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📺 | Introducing the synopsis and cast of all the masterpiece drama "Kita no Kunikara" series!


Introducing the synopsis and cast of all the masterpiece drama "Kita no Kunikara" series!

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Meanwhile, Goro (Kunie Tanaka) loved Kaoru (Tomoko Nakajima)'s son, Kai (Naritada Nishimura) very much.

The drama "Kita no Kunikara", based on the original story by Satoshi Kuramoto, is a masterpiece drama that started broadcasting in 1981.Set in the wilderness of Hokkaido ... → Continue reading

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Naritada Nishimura

Kunie Tanaka

Kunie Tanaka(Tanaka Kunie,1932May 11 - 2021May 3) Is JapaneseAn actor.

movies·Wakadaishō seriesIn the TV drama "Rat Snake"From the northern countryPlayed Goro Kuroita and became a national actor.[2]..Other"Abashiri Bangaichi Series""The Battle Series Without Religion"Izakaya Choji''Tasmanian storyAppeared in many movies and dramas such as[2][3].. 『Dedicated to pre-school and extra curricular"The Japan Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor,"Wolf with children In that little hand』In actingBlue ribbon awardReceived the Supporting Actor Award.Asahi day small badgeAward[1].


GifuToki CityTokitsucho (at that time)Toki DistrictTokitsucho) From[2].Reitaku Junior CollegeEnglish graduate[4][5].

Reitaku Junior CollegeAfter graduating, in junior high school in my hometown GifuSubstitute teacherServed as an assistant teacher for XNUMX months, teaching Japanese, English, and physical education.[6]..However, he was not confident as an educator, he could not scold his child, and when he decided to quit his teacher, he decided to go on the path of an actor who had given up once.[6].. When I took the exam for the third time, the actress who was an examinerChieko HigashiyamaSaid, "You are here again." After 3 years of training school lifeActorAlthough he was promoted to a seat, it was a breakthrough in the narrow gate of 47 out of 3 people.For the 7th generation synchronizationHisashi Ikawa-Shigeru Tsuyuguchi-Yamamoto Manabu-Jūkei Fujioka・ ・Kumi MizunoThere is[2].

1957 years,Tadashi ImaiFirst appeared in the movie "Junai Monogatari" directed by[3]..Because of its strong appearance,Action moviePlays the role of a thug or a hitman[7], 1961Tohomovies"Young general of the university], The young general's rivalBlue generalAppeared in a role.He performed well with characters who are villains but comical and can't hate.Wakadaishō seriesBecome an immovable regular[2].Kihachi OkamotoAlso liked, he has appeared in 11 films, which is the largest number by director.

Appeared in 1965Fuji Television Network, IncThe drama ofYoung peopleWas made into a movie, the 22ndEvery day movie contestReceived the Actor Leading Award and became known in the living room[3].

"Abashiri Bangaichi Series"soKen TakakuraComical performance of a younger brother who longs for the hero who plays[3], Which started in 1973The Battle Series Without ReligionIn ", he played Masakichi Makihara, a sly gangster who renewed his image.[2][3][8][9][10].. In the 1970sToei OfReal movieLeft a strong impression centered on[3][8][11].

In 1973, he left the Haiyuza Theater Company with Ikawa et al.Abe KoboAfter acting together with, it becomes free.

Since the 1980s, the number of appearances in movies has decreased, but since 1981, "From the northern countryThe role of Goro Kuroita, a father who warmly watches over his two children while having conflicts in the series, will be known nationwide.[2].

1993,Dedicated to pre-school and extra curricularPlaying the role of a worker who attends junior high school at night while struggling17th Japan Academy AwardReceived the Best Supporting Actor Award.

Appeared from 1988 to 1995Taisho PharmaceuticalAt the end of the year TV commercial for "Taisho Chinese Medicine Gastrointestinal Medicine", he performed as an entertainer singing and dancing.columnist OfNancy SekiReceived acclaim from[12][13], Of the writerNobuhiko KobayashiWas highly evaluated by[14].

A movie released in 2010The last Chushingura』, And then move away from the front stage as an actor[15].

June 2012, 6, "From the Northern Country" "Okabiki Dobu』And co-starred in many worksTakeo DiiDied. He was listed as one of the founders at the "Farewell Party" held at Aoyama Funeral Hall on August 8.In "Thank you words" by the seven representatives of the attendees,Hidetaka YoshiokaFinally, he stood in front of the altar and spoke to Jii's deceased, "I still can't believe it" and "I want to see you! I want to see you (brother), I want to see you!"The figure at this time became the last figure that stood in front of the public[16].

Released on January 2013, 11Weekly women(December 2013, 12 issue), "Kunie Tanaka (3) broom one-handed retired life'actor retirement'direct shot!"[17], It was reported that he refused the job request because he couldn't enter the long line.Fuji TV broadcast on the same dayInformation program"Nonstop!In response to a telephone interview, his wife said, "I think it's physically difficult," and while revealing that Tanaka is on leave, "I have a dream of acting with my husband and wife for a long time. Nothing, because Kunie Tanaka's life itself is an actor, "he said, avoiding the statement that he would retire, thinking of Tanaka's feelings.[18][19][20].. 2015,Weekly post(October 2015, 10 issue), it was reported that he moved into the facility and is living a rehabilitation life.

As of October 2017, I returned home from the facility and am getting better, butwheelchairMy wife replied to the interview that she did not know about her return as an actor as her life continued.[15].. As of September 2019, it is speculated by neighboring residents that they may have moved into the facility again, but his wife said,Weekly Hyundai』I was refusing to interview from[21]..Satoshi Kuramoto said, "I was in a facility (Tanaka was a long-term care worker)."[22].

2021:3 am, May 24, 11,SenilityDied because of[23]..90 years old (88 years old).

August 2021, 4,Fuji Television Network, IncThen the original program schedule (movie "Geostorm”) Changed to“ Tanaka ’s masterpiece ”'87 first love from the northern country"Saturday Premium』In the frameSpecial memorial programBroadcast as, and displayed a memorial telop at the beginning of the program[24].


When co-stars appear on talk shows and variety shows, numerous episodes about their behavior and behavior that come from their serious and shy personality are often featured as "Kunie Tanaka Banashi."The unique narrative tone and facial expressionsImitationIt has become a staple of material,Kosakai machineBecame more widely known by taking up Goro Kuroita in "Kita no Kunikara" and Tanaka in the backstage as a story.

Even if there is a request for a talk show or lecture, I basically refuse, "Tetsuko's room"[25]"Hello from Studio ParkI have refused to appear in talk shows such as ”, but in November 1998, a cinema personality living in Yamagata.Yukihiro AraiIn response to a strong request from the coupleYamagataVisitTendo cityHold the first talk show in Seisei.Arai was the listener at this talk show, and Tanaka was impressed by the joy of the audience.Since then, both couples have liked Yamagata's humanity, food, hot springs, and scenery, so they visit Yamagata 2-3 times a year, including private trips, and appear in talk shows to get to know people from all over the prefecture. On the other hand[26], Arai frequently appears on Yamagata Broadcasting / FM Yamagata radio programs, and is one of his friends. In 2007, the "Tanaka Kunie Film Festival" planned by seven "friends" in the prefecture, including Arai, was held at the "Denkoku no Mori / Okitama Culture Hall" in Yonezawa City, and three representative works (""Young people''Uhoho Expedition''Dedicated to pre-school and extra curricular』) Screening and talk show[27][28].. Since he appeared in many movies in his 30s and 40s, he had never seen the movie in which he appeared on the screen of a movie theater, and at this time he was watching the work as one of the audience for the first time.

In 1988Reitaku Mizunami High SchoolSo, in 2009, my hometown, Gifu prefectureToki CityNext toMizunamiAnd Chiba PrefectureKashiwaA talk show was held with Arai at Reitaku Gakuen. In June 2010, with Arai, "Good trip dream feeling』Appeared.This is Tanaka's firstTravel programIt became an appearance.

Co-starred from the mid-1960s to the early 1980sKen TakakuraI respect you. The movie "Yasha]Comic artistwasBeat takeshiWas invited by Takakura to practice Manzai.[29].

Height 167 cm, blood type O.


The eldest daughterJapan Broadcasting CorporationPublic Relations DirectorJunko Tanaka[30].

Model homage

Due to its unique appearance, it has become a model for some cartoon characters.

  • Eiichiro OdaBy "ONE PIECE』Episode 550" Navy Headquarters "is one of the three" Admirals "of the Navy Headquarters" highest strength "chasing the pirate Luffy who is the main characterBorsalino[31](Commonly known as "Kizaru(Kizaru) ") is Kunie Tanaka from" Battle Without Honor and Justice "[32].
  • Takahashi climbBy "Song of the Dragon] The main character, Reiji Kikukawa, who appears in the first volume, "Reiji Kikukawa," belongs toMichio Sakami, the chief of the Tanibukuro police station(Michio Sakami).Reiji is appointed as an undercover investigator to arrest the chairman of the Wide Area Boryokudan as a super secret mission.
  • Norio Hayashi-Oshima EasyBy "Father detective』Appeared in Volume 11" Kakomi Article "Shiro Katagiri, a reporter for the Tokyo Central Newspaper(Let's do it).Later, he was in charge of the Shibata-cho police station where the main character, Shibata's parent and child, was in charge of the police, and if he saw it as his favorite type, he would attack regardless of who he was.


Appearance work

* "-" Is the role name


TV drama






  • You're alone / I'm crying (June 1971,Toho Records, AS-1068) -Both songs are written by:Shohei Mozu, Composition/Arrangement:
  • Sammy Baugh (Lyrics:Yu Aku, Composition:Ono, Arrangement:Toshiyuki Inoue) / Like a traveler (lyrics:Tokai Ryo, Composition / Arrangement: Takayuki Inoue) (1981, SW06-2)


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