14. ^ Just as Haruto's back had dragon wings when he was about to despair, the cracks on her back gave rise to a number of crystal-like spines that appeared to be part of the phantom.
  15. ^ Like Haruto and Mayu when he was about to despair, many arthropods like the legs of a spider, which seemed to be part of the phantom, grew from the cracks on his back.
  16. ^ Even if I sometimes order something different, I'm not the one who eats it.
  17. ^ Later, it turns out that it was Sora who entrusted the magic jewel to Section 0.
  18. ^ It turned out to be Fueki from the remarks when he regained consciousness.
  19. ^ Before the final battle, it was returned to the real world due to the damage received by the onslaught of monsters.
  20. ^ However, the personality remains Momotaros, not Ryotaro Nogami.
  21. ^ However, Den-O's card is in liner form.
  22. ^ The girl Koyomi is revealed by the sleepiness that the boy is a boy, but the boy is the only one who was called by the girl Koyomi after Haruto left, and Haruto and each other with the boy. I didn't know the name.
  23. ^ The original story is from "Crossfire" which is the name of the planning era of the first Kamen Rider.
  24. ^ However, since the XMA scene is handled by a full-time person, the main suit actorSeiji TakaiwaIs acting with elements of Chinese martial arts based on the request "I want you to flutter the hem"[24].
  25. ^ In the book "Kamen Rider Wizard Super Complete Works", it is introduced as "Beast Style".[94].
  26. ^ In the book "Kamen Rider Wizard Super Complete Works", it is introduced as "Wizard Cloak".[132].
  27. ^ Exceptionally, only Sora, who had an irregular personality as a human being, has become a phantom with the personality of the gate.
  28. ^ The Legion that can be put into the Underworld did not become huge even in the Underworld, and even when the giant phantom Beast Chimera was released into the real world, it remained as it was and did not become a life-sized humanoid.
  29. ^ However, Misa's parents who get in the way are murdered, and when Yuzuru qualifies as a wizard, she switched her purpose to eradication.
  30. ^ Beast, on the other hand, has nothing to do with him, so when he fought on behalf of the Wizard, he kicked him away. Even in the second confrontation, he had no intention of fighting the Beast, so he let go of the ghoul to fight it and asked him to act as a message to the wizard.
  31. ^ It's a fragmentary recollection, but it all started when he impulsively killed a woman who was a "thoughter" who was about to betray herself.Since then, he has killed at least 40 women who have the same characteristics as "she" and "black and beautiful long hair in white clothes" among the customers who visited her hairdresser.Even now that it has become a phantom, its bizarre nature does not disappear because it is "Takigawa Sora", and when it finds a prey, it moves to its own monopoly.
  32. ^ Sora, who moves with human ideas, unknowingly anthropomorphizes them, and interprets the reason why their phantoms increase their relatives as a result of their own joy.However, in a conversation with Misa later, he realized that the increase in the number of phantoms was due to Wiseman's personal speculation, and it became an opportunity to understand his speculation.
  33. ^ Minotaur, Valkyrie, Lizardman, and Medusa are each in Phantom's own recollection, Phoenix is ​​the testimony of the flower shop owner where Yugo was the gate, and Gremlin is the manager of the beauty salon where the sky was the gate. Revealed by testimony.
  34. ^ The two of Hanguri have turned into old men, and Rinko and Shunpei were high school students (Rinko is also a sukeban), but only Wajima has not changed.
  35. ^ In episode 38, he is also in charge of the role of a soccer player in the flashback scene.[178]
  36. ^ When it first appeared, it was written as "youth".
  37. ^ Narushi Ikeda is in charge of the voice after the 38th episode when the identity of the white wizard was discovered.
  38. ^ The name below is revealed in the play.
  39. ^ The name is revealed in the play.
  40. ^ Episode 52 is the appearance of only the voice of Kamen Rider Decade.
  41. ^ The main staff is "Pirate Sentai GokaigerIs almost the same as[200].
  42. ^ No notation from episode 30.
  43. ^ No notation from episode 46.
  44. ^ a b It may also be used in each higher-level enhancement form.
  45. ^ It may also be used in another enhanced form.
  46. ^ As the story unfolds, in episode 2 there is only voice and no credit
  47. ^ 11 month 4 dayJA BankSports Special "44thAll Japan University Men's Ekiden] Paused for broadcasting.
  48. ^ December 2012, 12 is a special program for each station (on TV Asahi, "Entertainer rating check2011 ”(ABC production) rebroadcast) Suspended due to broadcasting.
  49. ^ a b In the second part, only voice appears.
  50. ^ July 6th is "16thU.S. Open Golf Tournament3rd day ”is suspended due to broadcasting.
  51. ^ Asahi Broadcastingonly,Broadcast of the 95th National High School Baseball ChampionshipTherefore, it will be broadcast on August 8nd (Thursday) from 22:10 to 00:10.
  52. ^ Only Asahi Broadcasting will be broadcast on August 8rd (Friday) from 23:10 to 00:10 due to the broadcast of the same tournament mentioned above.
  53. ^ August 8th will be suspended due to the special program "Superhero & Heroine Summer Vacation Special".
  54. ^ The notation in the ending credit is "Ring Man".
  55. ^ Some are diverted from the 16th episode of the TV series[Source required]..In addition, Haruto Sohma appeared in a form in which his face was not reflected.


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外部 リンク

TV Asahi series Sunday 8:00-8:30
Super hero timeFirst frame
Previous programProgram nameNext show
Kamen Rider Fourze
(December 2011, 9-February 4, 2012)
Masked Rider Wizard
(December 2012, 9-February 2, 2013)
Kamen Rider Gaim/Gaim
(December 2013, 10-February 6, 2014)

Okunaka Makoto

Makoto Okunaka(Makoto Okunaka,1993May 11 -) isJapan Ofactress,talent.SaitamaI'm fromPlatinum productionBelongs.

Idol groupPASSPO ☆Former member of.


When I was in the third year of junior high school, I was scouted by my current agency[2], Female idol group since 2009Passo ☆Started activities as a member of. Started solo activities mainly in gravure in 2011, and in November, solo photo book "RUN RUN Makoto" (Shueisha) Has been released[3].. From July 2012, 9TV AsahiBroadcasted in series "Masked Rider Wizard』, Appeared in the role of Koyomi, the heroine[4][5][6].

At the PASSPO ☆ live held at Shinjuku BLAZE on September 2014, 9, he announced that he would graduate from the group at the end of the live held on January 28, 2015.[7][Video 2],TOKYO DOME CITY HALL"Flight 2015 New Year!" 5th Anniversary and a little flight-I wonder if I can dance without forgetting all the songs- "graduated from the performance.Since then, in addition to acting as an actress, he has opened his own YouTube channel since October 2019.


  • The family consists of parents, two older sisters and a dog.
  • Soymilk,tofuSuch assoyI like the product, especiallyYubaIs my favorite[8].
  • "Weekly Young MagazineThe dream of decorating the cover of "" came true in the issue released on September 2011, 9 (5 No.2011).[9][10].
  • "Masked Rider WizardAbout the reason why I decided to audition for ""Miyazaki AoiMovie "I just love youI was interested in acting. "[11]..Regarding what Koyomi has in common with herself, she states that she is "violently shy."[11].
  • He loves animals and goes to pet stores every week with his family.[12], Also named "Kuu"Miniature DachshundHave a[13].
  • Broadcasted on May 2020, 2Ariyoshi reflection meeting[14][15],Social MediaAbout raising the holes in the buttocks of animals such as dogs, pigs, and rabbits "I really like the holes in the buttocks!" "The holes in the buttocks when the body (poop) comes out are really cute" I can't bear to get out of the place where it seems to bloom! "Regarding the hole in the person's butt, he confessed that he was thinking "What kind of hole is this person?"Bakarism,Kayoko OkuboI touched my butt and showed the shape of the hole I imagined with my lips[16][17]..After the broadcast, he talked about "I came to love the hole in the ass" on my video channel.[18]However, the explanation was added that "I like the holes in the butt of animals".


TV drama

Web drama








Photo album

Trading cards

  • Hits! Limited Makoto Okunaka 1st Trading Card (July 2012, 7)
    All 171 types (including privilege cards).On the day of releaseFukuya bookstoreWith Shinjuku Subnade storeCalligraphyA launch event was held at Plus (Shosen Grande)[34].


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