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📺 | Ryohei Otani & Keisuke Watanabe play the role of Go Ayano in the new drama "Koi wa Deep ni"


Ryohei Otani & Keisuke Watanabe play the role of Go Ayano in the new drama "Koi wa Deep ni"

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Combined with the chemical reaction that occurs with Go Ayano, who plays the second son, rich scenes are accumulated while covering everything from comical to serious.

Actors Ryohei Otani and Keisuke Watanabe will perform the NTV drama "Koi wa Deep ni" (starting in April, every Saturday from 4:22 ... → Continue reading

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Tsuyoshi Konno

Go Ayano(Ayano Go,1982〈Showa57 years>May 1 -) isJapan OfAn actor. GifuI'm fromTristone EntertainmentAffiliation[2].


1982May 1Born in Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture[1][3]..Dedicated to athletics until high school[3], As an athletics playerGifuJunior high schoolAthletics大会にて800M優勝。また高校時代には岐阜県高等学校陸上競技大会にて準優勝。公式記録は50m6秒10、800m1分57秒71、1500m4分9秒60、5000m15分41秒00[4].

2000In March, moved to Tokyo at the same time as graduating from high school.After working as a model and band[5],2003ToKamen Rider 555』Make an actor debut.

2004ToGermanyAppeared in the feature film "Valley Of Flowers" produced by Pandora Film.

He wrote and composed the lyrics for the music project mr.a (Mr. Dot A).2005May 5,OmotesandoIn charge of music and direction at "INFECTION NOID 05-06 AUTUMN & WINTER COLLECTION" held at THE ORBIENT.2006He continued to be in charge of music at the same event and appeared as a model. mr.a2007May 1At the end of the live event,2008The dissolution was announced in October.After that, I will concentrate on my activities as an actor.

2006January,Hiroyuki NakanoHe starred in the director's "Zenryoku Kaigan" and was in charge of writing and composing all the songs.In October of the same year, "Inugoe』(Kanagawa-KBS Kyoto-Sun TVOther) starred in the TV drama for the first time.

2007, The first feature-length movie "LifeWas released, and in the same work, he also served as a music director.soundtrackHe was also in charge of the jacket design for the CD and his own costume.

2008,movies"Naoko], He will play a rival track and field athlete by making use of his track and field experience in junior high and high school.

2009,Takashi MiikeDirected movie "Close ZERO IIAppeared in the role of Ryo Urushibara, the original character of the movie[Note 1].

2010,TV drama"Mother』Appeared and attracted attention[6].Motohiro HataThe song "Metro film』Appeared in PV.

2011,movies"GANTZ』Appeared as one of the black clothes aliens.

2012,Continuous tv novel"Carnation』Appeared as a partner of the heroine's love, showed a strong presence even though it appeared for only 3 weeks, recorded the highest audience rating in the appearance times[7].. Also, the TV drama "Cleopatra womenAppeared in the role of homosexual for the first time.UNIQLOUsed for CM "Silky Dry".

2013,Taiga drama"Yae-no-Sakura]Matsudaira YohoAppeared in a role.TV drama"Flying public relations office''the best divorce22nd in "Yae no Sakura"Hashida PrizeReceived the rookie award.movies"Shinosuke Yokomichi''End of summer"so37th Japan Academy AwardReceived the New Actor Award.movies"Flower of Shanidar』Starring in.

2014, The movie "Shine only there88thKinema Junpo Best Ten, 36thYokohama Film Festival, 69thEvery day movie contest, 24thJapanese Film Critics Award, 29thTakasaki Film FestivalReceived the leading actor award.

2015,TV drama"Stork』In the role of an obstetrician and gynecologist, starring in a serial drama for the first time.7thTAMA Film AwardWon the Best Actor Award.

2016,Bride of Rip Van Winkle''64-Rokuyon-''怒 り』In the 41thHochi Film AwardBest Supporting Actor,The worst guys in JapanThe 15th New York Asian Film Festival Rising Star Award,40th Japan Academy AwardThe 26th Outstanding Leading Actor Award for "Angry"Tokyo Sports Film AwardsWon the Supporting Actor Award.

2019,Takayuki YamadaandUchida ChaoyangWith the band "THE XXXXXXFormed, digitally distributed the 1st album "THE XXXXXX" and held a live performance[8].



  • From the industry staff, "A unique actor who has both a quiet atmosphere reminiscent of an artist and a personality full of service spirit. He pays attention to the staff and responds politely.[9]"Humble attitude that I can't think of as a busy actor[10]"If the director asks you to die, you will die.[11]Reputation.[Note 2]
  • From friends and co-stars, "The world is preceded by a sharp image, but even before I started acting, I was always kind, inseparable, and calm. A really nice guy.[12]"The instantaneous power when the switch is turned on is tremendous, but there are places where it is usually natural and missing.[13]"A person who was sick[14]"A gentleman's personality that the apprentice staff at the bottom also follows. The hospitality prince[15]It is described as.[Note 3][Note 4]
  • He recognizes his personality as "cowardly."Psychologists analyzed that "brave and fearless. No one is on the right." "Courage at a fairly high level." "Social brain, such a communicative brain is very high. Intelligent." It was.[18]
  • Originally, he had a shy personality, and his parents tended to be absent. Since he was in elementary school, he had been building a secret base by himself.After graduating from high school, I moved to Tokyo for no purpose, and when I was 1, I was very lonely.[19]..Now he is trying to change his shy personality.[20][Note 5][Note 6]


  • Fair-skinned, slender,Three white eyes..Due to its unique appearance that gives an inorganic and mysterious impression, it is said to be a representative of "snake face" by some.[23].
  • The person feels uncomfortable to be treated as a handsome man.[24]
  • I've been told by others that there is an atmosphere, but I'm worried about it.[25].[Note 7]
  • You can't notice it because your eyes are narrow, but it claims to be double-sided.[27].
  • Light pigment, slightly brown eyes[28].


  • All the basic stance is that I am the "one behind the scenes" who supports the work.[10][29]
  • The roles range from tricky and shadowy roles to refreshing roles and delicate youth roles.From the co-star, "possession type"[30]It is pointed out that "a flexible chameleon-type actor[31]It is described as.[Note 8][Note 9]
  • The actor's debut is "Kamen Rider 555"ofMonsterRole.Hidenori IshidaI am impressed that the director has taken seriously himself as an adult for almost the first time in my life and aspire to be an actor.[Note 10]
  • Even before that, he often played tricky and shadowy roles such as being evaluated as a shadowy role like "Mother", so when the appearance of "Carnation" was decided, "It will be a broadcast accident. I was worried[34].. In "Carnation", he showed a strong presence, raised the attention of the work and recorded the highest audience rating, but the appearance itself was only 3 weeks.[7].[Note 11]
    In "Mother"Machiko OnoCo-starred as a mother of an infant who is involved in abuse as a cohabiting partner, and "Carnation" in which Ono played the heroine has co-starred since then.[36]It became.Also, after that, "the best divorce], [Yakuza and the family The Family』, Played with Machiko Ono, and about Ono, Ayano says," There is always a presence in the work that will be a turning point for me. "[37].
  • Originally, I don't like exposure other than roles, but for the sake of my work, I also participated in variety shows with a supportive attitude, saying, "I'm not an entertainer, so I can't make it interesting. I even let you advertise. "[38].. Broadcast on March 2015, 5Mecha x 2 cool!In "Galizap", eat 1 meals a day and increase the weight by 7 kg.Fat cornerAchieved the only complete meal in.I couldn't find the next actor to challenge Ayano, so I forced the corner into a half-pause state.[39].. At "All-Star Thanksgiving" in the fall of 2015, we will show the strength of the game by shooting through the middle in a row with the archery that we experienced for the first time.[40].
  • In the 21st edition of "Yae no Sakura", when Yoshinobu Tokugawa turned around and ordered Matsudaira Katamori to evict from Edo, it was Ayano's ad lib who was muttering his family's lessons.[41].. The play that Tatsuo hits Takuji who sinned in "The Light Shines Only There" is Ayano's idea[42].. In "The Big Bee", Saika tries to escape from handcuffs and cuts off her thumb. The spectacular play is Ayano's idea.[30].
  • In "Carnation"三味 線In "Konodori"ピ ア ノI came to the scene after practicing and being able to play songs.[43][44]

Hobbies & Skills

  • Special skill isAthletics[1]..When he was a child, he was enthusiastic about making secret bases and shaving stones, and after climbing to middle and high school, he devoted himself to land and ran from morning till night in the mountains of Gifu.[Note 12]..In the movie "Naoko", he played a track and field athlete, and in the running scene, he ran with a calm face despite the long shooting at a speed of 25 to 30 km / h.[Note 13].Hakone EkidenI love universities in the Kanto area[Note 14]I wanted to go to Hakone Ekiden and become a Hakone Ekiden, so I still watch the New Year's Ekiden and cry in front of the TV.[5].
  • In the gameSaga series,Holy Sword Legend Series,Final fantasy seriesI love you.In the characterMorbolWhen"Final fantasy viI like Tina[46].. 『KINGSGLAIVE FINAL FANTASY XVWhen he made a voice appearance in 』, he respected the voice actors, saying," I felt the awesomeness of being a professional. " I hope that even one FF fan will increase through us. "[47].
  • In musicHeavy metal,Death Metallike.Currently, his hobby is playing the guitar, and as an actor, he doesn't play music except for his works.[Note 15][48]


  • April 2012Hello from Studio ParkWhen the appearance was postponed by the Diet broadcast twice, I went to the NHK staff room even though it was not broadcast, and greeted the program staff and the fans who were gathering in the field.[49].
  • In a sweaty scene, you usually use a spray bottle, but Ayano says, "Wait a minute, hmm," and you can sweat at your own will.[50]
  • Boiled chicken wings in cola,Kohada,StrawberryI like tarts and fin cutlets[51].[Note 16]In particular, Hirekatsu was dissatisfied with not being taken up as a topic even though he wrote in the questionnaire of the program every time.
  • I am weak in waking up and am absent-minded in the morning.When I try to wake it up, it doesn't wake up while saying "Hmm, wake up now"[53].
  • GifuOgakiKannoThe "Ayano 5 intersection" in 5-chome is reminiscent of Go AyanoSocial MediaSome people called it a new attraction in Ogaki.[54].


TV drama


Single movie

  • Darts till Dawn (2004)- Starring Tetsuharu Role
  • Sun (2004)- Starring Takuro Role
  • DEVELOPER (2005) --As Ito
  • La pluie des prunes (2008)
  • Valley Of Flowers (2008)
  • 198X Song (2009)- starring
  • Underwear Affair (2010,Young filmmaker training project) --Kazuyuki Hamasaki[102]

Voice appearance


  • Full Speed ​​Coast (2006)- Starring Nogi Role
  • Toi et moi (2006)- Starring Tatsuya Role







Photo album


  • An era when men with fangs put on makeup (Crocodile booksIn "+ act.", November 2009-)
  • Whereabouts of burns (Okura publishingIn "ACTORS magazine", July 2011-)



    • .OPTICAL TONE (2006, mini album)
    • ICARUS / feel view (2007, single)
  • .Air.A
    • Life CINEMA note (2007, movie "Life" soundtrack)

Soundtrack (participation / music provision)

  • bunny boy (2005)
  • Full speed coast (2006)
  • Life (2007)
  • From now on (2007)
  • Granite (2008)



  • 2004 "POP JAPAN TV" Music program throughout Asia

Music supervision and direction

  • 2005 "NO-ID." Autumn / Winter Tokyo Collection
  • 2005 "Vinyl" Fall / Winter Tokyo Collection
  • 2006 "NO-ID." Autumn / Winter Tokyo Collection
  • 2006 "Vinyl" Fall / Winter Tokyo Collection



TV drama


  • 2014 Year
    • The 36th Kodansha Advertising Award / Best Character Award Selected by Readers


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外部 リンク

Chemical reaction

Chemical reaction(Chemical reaction,English: chemical reaction) Refers to a chemical change or a process in which a chemical change occurs.[1].Chemical changeAnd one or moreChemical substanceChanges into one or more different chemicals[1][2], Pre-react chemicalsatomBonding to each other, or conversely breaking the bond, or from the chemical moleculeElectronicAre emitted or, on the contrary, take in electrons. In a broad sensesolvent SoluteTomeltchange[1]Or atomicIsotopeChange to another isotope[1],liquid solidChange toMF2(P386)Etc. are also called chemical changes.

Before and after chemical changes,分子Although the bond of the atoms that make up a molecule may change to another molecule, the atom itselfAtomic numberIt does not change to an atom (however, there are changes in isotopes and exchange of electrons between atoms). At this point the atom itself changes to another atomNuclear reactionIs very different from.

In the chemical reaction, the chemical substance before the reactionReactant(reactant), chemical substance after reactionProduct(product), the process isChemical reaction formulaIt is written in. For example, a reactant(hydrochloric acid)When(Sodium hydroxide) Is a chemical reaction product(water molecule)When(Salt) Is a chemical reaction formula that shows the situation

Is written.

Chemical equilibrium

In the case of a chemical reaction that creates a product from a reaction product, a chemical reaction that creates a reaction product from a product also occurs at the same time (such asWhen you want to emphasize that there is a reverse chemical reactionIs a chemical reaction arrow"not"". ).

Therefore, the reaction rate of the chemical reaction that creates a product from the reaction product is opposite to that of the chemical reaction. It will be balanced in the state. This stateChemical equilibriumSay. (Incidentally, the phenomenon that the product finally disappears as a result of the chemical reaction is that the product is in chemical equilibrium when it is 0).

Changes in chemical reactions

Trends that consider interactions with the outside world

Chemically changing system (Reaction system) Is generally externalInteractionWhile undergoing chemical changes (for example,Heat of reactionRadiate heat to the outside). Under these circumstances, the following facts are known:

Chemical changes常 に, SystemEntropySsysAnd the entropy of the outside worldSsurrTotal entropyStotalVoluntarily progresses toward increasingMF2(P393)

this isSecond law of thermodynamicsIs a natural consequence ofMF2(P393).

さ ら に,

The spontaneous reaction is常 に, Change the reaction mixture towards equilibriumMF2(P385).

Therefore, if the reaction system is isolated from the outside,Equilibrium constantKcAnd at the current timeReaction indexQcYou can know in which direction the reaction goes by comparing withMF2(P385).

Change trend of reaction system

Two states of reaction systemA,BAgainstAAnd the entropy of the system atBThe difference in the entropy of the system whenΔSsysThen,

  • ΔSsys>0When, the system is in the stateBからAChange toMF2(P393)
  • ΔSsys<0When, the system is in the stateAからBChange toMF2(P393)

If the entropy of the system does not change with time, the system is in equilibrium.MF2(P393).

As a general tendency, the internal energy of the system and theEnthalpyDecreases butMF2(P393), Not always. For exampleæ°·In waterDissolutionWhen it does, the system voluntarily absorbs heat from the outside.MF2(P386), The internal energy and enthalpy of the system increaseMF2(P386).

The decreasing tendency of internal energy and enthalpy is due to these values ​​satisfying entropy and a relatively simple relational expression. Detail isThermodynamic potentialPlease refer to the item.

Free energy expression

As described above, the tendency of system change can be described by entropy, but entropy is not a physical quantity that can be directly measured, so in chemistryGibbs Free EnergyIs often used to describe the change tendency of the system.MF2(P386).. This section describes this description method. In this section, the Gibbs free energy and enthalpyThermodynamic potentialAssuming basic knowledge of.

First, we impose the following two assumptions on the reaction system:

The temperature of the reaction system is always constant
Reaction system temperature and outside temperature are always equal

The first assumption is satisfied if all the heat generated in the reaction system due to the chemical change can be released to the outside of the system. The second assumption is satisfied if the outside is sufficiently wide and is almost unaffected by the heat released from the reaction system. Below, the temperature of the reaction system = outside temperatureTWrite.

Gibbs free energy of a given systemGAnd enthalpyHIs the entropy of the systemS,temperatureTBy

Since the following relational expression is satisfied, based on the above assumption,


And the total internal energy outside the reaction systemUtotal,pressurePtotal,volumeVtotal The

However, the first term is 0 due to the law of conservation of energy, and the second term is also the pressure change for the whole.dPtotalCan be considered nonexistent, so in the end

Becomes here

Outside the reaction systemChemical potentialAnd pressure changes, etc.Strong variable(For examplepolarization,MagnetizationCan be ignored

Assuming that

Holds, so


Is established.

Therefore, based on the above assumptions, the increase in the total entropy causes a decrease in the Gibbs free energy of the reaction system. So the following conclusions can be drawn:

  • ΔGsys<0When, the system is in the stateBからAChange toMF2(P395)
  • ΔGsys>0When, the system is in the stateAからBChange toMF2(P395)

If the Gibbs free energy of the reaction system does not change with time, the system is in an equilibrium state.MF2(P395).


Type of chemical reaction

Chemical reactionElectronicThe bond is cleaved and generated with the movement of. When classifying chemical reactions by focusing on chemical bonds and electron transfer methods,Ion reaction (ionic reaction),Radical reaction (free-radical reaction),Pericyclic reaction (pericyclic reaction). is thereChemical speciesConsidering the reaction that makes a bond with another chemical species, the ionic reaction is a chemical reaction in which an electron pair is donated from one chemical species to generate a new bonding orbital, such as electron withdrawing property and electron donating property. The bias of the charge between the atoms governs the direction of the reaction. The radical reaction is a chemical reaction in which one electron is donated from each of the chemical species to form a new bonding orbital. The pericyclic reaction is a chemical speciesπ orbitからs orbitIs a chemical reaction in which new bonds are formed at two or more places by conversion through a cyclic transition state. The cleavage is the reverse reaction of the bond.

When considering a chemical reaction based on the reaction mechanism and the difference in the composition of reactants and products,Substitution reaction,Addition reaction,Elimination reaction,Rearrangement reactionEtc.

Hydrolysis,Dehydration reaction,Addition polymerization,Condensation polymerization(Polycondensation),Oxidation reaction,Reduction reaction,neutralizeReactions are classified according to the purpose of the chemical reaction and consist of one or more of the above four reaction mechanisms.

BesidesLight reaction,Polymerization reactionThere are also classifications according to the characteristics of the reaction.

Chemical reaction theory

The theory that explains chemical reactions is based on empirical rules derived from the accumulation of chemical reaction cases andphysicsExplainPhysical chemistryProgress will be made as the theory is constructed. Therefore,physicsIn line with the development of the chemical reaction theory, the chemical reaction theory developed through stages.

18st centuryから19st centuryToelement Antoine Lavoisier,John DaltonAt the same time that they were discovered, a law has been found regarding the weight ratio of the chemically reacting reactant and product. The theory regarding the quantitative relationship of the components involved in these chemical reactions isStoichiometryIs organized as. Stoichiometry is generally a rule of thumbLaw of proportionality,Law of multiple proportionalityKnown as.

19st centuryIn the second halfQuantitative analysisThe law is established20st centuryWhen it becomes possible to measure the amount of change in chemical substances by developing over time,Chemical equilibriumAnd the speed at which the reaction progresses,Reaction rate formulaIs formulated asSubstance amount,MolarityAndtemperatureHas a strong influence on the amount of chemical reaction components and its change.thermodynamicsMakes it possible to physically explain the behavior common to molecules (or) atoms, such as chemical equilibrium andReaction rateThe physicochemical theory of was established. The determinants of the amount of components in a chemical reaction and the speed of change areChemical potentialIn a broad sense of thermodynamicsReaction kineticsSystematized by. The chemical potential isSecond law of thermodynamicsIs a physicochemically interpreted index that determines the direction of reaction (or equilibrium).Reaction kineticsThe reaction rateSubstance amount,temperatureCan be explained as a microscopic behavior such as a molecule.

Reaction kinetics, especiallyTransition state theoryChemical reaction by thermodynamics andStatistical mechanicsIt has become possible to rationalize it as the action of molecules of reactants, rather than the theory of populations such as. Today we associate molecular structure with chemical reaction for each type of reactionReaction mechanismChemical reactions are studied by building a model.

As a basic principle for constructing a reaction mechanism model, as the transfer of valence electrons or covalent bonds to which electrons belongChemical bondAs a semi-empirical principleOrganic electron theoryWas systematized. Organic electron theoryHSAB ruleEmpirically assumed inElectron pairThe behavior ofQuantum chemistry OfMolecular orbital methodIt is possible to formulate with. Also,Pericyclic reactionEtc someStereospecificSuch a reaction mechanism cannot be explained by the classical electron behavior,Molecular orbitalDeals with the principle of associativityFrontier orbital theoryExplains the reaction mechanism.

The reaction mechanism constructed as above isMolecular dynamicsThe validity of the model and the behavior of the reaction are verified by the method ofComputerWith the rapid expansion of computing performance ofComputational chemistryDue to the development of technological methods, computersimulationIt is also possible to predict the chemical reaction with.

Factors that affect chemical reactions

When actually performing a reaction or developing a reaction system, the speed and success or failure are not a little affected by the influence of various factors and conditions surrounding the reaction. This section outlines the factors and conditions that should be considered for the effects of chemical reactions, from a qualitative and empirical perspective. Since the reaction mechanism varies depending on the reaction, there are of course some cases that do not apply to the following discussion. For reactions that are known in detail,Reaction rate formulaIt should be considered more quantitatively, taking into consideration such factors.

  • temperature -Many reactions increase in velocity at higher temperatures because more energy is given to the system. In general, the standard is that if the reaction temperature rises by 10 °C, the reaction rate will double. However, the reaction may fail as a result of raising the temperature, such as inducing side reactions, decomposing intermediates, or causing runaway reaction.
  • concentration -In the case of multi-order reactions, the higher the concentration of the reaction mixture, the higher the frequency of collisions between the reactants, the higher the probability that the reaction will occur, and the higher the speed. It becomes remarkable in the case of chain reaction. In the case of macrocycle synthesis, in order to give preference to intramolecular reaction over intermolecular reaction, it is often carried out under conditions of high dilution. In addition, in the 0th and 1st order reactions, the effect of concentration only affects the temperature change of the system. Also when adjusting the concentration, it is necessary to consider the same problems as when adjusting the temperature, such as side reactions and runaway.
  • pressure -Normally, reactions involving gas become faster with increasing pressure. In the case of gas, an increase in pressure is virtually equivalent to an increase in concentration, so the same argument as for concentration holds. When the number of moles is different between the primordial system and the production system, the pressure affects the ratio of each compound when the equilibrium state is reached.
  • Light -Light is a form of energy. It may also affect the reaction pathway. Some reactions must be protected from light to prevent side reactions. Positively use lightLight reactionThen, it is necessary to consider the wavelength and intensity of the light used.
  • catalyst -When a catalyst is added to the reaction, it becomes possible to take a reaction path with lower activation energy, and both the forward and reverse reaction speeds increase. Unlike the equivalence reaction, the catalytic reaction smoothly rotates the catalytic cycle, so that it is necessary to consider activation and stabilization of the catalyst.
  • Surface area - Heterogeneous catalystIn the surface reaction using, for example, the reaction rate increases as the surface area increases. The higher the surface area to volume ratio, the more sites the reaction takes place and the faster the reaction takes place. Similarly, in solid-liquid, gas-liquid multi-phase systems, water-oil layers, and other multi-layer systems, the reaction takes place at or near the point where different phases/layers contact, so surface area and agitation are important. Become.


According to Digital Daijisen, "the combination of multiple things to produce an unexpected effect" can be likened to a chemical reaction.


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