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📺 | Suzu Hirose rushes to establish the position of “big actress”! Is there a shadow of my sister Alice behind the two consecutive drama stars?


Suzu Hirose rushes to establish the position of "big actress"! Is there a shadow of my sister Alice behind the two consecutive drama stars?

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"'Natsuzora' is the 100th work of the morning drama, so NHK never mossed, and put all its energy into it, Nanako Matsushima, Naohito Fujiki, Masao Kusakari, Tomoko Yamaguchi, Masaki Okada, Manami Higa and others. Since the gorgeous cast has solidified the armpit, the average audience rating of 21.0% can be said to be a natural result.

This spring, Suzu Hirose will star in a series of dramas.Hirose is a special broadcast on March 3th ... → Continue reading

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Masao Okada

Masao Okada(Masaki Okada,1989May 8[1] -) isJapan OfAn actor.TokyoEdogawa-kuBackground[1][2].Stardust promotionBelongs.


When I was in the second year of middle schoolHarajukuI refused because I was enthusiastic about the activities of the basketball club at the time, but after going to high school I contacted the office and made my debut.[3].

2006,Nippon Kogakuin CollegeDebuted with CM. In the same year, the TV drama "Tokyo girl』(BS-i) Make a drama debut[3].

2007,movies"Natural kokkokko",TV drama"Students!』(TV Asahi), "To you who are in full bloom ~ Handsome ♂ Paradise ~』(Fuji Television Network, Inc) Is the main cast.

2008,TV drama"Balloon and sister』(TV Asahi) first starring.

From winter 200820095 movies that appear in the leading role ("Important things for magicians], [Gravity clown], [Halfway], [Honoka Aboy], [I devote my first love to you)) will be released one after another. With these, the new movie award at the 2009 movie award is swept.

In 2009, starred in the movie "Honoka A Boy" for the first time. In the same year, the TV drama "Otomen ~ Summer ~』(Fuji TV) first starring a serial drama. Also, although I was enrolled in a university in Tokyo in parallel with my entertainment activities, I dropped out of the university at the end of 2009.[4][5], Concentrate on acting.

2010,Ryuichi HirokiDirector's movie "Thunder cherry"soHistorical dramaFirst appearance[6].. movies"Confession』In the role of a teacher with a feverish spin,Bad guy』In the poor performance good-looking college students and habitual supporting roles,34th Japan Academy AwardWas nominated for the Supporting Actor Award from two works[7].

2012,Kiyomori Taira"soYoritomo GengenPlay a part,NHKTaiga dramaIt is the first appearance and also in charge of narration. At that time, at the age of 22, he was the youngest in the history of Taiga drama to play the role of Minamoto no Yoritomo and to be in charge of narration.[8].

2014 years,Yukio NinagawaStage by production "Total eclipse -Total Eclipse-, The 19th century French poetArthur RamboStarred in a role[9].


  • Brothers have an older sister and a younger sister.Family relations seem to be good on the programShofuiteiHe was holding back tears when he read a letter from his family.
  • Haraichi OfYu SawabeThey are so close that they can talk to each other about their love affairs.




TV drama

TV program

Delivery drama

  • North Wind Court ~ Iron Kamen Lawyer / Fuka Sakuragawa ~ (March 2017th, 3th, 10,hulu)-Yota Kojiya
  • Sun's Court-Fighting Lawyer, Yota Kojitani-(March 2017, 3, 24, hulu)-Starring Yota Kojitani
  • Yamagishi, but something(July 2017, hulu)-Masakazu Saka

Radio program

Radio Drama

  • JFN series ``Hisashi Yamada's Radian Limited FRadio drama “Letter to Heaven” (November 2014st, 11th, 21, TOKYO FM) *This is a related work of the movie “Shinokoshi” and the main cast will make a total appearance.[59][60]



Music video


  • aloha. Masao Okada in Honoka Aboy (released March 2009, 3,Pia
  • Fragment of the Future (August 2016, 8, Gambit)[105]


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