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🎥 | "Friday Road Show" program title revived for the first time in 9 years! Broadcast of "Howl's Moving Castle" and "Tales from Earthsea"

From the photo movie "Howl's Moving Castle" – (C) 2004 Studio Ghibli ・ NDDMT

"Friday Road Show" program title revived for the first time in 9 years! Broadcast of "Howl's Moving Castle" and "Tales from Earthsea"

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And "Tales from Earthsea", which will be broadcast uncut on April 4, is a feature-length animation debut directed by Goro Miyazaki.

The program title of Nippon Television's "Friday Road SHOW!" Will be changed to "Friday Road Show" from April ... → Continue reading

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Tales from Earthsea

"Tales from Earthsea] (Ged Senki,Earthsea) IsUrsula K. Le-GwynByEnglishWritten in1968から2001Published overFantasyThis is the series name of the novel.The original title is "Earthsea" (Earthsea) Or "Earthsea Cycle" (Earthsea Cycle) However, in Japan, it was named "Earthsea" by Yoshiya Tamura, a book designer who belonged to Iwanami Shoten.[1].. Although it says "war record," it is not a story centered on war and battle.Also, Ged acts as the main character in only the first work.National Book AwardChildren's literature section,Nebula Prize Feature Film Section,Newberry AwardAward.

In the English-speaking worldFantasyAs a classic of the work, often "Ring story''Wizard of Oz】[2][3].. LiteraryMargaret AtwoodIsHarry potterAnd 'Song of ice and fireAs a work that influenced the fantasy novels that have become popular in recent years, such as "Tales from Earthsea", "Fight with shadow][4].

Work list

The Japanese version isMasako ShimizuBecause ofIwanami ShotenPublished by.Iwanami Shonen Bunko, Hardcover, the content has not changed, but a story collection that has been redesigned for adults, 4 versions of softcover issued at the time of movie adaptation have been released.

Only "Battle with Shadow" has been released from the same period library (currently the last issue).
  • "Battle with Shadows"A Wizard of Earthsea(Original version 1968, Japanese version 1976)
  • "Broken arm ring"The Tombs of Atuan(Original version 1971, Japanese version 1976)
  • "To the island of Saihate"The Farthest Shore(Original version 1972, Japanese version 1977)
  • "Return-The Last Book of Ged Senki-"Tehanu, The Last Book of Earthsea(Original version 1990, Japanese version 1993)
  • "The Wind of Earth Sea"The Other Wind(Original version 2001, Japanese version 2003)
  • "Ged Senki Gaiden (Dragon Fly)"Tales from Earthsea(Original version 2001, Japanese version 2004)

As of 2007, the Japanese edition has issued 200 million copies.[5].


Set in Earth Sea, an archipelago where ancient words are said to have been created by being lifted from the sea by Segoi who spoke the first words in this world.WitchGedThe tale of. Of the Earth Sea, mainly in the hard-speaking world, it is written in sacred letters in the universe.Makoto's nameThere exists, and those who know it can obey it. People give their street names only, so that their true name may not be known. Taking the hero as an exampleGedIs the true name,High hawkIs the street name.

Fight with shadow

Original title:A Wizard of Earthsea

The story of Ged (Hitaka) from adolescence to adolescence. Although Ged was a talented boy, he tried to prove himself superior to his rivals, using the technique prohibited at Roke's institute to summon a "shadow" with the spirit of the dead. Ged continues to be threatened by the shadow, but teacher Aihar (Ozion), and choose to face the shadow himself.

Broken arm ring

Original title:The Tombs of Atuan

Tenor, the shrine maiden of the Temple of AcuanArha) Is the main story. A tenor who is separated from her parents by her priestess who serves the "unnamed ones", robbed of her name (self), and raised as a priestess in the darkness of the underground temple. There, it was split in two and robbed of "Elles Akbe's bracelet" (SilverA great wizard, Ged, who tries to restore the world's balance by returning (made) to the place where it should be, appears. The underground temple also collapses in the process of regaining bracelets and fighting with "the unknowns." It is a story of the girl's self-recovery and liberation of the soul, and can be read as a story of the trust and love of Ged and Tenor.

To Saihate Island

Original title:The Farthest Shore

Ged, who became a wise man, appears. The young prince Levannen suddenly notified from Enrad as the world lost balance and the wizards lost power one after another (Allen) Travels to the end of the world to restore order. During the absence of Ged, there is an invasion of "the other side of the stone wall" into "this world", and the defense of the academy is also broken.

In addition, from the end that hints at the end and changes in the world to the release of the fourth volume for over ten years, Ged Senki was said to be a "trilogy".


Original title:Tehanu, The Last Book of Earthsea

It is the story of Ged's middle age.Ged lost all his strength on his previous trip and returned to his home island after leaving the position of the Great Sage himself.There, Tenor (Goha), who gave birth to children and became a widow, lived with Tehanu (Teru), a girl who was almost saved by her parents.Ged begins life with the tenor.However, the existence of the former great sage and the former shrine maiden is only an eyesore for the general wizard in his hometown, and the three "weak people" are mercilessly attacked by malicious violence.What are the values ​​that cover the world of Earthsea that appears after losing the power of magic?It can be said that the author himself is asking this question.

There is a long period from "To Saihate no Shima" to the announcement of this work,feminismIt seems that there are not a few readers who are confused by the strong color of this work and who appreciate it.Also, after "Earthsea Wind", "9.11" (American terrorist attacks) The later chaotic view of the American world is really visible. In the old version, the subtitle "-The Last Book of Ged Senki-" was attached.

Earth Sea Wind

Original title:The Other Wind

Levannen (Allen), who once traveled with Ged and became the king of Earthsea, Tenor, the wife of Ged, and Tehanu (Therru), the adopted daughters of the two, become the core of the story.A story in which dragons and pagan Calgado criticize the magical principle of "true name", which was traditional justice, and fundamentally destroy the world view of Earthsea that has been created up to that point. It has a structure.It also implies the possibility of a female sage, the utopia at the end of the world, a reconsideration of the view of life and death, and a reconciliation with the long-hostile Calgado Empire.The relationship between Tehanu and the dragon has also been clarified, and the center of the story has certainly shifted from Ged to Levannen and Tehanu generations.

Original title The Other Wind On the other hand, the title of the Japanese version was planned to be "new wind", but "新 し いIt is the current one after receiving the opinion of the translator and the author himself.

Five stories of Dragonfly Earthsea

Original title:Tales from Earthsea

When the Japanese version was first published, it was titled "Earthsea Gaiden," but it was later renamed to "The Five Stories of Dragonfly Earthsea."

Contains five short and medium-length works released before "Earthsea Wind" and the author's commentary on the world of Earthsea.In particular, "Dragonfly" is closely related to "Earthsea's Wind", and it is easy to understand if you read this written earlier.

Collection work

Through the life of Medora (otter / tern), who was a person who made a lot of effort to open the school of Rourke and was the chief guardian, he drew the early days of the school.
"Dark Rose and Diamond"
A love story between Esiri (diamond) and Rose (the true name of Rose is not revealed).
"Ground bones"
The situation when Aihar (Danmari, later Ojion) studied under Jerez (Dals) and when the two worked together to quench the Gonto earthquake.
"In the marsh"
The story of Ilios, the witch who escaped from Rourke, Emma (Megumi), the widow who hid him, and Ged, the great wise man who chased Ilios.
"Dragon Fly" (old title: Dragonfly)
Draws the story of Ohm Alien (Dragonfly), a key figure in "The Wind of Earth", in his childhood and youth, during his journey to Rourke, the conflict with the leaders of the call, and the awakening to the dragon.
Earthsea commentary
The author's commentary on Earthsea's view of the world, including culture, history, and legends.

Other works set in the Earthsea world

Le Guin's early collection of short stories "The Wind's Twelve Direction" (The Winds Twelve Quarters, 1975)

  • "Spell of Liberation" (The Word of Unbinding, 1964)
  • "Rules of the name" (The Rule of Names, 1964)
    The story of Yebo being revealed.Ged later made a deal with Yebo based on this process.

There is.

World setting

Earthsea, where the story unfolds, is a sea area where many islands are gathered as described later, and there are no continents.Knowledge of the outer world of the archipelago is unknown in the work[6].

compassIt is a world similar to the northern hemisphere of the earth, where the temperature drops when going north and the temperature rises when going south.Also, the constellations that can be seen change as you move from north to south.[7].HeliocentrismThere is also a line that can be taken as a premise of[8].

The majority of people have red or dark skin, and only white skin is inhabited by the Calgado Empire in the East Sea.

Place name

Earth sea
The archipelago world is the stage of the story.magicIt is roughly divided into a hard-speaking world with a culture that accepts, and the Calgado Empire, which dislikes magic.
Magic is a familiar entity in the hard-speaking world, a doctor, chemist, and even capable of changing the weather.Witch(Always holding a cane is a proof of the title holder. This setting was inherited by "Harry Potter"), of course, even the kind of master teacher is respected as a town's intellectual. In contrast, the Calgado Empire is known for its armor and ships, and for its savage warfare and looting.
Hubner island
The largest human inhabited island in Earthsea.It is located in the center of the archipelago.
Hadner greatport
Habner Island and Earthsea's largest city.Port town.It was once the capital of the dynasty that ruled all of Earthsea. Levannen, who became King of Earthsea after "return", has this as the capital.
Roke island
An island located in the middle sea of ​​the archipelago, where a school for training wizards is located.At the heart of the Earthsea world, it has a strong influence on Earthsea as a maintainer of order on behalf of the ever-vacant King of Earthsea.When a bad thing approaches, a storm protection wall "Roke's Wind" is automatically built around (strictly speaking, in front of the ship's course).
Gont Island
A small island in the North Sea, the home of Ged. Although it is a rural countryside, many famous wizards such as Aihar and Ged, who later made "Isaoshi", were produced, and it is said that "Gont's specialty is goats and wizards." Adjacent to the Calgado Empire in the northeastern part of Earthsea, it is often invaded.
Enrad Island
An island located in the North Sea, the hometown of Levannen. It is also known as an ancient island in Earthsea, along with the nearby Air Island.
Atuan Island
One of the islands that make up the Calgado Empire. Hometown of Tenor. There is a temple that enshrines ancient powers as "unnamed things."
Cerider Island
Located at the westernmost point of the western sea area, Earth Sea's “Saihate Island”.

Country, organization, group, etc.

Guide the magic in the right direction (White magicWas established for the purpose of becoming a school. Men's school. There is no official school name, and it is called only "gakuin" or "lok" in the place name.
It is managed by a total of 9 wise men who teach professors of magic, wind, poetry, appearance, work, naming, protection, herbs, style, and calling, the 10 “masters” and the great wise men. At EarthseaWitchIs a bachelor's degree, which refers to a graduate of the academy. If you don't have the title of "Wizard", no matter how good your skill is, you're just a "Magical Master". will not separate).At the time of admission, another witch addressed the wise man, making him a suitable person to become a witch.Letter of recommendation OfLetterIs necessary.You can't even enter the premises without giving your true name to the chief of the guard, and there is a solid guard that repels any door opening / unlocking technique.On the contrary, when graduating and going out, you cannot go out unless you seek out and call the true name of the chief guardian.
The system that "correct magic is learned at school" has had the greatest impact on the concept used in "Ged Senki".Harry potter], followed by many contemporary fantasy works[2].
Calgado Empire
A small country located in the eastern part of Earthsea. Languages ​​and races differ from hard-speaking countries (hard-speaking people are colored, Calgado are white). He hates magic and worships the ancient brother gods Urua and Attowa who were enshrined in the land of Achuan. It frequently invades neighboring Hard-speaking islands.
An intelligent creature that lives in Earthsea and is different from humans. Smarter than humans, much longer lived, and many look down on humans. With a few exceptions, they don't have human-like street names, only true names. Also, the words they use are the "true words" used in magic, that is, all dragons use magic. They can even lie with the true words and be fooled by humans' lack of insight.

Other terms

True name
At Earth Sea, something that can control everything. Every piece of sand, even one drop of sand and one drop of water, has a true name, and if you know the true name, you can manipulate it. The school also requires you to remember all of this as part of your academic career (there is a magic textbook that erases the list of pages in 24 hours). Some wizards have the ability to find the true name, and Ged is naturally good at finding the true name.
In the case of human beings, at the time of adult rituals, borrow the mouth of a witch or a master who attends the ritual.baptismInformed in the form of. Normally, it doesn't change for the rest of your life, but if you're a wizard with strong power, you can (force) change it and reborn your opponent. Also, if you know your true name, even a witch is completely vulnerable to him. So, in general, you will not reveal your true name to anyone unless you trust them.
Called by a kind of wizard.To cast magic, you must first know the true name of the opponent (or object).Then chant the sacred characters.Then you can manipulate the opponent and even change the essence of itself.However, changing the essence also manipulates the discipline of the universe, even temporarily, and abuse is severely warned.The sacred script is the "true word" used when Segoi lifted the islands from the sea and created the world of Earthsea in ancient times, and by extension, the word of the dragon.
Ancient power
It is the power of the earth and is said to have existed since the creation of Earthsea. It is also the object of worship in the Calgado Empire, and the center of it is the Athenian tomb.
Although ancient powers were not always in opposition to magic, they gradually became despised after the establishment of Roke's academy. However, Lorke Island itself was originally the center of ancient powers, and the dragon's karesin is often mentioned in the story.
Underworld (Yomi no Kuni)
The world of the dead. In the state of asphyxia, you can reach the stone wall that separates the living world. In a barren, dry land, the dead who live there do not express any feelings, and even when they meet a former close friend, they do not notice it. Only in the hard-speaking world can be seen, and in Calgado, which views reincarnation as life and death, "When wizards die, they will not be reborn, they will become monsters that have wings but can not fly the sky" It is said that Appearing frequently at key points in the story, the final volume reveals the mechanics of the "true name", which is Earthsea's magical principle, and the mysteries of why the kingdom of yellow spring was born and why the dead have no emotion.


Ged / High hawk(In the originalSparrowhawk)
An earthly wizard and a wise man. Born in Tohonbaru no Kimura, Gont Island in the North Sea. The last great wise man, who was described as "a talented person since the beginning of Rourke's school". After Ged retires, no great wise men have been elected. He is also the Dragon King who can negotiate with the Dragon. When he was a graduate student, he called a "shadow" and injured his face. Goes to the farthest place with Levannen to restore the balance of the world, but loses the magical power.
Aihar / Ozion
A wizard who lives in Le Albi, the largest town in the southwest of Gont Island. Also known as "Silence O'Dion". Ged, who was a goatkeeper, discovered the magician's talent and sent him to Roke Island, where the Academy of Magic is located. Gonto LargeEarthquakeIt has been loved by the islanders because it was calmed down with the teacher before the S wave came and prevented damage.
Estariol / crow nose
Ged's sync student. From Ifish Island in the East Sea. Ged, who was seriously injured by the "shadow" and who couldn't even believe himself, was recognized as his best friend and revealed his true name. After graduating before Ged, he is still a wizard (Ged replied due to an incident). Later, he and Ged face up to "Shadow". There is a younger sister and a younger brother, Kest (Yarrow, true name is medaka in ancient language), and Umigasu. The true name of the murky glass is unknown.
Jerez / Dulse
Master of Aihar. A long time ago, when the Great Gont Earthquake struck, he called on Mount Gont with Aihar, who was a frontline wizard at the time, to quench the tremors on the verge of damage. Owners of the houses of Aihar and Ged, Tenor and Taehanoo.
Tenor / Arha, Goha
A woman who was once a shrine maiden in the Athenian cemetery in the Calgado Empire. Due to Ged's success, he returned to Tenor from the shrine maiden Alha (“Glutton” in Calgado). Later, he received the patronage of Aihar and took over Tehanu. One of the few who has made its true name public as the "tenor of the bracelet", which has regained the world bracelet of Elles Akbe from the Calgado Empire.
Tehanu / Teru
When I was young, my left half of my face was abused by my parentskeloidA girl who has become. It is an incarnation of a dragon born from a human parent and is said to be the daughter of Karesin.
Levannen / Allen
Prince of Enrad. The name is "Sword" in Enrad. True name is an ancient wordRowanThat. He goes to the farthest place with Ged, returns from the world where he lived and died, and takes the throne of Earthsea.
The dragon who is the oldest and the chief of the dragon family. Instead of getting the balance of the collapsed world corrected again, help Ged and others.
Alien / Dragonfly (Old translation: Dragonfly)
With Ohm Alien. Like Taehanoo, he is a dragon with a human parent. In the process of exploring one's own existence, he is exceptionally invited to the school of Rourke, where female prohibition is thoroughly enforced, and finds his true appearance. Exceptionally has two true names.
A dragon that has invaded and settled in human territory, raising children. I'm usually in a pender. He often attacked human ships and settlements, but was cut off by Ged's true name. It can be transformed into a human figure.
Ged's aunt
Ged's mother's older sister, the teacher who was born in the village where he was born. He was the mother of Ged who lost his mother early, and was also the first master of magic. Although he did not have a high level of education and tended to abuse magic, Ged, who became a wise man, possessed the magical power of being described as "quite powerful" and chose the technique that seems to be right. He also had a sense as an educator, such as teaching to his nephew.

Visualized work

TV series

  • US SCI FI Channel tells the story of "A Wizard of Earthsea" and "The Tombs of Atuan" Earthsea It was made into a live-action film (miniseries) under the title of, and was broadcast in the fall of 2004.Ged's teacher, veteran black actor in the role of OzionDanny GloverIs filled with[9].. Japan also"Ged ~The beginning of the battle~The DVD was released on August 2006, 8 (Nikkatsu).
  • A24Edition. -In 2018, before the producer of Le Guin passed away,(English edition)Is reported to have acquired movie rights[10].. As of 2019, the schedule of the movie series has been switched to the TV series and production continues. Invested/produced by independent A24[11].

Anime movie

Studio GhibliProduction,Goro MiyazakiDirector / Screenplay.TohoBy distribution2006May 7More featureAnimated movieIt was released in theaters as.It is used as a subtitle of this movie. Tales from Earthsea Is the original title of the original "Earthsea Gaiden (Dragonfly)".

Focusing on "To Saihate no Shima", other elements of the volume and Hayao Miyazaki's short story "Shuna's JourneyThis is a unique script that edits the story with the addition of the element.Le Guin's official comment[12]Then, it became clear that the content had been changed against the will, and it is controversial.

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