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🎥 | Kanako Momota, "Momokuro is getting stronger" due to the individual activities of the members

Photograph Kanako Momota (Momoiro Clover Z) who plays the heroine in the movie "Sukutte Goran" Crank-in!Photo: Yasushi Yoshida

Momota Kanako, "Momokuro is getting stronger" in the individual activities of the members

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"The set list and composition of the live show are decided by the members now, so I think the way of communicating has changed."

Momota Kanako was highly evaluated for her acting ability in the 2016 NHK serial TV novel "Beppin-san".Such a girlfriend ... → Continue reading

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set list

set list (set list) isMusic artist,band concertThis is a document in which a list of songs to be played is written in order. The abbreviation is "Setori". In some cases, the songs and the order in which they are played at the concert are called a set list, and the board for posting is sometimes called a set list board (abbreviated as setri board).


The set list is used to confirm the songs played by the artists in the concert and the order in which they are performed. Sometimes it's handwritten by the artist or staffprint outSometimes it is made fromCardboard,LaminatingThere are various things that have been done.

Derived from this, the selection of songs and the order of songs at a concert rather than the document itself are often called a set list. In many cases, the same set list is used throughout the concert tour. That is, the same song is played at any concert at any venue. However, depending on the artist, this is not always the case, and fans who are enthusiastic about attending concerts on the same tour often look forward to the setlist changing as much as possible for each concert. In the case of such an artist, there are cases in which "vacant spaces" for several songs are created in the set list, and in the "vacant spaces", different musical compositions are interchanged and played. Some artists have promised not to play the same song for two consecutive performances,Bruce HornsbyThere are also artists who do not predetermine the set list, such as.

In the case of an artist who changes the set list for each concert in this way, there is a website that lists the songs actually played for each concert.Bruce SpringsteenAt the concert, fans who visited the site regularly sent information on the song most recently played to an external friend by e-mail on a mobile phone, and the friend who received it sent it on the Internet in real time.Bulletin boardThere is also an example of writing the set list to[1].. Fans who play such a role are called "set list callers". Also, some artists post the set list of the concert at the venue after the performance, or post the set list of past concerts on their official website.

Fans have a great interest in setlists, so the true meaning of a setlist is often a valuable souvenir. After the concert, go up to the stage and peel off the set list,RoadieThere are also fans who get it by asking. Alternatively, Rhodi himself secured the setlisteBaySuch asAuction siteSometimes,Jimmy Eat WorldSet list andpickHas been put up for sale. The buyer is often an audience for the performance. In this way, when the real thing on the setlist becomes public, the songs that were originally supposed to be played are identified, so it is possible to find differences in contrast to the songs that were actually played. About the difference in this songAmerican football termsIt is called "audible".


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