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🤖 | "Ikki Tousen Extra Burst" collaboration event with the anime "Ikki Tousen Great Guardians" ...


"Ikki Tousen Extra Burst" animation "Ikki Tousen Great Guardians" collaboration event ...

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A gacha to commemorate the collaboration with the anime "Ikki Tousen Great Guardians" will be available for a limited time!

Marvelous is ani ... in "Ikki Tousen Extra Burst" being distributed for iOS / Android / PC. → Continue reading


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Ikki Tousen Great Guardians

Capsule toy

Capsule toyIs smallvending machineIs a kind ofcoinIt was placedleverTurningcapsuleWithtoyAnd the toys that have been taken out.

Get a Getaway,Capsule toy machine,Gashapon,Gacha,Pea cupThere are various names depending on the times, regions, and manufacturers, etc., but these are all called "capsule toys" because of the trademark.


Capsule toy is a general term for mini toys produced by capsule vending machines. There are also cases where products other than toys are contained (described later). This is a sales system in which several kinds of products (of the same series) are put in one vending machine, and one of them comes out randomly. Also, the capsule itself is mostly semi-transparent and the contents are visible (some are not transparent, but it is secret that what is inside).

The coin is set in the coin insertion part of the main body and the product is taken out by rotating the lever. Depending on the type and number of coins used, 10 yen, 50 yen, 100 yen, 200 yen, 500 yen There are types such as for use, and the model that matches the price of the enclosed product is used. Some coins use special medals that are sold separately instead of coins. 2019,Bandai Electronic moneyStarted installing "Smart Gashapon" that supports payment[1].

The capsule vending machine itselfAmericaIt was invented in. sphereGumWas started as a small vending machine, and eventually, in addition to spherical gum, the sale of small toys in spherical capsules also began, and became popular in the United States.

in Japan1965Imported from USA to[2],1970 eraHas spread all over the country. The number of manufacturers entering the market has increased, and with the addition of original toys, copyrighted characters have become more popular.Mom-and-pop candy store,supermarketIt is often installed in, for example, there are often multiple devices in one place.ShokuganThe number of capsule toys has increased to a wide variety as the fashion and figures have become popular.2000 eraAfter that, there appeared a specialty store with only dozens or hundreds of capsule vending machines,(I.e.There is also a case where you can install it in the local area and handle local goods[3][4][5].. As a unique installation example,Wakayama Electric Railwayof"Toy train"Railway carIn the carWest Japan RailwayCircular bus for tourism "GreenHas installed a capsule vending machine inside the bus.

Manufacturers and shops have value merchandisingAtelier Aya, Exhaust, Epoch, Kaiyodo, Cafe Leo, Ashikaga Cosmos, Yamato Cosmos, Konami, CM's Corporation, Spring, Solid Theater, Toys Planning, Toys Works, Vice, Bandai, Banpresto, Millennium (Konno Sangyo), Megahouse, Takara Tommy Arts (formerly Eugene), ARTS-TV: Video content from manufacturers, Japanese style toy stores, Ishikawa toys, etc.

Items with similar sales form

In the same way, even if you insert coins and turn the dial to purchase, it is not contained in the capsule,Gum,Super ball,Trading cards(This is especiallyCarddassThere are also vending machines such as. In addition, some coins are inserted like ordinary vending machines, and vending machines for boxed toys such as lowering levers, mover vehicles, game machines (equivalently sell products), past There was also a life-size hero type (such as the theme song flowing out of the capsule).

Enclosed toys and products

Enclosed toys include Value Merchandise (Nissho Trading Co., Ltd.)CosmosAs seen in other productsKindergartenからprimary schoolPer middle school yearchildrenMainly targeted at, for example, trendy itemseraser(I can't actually erase itPVC(Mostly rubber figures), etc.Super car eraser,monstereraser,KinnikumanEraser (kin eraser)SD GundamMainlyAnimeCharacter eraser,Wrestlereraser,Professional wrestlerEraser, etc. were made. In addition, in the case of products that are exchanged at the store, the capsules for exclusive use for the permutation are directly included or the per hit paper is enclosed.GlicoMany things like bonuses were included.

after that,Bandai OfGashaponHG seriesExpand awareness to the world withEugeneHas become a blockbuster product medium that develops numerous series with other companies. Since the latter half of the 1990s, sales channels have expanded not only to children but also to older age groups, and quality has also risen (because of the high quality, prices have risen slightly. Since 2010, most of the price increases have been due to rising costs in China. ..). Popularly based on dramas, manga, anime and gamesGeekThere are many enthusiastic products for sale, but in addition to the original toys for children as in the past, there are a wide variety of products from realistic to surreal.

Also, it is not suitable for children due to the rising social climate that promotes the healthy development of young people.character,armsLimit purchase of products with the motif such as to those over the age of 15age limitIs introduced,voluntary restraintsHowever, since there is no vending machine equipped with an age authentication device yet, children under the age of the target age can easily purchase products subject to the age restriction. As with vending machines, there may be some problems.

2000 eraThan,(I.e.・Regarding capsule vending machines installed for specific areas, limited products (Pins,strap,Drawstring bag,Coupon, Etc.) are included as local goods.[3][4][5].

Due to the nature of the sales form, these toys cannot be selected and purchased by themselves, and the method of exchanging duplicates with other people to prepare all is also used, so the contents can be similarly selected. It is sometimes called "trading toy" or "trading figure" in combination with non-food toys.

Transferring terms

As described above, after purchasing, after changing from the prize system where the product is not confirmed until it is paid out,video game,In particularsocial game(On non-actual data)ItemSometimes characters and characters are also sold and acquired in this form, so the sales form of these games and random items on the Internet is "○○ Gacha" (○○ is the product name,Avatar, Items, words such as complete enter) are often called. With regard to these emissions, it was stipulated in a later year that the supply ratio would be presented due to problems such as gambling gambling and overcharging.

A similar system in EnglishRoot box(Loot Box, meaning loot box).

Hong Kong capsule toys

There is a capsule toy called Naudan in Hong Kong.[6].. It is a Cantonese-specific word, and "Kan" means the action of turning the handle of a machine, and "Dan" means a cylindrical capsule that holds small toys and figures. The "Phoenix" consists of three elements, the cover, the paper and the shell.[7], The cover is the product description on the machine, the paper is a detailed description of the toys inside, and the shell is the cylindrical plastic on the outside. It is popular not only for children but also for adults and is sold at various stores.[8].

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