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📺 | Yosuke Eguchi, Suzu Hirose & Sho Sakurai become the president of the detective agency!Appeared in the drama "Nemesis"

Photo Yosuke Eguchi becomes a dandy president! – (C) NTV

Became the president of a detective agency watching over Yosuke Eguchi, Suzu Hirose & Sho Sakurai!Appeared in the drama "Nemesis"

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Irie, the general director, commented on the role, saying, "Mr. Eguchi has played many roles so far, but this time he is playing a character named Kazuaki Kurita who is a bit different and funky."

Actor Yosuke Eguchi will star in Suzu Hirose and Sho Sakurai in the serial drama "Nemesis" (NTV ...), which started in April. → Continue reading

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