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🎭 | Nogizaka46, Ayame Tsutsui & Shiori Akita, W starring stage decided "Holding the inner corner"

Photo (from left) Shiori Akita, Shota Hayashi, Ayame Tsutsui

Nogizaka46, Ayame Tsutsui & Shiori Akita, W starring stage decided "holding the inner corner"

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On the other hand, Akita, who plays Shuko, said, "This time, I'm with Ayame Tsutsui for the first time, but I think that he is a person with a calmness and atmosphere that I can not think of being younger, and it fits the image of the role. "The role I play is always a cheerful and energetic child, but there are also scenes where I have mixed feelings, so I would like to delicately express such emotional changes." I'm commenting.

The stage "Holding the Eyes" starring Nogizaka46's 4th generation Ayame Tsutsui and actress Shiori Akita will be on June 6th ... → Continue reading

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Ayame Tsutsui

Ayame Tsutsui(Ayame poke, Ayame2004〈Heisei16 years>May 6 -) isJapan OfIdolAnd a female idol groupNogizaka46Is a member of[1][2].AichiBackground[3].. Height 160 cm[1].. Blood typeO[1].


Born on October 2004, 16 (Heisei 6)[4].

February 2015, 27 (Heisei 10),Sun jewelryとSony musicIn the audition project "SUNHO Image Girl Audition" jointly held byGrand PrixSelected for[5].

February 2018, 30 (Heisei 8),Sakamichi Joint AuditionPassed.The profile was posted on the official website on November 11, the same year.[6], November 12,Nippon BudokanIt will be unveiled at "Nogizaka46 4th gen member dressing party" held in[7].

2019 years(Reiwa7st year) July 15th,Nogizaka46The 24th single "You don't have to be strong until dawnWas selected for the first time as a single title song, and was selected in the first row.[8]..On August 8th of the same year, in commemoration of the release of "You don't have to be strong until dawn", Ayame Tsutsui wears the uniforms of all the single costumes of Nogizaka26 and you can enjoy the images taken from various angles. "Uniform Collection" has been released[9][10].

From June 2021th to July 3th, 6 (Reiwa 4rd year), he will star in the stage "Holding the Eyes".[11][12][13].


Nickname is Ayamen[14][15], Ayame-chan[16].


What is your favorite food,Sushi,Grilled meat,Anko,Sweet stuff[18].

My favorite impersonator isSpan[19]..Due to my sister's influenceAbacus,水 泳,English,ピ ア ノ,guitarWas doing lessons[19].

In Nogizaka46, the members I admire are the 1st gen membersErika Ikuta[20].

The youngest member of the 4th generation.






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