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📺 | Nogizaka46, Sakurazaka46, Hinatazaka46 First co-star drama "Borderless" trailer released to follow the four stories

From the photo drama "Borderless" Hikaru Morita (Sakurazaka46) and Kyoko Saito (Hinatazaka46) – (C) Hikari TV

Nogizaka46, Sakurazaka46, Hinatazaka46 first co-star drama "Borderless" trailer released to follow the four stories

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Hiro Kanai, who is involved in popular dramas such as "HERO," "Galileo," and "Nobunaga Concerto," is in charge of the overall production.

Hikari TV original Dora, where members of Nogizaka46, Sakurazaka46, and Hinatazaka46 will co-star for the first time beyond the boundaries of the group ... → Continue reading

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Nobunaga Concerto

"Nobunaga Concerto』(Nobunaga Konzert),Ayumi IshiibyJapan OfComic.. 『Gessan』(Shogakukan) First issue (2009) Is being serialized.57thShogakkan Manga AwardReceived the award for boys. "Recommended comics selected by nationwide bookstore employees2012th place in "7". As of September 2016, the cumulative circulation has exceeded 9 million.[1].

2014FromFuji Television Network, IncSimultaneous planning and development of three media, TV animation, live-action TV drama, and live-action movie, as a project for the 55th anniversary of the opening of the station[2][3].

  • TV animation was broadcast from July 2014. (Detail is#Television AnimationSee section)
  • It was made into a live-action TV drama from the October 2014 period. (Detail is#TV dramaSee section)
  • In 2016, a live-action movie by the same cast staff as the TV drama version was released. (Detail is#moviesSee section)


Saburo, a high school student who is not good at studying, is by chanceSengoku period,astronomical18 years(1549)time slipAnd the real thing I met thereOda NobunagaIn addition, because he had two appearances, he was asked to live as Nobunaga instead of his sickly self, and he would live as Nobunaga.

At first, he was confused by the surroundings and betrayed and assassinated, but he was able to get through easily due to coincidences.For that reason, he was supported by his family and the territory, and he seriously aspired to unify the world with the death of his vassal, Hirate Masahide.The 13th Shogun of the Muromachi ShogunateYoshiteru AshikagaAfter conquering Owari and Mino and moving to Kyo, the hostile Ashikaga ShogunateAsakura family-Azai family-Takeda familyWhile defeating neighboring daimyoRakuichi Rakuza・ Industrial promotion ・Separation of soldiersAnd so on, the territory management was successful,Azuchi castleBuild a castle and run up to the world according to historical facts.


★ indicates a person who has traveled back in time.


Sabouraud[Note 1] ★ / Oda Nobunaga(Nobunaga Oda)
Voice- Mamoru Miyano
The main character of this work.He was an ordinary high school student who was not good at studying and often played around, but when he was walking along the river, he slipped and fell into the river, and for some reason he slipped back in time during the Warring States period. In the end, he met Nobunaga Oda, who had a similar face, voice, and physique, and at the request of him, he was forced to live as Nobunaga.We are aware that history should not be changed,Japanese history OftextbookI think that I have to take the world as Nobunaga Oda by referring to.However, in addition to his easy-going personality, he doesn't understand much about history, so he lives naturally.If the history is as historical as it is,The Honnoji TempleHe doesn't seem to think seriously about dying.However, although his behavior has become historically true, he has said that he regrets not studying at school nearly 30 years after he came to the Warring States period.
He has a habit of saying, "I have good motor nerves," and has high physical abilities such as imitating dangerous things in a straightforward manner and riding horses that should have been inexperienced early in the Warring States period.CourtesyAlthough he is ignorant and sometimes confuses the surroundings by using modern language, he demonstrates his unique idea, high charisma and ability to act, and as the Oda clan expands, he will become a military commander (Imperial courtSaburo takes the form of Akechi Mitsuhide and asks Mitsuhide to join him as Nobunaga.)On the other hand, his younger brother, who is a traitor and has little awareness of being an enemy or ally,NobuyukiReach out toNagamasuIf you are asked to buy something, even if you become a mother, you will love Nobunaga excessivelyCityIn addition to showing a sweet side to the Oda clan's relatives, such as being unable to speak strongly, he basically chooses to get along rather than fight.
It is "Aida-san" who kills Nobunaga in the strangeness of Honnoji[Note 2]I made a mistake in remembering that.
In addition, in this work, no concubine or children have appeared, and the concubine in historical factsYoshinoIs the wife of Akechi Mitsuhide (died before Mitsuhide served the Oda clan).
[Settings in the drama version]
Compared to the original and the anime version, it is very human-like, such as having a habit of running away, being depressed after saying strength, and enthusiastically talking about the importance of life to the dying partner.
Mitsuhide Akechi(Akechi Mitsuhide)
Voice- Kaji Yuki
RealOda Nobunaga..Intelligent but sick.Called "Mitchie" by Saburo.He left Owari, entrusting him to live as Nobunaga Oda, to Saburo, who looked exactly like himself when he left the Oda clan.While wandering around, he was adopted by the Akechi family and named himself Akechi Mitsuhide.After that, he heard Nobunaga's rumors and appeared in front of Saburo as Mitsuhide to help him.Usually white to prevent confusion aroundhoodCovers his head with Saburo as neededShadow warriorWill be.However, as mentioned above, he is sick, and even when he is in good physical condition, he is often worried that he has a bad complexion.Chosen as one of the four corps leaders who organize the Oda family.Enryakuji TempleOffensiveMonkWhen they were slaughtered, the monk soldier called him with a grudge against Nobunaga.Sixth Day Demon KingWas made a synonym for himself.He has a strong bond with Saburo, and since he happened to know Saburo's identity from Matsunaga Hisahide's remarks, he has decided to live only for him, and Toshiie and other vassals from Saburo said, "It's hot. However, it is described as "heavy".He has vowed that he will never die for Saburo, who is not worried about his death due to the strangeness of Honnoji.Bereavement ex-wifeYoshinoI have two sons.Also, of my daughterBeadsAlso says that is born.
[Settings in the drama version]
Unlike the original and the anime version, the reason for replacing Saburo is to escape the battle for succession.In addition, he has an ambitious personality, such as collusion and dynamism while noticing Hideyoshi's true identity.

According to "Mr. Ishii's commitment" in "Tenkafu Takeriyukicho", Saburo and Mitsuhide's hair and eyes are browner than others, but in the anime version, Saburo is brown, but Mitsuhide is dark navy blue. It has become.

Oda family

Nobunaga's family

Returning butterfly(Kicho)
Voice- Mizuki Nana
Nobunaga's regular room.Daughter of Dosan Saito.It didn't go well with Nobunaga, but he fell in love with Saburo.He has a gentle and gentle personality and is loved by everyone.Due to his deep love for Saburo, he was weakened without eating or sleeping when he was informed that he was missing during the war.
[Settings in the drama version]
He usually behaves gracefully, but that is because he was instructed by Nobunaga, and he has a strong personality.Therefore, it is often argued with Saburo at the beginning.By the time Saburo became familiar with the Oda family, he began to behave in his original personality.
Voice- Yuki Aoi
Nobunaga's sister.I've been familiar with Sabouraud since I was little.His appearance is so beautiful that everyone admits, but he is a tomboy and restless.Although he was reluctant, he married Nagamasa Asai for the Oda clan and gave birth to three sisters.When the Azai clan, the bride's wife, was destroyed by the Oda army, he was transferred to the Oda clan.Even after her husband's death, her longing for Nobunaga hasn't changed, and there is a section where she thinks Saburo more than her brother.For this reason, it is described as a brother complex by Sabouraud.I like Saburo better than Nagamasa.Called "Oichan" by Saburo.
[Settings in the drama version]
Tsuneoki is a childhood friend.
Nobunaga's niece.The eldest daughter of the city.The appearance and personality are similar to those of the city, and Saburo is so similar that he calls it a "miniature version of Oichan."However, the eyebrows are as dignified as Nagamasa.
Nobunaga's niece.The second daughter of the city.Unlike Chacha, I always sleep.The eyes are similar to Nagamasa.
Nobunaga's niece.The third daughter of the city.The wide forehead resembles Nagamasa.
Nobuhide Oda(Oda nobuhide)
OwariDaimyo.Nobunaga, Nobuyuki, Nagamasu, the father of the cities.I was worried about Nobunaga, who was naturally ill, but I was very pleased to see Saburo's health and strange behavior as his son's growth.
[Settings in the drama version]
Unlike historical facts and the original (death from illness), Denjiro (later Hideyoshi) was fatally injured.On the verge of death, Nobunaga (Saburo) was appointed as his successor.
Nobuyuki Oda(Oda nobuyuki)
Voice- Ukiyama
Nobunaga's younger brother.He admitted that his sick brother had a strong desire.Nobunaga was replaced by Saburo,UtsukeI came to think that I was more suitable as a successor to the Oda clan because I was encouraged by the fact that I was called, and the sense of opposition to my brother from the outside, and I began to aim for the power of the Oda clan.However, all the attempts failed, and at the end, even Katsuie Shibata, who was confident, refused to join hands with Saburo and septed.
Nagamasa Oda(Oda Nagamasu)
Nobunaga's younger brother and older brother of the same age in Oichi.He has a personality that likes the style and has a high background as a cultural person, but when he has something he wants, he immediately asks Saburo.The remarks are not good, but they also show a sharp side.

Oda retainer

Masahide Hirate(Hirate Masahide)
Voice- Kiyokawa Motodream
Oda clan's chief inn and Nobunaga's inn.It plays a role like Nobunaga's Metsuke.Imakawa's spy, Denjiro Tahara (later Hideyoshi Hashiba), who wanted to be a servant, was rejected because he was assassinated because of that (Saburo's plan to respect his honor, and he died. Became).With this incident, Saburo decided to aim for the world as "Oda Nobunaga".
Tsuneoki Ikeda(Ikeda Tsuneoki)
Voice- Kazuyuki Okitsu
A vassal of the Oda clan.Nobunaga (Mitsuhide)foster brother..At one time, he was responsible for the assassination of Saburo on the side of Nobuyuki, but he was impressed by the fragmentary historical facts that Saburo occasionally talked about as an ambition, and after that he became an assistant.Although he has the role of giving up on Saburo, he is swayed because he is a common sense person, and he is constantly struggling.Called "Tsune-chan" by Saburo.
[Settings in the drama version]
After Nobuyuki was seppuku, he apologized for betrayal and tried to seppuku, but Saburo stopped him and swore his loyalty.
Katsuie Shibata(Katsuie Shibata)
Voice- Rikiya Koyama
Formerly an old man with Nobuyuki Oda family.Although he was a human being on the Nobunaga side, he witnessed the difference between Saburo, who aimed at the world, and Nobunaga's vessel, which aimed only at his brother's overthrow.Like Tsuneoki, he is swayed by Saburo, and he is constantly struggling. Elected as one of the four corps leaders.
[Settings in the drama version]
After praising Nobuyuki's purity when he was seppukuInterpolationWas done.Called "Shibakatsu-san" by Saburo.
Niwa Nagahide(Niwa Nagahide)
Voice- Shinya Takahashi
A vassal of the Oda clan.A person who is silent and expressionless, and Hideyoshi has trouble responding. One of the four corps leaders.He is the general magistrate of Azuchi Castle.
Maeda Toshiie(Before)
Voice- Shintaro Asanuma
A vassal of the Oda clan.Childhood nameInu Chiyo..Naughty.He has a connection with Tokugawa's vassal, Tadakatsu Honda, about his lord, Saburo.He is also a master of spears.As I was able to take a position, I was relatively calm, such as giving up on the rough Mori Nagayoshi.
[Settings in the drama version]
Unlike the original and the anime version, he suddenly appears in front of Katsuya, falls down, and serves as an officer.It feels good to go later, but he will be bereavement.
Narimasa Sasa(Soon Narimasa)
Voice- Kenta Miyake
A vassal of the Oda clan.Contrary to Toshiie, he is serious and has a strong sense of responsibility, and he always fights.The lord, Saburo, has a connection with Tokugawa's vassal, Tadakatsu Honda.
[Settings in the drama version]
Unlike the original and the anime version, he suddenly appears in front of Katsuya, falls down, and serves as an officer.
Shigeharu Takenaka(Shigeharu Takenaka)
Voice- Takahiro Sakurai
A vassal of the Oda clan.Known asHanbei..A beautiful young man with a clear mind and a calm deposition.Originally he served Tatsuko Saito, but instead of sayingInabayama CastleTake over for a while.After the destruction of the Saito family, he once refused to serve the Oda clan as requested by Saburo, but after Saburo's success, he took his younger brother Shigenori to the service.I doubt Hideyoshi's movement.In the 6th year of the Tensho era, Hanbei, who has a good understanding, searches for Mitsuhide, who was receiving the New Year's greeting on behalf of Saburo, and gives himself (with a sickle), and finds out that Saburo and Mitsuhide have the same face.Through Sakichi, he learned about the secret talk between Hideyoshi and Ankokuji Ekei, and moved himself to deliver the secret letter to Mitsuhide, but was assassinated by Hidenaga who moved to prevent it.However, the secret book was entrusted to Maru when he met by chance, and passed to Mitsuhide and Saburo through Yuki.
Labor coughThe death was reported to Saburo by Hideyoshi as a sick death.
[Settings in the drama version]
Appeared as a spy for the Saito clan in the form of a false surrender to the Oda clan.He embraced Mori Yoshinari and interfered with the Oda army's invasion of Mino, but was shaken by Saburo's goal of Taihei Tenka, which he once had, and eventually joined the Oda clan. To do.Immediately after learning about Hideyoshi's identity, he reports to Mitsuhide, but in reality he is killed by him who has teamed up with Hideyoshi.
Takenaka Shigenori(Shigenori Takenaka)
A vassal of the Oda clan.Hanbei's younger brother.In the Battle of Anegawa, he defeats Naotsune Endo, the inn of the Azai clan, and gives a military service to save Saburo.After that, he served as a horseman, but was transferred as General Takenaka due to the death of Hanbei.He has a frank personality, probably because he has been on the side of Saburo for many years, and in the New Year, he distributes the ozoni prepared to the soldiers himself.
[Settings in the drama version]
He and Hanbei interfered with the Oda army's invasion of Mino, but eventually joined the Oda clan according to him.
Hidemasa Hori(Hori Hidemasa)
Voice- Ishida Akira
A vassal of the Oda clan.Known as Kutaro.Saburo's aide after Tsuneoki and Toshiie left the nest.He is the most beautiful young man of the Oda clan and is good at treating women.I try not to worry about Saburo's behavior.
Toshitaka Hosokawa (Hosokawa Fujitaka)
The person who made Yoshiaki Ashikaga a shogun.Although the purpose was achieved, Yoshiaki regretted that he could not find out that it was not in the shogun's vessel in the process, and later gave up Yoshiaki and served the Oda clan.While serving on the side, he gave up Yoshiaki from his standpoint, but he himself looked at Yoshiaki with a rather cold eye.One of the people who knows that Mitsuhide and Saburo look exactly like each other, but he doesn't even know their identities.


Mori Yoshinari(Mori Yoshinari)
Voice- Ryo Sugisaki
A vassal of the Oda clan.Nagayoshi, father of Ranmaru and Mori brothers.Appointed after Saburo inherited the family.He is a long-time hero and has a strong confidence in Saburo.Later, he was entrusted with the defense of Usayama Castle.He died in the Usayama Castle defense battle against the Asakura army and Enryakuji monks.
[Settings in the drama version]
Unlike the original and the anime version, he has appeared as a senior vassal of the Oda clan from the beginning, and has become a crybaby with a weak appearance.Later, he suffered from money measures and diverted information about the Oda family to the Saito family.After the matter was revealed, he tried to get angry, but was stopped by Saburo and swore his loyalty.In addition to being called "Moririn" by Saburo, a lot of children are called "Sengoku".Big DaddyWas called.
Morinaga OK(Mori Nagayoshi)
Voice- Hiroyuki Yoshino
Yoshinari's second son.Original name is Katsuzo[Note 3]After the death of Yoshinari, Saburo gave him the name "Nagayoshi".Received.Eldest brotherIs already deceased and inherited the family.He has a strong and violent temper.
Mori Ranmaru(Mori Ranmaru)
Voice- Ayumi Murase
Yoshinari's third son.The eyes are a father and two melons.A hard-working person who is polite, serious and very talkative.After his father's death, he joined the Oda clan as a small surname with his younger brothers.I happen to see the real face of Akechi Mitsuhide, who was asleep with the mask removed.Therefore, he is wary of Mitsuhide.After that, Saburo and Mitsuhide will be shown along with Yuki.
[Settings in the movie version]
Saburo's vassal.He died in the Honnoji Incident.
Morishobomaru(Moribomaru),Mori Rikimaru(Mori Rikimaru)
Voice- Marie Miyake(Bomaru),Omori Higasa(Rikimaru)
The fourth and fifth sons of "Mori Brothers".Unlike his older brother Ranmaru, he has a lively personality.Like Ranmaru, he becomes Saburo's Kosho.However, he is not enthusiastic about his work and is just playing around.
[Settings in the drama version]
Often mistaken.

Hideyoshi's crew

Hideyoshi Hashiba(Hideyoshi Hashiba)
Voice- Yuichi Nakamura
Appeared as a spy of Yoshimoto Imagawa.From a farmer to a merchantToyotomi KinoshitaKills and robs his name and career, and appears in front of Saburo.Before calling himself Toyotomi Kinoshita, he called himself "Denjiro Tahara", but this is not his real name either.It was first called "Hiyoshi" by Hidenaga, who calls himself his younger brother.
While sneaking into the Oda clan as a horseman, he secretly recommends Nobuyuki Oda to rebel.On the eve of Okehazama, there was confusion in the information of the Oda family, and as a result of causing false alarms, the Imagawa army was defeated.After that, he decides to strengthen himself and defeat Nobunaga.
He is ostensibly pretending to be a friendly and talented loyal man, but his true nature is angry and ruthless, waiting for an opportunity to take revenge on Saburo.Battle of KanegasakiThen, I'm going to buy a palace and turn over after seeing a gap, but I can't do it because Hanbei and Mitsuhide are on the lookout.Saburo recognized his ability and went on to advance, and when he was selected as one of the four corps leaders, Tanwing-ShibaRice field / lightShows1 letter each and wisteriaYoshiTake one letter from Ro and call himself Hideyoshi Hashiba.
Attacking ChinaIn the meantime, with Hidenaga's guidance, he talks with the enemy Ankokuji Ekei and makes Hidenaga assassinate Hanbei who knows it, but the secret book goes to Mitsuhide and Saburo and is called to Azuchi Castle.To Hideyoshi who excuses, Saburo talks about the historical fact that "Hideyoshi" will take over the world after Nobunaga's death, as if Hideyoshi did not know that "Hideyoshi", but Hideyoshi doubted his true intention.Miki battleBy a fierce military siegeMiki CastleI have no choice but to show that I am working hard to be loyal to Saburo.
[Settings in the drama version]
Denjiro is supposed to be his real name.He assassinated Nobuhide and burned Yoshiryu to cause a rebellion against Dosan.Also, when he was a child, he hated Nobunaga because his village hid the enemy general and was destroyed by Nobunaga's (genuine) hand.Called "Monkey-kun" by Saburo.
Hideshige Hashiba(Hashiba Hidenaga)
Voice- Kenichi Suzumura
A ninja who suddenly appeared in front of Hideyoshi.He calls himself "Kotake", a younger brother who broke up with Hideyoshi when he was young, and hopes to serve on his side.After that, "Brother complex"[4]Self-proclaimed, supporting Hideyoshi while repeating ironic and provocative remarks.However, at times, he also took arbitrary actions against Hideyoshi's will.Battle of TedorigawaIn front of him, he withdrew his soldiers under Hideyoshi without permission, and Hideyoshi became dissatisfied with General Shibata Katsuie and was suspicious.Ankokuji Ekei's guide is also provided without permission.
When Chacha is playing and throws sandals on a tree, he takes the action as if he knew the history, such as having him meet Hideyoshi.
When Uesugi's ninja is a ninja, he has the ability to approach Maru without any sign, or to lose his fighting spirit just by killing him. When asked, he refused, saying, "That's not enough."
Hachisuka Koroku(Hachisuka Koroku)
Voice- Takashi Matsuyama
Mino's landlord.When attacking Mino, he cooperated with Toyotomi Kinoshita in building an overnight castle, and since then he has been subordinate to it.
Sakichi Ishida(Sakichi Ishida)
Hideyoshi's Kosho.I like beautiful things and want to serve the beautiful boy Takenaka Hanbei.I serve because my parents were serving, but I didn't feel the beauty of Hideyoshi, so I didn't really want to serve.He informed Hanbei about the secret talk between Hideyoshi and Ekei, and as a result, he was forced to die, but at that time Hideyoshi's terrible blame changed his perception.

Other subordinates

Masatsugu Hieda(Masatsuna Yanada)
Voice- Anri Katsu
"Mura no Ko 1" that appears in the first episode[Note 4]The name at that time was "Masa".Appointed as a "leader" by Saburo, he is responsible for collecting information such as the battle situation report and the whereabouts of Yoshimoto Imagawa in the battle between Okehazama.Saburo highly appreciates his achievements and gives the name and territory of "Yanada Masatsuna" as the most credit.
Yasuke(Yasuke) ★
Voice- Koichi Yamadera
Saburo's bodyguard.African AmericanSource ofProfessional baseballA player, the registered name is "Young".Contemporaneous with Saburo埼 玉During the match in Japan, I was hit by a lightning strike and slipped back in time.Mori Nagayoshi and his friends caught him as a demon extermination, and he was pulled out in front of Saburo.Saburo heard that Bomaru and Rikimaru called him "Yasuke" because it was difficult to say "Young", and he was named "Yasuke".Although he has a body far superior to that of the Japanese at that time, he is a weak man and does not follow the battle.After the death of Matsunaga Hisahide, he was inspired by the words and embarked on a training journey, but after that, Frois and his missionaries reunited with Nobunaga as a servant during an audience in Kyoto and returned to the Oda clan.
A maid of the return butterfly.The true identity is Kenshin Uesugi's female shinobi, and Echigo also has an older sister.There is a scratch under the lick of the right eye when the circle is covered.Saburo's Japanese history textbook is stolen as a secret military art book, but he accidentally burns it.[Note 5]..I know that Saburo and Mitsuhide have the same face, and that Mitsuhide's true identity is Nobunaga.Tokimaru ordered the assassination of Nobunaga, but he could not assassinate and returned to Kunimoto.My sister, U, had her back hair cut instead of her life, and she was told to "live as she pleases."After that, he returned to the Oda clan and vowed to save his life and protect Nobunaga.
After that, I kept the hair short because Saburo praised the hair that was cut and became a shortcut, but in this era it is impossible unless it is a nun who has just returned to the world. Others evaluated it as an "unusual hairstyle," and Tokimaru misunderstood that Yuki was being bullied by the Oda clan.
[Settings in the drama version]
Appeared as a spy of Yoshikage Asakura.He snipers Saburo, who has withdrawn from Kanegasaki, with a matchlock gun, but when he recovers, he gives him a kimono, saying, "I'm always indebted to you."

Tokugawa family

Tokugawa Ieyasu(Tokugawa Ieyasu)
Voice- Jun Fukuyama,Nozomi Masu(Takechiyo era)
MikawaDaimyo.As a child, he played with Saburo in Owari until the hostage exchange.The name at this time isTakechiyo MatsudairaSo, after becoming a hostage of the Imagawa familyMatsudaira MotoyasuRenamed as.Since the Imagawa clan had virtually control of Mikawa, he was a military commander of the Imagawa clan, but when Yoshimoto Imagawa was destroyed by Sabouraud, he began to form an alliance with the Oda clan and changed his name to Ieyasu Tokugawa.It is amorous and looks good to the eye.I got it from Saburo when I was a childErotic booksHe makes "Eros" a heirloom, and tells Saburo himself what he awakened to the woman.He secretly has a feeling for the city, and he is bitter about the city giving a little bit to Tadakatsu.
Keeping in mind that Saburo said "Ieyasu Tokugawa is an important person in history," he is learning the "new method" that Saburo makes.
[Settings in the drama version]
It was the first time I met Saburo during the Kiyosu Alliance.I carry the erotic book I got from Saburo with me even if I'm in battle, and unlike the original and the anime versionBattle of MikatagaharaHe was also touched on the fact that he was defecated because of fear at the time of the rout, and from these things he is called "Defecation Daimyo".
Tadakatsu Honda(Honda Tadakatsu)
Tokugawa vassal.Tokugawa ShitennoOne of them.A warlord who represents the Tokugawa family.The Toshiie family also hated Sabouraud because they were in danger during the Kanegasaki withdrawal war, and they collided with Toshiie Maeda and Sassa Narimasa on that matter.Saburo and the city often make fun of the bad eyesight that can be compared to Onigawara.
Yasumasa Sakakibara(Yasuma Sakakibara)
Tokugawa vassal.One of the four Tokugawa Tenno.In contrast to Tadakatsu, he is always calm and puts a cool tsukkomi in Tadakatsu.At the time of the rout from Mikatagahara, he was hated by Tadakatsu and struck his mouth to inspire him.
Tadamasa Honda(Honda just Zane)
Tokugawa vassal.Parents raised by Tadakatsu's uncle.Ieyasu's battle at Mikatagahararear guardIn order to escape Tadakatsu, who served as a member of the Honda clan, he became a member of the Honda clan and died in the war.
Yoshinobu Natsume(Yoshinobu Natsume)
Tokugawa vassal.At the time of the rout from Mikatagahara, he rushed into the Takeda group on Ieyasu's horse as a substitute and died in the war.
Ii Naomasa(Good town)
Later Naomasa.Tokugawa vassal.He is one of the four Tokugawa Tenno.Ieyasu's small surname.Ieyasu still doesn't understand that Ieyasu doesn't like the city's love for Tadakatsu, and Yasumasa warns him to look at the whole thing.As he is young, he is very curious, and he is relatively attached to Nobunaga's Nori.

Saito family

Saito Dosan[Note 6](Mr. Saito) ★
Voice- Akimoto Yosuke
MinoDaimyo.Formerly a policeman and his real nameShinichi Nagai[Note 7]Was,Heisei 6It has been more than 30 years since he slipped back in time to the Warring States period, and he decided to live as Dosan Saito, although the circumstances are unknown.When I first met my son-in-law, Nobunaga (Saburo), the father of the return butterflyDressSaburo intends toSchool uniformI've been wearing[Note 8]By doing so, he knows that he is from the future as well as himself, and he himself wears a policeman's uniform and responds to the press conference.[Note 9]..After that, he helped Saburo as a backer, but realized that he was chased by his unrelated son and lost the battle with his son, and the pistol he had for self-defense, and the other one he left behind in the present age. Entrusted Saburo with a letter to his daughter and died in the war.
[Settings in the drama version]
When you time slip1972..Saburo broughtCrispsShare and eat, and miss the taste.He doesn't talk about his modern daughter, and he loves returning butterflies.Thinking about the future of the return butterfly, I was trying to find Hideyoshi and Ieyasu, who should take over the world later, but it ended without success.Immediately before entrusting the textbook to his subordinates to return it to Nobunaga, he smashes the strange sword of Honnoji.
Yoshiryu Saito(Yoshitsu Saito)
Voice- Kenji Hamada
Dosan's son and brother of the return butterfly.He defeated his father and became a lord, and succeeded in managing the territory, but died of illness a few years later.
Ryukou Saito(Tatsuoki Saito)
The son of Yoshiryu.He became the lord of Mino at a young age due to his father's illness, but he was drowned in sake color and lost his desire, betrayed by his servants, and robbed of Mino by Saburo.

General Ashikaga

Yoshiteru Ashikaga(Ashika is good)
Voice- Hikari Midorikawa
Muromachi Shogunate13th Shogun.A master of swords with a wide range of measurements.I like Saburo and give him a sword.Later killed by Matsunaga Hisahide.
Yoshiaki Ashikaga(Ashiaki Yoshiaki)
Voice- Tomokazu Sugita
The 15th Shogun of the Muromachi Shogunate.Yoshiteru's brother and sister.A small-minded person with a narrow degree.Initially, he was grateful to Saburo, who became his backing general.However, Saburo's aim is to capture the world, and he gradually becomes dissatisfied with the fact that he is only a puppet for that purpose, and sends a secret letter to the daimyo of each place to urge Nobunaga to subdue.At the end, due to his narrowness, he was limited to his aide, Fujitaka, and even though he raised troops against the Oda clan without a backing, he was defeated, and Kyo was expelled and the Muromachi Shogunate was destroyed.After wandering,Bingo-TomoWhile being taken care of by the Mori clan, he continues to send a sentence to overthrow Nobunaga to the daimyo of each country.It is protected only for its status, and despite having no real power, it is left behind by Ekei because he persistently tries to set up a battle against Nobunaga (Saburo).

Azai family

Asai Nagamasa(Azai Nagamasa)
Voice- Ryohei Kimura
Kita OmiDaimyo.Oichi's husband and Nobunaga's brother-in-law.A man as rumored by Saburo.At the recommendation of his father, he rebelled against the Oda clan.He had a good relationship with the city, and before and after the confrontation with the Oda clan, he made a lot of money for the first time.Although he showed a tolerant attitude toward Oichi, who longs for his brother excessively, he gradually burns his fighting spirit against Saburo.After the death of Shingen Takeda, the Azai clan, which was set as one of the targets of the Oda clan's attack, suffered a total attack and committed suicide in the Odani Castle defense battle.I'm not good at snakes.
Hisamisa Asai(Azai Hisama)
Voice- Akio Nojima
Nagamasa's father.I urge Nagamasa to defeat Nobunaga, who is subduing the Asakura clan, in the wake of Yoshiaki's secret book, without thinking too much about the innovative Saburo.
Endo Naotsune(Pea Naotsune)
Voice- Takaya Haji
The old man of the Azai family.At the Battle of Anegawa, Saemon Mitamura, a military commander[Note 10] OfLeaderAims for Saburo's life, but is killed by Takenaka Shigenori who knows his face.
Isono Kazumasa(Isono Kazumasa)
Voice- Jun Hazumi
The old man of the Azai family.He pursues the Oda army withdrawing from the main team in the Battle of Anegawa, but misses it in one step.

Uesugi family

Kenshin Uesugi(Kenshin Uesugi)
EchigoDaimyo.Yuki's employer.The real face is unknown, but it seems to be a man[Note 11]..I like the Nanban velvet given by Saburo.
He died suddenly in the 6th year of the Tensho era, and two adopted children will fight for succession.
Yuki's older sister, also Kenshin Uesugi's female shinobi.In fact, Yuki's parent was picked up when she was young.After the sudden death of Kenshin, he gave up on Uesugi and left the village.
Ninja of Kenshin Uesugi.My skill as a ninja is not good, but I am good at collecting information by looking down on a woman as a beautiful boy.Entered the Oda clan as a kimono merchant and told Yuki about the assassination of Nobunaga as a command from Kenshin.
After the sudden death of Kenshin, he gave up on Uesugi and left the village.

Various forces around Kinai

Hide Matsunaga(Matsunaga Hisahide) ★
Voice- Takaya Kuroda
YamatoDaimyo.HeiseiIn a yearYakuzaHowever, for 30 years after the time slipped during the Warring States period, he became a powerful person in Kinai while being notorious for "killing the lord" and "killing the shogun."Saburo surrenders when he goes up, but even when he meets for the first time, heTattoosThe attitude was great, such as trying to surprise him by showing him.From the reaction at this time, we know the true identity of Nobunaga.Although he is not familiar with history due to lack of learning, he dislikes Heisei, who did not get upset, and likes the Sengoku period, which is a weak and strong food.Like Dosan, he came to the Warring States period with a pistol and used it for self-defense.In the Kanegasaki withdrawal war, he helps Saburo, but unlike Dosan, he does not always put his shoulders on Saburo, even if he comes from the same future, and sometimes betrays him.It is hated by most of the Oda clan's vassals like a snake, but in a sense, it is understood by Mori Nagayoshi.In response to Ishiyama Hongan-ji, he rebelled against Saburo, surrounded the castle by the Oda army, handed a pistol to the surrender messenger Mori Nagayoshi as a farewell to Nobunaga, and the entire castle died.
[Settings in the drama version]
When you time slip2005Is set.From Saburo "You can laugh!I'm surprised to hear that the broadcast has ended.
Kuchiki Mototsuna(Kutsuki Mototsuna)
Kutsuki ValleyLord of.At the time of the Kanegasaki withdrawal war, although Asai was in a position, he was allowed to pass through the territory of the retreating Oda army due to the help of his sister by Saburo and the persuasion of Matsunaga Hisahide.
Yoshikura Asakura(Asakura Yoshikage)
EchizenDaimyo.Alliance with the Azai clan and fight against the Oda and Tokugawa troops,Battle of Ichijodani CastleAfter that, the vassalAsakura KageakiBetrayed by, suicide.
Although it appears in the drama version described later, in the original it is only the name and the silhouette of the suicide scene.
Asakura Kagetake(Asakura Kagetake)
Voice- Hiroshi Naka
General Asakura in the Battle of Anegawa.Although he fights against the Tokugawa army in Anekawa, he suffers a devastating defeat.

Other forces

Yoshikawa Imagawa(Yoshimoto Imagawa)
SurugaDaimyo.The employer of Toyotomi Hideyoshi.He invades Oda territory based on Fujiyoshiro's information, but is killed in action by a surprise attack by the Oda army between Dengaku.
Although it appears in the drama version described later, it does not appear in the original and anime versions only by name.
Shingen Takeda(Takeda Shingen)
WorthDaimyo.Although he confronted the Oda clan and destroyed the Tokugawa army, he died of illness without fulfilling his superiority.
Appearance is only silhouette.
Ankokuji Megumi(Ankokuji Ekei)
Mohri familyDiplomatic monk[Note 12]..Yoshiaki Ashikaga, who fell in the capital, flows to Bingo and Tomo and is taken care of by the Mori clan, so he is in a position to hear Yoshiaki's complaints about cursing.

Other people

Voice- Kenichi Ogata
Mitsuhide (Nobunaga) has been a teacher since he was a child.One of the people who knows the secrets of Mitsuhide and Saburo.Propose "Tenka Fubu" and "Gifu" to Saburo.
Louis Frois
Portuguese missionary.Due to Saburo's kindness, Christian missions are permitted.

Characters only in the drama version

Nobukiyo Oda(Oda no Bukiyo)
A military commander who is a distant relative of Nobunaga.The Oda clan has been in trouble since Nobuhide's generation, and when Saburo inherits the Oda clan, he comes to him to declare war.However, on the contrary, he felt gracious because he was given a territory by Saburo, and when Nobuyuki rebelled, he appeared as a reinforcement to Saburo and saved their crisis.
A soldier who follows the Oda army, as a talismanflintCarry.He taught Sabouraud horseback riding immediately after a time slip, but died in a battle with Nobuyuki.
A man who serves the Imagawa family.He has been ordered to disturb the Oda clan and spies with Denjiro (Hideyoshi), and is mainly in charge of assisting Denjiro from outside the region.When Denjiro gave up on Imagawa and tried to hide in the Oda family, he confronted him and attacked Denjiro, but he was killed in return.
A national of Mino.By Dosan Saito's tactics, he takes the return butterfly as a hostage when he was young.However, it was attacked and destroyed by the Saito army who changed the policy.
Spring (Oharu)
A young girl who lives in Taraku Village in Owari.Residents of the village who were subordinate to the invasion of the Imagawa army.Meet Saburo, who had fled for fear of the Imagawa army.Opinion to capture Saburo because Saburo stimulated the Imagawa army.Later, Saburo changed his mind because he showed a willingness to protect the villagers, and advised the village mayor to support the Oda army.
Village head
The mayor of Taraku Village.In order to save the village that has stimulated the Imagawa army and has fallen into crisis, he plans to capture the cause Saburo and bring the leader.However, when the Oda army arrives on the verge of death, he is about to be killed, but is saved by Saburo who understands the feelings of the villagers.After that, he took the opinion of spring and bought a role to inform the Oda army of the position of Imagawa Honjin.
Chimaru Mori(Mori Senmaru)
The sixth son of "Mori Brothers".
A one-eyed man who is a vassal of Yoshikage Asakura.He was the superior of Yuki, and was in charge of acting as an agent for Yoshikage.He tried to get rid of Yuki who escaped from working as a spy, but was defeated by Toshiie Maeda.
Kiyotada Imai
Azai Nagamasa's vassal.One of the main battle groups in the Asai family.It was reported that he had lost his son in a battle with the Oda army, and when Nagamasa leaned toward the theory of peace, he died in opposition to peace.However, in reality, he was murdered by Yoshihisa Akao.
Yoshihisa Akao
Azai Nagamasa's vassal.One of the main battle groups in the Asai family.He colluded with Hideyoshi behind the scenes to murder Kiyotada Imai and turned Nagamasa, who was leaning toward peace.Soon, however, Hideyoshi killed him to seal his mouth.
A modern high school girl.Saburo's classmate, who was with me on a school trip.Saburo confessed in the historical village, but refused.

Characters only in the movie version

William Adams ★
A foreigner who slipped back in time during the Warring States period while scuba diving in modern Japan.From that outfitKappaI was mistaken for and was caught.I met a return butterfly on the way to Honnoji Temple and told him that Nobunaga's dead place was Honnoji Temple.After Saburo's death, he served the return butterfly.

Bibliographic information

Monthly Official Guide

Maiden Konzert

"Fellows!』(Enterbrain) Of serialized worksKaoru MoriWork "Maiden talkWithcollaborationPlanning[5].. 『Machi ★ Asobi vol.7"Gessan" and "Gessan" held atFamitsu Comic ClearThe joint autograph session of "Fellows!" Was a direct opportunity.[6], Both works were planned beyond the boundaries of publishers because they are deeply related to history.[5].

In this project, Takenori Ichihara, the editor-in-chief of "Gessan", learned that the most common manga read by readers of "Nobunaga Concerto" is "Otome Narrative", and the editor of "Fellows!" It is said that it was realized by proposing to Wataru Oba[Note 15].

Television Animation

Broadcast from July to September 2014. "Tsuyoshi be firmAnd 'Bear pooh taro] Similarly, it is a completely in-house produced work of Fuji TV, but in this work Fuji TVAnime production companyWithout outsourcing to[Note 16], Adopted an unusual production system for Japanese TV animation, in which the CG division within the station directly produces the animation.[7]..The above two works have not been made into software at all, but this work has been made into software although it is only a DVD-BOX.

In addition, it is based on the acting of an actor (called "Motion Actor" in this work), which is rare for TV animation.RotoscopeWas produced based on[2](Hybrid style with CG technology).The story is up to Volume 8 and Episode 41 "Enryakuji Attack".

At the end of each program, there was an information corner for the TV drama version, entitled "NOBUNAGA NEWS".AppearanceMio Matsumura(Fuji Television Network, Incannouncer).

ス タ ッ フ

Theme song

"Fukagyaku Replace"
Lyrics, composition, song- MY FIRST STORY

List of stories

Number of storiessubtitleStoryboardShow
Episode 1Saburo NobunagaYusuke Fujikawa
Episode 2DeathMorita and Junpei
Episode 3Mino pit viperKeita Matsuda
Episode 4Battle between SasakamaYusuke Fujikawa
Episode 5LovedMorita and Junpei
Episode 6Mitsuhide AkechiKeita Matsuda
Episode 7Defeat Nobunaga!Yusuke Fujikawa
Episode 8Rainy day betrayalMorita and Junpei
Episode 9Thorny RoadKeita Matsuda
Episode 10Two NobunagaYusuke Fujikawa


Broadcast areaBroadcasterBroadcast periodBroadcast dateBroadcast seriesRemarks
Kanto wide areaFuji Television Network, Inc2014May 7 - May 9Saturday 1: 50 - 2: 20
(Friday midnight)
Fuji TV seriesProduction Bureau
"Fujibara Night FRI"frame
All over JapanFuji TV on demandSaturday
Updated after Fuji broadcast ends
Internet distribution
Paid delivery
Bandai channel2014May 7 - May 9Thursday 12:00 update
FukushimaFukushima TV2014May 7 - May 9Saturday 2: 00 - 2: 30
(Friday midnight)
Fuji TV series
HokkaidoHokkaido Bunka Broadcasting System2014May 7 - May 9Monday 2:25-2:55
(Sunday midnight)
ShizuokaTV Shizuoka2014May 7 - May 9Tuesday 1:35-2:05
(Midnight Monday)
NiigataNiigata General TelevisionTuesday 2:00-2:30
(Midnight Monday)
HiroshimaTV New Hiroshima2014May 7 - May 10Wednesday 1:40-2:10
(Tuesday midnight)
Okayama prefecture, Kagawa prefectureOkayama BroadcastingWednesday 1:45-2:15
(Tuesday midnight)
NagasakiTV Nagasaki
KochiKochi-san TV2014May 7 - May 10Thursday 1:40-2:10
(Wednesday midnight)
EhimeTV Ehime2014May 8 - May 10Saturday 2: 15 - 2: 45
(Friday midnight)
KagoshimaKagoshima TV2014May 8 - May 10Sunday 1:55-2:25
(Saturday midnight)
Chukyo wide areaTokai TV2014May 8 -December 9Saturday 1: 20 - 2: 20
(Friday midnight)
2 episodes continuous broadcast
There is a week of rest
Kinki wide areaKansai TV2014/9/25Thursday 2:28-3:57
(Wednesday midnight)
Episode 1-Episode 3
2014May 9Friday 2:27-3:27
(Thursday midnight)
Episodes 4 and 5
2014/10/2Thursday 2:18-3:57
(Wednesday midnight)
Episode 6-Episode 8
2014May 10Friday 2:18-3:18
(Thursday midnight)
Episodes 9 and 10
IwateIwate Menkoi TV2014/9/26Friday 1:20-2:20
(Thursday midnight)
Episodes 1 and 2
2014/10/3Friday 1:10-2:40
(Thursday midnight)
Episode 3-Episode 5
2014May 10 - May 11Friday 1:50-2:20
(Thursday midnight)
Episode 6 onwards
(Broadcast one episode at a time)
KumamotoTV Kumamoto2014May 10 - May 12Monday 2:05-2:35
(Sunday midnight)
SagaSaga tv2014May 10 - May 12Tuesday 1:05-1:35
(Midnight Monday)
NaganoNagano Broadcasting2014May 10 - May 12Wednesday 1:40-2:10
(Tuesday midnight)
YamagataCherry TV2014May 10 - May 12Tuesday 1:35-2:05
(Midnight Monday)


Released on January 2015, 1 (PCBC-21).In addition to all 61735 episodes, bonus footage and soundtrack are included.There are no plans to make it into software by itself at this time (Blu-ray DiscIncluding)[7].

TV drama

2014May 10からMay 12Until every Monday from 21:21 to 54:XNUMX,Fuji Television Network, IncOf the systemDue by March 9thIt was broadcast in the frame. StarringShun OguriSo, the first of the 9th monthHistorical dramaIt is a work[8][Note 17].


Person descriptionOriginal item-Drama version original characterSee.Some of the character settings have been changed from the original.

Saburo / Nobunaga Oda
Performance- Shun Oguri[2]
Nobunaga Oda / Mitsuhide Akechi
Performance-Shun Oguri (dual role)
Returning butterfly
Performance- Kou Shibasaki[9](childhood:Hirohiro Hirasawa / Girlhood: Kurea Akagi)
Tsuneoki Ikeda
Performance- Mukai Osamu[10](Childhood: Kasei Nakano)
Denjiro / Toyotomi Kinoshita → Hideyoshi Hashiba
Performance- Takayuki Yamada[11]
Takenaka Hanbei
Performance- Fujiki Naoto[12](Friendship appearance)
Maeda Inu Chiyo → Maeda Toshiie
Performance- Taisuke fujigaya(Kis-My-Ft2)[13]
Performance- Summer sail
Katsuie Shibata
Performance- Masahiro Takashima
Motoyasu Matsudaira → Ieyasu Tokugawa
Performance- Takeda
Mori Yoshinari
Performance- Noriyuki Morishita
Niwa Nagahide
Performance- Masanobu Sakata
Narimasa Sasa
Performance- Shinnosuke Abe
Performance- Denden

Appearance in each story

The notation next to the cast name is the appearance times.

Episode 1
Nobuyuki Oda
Performance- Yuya Yanagura
Nobukiyo Oda
Performance- Maro Akasaki
Performance- Taichi Saotome(Episode 2-Episode 4)
Performance- Yu Sawabe
Nobuhide Oda
Performance- Danro
Another eight
Performance- Raishin Kodama
Performance- Marie Iide[14]
Performance- Ryu Morioka,Yoshimura Kaijin
Saito Yoshiryu
Performance- Hirofumi Arai(Episode 2)
Dozo Saito
Performance- Toshiyuki Nishida(Episode 2)
Episode 2
Yoshikawa Imagawa
Performance- Katsuhisa Namase(Episode 3)[15]
Nagaya Keiko
Performance- Shinobu Tsuruta
Dosan Shinobu
Performance- Takashi Nishina
Episode 3
Performance- Maeda Atsuko[16]
Village head
Performance- Maeda Gin[15]
Episode 4
Performance- Kiko Mizuhara[17](Episode 5-Episode 11) (Childhood:Emi Kai)
Saito Tatsuoki
Performance- Shotaro Mamiya
Oda clan vassal
Performance- Shinichi Karube(Fuji TV announcer)
Hachisuka Koroku
Performance- Katsuya(Episode 7-Episode 11)
Takenaka Shigenori
Performance- Ryuji Kamiyama(Episode 6-Episode 11)
Katsuzo Mori → Mori Nagayoshi
Performance-Kaito Komie (Episode 4),Takumi Kitamura(Episode 8-Episode 11)
Mori Ranmaru
Performance-Yuta Tanaka (Episode 4),Kansei Tanaka(Episode 8-Episode 9)
Performance-Kosuke Endo (Episode 4), Yukinosuke Takatsuki (Episode 8-Episode 9)
Mori Rikimaru
Performance- Kamee Daifang(Episode 4-8-Episode 9)
Chimaru Mori
Performance-Ayaga Saito (Episode 4), Ryodai Tezuka (Episode 8-Episode 9)
Episode 5
Asai Nagamasa
Performance- Issei Takahashi(Episode 6-Episode 11)
Hisamisa Asai
Performance- Murai Kunio(Episode 6-Episode 11)
Episode 6
Matsunaga Hisahide
Performance- Shinta Furuta(Episode 8-Episode 9/11)
Yoshiaki Ashikaga
Performance- Keisuke Horibe(Episode 7-9-Episode 10)
Yoshikura Asakura
Performance- Mantaro Koichi(Episode 7-Episode 8-10-Episode 11)
Toshitaka Hosokawa
Performance- Tomohiro Ichikawa[18](Episode 7-9-Episode 10)
Yoshihisa Akao
Performance-Shinnosuke Yokotsuka (Episode 7-Episode 8/11)
Kiyotada Imai
Performance-Hideki Toku (Episode 7-Episode 9/11)
Episode 8
Merchant head
Performance- Ikeda Tetsuhiro
Episode 9
Louis Frois
Performance- Nicholas Petas
Episode 10
Kagekuni Koizumi
Performance- Kinoshita
Performance-(Episode 11)
Performance- Yokomizo Naho(Episode 11)
Performance-(Episode 11)

Staff (drama)

  • Original-Ayumi Ishii "Nobunaga Concerto" (Gessan / Shogakukan)
  • Series composition- Nishida Seiji
  • Screenplay-Masafumi Nishida, Michitaka Okada,Keisuke Uyama,Tomonaga Yuichi
  • musics - ☆ Taku Takahashi(m-flo / Tachytelic inc. / Block.fm)
  • Theme song- Mr. Children[8]"Footsteps ~ Be Strong"(Toys factory)[19]
    • Originally titled "Nobunaga", "Starting OverWas produced as the theme song[20], This song is a newly composed song.
    • Also used as the theme song for the movie version released in 2016[21].
  • Director-Hiroaki Matsuyama,Hiro Kanai,Hayashi Toru, Shunsuke Shinada
  • Screenplay cooperation-Keisuke Uyama, Michitaka Okada
  • Assistant Director-Toshimasa Miyamura
  • Assistant Director-Kentaro Nishioka, Hiroshi Kimura
  • photograph - Shoji Ehara
  • Lighting-Takashi Sugimoto
  • Voice-Masahiko Shiose
  • Edit --Masaharu Hirakawa, Yoshiaki Koizumi, Noriko Fukuoka, Kiyoka Yamamoto
  • Costume supervision-Akira Fukuda
  • Costume design (Saburo) --Kazuhiro Sawata
  • Tokoyama-Koji Arai
  • Hair technique-Takamitsu Izumi
  • Hairdressing-Saki Shimada
  • Title sequence --Atsushi Mitsuka
  • VFX Produce-Yusuke Fujikawa
  • Technology Produce-Setsuko Tomobe
  • Stunt coordination- Kei Tsujii
  • Sword fight-Yuji Takatsuki
  • Guidance on male behavior --Daiki Ezawa
  • Women's behavior guidance --Yoshiki Tachibana
  • Dance instruction --Nakaya Mizumine
  • Food Coordination-Keiko Sumikawa
  • Script supervision- Yasuhiro Nishigaya
  • Public Relations-Hiroyuki Seta
  • Advertising --Buntaro Suzuki, Yoshiko Suzuki
  • Homepage --Riichi Marutani
  • Produce- Ken Murase,Kenichi Hatori
  • Assistant Produce-Onagawa Mitsuo
  • Production work- Fuji Television Network, Inc

Broadcast schedule

Each storyAirdatesubtitlescriptShowAudience rating[22]
Episode 1May 10High school students go to Sengoku !? Survive with sneakers !!
Youth, friendship, pounding, love found in the Warring States
Nishida SeijiHiroaki Matsuyama15.8%
Episode 2May 10School uniform VS police uniform !!
A miracle encounter changes your destiny !!
Episode 3May 10Fireworks in the Sengoku sky !? Saburo version of Okehazama Senki!Michitaka OkadaHiro Kanai12.5%
Episode 41103 DayIf dust is piled up, it will be a road! Monkey's one-night castle strategyKeisuke UyamaHayashi Toru14.6%
Episode 5May 11Feelings entrusted to the ring ... Sengoku stipulations and unfulfilled loveMichitaka Okada
Keisuke Uyama
Hiro Kanai11.6%
Episode 6May 11Oni has arrived at the castle! Nationwide wanted letterKeisuke UyamaHiroaki Matsuyama11.9%
Episode 7May 11Betrayal bullet! The pain shot is a pain in the heart ...Tomonaga Yuichi
Keisuke Uyama
Hayashi Toru10.5%
Episode 81201 DayThings to protect even if you replace your life ... A dream I had with NobunagaKeisuke Uyama
Michitaka Okada
Shunsuke Shinada11.8%
Episode 91208 DayTwo Nobunaga !! When the secret is revealed to the monkeyTomonaga YuichiHiro Kanai11.1%
Episode 10May 12Exile the fake! To those who died for the palaceMichitaka Okada
Keisuke Uyama
Hayashi Toru11.4%
The last episode ofMay 12Last inning 15 minutes expansion special
Promise with friends! For the future 500 years from now ...
Hiroaki Matsuyama10.7%
Average audience rating 12.5%[22] (The audience rating isKanto area, According to Video Research)

Olive Related Products

Home media
Nobunaga Concerto Blu-ray BOX
Released on March 2015, 3.All 18 episodes of the main story 11 minutes + bonus video included.
Nobunaga Concerto DVD BOX
Same as above for release date.
Nobunaga Concerto Original Soundtrack
musics:☆ Taku Takahashi.. Released on August 2014, 12.
Fuji Television Network, Incseries Serial drama on Monday at 21:XNUMX
Previous programProgram nameNext show
HERO(Phase 2)
(October 2014, 7-December 14, 9)
Nobunaga Concerto
(October 2014, 10-December 13, 12)
Date-I wonder what love is
(October 2015, 1-December 19, 3)


In the same project as the above TV drama version2016May 1Published in[24]..In addition to Oguri, who starred, the main cast was played by the same actors as the live-action drama version.On the story side, it will be the "final chapter" that puts a break in the story of Saburo (Nobunaga) leading up to "Honnoji" as a direct sequel to the drama version.

Cast (movie)

Saburo / Nobunaga Oda
Performance- Shun Oguri
Nobunaga Oda / Mitsuhide Akechi
Performance-Shun Oguri (dual role)
Returning butterfly
Performance- Kou Shibasaki
Tsuneoki Ikeda
Performance- Mukai Osamu
Hideyoshi Hashiba
Performance- Takayuki Yamada
Maeda Toshiie
Performance- Taisuke fujigaya(Kis-My-Ft2)
Performance- Kiko Mizuhara
Tokugawa Ieyasu
Performance- Takeda
Matsunaga Hisahide
Performance- Shinta Furuta
Katsuie Shibata
Performance- Masahiro Takashima
Performance- Denden
Hachisuka Koroku
Performance- Katsuya
Niwa Nagahide
Performance- Masanobu Sakata
Narimasa Sasa
Performance- Shinnosuke Abe
Morinaga OK
Performance- Takumi Kitamura
Nobuhide Oda
Performance- Danro
Mori Ranmaru
Performance- Keisuke Tomita
William Adams
Takenaka Hanbei, Takenaka Shigenori
Performance- Fujiki Naoto,Ryuji Kamiyama(Recollection)
Mori Yoshinari
Performance- Noriyuki Morishita(Recollection)

Staff (movie)

  • Original- Ayumi Ishii"Nobunaga Concerto" (Shogakukan "Gessan")
  • Producer- Naoto Inaba,Ken Murase, Shinya Furugori
  • Director-Hiroaki Matsuyama
  • Screenplay-Masafumi Nishida, Michitaka Okada, Keisuke Uyama
  • musics - ☆ Taku Takahashi(m-flo)
  • photograph - Shoji Ehara, Keita Oo
  • Lighting-Takashi Sugimoto
  • Recording-Wujin, Shinji Watanabe
  • Art- Takeshi Shimizu
  • Decoration-Nobuhiro Akitaya
  • Props-Yoshi Sakai, Ichita Matsunaga
  • Costumes-Mitsuru Otsuka
  • Costume design (Saburo / Hideyoshi Hashiba) -Kazuhiro Sawata
  • Makeup-Seiichi Sasaki, Hitomi Osaka
  • Tokoyama-Takamitsu Izumi, Toshimi Ishizuka
  • Edit --Masaharu Hirakawa
  • VFX Supervisor- Kentaro Nishio
  • VFX Producer-Satoshi Akabane
  • Song selection-Seiji Izumi
  • Sound effects-Takahiro Kamiya
  • Sound Effect Assistant-Kana Minoru Fukushima
  • Record-Hideko Nakata
  • Assistant Director-Taiichi Sugiyama, Toshimasa Miyamura
  • Assistant Director-Toshiyuki Mihashi
  • Producer-Ryuga Sato
  • Production - Takashi Ishihara,Masakazu Kubo,Ichikawa Minami
  • executive producer - Yusui Usui
  • Associate Producer-Kana Otsubo
  • Special effects-Sayuki Sakamoto, Katsumi Nakajo, Yasushi Iwata
  • Production Chief-Kiyoshi Noguchi, Eriko Kimura, Erika Takatsuka
  • Production progress-Mao Yahata, Ayano Shimazaki, Wataru Iwase, Takuma Hasegawa
  • Distribution- Toho
  • Production Production- FILM
  • Production - "Nobunaga Concerto" Production Committee(Fuji Television,Shogakukan, Toho,FNS27)


Kamigamo Shrine
KyotoKyoto CityKita
Make Shrine
KyotoNantan city
Konkai Komyoji Temple
KyotoKyoto CitySakyo Ward
Manpukuji Temple
KyotoUji city
KyotoKyoto CityYamashina
Shimogamo Shrine
KyotoKyoto CitySakyo Ward
Hikone Castle
Aburitsu Shrine
ShigaKoka City
Miami beach
Konan Alps
ShigaOtsu City
Himeji castle
Tomine Kogen
HyogoKanzaki-gunKamikawa Town

Evaluation of work (movie)

performance income

Published on 325 screens nationwide, the national movie mobilization ranking for the first two days of January 2016 and 1, 23 (Box office(Announcement), mobilization was about 49 people, box office revenue was about 6 million yen[25][26]. Also,PiaIt is ranked first in the first day satisfaction ranking according to the survey of[27].

On the 9th day of the release, mobilization exceeded 150 million people and box office revenue exceeded 17 billion yen.[28].

On the 12th day of the release, the box office revenue exceeded 20 billion yen, the fastest this year.[29].

In the 4th week of publication, the box office revenue exceeded 32 billion yen.[30].

Eventually, the box office revenue exceeded 46.1 billion yen, and in the 2016 Japanese movie live-action film,Shin Godzilla], Which was the second biggest hit of the year.

Award (movie)

  • Japan Action Award(2017)
    • Best Action Actor Award Excellence Award: Shun Oguri "Nobunaga Concerto"

TV broadcast

2017May 1First terrestrial broadcast on the Fuji TV series from 21:23 to 18:XNUMX on Monday[31](Teletext / Data broadcasting). October 10 (Monday 16: 21-23: 43)[Note 18]Also broadcast on Fuji TV.


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外部 リンク

Hiro Kanai

Hiro Kanai(No way)[1][2]Is JapaneseTV dramaDirector.Waseda University Faculty of Political Science and EconomicsAfter graduation,2006ToFuji TelevisionJoining[3].. 『HERO』In the 82thThe Television Drama Academy Director's AwardAwarded.SynchronousRyota FujinoParticipated in the establishment of storyboard Co., Ltd.


TV drama

The drama without special mention is a Fuji TV work.


  • I and you (2020)
  • Juvenilizm-Youth Principle-Special Short Film- (2020)


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