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🎥 | JO1 Issei Mamehara makes a careful role in the movie's first appearance in "Very anxious"

Photo Issei Mamehara and Takashi Okamura – (C) “Kimi with a radius of 1 meter-Let's walk upwards” Production Committee

JO1 Issei Mamehara makes a careful role in his first appearance in the "Very Worry" movie

If you write the contents roughly
I was longing for the scene of "Thank you", so "Issei Mamehara is cranking in!"

Issei Mamehara of the global boy group JO1 made his first appearance in the movie "Kimi with a radius of 1 meter-looking up ..." → Continue reading

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Issei Mamehara

Issei Mamehara(Mamehara Issei,2002May 5 -) isJapan OfIdol.Male idol group-JO1The youngest member of the center.OkayamaManiwaI'm fromLAPONE entertainmentBelongs.


Before debut


  • September 12, audition program "PRODUCE 101 JAPAN』In the referendum (viewer vote) ranked first among 101 people, and won the debut right as a center[4].



  • On December 2th, the omnibus movie "Kimi with a radius of 26 meter-Let's walk upwards-""Appeared in one of the works in "Today, I often have a daily pattern".This is Mamehara's first appearance in the movie,Nine Tine OfTakashi OkamuraRe-co-starred with[8].
  • On March 3th, he revealed on a blog in FC that he had graduated from high school.


  • Height 174.5 cm, weight 62 kg, blood type O.
  • My hobbies are dancing, singing,MercariLooking at clothes[9].
  • Special skills are baseball, swimming,Kamen Rider OfImpersonation, Dance (special genre is 90'sHIP HOP)[9], Funny face.
  • Nickname is "Mame-chan"[3][10],"beans".Mamehara himself was asked the nickname he wanted to be called in an interview with a magazine and answered, "I want to continue with'Mame-chan'."[11]..Most of them are called by the above nicknames instead of their names.
  • In "PRODUCE 101 JAPAN", the catchphrase in the program is "National First Love"[12].
  • About his childhood, "When I was little, I loved catching insects and exercising outside, so I participated in baseball, swimming, and sumo tournaments," said the Sanyo Shimbun on March 2020, 3. Looking back in the interview[2].
  • Regarding what is often said to be similar to Mamehara, he also commented, "I also have a (common word) of beans (last name is Mamehara). It is said to be similar to Mamehara." doing[13].
  • As his dream for the future, "I'm also interested in acting, and eventually I want to act. I want to be a Kamen Rider and do the theme song with JO1," he said in a solo interview with "Model Press."[14].


Participating songs


Release datetitleRemarks
2019/9/3Tsukame ~ It's Coming ~Program theme song. Included in "Tsukame-It's Coming-"
2019/11/28DOMINOConcept assignment song. "PRODUCE 101 JAPAN --35 Boys 5 Concepts].
2019/12/12GrandMasterDebut evaluation assignment song and final ballad assignment song. "PRODUCE 101 JAPAN --FINAL].
Goodbye youth (PRODUCE 101 JAPAN ver.)



  • PRODUCE 101 JAPAN (September 2019, 9-December 26, 12,TBS series(First and last rounds only),GYAO!)
  • Mezamashi TV(November 2020, 11, 3, 10, 17,Fuji TV series) * Appeared as an entertainment presenter in November 2020[7].
  • THE Breakthrough File "Police Box Mystery & Rescue Close Call SP" (November 2020, 11,NTV series) * Appeared in the reproduction drama "Sink the radio tower fire that does not reach the water discharge!"[15].


  • You with a radius of 1 meter-Let's walk upward- "Today, the pattern is good" -Hiroki Asada (2021)[8].

Related video


Issei Mamehara PRODUCE 101 JAPAN Participating Music
Evaluation nameSong titleOriginal song artist nameMovieIndividual
Recommended video
Leveling evaluationEXCITEDaichi Miura*-
Reassessment by levelTsukame ~ It's Coming ~オ リ ジ ナ ル**All the trainees who appeared on the program
Position evaluationDNABTS (BTS)**Yoshiki Togo,Kawanishi Takumi,Kim Yoon Dong,Kim HeeCheon, Shogo Koyama
Group evaluationFIREBTS (BTS)**Jung Young Hoon,Tsurufusa Shioen,Kim Yoon Dong,Junki Kono, Hirohiro Mada
Concept evaluationDOMINOオ リ ジ ナ ル**Kawajiri lotus,Kim Yoon Dong,Jung Young Hoon,Kawanishi Takumi,Junki Kono,Tsurufusa Shioen
Debut evaluationGrand Masterオ リ ジ ナ ル*Kawanishi Takumi, Tokonami Shine, Masahiko Imanishi,Junki Kono,Keito Sato, Sato Kura,Kinjo Bikai, Minato Inoue, Jun Uehara
Goodbye youthIkimonogakari*20 finalists trainees


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