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🎵 | Yuma Uchida x Takumi Yoshida (saji), two groups have collaborated!The first collaboration is TikTok ...

Photo Yuma Uchida, Takumi Yoshida (saji)

Yuma Uchida x Takumi Yoshida (saji) collaborate with two groups!The first collaboration is TikTok ...

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The playlist will include a talk by Yuma Uchida and Takumi Yoshida, including the reasons for the song selection.

A collaboration between voice actor artist Yuma Uchida and Takumi Yoshida (Vo & Gu;), a three-member band from Hokkaido, saji ... → Continue reading


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Yoshida Takumi

Yoshida Takumi It is,Japan OfMaleSinger-songwriter. Also,rock band-saji- Ofvocal,guitar.


  • 2010
  • 2011
    • TOY'S FACTORYMore major debut.In charge of songwriting for all songs.
  • 2015
    • Mizuki NanaProviding music for Helazy Syndrome.This was his first song to be provided, and since then he has expanded his range of activities as a lyricist and composer. deep.
  • 2019
  • Band namesaji-Renamed toKING RECORDSMore major 1st single "Tsubasa" ~ TV anime "Duck skyIt was announced that the ending theme ~ will be released on October 10rd.


Due to his brother's influence, he started playing keyboards by himself when he was in elementary school, and performed for the first time in a band as a bass at a junior high school school festival.After that, my classmates taught me how to play the guitar, and I started writing lyrics and composing.

When I entered high school, I joined the light music club, where I became a member of Utani Shinya (guitar), And formed UnLimited, the predecessor band.In another band drumWas also active.

Rock bandvocalEspecially known amongMizuki NanaWhen he appeared as a guest vocalist at the Budokan 7DAYS performance LIVE GATE 2018, he sang the lazy syndrome he provided with Mizuki with the original key. Chiharu Sawashiro,TakeuchiAlso said on the radio that the demo song that arrived when Yoshida provided it was too expensive. *Caligula Pony canyon

In addition to the band, he also provides music in various fields as an individual activity and participates in singing as a guest vocalist, and has deep friendships with voice actors, manga artists, and creators through that connection.


Provided music

  • Manami Risa
    • wave beat! (Songwriting)
    • Aikotoba (lyrics / composition)
    • Kokoroto (lyrics / composition)
    • Supernatural World (Lyrics / Composer) --Ritsu Shikishima / Shogo Satake (CV:Chiharu Sawashiro-Takeuchi)
    • Paradigm Box (Lyrics / Composer)
    • Ambivalence (lyrics / composition)
  • CODE-V
    • EVERY WANNA BABE (lyrics)
  • Sakutasuke
    • Titania (lyrics / composition)
    • Amenooto (lyrics / composition)
    • START !! (Lyrics / Composer)
    • Live diver (lyrics / composition)
    • Sky blue map (lyrics / composition)


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  1. ^ Arranged by saji and Ikuya Nakajima.

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