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🎥 | Hayate Ichinose, "This is love" at the gathering of Ryu Souja after a long time

Photo "Ryu Souja" cast reunited with the best smile! – Superhero Project (C) TV Asahi / Toei AG / Toei

Hayate Ichinose, Ryu Souja gathering after a long time, "This is love" There is also a secret story of shooting severe pain NG

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If you watch the campaign video on the Hakone Navi official YouTube channel, enter the keywords announced in the video to the y-mail address listed in the video summary column and apply, it will be worth 10 yen for 1 people by lottery. An assortment of original goods from "Evangelion x Hakone 2020 MEET EVANGELION IN HAKONE" will be presented.

Hayate Ichinose performed the movie "Knight Dragon Squadron Ryu Souja Special Edition Memory of So ..." at Marunouchi TOEI on the 5th. → Continue reading

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