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🤖 | "World Trigger", Katsuyuki Konishi, Akira Ishida and other cast information of Ikoma Corps and Prince Corps


"World Trigger", cast information of Katsuyuki Konishi, Akira Ishida, Ikoma Corps, Prince Corps

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◎ Yutaka Kashio: Comment from Tatsumaru Tachibana I am very happy to be able to appear in the work I was reading from the start of the series!

From the TV anime "World Trigger" currently being broadcast, the second part of [Ikoma Corps] and [Prince Corps] that will appear for the first time in the 2nd season ... → Continue reading

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Ryumaru Tachibana

Tatsumaru Tachibana(Tachibana gathers,1991May 4[3] -) isJapan OfVoice actor,stageAn actor.FukuiBackground[1].Stay rackAffiliation[2].


2010から2015Until then, he was active as the chairman of the "Tachibana Koryumaru Theater Company".2014からMass theaterActive in the stage since 2015musicalStart activities at[1].

2019Started in April,Sanrio"GIFT for SMILE!" By Sanrio's first comedian character "Warahibi!", Who belongs to the fictional comedian agency "Comedy Agency". Debuted as an artist, and was selected as Yuuto Yura of the combination "Ma Mi Mu Mercizu".[4].


Special skill isSword,Female form[1].. Hobbyplay[5].

The reason for being aware of voice actors is "Ranma 1 / 2After the main part of the video, the role of Ranma SaotomeKappei YamaguchiBecause I saw the interview.He was conscious of voice actors since he was a kindergarten child.[5].


TaiziIs the main character.

Television Animation


Web anime


  • Fantasy Squad (Aiden, Grand Rick, Lango[9])
  • Exos Heroes (Duga[12])
  • AnotherPrince ~ Lost Story ~ (Rapunzel[13])
  • Megami Historia (Michelin, Kid[14])
  • Hero Cantare (Saiten Daisho)[16])

Drama CD

  • Trapped in a Dating World is a tough world for mobs (2020, Zirc[18]) --CD with novel volume 6 limited edition and special edition with scenario book



  • Office ENDLESS produce vol.19 "Chickjo ~~" (Kutarou Hori)[21])
  • Shatner of Wonder # 2 "Kobayashi Shonen to Pistol" (Inspector Ichijo[22])
  • The daughter of the Marquis plays a hand piece (starring,Edward Laurans[23])


  • Kamen Teacher SILVER MASK (2015, Souji[38])
  • Fushigi Yugi ~ Akinosho ~ (2016, Well)[39])
  • Nintama Rantaro The 7th "Battle of the Navy Fort Three Tomoe!" "Ninjutsu Academy School Festival" (2016, Tatemaru[40][41])
  • Nintama Rantaro 8th "Ganbare 2017th grade! Waza-ari, art, first ninja !!" "Ninjutsu Academy School Festival" (XNUMX, Tatemaru)[42][43])
  • Musical "Star-Mu"-3rd season-(Sho Tenkaji in 2019[44])


* IsInternet distribution.

Other contents

  • Transliteration Literature Recitation Drama "Summer Night Dream"[46]


Character song

Release dateProduct NamesongSongRemarks
2020/2/14GIFT for SMILE!Team Warahibi![Member 1]"GIFT for SMILE!""Warahibi!" Main theme
"Negative positive contrast""Warahibi!" Related songs
2020/2/19Inu is only onceDate group[Member 2]"Eternal Zuda, Edamame Forever"Television Animation"Nobunaga Oda Cinnamon"Insert song


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Unit member

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