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🤖 | "Mashin Hero Wataru" Realized on the 10th anniversary of "METAL BUILD", the most beautiful Ryujinmaru in history


"Mashin Hero Wataru" The most beautiful Ryujinmaru in history, realized on the 10th anniversary of "METAL BUILD"

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"Seven Souls Ryujin Maru" High resolution design by Manabu Shintani, a genie designer, die-cast specifications, and plated and clear parts arranged in various places, making it the most beautiful item in history, aiming for the highest peak Ryujin Maru. ..

In commemoration of the 10th anniversary of Bandai Spirits' highest-ranking robot figure brand "METAL BUILD", the first ... → Continue reading

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Manabu Shintani

Manabu Shintani(Shintan Manabu,1964May 9 -) isJapan OfmagazineEditor.. 『Weekly BunshunFormer editor-in-chief[1].. From July 2018, the editorial director of the magazine[2][3].



  • Kikai HanadaShintani said, "Even if you scoop, it doesn't reflect on sales as much as it used to."[10].
  • In an interview with the Chugoku Shimbun dated July 2012, 7, "Scoop is our greatest weapon." "The starting point is the interest in humans. Is everyone really so great? It is the role of the weekly magazine to delve into it, "he said.[11].
  • June 2013, 7, ``Weekly BunshunOn the official website, "Urgent Questionnaire! Miki AndoWe conducted a questionnaire entitled "Do you support the birth of athletes?", And many protests were received against it, and the questionnaire was closed during the day, and the editor-in-chiefManabu ShintaniAn apology has been posted for those who feel uncomfortable about the questionnaire in their name.[12][13][14]..However, there are many opinions that the person who apologizes is different.[15].
  • Published in the October 2015 issue of "Weekly Bunshun" on October 10, 8Spring paintingAbout the gravure article about ", there was a lack of editorial consideration, which betrayed the trust of the reader," and was ordered to rest for three months.[16].
  • After assuming the post of editor-in-chief, the magazinescoopBecause it was fired in rapid successionBunshun gunIs the wordBuzzword AwardHas been nominated for.At the weekly editorial meeting, reporters will share stories that are not reported by other magazines or newspapers and that are well-supported.


As the editor-in-chief of Shukan Bunshun, he insists that the Abe administration should write what should be written, not "parent" or "anti", and that "the media should fight with facts (truth)".AmariThe minister's scoop also said from the center of the official residenceTPPI want you to wait until you attend the signing. "He states that there are facts to report about that, but there is no option to "do not write."Asahi ShimbunIn contribution toShinzo AbeSince the prime minister is an ideal type politician, the media side is divided into pro-Abe and anti-Abe.SankeiAnd Asahi's favorite readers say that they only criticize each other with the information they want to see and hear, and there is no constructive discussion.The media should fight with facts, but the Asahi Shimbun tends to be "more theory than facts",Yasukuni ShrineAbe's criticism of the Okinawa issue is still old-fashioned, and people who like it come but people who don't like it don't, so Abe says that he is being dismissed as "again."If the Asahi Shimbun criticizes the Abe administration, it should issue an irrefutable scoop, which the Asahi Shimbun reported.Moritomo school problemI evaluate that it was[17].


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