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🎥 | Hayate Ichinose Ryu Souja Special Edition "This is love"

Photo Hayate Ichinose waving to fans in the audience = Tokyo Marunouchi TOEI (photographed by Takao Sonoda)

Hayate Ichinose Ryu Souja Special Edition "This is love"

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As it was made into a movie after the broadcast, Osaki said, "I thought it would be a shock if I got bored with Kiramager and Zenkaiger, but I was really happy that the SNS was lively." was happy.

Actor Hayate Ichinose (23) will be in Tokyo on the 5th in the movie "Knight Dragon Squadron Ryusouger Special Edition Memory of Soul ..." → Continue reading

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(I.e.,Ozaki,Ozaki,Ichika Osaki(Ozaki, Osaki)

Place name

[Kamaishi City, Iwate Prefecture] Ozaki Shirahama


Full name

Japan OfLast nameone of
  • Yasushi Ozaki (1701-1779) A poet.
  • Tanisai Ozaki(1835-1894) Netsuke master.
  • Yukio Ozaki(1858-1954) Politician (with winning record etc.)
  • Ozaki autumn leaves(January 1868, 1--10) Novelist
  • Shigemi Ozaki(— Shigemi, 1883 (Meiji 16) – 1959), member of the House of Representatives (Constitutional Democratic Party), lawyer
  • Hoya Ozaki(1885-1926) A poet.
  • Shiro Ozaki(1898-1964) Novelist.Trendy writer.The Ozaki Shiro Memorial Hall is also built.
  • Satoshi Ozaki(1929-2017) American physicist.Specializes in high-energy physics, particle physics, and hadron spectroscopy.He has been a professor at Brookhaven National Laboratory and a research chief at the Tristan Planning Promotion Department at the Institute of High Energy Physics.
  • Norihiko Ozaki(1943-2012) Singer. "Until the day we meet again"
  • Shoji Ozaki(1947-), professional golfer
  • Takashi Ozaki(— Takashi, 1952-2011), mountaineer
  • Maruki Ozaki(1954-) Actor / director, representative of the theater company Gokai
  • Ami Ozaki(1957-) Musician
  • Masahiko Ozaki(— Masahiko, 1958-) Bicycle racer
  • Shinya Ozaki (1959-) Conductor.
  • Shigeyuki Ozaki(— Shigeyuki, 1960-) Cardiovascular surgeon, Doctor of Medicine
  • Ozaki Yutaka(1965-1992) Musician
  • Ozaki world view(1984--) Musician, member of Creap Hype
  • Nana Ozaki(1982-) Gravure idol
  • Yuya Ozaki(1989-) The eldest son of musician Yutaka Ozaki
  • Yuuki Ozaki(— Yuuki, 1991-) Male singer and musician
  • Yuka Ozaki(1993-) Voice actor
  • Yasuo Ozaki(1940-) Professional baseball player
  • Mayumi Ozaki(— Mayumi, 1968-), Female professional wrestler
  • Reimi Ozaki(1973-) AV actress
  • Yuji Ozaki(— Yuji, 1985-), a boat racer and a soccer player


  • Ozaki(Like), Men's volleyball and beach volleyball players

Ichika Osaki


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