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🎥 | "Royal Space Force" broadcast tonight!Gainax's first theatrical anime

From the photo "Royal Space Force: The Wings of Oneamis" – (C) BANDAI VISUAL / GAINAX

"Royal Space Force" broadcast tonight!Gainax's first theatrical anime

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This work is a story about a space flight plan that puts the prestige and honor of the Royal Space Force on the move because Shirotsugh Lhadat, a soldier of the non-fighting army "Royal Space Force", volunteered as a space pilot.

The first theater animation "Royal Space Force: The Wings of Oneamis" by the animation production company Gainax is on the night of the 28th today ... → Continue reading

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Wings of the Royal Space Army Oneamis

"Wings of the Royal Space Army Oneamis(Ouritsu Uchiyugun Oneamis Tsubasa,British: Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honnêamise) IsGainaxProductionSFAnime movie.1987(62)May 3It was released in theaters.BandaiMade the movie for the first time[5].

Set in the Kingdom of Oneamis on a fictional planet, the Royal Space Force officer Shirotsugu volunteers to become the first astronaut in history and aims to launch a rocket with his friends.


1950 eraThe stage is "Kingdom of Oneamis" in "Another Earth" that resembles the Earth of Japan, and the official name of the country "Federation of Kingdoms of One Amano, Zikain, and Minadan".

The Royal Space Army, which has been ridiculed as "just a failure" and "an army that does nothing", is looked down upon by the world of the Oneamis Kingdom as a failed army.Space officer Shirotsugh Lhadat was once the Navy[Note 1]I was longing for a jet fighter ride, but I had no choice but to spend days with the space force.One night in a red-light district with colleagues, Shirotsugu meets Riquinni Nonderaiko, a devoted missionary girl.Shirotsugu visited Riikuni's residence with some ulterior motives, but she instinctively praised the space force, which is a "military that does not war," and volunteered to become the first manned space flight plan astronaut. To do.Colleagues who were initially disappointed were also inspired by Shirotsugu's motivation, and prepared for the launch of the rocket with the old engineers of the Space Travel Association.

Although Shirotsugu was celebrated from a mediocre soldier of the fallen army to a national hero, he faces the difficult reality of the behind-the-scenes situation of the launch plan, the pros and cons of space development that uses a large amount of tax, and the accidental death of the development manager.Furthermore, in order to obstruct the plan, the assassin released by the enemy country "Republic" is targeted for life and kills people even for self-defense.Shirotsugu seeks help from Riikuni, but he just passes by her religion-minded girlfriend, and is rather healed by the interaction with her young child, Mana.

On the day of the launch, a fierce local battle will begin between the invading Republic Army and the Kingdom Army over the rocket launch pad set up near the border with neighboring Limada.Even though the countdown is temporarily stopped, Shirotsugu calls on his friends to launch from the cockpit.The rocket rises high above the ground where bullets fly, and the launch is successful while the enemy and allies are watching.Upon reaching the satellite orbit, Shirotsugu begins broadcasting to people on the ground and speaks a prayer message that was not in the original manuscript.



The planning body of this work wasJapan SF competitionAn amateur video group organized to produce the OP animation of "DAICON FILM".I was a college student at that timeHiroyuki Yamaga-Hideaki Anno-Maeda Masahiro-Yoshiyuki SadamotoThe main staff is "Super Dimension Fortress MacrossAnd 'Nausicaa of the valley of windAfter participating in the production site and learning professional work, I headed for the next direction to create original commercial works.

Initially the production cost is 4000 million yenOriginal video animation It was planned as (OVA)[6],at that timeEMOTIONI was in the video business with a labelBandai OfMakoto YamashinaThe sale to the president was successful, and it was decided to produce it as a two-hour feature-length anime movie.DAICON FILM was disbanded to produce this work,1984(Showa 59)GAINAXWas established.Monthly publication of movie production progressModel graphicsIt was serialized in real time every month in the magazine.

When the project came to BandaiOshii Mamoru(The world's first OVA "Dalos"directed by).Then OshiiHayao MiyazakiWas introduced.MiyazakiHideaki AnnoToNausicaa of the valley of wind"I was an animator, so I recommended that it would be interesting," said Shigeru Watanabe.

Yamaga was 24 years old at that time[5][Note 2]..He was famous as an amateur and was known to some anime fans.[5], It was unusual for a professional and unproven production group to be entrusted with national roadshow films, which were selected for theatrical films.[5]..The average age of the staff is as young as 24 years old.[5], It became a place where young creators who emerged during the anime boom period, such as precise world setting and amazing drawing level, show their sense. DAICON FILM's work was known for its parody and homage to enthusiasts, but in this work, it is devoted to the attitude that does not include such elements.

1992(HeiseiAround 4 years), Yamaga himself wrote the sequel "Uru in blueWas conceived, but it was frozen due to various reasons.After that, it was announced that production would resume several times.[7][8], Has not yet been realized.


When the staff was having a meeting at a coffee shop at the time of planning this work, the next customerRoyal milk teaI ordered.Yamaga immediately thought of the word "Royal Space Force" and translated it into Japanese.Royal Space ForceWas inspired to make the project title[9].. The word "royal-army" isThe United KingdomMilitary organizationRoyal Air Force (Royal Air Force) ""Royal Navy It is based on the fact that it is called "(Royal Navy)".

Since I thought that this would be too solid, I gave a subtitle when the movie production was announced in 1986.Royal Space Force: The Wings of RiikuniIt became a tentative title[10]..After that, in "Wings of Riikuni", the audience's consciousness was too biased toward Riikuni, so it was changed to "Wings of Oneamis", and the distributorToho TowaThe theme and subtitles were exchanged with the intention ofWings of Oneamis Royal Space ForceIt became the title.

This replacement was unpopular from the production side, so when making a laser disc,Wings of the Royal Space Army OneamisIt has been returned to this title in subsequent video software.

Production method

In order to realize precise and realistic drawing, some parts such as the cut of the propeller rotation start in the flight training scene that Shirotsugu will experience for the first timeComputer graphicsHas also been introduced.But,Texture mappingIt is an era when it takes a huge amount of time and money to make videos, and to save money,Wire frameA method was adopted to create a handwritten video by tracing the line drawn in.

Actor Leo Morimoto was in charge of the role of the main character Shirotsugh Lhadat, and many veteran and mid-level talented voice actors are appointed.Active at that timeNippon TVWas an announcerKazuo TokumitsuWas a TV announcer and was popular as a foreign talentAnton WickyとOttoman SunconIs calling out as a comedian.Kazuo Tokumitsu has also appeared in a special program of this work that was aired on Nippon Television before the movie was released.

In addition, all conversations of the republican people, who are hostile forces, proceeded in a fictitious foreign language, and the content was expressed in subtitles, but all the voice actors were foreigners.This was adopted as a production method to give a more sense of reality as a foreign country, because when Japanese people pronounce it, it makes them lie.

As of 2015, "Battlefield Merry ChristmasWorked on movie musicRyuichi SakamotoIs the only work in charge of the music director of animation.Ryuichi Sakamoto oversees the wholeKoji Ueno,Yuji Nomi,Kubota HaruoThe music is assigned to.Sakamoto presents four basic themes (prototypes), and based on that, each composer including Sakamoto can arrange quite freely (variation)It is carried out.It also includes original songs by each composer.Koji Ueno and Yuji Nomi, who were in charge of composition and arrangement with Sakamoto, said, "Kitten story''Last emperor』Also co-produced.In the book "Ryuichi Sakamoto: All Work" (edited by Kunihiko Yamashita, 1991), you can see the sketches of "Main Theme" and "Theme of Riikuni" by Sakamoto himself.

There were some unrecorded songs on the soundtrack, but most of them were recorded as audio benefits in the LD collector's box.

As a work image songSayumi Touno"Wings of Oneamis ~ Remember Me Again ~(CBS Sony. Lyrics / LyricsSatoko Morio, CompositionDaiyuki Nagato)ButBeingIt was produced by and used in the promotional video, but it was never used in the main anime.


At the time of release, there was a scene (about 1 minute) that was cut due to the screening time, and it was incorporated into the main story after performing additional dubbing by the voice actors of the characters appearing in "Memorial Box", Leo Morimoto and Kazuyuki Sogabe. ..After that, in the "Sound Renewal Version" released in 1997, this scene was treated as a bonus video, and the main part was returned to the public version.Apart from this, when the Toho-Towa side asked me to cut the scale for about 40 minutes in order to increase the number of screenings per day, I plannedToshio OkadaSaid, "If you want to cut the film, cut my neck!"[11].

2007ToBandai visual BDIn entering the release of the software, "HONNEAMISEWill be used as a BD label for 5 years.

Box office record

At the time of release, it was announced that the total production cost including advertising expenses for promotion such as premiere screening in Hollywood was 8 million yen.[5]..Later, Toshio Okada stated that the production cost was about 3 million.[12]..Regarding this matter, Yamaga initially received a budget of 3 million yen from Bandai.Ryuichi Sakamoto4000 million yen was added due to the appointment of the music director of the company, but it was still insufficient and exceeded 4000 million yen (= 4 million yen).[13]..Makoto Yamashina (President of Bandai) said that out of the 8 million production costs, "promotion costs are about 3 million. (On the site side) is actually a little over 4 million, about 5 million?"[14].

There were some halls that had long-run screenings,[15]However, it is still difficult for the general public, and the box office performance is not good probably because of the story development for adults, which is different from the trend at that time, for the total production cost of 8 million yenDistribution incomeEnded at 3 million yen[16].. GAINAX's next OVA "Aim for the top!], A strategy was taken that was conscious of anime fans.

But after thatvideo-Laser disc("Memorial Box") has long recorded strong sales.1997(9)Dolby DigitalVersion ("Sound Renewal Version") produced, same yearMay 11Published in.In a dialogue with the management of an animation production companyKondo Hikaru(ufotable"It took 15 years to recover the wings of Oneamis," said the president.[17].

BOX specification with booklet on July 2007, 7Blu-rayThe version, the next day, July 2008, 7, the regular Blu-ray version was also sold, and it has been highly evaluated at each sales site and is still on sale.


Ahead of JapanLos AngelesThe premiere screening was also held at, but this had a strong foil-like element by the distribution side, and the content was largely edited by the US staff and was almost different.I saw the workSid Mead,Michael beanEt al. Highly appreciated "wonderful visual beauty".

Hayao MiyazakiSupports the attitude of unnamed young people without money to make in a group work[18][19], I bought a role to persuade Bandai in the production.Although the completed work has been evaluated to some extent, the general easily gave up the launch in the rocket launch scene in the play.[20]And criticized not to draw the elderly who have made efforts other than the main character[21].. 『Kinema JunpoIn the late March 1987 issue, we had a dialogue with Yamaga that was almost like an argument.

Yoshikazu Yasuhiko"I don't think it's great at all. I don't have any message. But the video is great. Who did this ridiculous drawing. What do you want to say about that? The earth was blue. That's Gagarin, it's the 50's, it's ridiculous (laughs). It's not natural for blue, everyone knows it. That was terribly unpleasant. It's such a meaningless thing, this sense and technical ability What are these guys who express by making full use of? ”, While evaluating with harsh words.[22].

Oshii MamoruIn an interview in 2016, he said, "There are only a few films that have done a full-fledged different world fantasy properly."Nausicaa of the valley of wind』And this work is mentioned[23].

Takafumi HorieIs known as an avid fan of this work, and is investing in rocket development with the aim of entering the space business.[24].

Main characters / voice actors

(brackets)The name inside is the name written in the booklet attached to the LD Memorial Box.

main character

Shirotsugh Lhadat
sound - Leo Morimoto[Note 3]
A second-generation space officer, the rank is Colonel (promoted in the play and Colonel).Astronaut candidate. 2 years old.Height 21 cm, weight 171 kg.
Born and raised in a middle-class family.In view of his academic achievements, he gave up his dream of becoming a Navy pilot, spent his time in the space force, and was impressed by his colleague's line of duty.
After receiving a religious solicitation villa from Riikuni in the red-light district, he volunteered to become a space battleship pilot and became the first space battleship (manned artificial satellite) pilot in history while overcoming various training and troubles.
Riquinni Nonderaiko
Voice- Yayoi Mitsuki
17 years old.Height 165 cm, weight 52 kg. B78 / W61 / H88.
He was neglected by his disagreeable parents and raised by an avid religious grandmother.My grandmother is a foreign quarter.
He lived with Mana in a suburban house owned by his relatives.However, the house was demolished because his relatives were in debt, and after that he moved to a nearby church.
He puts his heart in the belief of a foreign religion, not in the real world, and distributes villas on the streets of the entertainment district to carry out missionary activities, and there are scenes in which he prays several times in the play.He is religious, but he also has an ukiyo-e personality, and his defenseless appearance makes Shirotsugu lustful.When he hits Shirotsugu who pushed himself down from bad feelings and fainted, instead of getting angry, he talked about his self-reflection and instead confused him.
Immediately before Shirotsugu headed for the rocket launch site, he smiled and saw him off, saying, "I'm going."
5 years old.Height 108 cm, weight 22 kg.
A silent and expressionless girl who lives with Riikuni.Riikuni, the daughter of a disagreeable couple who worked in a bar run by the couple, is forcibly taking over and living together in anticipation of a constant family environment of fighting.From such a background, he was very shy, did not know how to deal with people, and sometimes started crying when he saw the dispute between Shirotsugu and Riikuni.
Shirotsugu was so quiet that he mistakenly thought he was a boy at first, but he gradually fell in love with him and saw him off with a smile when he went to space.
By default, he was considered an active boy.

Space army

Voice- Kazuyasu Sogabe
Lieutenant Colonel of the Space Force.2nd gen member. 21 years old.Height 176 cm, weight 68 kg.
Shirotsugu's best friend.The point is good and it can be used by women.Bike mania and car mania.She has a wide face in the downtown area, and it seems that there are quite a few familiar bar women, who call her "Ton-chan" (the nickname comes from the default name "Tonden").
In charge of launch control for rocket launch.
Voice- Masato Hirano
Lieutenant Colonel of the Space Force.3nd gen member. 23 years old.Height 183 cm, weight 70 kg.
Rocket propellant expert.He is calm, but once he gets angry, he cannot touch it and has the nickname of "instant water heater".
Voice- Hirotaka Suzuoki
Lieutenant Colonel of the Space Force.1nd gen member. 21 years old.Height 170 cm, weight 58 kg.
His parents' home is a famous local family, and his pride is high.The only remaining 1st gen member.
He puts himself on the shelf and hates the irresponsibility of others, and is called "the most irresponsible man in the space force".[26].
Voice- Hiroshi Izawa
Lieutenant Colonel of the Space Force.3nd gen member. 25 years old.Height 167 cm, weight 60 kg.
He is the most talented person in the Space Force and wears glasses with lenses extending to the sides.I write science fiction novels as a hobby and post them in magazines, but there is a jinx that will always be discontinued.
Voice- Koji Toya
Major of the Space Force.3rd gen member. 20-year-old.Height 160 cm, weight 65 kg.
He has few friends with his surroundings and is playing with his cat.I didn't take a bath and it was filthy, and I had a bad look and mouth.
At the time of launching the rocket, observations were made at the Glia Observatory.
Voice- Yasuhara Yoshito
Major of the Space Force.3rd gen member. 20-year-old.Height 173 cm, weight 65 kg.
Because he is a strange and unusually new enthusiast, even in the kingdom of Oneamis, which has a national character that is entertaining and flashy, he is regarded as peculiar by the surroundings.[Note 4]..The military official car is privatized and driven around.
Voice- Satoshi Shimada
Major of the Space Force.3rd gen member. 20-year-old.Height 190 cm, weight 105 kg.
Growing up as the son of the president of a small and medium-sized enterprise, he has a sloppy personality that doesn't suit his large physique.However, in the brawl with the Air Force non-commissioned officers, he played around against several people.His hands are dexterous, and he is in charge of electricity at the launch base.
Voice- Masahiro Anzai
Major of the Space Force.3rd gen member. 19-year-old.Height 152 cm, weight 52 kg.
There are rumors that he has children because he is the youngest member of the group but has an old face.My parents' house is a bakery, and the space force also received the bread.
At the time of launching the rocket, observations were made at the Glia Observatory with Tchallichammi.
General Khaidenn
Voice- Minoru Uchida
Royal Space Force General (commander). 53 years old.Height 166 cm, weight 59 kg.
Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Space Force.Taking advantage of the connection that leads to the royal family, he is passionate about launching manned satellites.
As a means of raising back funds, he owns a private company (dummy company) that is originally prohibited by military personnel.
Originally aimed at being a historian, he has a history of joining the army in an attempt to save his country after a war broke out.
Voice- Shozo Iizuka
Royal Space Force Training Instructor. 41 years old.Height 185 cm, weight 70 kg.
Typical of a slamming soldier without a degree or qualification.Nickname is "Brain Miso Muscle". "Salary" is a habit.
He assisted General Kaiden when the rocket was launched.
The status in the space force is not a military person but a commission[27].

Space Travel Association

Dr. Gnomm
Voice- Norio Otsuka
Space Travel Association leader. 51 years old[Note 5].
Unlike other members of the association, he is a reliable person who understands the story.He is also a rare playboy and adventurer.Each of the rocket components, except Shirotsugu, is "responsibly named" by borrowing names such as wildlife.
An explosion occurred during a rocket combustion experiment, and Shirotsugu was slightly injured, but Gnoom died at the hospital where he was transported.There was a beautiful lady.
Voice- Hiroo Oikawa
One of the seven doctors who belong to the Space Travel Association.The eyes are big.He said the change of launch site was "an order from the Pentagon (so I can't go against it)."
Voice- Saki Yanagi
Doctor of Space Travel Association.I am using a wheelchair.I tried to incorporate an unfinished hydrogen engine into the rocket.
Old man D (Donkan)
The gesture that puts your hand in your pocket and makes it fluffy is cute.At the time of launching the rocket, the first stage was separated and the success was confirmed.
Old man E (Eeger)
I'm not sure if I'm alive or dead just by standing up.Matty calls out when she learns that the rocket launch location has moved to Kanea, but there is no response.
Old man F (Fonma)
I'm always smiling and always eating something.
Old man G (Goyle)
I have crutches.He yelled at Karok, who opposed the hydrogen engine, saying, "Don't mess up even though you came later!"
Old man H (hamper)
I wear strong glasses.I was in charge of reading the ascending altitude when launching the rocket.

Kingdom aristocrat

Three people who received an explanation of the space battleship plan advocated by the shogun.One of them is the Minister of Defense.He had already given up on the Space Force itself and did not appreciate the value to the general, who explained seriously, "(About the establishment of the Space Force) we regretted 3 years ago. How do we forget the rest?" ..A "buffer zone (probably on Earth)" with the border of the neighboring country Limada (satellite state of the Republic) with the launch site of the rocketDemilitarized zone) ”I was going to change it to the last minute and deliberately take it away and use it as a material for diplomatic negotiations.

Royal Air Force


Voice- Willie Dorsey
Deputy Secretary of State for Politburo of the Republic.Take command of the invasion of the rocket launch site by blocking the space battleship program.
Secretary (Dessala Zari)
Secretary with Neredon.
He was sent to the Kingdom of Oneamis by the Republic Police Department to assassinate Shirotsugu to give him time to block the launch plan.He was disguised as an old woman so as not to be suspicious of his surroundings, but he is actually a man.
  • Operation Room Announcer: Voice-
  • Communicator: Voice--
  • Gasoline Pump Communicator: Voice-
  • Commander: Voice--
  • Republic Announcer: Voice-

Although it has not appeared as a video, President Kang, the Supreme Leader of the Republic, has a setting picture in the book at the time of publication


Appearance mechanic


Space Force No. 4 Rocket
The fourth rocket in the history of the kingdom.Cluster type 4-stage type.The official name is "Become good = I'm watching over your sister too"[29]..Until then, it had been unsuccessful, and the military seniors were more willing to use it as a political tool than a substantive achievement.
  • No. 1 rocket Succeeded in launching a silver-painted plant plate.
  • Explosion on the No. 2 rocket launch pad.
  • No. 3 rocket The thrust is insufficient and it ends in a ballistic orbit.
  • No. 4 rocket Challenges manned space flight.Overall length 35.3m, weight 385t[Note 8].
Space ForceSpace Battleship
Contrary to the brave name given as an external demonstration, an orbital spacecraft that has only the function of flying each person into space and returning again.If you dare to mention the armament, it is equipped with one ax, which is for emergency escape such as when the hatch does not open after landing.
Shirotsugu, who volunteered as an astronaut, receives operational training in a ground simulator that reproduces the interior of a space battleship.The simulator had not been approved by the budget, so it was procured using a slush fund.
In the workErgonomicsAlthough the concept has not yet been born, the furniture of the space battleship is arranged so that it can be easily operated based on the experience of Dr. Gnoom.
Space Force / Public Car
Three-wheel type with two front wheels and one rear wheel.Cars are generally still out of reach, and space force members can ride them because they were provided by Migren, which is said to have a bond with the royal family.Originally it was a plain color, but Nekkerout painted it yellow without permission so that it would be well received by women.
Overall length: 3285 mm
Displacement: 1548cc
Air Force 3rd Stiradu
Canard-Propulsion ceremonyThe engine is equipped with a turbocharger.The propeller is a counter-rotating type, and the propeller blade has a dogleg-shaped receding angle.It is said that there are variations such as night fighters equipped with electronic rangefinders based on single-seat type and double-seat type.This machine isradarAlthough it is not equipped, the flight performance is high enough to surpass the jet fighter of the Navy, and it can still compete with the jet fighter of the Republican army at air combat speed, so it is at the forefront even at the time of the play more than 20 years after the end of World War I. Deployment is continuing.The actual combat aircraft is painted in oil color, and the training aircraft is painted in blue.
Length: 14.4m
Maximum speed: 750km/h
Cruising range: 1320km
Armed: 30mm cannon x 2
NavyAircraft carrier
In the world of "Earth" in the play, the area ratio of land to sea is 1: 1 and on the other hand, there is vast inland water on land.The kingdom is a landlocked country on the continent and faces the huge lake "Pippo Lake" where the border runs.For this reason, the kingdom's surface forces are called the Navy, not the Navy.The Navy is enthusiastic about operating an aircraft carrier that can create a runway on the lake, and does not anticipate a fleet battle by artillery.[Note 9]..The aircraft carrier under construction has a two-stage flight deck for efficient departure and landing.[Note 10], Steam for departurecatapultThe "bridle wire" that connects the catapult shuttle to the base of the aircraft's wing, and where it falls into the water after leaving the ship, is also depicted.According to the booklet enclosed with the laser disc, it is named "Prince of Minadan".[Note 11].
Navy / jet fighter
A front-wing jet fighter that began to be deployed when Shirotsugu was a boy.It was his longing because he had to join the Navy to ride it.It is not developed and produced in the Kingdom of Oneamis, but imported from abroad.It is a product of the era when jet technology was just born, and is inferior to propeller aircraft in overall performance.However, since propulsion propeller aircraft are the mainstream in this world, it was intentionally adopted as a carrier-based aircraft because there is no worry of rubbing the propeller on the deck even at a steep angle takeoff and landing, and there is acceleration required for scramble start.[Note 12]..The status of deployment during the 4th rocket era is unknown.
Length: 12.8m
Maximum speed: 650km/h
Army / tank
Endless trackCeremony tank.It has a profound style that contrasts well with the agile Republic armored car.The hull and turret are painted in the same enji color as an air force fighter.In the work, it was mainly used as an ambush battery.Also, the enemyLogisticsResembled this tank to waste as much as possibledecoyWas placed in large numbers.
Navy / Spy Ship
The exterior is disguised as a fishing boat, but it has many communication antennas.I was looking for trends on the Republic side aiming to capture rockets.
steam locomotive
There is a driver's cab at the beginning of the direction of travel.Speaking of steam locomotives in the real world, "reverse machine (reverse machine)Cab forward steam locomotive) ”.


Air Force / Jet Fighter
Canard jet.Has subsonic performance.Equipped with a pylon capable of suspending 24 rockets under the wings, thereforeAdditional tankIs being driven onto the wings.If dead weight is reached, even during flightAdditional tankCan be purged.AlsoAerial refuelingEquipped with equipment, it greatly enhances the operational capabilities of this machine, which originally has a short cruising range.
Overall length 15.25mm Maximum speed 880km / h (Afterburner980km / h when used)
Air Force·Aerial refueling machine
A tractor-type aircraft with a propeller in front of its wings, which is rare in this world.This is because the propeller is not in the way when refueling.Aerial refueling is performed by the probe and draw method, and multiple aircraft can be refueled at the same time.In the briefing scene during the film, it was called "Aerial Fortress".
Army / wheelArmored car
It plays a central role in the blitzkrieg with its high crossing ability and nimble mobility.Since the tires are solid rubber, they do not puncture. One squad of soldiers can be on board.
Soldier transport equipment used for operations on rough terrain and marshes.The deployment of similar weapons in the real world has been around since the 1980s, and it seems to be one of the "latest weapons" expressed in this work.
Army / Rocket Launcher
A rocket launcher that soldiers can carry alone.Real worldRPG-2Similar design to.In the description in the work, the rocket booster is ignited and then the projectile is shot.
Silent pistol
Used by assassins attacking Shirotsugu.It is a continuous type, and in order to enhance the silent effect, the pods are ejected and the next bullet is loaded manually.In realityWelrodAlthough it is a firearm like, it can be operated with only one hand holding the gun because it can be ejected and loaded by operating the lever of the gun grip.
tv setReceiving machine
While color television broadcasting has begun in the Republic, black-and-white television is still prevalent in the Kingdom of Oneamis.
In addition, since there are few broadcasting stations for television broadcasting on Oneamis and broadcasting is only for a few hours a day, the mainstream of media is radio.


The characters used in Oneamis arePhonetic charactersSo, there are a line, ka line, sa line, ta line, ha line, ma line, la line each a i u e o, and a character representing the sound-repellent "n", and Japanese katakana. It has the same body shape as the letters.In addition, na line is "n" + vowel, ya line is "i" + vowel, and wa line is "u" + vowel.LigatureExists as.Dull soundIs a character with a beard added to the lower right of the original character.Half dullnessIs written with two whiskers added to the lower right of the original character.In addition, the ba line and the pa line are the sameBoth lip soundsIt is the treatment of voiced sound and handakuon of Ma line.

The numbers areBinary numberThere are numbers corresponding to 1 to 12, except for the units that are customarily used.BinaryIs the standard.ScaleWhen counting, the number 12 is used as zero and the numbers 10 and 11 are not used.The character zero is a character that looks like a slanted "Z", but it is used in the countdown scene.Nixie tubeIn a display such as, for convenience of display format, characters with a small vertical bar in the center of the circle are used instead.

ス タ ッ フ

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  • VHS and LD are out of print.
  • [DVD] Royal Space Force Oneamis Wings Released on July 1998, 7
  • [DVD] Royal Space Force Oneamis Wings <Regular Package Version> Released on August 1999, 8
  • [DVD] EMOTION the Best Royal Space Force Oneamis Wings Released on December 2009, 12
  • [HD DVD] Royal Space Force Oneamis Wings Released on July 2007, 7
  • [Blu-ray] Royal Space Force Oneamis Wings <Twin Pack> Released on July 2007, 7
  • [Blu-ray] Royal Space Force Oneamis Wings Released on July 2008, 7


Wings of Oneamis-Royal Space Force I / II
Sonorama CollectionThan1986(Showa 61),1987Released in (62).Although the outline of the content is the same, many episodes that could not be drawn in the movie have been added.The authorFumihiko Iino.
Wings of Oneamis Royal Space Force
A combined version of the Sonorama paperback edition.2010(22)Asahi Shimbun PublishingPublished by Asahi Novels Label.


Wings of Oneamis-Royal Space Force Document File
A making video released by Bandai Visual when the movie was released.The staff at that time also appeared.Until now, it has not been recorded or sold separately as a video privilege on other media (LD, DVD, BD).


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注 釈

  1. ^ The Kingdom of Oneamis is a country on the shores of a vast lake and has a navy equivalent to the Navy.
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