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🎭 | Asia XNUMXK Video Theater Festival opens at Botchan Theater [Toon City, Ehime Prefecture]


Asian XNUMXK Video Theater Festival Opens at Botchan Theater [Toon City, Ehime Prefecture]

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On the other hand, Akita, who plays Shuko, said, "This time, I'm with Ayame Tsutsui for the first time, but I think that he is a person with a calmness and atmosphere that I can not think of being younger, and it fits the image of the role. "The role I play is always a cheerful and energetic child, but there are also scenes where I have mixed feelings, so I would like to delicately express such emotional changes." I'm commenting.

An Asian XNUMXK video theater festival where you can experience the stage and musicals with realistic images shot in XNUMXK is a boy in Toon City, Ehime Prefecture ... → Continue reading

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