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🤖 | "Gundam Flash Hathaway" Penelope recreates NXEDGE and Odysseus Gundam


"Gundam Flash Hathaway" Penelope recreates NXEDGE and Odysseus Gundam

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The FF (fixed flight) unit is removable, making it possible to reproduce the "Odysseus Gundam".

From "Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway of the Flash" comes a rival "Penelope" on which Lieutenant Lane Aim is on board ... → Continue reading

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Mobile Suit Gundam Flash Hathaway Appearance Weapon

Mobile Suit Gundam Flash Hathaway > Mobile Suit Gundam Flash Hathaway Appearance Weapon

Mobile Suit Gundam Flash Hathaway Appearance WeaponThen, the novel and the anime movie "Mobile Suit Gundam Flash HathawayThe humanoid robot weapon that appears in "Mobile suit(MS) ”and other fictitious weapons will be explained.

Ξ Gundam

Secret societyMuffty Nabille ErinIs a secret conglomerate on the moonAnaheim ElectronicsState-of-the-art ordered fromMobile suit[2]Or the new Gundam type mobile suit[7]..The pilot is the leader of the muffyMuffty Nabille Erin(Hathaway Noa[7].

"ΞThe name "Kusui" isAmuro RayIs the last ride ofν GundamIt is attached with the intention of taking over[2]..HostileEarth Federation ArmyFrom[8]Or called Gundam[9].

There is no evidence of the manufacturing plant on the aircraft[10], But couldn't find the manufacturer[10]. But,Kenneth SlegHas discovered that it was made by Anaheim Electronics[11],Bright NoahFrom the impression of the aircraft, I decided that this construction was from Anaheim.[10]..And Bright, who was explained by mechanic Mann, "Although it has been accused of being manufactured by Anaheim, neither the Kirke unit nor the General Staff have investigated it," said Bright.Adult worldI was convinced that it was[10].

Anti-gravity propulsion deviceMinovsky craftBy installing (Minovsky engine)[2][12], Pseudo anti-gravity propulsion is possible[2]Freely fly in the gravitational sphere[12]..It is a revolutionary aircraft that deploys a perfect beam barrier, can defend and fly at high speed.[12], The robustness of its defense system is an enemyKenneth SlegWas enough to admit[11].

Space centuryAs of 0105, there were almost no MSs that could fly, so there was only a small number of forces.Muffty Nabille ErinWas able to cross over with the Earth Federation Forces because of the tremendous fighting power of this machine.[7].

The basic performance of the aircraft is also high,PsychocommunityIt has an advanced brain wave maneuvering system, high-power mega particle cannons, and powerful firearms such as funnel missiles.As a result of incorporating these functions, the total height of the aircraft has increased to nearly 30 meters, which is higher than that of the conventional aircraft.

The spherical cockpit core of the aircraft floats in a linear manner, and the joint between the core and the seat is supported by a triple shock absorber.[13]。コックピットの外側からは、緊急開放レバーを押して引く事で開かれる[14].

Equipped with searchlight,GaumannTo illuminate the sky at the time of rescue[15]Used in Oemberg to identify a pile of corpses from the Kinvalley massacre[16].


novel"Mobile Suit Gundam Flash HathawayInMechanic design TheYasuhiro Moriki。担当の編集者からは「ファンネル・ミサイルを装備する」と「ミノフスキー・クラフトで飛べる」という2点のみ指示があり、あとは自由にデザインしており、作者のYuno Tominoとは打ち合わせもチェックもなかったという[17].

2000 game "SD Gundam G GENERATION-FTo the novel "Mobile Suit Gundam Flash Hathaway』が初めて登場することとなり、森木により本機のデザインが一新[18]..The head has been changed to a more Gundam type shape[19].

The cockpit is the second volume of the novel, the game "SD Gundam GGENERATION WARS"and"SD Gundam G GENERATION GENESIS] Is the same as ν Gundam, but the aircraft concept is an advanced version of the aircraft in the SD Gunpla manual.Hi-ν GundamIs the base.

In 2005, the figure "GUNDAM FIX FIGURATIONAs the 25th edition of Odysseus Gundam Penelope as a compatible modelHajime KatokiIt has been refined by and commercialized for the first time.At the time of this refinement, the extremely sharp parts of the whole body, the balance of the parts of the body and limbs, etc. in the Moriki version were reviewed, and it was revised so that it can be seen that it is a machine connected from ν Gundam.

In 2013, the figure "ROBOT soulThis non-scale (equivalent to 1/144 scale) machine is on sale as a mail-order-only product (limited to Tamashii Web Shop). Penelope was shipped in 2015 (also limited to Tamashii Web Shop).


Function (Ξ Gundam)

Head Psycommu Block
A system that expands the pilot's brain waves and is mounted on the head[2].
Head sensor
A movable antenna mounted on the head moves the upper part back and forth[2].
Beam barrier
This machine has barrier capability in each part of the machine[20]。他にも防御兵装としてはサンド・バレルがあり、追尾するミサイルに対しバリアーとして張られるが五十パーセント程の防御効果しか見込めない為[21], This is the last barrier of this machine[22].
It is said that submerging the aircraft in water is the quickest way to check the airtightness and the state of the barriers of each part.[20].
コックピット内のバリアーは、通常のモビルスーツを撃墜出来る倍以上の出力がかかったビーム・バリアーに対し発動したものの、コックピット・コアと装甲の距離が近すぎたため、相殺しきれずにHathaway NoaI was numb[23], I've been fainted for four days and have been bruised and bruised[24].
It is said that sonic flight is impossible even if Minovsky craft is used in the MS form in the atmosphere.[25]..However, this machinePenelopeUnlike, by radiating a beam whose waveform changes in the direction of travel of the aircraft and diffusing atmospheric interference, it is possible to break through the speed of sound in the MS form.[26], Completed beam barrier technology[27]Invaded Adelaide Airport at a speed close to Mach 2 and succeeded in a surprise attack[25]..This machine with this function has a silhouette that makes the whole body wrapped in light in the air.[27].
novel"Flash Hathaway』, But the mounting location was not specified,SD Gundam G GENERATION-FIn subsequent settings, the beam barrier used during sonic flight was set to radiate from the tips of the triangular parts on the shoulders (two on both shoulders).Also, in some games such as SD Gundam G GENERATION-F, it transforms into a simple flight form when moving at this speed of sound.
Minovsky Craft (Minovsky Engine)
Anti-gravity propulsion device[12].
novel"Flash Hathaway』, But the mounting location was not specified,SD Gundam G GENERATION-FIn subsequent settings, it covers both shoulders of the unit.It is said to be a shaped part.
TraditionalMobile suitIt is,Dodai YS,ShaklesSupport mechanism (Subflight system) Was not possible for long-distance flight in the atmosphere, but this device enables long-distance flight with this device.[12].
When he escaped from Cargo Pisa, he was attacked by a mega particle cannon, but he climbed up against the line and avoided all bullets.The flight was described as being as light as a light aircraft and like a model flight on a remote control.[28].
Not equipped with Minovsky Craft in combat at altitudes of XNUMX metersGustav CurlCan fly close to a fall or hit-and-run attack once or twice[29]On the other hand, this machine equipped with Minovsky Craft ran around the battlefield endlessly and defeated Gustav Karl and Kessaria one after another.
With this device, even if Ξ Gundam is moving forwardMesserIf it is about the weight of one machine, it can be supported even if it is put on the back[30].
By using the above-mentioned beam barrier together, it is possible to fly at the speed of sound in the atmosphere in the MS form.


Beam rifle
Dedicated beam rifle[18]..Equip the right manipulator[29]..Has sufficient strength against external pressure[31].
The initial velocity is nearly double that of the past[29]A single shot emits a round light that easily destroys Gustav Karl.[29].
PenelopeIn the battle with, the rifle body is blown to the sea surface immediately after firing the beam,Used as and lost[32]..In the third battle with Penelope, when damaged by the sand barrel, the energy pack was immediately charged from the main engine and released as it was, and the pack exploded due to overpressure and was used for dizziness.[33].
In games, etc., it is equipped on the right manipulator.
Beam saber
By oscillating mega particles from the torch mounted on both shoulders, the enemy aircraft is cut off.[2]..When in use, the saber's behavior curve is drawn on the left part of the monitor[34].
PenelopeIn the battle with, it oscillates from the wrist of the manipulator in the shadow of the shield.[35].
Dedicated shield[18]..Held by the left manipulator[35]..Has sufficient strength against external pressure[31].
The direct hit of the mega particle cannon was also prevented, and at that time, the metal particles melted by burning the shield and the fibers in the reinforced plastic became burning threads and scattered in the atmosphere.[35].
The back side is equipped with missiles, which is effective against tracking enemies and can be fired continuously.[36].
Arm missile launcher, leg missile launcher, knee large missile launcher
Missile launchers installed in various parts of the aircraft[2]..The warhead is not large[37].
It was used for bombing, and when it was in the range of the missile from the time of sonic flight, it suddenly slowed down and hit all the bullets into Adelaide Airport.[25].
Fabio RiveraWe have replenished enough missiles to carry out the second and third bombings.[38].
Funnel missile
EEG controlled[39], Homing missile[19]..By focusing your consciousness on one point[39], Skip to the pinpoint part of the target.
Although it is not described in the aircraft description of the first volume of the original novel[2], The second volume of the novel says "funnel" and is used[39].
The shape was unknown in the novel, but the game "SD Gundam G GENERATION-F』\ When participating in the war, a new design was raised[18].
Sand barrel
Fire innumerable lead particles[36]army.
A barrier against missile and high-performance bullet attacks[36]..It ’s valid with a XNUMX% chance,[21], If used too early, it will be useless for the enemy's second and third attacks[36].
Shoulder mega particle cannon
Not appeared in the original novel.Z GundamOne large caliber muzzle-type high-power mega particle cannon, such as the High Mega Cannon, on both shoulders (the trapezoidal protruding part near the fuselage side of the triangular part on the shoulder) It is installed one by one.At the time of launch, the parts on both shoulders unfold, exposing the gun.
Action game "Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VersusIn the series, the beam is drawn from the tip of the storage part of the beam saber.
Micro missile pod
Not appeared in the original novel.It is added to the back of the waist in the shape of a tail, and also serves as an additional booster.After firing all bullets, it will be separated to avoid dead weighting.
The first appearance is the 2012 game "Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Versus Full Boost』. In 2013, the action figure "ROBOT soul』Three-dimensional. In the "Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Versus" series, it is used for "Burst Attack", and the simulation RPG "Super Robot War V』Appears as a hidden armament that can be obtained under certain conditions.

Success in the play

After a test flight on the moon, Hathaway handed this aircraft from the old century.space shuttleIt is loaded into the cargo "Pisa" as it is and transferred to the earth.Pisa descending off Halmahera, Indonesia, has been captured by Kinvalley troops and continues to descend towards the set landing point, but it is approaching.Lane AimDrivePenelopeThis meant that the machine would be destroyed or stolen.Hathaway unavoidably receives the aircraft, which has not been tested on Earth, in the air, activates it, and when it escapes from Pisa just before landing, it warns against contact with the aircraft.Launch an attack without hearing a warningGustav CurlImmediately counterattack and shoot down.And was taken hostageGaumann Nobilに気付くと、レーンを挑発する事で、ガウマンを解放させ、救出に成功する。コックピットにガウマンを収容するが、今の状態ではロクに体を支えるものも無く、格闘戦など行えばガウマンが致命傷を負う恐れもあった[40]..He decided to take a hit-and-run strategy with a beam rifle as a decoy, and shot down Penelope with a concentrated attack of missiles after a rapid approach.The aircraft, which retreated as it was, left the battle airspace and was housed in the support ship Variant while flying at low altitude.

In mountainous battles with Kinvalley troops,Minovsky craftThe air combat ability under gravity is inferior by making full use of the performance ofGustav CurlEasily shot down three planes and sniped Gustav one after another[41].

In advance when attacking Adelaide AirportMinofsky particlesAfter disturbing the invasion direction by spraying in all directions[42]Jumping over the Yorke Peninsula from 2 km west of the sea and invading at a speed of Mach XNUMX or higher[25]..Because this was a flight that could not be common sense[25]Was entrusted with defenseKenneth SlegSucceeded in piercing the emptiness of, and when all the missiles were hit into the airport as it was, it left the battle airspace.[25]..The missiles released damage the storage warehouses for mobile suit relief supplies.[43], Shake to the General Security Headquarters[37]..When it reappears in the battle airspace, it restrains Penelope.[44]As a result, he succeeds in purging half of the ministers.[45].

To give Muffy's friends time to escape and to bomb Adelaide again[38]sortie.In a blink of an eye when you chargeGustav CurlShot down two aircraft[46], Immediately shoot down another aircraft[47]..The threat was astonishing even to the monitoring Earth Federation checkers.[47].

What is Penelope?FunnelA fierce battle with beams, beams, and sabers.You can catch up on the south defense line as it is[48], Cut the beam rifle with a saber and chase the retreating Penelope[49]..It was supposed to be fatally injured by the saber as it was, but at the next moment, it stopped functioning because it was wrapped in a beam barrier installed on the ground.[50]..When the trees are cushioned and crashed to the ground, Penelope's beam saber melts the energy tubes and vernier embedded in the hands.[50]..With both manipulators stiffened to spread to the left and right[50],Lane Aimにコックピットを開かれると、気を失ったマフティーの顔を確認される[51].

Even after four days have passed since the function stopped due to the direct hit of the barrier, Gundam[23], Settled in a relatively lightly damaged area at Adelaide Airport[10], The mechanic man of the Earth Federation Army was investigating, but the manufacturing plant was still unknown[10]..The face is covered with soot[52]、装甲全体はうっすらと焼け爛れているように見えたが、内面的なダメージは少ないようにも見え、コックピット内のディスプレーもヒビ割れてはいたが、すぐに使用出来るようにも見えた[53]..However, the hands were burnt and dango-shaped, which was painful, and the manipulator, which remained open horizontally to the left and right, made it look as if Gundam was carrying a cross.[53].

Appearance in other works

"Gundam Build Fighters Try"
TV animation broadcast in 2015.In the final story, as the aircraft selected in the general election on the official websiteGunplaAppears[54].

Odysseus Gundam

Gundam set as the main body of Penelope (described later) that appears in the original novel.This aircraft did not exist in the original novel.The setting first appeared in 2001Movic"ANA HEIM ELECTRONICS GUNDAM HISTORY 2002 CALENDAR" released by[55]So, a part of the aircraft was released.Also, in November of the same year, "Mobile Suit Gundam / Gundam Weapons New Generation" featured a line art of the whole body.[56].

2014 arcade game "Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Versus Maxi Boost], The whole form of the aircraft was released for the first time.If a certain amount of damage is received during Penelope, the flight unit will be purged and become Odysseus Gundam.During this time, flight unit-dependent armaments such as funnel missiles cannot be used and weaken, but after a certain period of time they are reattached and are not purged no matter how much damage they receive (however, they are constant after being shot down and re-sorted). If damaged, it will be purged again).

The origin of the name of this machine isAnaheimMadeGundamIt is the 20th anniversary of the start of development ofMSToMinovsky craftIt took 20 years to installTrojan WarA hero who was forced to adventure and wander for 20 years after the endOdysseusIt is the one that was put on[55].

Overview (Odysseus Gundam)

This machine is a floating system that does not rely on "thrust".Minovsky craftIt is an aircraft that can be mounted on the aircraft, and was rolled out in 0104 in the Universal Century.[55]..Under gravityMSIn the operation of, the low deployment speed was a fatal problem, but the means to solve those problems at once was the installation of Minovsky Craft.[55].

Although it is one size larger than the standard size at that time, it is capable of aerial combat "in MS form".In addition, by installing a flight unit, supersonic flight will be possible in response to higher maneuver combat.[55]..Psycommu missiles, which are telepathic weapons that are effective under gravity, are standard weapons, and are capable of more reliable pinpoint attacks than guided weapons of the old century.

Each part of the aircraft (Odysseus Gundam)

The head is a long-range sensor for high-speed flight at high altitude, a docking sequencer with a flight unit,PsychocommunityTo guide missilesPsycho waveThe terminals etc. are all integrated.In particular, devices and seekers that assist the pilot's perception are placed in various places.[55].
The body unit part is premised on "wearing" optional equipment such as a flight unit, and the alignment of each part of the aircraft can be adjusted as needed.[55].
The docking claws on the back and shoulders can suspend objects that are more than five times their own weight, and can withstand the impact of high-mobility combat in the air.[55].

Optional equipment

In the original plan, several types of flight parts themselves are being considered, and several versions are planned to correspond to the operating conditions.[55].

The FF type with a single-function flight unit attached (Fixed) is called Penelope.[55].
In aerial combat, Odysseus shows its true value by equipping it with a flight unit.The nose of the unit is equipped with high-performance sensors and seekers such as Doppler radar, which are used in flight and combat in the supersonic range.[55].
By biasing the cubic lattice developed from the main body, a rectifying action is brought about for each shape of the machine, and as a result, the fluid resistance of each part is reduced or exempted.[55].
As mentioned above, Odysseus itself was set as a retrofit, so it has not appeared in the original novel.
Argos unit
A unit equipped with a bit weapon capable of all-range attacks[55]..It is said to be under development[55].
Not appeared in the original novel.


The first Minovsky craft-equipped aircraft of the Earth Federation Forces deployed to the anti-muffy unit "Kinvalley unit (Kirke unit)"[56]..High outputMinovsky craftIt is expected as a model that is equipped with and will completely change the operation of mobile suits in the atmosphere.[57]..The pilot is Lieutenant Lane Aim[56].

On the armament side,Ξ GundamHas the same performance as[56].

The appearance of the aircraft looks huge and dull[58].. Part of the exterior in the final battle with Ξ Gundam[59]とフライング・フォームを維持する際のMinofsky particlesRemove the spray parts[60]The appearance was so light that it seemed to show its full potential in hand-to-hand combat.[60]..Due to the battle at that time, the entire armor was shattered.[48].

Although the strength is guaranteed to the extent that it does not collapse due to its own weight[61], When the aircraft collapses from an upright position due to the detonation of the arsenal[62], I have a problem with the part that transforms into a flying foam[61].


The first novel "Mobile Suit Gundam Flash HathawayIn the commentary in "NewMobile suit..In the airframe design concept itselfGundam systemIt leaves behind the remnants of mobile suits. "[57], It wasn't Gundam.

2000 game "SD Gundam G GENERATION-FThe novel "Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway of the Flash" will appear for the first time inYasuhiro MorikiAs a result, the design of this machine has been redesigned to create a silhouette that looks three-dimensional.[18]。脛前側アーマーが取り付けられておらず、内側に配備された爪先が省略されている。また、この際にSunrise側からフライトユニットの分離がオーダーされた[17].

In 2001 "ANAHEIM ELECTRONICS GUNDAM HISTORY 2002 CALENDAR", it is set that the FF type with the optional flight unit attached to Odysseus Gundam is called Penelope.[55], Since then established[6]..In addition, in "Mobile Suit Gundam / Gundam Weapons New Generation" published in November of the same year, line art of the front and rear of Odysseus Gundam was published.[56].

In 2000 "SD Gundam GGENERATION-F", it was set as a quasi-psycho-mu machine, and in 2012 "SD Gundam GGENERATION OVER WORLDIt was consistently this setting in the profile mode up to.However, in 2016,SD Gundam G GENERATION GENESIS』で修正された。なお、同ゲームではコックピットがΞガンダムおよびνガンダムと同じとなっている。


Mobile suit form
Used when assuming close combat[62].
Flying foam
In the novel, it is mentioned but has not appeared.Also called flight form[62].
To get this form, change some parts of the aircraft[61]..To maintain the flying foam, you need parts to spray Minovsky particles[60].
In the settings after "SD Gundam GGENERATION-F" in 2000, it refers to the form during high-speed flight.[6]..In this form, the front fuselage armor and overhead nose are closed.[6].

Each part of the aircraft (Penelope)

Main sensor
Installed on the head[57].
Mono eye
コックピットより、前方下部に設置されている[57]..During high-speed flight, this becomes the main camera[57].
Funnel missile rack
Installed above the back of the head[57].
Shoulder main Minovsky craft oscillator
Installed on the shoulderMinovsky craftOscillator.
Central part of the aircraft[57].
The seat is equipped with a triple shock absorber[63]..However, if something goes wrong with the aircraft, the vibration of the atmospheric pressure applied at the time of maximum acceleration will overcome the shock absorber and shake the pilot.[63].
Main nozzle
When operated with Minovsky Craft and increased the output, it emits exhaust gas.[61].
足部にも、フライトユニットが装着される。これはユニット単独での飛行時には、上半身ブロックのユニットへ装着される[55]..Like the shoulders of the upper body, the highly efficient layer thruster provides the aircraft with thrust that surpasses existing jet / rocket engines.[55].
Legs Minovsky Craft
Minovsky craft installed behind the legs[57].

Function (Penelope)

Beam barrier (Penelope)
A barrier that protects the aircraft from heat and beams when entering the atmosphere and missiles[22][64]..During sonic flight, it refers to a technology that emits a beam in the direction of travel of the aircraft, diffuses atmospheric interference, and breaks through the speed of sound.[27].
This machine was considering this sonic breakthrough technology at the time of development, and although it could not be perfected after all, it is still possible to break through the sonic speed.[27]..In the novel, it was not revealed what part was incomplete.
Ξ GundamHas completed this technology, and Penelope simply loses to the technology development, but it is an organizational problem behind the technology development.[27].
『SDガンダム GGENERATION-F』以後の設定では、本機は空気抵抗軽減用ビーム・バリアーの完成度が低いため、「フライング・フォーム」に変形する必要がある[6]It is supposed to be.
Minovsky Craft (Penelope)
Parts that extend to the back[57]。マルチセンサーと一体化している[57].. Its performance is not inferior to that of Ξ Gundam[65].
This device enables high-speed direction change during flight[57].

Armed (Penelope)

Vulcan cannon
Beam rifle
Dedicated beam rifle[56]。Ξガンダムのものにサーマルジャケットを追加したような形状[56].
PsychocommunityIt is also possible to synchronize with and attack a target that is "perceived" even if it is not "visually" visible.However, it is expensiveNTAbility is needed[55].
There is no noticeable description in the original novel.
Beam unit
A buckler (short shield) -shaped beam unit that the main body Odysseus Gundam has on the arm[55].
With beam saberMega particle cannonIs equipped[55].
Not appeared in the original novel.
Funnel missile(Penelope)
latestbitweapons.It is possible to attack multiple targets recognized by the pilot at the same time, and it is operated as a one-way weapon to the last.[55].
The shape is the same as Ξ Gundam[56].
The elongated parts installed on the back of the upper part of the aircraft are "funnel missile racks".[57].. In "G Generation F", it is fired from the shield of the arm.
Whether or not the pilot is concentrated on the funnel operation affects the hit rate, so when the concentration was disturbed by the airport explosion, the Gaumann plane evaded all bullets.[66]..However, when he concentrated on the operation, he defeated the Emeralda plane with a single blow.[63].
Sand barrel(Penelope)
A special shotgun equipped on the main body, Odysseus Gundam[55].

Active in the play (Penelope)

It is descending to the earth one step ahead of the introduction of Ξ Gundam on the muffy side,Lane AimIn the battle near the Tasadai Hotel, which is the first team for him, he kicks the head of Gauman's boarding Messer at the moment when it seems to be floating in the air, and succeeds in capturing the aircraft in cooperation with Gustav Karl.Detecting the movement of the muffty side trying to contact an unidentified aircraft off the coast of Halmahera, Indonesia,Kenneth SlegAt the command of the Colonel, he moves on to take Gauman as a hostage, but in response to Muffty's provocation, he releases Gauman and sticks to fighting on equal terms.As a result, he could not see that the rifle had been decoyed near the sea and was shot down by the concentrated attack of the Ξ Gundam missile, but miraculously the lane survived.

After that, along with the repaired machine, he entered the pursuit mission of Muffy, and achieved results such as sinking the enemy flagship Variant who was acting separately from Ξ Gundam.When the Federal Central Council of Ministers in Adelaide, Australia was attacked by Muffy and rematched with Ξ Gundam, it was time to maintain the flying form.Minofsky particlesRemove the parts to spray and sortie.Lane bites into Ξ Gundam regardless of the difference between the aircraft and the pilot, but eventually it gradually becomes disadvantageous.However, the operation succeeded because it was achieved to guide Ξ Gundam to the planned point of the beam barrier instructed by Brigadier General Kenneth.


Muffy mass production type MS.Zeon ArmyIt is a heavy armored machine that inherits the design concept of, and the main camera uses a mono-eye type.Equipped with 3 Balkans on the temporal region, you can blow off enemy MS with a shield with spikes on the right shoulder in ground battles[Note 3]..He has been active throughout the novel, and also conducts aerial battles in collaboration with the subflight system "Gal Saison".

The novel version of the mechanic design is Yasuhiro Moriki.Later, "Flash of Hathaway" became "SD Gundam G GENERATION-F』It was changed to the design by Kazumi Fujita when it appeared.

Although the novel does not mention the developer, it is said that it was developed by Anaheim Electronics in the settings after "G Generation F".[69][70].. EspeciallyGira DogaThere is also a book that contains information that it is based on the system, and it is speculated that the exterior has been modified to conceal Anaheim's involvement in terrorist organizations.[71].

In the movie version, the aircraft with the existing design is called "F01 type"[72].

Gal Saison
Base jabber used by Messer to fly on the groundSubflight system).

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Gustav Curl

Gym,JeganA general-purpose MS that is said to be an extension of the design concept of.The basic specifications are as high as the Gundam type, but it is impossible to fly by itself in the atmosphere, and the subflight system "BJ-K232"[74][69] KessariaIt is set that boarding is required.It was deployed mainly to ground security units, including the Kinvalley unit (renamed to Kirkee unit after Colonel Kenneth took office).[69].

It was developed for the purpose of increasing the size and heavy armor of the mass-produced aircraft while maintaining the versatility of the aircraft.[73]..Equipped with a high-power generator to match the increase in weight due to this[73]In addition, a large number of thrusters and attitude control vernier are arranged in various parts of the aircraft to ensure mobility and mobility.[73]..Also, to maintain operability, instead of reducing fixed equipment, standard armament used by federal MS can be used.[73]..With these designs, as a high-performance aircraft that surpasses Jegan, advance operation was started in 0096 in the Universal Century, and two aircraft were deployed at Cheyenne Base.[73]..It is said that the official deployment was decided in 0097 the following year, and there is also a lightly equipped variation machine.[73].

The design in the first novel "Flash of Hathaway"Yasuhiro MorikiBy the hands of.At this time, only black-and-white illustrations were posted, so the coloring was unknown.Meanwhile, the game "SD Gundam G Generation FWhen it appeared inKazumi FujitaRedesigned by[18]..At that time, most of the designs are different due to changes in the volume of the whole body, changes in the overall shape, the presence or absence of the head antenna, and changes in the beam saber on the calf.

Since the game "G Gene", the beam rifle uses the same one as Jegan. "SD Gundam G Generation F』Since then, the coloring has become blue, which is a rare aircraft color for the gym.

Book "Gundam MS Graphica], The aircraft that leaked to EARM in 0097 in the Universal Century will appear in the design after redesign by Fujita.

Dora Karl

Mook's "Gundam Weapons New Generation Edition" contains the setting sketches for the "G Gene F" version, but this book distinguishes between the general aircraft "Dora Karl" and the commander aircraft "Gustav Karl". Settings and sketches are posted.Dora Karl has an antenna behind the left Gatling, Gustav Karl has an antenna on the right side between the eyebrows (the whole body sketch is from Gustav Karl), and Gustav Karl has stronger communication function.[56]..This setting is not in the original novel, and although the existence of Dora Karl has not been described as a setting in the actual game, the "Gustav Karl" that appears in the game is actually the head of Dora Karl. The design has been adopted for a long time (from "F" to "Overworld". "Genesis" adopted the design of the commander's plane).

Gustav Karl (advance deployment machine)

In the time series of the work, "Flash of Hathaway" is set in Universal Century 9, 0096 years ago.Mobile Suit Gundam UC』Anime version[75]First appearance at.Here is the development machine of Jegan that appeared earlierGestaDeveloped on a separate line[73]The setting is added, and the aircraft under test operation will appear.Cheyenne baseDescent while on alert atRa KairamDisarmament with little resistance by Jester troops launched from[Note 5].

The design is the game "SD Gundam G Generation F], But the coloring is a rosability-like gray system, and the Vulcan gun on the left side of the head is one in the "G Gene F" version.[56]On the other hand, in the "UC" version, there are two vertical gates.[76][73]It has become.The flexible shield is connected to the movable arm of the backpack.[73]..In the cockpit, the same workJegan type D,RizelThe same thing as is used.

An anime that depicts a year after "UC"Mobile Suit Gundam NT』Also appears.There is no difference from the appearance of "UC" except that the armament has been changed from a beam rifle to a 90mm short machine gun.


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