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🎭 | New tourism planning on the Goto stage Young people nationwide Various ideas

Photo A debriefing session held online by connecting the local secretariat with 6 teams who thought about tourism planning in Goto = Goto city

New tourism planning on the Goto stage Young people nationwide Various ideas

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By riding an electric rental motorcycle and going around the island while charging at restaurants, churches, public halls, etc. on the island, he suggested that "inconvenience creates an opportunity to talk with people."

Based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), this is a project of the Ministry of the Environment that considers the utilization of local resources and culture, and young people nationwide ... → Continue reading

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Car rental

Car rental(rent-a-car) OrRental car(Kashiji Dosha)AutomobileIt is a business that rents out a car for a fee, or a rented car.

American car rental


1916ToNebraska OfJoe SaundersIs my ownFord Model TIt is said that the world's first rental car is rented at a rate of 1 cents per mile with a meter attached to it.The first user was a salesman who was visiting the area and is said to have used it for a date with a local woman.[1].

1918ToChicagoWalter L. Jacobs founded "Rent-a-Car Inc." and started a rental business using 12 Model Ts.[2].

Car rental business

Car rental company

As a major car rental companyHearts,Avis, Dollar, Alamo, Enterprise, etc.[3].

Reservation agency

  • The United States of AmericaThe major car rental companies in Japan have a Japanese language service counter and Japanese language.WebsiteFor convenience so that you can book a rental car by opening[3].
  • There are many Japanese tourists even at local car rental companiesHawaii,GuamThere are also stores and counters that can handle Japanese.
  • Japanese car rental companies are also opening local sales offices in places where there are many Japanese tourists, and are making reservations in partnership with leading overseas car rental companies.
  • Aside from this,Travel agencyでFree PlanThe YaArrangement tripIn the treatmentTour operatorThere is also a form of mediation via.

age limit

In the United States, many companies have an age limit of 25 years or older when renting a car.[4]..Some small and medium-sized car rental companies set the age limit lower than that of major companies, such as setting the age limit to 21 years or older.[5].

Japanese car rental


The rental car business in JapanRoad transport lawArticle 80[Annotation 1], Article 52 of the Law Enforcement Regulations, andTransport branchIt operates under the permission based on the "permit criteria for paid rental of private cars" set by the chief.Car sharingIs, in principle, a short-term rental car.Rental bikeHowever, since it is a "two-wheeled vehicle" by law, it is the same rental car as a rental car.

In the text,Private car rental businessIf you run this, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismTransport branchApply to receive a business permit.Rent-a-car is above a certain standard in case of a customer accidentAuto insurance (mutual aid)You must join the company, and you cannot get a business permit unless you show the detailed membership plan.

Once a carleaseThe company had to go through a similar procedure,2004Due to the revision of the system in (16), the license of the auto leasing company is no longer required (the proviso of Article 80, for which reason the rental car vehicle could not be leased and procured).

The rental car businessFreightKarmaTaxiAs with businesses, individuals can also obtain business licenses, and there are many self-employed people who are engaged in several small businesses in rural areas and remote islands.Established in the permit standardMaintenance managerIf you do not have a minibus, you can manage up to 9 motorcycles (motorcycles are not covered by the maintenance manager system).

Time system orcalendarIt is rented in units of days (X days).As a car model to rent, if it is a passenger carLight car-Compact carAnd smallsedanからluxury car, For freight carslight truckFrom 4 ton classTrackUp tomovingFor large luggage transportation applications such asTrack-Light van, During the holiday / holiday seasonRV carAnd multi-person ride is possible1 boxcar-MicrobusThere are many users who rent.

In Japan, the drive club, or automobile rental business, started in 1949, but there are many traffic accidents and troubles, and it becomes deserted. 1964 Honda Rent-A-Car (S600 only withdraws after 5 years)[Annotation 2]With the entry, Toyota Rent-A-Car and Nissan Tourism Service entered the market one after another.With a major car rental company that currently has sales stores all over the country, Remote islandThere are small and medium-sized car rental companies and companies that operate in specific areas such as tourist spots and urban areas (hotelEtc. are often in the rental business).On the islandsMonopolyExcept for those who are in good condition, there is a tendency to compete in terms of quality and affordability in recent years because there are differences in prices, services, and vehicle year and condition even for similar vehicle types and times.

In Japan, the introduction and placement of drivers by car rental companies is prohibited by the Director General of the Transportation Bureau (because it corresponds to freight transportation, passenger transportation, and driving agency), but overseas, there are many places that provide rental car services with drivers (because it corresponds to freight transportation, passenger transportation, and driving agency). However, even in this case, there are many restrictions such as the use is limited to foreigners).

In addition to individual borrowing, there are also borrowing contracts between companies.For the borrowing company, the rental car price is recognized as an expense (not subject to taxation), and there are merits that vehicle management work and maintenance work are reduced, and some companies conclude annual long-term corporate contracts.[7].

For substitute cars,Non-life insuranceCompany'sCar insuranceThere is a special contract for a substitute car, but the non-life insurance company pays the rental car price for a car of the same class while repairing and warehousing his own car using vehicle insurance.There is also a system in which a repair shop does not own a substitute car for the victim of a car-to-car accident, but arranges it by rental car.


It is said that rental cars in Japan were first rented "with a driver" in the Taisho era."Lending with a driver" is prohibited by the current ordinance, but at that time there were few people with a driver's license, and automobiles were extremely rare and expensive, so the current situationHigherIt can be said that it is close to.

Car rental business

Car rental company

In Japan, automobile manufacturers and their affiliatesCar dealerWas established as a motherManufacturer system, Other industries (Business company) Is the parent company, and it can be roughly divided into non-makers and independents.Furthermore, in the 2000s, "" operated by gas stations and automobile-related businessesCheap car rentalIs also open.

Manufacturer system

Car makers and their companionsCar dealerWas established as an investment base, and the handling vehicles are basically specialized for the vehicle types of the automobile manufacturers and affiliated companies of the investment base.

New car sales by affiliated dealers andCar insuranceSince it is also a contract customer, it has the characteristics that the period (cycle) of using a new car as a rental car is short and the store network is well maintained over a wide area.

In addition, there are many companies that are the investment bases, and when purchasing vehicles, the rental car business management company and affiliated automobile finance (lease-credit) Owned by the company, the store management companyleaseThere are many forms of borrowing and operating.

Incidentally,Toyota rental leaseBusiness management company (Toyota) And the store management company (invested by a local dealer).

  • Recognized as a major company with sales offices nationwideNippon Rent-A-Car Service TheTransportation companyとInstitutional investor(All Nippon Airways-Fuji fireEtc.) was established as a joint investment.
  • Times car rentalIs the former Mazda Rent-A-Car (マ ツ ダ(Affiliate) of parking lot managementPark 24Was acquired by.
  • ORIX car rentalIs the parent companyOryx Budget car rentalIt started with the domestic expansion and name change based on the license agreement of.
    • Depending on the strategy, existing car rental companies (Japan EnergyRent a car Japan, which was a systemShowa Shell SekiyuX Rent-A-Car, which was a systemIsuzu MotorsThe company expanded its business by absorbing and merging the affiliated IFCO Rent-A-Car).
  • There are also business formats such as J Net Rent-A-Car (Sky Rent-A-Car), Honda Rent-A-Car Sapporo (Honda Rent-A-Car), and World Net Rent-A-Car, which are founded by local car dealers and specialize in regions with a different position from the manufacturer. is there.These are also specialized companies and specialists when introducing rental car vehicles (new vehicles).leaseIn many cases, vehicles are leased and deployed from the company to the store management company.
  • Headquartered in NagoyaJapan Rent-A-Car(Unrelated to "Rent-a-car Japan" integrated into ORIX Rent-A-Car) in one storekaraoke,Cyber cafeEtc. are compounded.
  • Mercedes-Benz,BMWSuch asImported carThere are several companies that handle.Premium rental cars in the Kanto area, Aurash rental cars in the Kansai area, and executive rental cars in the Kyushu area are famous.
  • The number of corporate rental car companies is increasing nationwide.In Okinawa prefectureNexus Rent-A-Car Co., Ltd.Is famous.
  • Okinawa,HokkaidoThere are many local car rental companies in areas where it is difficult to move cars from the mainland and there are many tourist attractions.
Station rental car

Station rental car is oldNational railwayIt has existed since 1970 of the era, and was initially Co., Ltd.Japan Transportation Corporation (currently JTB)とJapan TravelWith the investment ofRailway Management BureauAn operating company has been established for each area of ​​Nippon Rent-A-Car andNissan rent-a-carSubstantially the vehicle fromSubleaseThe rental car business was carried out in the form of (rental again).Privatization of the national railway divisionAfter that, it was reorganized and newly established as a subsidiary of each JR in each area along the railway line, and continues to the present.

Cheap car rental

A new format that began opening stores in the 2000s.It is said that a cheap rental car is a business format that operates at a lower price than the rates of existing companies.

Already engaged in automobile-related businessgas stationAnd by car mechanicsSide business・ New business andSecondhand carDepends on the sales industryVenture businessIt is open as.

gas stationOperating companies, used car dealers / distributors, sheet metal /Automobile maintenance industryReduce vehicle introduction costs by purchasing used cars directly from used car auctions.By concurrently operating stores such as existing gas stations as rental car stores, store operating costs are reduced and the products are offered at low prices.Operated by Rentasu Co., Ltd.Nico Nico Car RentalThere are also companies that have franchise agreements with gas station operating companies and are operating in a unified manner.

Commercial vehicle rental

dump truck,Load-type truck craneIt is a business that mainly specializes in commercial vehicles such as trucks with (UNIC), aluminum vans, and refrigerated and frozen vehicles.Nikken for rentalThere are also many businesses that specialize in rental cars similar to commercial and construction machinery.

Store location

Rent-a-car stores (sales offices, etc.) are often located mainly at airports, major railway stations where bullet trains and limited express trains stop, and in the center of other cities.

Government-designated city,special area,Prefectural office locationStores in downtown areas cannot manage large parking lots due to their location restrictions, and often cannot manage large commercial vehicles such as trucks and minibuses.For the same reason, it may not be possible to specify the departure point or drop-off destination.In addition, if the store is located away from the station or airport (along the trunk road, etc.), or from a hotel or office building in the city, a clerk will drive and pick you up in a private car or rental car. In some cases.

Executive rent-a-cars, which handle luxury cars and foreign cars, use their own system to dispatch and pick up cars wherever customers want.

Conversely, stores with large parking lots in the suburbs may manage multiple 4-ton trucks and minibuses.

Membership rental car (illegal)

There are some who claim to be "rental cars that are not license plates" and rent cars only to members.

Even with the same membership system, car sharing vehicles are registered with the "wa (re)" number, and there are certainly "rental cars that are not the wa number", but legally "private cars without permission" The act of renting a car for a fee is prohibited (excluding car leasing), and in the current situation where the vehicle registration as a rental car will result in a "wa (re-ro)" number without omission. It is an illegal act.

However, even if the same vehicle is rentedConstruction machineryBecause the purpose of renting is for work and not for driving on the road, there is no system for renting special cars.It's not a "wa" number, but it's legal.

Use of rental car


Borrower is validDriver's licenseIt is an absolute minimum requirement to have.ForeignersInternational driver's licenseOr you can borrow it with your local driver's license and Japanese translation.Some companies do not lend because it is difficult to communicate, while others create pamphlets written in English or have staff who can speak English to the extent necessary for car rental business.

Has been increasing in recent yearsChinese peopleCannot be rented to tourists (People's Republic of China Geneva ConventionIt is a non-member country and there is no agreement between Japan and China.Japanese driver's licenseNot considered equivalent to the system).However,MacauとHong KongAbout the driver's license, before returningPortugalとThe United KingdomIs a member of the treaty, so you can borrow and drive with an international driver's license.

Some car rental companies accept rentals immediately after acquisition (beginner drivers), but depending on the operating company or store, rental may be refused due to the number of months or years that have passed since the acquisition, or a skilled driver may be required to ride. , PredeterminedCar insuranceOn condition that the compensation amount is increased (charged) or that the vehicle compensation system cannot be applied (if the vehicle is damaged or damaged due to a driving mistake, etc., you will have to take out the vehicle insurance or pay the full amount). It may be rented out.

If a novice driver who has been licensed for less than a year drives, even if it is a rental carNovice driver signMust be posted.It is desirable to prepare personal belongings in advance, keeping in mind that inventory is limited even if they are prepared at the store.Sports type,Imported carIf you want to rent a car model, it must be more than 5 years old.Credit cardSome companies require payment by.

DatabaseAfter investigating, the loan may be refused if there is a major accident or a history of escape from borrowing in the past.In addition, rent a carrobbery,theft,KidnappingUsed as a means of crime such as, or rented a car from 2006Parking violationAnd the borrower appeared at the police stationFoul moneyDid not pay (to the car rental company)Neglect feeIf the car rental company is the owner of the car, such as being billed or unable to continue the vehicle inspection), it will be registered in the database of the National Car Rental Association, and after that, the member companies (most of the whole country) will be registered through information exchange. Rent-a-car company) refuses to rent.

Also, depending on the car rental company,GangsterExclusion clauses, gangsters, etc.antisocial forcesIt is forbidden to lend to or its related parties. On May 2014, 5, a gangster official said that he rented a car while hiding that he was a gangster official.Fraud chargesArrested in[8].

Outside Japan

When renting a car outside JapanDriver's licenseIn addition to this, you need to show your international driver's license.HawaiiThere are some areas where you can rent only with a Japanese driver's license, but it is better to bring an international driver's license in case of trouble such as an accident.

On the other hand, an international driver's license is a Japanese driver's license.翻 訳You can't drive with an international driver's license alone.Depending on the car rental company and the class of the car you rent, you may be asked how many years have passed since you obtained your license, but it is not stated in your international driver's license, and it is also included in your Japanese driver's license.EraSince only the year of acquisition is indicated in, it may be necessary to give an oral explanation at the time of rental.The United States of AmericaSome car rental companies offer a service to issue a license translation form that can be used in place of an international driver's license.[9].

Republic of China,GermanyWhen renting in an area where the international driver's license is not valid (a country that is not a member of the Geneva Convention), it is permitted to drive with a foreign language translation issued by a designated organization / organization according to a bilateral agreement.

Reservation / rental contract

To use a rental car, rent a carClauseAfter agreeing to, fill in the personal information etc. on the rental contract, and formally conclude by signing the settlement and delivery of the fee and confirmation.As a means of reservation and use in Japan, for individuals

  • A case where you make a reservation directly to the rental car company by telephone or internet, or go to the store and rent an empty car without making a reservation.
  • Travel club OfWanted planning tripTravel products called "rent-a-car plans" sold asパ ッ ケ ー ジ ツ ア ー-Free Plan(パ ッ ケ ー ジ ツ ア ー) Pre-installed in the travel itinerary (for Hokkaido / Okinawa and for North America)TravelingThere are many settings for), and application use as an optional tour.After making a reservation by the travel agency that plans and arranges, the rental car price is received from the tourist, and the rental car company charges the travel agency, but the actual rental contract is the same as in the case of direct reservation, the lessee In most cases, the contract is concluded between the two parties of the rental car company.
  • Optional plan (recruitment type) when booking a domestic flight ticket directly with an airlineArrangement trip). JAL / ANA handles it as a product of a travel agency under its umbrella, and applies on the official website or by telephone. (Jal Tours"JAL AirPlus", "ANA @ Rent-A-Car")
  • Co-op・ Occupational union ・ The place of employment is a member or employeeEmployee WelfareAs a part of, the case of offering at a bargain rate of corporate contract.After making a direct reservation, use the ticket from the corporate contractor (voucherAnd coupons) to purchase and use (a mechanism located between direct use and via a travel agency).In some cases, a discount system is set up by presenting an employee ID card at the store when using it.

When booking directly with a car rental company, especially at major and overseas car rental companiesCredit cardThere is a tendency to recommend payment by (card payment may be discounted), cash payment is not includedResident card,passportIt is usually necessary to show a document that shows the current address, such as an ID card or a receipt for utility bills, or a credit card. In most cases, RV and luxury car rentals are limited to credit card payments according to the terms and conditions of each company.This is because the credibility and identity can be judged to some extent by possession, and the actual cost can be additionally charged through a credit card in the event of a loan escape or damage.[10]..When renting a car overseas, you pay by credit card in principle, and even if you use a prepaid coupon, you are often required to show your credit card for the reasons mentioned above.[10].

Granted for the rental car usage amountPoint serviceOr at a major companyAirlinesIn partnership withMileageWe also offer services that give you.


If the rental application (contract) has a column for purpose of use or destination, select from moving, leisure, business, etc. and enter the main destination.If there is no entry field, the clerk will ask you the same thing verbally for reference.


20064ToMinistry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismThe announcement has tightened the requirements for minibus rental.This is because passenger transportation by white number (white bus act) was openly carried out by some industries that are users, and the standards required for car rental companies to own a minibus have also been strengthened.

As a result, the car rental companyUp to 7 days before renting a minibusIt is necessary to notify "the director of the transportation bureau in the area that has jurisdiction over the office that manages the vehicle".In addition, since it is necessary to report the "service section or destination", "number of users", and "purpose of use" only for minibus rental, it is necessary to confirm at the reservation stage.Therefore, in the case of minibus rental, it is necessary to make a reservation at least one week in advance, and if there is no one week, the reservation will be refused due to the law.

Old-fashioned due to the revision of the driver's license systemdrivers license(CurrentMedium-sized car licenseI made a reservation because I misunderstood that I could drive with 8 tons only), but in reality it is impossible to drive, so it may not be possible to rent it.

Since such a case is mentioned in the contract as the reason why "refusal of rental contract" can be made, it is treated as cancellation of customer's convenience.In some cases, you may have to pay a cancellation fee instead of the rental fee.

Car rental vehicle


Rent-a-car vehiclesRoad transport lawIn addition to the provisions of Article 52, it is decided based on the vehicle type classification stipulated in the "permit criteria for paid rental of private cars" set by the director of the regional transport bureau.

The shape of the car body on the car verificationhearseVehicles and shared cars (buses) with a passenger capacity of 30 or more and a total length of 7 meters or more are prohibited from being rented, and registration as a rental car is not possible.In addition, there are transportation bureaus that can rent (register) shared vehicles (buses) with a gross vehicle weight of 8 tons or more and transportation bureaus that cannot (the standards are set by the director of the regional transportation bureau, so there is a difference. ing).You can think that other vehicles will have a "wa" number.

The concept of rent-a-car does not exist because the 9th number car and 0th number car, which are classified into "large special" and "construction machinery" in the vehicle verification, are vehicles whose main purpose is not to drive on the road. It will be (Construction machineryrental).However, there are also regional transportation bureaus that have 9 and 0 number rental car registrations.

2006On March 3, the aforementioned permit criteria were revised.

Driver's license OfProficiency testThe vehicle used for the road test is number 8 (Special purpose vehicle) Is registered as the "wa" number.This is because it is necessary to pay a car rental fee when taking the proficiency test, and since it is used outside the test site (on public roads), it is recognized as a paid rental of a private car.Some large freight cars and large buses are numbered, which is also a large plate with 8 "wa" numbers (classification number 810 is used. Character light type is 818).

largeType XNUMX licenseThe vehicle used for the proficiency test is "capacity of 30 or more, gross vehicle weight of 8 tons or more, total length of 7 meters or more", which is prohibited to be rented as a bus, but in the number 8 "special purpose vehicle" Since it does not correspond to the restriction, it can be assigned a "wa" number and is in operation.In other words, the "2 number" of the "shared vehicle" avoids the regulation by adding the "8 number" of the "proficiency test vehicle" which is a special purpose vehicle.

Rental of mopeds, etc.

Attach the license plate issued by the municipalityMotorized bicycle-Minicar-Small special motor vehicleThere is no concept of rent-a-car, and if you rent a car, you do not need to rent a car (because there is no license system).However, the responsibility as a vehicle owner in case of emergency will be questioned.


  • The life of a rental car is often short, about 1 to 3 years after it is introduced as a new car.Full model changeThis is because the customer side avoids vehicles that have become obsolete due to such factors and vehicles that have extremely extended mileage (such as 10 km or more).
  • Vehicles that have finished their role as rental cars are affiliated with manufacturers.Secondhand carItems sold at retail stores or with a history of accidents may be exported overseas.When selling, it is obligatory to clearly state that it was used in the rental car and inform the purchaser.Major non-manufacturer car rental companies have stores for leasing out (lease-up, rental-up) car sales,Auto auctionIt has a venue.
  • In the case of cheap rental cars, the usage fee is reduced by deliberately introducing aged used cars.
  • Recently, long-term cheap rental cars have been commercialized, such as monthly rental cars that can be rented for one month or more, and weekly rental cars that can be rented for one week or more.
  • In recent yearsHybrid carIs being adopted more and more.

Non-life insurance companyIn most cases, the definition of "rented car" defined in the contracts, etc. is car leasing for cars with a borrowing period of more than one year and rental cars for cars with a borrowing period of less than one year.

In the past, rent-a-car vehicles had an "age limit", and aged vehicles above a certain level (useful life under tax law) could not be registered or used as rent-a-cars, but they were abolished in 1986.Also, rent a carCar leaseIt could not be procured in 1989, but it became possible due to deregulation in XNUMX.

Options / equipment

Car audio / car navigation

  • Most passenger cars in recent yearscar navigationThe system (built-in type, in-dash type or portable type) is standard equipment.Even if it is not equipped, if you handle it, you can install a portable type as an option.Car AudioRegarding, there are those that can watch CD / DVD and TV with the accessory function of the car navigation system, CD + radio, compact cassette + radio, and radio only, but most of the radio only are only for commercial vehicles, so passenger cars If you rent it, you can think that it comes with at least a CD.In addition, such as iPod and portable MD playerPortable music playerAs a response toFM transmitter(Listen to the car audio FM radio), head unitExternal input terminal,BluetoothThere are cases where the model is replaced with a model with.However, the correspondence differs depending on the car model, equipment, car rental company and sales office, so please inquire when renting.


  • Highway cardWith the abolition ofETCThe number of cases where in-vehicle devices are installed is increasing.Since the driver's or borrower's ETC card is required to use it, in advanceCredit card companyYou need to apply to.ETC mileageIn addition to requiring in-vehicle device / vehicle information at the time of registration, only one ETC card can be registered for each in-vehicle device. Registration using is difficult or prohibited.
  • Some car rental companies and sales offices may rent an ETC card as an option to customers who do not have or do not bring an ETC card.In this case, the toll will be settled when the vehicle and card are returned.[11].

ス タ ッ ド レ ス タ イ ヤ

  • In the cold season of snowy areasス タ ッ ド レ ス タ イ ヤIs equipped without omission.Depending on the rental car company or sales office, there may be a winter surcharge set, or there may be no change in the price as standard equipment on all vehicles.
  • The installation rate is low in the south of South Kanto, and vehicles with studless tires will not be assigned unless specified at the reservation stage.In addition, there are car rental companies that do not install studless tires without setting special equipment, options, or extra charges.

tire chain

  • For passenger carstire chainAlthough the number is small, the car rental company may have it in stock as equipment.
  • Commercial vehicle chains in snowy areas are often installed on vehicles (because it may not be possible to climb a slope with an empty load due to insufficient axle load).
  • There is no preparation in areas where there is rarely snow, such as Kyushu, and it may be necessary for the borrower to prepare himself when heading to a snowy area.

drive recorder

  • Rent-a-car vehicles are often driven by people who are unfamiliar with driving, and because they drive vehicles that they do not normally drive, they have a higher risk of accidents than ordinary private cars.Insurance premiums are also subject to premiums for automobile insurance contracts.
  • Therefore, as a risk hedge for car rental companiesdrive recorderIt may be used as reference information for determining the accident rate and accidents not covered by insurance.
  • In tourist destinations such as Okinawa and Hokkaido, there is a considerable demand from tourists, mainly from Honshu, who want to take home landscape videos as a memorial to their trip.There are car rental companies that hold events where you can rent a drive recorder for free if you purchase an SD card at the car rental company's store.

Sports car / European car

Bubble economyUntil the early 1990ssports carThere was a car rental company that added a type of vehicle to the lineup.Those registered as rental cars by manufacturers to promote their own vehicles, and models that were talked about (R32 type)Skyline GT-R,NSXEtc.) are registered.

Since the 2000s, by car rental companies that are trying to differentiateBMW mini,S2000,Civic type rSpecial car models such asGT-R,Rolls-Royce PhantomHigh-priced vehicle rental cars such as, etc. are also appearing, and they can escapetheftFor deterrenceKokosecomGPS position transmitters such asImmobilizerIs standard equipment.

Once, just before the withdrawal from JapanSaturn,HyundaiHas sold a large number of fleets to car rental companies for inventory disposal.

Camper van

Against the backdrop of the outdoor boomCamper vanThere are car rental companies that handle.In Japan, van conversions based on one-box cars and cab conversions based on light trucks are the mainstream, but some operators also handle light campers and minibus-based bus conversions.

Vehicle type / grade

What can be said in common with all vehicles is that there is usually no vehicle with "rent-a-car specifications", and "vehicles on the market have a" wa number "."

In the past, most passenger car grades were low-grade (low-priced) to intermediate-grade (so-called "selling") grades in terms of vehicle prices, but in recent years, in addition to these,Nissan Note NISMO,Toyota Aqua X-URBAN,Nissan SerenaHighway StarThere are a few cases where high-priced grades such as are used.However, the cheapest grade and large displacement specifications are still rare.In particularCompact carIn the class, it is not a fuel-efficient specification unless it is an intermediate grade or higher,door mirrorYou may have to be careful about driving from the aspect of equipment, such as not being equipped with the electric storage / adjustment function of.

However,Light carFor (passenger cars), the vehicle price is highLight tall wagon(Suzuki Wagon R,Daihatsu MoveEtc.) orDaihatsu Sonica-Suzuki Cervo-Mitsubishi iAnd the vehicle price is cheaper thanEsse-Alto-mirror-MinicaThere are cases where such items are rented at the same rate (this is true at many Orix Rent-A-Car and Nissan Rent-A-Car stores, but Nippon Rent-A-Car was once divided into light passenger car and light wagon classes due to the difference in vehicle prices. ).

In addition,Honda fit,Toyota CorollaIn most cases, when both gasoline and hybrid vehicles are lined up, the latter is more expensive.

In freight vehicles, there are trucks equipped with expensive lightweight loading platforms for the purpose of reducing the gross vehicle weight and reducing maintenance costs while securing the load capacity, and the freight transportation business, which is a general purchaser of ordinary trucks. "Four-wheel drive AT vehicles" will be introduced, which people will avoid from the introduction cost, fuel efficiency and maintainability.In the past, E25 seriesNissan caravanThere is a rental car grade called the standard roof of Super Long in the 10-seater wagon (normal Super Long cars have high roof specifications).As a "rent-a-car package", there are some models of minibuses that are equipped with the equipment required for rental cars as standard equipment, such as "29-seater car with refrigerator (with car navigation system)" that cannot be normally selected.

part,Car insurance,車 検I have a contract for a substitute car to use insidecar dealerIn consideration of this, some stores have vehicles (grades) that are rarely seen, and there are also cases where they own vehicles such as "unpopular colors" and "unpopular cars" in stock at low prices. ..

Manual transmission car

Currently, the overwhelming majority of rental car vehicles, including freight vehicles, are AT vehicles in Japan.It is not possible to introduce MT cars due to the increase in the ratio of young AT limited license holders who are general customers of the rental car industry, the decrease in the MT ratio when selling new cars, and the increase in models without MT specifications. However, even if MT vehicles are introduced, MT vehicles are rarely introduced due to circumstances such as the operating rate of vehicles cannot be expected.Trucks and minibuses are often rented out to people who usually only drive AT cars, so AT cars are introduced.

For this reason, many car rental companies say "(in principle).All AT carsIs described in pamphlets and web pages. Even if you use a dealer who has an MT car, you need to make a reservation, especially if you want an MT car.There are some companies that "preserve" old MT cars in anticipation of demand for substitute cars, but only a few.Most commercial vehicles and minibuses, as well as passenger cars, are ATs (even 4t trucks with MTs have AT rental cars), so when renting a commercial vehicle, the cargo and process Depending on the case, it may be better to request MT.

Outside of Japan, in North America, as in Japan, basically the vehicles prepared by rental cars are AT cars.Also in South Korea, most of them are AT cars, except for some models.On the other hand, in Europe, there are extremely few AT cars, and most of them are MT cars, so if you want an AT car, you need to specify that you want an AT car when you make a reservation.In recent years, the handling and ownership of AT cars has increased mainly in stores in major cities and airports, but the price is higher than MT cars (AT cars may be negatively assessed in the local used car market). Because most of them).

Commercial vehicle

As mentioned above, a 4-ton loading class from a light truckOld ordinary licenseTrucks that can be driven with (medium-sized 8t limited license) are common as rental cars.
From light vans to one-box, flat bodies, hooded cars, aluminum vans, and frozen carsPower gatecar,Wing car, 1 unitCar carrier carIs common, but a large load capacity of 10t classdump truck,Concrete mixer truck, 4-axle vehicles that require driving skills, trailers, and other freight vehicles that require a large license or towing license are also being registered as rental cars, and are diversifying.
mainlyConstruction machineryFlat bodies and dump trucks are available for rental companies.Load-type truck craneIn addition to (Unic car)Aerial work vehicle,Sprinkler,Moving lighting car,In-vehicle simple toilet, Construction regulation vehicle (attach an electric display board to the truck bed to announce traffic regulation),Railroad vehicleEtc. are prepared as rental cars.

License plate

Japanese car rentalLicense plateBasically all the hiragana used in"Wa"And if you use up "wa""Re"Is paid out[Annotation 3]..Light cars and light motorcycles"Wa"only[Annotation 4], Small motorcycles"Ro"or"Wa"Will be paid out.

When the classification number was two digits,Hokkaido"Re" was used for the number issued at the remote island office in Nagasaki and Kagoshima (only registered cars other than small motorcycles. In Hokkaido, the fax performance was poor at that time and "wa" was regarded as "re". Because I made a mistakeThere is a rumor[Source required] This is a lie without roots and leaves[Source required]..To distinguish it from the main island at the remote island office).

Vehicles whose license plate hiragana is "wa (re-ro)" are rental cars, but they are not necessarily "wa (re-ro)"."Vehicle verification remarks column"RentalWhether or not there is a description of "is a rental car". Rent-a-car vehicles that do not have a "wa" number have a large number of registered rental cars, and although they have been seen in some areas where the number is being paid out, they are generally fixed as "rent-a-car =" wa "number". There is an idea, the classification number is converted to 3 digits, and there is some margin until the number is exhausted, and from the viewpoint of preventing similar acts by unlicensed companies, when performing the registration procedure at the Land Transport Bureau (Light Motor Vehicle Inspection Organization), It becomes a "wa (re-ro)" number.On the contrary, if you register to stop using a rental car with a "wa (re-ro)" number as a rental car with the vehicle inspection expiration date left, the number will always be changed to the normal white number. Become.

For registered vehicles, since only Hiragana "re" or "wa" can be used, it is not possible to distinguish the payout frame by hiragana, so the classification number (the number next to the place name display) is used to distinguish.

Classification number of registered vehicle (may differ depending on the local transport bureau)

  • Last 2 digits 00: Painted middle plate of the set
  • Last 2 digits 05: Middle plate painting type
  • Last 2 digits 10: Large plate painting type
  • Last 2 digits 15: Large plate painting type
  • Last 2 digits 16: Light type in the middle plate of the set
  • Last 2 digits 17: Medium plate type light type
  • Last 2 digits 18: Large plate type light type
  • Last 2 digits 19: Large plate type light type

Special purpose automobiles (some transportation bureaus do not make the following distinctions)

  • 820: Middle plate painting type of old compact car assembly
  • 825: Middle plate painting type of old compact cars
  • 828: Medium plate light type of old compact car group
  • 829: Medium-sized light type of old compact car

There are very few payouts for single sheets, large plates, letter-light type, and small plates (motorcycles, 360cc light vehicles, registered light vehicles), and even the Transportation Bureau does not have any of these payments.Some transportation bureaus do not have a frame or a letter-light frame, and even if the frame is set, there may be no "license plate inventory".In addition, the above-mentioned frame may be changed depending on the payout situation of the general middle plate painting type.In these cases, it is necessary to notify the license plate issuing agency of the competent transportation branch office in advance and have the number prepared.

Light vehicle classification number

  • Last two digits 80: Painted middle plate of the set
  • Last two digits 99: Middle plate painting type

There are no desired numbers or letter-type numbers for light car rental cars (because there are few car rental companies that want these numbers even for registered cars, and the number of light cars that can be paid out is limited).In addition, the last two digits of the frame are "99", which overlaps with the transfer deletion number of the registered vehicle, but since "wa" is not used for the transfer deletion number, it does not overlap.

Even outside Japan, the license plates of rental cars are sometimes distinguished by letters and numbers.For exampleSouth KoreaThen,(E) ”is specified.

車 検

The vehicle inspection period for rental cars is 2 years for new registered vehicles and light vehicles / motorcycles, and 1 year for newly registered other new and used vehicles.When using a car as a rental car, it will be "shortened" within 2 years from the date of new car registration for vehicles less than 2 years after new car registration, and within 1 year from the date of registration for older vehicles. ..Even in that case, it has been paidAutomobile weight taxWill not be refunded.

Light vehicles that are not subject to inspection, such as motorcycles of 250cc or less, are not subject to the vehicle inspection system even for rental cars.


The legal inspection of rental cars is every 6 months for registered passenger cars, light cars, and motorcycles, and every 3 months for other car models.Severe condition inspections will be carried out for business use, and the inspection and maintenance record book issued by the certified maintenance factory will also be for business use.

Car rental accident

Accident type

Since rent-a-cars are other people's cars, they tend to be divided into those who handle them more carefully than their own cars and those who use them messily because they are paying.Either way, by any chanceTraffic accident-Property damage accidentIf occurs,

  • Be sure to contact the place of departure, the nearest car rental store, or the overtime telephone counter to inform them of the situation and receive instructions.bumperIf you rub the wall against the wall, damage the windshield with a stepping stone, dent the trunk with a golf bag, or any other minor damage to the car body, be sure to contact us immediately.
  • Property damage accident,Personal injuryin the case of,110And the nearestPolice boxな どPolicemenAlso report.Since the police will need an "accident certificate" when making a claim to the insurance company at a later date, the situation as it isPolice officerTell to.With the other party of the accident without the consent of the rental car companyTalksIt is forbidden to do.
  • There are differences in the content of the instructions depending on the rental car company, but as with general accident response,
    • You will be instructed to go through the process of [Rescue the injured] → [Contact the police (and rental store)] → [Confirm the other party's information] → [Confirm the other party's vehicle].
  • Running away,Rear-end collisionSuch asVictimHowever, police accident certificates are often required, so follow the same process as above.

Insurance / compensation system

In the event of an accident with a rental car, in addition to compensation to the other party, compensation to the rental car company is also required.However, car rental companies alwaysCar insurance-mutual aidBecause it is multiplied by, the borrower is at least within the specified limitTow truckArrangements etc. (JAFYou only have to pay the actual cost, a certain amount (about 5 to 20 yen, exempt from CDW subscribers) and NOC (described later).

However,Drunk driving-Overspeed-While driving-signalIgnoredrug-StimulantSuch as takingDangerous driving behaviorAndParking violationSuch asTraffic violationIn some cases, the insurance may not be available for accidents caused by driving by another person who has not been notified at the time of rental (as stipulated in the contract), so you should try to drive safely without thinking easily. Is.

You will be informed about insurance, additional options, and compensation during the reservation / rental procedure.It is a system that protects you in case of emergency, so you should receive explanations until you are satisfied.

  • The rental car company has the following three conditions for rental carsCar insuranceAlternatively, the permit standard stipulates that you must join the automobile mutual aid.
    • Personal insurance: 8000 million yen or more / person
    • Objective insurance: 200 million yen or more / case
    • Passenger insurance: 500 million yen or more / person

As a minimum requirement, the above car insurance is always included, but it cannot be said to be satisfactory.

A special contract has been added that gives priority to payment in the case of an accident caused by a rental car.Car insuranceUnless the driver himself has subscribed, you can buy the peace of mind that you can buy.As an additional option, there are often plans to extend the limit of compensation to unlimited interpersonal and unlimited objectives.Not to mention unlimited interpersonal, but also for objectives, for exampleRailroad crossingEnormous from the parties involved in the accidentRestitution for DamagesIt is recommended to join because there are cases where you are billed or collide with expensive items.

"Options recommended at stores (*Not insurance) ”Disclaimer compensation system(CDW,Collision Damage Waiver ).Participation is voluntary, and in the unlikely event of an accident, the above insurance exemption amount (some companies also have a compensation system that is subject to payment exemption for non-operation charges described later).[12]) Is not required to be paid.However, those who have been licensed for a certain period of time (Beginner driverIn addition, there are car rental companies that cannot join regularly (those under the age of 21) and those with a history of accidents.In addition, this system may not be provided by companies that set up cheap rental cars or islands.

In case of damage or accident, as a compensation fee for suspension of vehiclesNon-operation charge/NOCIs charged in principle. The amount billed by the NOC depends on whether or not the accident vehicle can be self-propelled to the store and returned. NOC is for "compensation (nuisance fee)", not for goods and servicesconsumption taxIs not taxed.


When a passenger abandons a rental car, the business transfers it to the sales office, but the driver engaged in the rental car forwarding has an excessively long driving distance.SleepIt has been pointed out that dangerous driving has become a norm due to shortages.As a factor, most of the drivers said "Sole proprietorshipWhat is a trader?SubcontractingIt is said that this is because they only have a contract and there is no obligation for safety management to the contractor.[13].

2013IsOsakaRent-a-car forwarding company "" in the driverOverspeedAs the company was forced to do it on a daily basisThe presidentAnd executivesKyoto District Public Prosecutor's OfficeToDocument inspectionBut these executivesIndictmentHas been disposed of[14].

Australian car rental

AustraliaDue to the vast land area, it is physically difficult to move between cities by rental car, and in the suburbs there are sections where the road conditions are not good, and collisions with wild animals may occur.[15]..Therefore, even when using a rental car that travels between multiple cities, fly & drive combined with an airplane is often used.[15].

Car rental in Australia generally has an age limit of 25+[15]..However, some small and medium-sized car rental companies are 21 years old or older.[15].

Car sharing

Car sharing (English: carsharing) is a service or system that generally uses a specific car among registered members.Although it is similar to a rental car in terms of renting a car, it is generally assumed to be used for a much shorter time than a rental car, and is often set to be more convenient and cheaper than a rental car for users. ..


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注 釈

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