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🎭 | Yasushi Akimoto produced, theatrical company XNUMX cents, released "God is not" MV produced by theatrical company


Yasushi Akimoto produced, theatrical company XNUMX cents, released "God is not" MV produced by theatrical company members

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The next music video is also in progress, so stay tuned!

The song "God ..." written by Yasushi Akimoto by the comprehensive entertainment group "Gekidan XNUMX cents" produced by Yasushi Akimoto. → Continue reading


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Music video

Music video(British: music video, AbbreviationMV) IsPropaganda,artCreated for the purpose,SongとimageIntegratedShort filmIs[1].. Modern music videos are primarily for promoting the sale of music recordings.MarketingdeviceIs produced and used as. It is also possible to use songs in marketing campaigns to make them more than just songs.FoodAnd other productstoyIn marketing campaigns,MerchandisingIs used as.


The origin of music videos1920 eraAppeared in(English edition)Back to1980 eraToMTV MediaIn thatformatAppeared based on. Before 1980, these works wereIllustrated song"," filmed insert", "promotional (promo) film", "promotional clip", "promotional video", "song video", "song clip", "film clip", etc. Was there.

Modern music videos areア ニ メ ー シ ョ ン,Live action,documentary,(English edition)A wide range of photography techniques are used, including non-narrative approaches. Some music videos mix different styles such as animation, music and live action. Combining these styles and techniques has become more popular to show change to the audience. Many music videos feature songslyricsIt interprets images and scenes from, but may adopt a different thematic approach. It doesn't have to be a video of the live performance of the song.[2].Product placementIs a common technique in music videos, andhip hopIn the video(English edition)Appears.


The concept of music video is1970 eraIt has existed for a long time, and before pop musicデ ィ ズ ニ ーOf productionFantasiaIs a well-known work that combines music and video.1894,Musical scoreInfomationEdward B. Marks and Joe Stern hired electrician George Thomas and various performers(English edition)] Promoted sales[3] .Illusion machineUsing Thomas at the same time as the live performancescreenA series ofStill imageProjected. This is known as the first step towards a music videoIllustrated songBecame popular as[3].Tony BennettIs an autobiography,1956ToUK OfHyde ParkIt is inSerpentine LakeClaims to have produced the "first music video" filmed on foot. that is,"Stranger in ParadiseIs a video of[4].. The video isThe United KingdomとThe United States of America OfTV stationSent toDick Clarkof"(English edition)Was broadcast on programs such as[5].. The oldest example of a promotional music video that resembles a more abstract contemporary video is1958Was produced in(English edition)Directed by "Dáme si do by tuIs[6][7].

The United Kingdom OfLockband,The BeatlesHas not been touring since 1966 and has continued to be creative around London. Therefore, every time a new song is released, I am disappointed that I have to be asked to appear on various TV programs and appear, and I create a video work that combines performance scenes and image videos in advance,TV stationThe theory that the offer to the beginning is popular. In fact, the Beatles member and guitaristGeorge HarrisonIs "MTVIs our invention (laughs)," he joked half-heartedly, and the Beatles-starring movie "The Beatles are coming! Ya! Ya! Ya!''Help! 4 people are idolsWas the director ofRichard LesterIt is,MTVReceived a certificate from "You are the father of MTV"[8].The United States of Americaで1980 eraIt became popular rapidly with the advent of MTV. EspeciallyMichael jackson,マ ド ン ナIs an example of using a music video (Michael Jackson's "Thriller"Or"Beat It Tonight","BadWas very talked about at the time).

After 2000

In generalsingleOften produced to promote songs,2000 eraWhen it entered, music videos of the songs on the album were often produced due to factors such as the decline of the single CD market.50 cents Of2005Special edition (reissue) of the album "The Massacre"BeckThe 2006 album "The Information" was accompanied by a DVD containing videos of all the songs. Even in Japan, there are more and more cases in which only the video is produced without releasing the lead track as a single CD when the album is released by adopting overseas methods.

There are many things that add storylines to music videos, making it the most famous oneMichael jacksonof"Thriller(1983). In a unique example, the story was developed with a total of 12 songs (12 chapters, about 40 minutes) with the same song but different lyrics.R. Kelly"Trapped in the closet" (collected as a DVD).

Music videos in JapanSKY PerfecTV!,Cable TVVia a stationCSMusic channel(MUSIC ON! TV,Space shower tvEtc.) In the latter half of the 2000s,YouTube,GYAO!Such asインターネットVideo distribution ofWebsite,iTunes StoreNow you can watch it. Other,Kanagawa(Tvk) saysMusic Tomato JAPANHas been broadcasting many music videos for many years on programs such as. Also, for Japanese music videos, from the mid-1990sEntertainment showsAt the end ofstuffed rollThe method of playing a music video of tie-up songs began to be seen in the background, and since the 2000s, many programs that use the same method have been seen. However, in this case,RustMost of the time, only about 30 seconds of the part is washed away.

In addition,High definitionThe number of works shot is increasing. Music video was recordedBlu-ray DiscCD with appendix released[Annotation 1]It is rare that it will be released when it is released due to problems with broadcasting technologyStandard image qualityWhen it is recorded on DVD or recorded on DVDLetter boxMost are recorded in. In recent years mainly from the 2010s16:9Although the number of works recorded in is increasing, if it is recorded at the same time as the previous work on the DVD or PV collection attached to the album, it is often dropped in a letterbox due to the balance with them.

parodyMusic videos have also become a parody according toAl JankovicIs always produced and released with permission from the original singer and the copyright holders of record companies.


The development of music videos in JapanLive broadcast OfMusic programFrom the latter half of the 1980s when1990 eraFrom the beginning, as a means of promotion to replace the artist's appearance on music programs, it will also be influenced by the Western music scene. For artists who actively used music videos these daysoff course,TM NETWORK,Kyoko Koizumi,Southern All Stars,CHAGE and ASKAAnd so on.EPIC Sony(CurrentEpic record japan) Is a music program that mainly features music videos and live images of the artists to which it belongs.eZ], and the label's unique developments are now being seen.

conventionallyカ セ ッ ト,CDSince the purpose was only for sales promotion (promotion) such asPVIt is called (promotional video), and you can watch it in stores or listen to music programs (in Western music, "Best hit usaAnd 'SONY MUSIC TVWas famous), but from the mid-1990s, artistsFilmmakerAt the same time, it came to be emphasized as one of the means of expressing the view of the world of the work and communicating it to the general public. The image cut out from the music video isCMIt was also used more often in spots in music programs that did not appear. In addition, in the Kanto/Chubu/Kansai areaIndependent prefecture television stationPart of (Chiba Television Broadcast,Kanagawa,KBS KyotoAnd others) will be shed during the daytime rest periodFillerAndTBS TVWas done in some series such asEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euBroadcasts using these video clips have been carried out (called singing weather forecast).

By this time, VCRs had already become popular, and the opportunities for package sales increased. CurrentlyDVD-VideoIs mainly sold byCDとDVDIn many cases, products that are sold as a set at a reasonable price will increase sales. Music videos are also used as promotional materials for sales promotion other than music.1993of"35th Japan Record Award"Music Video Award" has appeared for the first time. The awardtrf"EZ DO DANCE"WhenUS Rice Club"THE 8TH OF ACE". However, this award was set up this year and the next1994of"36th Japan Record Award] Only.

Famous works

Famous director of music videos

Attracted attention with music videos,Film directorThere are many people who have advanced to

Musician who directs the music video himself


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