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🎥 | Best Picture for Revenge Entertainment "Promising Young Woman"!Hollywood Film Critics Association Awards Announced

The photo will be released in Japan this summer! – From the movie “Promising Young Woman” – (C) 2020 PROMISING WOMAN, LLC All Rights Reserved.

Best Picture for Revenge Entertainment "Promising Young Woman"!Hollywood Film Critics Association Awards Announced

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The director and screenwriter was Emerald Fennell, an actress who is also known for playing Mrs. Camilla, the wife of Prince Charles, in the drama "The Crown."

The 5th Hollywood Film Critics' Choice Awards was announced on the 4th local time, and the revenge entertainment movie starring Carey Mulligan "... → Continue reading

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Charles (Prince of Wales)

Prince of Wales Charles(Charles, Prince of Wales ,Baptism name: Charles Philip Arthur George(Charles Philip Arthur George ),1948May 11 -) isThe United Kingdom OfRoyal family.Throne OfHeir apparentAnd the 21st generationWalespublic(Prince of Wales).British Army, Navy and Air ForceMarshal[2]..The official residenceClarence House.

mother'sElizabeth II 1952May 2Toqueen69 years since he became the throneOrder of successionNo. 1 (the longest record in the world as a heir apparent)Prince of Wales(The longest record in 62 years), as of 2021, heir apparent to be the world's number one heir apparent (1 years old).

Younger brotherDuke of York Andrew,Count Wessex Edward.. sister isPrincess Royal Anne.



1948May 11ToDuke of EdinburghPhilipAnd the DuchessPrincess ElizabethAs the first child and eldest son (of 3 sons and 1 daughter) (both at that time)Buckingham PalaceBorn in.May 12In the palacebaptismReceived. The principle of the British royal family was that "the royal female / matrilineal offspring cannot be given the title of prince", but in the case of Charles, it was certain that he would become the king in the future.George VThe king issued an edict with Charles, who was also his first grandson, as a prince.

Also, when he was born, his surname was "Windsor",1960Her mother, Queen Elizabeth II, gave the surname of her father, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, to "Mountbatten-Windsor."[3]Was issued by the Order of Council.

Successor to the throne

1952May 2To my grandfatherGeorge VThe king demises and his mother, Princess Elizabeth,Queen of EnglandThe eldest son CharlesEstimated heirAsOrder of successionIs the first place.

Along with that, "Duke of CornwallAnd "Duke of RothesayI got the title.Furthermore, in 1958, from the mother queenGarter medalWas awarded, "Earl of Chester"And got the title of" Prince of Wales ".De factoStanding TaishiHits.


From childhood to the futureBritish KingAs much as possible, I received a strict education with the intention of my father Philip.Especially at the recommendation of my father, "I want my son to go to his own school."BerkshireGrammar schoolEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu OfGordonstoun SchoolSo, I often attended school with middle-class children, but of course there was no student in the same class as Charles in England, a class society.BullyingIt has become a target of teasing.Due to this experience, when he became a father, the upper class dominated his two sons, Prince William and Prince Henry.Eaton CollegeIt is also said that he was sent to school.


1966IsAston MartinFrom the mother queen who visited the factory of the companyDB6 VolanteWas given as a birthday present.After that, he continued to use the company's model and later gave the company a warrant.

1967In September,Cambridge UniversityTrinity CollegeEnrolled in.In the second year of schoolWelshとHistoryTo learnUniversity of WalesI am enrolled in.1968At the age of 21, he held an investiture ceremony as Prince of Wales.1970In the British Parliament SenateAristocratI have a seat in.

Military history

Cambridge UniversityAfter enrollment inBritish Royal FamilyAccording to the custom ofRoyal NavyとRoyal Air ForceEnlisted in.1971After March, of the Royal NavyDe Havilland Canada DHC-1とBAC Jet ProvostAfter undergoing flight training in Japan, small sizeTurbo propMachineHawker Siddeley AndoverOr, a royal-only aircraft for medium-sized jet transport aircraftBAe 146I am also piloting.

またDartmouthAfter training at the Royal Navy School of the Royal NavyDestroyerof"(English edition)"Or"(English edition)","(English edition)I was on board. Minesweeper in February 1976(English edition)Became the captain of[4].

Charity and environmental issues

Domestic from around this timepovertyWe are also working on problem solving1976Launched The Prince's Trust, which aims to provide academic opportunities and vocational training to young people in the UK.Prince Charles himself, especiallyBritish CommonwealthFrom countriesImmigrationWe provide various forms of support for activities to solve the poverty problem in Japan.

またEnvironment issuesHe also has a keen interest in, and in his private real estate, the Duke of Cornwall,Organic foodIs producing.Also, of the high gloves that you ownVillaWe use agricultural products cultivated in.In addition, they practice organic farming in their own vegetable gardens.[5]And so on, they practice it in various ways.

The death of Louis Mountbatten

1979In August, the Navy, which I have longed for since childhoodMarshalBut alsoLewis MountbattenBut was on vacationアイルランドNorthwestCounty Donegal Bayso,ヨ ッ トImmediately after departureIRA ProvisionalHe was blown up and died by the bomb he set up.Charles is said to have been shocked by this.

Although distracted by Mountbatten's sudden death,1980In 7 monthSussex-(English edition)nearCountry houseでbarbecueThe Crown Prince, who was saddened by Lord Ivar Mountbatten's death while he was doingCount SpencerdaughterDiana Frances"I understand your loneliness, and you need someone," he said comfortingly.[6], Then you will be dating.

Marriage with Diana

1981May 2CharlesWindsor castleI proposed to Diana.Charles saidSki"How much did you want to see you while you were on a trip?" And then briefly proposed "I want you to marry me," but Diana said, "I thought it was a joke and laughed."Charles emphasized that it was a serious marriage proposal,"You will one day become a queen," he said.Diana accepted this proposal[7].

The Crown Prince's wedding was held in 1981 by Charles' decision.May 7ToSt Paul's CathedralIt was decided to be held at.The celebration is practically the eve of the weddingMay 7It started at night.Hyde ParkThen, 1 fireworks were launched, and the whole country became a festive event.Britain was so wrapped in a festive mood for all the people1953Elizabeth II's coronation since[8].

Royals and heads of state from all over the world gathered at St. Paul's Cathedral.Japan OfRoyal familyFromCrown Prince AkihitoとPrincess Michiko(Both at that time),AmericaFromFirst lady(Mrs. President)Nancy ReaganWas present.The wedding was televised and watched by 70 million people in 7 countries around the world.

HoneymoonOn the Royal Yacht Britannia地中海とAegean sea OfFishing Boat Cruising Experiencewas[9]..It was done in secret with the cooperation of the Royal Navy so as not to be chased by the media.The mediaGreeceI flew to and searched for the Prince and his wife, but I could not find it at last[10].


Charles then, along with his wife DianaJapan,India, AmericaスペインIn addition to visiting countries around the world, he participates not only in many official royal events but also in private events.Also1982ToWilliamBut again1984Toヘ ン リ ーAt first glance, it seemed that the relationship between the two would continue well, such as the birth of two princes.

However, Diana was unfamiliar with the cramped royal traditions and was negative about Charles' musical hobbies and conservative hobbies such as hunting, and the gap between the couple was widening.According to Diana's later remark, "When the second son Henry was born in 1984, the emotional relationship between the two was over."[11].

In fact, Charles1985から1986The number of people living in the High Grove House in Cornwall has increased.1987In Kensington Palace, Charles' absence was normal and Diana became the de facto mistress.[12]..Of the same year, the Crown Prince and his wifePortugalMr. and Mrs. have taken a separate bed for the visit[11].

Charles has been engaged sinceCamilla Parker BowlsI refused to have a relationship with him, but from around this time I started dating again.[13][14]..In addition, Diana repeated affairs with multiple men.In such a situation, Diana199210 of the monthSouth KoreaDuring the visit, we gave a blatant and childish demonstration.In other words, he responded to the media with a moody face when he was with Charles and a smiley face when he was not with him.[15].

Then, by agreement between Charles and Diana, 1992May 12"The Crown Prince and his wife will enter a separate life" was officially announced in[16][17]..Charles' personal belongings and traces were removed from Kensington Palace, where Diana lives, while Diana's personal belongings and traces were removed from the High Grove House, where Charles lives.afterwards1993May 12Diana declared "retirement from public service in the royal family"[18].

Divorce and bereavement

1996May 2After meeting with Charles, Diana announced that she had reached a divorce agreement.In it, she said, "I will continue to be involved in everything related to raising the two princes as a real mother, and again.Princess of WalesWill continue to maintain the title, stay at Kensington Palace, and continue to operate the office at St. James's Palace. "

In response, the Queen responded frostyly, saying that it was "very interesting," suggesting that Diana's title, future role, and division of property, which repeats her own words and deeds, have not yet been decided.[19][20]..After that, divorce negotiations with Diana continued for four months, butMay 8The marriage between Charles and Diana officially ended with the final divorce decision.[21].

Then DianaHasnut KhanとDody alfaidIn addition to having a bifurcated relationship with Charles, he disseminated the relationship with Charles and criticism of the royal family to the media.After that1997May 8ToParisHe died in a car accident with his companion Alfaid, but Charles moved to Paris with Diana's sister.DianaPaparazziCharles was a news agency because he died in an accident while riding a car that exceeded the legal speed in order to escape from the excessive coverage by the media, and after that, excessive coverage of himself and the two princes continued. Requested to refrain from reporting on the two princes.Agreements have been signed with British media outlets[Source required].

Handover of Hong Kong and response to China

Even under these circumstances, Charles continued his official duties in 1997.May 6 OfReturn / transfer of Hong KongCeremony andBritish Army in Hong KongAt the withdrawal ceremonyChristopher PattenParticipated with the governors, and the next day, on the yacht "Britania" that once rode with Diana.People's Republic of ChinaHe is away from Hong Kong, which became a territory.

Charles is known for his liberal remarks and actions, especiallyChinese Communist Party OfOne-party dictatorshipHe has a frosty attitude toward the nation, the People's Republic of China.At the Hong Kong Handover CeremonyCharles in his diaryChinese Communist PartyThe upper part is "terribly oldWax dollIt seems like "[22][Source required]Became a hot topic.1999In the People's Republic of ChinaJiang peopleWhen the President of the People's Republic of China made an official visit to Britain, Prince Charles was allegedly absent from the salute dinner held by the Government of the People's Republic of China at the Chinese Embassy in Britain.

The country also invaded the militaryTibetHas been keenly interested inTibetan BuddhismSupreme LeaderThe Dalai Lama XIVHave an exchange with[23].2008In January, one of the world's leading dignitariesBeijing OlympicsIt was revealed that he had announced to a private organization that he would not attend any of the ceremonies and competitions.[24]..Effective control of the People's Republic of China in March of the same yearTibet Autonomous RegionIt was announced that it would meet with the 3th Dalai Lama around May on March 20 when a dispute arose in.

Remarriage with Camilla

After the death of the ex-princess, she began to associate with Camilla openly and was in a common-law marriage.2005May 4ToWindsor castleIt was announced that they would be officially married in the chapel.

But,popeJohn Paul IIFuneral will be held on April 4th,May 4Was postponed to. It was announced that his second wife, Camilla, would be called the "Duke of Cornwall" in consideration of her late wife, Diana.That is, they do not call themselves the Princess of Wales (Prince of Wales / Prince of Wales).[25].

Church of EnglandHas provisions that do not allow its chief king to marry a divorced person[26], In fact,Edward VIIHas a history of divorceWallis SimpsonAbdicated to marry.

Also known as "Skip Charles" by many British people, "Skip Charles"The throne after the death of Queen Elizabeth II should be inherited by her grandson, Prince William, not by his son Charles.Is dominated by public opinion[27].


On April 2011, 4, the crown prince's term of office was 20 years, 59 months and 2 days, the longest ever.Edward VIIIt surpassed the record of and became the first place in history.On the other hand, Charles was appointed to the Prince of Wales when he was 1 years and 9 months old, so Edward VII, who was appointed shortly after birth, had the longest period as the Prince of Wales. (8 years and 7 months).But this record too2017May 9Updated by Charles.

Even now, he is actively engaged in public affairs at home and abroad.2015First time with Camilla in MayアイルランドIs an official visit.Also,2013と2014, 2015 and 3 consecutive yearsSaudi ArabiaAre visiting.

In the futureChurch of EnglandI'm in a position to be the chief ofReligiousKnown for being tolerant ofIslamHe has made various contributions to his research.

August 2020, 3,2019 New CoronavirusTest was positive, but the symptoms were reported to be mild[28][29].

Titles and titles

The full titles since July 1958, 7 are:The titles, titles, and medals in each country(English edition)See.

Past names

  • November 1948, 11-February 14, 1952: His Highness Prince Charles of Edinburgh
  • February 1952, 2-: His Royal Highness, Duke of Cornwall
    • February 1952, 2-: His Imperial Highness Prince Charles, Duke of Rothesay (name in Scotland)

Future designation

There is a theory that "I want'George VII'" as a future king name.[30].. In 2005, it was reported that "we are considering the adoption of the'George VII'name in secret", but the royal palace denied this report, saying that "we are not considering the name of the king" at that time.[31].Charles IとThe fourthAlready exists, so if you call yourself Charles, you will be the third generation, but in the 3th centuryJacobiteAimed to regain the kingship with the support ofCharles Edward StuartHas a history of self-proclaiming (proclaimed) "Charles III".

About the name in Japanese as a heir apparent

The Japanese government has adopted the name "His Highness of the United Kingdom (or the United Kingdom)" and "Crown PrinceIs not[32].

Princess / child


  • Royal GuardToBlackPoint out that there is no such thing and have it revisedliberalRemarks[Source required]Known for (onceColonyIt is formed around the country that ruled asBritish CommonwealthfromImmigrationNot in the UK acceptingWhiteThere are many people in Japan).
  • He is deeply interested in the preservation of historic buildings and the problems of urban landscapes, and is interested in "Future image of Britain.[33] Written by the City Hall in LondonLloydsInsurance building,HSBCHe criticized the design of modern buildings such as towers and advocated raising interest in the preservation of historic buildings.In addition, he appeared in a documentary program of the same name himself, and in Japan, NHK broadcast it on April 1989, 4 under the title of "Prince Charles: Recommendations for Contemporary Architecture."
  • Founded in 1992The United KingdomOrganic foodsbrand""[34] OfOwnerIs.From the perspective of animal protection2008At my house in MarchFoie grasBanned the use of[35].
  • Fast foodVery critical to2006May 2To visitUnited Arab Emiratesso"Diabetes mellitusAs a countermeasureMcDonald'sShould be banned, "he said, causing controversy.For this, the BritishTop chef[Who?]From "NeverBig MacIt is wrong and stupid for the Crown Prince, who seems to have never said, to make such a comment. "sound[Who?]Also[36].
  • There is no scientific basisPseudo scienceIsHomeopathy,harpIncluding therapyAlternative medicineIs strongly supported.Homeopathy has become a serious social problem in Britain and has gained considerable British support despite the government's appeal for its unscientific nature.The government had held a study group to stop insurance coverage of alternative medicine, but Charles sent eight government agencies to homeopathy in 2009.NHSHe sent a letter calling for the expansion of insurance coverage, and made a similar claim in 2010 at a secret meeting with ministers.It has been strongly criticized that members of the royal family, whose involvement in policy is prohibited, attempted to exert influence, and that the person who should become a monarch in the future adheres to pseudoscience.[37][38]..Charles is an organization that aims to promote alternative medicine in 1993, Princes Foundation for Integrated Health.[39] Was launched, but was disbanded in 2010 after a former manager was arrested on suspicion of fraud and money laundering, and the group was found to have been used for the crime.[40]..Proponents of alternative medicine in Japan are at the national level with a five-year plan by CharlesAlternative medicineIs being researched[41].
  • Jackets such as suits and black ties are preferred to be double-breasted.
  • 2012May 5,British Broadcasting CorporationThe crown prince who visited in commemoration of the 60th anniversary ofEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euAppeared in the corner[42][43][44][45]..At this time, the weather forecast for areas closely related to the royal family was also displayed.
  • 2016May 9,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euRoyally ownedBalmoral castleWhile driving a passenger car on the premisesDeerIt was revealed in the UK media that it had caused a traffic accident that collided with[46]..Charles himself was very cautious in driving, but it has been pointed out that deer may have been unavoidable as they often suddenly invade the road."Charles was driving in this accidentAudi a4・ Allroad Quattro ”was wrecked, but Charles himself said that there was nothing special about his life.[47][48].

Purveyor brand

Charles is a Royal Warrant (PurveyorSpecified) was givenbrand(part). As of March 2017, a total of 3 companies have been awarded warrants.



George V
Edward VIIGeorge Vメ ア リ ーヘ ン リ ーGeorge ジ ョ ン
Elizabeth IIMargaret
Williamヘ ン リ ーピ ー タ ーZaraBeatriceEugeneLouiseJames
Georgeシ ャ ー ロ ッ トLouisSavannahIslayMiaReina


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