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🎥 | Shinobu Otake, produced by pacific saury Akashiya "Nikuko-chan at the fishing port" Voice of the main character pacific saury "Thank you for receiving it"


Shinobu Otake, pacific saury Akashiya produced "Nikuko-chan at the fishing port" Voice of the main character pacific saury "Thank you for receiving it"

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Comments from pacific saury Akashiya and Shinobu Otake have also been released.

The voice of the main character, Nikuko-chan, in the anime movie "Fishing Port Nikuko-chan" produced by pacific saury Akashiya, is the voice of her ex-wife, Dai ... → Continue reading

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Akashi family

Akashiya pacific saury(Akashiya pacific saury,1955〈Showa30 years>May 7 -) isJapan Ofcomedian,chairperson.

Yoshimoto KogyoBelongs. My real name isTakafumi Sugimoto(Takafumi Sugimoto).In program planning and composition, credit may be given under the real name.


Rakugo performerSecond generation aiming forShofutei MatsunosukeBecame a disciple ofEfukutei pacific sauryDebuted as a talent, but at the recommendation of his master, he turned to a talent and changed his name.Akashi familyI changed it to.

1970 eraOne of the national comedy stars who has been active on the front lines of the entertainment world from the second half to the present.Beat takeshi-TamoriLined up withComedy BIG3Is called.


Born in 1955 as the second son of a fishery processing industry in Kushimoto Town, Wakayama Prefecture. Moved to Nara prefecture at the age of 3 and is an elementary school from which he was born.Nara City Kosaka Elementary SchoolThe flying squirrels caught in elementary school are displayed in.At that time, it became a hot topic as a "boy who caught flying squirrels."At the recommendation of the teacherTodaiji Gakuen Junior High SchoolI took the exam but failed, and thenNara City Mikasa Junior High SchoolGot to[3].NaraMiddle school studentsSumoI have been second in the tournament.On the other hand, pacific saury himself later said on a TV program that he had been in the sumo club for about a week when he was in junior high school.[4].

When he was in Nara Commercial High School, he confessed on the radio that he had escaped from class and played pachinko and distributed the income he earned to his friends.[5].


In February 1974, when he was in his third year of high school, he became a disciple of Matsunosuke Shofukutei.[2]..The motivation for getting started was Matsunosuke's at the Kagetsu Theater.New RakugoIs because it was interesting.When I met him for the first time, when asked by Matsunosuke why he chose me, pacific saury intended to convey his honest feelings, saying, "I have a good sense." Replies "Sora, big"[6]..Immediately after this day, Matsunosuke took pacific saury to the radio station where he worked.[6].

Officially started uchi-deshi training in March after graduating from high school[6]..The introductory life was not so strict except that it was cut off, and it was a liberalism.[7]..In the era of underlayingHyogoNishinomiyaLives in "Daiichi Kusugawaso" in Imazukusugawa-cho.The Takaza name was given "pacific saury Akashiya".

However, within half a year, he threw away his uchideshi training and moved to Tokyo with the woman he was dating at the time.[8], Trying to launch a flag in Tokyo[9](The so-called "Saury elopement case").Matsunosuke saw the saury getting thinner than when he first started, and understood that he had a woman, and said, "There are various things when you are young," and let him do what he wanted.[9]..However, life in Tokyo did not go well, and pacific saury borrowed a book from Matsunosuke when he returned to Osaka temporarily.[9] I visited Matsunosuke's house with the excuse of returning the saury, but Matsunosuke encouraged the saury with a bright voice without scolding him at all.At this time, he did not officially return to his discipleship, but Matsunosuke said, "pacific saury will be back, so I'll ask you.[9]A woman who had been dating pacific saury soon after married another man, and pacific saury decided to return to the inner discipleship training, as she was rooting in the upper storytelling world and Yoshimoto Kogyo.Namba KagetsuWhen I visited Matsunosuke's dressing room, Matsunosuke said, "Don't say anything, follow me![9]The ramen shop where I went to eat for the first time as a teacher[10] I took out the saury.

Kansai local era

July 1976, ``11PM"ofYomiuri TelevisionIn the "Coming-of-age ceremony of rakugoka", which was broadcast live on the production day (Osaka Eleven) and gathered and talked about 20-year-old rakugoka in the studio, Sanmaha was not named Shofu-tei.Akashi familyAs synchronousKatsura TwigAppeared with others, and this was their TV debut.

In the show, the facilitatorChisato Kaihara (Emiko Kaminuma)Then, in response to the question, "Who knows any technique other than the forty-eight sexual moves?", Only pacific saury raised his hand and answered, "Drop upside down ten characters," and explained the technique.The studio was laughing, but the moderatorYoshimoto FujimotoIn addition, he was reprimanded even during the actual broadcast, saying, "I only know Sanmakai sardines, but there are things that are bad and bad on TV. Remember that much and come out!"However, he was appearing on the programYokoyama YasushiHe liked it, saying, "Go for a drink!", And the next day, Yasushi said to Yoshimoto Kogyo's employees that "Saury is interesting."Matsunosuke, who was watching this broadcast, later praised pacific saury very much.Matsunosuke instructed him to "wear a red blazer" instead of a kimono, saying that "it cannot be sold in the same way as a person", and many of the performers wore red blazer for business use in kimono according to the advice. The saury who talked a lot when he attended the broadcast was a prominent presence.[6].

Shinji Sashiki, an employee of Yoshimoto Kogyo, had the impression that pacific saury at that time was "a type of person who has few words and is shy, but when he interacts with people, he changes and shines like a different person." I want to stand up (from the cushion). "This meant that pacific saury wanted to stop rakugo and develop him as a comic storyteller and TV personality, but Matsunosuke soon turned from a rakugo storyteller to a talent.At the same time, the name was changed from "Sanma Akashiya" to the name of "Akashiya", which many of Matsunosuke's subordinates at that time were calling themselves, and changed to pacific saury Akashiya as a comic talker as when he appeared at 11PM.

BrotherhoodAkashi family KorokuManzai combination withRyusuke MatsumotoBefore forming a combination withShimada ShinsukeIn addition to conducting sales activities such as hosting events, on stageB&B,Norio / Yoshio,The BonchiHe was also active in the control unit "Beer's 7" with Lato.

In Manzai with Oroku, with Oroku's ad libShigeru Kobayashi(At that timeYomiuri GiantsWhen he was shaken to show off the pitching form of the pitcher) and actually imitated the form, it was appealing to customers and gradually became popular.[11]. afterwards,Katsura SaegusaCaught my eyes,Every day broadcastingPopular program "Young Oh! Oh!』Began to appear regularly, around 1978[11] Became regular.Nicknamed "Chappy" after Saegusa's nickname "Sunny," he gradually emerged while being nurtured by Saegusa's love and rigor.Hayashiya Kozome-Tsukitei Happo-Katsura Kinue-Katsura BunchinReorganized the in-program unit "The Panda" and launched "Sunny's Osaka Special (SOS)" with pacific saury, and left the seniors behind to take charge of the first corner, recording alone. Will soon become popular as an idol, especially in the Kansai region.

The first regular show in the media was in 1978.Every day broadcasting"Fureai Square definitive edition"[11].

Become a star in the national district

My first job in Tokyo was the 1978 Fuji TV New Year special program "Hatsumode, Saegusa's laughter hit parade"was.

Producer'sYokozawa AkiraFrom the encounter with "Star thousand nightsWill be heavily used in many programs that Yokozawa is in charge of, such as appearing in.Around the same time in October 1979Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.With regulars such as "Akashiya pacific saury's All Night Nippon", he gradually began to expand into Tokyo, and in the 1980s,Manzai boomRiding on "THE MANZAIAppeared inSpring wind bower morningAnd show off improvisational comics,1980"Broadcast start"If you're laughing!"Become regular.

And1981Started inWe Hyokin", And became a signboard performer with Beat Takeshi, and started broadcasting in the same year.pacific saury's Saturday Night Show"(Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.)so,Crown programHas won. From April 1984, the program "If you are laughing!"You can laugh!In addition to moving from the center of Osaka to the center of Tokyo, such as becoming a regular on Friday, he established himself as an Osaka entertainer in Tokyo, which was seen below at that time.The first drama appearance in Tokyo was broadcast on TBS series for half a year from October 1980.Emperor's cooking number"was.

1985, 1thTokyo International Film FestivalIn, he will be the MC with Tamori.At a later date, the moderator was "playful moderator" and "Sophie MarceauToGet to know"The disposition to say" is accused on the newspaper. I was supposed to be the general moderator from the second time onward, but I was dismissed once.[12].

During this time, he was extremely busy, making many round trips a week between Osaka and Tokyo. August 1985, 8, "MBS Young TownTo appear in ItamiJapan AirlinesI was planning to board Flight 123, but the recording of "Hyokin-zoku" before boarding ended earlier than planned, and it was one flight earlier.ANABecause I transferred to the flightThe crashEscaped.In "Young Town," which was broadcast on the same day, he couldn't hide his shock, saying, "I always use the flight ...", and taking this experience as an opportunity, I started to use the Shinkansen to move between Tokyo and Osaka.In addition, the inscription of pacific saury's motto born from this experience is "Make a whole profit just by livingAnd my daughterIMALUIs the origin of the name[13]..At that time, a two-shot photo with "Tokyo's mistress" who had a "cohabitation" relationship for one year and three months was posted, but he laughed brightly and cheerfully and did not become a big scandal.[14].

From 1986 monthTBSTV drama"7 men and women summer story, The sequel to it since October 1987, "7 men and women autumn story』, And became a national star in both name and reality, with the highest audience rating exceeding 30%.

1987 year 4 month,Namco(CurrentBANDAI NAMCO Entertainment)ButNESSoftware "pacific saury Detective] Is released and gains popularity.However, Yoshimoto Kogyo allowed the manufacturer to produce and sell it without obtaining his permission, so it was only after the release that he knew the facts.

July 7th of the same year-The first live broadcast from July 18thFNS 27-hour TV-FNS Super Special XNUMX Million TV Dream Islands』In charge of general moderator with Tamori.In the midnight cornerFriday incidentI was reluctantBeat takeshiAppeared.With this as a trigger, even Tamori, Takeshi, and Mr. Tamori created a plan to play a golf program on New Year's Day, and the title became "BIG3", and as a result, these three people came to be called BIG3.Next time1988Declined to host,1989Also"FNS Super Special 89 Million TV Dream Islands 'XNUMXI was in charge of the general moderator with Tamori again.

Marriage and divorce

In October 1988, the actress who was datingShinobu OtakeIn 1989, his daughter, IMALU, was born.

At the same time that "Hyokin-zoku" ended broadcasting in October 1989, he began to save his work for a while to concentrate on childcare, and regular programs on the nationwide network also included "Waratte Iitomo" and "pacific saury no Manma], [Appare pacific saury Dai-sensei], And the regular program of the golden band was gone for a while.In 1991, he participated in the OVA "The Easy Rainbow Seen by Lili" as a draft and voice actor (role of Joe) (role of Lili is Shinobu Otake).Also published as a picture book under the name of pacific saury (the story isWriter OfRyoichi KimizukaAlthough it showed a homely image, such as (made by), it temporarily dropped to 5th place in NHK's "Favorite Talent Survey" which was 1st place for 15 consecutive years. The popularity was bleak[15].

Divorced with Shinobu Otake in September 1992.Bubble burstCoupled with this, the 8 million yen mansion couldn't be sold for a while, and he was also gag about self-deprecation such as "If you feel sympathy, buy a house."After a few years, it was sold down to 5 million yen, leaving 3 million yen in debt.[16]..Therefore, from April 1992, "pacific saury no Super Karakuri TV(From April 1996, "pacific saury no Super Karakuri TV") ", from April 4,"Even nan of pacific saury is derby, From October 1994,The mess of love』Has increased the amount of work, such as the start of broadcasting, and the above-mentioned favorability survey also ranked first in 1995 for the first time in six years, and has been ranked first again since 6.

In September 1995, due to a feud with the program staff, he dropped "Waratte Iitomo!", Which appeared as a regular on Friday for 9 and a half years.However, even after that, he appeared as a guest on a regular basis until the end of the program in March 11.

Seven men and women autumn storySince then, he has refrained from appearing in a drama as the lead role, but in the latter half of the 1990s, he will star in the movie at an annual pace.

Other than that, on January 1996, 1, Fuji TV's popular detective drama "Renzabu FuruhataIn the first special of Season 2, he will play Kiyoshi Koshimizu, an acquaintance of Furuhata's subordinate, Constable Imaizumi.[Annotation 1]..However, there are many lines, and for pacific saury who can not remember it, the starringTamura MasakazuSaid during the shooting, "If I make a mistake next time, I'll be back."However, immediately after that, Tamura himself issued the first NG in "Furuhata Ninzaburo", and pacific saury jokingly said to Tamura, "You, lend me this. This is Aikoya."As a result, all the staff froze, and pacific saury was called to another room by the staff and scolded, "That's no good." After that, I managed to finish the shooting in a situation where I could never get NG.In the first season, the average audience rating was in the middle of 10%, but this broadcast played a role in raising the audience rating to 25% and making Furuhata a popular series.

As a great comedian

Until the 90's, as represented by the chat corner on Friday of "Iitomo" and the "garage entry case", even in the standing position of BIG3, there were many roles to be tampered with by Beat Takeshi and Tamori.[17], From around the late 90'sNine TineWhen junior entertainers who are more than one turn away at the beginning come out more and more and begin to change to the position of a big figure as one of the comedy BIG3, it will be more stoic for comedy to junior entertainers, so it will be in production for that reason. Ninety-nine when he made a guest appearance on "Mecha-Mecha" due to the large number of bad thingsTakashi OkamuraFromComedy monster』, And it became established as a synonym for saury.[18].

SMAPHe deepened his friendship with each other and co-starred with each member on many programs.As a regular once a year, including special programs, from 2000 to 2016Masahiro NakaiWhen"I can't sleep tonight in pacific saury/Nakai』, And from 2003 as a special program for the New YearKimura TakuyaWhen"San taku』Co-starring.

In 2003, the TBS drama "Song of sugar cane field』, And received high praise, such as winning the 15 Agency for Cultural Affairs Arts Festival TV Division Grand Prize.However, in response to the harsh location peculiar to war movies, he said, "I don't want to appear in a war drama again," and the famous line in the drama, "I wasn't born to do this. Is a parody of himself and makes a funny story.

IMALU made its debut in the entertainment world in 2009.At first, he was strongly opposed to it, but when he made his debut, he suddenly gave up after being told by his ex-wife Otake the day before the announcement, and sent advice saying, "Anyway, double the effort of people."[19].

August 2012, 4,Namba Grand HanatsukiAppeared for the 100th time of "Yoshimoto Kogyo 4th Anniversary Special Performance / Legendary Day" held at.As a big bird, "pacific saury's residentHas revived for the first time in 25 years.This performance was a regular member at the timeTsukitei Happo,Kanpei Ma,Murakami Shoji,Jimmy OnishiOthers,Koji Imada,Takashi Okamura, Katsura Bunshi,Kiyoshi Nishikawa, Master Matsunosuke and a total of 51 people appeared.

After the XNUMXth birthday

In July 2015, the 7th birthday was celebrated, and in commemoration of the XNUMXth birthday, "Sanma Akashiya !? TV" was broadcast on Fuji TV, and "Exciting! Akashiya pacific saury Birth Year SP" was broadcast on Mainichi Broadcasting System. Entertainers appeared and made flowers bloom in memories[20][21].

As a feeling for reaching the XNUMXth birthdayChihara JuniorIn "pacific saury no Manma" broadcast on July 2011, 7, when asked "When did you decide to quit (comedian)?", pacific saury said, "I think I'm about 2 years old. "Television splash", suggesting retirement from television at the age of 60[22]In other programs, he said, "If you don't stay on the top forever, you won't be able to create new things." "I want to quit the regular TV program at the age of 60 and play with my friends."[23][24]..However, the opposition of Yoshimoto executives and other entertainers, especiallyLOL problem OfOta Hikaru"I want you to do it until it becomes shabby. It's too cool to quit now" and withdrew[25].

In 2018Jimmy OnishiA drama of the half-life ofJimmy ~ The story of a real idiot ~"NETFLIXProduced by.So far, I have participated in the program as a composition and a project,producerIt was the first time for me to be involved in the program production as.at firstKeisuke KoideHe played the role of Gasanma and was actually cranked up the previous year, but Koide had a scandal just before the start of distribution, so there was a risk of entering the store, but it was offered first.Tamayama TetsujiAs a substitute, it was delivered in the summer of 1, with all the scenes of the role of pacific saury re-edited and postponed by one year from the original schedule.Although pacific saury himself did not appear in the main story, he appeared in the form of looking back on the secret story of the production after the opening commentary of each episode and the last of the final episode.In addition, about pacific saury Koideニ ュ ー ヨ ー クI have a friendship with Koide after that, such as going to see him[26]

On February 2019, 2, his teacher Matsunosuke died.The next day, 22rdCOOL JAPAN PARK OSAKAAppeared in the Kokeraotoshi performance "pacific saury Okamura no Hana no Tsukasa-san" and performed an episode during Matsunosuke's fight against illness with Fumie and Happo who appeared as guests.[27]..I attended the funeral the next day, commuting to the night after the stage[28].


In addition to Yoshimoto Kogyo, to which he belongs, he also has a private office "office office" for the purpose of tax saving and his own management.guaranteeManagement is done here.

Basically, I do not perform entertainment management work, and it is not a premise that I belong to the office office except for pacific saury[Annotation 2][29].

A brother of his teacher, Matsunosuke6th generation Shofutei MatsutsuruOf the discipleShofutei Nizuru-Shoufutei Tsurumitsu-ShofuiteiEtc. are cousins ​​and disciples.


September 1989 The eldest daughter, Imaru, is born with Otake.Otake had a boy with his bereaved ex-husband, but because it is difficult to call him a father, he calls him a "boss" and even after divorce.

Divorced with Otake in September 1992.The movie that the two of us watched just before the divorce is the content that a good couple finally kills each other at the end of the fight.Rose House War] Is often used as a material.After the divorce, he never remarried with pacific saury and Otake, and he has a good relationship with Otake and is a good friend, and he often co-stars on the program after that.The eldest daughter, Imaru, was in April 2009.IMALUDebuted in the entertainment world as.

stage name

When he first became a disciple of Matsunosuke, he called himself "Sanma Akashiya", but the stage name "Sanma" was named because pacific saury's parents' home in Nara was engaged in the fishery processing industry.[30][Annotation 3]..At the time of naming, Shinsuke Shimada of the same period was the masterYonosuke Shimada / Tayo ImakitaWhen the stage name was decided to be "Shinsuke", pacific saury made fun of "If you do that name, it will never sell", and Shinsuke was depressed, but soon after hearing the story of receiving the stage name "pacific saury", "This guy is over. On the contrary, there is an episode that he was laughed at.

When he turned from a rakugoka to a comic storyteller with the advice of his master, Matsunosuke.TeiIs changed to "Akashi family"[Annotation 4].. The "Akashi family" was given by Matsunosuke's real name "Akashi Tokuzo".[31]At that time, many of Matsunosuke's students called themselves the "Akashi family."Matsunosuke later became the eldest sonAkashiya CarefreeTo the second sonPapo AkashiThe stage name is given.

Physical characteristics

"overbiteIt is also famous as a representative person of.The logo mark and mascot of the crown program often feature this protruding tooth ("Karakuri TV", "Smile Improvement Committee", etc.). The high-pitched laughter (laughing while inhaling) is also characteristic.


Especially in Yoshimoto since the 1980sMurakami Shoji,Kanpei Ma,Mr. Okure,Jimmy OnishiOften co-stars on programs with others.Also from the beginning of debutShimada Shinsuke,Ryusuke Matsumoto,All HanshinThere were many opportunities to play with them and appear in sales together, and before marriage, they were friends who went in and out of each other's house even in their private lives.After Shinsuke retires from the entertainment world, he never actually meets him, but he sometimes mentions episodes that Shinsuke calls.As a drinking companion even for entertainers other than YoshimotoGuadalcanal hawk,Shofutei Shobo,Matsuo Bannai,Yoichi Warm WaterAs a mahjong companionInstant johnsonNojaiyaUnjash OfKazuya KojimaThere is a private friendship with such.

Sometimes the drama co-starring becomes a family relationship, and with Otake, the drama co-starring developed into a relationship.Hiroshi SatoTomo "If love is the second timeI went on a trip to Australia every New Year in private with the appearance of[32], Takuya Kimura, who has co-starred in variety shows and dramas, has become so admired that he is called "Ojiki".[33]..ElsewhereMiyoko AsadaAnd former professional baseball managerSenichi HoshinoI was spending New Year's holidays in Australia.Other,Yomiuri GiantsWas a pitcherYuu KidaHe has a friendship with him by rushing to a retirement game and appearing on his own program on a regular basis, and he calls pacific saury a "master".


He has a wide range of hobbies and started watching sports on TV.Golf-Horse racing-ComicReading, etc.Mahjongand so on.Also, when I was young, I like to watch and play baseball, such as having my own baseball team.high school baseballIs also enthusiastic about watching.When watching sports overseas, except when I leave home for work, I watch BS and CS sports broadcasts in real time, even at midnight.MLB,サ ッ カ ー OfEuropeEach league andUEFA Champions League,UEFA Europa League,American Football OfNFL-basketball OfNBA-Ice hockey OfNHL-TennisFour major tournamentsGolfThere is a wide range of genres such as major tournaments.

As a player I often mentionMichael Jordan,Stephen Curry,Mohammed Ali,Greg Norman,Nagashima ShigeoAnd so on.

サ ッ カ ー

Soccer is a fan of European soccer in particular, and most of the players I admired when I was a studentManchester UnitedWas active inNorthern IrelandRepresentativeGeorge BestAnd West Germany representativeFranz BeckenbauerAnd so on, the reason why I started playing soccerManchester UnitedSays[34]..When I was in high school, I belonged to the soccer club and called myself a star player.[35]..Many rare goods are stored at home[36].

1980 eraToJapan Soccer LeagueIn addition to being selected as a model for the campaign poster to somehow make it more exciting, he also serialized "pacific saury Akashiya's LOL Kick-off Dialogue" in soccer magazine.manga artist OfMikiya MochizukiWith the entertainer soccer team "The MummyBecame the founder of[37]..The popularity of Japanese soccer, which had been declining as a soccer-loving talent, was about to rise.From around this timeRamos Rui,Tonami TonamiAfter that, he often co-stars on talk shows.

After the 1990s2002 FIFA World CupBefore the eventFuji Television Network, Incso"pacific saury's heaven and hellIn related programs such as the World Cup and Club World Cup, he often serves as a caster and commentator as the leading soccer enthusiast, such as serving as the main personality of the soccer program.[35] It is standard to try to liven up the program by putting a careless tsukkomi in the director and players[35]..Broadcast by NTVToyota cupThen, as a guest, I watch the game every year in the field, and after the development is resolved,FIFA Club World CupHowever, although not all games, I watch local games in Japan and in the studio for games outside Japan.

On the other hand, as a European soccer fan, there are times when soccer fans criticize him by making disrespectful remarks about Japanese soccer and telling players unrelated to soccer in interviews. There are often pros and cons to that statement.[34][38].


I also read a lot about manga,touch"ofAsakura MinamiAnd "Urusei Yatsura』Lamb is listed as an ideal female image.ElsewhereDeputy manager OfSatoshi InoueIn the wake of being recommended byド ラ ゴ ン ボ ー ルStart reading, then "ONE PIECE''Green reed''Diamond A''BLUE GIANT''Demon BladeI like to read sports manga and shōnen manga.[39][40].


When I was a studentTakuro YoshidaTakuro Yoshida's representative song as one of his life songsImage poem][41].

Keisuke Kuwata-Alfie-Yumi Matsutoya-Chiharu Matsuyama-CHAGE and ASKA-Kai Band-off course[Annotation 5] Since I was in my twenties, I've had a close relationship with them, and I've actually appeared in album commercials and provided songs.[42].

If you are a singer after the 2000sBEARHave a friendship withNETFLIXof"Jimmy ~The story of Homma, like an idiot~As the theme song of ", MISIA covered the song" Last Night Train "of Kai Band, which is also Sanma's favorite.[43]..It seems that the lyrics are more important than the melody.Otsuka Aiof"Cherry],Chisato Moritakaof"Watarase Bridge],AKB48of"Fortune cookie in love],Nishino Kanaof"DarlingI like cute lyrics like[44].


I also like movies, especially for actorsHumphrey Bogart,Peter Sellers,Paul Newman,Steve McQueen,Bunta Sugawara,James Dean,Kevin Costner,Vivian LeeA big fan ofpacific saury no ManmaHumphrey Bogart, Dean, and Vivian's photo pillows were displayed as a set.Also"FNS 27-hour TV (2016)Specialty corner "I can't sleep tonight in pacific saury/NakaiHe talks about his feelings for McQueen wearing a T-shirt with a picture of McQueen printed on it, and talks about his hairstyle model being McQueen and Costner.

As a work, in Western movies, "Seven in the wilderness''Great escape''Bullitt''Getaway, Etc., a manly action movie, "Sting''HustlerA light and stylish work likePeter Sellersof"chance[45]A human drama like "Field of Dreams''Tin cupI like sports movies such as "carry』And other horror movies are not particularly shunned.The main theme of Sting for a while, "The EntertainerWas used as the ringtone for the phone.

In Japanese movies, "Battle without righteousness] A big fan of the series.One of my favorite scenes in the series is Kiyoshi Doi, the leader of the Doi group, who is hostile to Shozo Hirono, the main character of the series played by Bunta Sugawara.Hiroshi Nawa) Is the first sequence in the series to shoot and kill, "I often imitated the scene of blowing a cigarette and waiting for a target in the cold rain."When I met Sugawara at the airport when I was young and asked for an autograph, pacific saury later announced the story that he said, "I want it instead."[46].

On the other hand, he professes that he is not good at heavy and dark art works, and his alliesBeat takeshiI haven't seen the movie that[47].


Art style

When he was a young comic talker, he was a giantShigeru KobayashiAnd HanshinMasayuki KakefuIt gains popularity by imitating forms such as.Blank dayIn April 1979Takashi EgawaKobayashi, who transferred to Hanshin in a trade with Kobayashi, became popular in the Kansai region due to the synergistic effect with Kobayashi, and also released records and appeared in commercials in the national district.

1980 eraFrom the middle of the talk, the moderator is the main business.tempoWhen it is destroyed,Tsukkomi,BlurAnd even that turns into laughter.Tension artHe is good at (the art of laughing out loud).At the same time, including Shinsuke Shimada, Masahiro Nakai, Shofukutei Tsurube, George Tokoro,Nakamura Kansaburo, Keisuke Kuwata, ex-wife Shinobu Otake, daughter IMALU, etc.Talk""XNUMX% of what you are talking about is a lie""Why do you lie so much?It is the promised flow to make a harsh remark such as.

Even at work, my stance on comedy is very strict, and even during the actual performance, there are too many bad things for junior entertainers.2000 eraFrom around, junior entertainers such as Takashi Okamura called it "comedy monster" with awe.[18],DowntownThey also say that they are scared because their eyes aren't laughing at all during the co-starring Tsukkomi.[48]..pacific saury himself talked about the difference in artistic style from Takeshi and Tamori, saying, "They have a deep nostalgia, so just take a step back and hit the other person's appearance while listening to the other person's appearance. However, on the other hand, I always go out and talk in a hurry, "he analyzes the difference.[49].

Negative to the moving story, "24-hour TV "Love Saves the Earth"Was a marathon runner on August 1995th and 8th, 26.Kanpei MaWith the support ofCheerleaderI just appeared in the guise of "I look like a lie when I come out" "I live with the desire to save the earth every day, but I have doubts about doing that kind of thing only on that day I basically decline the offer because I am.

Basically, I don't talk about politics except for the planning of the program, but sometimes I talk critically, such as showing a story protesting to the National Taxation Bureau because I am not convinced of how taxes are used.[50].

Relationship with the rakugo world

At the beginning, he was active as a rakugoka[51]..The first stage is half a year after the introduction, the place isKyoto Kagetsu[11].. Among the classic rakugo stories collectively called "Western Journey," he performed "Banshu Meguri" for about 10 days.According to himself, "On the first stage, I was nervous and my head became blank, and I tried again.[51]". "I started over from the beginning when my head turned white in about 15 minutes, and then it took 45 minutes." "After this, the two of usYokoyama Entertainment-Hanabishi AchacoI started a manzai next to me. "4th Hayashiya SenmaruAround this time, I have witnessed a saury who is serious about "Banshu Meguri" at a rakugo event that he presided over.[6].

After turning into a talent in his early twenties due to the life of his master, he did not play rakugo at all, even though he played only part of it in program planning, and he was far from the rakugo world and vaudeville. Although he is not active as a rakugo storyteller, under Chairman Katsura BunshiKamigata Rakugo AssociationBelonging[52].. 2004Hikohachi FestivalTo the executive committee chairmanShofuiteiAppeared in response to the request of.To avoid confusion, the date of appearance was not announced, but with the help of information that rakugo will be performed, the number of visitors exceeded 2, which is twice the usual number in two days, and set a new record (kimono). Although he appeared in "Daikiri Gabacho!", He did not speak rakugo).

September 2012, 7, ``Namba Grand HanatsukiAppeared with Tsukitei Happo and Katsura Kinshi on the opening of Katsura Bunshi XNUMXth[53]..The moderator, Happo, introduced the saury as "the backbone of Yoshimoto Kogyo," and the saury wore the five-sheet bamboo grass crest of Shofu-tei.

OtherwiseKatsuraAppeared in a crested hakama as a special guest at the 35th and 40th anniversary solo performances[54]

Relationship with broadcasting stations

Since the 80s, Fuji TV producer has actively appointed pacific saury for programs in Tokyo.Yokozawa AkiraMany of the programs that (later managing director Yoshimoto Kogyo) worked on appeared, and after that, the director from the Yokozawa groupKeisuke MiyakeWas called "pacific saury group", and he produced a program with pacific saury on a three-legged race (especially only in 2009, his ally Miyake will retire from Fuji TV, and he will direct it as a whole. July 2008-7, 26 "FNS 27-hour TV!! Hyokin's dream archipelago with a smile!I was in charge of the general moderator of the program, and served as the general moderator of the program for the first time in 19 years.However, he was promoted to executive treatment just before retirement age, and he said he would not retire from Fuji TV because Miyake's retirement age was extended).ElsewhereNippon TVOf the directorKeizo YoshikawaThere were many appearances in the programs directed by.Of OsakaEvery day broadcastingSince the acquisition of the first regular program, it has continued to have regular programs on TV, radio or both once a week, and has continued to record in Osaka on either side.

In addition, when it comes to comedians, guest appearances other than regular programs are rare, but despite the fact that it is not in the reorganization period, pacific saury actively appears in junior talent programs and programs by young directors, especially "Mecha2Cool!], The general director of the program is the last AD of the Hyokin tribe.Kataoka AsukaBecause of that, he has made regular guest appearances from the beginning of the program, and in the final episode of the program in March 2018, he will be watching the end of the program as a senior at 3 o'clock on Saturday, and finally with his own character. Appeared in the last episode of the program, dressed as a certain Padennen.

However, it may collide with the staff due to various factors of the TV station, and as a result, it may become estranged from the broadcasting station itself.The broadcasting station that had a feud was NHK on TV.[Annotation 6], TV asahi[Annotation 7], TV tokyo[Annotation 8], Nippon Broadcasting System on the radio[Annotation 9]Can be mentioned[59][57][62][63]..However, at present, there are no stations where the feud continues, such as re-appearing in all these stations and appearing regularly after that.

In addition, there are almost no appearances other than free friendship appearances due to the problem of guarantees for appearances at local stations and independent stations.When I was young, it was just opened at that timeBiwako BroadcastingThere was an experience of appearing in the special program to commemorate the opening of the station, but this was one of the popular entertainers of Yoshimoto Kogyo at that time.[64][65].. In March 2015, as a surprise, "Black and white unjashes』(Chiba Television Broadcast) Appeared as a monthly guest in the form of a friendship appearance, which was the first appearance on an independent station program in the Kanto region.[66]..In addition, as a local station appearance as a location project of another program, on July 2010, 7, Mainichi Broadcasting System "Exciting! Akashi Home Appliance Viewing PlatformIt is the same series as the location project ofKumamoto Broadcastingof"RKK wide evening bestOn November 2019, 11, Nippon Television's "Akashiya pacific saury No. 7"Nara TV Broadcasting"Yu Doki!』Jump in and made a surprise appearance[67].

Episodes on popular programs

We Hyokin

"Bamboo manThe enemy role at that timeTroupe Tokyo batteryBelonged toJunji TakadaEtc. played, and pacific saury said, "Hyokin Best TenWas appearing as the moderator.Takada before the second recordingMumpsBecause he was hospitalized in Japan, pacific saury, who was the only performer whose costume size matched Takada, became a substitute, and after that he appeared as an enemy of Take-chan Man until the end of the program.

The following are typical characters in the program.

  • Amida haha - Junko KoshinoDesign clothes,Keisuke KuwataThe songwriting "Amida Baba no Uta" has been released.
  • Nandeskaman - Osaka ExpoTheme song of "Hello from the world of countryAppeared with a song that resembled.He hears "Nandezcar" in a high-pitched voice and makes the other party uncomfortable.pacific saury asks to fight Take-chan Man using a surprise box at the time of confrontationChiharu MatsuyamaWas making "Jack-in-the-box song".
  • Get to know --A monster human from Aomori prefecture. Appeared with a boys and girls chorus singing folk songs with a strange voice, "Hyahoho". Sing while dancing, "Ke who knows, Ke who knows my name, Ke who knows the worst man, Ah, 30 this year, Ke who knows ♪".
  • Padennen ――Of the many characters you have played, only Padennen is embarrassed.Was popular at that timeManhattan TransferIn the corridor, the appearance of Padennen was called "oh crazy", and he was famous for his flashy clothes and hairstyle.Yoshimura MariI was once told by "pacific saury-chan, it's flashy". (Yoshimura was the song program of Fuji TV at that time.Night hit studio DELUXE』I am the moderator,1985Since the broadcast day of the program was changed, the recording date was the same Wednesday as "Hyokin-zoku")
    • The character that pacific saury liked the most was Black Devil.My favorite character of Beat Takeshi is "Office worker".This office worker was a character who had a mundane appearance such as a suit, a tie, and glasses, and was entwined with Take-chan man with a difficult habit in the situation of "high school graduate, take-home 18", but the viewer complained that he had no dream. After entering, and because it was unpopular with children, it was discontinued in three weeks.

Friday attackIn the absence due to decencySayuri Yoshinagaof"Kasugano in NaraWearing a deer costume with "" in the background,Masayuki WatanabeWas dancing.1987ToYou can laugh!In the talk corner of ”, in order to play with Tamori, who is a fan of Yoshinaga, he discovered and broadcast the song, which has lyrics that do not seem to be Yoshinaga's image in the song, and it became a big topic. Diverted.

The real name "Takafumi Sugimoto" was given to the corner "Hyokin News" at the beginning of the program.Also,"Hyokin Best TenHe was also the first moderator.

Broadcasting of "Hyokin-zoku" ended in October 1989.Regarding this end, originally the same Saturday 10 o'clock TBS system "8 o'clock! Everyone gatheredIn October 4, four years later, the program ended with the end of the program, but the performers and staff suddenly began to lose motivation for the program, and the program again. Was the face ofBeat takeshiIn September 1986Friday incidentThe program that I actually saw when I saw that I did not come to the recording or apparently lost motivation after that, although I returned to the program the following yearproducer OfYokozawa Akira"pacific saury-chan, what do you do? If you want to do it, you can continue. I want pacific saury-chan to decide the last one," and pacific saury replied, "Why should we all stop?"Takeshi also mentions, "I drank too much of the'poison'called saury and defeated the'all-group'with that poison, but in the end we ended up with that poison."[68].

You can laugh!

  • First appearance1984May 2of"Telephone shockingTelephone guest.At this time, as a telephone guest the next day, the moderator Tamori had been professing "dislike" for some time.Kazumasa OdaWas introduced.
  • Two months after the first appearanceMay 4Joined as a regular Friday.The free talk corner "Tamori / pacific saury's chat corner" where two people chat with Tamori became popular.
    • Although the corner name has changed many times (""You can laugh! Past corner list #Friday”), It continued for the whole period from popularity to disembarkation.In the same content section of the program, it was the second longest after the telephone (2 and a half years).
  • 1990About the day-of-the-week competition corner "Laughter! All-Star Tamorympic" that started in April, under my own policy that "comedians are not interesting even if they play the game seriously", I continued to blur the game in the game, at that time Director[Annotation 10] He warned me, "Please do it seriously!"1992Exploding this dissatisfaction even in the oversized issue of1993と1994Is absent from the oversized issue itself.1993In October, the "Tamolympics" corner ended and he was a producer.Yoshikazu SatoAs a result of discussions and consultations with, a non-game-style cross-day crossing corner ("Today's reflection meeting"-> "Iitomo! One word life consultation"-> "Happy birthday !!") was launched as a measure of pain. , pacific saury boycotted participation in the corner with other regular teams, and the gap with the program side was not filled until the end.1995May 9I got off the regular board.
  • After the regular boarding, he made guest appearances intermittently once every few years, a total of 1 times.
    • 1995May 12Broadcast on Friday the following year, self-moderatorNew Year's HolidaySpecial number "The biggest present show in the history of the Akashi family Fukurokuju "New Year's Day ..."”, Guest appearance for the first time in 3 months since leaving the board.Nine TineWill also appear in the corner of "Gigi Binbin Monogatari", which was the moderator of the corner.He also appeared in the postscript corner (the corner of the special issue "After the end of the broadcast"), which is rare for a guest, and Tamori, Friday's regular successor, Ninety-nine.Katsumata Sum-Toshihiko TaharaFree talk was held.
    • 1997May 12Guest appearance on "Telephone Shocking" on Thursday with the introduction of his ex-wife Shinobu Otake.When I called the day before, I said to Otake, "I'm your friend!"[69]..Since then, he has not appeared on the program, but he himself served as the general moderator.2008April "FNS 27-hour TVIn "Telephone Shocking" performed in "Special Issue Student Special"Big treeAppeared in the introduction of, and held a free talk with Tamori for about 47 minutes.In the latte section of the newspaper on the day, it was written that "Is it the longest record set by Tamori and telephone shocking?"Special issue student specialSet the longest record among all telephone shocking including[Annotation 11].
    • 2008May 7On Sunday, he was in charge of the general moderator, "FNS 27-hour TV!! Hyokin's dream archipelago with a smile!"Inside corner, pacific saury in Laughing! For" Telephone Shocking "Big treeAppeared in the introduction of.I didn't participate in the other corners, but it was the first time in 11 years that Iitomo! At the end of the commercial, the jingle of the "lowest man" corner of the regular era mentioned above was played.JuniorFUJIWARAWas introduced.
    • 2009May 7Also for "Telephone Shocking" on FridayShizu-chanAppeared in the introduction of.At this time, pacific saury became a friend of the next telephone guest at the 23rd of the same year.FNS day"FNS Day 26 Hours TV 2009 Super Smile Parade LOL! Odaiba Inn !!I introduced Shinsuke Shimada, the general moderator.
    • 2012May 11On Friday, a guest appearance will be held on the day of "Good (November) pacific saury (11th)". The corner of "Tamori pacific saury's worst man in Japan" was revived for the first time in 30 years since he left the board, and he had a free talk with Tamori.
    • 2014May 3Appeared in both day and night programs in the final episode of the program.It is the last telephone guest of "Telephone Shocking" for regular daytime broadcasting.Beat takeshi(Introducing a friend) calls Sanma, and pacific saury appears on the phone.Night "Grand finale thank you』, For the first time in a year and a half, held a corner of" Tamori pacific saury's worst man in Japan "and held a free talk with Tamori for about an hour.


NHK1975から2003Was carried out every yearFavorite talent surveyThen,1985Since being selected as the number one man in Japan2003Of the 19 surveys until the end of the survey, a total of 12 times (1985-1989, 1995, 1998-2003) won the first place for men, and all others were second for men.[70].1999As "the most exposed TV star in Japan"Guinness BookWorld record certification.

According to the JNN databank survey, the approval rating survey of favorable talents1987Approval rating 10% in October,1999Recorded 5% approval rating in May.This is in the same survey1980 era-1990 eraBoth are the number one records.Also,1999The approval rating of 5% in May was the highest record in 43.1-1971.[71].

"Nikkei Entertainment!In the "Favorite Comedian" ranking, the first time2002から2011Has won first place for 10 consecutive years. Resurrected for the first time in 1 years2014Won first place in the ranking, since 12017It has been ranked first for four consecutive years, and has gained overwhelming popularity with 4 consecutive victories in the same ranking.

Beat takeshiIn his book "Comaneci!", He described pacific saury as "one of the few who thought he had lost."Takashi OkamuraJunior entertainers such as "It is impossible for anyone to surpass this person. There is no choice but to wait for death."

It is often described as "the most responsive talent in the entertainment world", and when he was in his twenties, he was often chased by fans and hid, but with the birth of IMALU, he felt like interacting with people. It has changed drastically, and we are now accepting orders from the general public and entertainers, including media fans, as much as possible.pacific saury's response is also evaluated online[72][73][74].

Since he has been active for a long time, he is well known in Japan. Broadcast on July 2020, 7, "Wednesday downtown』"Fast and modern East Japan West popularity ranking"[75] Then, it ranked in the 4th place (94.3%)[76].


Actors played

TV program

Radio program

Appearance work

TV drama

  • Mother's Compensation "Episode 1" (1978, TBS) * First appearance on TV drama
  • Great comedy! Chushingura (January 1980, 1, Mainichi Broadcasting System)
  • Fragment of Love-Osaka Monogatari- (March 1980, 3, Kansai TV)
  • I won't forgive you!"Episode 1 and 2" (October 1980 and 10, 2, Kansai TV) --Detective Yoshida
  • Emperor's cooking number(October 1980, 10-March 19, 1981, TBS)-Hirano (Yamamoto) as Tatsuyoshi
  • Sunflower song"Episode 15" (February 1982, 2, TBS)
  • Gourd camellia(December 1981, 4,Yomiuri Television,Thursday Golden Drama)
  • Naked general wanderlust・ Fifth work (May 5, 1981, Kansai TV,Kao Master Theater)
  • Chanel's pacific saury's LOL Time (September 1982, 9, Sunday Fun Theater)
  • Meaning grandma"Episode 55" (December 1982, 12, Fuji TV)
  • Man is very hard (February 1983-March, Mainichi Broadcasting System)
  • Pounding Policewoman 1 (September 1983, 9, Fuji TV,Monday drama land)
  • New female investigator "Episode 7 Detective's first love is a beautiful woman who killed her husband!" (1983, Asahi Broadcasting Corporation)
  • Carefree1 (December 1983, 12, Fuji TV, Monday Drama Land) Starring
    • Nonki-kun 2 (April 1984, 4)
    • Nonki-kun 3 (April 1984, 10)
  • It's for Yasukiyo! Leave it to me (January 1984, 1, Asahi Broadcasting Corporation)
  • That guy in the wind(May 1984, 5-September 12, Yomiuri TV)
  • Divorce period (October 1984, 10-December 9, TBS)
  • The heart is lonely The feeling is "..."Series (1984-2003, Fuji TV series) Starring * Tale series
    • Heart is Lonely Feeling is "..." 1 (December 1984, 12, Monday Drama Land) Starring
    • Heart is Lonely Feeling is "..." 2 (July 1985, 7, Monday Drama Land) --Starring Junpei
    • Heart is Lonely Feeling is "..." 3 (February 1986, 2, Friday, Interesting Variety)
    • Heart is Lonely Feeling is "..." 4 (September 1986, 9,Thursday drama street)
    • Heart is Lonely Feeling is "..." 5 (March 1987, 3, Thursday Drama Street)
    • Heart is Lonely Feeling is "..." 6 (September 1987, 10,The dramatic night)
    • Heart is Lonely Feeling is "..." 7 (September 1988, 5,Man and woman mystery)
    • Heart is Lonely Feeling is "..." 8 (March 1989, 3, mystery of men and women)
    • Heart is Lonely Feeling is "..." 9 (March 1989, 11, mystery of men and women)
    • Heart is Lonely Feeling is "..." 10 From the South Country '97 (August 1997, 8,Friday Entertainment)
    • Heart is Lonely Feeling is "..." 11 Kyoto Yukemuri Journey OL Gourmet Three-person Trip Mysterious Locked Room Murder Case! (Friday Entertainment, 2003) --Koji
  • Mio Tsukushi(November 1985, 4-December 1, NHK,NHK Morning TV series)-The role of Yataro in the trumpet
  • Flower Girls' School St. Cattleya Academy (April 1985, 4-October 10, TV TOKYO)
  • The one who cares (April 1985, 8-May 3, NTV)
  • The Life of an Amorous Man Seinosuke's Love and Love Story (January 1986, 1, TBS) --The role of Seinosuke
  • Spring breeze first!(April 1986, 1-May 11, NTV)
  • 7 men and women summer story(July 1986, 7-September 25, TBS) -Starring Ryosuke Imai
    • 7 men and women summer story Reputation edition Live broadcast! San-chan and Shi-chan talk about anything (April 1987, 4)
  • 7 men and women autumn story(October 1987, 10-December 9, 12)
    • 7 men and women autumn story Reputation edition San-chan Shi-chan talk about anything! 7 people reunited !! (April 1988, 4)
  • Announcer puttsun story(1987, Fuji Television)
    • Announcer Puttsun Monogatari Special (October 1987, 10, Fuji TV)
  • Housekeeper Orie's Experience 5 (February 1987, 2, TBS,Wednesday drama special)
  • pacific saury no Hana Muco Apprenticeship Exam (April 1987, 4, TBS, Wednesday Drama Special)
  • Wizard of Oba (August 1987, 8, Fuji TV, Lion Special, Summer Vacation Youkai Variety) --Wizard of Oba
  • New Year Special Improver ~ pacific saury no Hong Jatanon ~ (January 1988, 1, Fuji TV) * Episode 1 Omnibus format
  • Akko, a housekeeper with children (March 1988, 3, Fuji TV)
  • Akashi Third Platoon Story / Man's Promise (April 1988, 4, Fuji TV, Spring Hyokin Special)
  • Akashi family murder case(September 1989, 9, Fuji TV, Mystery of Men and Women) -Sanma Akashiya (Person)
  • Special project pacific saury's "I'm Naked" (October 1988, 10, Yomiuri TV,Thursday Golden Drama) --Kikuo Yamato
  • Wind, to Suzuka(November 1988, 11, TBS, Original:Shimada Shinsuke) * Friendship appearance
  • pacific saury no Honja Tannon (November 1988, 11, Fuji TV)
  • Naoko, pacific saury's Wedding Lullaby (May 1989, 5, Asahi Broadcasting Corporation,Tuesday Super Wide)
  • A strange story(Fuji Television Network, Inc)
    • '91 Spring Special Edition "Chance?" (1991) --Mitsuo Akiyama * Also in charge of the draft
    • "Slow motion" (1992)
  • I've always liked you Episode 5 "Birthday of Tears" (July 1992, 7, TBS) * Friendship appearance
  • Cat Napping (April 1992, 4, Yomiuri TV,Drama city '92)starring
  • Yumin Drama Books "No Side" (October 1992, 10, TBS, Autumn Drama Special)
  • New Year large historical drama special The man who captured the world Hideyoshi Toyotomi(January 1993, 1, TBS) --Ashigaru Kumigashira
  • SpillSeries (1993-1994, TBS, Spring Drama Special)- Starring Kihachi Takayanagi
    • I want to be a sword that falls out of control! (April 1, 1993)
    • Gokudo Omission 2 I ran down !? (April 1994, 4)
  • If love is the second time(October 1995, 1-December 11, NTV)- Starring Kosuke Mikami
  • Kozaburo Furuhata Series(Fuji TV) --Kiyoshi Koshimizu
    • Second Season Episode 2 "A Man Who Talks Too Much" (January 1, 1996)
    • Second Season Episode 2 "Disappearing Furuhata Ninzaburo" (April 25, 1996)
  • Until that time(May 1996, 4-September 7, TBS,Toshiba Sunday Theater)- Starring Kenichi Taguchi
  • Love vacation(October 1997, 1-December 8, NTV)- Starring Kankuro Mayu
    • Koi no Vacance Special (October 1997, 10)
  • Glass shoes(1997, NTV)
  • Wish to the stars (April 1998, 4, NTV, pacific saury Akashiya drama SP) --Ryuta
  • Genroku Ryoran"Episode 13 Kidnapping" (1999,NHK taiga drama) --The role of Kiyoemon, the owner of Sasaya
  • I like daddy the most in the world(April 1998, 7-June 8, Fuji TV)- Starring Zenzo Okada
  • Sweet life.(October 1999, 7-December 7, NTV)- Starring Ukai Rikimaru
  • About seven soldiers all four times (4, NTV)- Starring Hyoyoshi Mizushima
  • Midsummer Christmas "The last Christmas gift that pacific saury gives to a lover of limited life" (October 2000, 10, TBS, drama special project) --The role of Daikichi Hasegawa
  • XNUMX million stars falling from the sky(April 2002, 4-June 15, Fuji TV)- Starring Dojima Kanzo
  • Always two "Episode 11 (Final Episode) First Kiss" (March 2003, 3, Fuji TV) * Friendship appearance
  • Song of sugar cane field(September 2003, 9, TBS system)- Starring Koichi Hirayama * 2003Art festivalGrand Prize winning work
  • THE WAVE!(July 2005rd and 7th, 23, Fuji TV, Fuji TV FNS 24-hour TV drama) Starring
  • Akiko Wada murder case(February 2007, 2, TBS system,Monday golden)-Sanma Akashiya (person)
  • Hatachi no Lover(May 2007, 10-September 14, TBS,Sunday Theater)- Starring Keisuke Inoue
  • Hell teacher"Episode 7" (November 2014, 11, NTV) --Youkai Phantom Aka Manto, commonly known as A[87]
  • Fuji Television Network, IncSpecial project to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the opening of the station "SchoolPart 2020 (January 1, 5, Fuji TV) --Police officer










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Collaboration single

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Take-chan Man & Nandeskaman1984May 5The song of the surprise boxTake-chan Manrobo's theme "stronger than love"7A-0369-
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4th1998May 12Peter and the wolf CDTOCE-11084-pacific saury's only classic album.pacific saury is in charge of narration

Best album

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1st1989May 3Beyond many nightsCD32DH-5212-
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Tie-up list

SongTie-upCollection work
Single BedFuji TVDrama"The heart is lonely The feeling is "..."] Theme songSingle "single bed"
TEKU TEKUFuji TV drama "The heart is lonely The feeling is "...""Insert song
What is happinessKikkoman"Ponzu soy sauce" CM song[Annotation 14]Album "Good at the world"
Kikkoman "Specialty Maru Soy Sauce" CM Song
A bright red lieFuji TV drama "Heart is lonely Feeling is "..." V] Theme songSingle "red lie"
Thank YouFuji TV drama "Heart is Lonely Feeling is “…” VI] Theme songSingle "Thank you"
Blue TamekiFuji TV drama "Heart is lonely Feeling is "..." VII] Theme songSingle "Aoi Tameki"
YELLOW SUNSHINEFuji TV drama "Heart is lonely Feeling is "..." VIII] Theme songSingle "YELLOW SUNSHINE"
Appare pacific saury Dai-senseiFuji TV systemAppare pacific saury Dai-sensei"Opening themeSingle "Appare pacific saury Dai-sensei"
In the flow of the riverFuji TV drama "Heart is lonely Feeling is "..." IX] Theme songSingle "In the flow of the river"
I have to ask the Akashiya pacific saury-sanFuji Television Network, Inc·Kansai TVsystem"pacific saury no Manma"Theme songsingle"I have to ask the Akashiya pacific saury-san'
Comprehensive admission marchFuji TV systemA miracle experience!"Ghana baseballCheer song

Related person


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注 釈

  1. ^ At first, I was supposed to play the role of a rock singer who couldn't sell, but when I heard the plot, pacific sauryWriter OfKoki MitaniWith a light feeling, he suggested, "Isn't it interesting that the lawyer and Furuhata fight?"
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  3. ^ Matsunosuke often devised a name from the family business of his disciples, and pacific saury's brothers and disciples included the Akashi family saddle from a bicycle store, the Akashi family pants from an underwear store, and the Akashi family perm from a beauty salon.
  4. ^ The reason for changing to the "Akashi family" is that it is generally accepted that it is not allowed to give a family of "Shofukutei" to those who do not play rakugo, but Matsunosuke himself also made a temporary rakugo story. There was a time when he was away and devoted himself to comedy actors, and the same group of Tsurubin was not active as a rakugo storyteller at all at that time, and he belonged to Yoshimoto.Tsukitei good morning,Shofutei Nizuru,6th generation Katsura FumieTheir activities as talents are mentioned, and not doing rakugo is not related to it.In addition, starting with the brothers Tsurumatsu (when pacific saury started, he had already left the gate and named himself Enza Tachibanaya) and Oroku, Matsunosuke also gave his disciples the name of the Akashi family, so he wrote rakugo. It can be said that not doing so is not the direct reason for calling himself the "Akashi family."
  5. ^ When pacific saury first appeared in Iitomo's Telephone Shocking, the person I introduced next professed that he hates Tamori for some time.Kazumasa Odawas.
  6. ^ "Quiz Interesting SeminarWhen I appeared in the program, I heard a lecture on the theme of "pencil" and yawned, and the situation was broadcast, and complaints were received one after another in the program.[55][56]..Also broadcast in 1985Continuous tv novel"Mio Tsukushi』Although he made a regular appearance as" Yataro Trumpet ", he often collided with the staff due to the large number of rehearsals and not doing serious rehearsals at the scene, and as a result, the number of appearance offers from the NHK side decreased. I became estranged. Broadcast in 1999Taiga drama"Genroku Ryoran』, Served as the leading roleNakamura KankuroHe made a guest appearance because he received an offer directly from, but at the editing stage, almost all of the appearance scenes were cut at the director's discretion (the appearance itself is done because it is not all cuts).For this reason, pacific saury was furious, saying, "Would you like to cut it even though it was recorded?"Kankuro on the offer side was also crushed, so there was a big quarrel between Kankuro and the staff at the time of the launch. Broadcast on February 2013, 2NHKとNippon TVIt will be the first time in 14 years since the aforementioned "Genroku Ryoran" to appear on NHK.[57], With this appearance as a trigger, after 2016, "Akashi family red and white!』It has come to appear regularly in the moderator.
  7. ^ It was a popular program on TV Asahi, "Even nan of pacific saury is derbyWas discontinued in September 1995 due to a feud with the staff, and pacific saury has not had a regular program on TV Asahi since then, and it is a one-shot program special program "Ma! Ikka" in the spring of 9, April 1996. 1999th "Music Station], January 2003, 9Creamy ChuHe only appeared in the first title program "Cream Stew's One-time Good Dreaming Special". After appearing in the "Ame Talk 2009th Anniversary Project" of "Ame Talk!" On August 8, 6, the special program "Ame Talk" broadcast on October 20, 2010If it was pacific saury-san ...?』Although it is a one-shot program, it appears as a crown program for the first time in about 15 years.After that, on February 2016, 2, "Tetsuko's room Appeared in "Celebration 40th Anniversary Strongest Dream Talk Special" for the first time in about 5 and a half years (appeared in the same program for the first time in 25 years)[58]TV Asahi producer'sRinzo KajiHe regularly appears mainly in the programs that he deals with.On the other hand, the seriesAsahi BroadcastingIn the production, although it is not regular, "Akashi Family JapanAnd 'Akashiya pacific saury's compression soup] And other special programs on a regular basis.
  8. ^ Although his first crowned program "pacific saury's Saturday Night Show" was broadcast at 24:13, the highest audience rating exceeded XNUMX%, which was the highest among all TV TOKYO programs at that time. The highest rating program ofSex appeal programIt was a popular program, but it ended in 1984, in the opinion of the wife of the upper management, "It looks bad."[59] I got angry and became completely insulated.Regarding this, pacific saury said, "Wait a minute. I was so shocked that we TV talents worked hard to make it an interesting popular program. I have no meaning anymore. I'll do my best to talk and make it a popular program. On the other hand, he said, "I don't care if I take the numbers (audience rating), and I don't care if I don't take them, so I'm glad I didn't care. "There was something to be gained from the censoring turmoil."[59].. Broadcast on July 2018, 7 ``Can you charge Tetsuro Degawa?Appeared as a guest for the first time in 34 years. At first, he didn't know that it was TV TOKYO because he appeared because it was a Degawa program.[60].
  9. ^ As Tokyo's first crown radio personality, "Akashiya pacific saury's All Night Nippon" (October 1979-March 10) and "The Akashiya pacific saury's radio is here! Tokyo Tour Bunbun Broadcast(May 1983-March 5), but at one point, I was asked to appear as a guest on a baseball broadcast, and although I declined the schedule, the staff was still broadcasting live on the radio in Osaka. Since I came, I talked about baseball with a promise of recording and broadcasting, but because I plugged it into the baseball broadcast with my body doing it live, I felt deceived and distrusted the staff, and for a while after that I did not do anything I started to decline the offer. March 1988, 3 "Bibiru Oki's All Night NipponAppeared as a guest for the first time in 17 years.Furthermore, August 2011, 8 "Shinobu Otake's All Night Nippon GoldGuest appearance for the first time in 6 years and 5 months. April 2017, "Ear Kyun to you!Snow-melting spring strategy Akashiya pacific saury All Nippon Please!requestAppeared as a personality of the crown program for the first time in 29 years[61]..Since then, the thaw has progressed and he has been serving as a regular personality for the program of the same name at a bimonthly pace.
  10. ^ pacific saury says, "Director Ueda, who was in charge of the special issue."Also,2014May 3Was broadcast onGrand finale thank you, He says that he is the director in charge of "Tamolympics".In addition, Tamori said,OgirinI thought I was arguing with Shigeru Ogino, who was the program producer at the time, but pacific saury denied this.
  11. ^ In general, the telephone shocking of "Special Issue Student Special" is not included in the record because there is no time limit, so the longest record is 43 minutes recorded by Tetsuko Kuroyanagi.
  12. ^ Matsuko DeluxeCo-starred with.Matsuko is the MC of "Matsuko.Really!? TV』Co-starred for about 10 years. (Matsuko will drop the program in September 2020)
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  14. ^ The keynote of the original song isIn E flat majorAnd the CM isF major.


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外部 リンク

Shinobu Otake

Shinobu Otake(Otake Shinobu,1957May 7 -) isJapan Ofactress,talent,singer.TokyoI'm fromTokyo Metropolitan Koiwa High Schoolgraduate,Toho Gakuen College Junior CollegeDropped out of the drama major.IMALU TheAkashi familyAnd daughter.


As an actress

  • At the time of shooting, it is said that she was able to shed tears instantly in the event of an emergency, and she was a so-called possession-type actress.If you play the deep darkness of a woman, it will be said to be one of the best in the world[1].
  • Since his debut in the entertainment world in 1973, he has never lost his job.[1].
  • Yanagawa hot pot,Shirako,Rare cheesecake, Loin cutlet,Genghis Khan,hot milkI'm not good at it. "It was your thanks to the TunnelsIn "Don't Hate the King's Battle"Izumiya ShigeruThe weakest deciding match with was also customary.


TV drama



  • The Gate of Youth (1975 Director:Jukichi Uno)
  • Young Heidelberg(Directed by Takeo Matsuura in 1977)
  • Carrots(Directed in 1979:Yoshiyuki Fukuda)
  • Marriage of my son (1981 Director: Jukichi Uno)
  • Playing the violin on the roof(Directed by Sammy Base in 1982)
  • I want to appear in a movie! (Directed by Yoichi Fukuda in 1982)
  • Original Mokuami (1983 Director:Koichi Kimura)
  • Oar (1985 Director: Tadashi Onoda)
  • Miracle person(Directed in 1986:Tsutomu Konno)
  • Miracle Man (1987 Director: Tsutomu Konno)
  • Glass mask(Directed in 1988:Tamasaburo Bando)
  • LOVE LETTERS (1990 Director: Yoji Aoi)
  • Doll house(Directed by Tsutomu Konno in 1991)
  • LOVE LETTERS (Director: Yoji Aoi, 1991)
  • Midsummer night's dream(Directed in 1992:Hideki Noda)
  • Miracle Man (1992-1993 Director: Terry Schreiber)
  • A short night of lovers (1993 production:Uyama Jin)
  • Noda version, The Battles of Coxsacks (1994 Director: Hideki Noda)
  • Counterfeit, Crime and Punishment (1995 Director: Hideki Noda)
  • Good man of Setuan (1996 Director: Alexander Darrier)
  • Miracle Man (1997 Director: Michael Bloom)
  • Endless Love (1998 Director:Auspicious)
  • Lulu (Directed by 1998: David Leveaux)
  • Pandora's Bell (1999 Director:Yukio Ninagawa)
  • Miracle Man (2000 Director:Hiromi Suzuki)
  • Shinobu Otake Concert BuBu (2001-2002)
  • Selling words (2002 Director: Hideki Noda)
  • The train named Desire (Directed by Yukio Ninagawa in 2002)
  • Hit the drum and whistle (2002 Director: Tamiya Kuriyama)
  • Macbeth (Directed by Yukio Ninagawa in 2002)
  • Miracle Man (2003 Director: Yumi Suzuki)
  • Electra (2003 Director: Yukio Ninagawa)
  • POP? Shinobu Otake Solo Stage (2003 Director: Katsuhide Suzuki)
  • Hit the drum and whistle (2004 Director: Tamiya Kuriyama)
  • What Mom told me (2004 Director: Katsuhide Suzuki)
  • Electra looks good in mourning clothes (2004 production:Tamiya Kuriyama)
  • Snake! (2005 production:Matsuo Suzuki)
  • Media (2005 Director: Yukio Ninagawa)
  • Mother, Heartball and Their Children-Chronicle of the Thirty Years War(2005 Director: Tamiya Kuriyama)
  • Love-Thinking is beyond time, now and in the past- (2005 directed by Katsuhide Suzuki)
  • Isn't Virginia Woolf scared?(Directed in 2006:Keralino Sandrovich)
  • Sweeney Todd(Directed in 2007:Amon Miyamoto)
  • Romance (2007 Director: Tamiya Kuriyama)
  • Beauty Queen of Linan(2007-2008 Director: Keishi Nagatsuka)
  • Eyelid mother(Directed in 2008:Eri Watanabe)
  • The female teacher was embraced twice (2008 Director: Suzuki Matsuo)
  • Hit the drum and whistle (2008 Director: Tamiya Kuriyama)
  • Sakurahime (Directed in 2009:Kazumi Kushida)
  • The Diver Japan Version (2009 Director: Hideki Noda)
  • Gray Gardens(Directed by Amon Miyamoto in 2009)
  • Henry VI(Directed by Yukio Ninagawa in 2010)
  • LOVE LETTERS (2010 Director: Yoji Aoi)
  • Adults fight like this (2011 directed by Maggie)
  • Sweeney Todd (Directed by Amon Miyamoto in 2011)
  • Venom(Directed by Yukio Ninagawa in 2011)
  • Piaf (2011 Director: Tamiya Kuriyama)
  • Cymbeline(Directed by Yukio Ninagawa in 2012)
  • Reading by Kenji Miyazawa (2012 Director: Tamiya Kuriyama)
  • Fukusuke (2012 Director: Suzuki Matsuo)
  • Hinoura Princess Story(Directed by Yukio Ninagawa in 2012)
  • Piaf (2013 director: Tamiya Kuriyama)
  • Sweeney Todd (2013 director: Amon Miyamoto)
  • Seagull(Directed in 2013: Keralino Sandrovich)
  • "My Piaf" Concert 2013 (2013)
  • Hit the drum and whistle (2014 Director: Tamiya Kuriyama)
  • A savvy widow (2014 director:Koki Mitani)
  • I have a lonely sister like fire (2014 director: Yukio Ninagawa)
  • Orpheus in Hell (Directed by Philip Breen in 2015)
  • Shinobu Otake Concert 2015 “Dramatic” (2015)
  • Miyuki Nakajima RESPECT LIVE 2015 Utaen (2015)
  • Piaf (2016 director: Tamiya Kuriyama)
  • Sweeney Todd (2016 director: Amon Miyamoto)
  • Three Old Ladies(Directed by 2016: Masafumi Saito)
  • Miyuki Nakajima RESPECT LIVE 2017 Utaen (2017)
  • Shinobu Otake It's no good zzz ... Public recording (2017)
  • Fader (Directed in 2017:Tamiya Kuriyama)
  • Carrot (2017 Director: Tamiya Kuriyama)
  • Talk & Mini Live & Handshake Event (2017) to commemorate the release of the album "Chi Chi Chi"
  • The train named Desire (2017-2018 Director: Philip Breen)
  • Little Night Music (2018 Director: Maria Friedman)
  • Bastille Day (2018)
  • No Exit(Directed in 2018: Eriko Ogawa)
  • Talk Show "Otoko Chishin Piaf-Living in Love, Living in Song" (2018)
  • Piaf (2018 director: Tamiya Kuriyama)
  • "SHINOBU avec PIAF" concert (2019)
  • LIFE LIFE LIFE ~ Three versions of life ~ (3 production: Keralino Sandrovich)
  • Three Old Ladies (Director: Masafumi Saito in 2019)
  • Ninnaji Temple Sound Stage-Sound of Reiwa- (2019)
  • 20th Anniversary Performance of the movie "Poppoya" (2019)
  • LOVE LETTERS (Director: Shuntaro Fujita in 2020)
  • Cherry blossom garden (Directed by 2020: Keralino Sandrovich) → All performances canceled
  • Woman's Life (2020 Director: Yasunori Danta) → Some performances canceled
  • Fedre (2021 Director: Tamiya Kuriyama) → Some performances canceled Limited time performance video distribution available
  • Mitani's Acupoint 2021st Laughing Reading (XNUMX Director: Koki Mitani)
  • A long journey to the night (2021 directed by Philip Breen)

Delivery video work

  • PRE AFTER CORONA SHOW The Movie (2020)


  • Don't turn off the theater lights (2020)

Amazon Prime Video

  • Someone is watching (2020)

Theater animation



NHK Red and White Singing Battle

Kayo Concert

  • October 2014, 10 Singing "Beginning of Twilight"
  • February 2015, 02 Singing "Omokage Plain" → Rebroadcast on April 10, 2015
  • July 2015, 07 Singing "Kamome Hakamome" 


  • June 2016, 06 Singing "Let's get married" and "Fight"
  • October 2016, 10 Singing "Era"
  • February 2017, 02 Singing "The Rose"
  • June 2017, 06 Singing "Rosy Life"
  • October 2017, 10 Singing "San Towa Mommy"
  • November 2017, 11 Singing "Hymne à l'amour"
  • October 2018, 10 Singing "Flush in the water"
  • October 2019, 10 Singing "Asahi no Aru House (Asahirou)"
  • December 2020, 12 Singing "Thank you for noticing"
  • February 2021, 2 Singing "Is There Still Anything You Can Love?"

Our music

  • July 2013, 7 Singing "Tears of Temperature"
  • September 2014, 9 -Our Memories Selection-


  • 271st Shigeru Izumiya September 2013, 9 Singing "Black Boat Song"
  • The 327th Shinobu Otake ~ Actress Living in Love ~ February 2015, 2 Singing "Beginning of Twilight", "What the Dead Man Left" and "Hymne à l'Amour"
  • SONGS Special Disney Special Masterpieces March 2017, 3 Singing "ONCE UPON A DREAM"
  • The 426th ~ Miyuki Nakajima Tribute ~ June 2017, 6 "Fight! 』Singing" era "
  • The 473th Shinobu Otake October 2018, 10 Singing "Love Hymn", "Old Soldier", "Love Hymn"

Japan Record Award

  • December 2013, 12 Singing the 30th "Showa no Uta Yo, Thank You" Excellent Album Award "Kuro no Funuta"
  • December 2015, 12 Singing the 30th "Rei Nakanishi and 57 Actresses" Planning Award "Ningyo no Ie"
  • December 2018, 12 Singing the 30th "SHINOBU avec PIAF" Excellent Album Award "Hymne à l'Amour"

The Covers

  • April 2015, 4 Singing "If you can fly in this sky," "People who hurry to the night," and "Mangetsu no Yuube"
  • September 2015, 9 First half masterpiece selection
  • January 2016, 1 New Year Masterpiece Selection


  • June 2017, 6 Singing "Let's dream" and "Hymne à l'amour"
  • December 2017, 12 Singing "Wish"
  • November 2020, 11 "Fight! 』Singing

Day of music

  • July 2017, 7 Singing "Hymne à l'amour"
  • July 2018, 7 Singing "The Rose" and "Kirainahito"

Other appearance music programs 

  • April 1976, 4 Singing "Yoru no Hit Studio" and "Mikan" on Fuji TV
  • November 2006, 11 Singing "Shin Domoto Brothers" and "Mikan" on Fuji TV
  • September 2010, 9 Singing Fuji TV "Shin Domoto Brothers" "JUMP"
  • January 2013, 1 Singing "Shin Domoto Brothers" and "Yoitomake no Uta" on Fuji TV
  • July 2013, 7, August 25, 8 NHK E-Tele "Music Portrait"
    • "Cheers Song"
    • "Donna Donna" Yoko Kishi
    • "Another rainy day" Masashi Sada     
    • "Lady" Kenny Rogers
    • "Hymne à l'amour" Edit Piaf
    • "Where did the flowers go?" Peter, Paul & Mary
    • "Flowers (flowers in everyone's hearts)" Shoukichi Kina   
    • "JUMP" Kiyoshiro Imawano
    • "Tashikana Koto" Kazumasa Oda
    • "What a Wonderful World" Louis Armstrong


  • May 2015, 5 TV Asahi sings "Untitled Concert," "Rosy Life," "Crowd," "Hymne à l'Amour," and "Flush in the Water."
  • 2015:11, 27 Fuji TV "Love music"
  • November 2015, 11 Fuji TV "This year has come again! Special just before the FNS Song Festival"
  • December 2015, 12 Fuji TV sings "FNS Kayosai" "Beginning of Twilight"
  • 2016å¹´1月17日→4月3日、8月21日、2020å¹´9月5日に再放送 NHK BSプレミアム 「中島みゆき名曲集〜豪華トリビュートライブ&貴重映像〜」『化粧』を歌唱
  • April 2017, 4, April 2, 4 Rebroadcast BS SKY PerfecTV "Miyuki Nakajima Respect Live 8 Utaen" SP ~ Talk & Live just before the broadcast
  • 2017å¹´4月9日、5月1日、8月31日、2018å¹´2月11日、5月13日、2019å¹´1月20日 ファミリー劇場 「中島みゆきリスペクトライブ2017歌縁」富山&松本公演『ファイト!』『歌姫』『化粧』を歌唱
  • 2017å¹´4月16日、5月2日、9月1日、2018å¹´2月11日、5月20日、2019å¹´1月27日 ファミリー劇場「中島みゆきリスペクトライブ2017歌縁」東京公演 『ファイト!』『歌姫』を歌唱
  • December 2017, 12 NHK singing "18rd Akashi Family Red and White" "Kirainahito"
  • August 2019, 8 NHK sings "17st Memories of Memories" "Yoitomake no Uta"
  • March 2019, 3, April 2, 4 NHK BS Premium "SHINOBU avec PIAF" March 13, 2020 NHK BS3K "Singing Shinobu Otake Piaf ~ SHINOBU avec PIAF ~"

Radio Drama


  • Shinobu Otake's All Night Nippon Gold(Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.) 2009å¹´12月11日,2009å¹´12月18日,2011å¹´1月13日-2013å¹´9月26日,2015å¹´1月30日,2017å¹´11月10日
  • Radio Charity Musicson(Nippon Broadcasting System) December 2012th and 12th, 24 Main personality
  • Masahiko Ueyanagi Good evening! (Nippon Broadcasting System) October 2013, 10 
  • Shinobu Otake Don't do it, ZZZ(Nippon Broadcasting System) October 2013, 10-June 6, 2017
  • Ototoi Radio (FM COCOLO) October 2014, 10
  • Kikimasu! (Nippon Broadcasting System) October 2014, 10
  • AFTERNOON DELIGHT (FM COCOLO) October 2014, 10
  • Good evening!Friday Special (Nippon Broadcasting System) December 2014, 12
  • Shigeru Izumiya Good luck Miyazaki "Horizon Fireworks and Music" Live Special (Nippon Broadcasting System) January 2015, 1
  • Golden Bomber Kiryuin Sho's All Night Nippon (Nippon Broadcasting System) January 2015, 1
  • Kankuro Miyato's All Night Nippon GOLD (Nippon Broadcasting System) February 2015, 2
  • back number All Night Nippon (Nippon Broadcasting System) February 2015, 2
  • Shinichiro Azumi's Sunday Heaven (TBS) August 2018, 8
  • Midsummer Night Greats (NHK FM) August 2018, 8
  • Shinobu Otake's Music Night Story (NHK) September 2018, 9
  • Reio Tsuchiya Leo Narudo (Nippon Broadcasting System) October 2018, 10
  • Today is one day RADWIMPS Zanmai (NHK FM) August 2019, 8
  • Mama ☆ Midnight Flight (NHK) November 2019, 11, February 28, 2021
  • Shinobu Otake "Speakers Corner" (NHK) February 2020, 2, April 11 (NHK)Diet broadcast(201th Diet-House of CouncilorsBudget Committee・ 2020 firstSupplementary budgetDeliberation[25][26])に伴う短縮版),6月13日,7月24日,8月11日,9月21日 2020å¹´11月21日-2021å¹´3月13日,2021å¹´3月31日-
  • Miu Sakamoto's Dear Friends (TOKYO FM) October 2020, 10
  • Junko Koshino MASACA (TBS) November 2020, 11, November 1, 11
  • Yutaka Sado's Music Bar Maestro (NHK FM) February 2021, 2, (NHK) February 11



  • Shinobu Otake Solo Stage "Ainouta -Francesca!-" (2009)
  • "The Borrower Arrietty" Completion Preview (2010)
  • "The Borrower Arrietty" First Day Stage Greeting (2010)
  • "Here Comes the Bride" Completion Preview (2010)
  • "Here Comes the Bride" First Day Stage Greeting (2010)
  • "Here Comes the Bride" Triumphal Stage Greeting (2010)
  • "Nude night love is generously robbed" completion announcement preview (2010)
  • Tokyo International Film Festival "Postcard" (2010)
  • "Shin-san Coal Mine Town Serenade" Completion Preview (2010)
  • Komatsuza Performance Talk Guest Letter to Hisashi Inoue (2010)
  • Shinobu Otake Concert Tour 2011 "Ainouta" (2011) → Some performances canceled
  • Kohnosuke Sakazaki and Takuro Yoshida's All Night Nippon GOLD Public Live Broadcast (2011)
  • Produced by Makoto Ozone "Dedicated to Hisashi Inoue" (2011)
  • "One postcard" premiere preview (2011)
  • (Shinobu Otake Concert 2012 Tonight is a solo stage? I think it's just a song! ”(2012)
  • "Tsuya's Nights" Completion Preview (2013)
  • "Shinji Miyake presents 4th Thanksgiving Day" (2013)
  • "Leaving on the Island Song-Fifteen Spring-" Tokyo Premiere Preview (2013)
  • "Women's City-Waggen Oggen-" First Day Stage Greeting (2013)
  • "2013th Kanzaburo Nakamura Memorial Event" (XNUMX)
  • "Showa no Uta, thank you" One Night Premiere LIVE (2013)
  • "Shinji Miyake presents 5th Thanksgiving Day" (2014)
  • "The Mourner" Completion Announcement Stage Greeting (2015)
  • "The Mourner" First Day Stage Greeting (2015)
  • "Inside Out" blockbuster commemorative talk event (2015)
  • "Galaxy Kaidô" first day stage greeting "live broadcast" (2015)
  • "Orchestra Ensemble Kanazawa Fantastic Orchestra Concert 4th" (2016)
  • "Woman of the Second Wife" Completion Preview (2016)
  • "Woman of the Second Wife" Tokyo Completion Preview (2016)
  • "Woman in the Second Wife" First Day Stage Greeting (2016)
  • "Saitama Life Phone Charity Concert Kiyoshi Hasegawa When Kokoro Furueru" (2016)
  • "Jusqua Grand Pere Concert" (2016)
  • "Singing, succeeding" -Rokusuke Ei's memorial concert- (2017)
  • "New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra 568th Subscription Concert" (2017)
  • "Whale!Get in my hands ”After Talk (2017)
  • "Mary and the Witch's Flower" First Day Stage Greeting (2017)
  • "Mito Easter" (2017)
  • "Get out on the table! 』Earphone guide (2017 director: Hideki Noda)
  • "Blue Ribbon Award Ceremony" Moderator (2018)
  • "Jusqua Grand Pale 20th Anniversary Live" MORE "" (2019)
  • "Shadowfall" premiere screening (2019)


  • "Meeting this person makes me feel better" (Shueisha) 2003 A collection of dialogues with 12 people
  • "I am alone" (Gentosha) 2006 Autobiography
  • Serialization "Shinobu Otake Maaiika" (Asahi Shimbun) April 2013, 4-
  • "Maaiika" (Asahi Shimbun Publishing) 2015 Newspaper serial essay
  • "The way of life of" I "from the 40s" (Poplar Publishing Co., Ltd.) 2016 
  • "I am the 2th birthday?Maaiika 2017 ”(Asahi Shimbun Publishing) XNUMX Newspaper Series Essay
  • Serialization "Asadora no Koro" (Sankei Sports) From March 2020, 3, all 1 times



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Victorian music industry
May 4
Side AMandarin orangeYu AkuOnoHaruomi Hosono
Mitsuo Hagita
Side BMusic
May 7
Side AHandshakeYu AkuOnoHiroshi TakadaSV-6030
Side BSeto Inland SeaInoue TadaoTadao Yoshikawa
May 5
Side APhonebookAraki and YohisaKoji MamaginoSV-6420
Side BYou are too farYu AkuOnoNeedle size George
May 12
Side AroadFukuko IshiiKoji TokuhisaShun FukuiSV-6533
Side BThe end of the fairy taleKeisuke Yamakawa
Canyon record
May 2
-Kokoro-kun and Kokoro-sanCatchSouth kosetsuShingo Kobayashi6G-0088
May 8
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Victorian music industry
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01Shakariki ParadiseTaniho ChiroruKoichi MoritaTachimi YanoVIDL-96
02Hey, whyMitsuko FukudaKazuo Tokumitsu
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02Water MirrorMari Ueda
BMG Victor
May 10
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02after the dreamG. Fauré
Victor Entertainment
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02(CM Ver.)Atsushi Onozawa
May 6
01Hymn of loveYuko MatsunagaM.MonnotMasayuki SakamotoVICL-37270
02The RoseEri WatanabeA.McBroom

Duet single

Release dateduetSong ordertitleLyricsCompositionArrangerStandard product number
May 8
Nakamura KankuroSide AMorning of loveTokiko IwataniNaozumi YamamotoAoki NozomiSV-6260
Side BLindenbaum's songNaozumi Yamamoto
May 10
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May 11
Ryota Kaizo01Please be aware that you are thankfulKazuki Hagiwara
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Kazuki HagiwaraMasaki IeharaCRCP-10452


  • "Have you seen a swan?" (July 1976, 7)
  • "Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin's Song" (1981)
  • "Stairway to Heaven" (1994)
  • "SEAN" (1996)
  • "SIOBHAN" (1997)
  • "Compassion" (2001)
  • "Ainouta-Francesca!-" (2009)
  • "Golden Best" (2013)
  • "Showa no Uta, thank you" song "Kuro no Funuta" (2013)
  • "Utashin Koishin" (2014)
  • "Rei Nakanishi and 12 Actresses" Song "Ningyo no Ie" (2015)
  • "Rei Nakanishi and 13 Actresses" Song "Stopped Business" (2016)
  • "Utaen" Singing song "Diva" (2016)
  • "Chi-Chi-Chi" (2017)
  • "SHINOBU avec PIAF" (2018)
  • "People who like Harumi Miyako ~ tribute to HARUMI MIYAKO ~" song "The Ancient City of the Millennium" (2020)

Tie-up song

1977Morning of loveMusic dramaYoung HeidelbergLove's Theme
Lindenbaum's songMusic drama "Young Heidelberg" theme song
1978PhonebookDenden Public Corporation・ CM song
roadTBSTV drama "roadTheme song
1987Kokoro-kun and Kokoro-sanFuji Television Network, IncProgram for childrenHirake! Ponkikki"Insert song
Caught onInsert song for Fuji TV's children's program "Hirake! Ponkikki"
1992Shakariki ParadiseNHK educationTelevision Animation"Tyrolean Village StoryOP theme
Hey, whyNHK Educational TV Anime "Chirorin Village Story" ED Theme
2013Happy talk RahitoTakahashi brewing"Shiro" CM song


  • Anime"Tyrolean Village Story』April 1992, 4-March 6, 1993 Theme song OP" Shakariki Paradise "ED" Hey, why ".Recorded in the original soundtrack of the anime
  • "ONCE UPON A DREAM-Once Upon a Dream-" July 2014, 7 Movie Walt Disney Pictures "Maleficent] Japanese dubbed version theme song.Recorded in the movie's original soundtrack



  • 1977 Year
    • 1th Japan Academy Award Outstanding Supporting Actress Award ("Otoko wa Tsuraiyo Torajiro Do your best", "Monsoon", "Youth Gate Independence")


Actress who played


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