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📺 | "Tell me I love you" Etsushi Toyokawa & Akiko Yada again! "Uchikare" co-starring scene released for the first time in 26 years

Photo "My daughter can't have a boyfriend !!" From episode 9

"Tell me you love me" Etsushi Toyokawa & Akiko Yada again! "Uchikare" co-starring scene released for the first time in 26 years

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Shiori secretly ponders the bloodless Kouji, and was the role that prevented Kouji and the actress's egg heroine (Takako Tokiwa) from falling in love.

The Japanese TV drama "My daughter can't have a boyfriend !!" starring Miho Kanno, which will be broadcast on March 3 (every Wednesday ... → Continue reading

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Takako Tokiwa

Takako Tokiwa(Takako Tokiwa,1972 May 4[1] -) isJapan Ofactress.Kanagawa横 浜 市birth,HyogoNishinomiyaRaised.Height 162 cm[1],Blood Type TheA type[1].Stardust promotionAffiliation[2].


1972 4,Kanagawa横 浜 市Born in.When I was in the 4th grade of elementary school, with my father's transferHyogoNishinomiyaMoved to and spent 1 years there until the first year of high school.After entering junior college1991 summer,Stardust promotionVisited himself and belonged to the same office.

Tokiwa is the beginningHarajuku OfPedestrian heavenLive on the street (before debut for this live)MANISHHe also appeared), and continued his life as a layman.At the end of the yearTBSAfter making her debut as an actress in the SP drama "Eve is like Hatsukoi", she got a supporting role in the drama and a commercial job, but it didn't sprout easily. 1993 In addition, the Fuji TV drama "Devil's KISS』, Played the role of a female college student who fell into card hell and fell into a mistress from debt suffering, and became widely known.In this drama, he will show a ramming performance that reveals the bust top.After that, the late-night variety show of the same stationLord's Pheromone』Appeared as a sub-moderator.

Next day1994 Autumn TBS drama "My destiny』Played the role of a nurse with a strong tendency to wander between infidelity and pure love.further,1995 Summer TBS drama "Tell me i love you』, A young painter who is deaf (act:Eiji Toyokawa) Played the role of lover.

1999 The late actor in the Hong Kong movie "Moonlight Express-Moonlight Express" released in the summerLeslie CheungCo-starred with (Leslie Cheung).2000 TBS drama starring in winter "Beautiful lifeHas achieved an average audience rating of over 30% (maximum audience rating of 41.3%), and the "Wheelchair Takako Tokiwa model" has also appeared. After "Beautiful Life", in the fall of 2003TV AsahiDrama "45th anniversary"The Queen of Transfiguration and the Last BrotherStarring inHiro Saga AishinIn the second part, the audience rating was 2% (Kanto area).

2005 First appearance on stage in KERA MAP "Plants on the Sand" in spring.After that, he appeared on stage at the pace of one work every year.

After that as an actress2008 To enter the,"Meishan, "To you who gave me a smile-Challenge of a female doctor and a clown", "Loss: Time: Life] And starred in the SP drama. From 20082009 In the movie, which will be released in a trilogy20th century boy』Played the role of heroine Yukiji.Tsumabuki SatoshiThe 2009 NHK Taiga drama starring "Tenchijin』And the heroineFor shipsPlayed. 200910In the movie "Love letter in the drawerWas released.

2009 in private lifeMay 10, Playwright / Director / ActorKeishi NagatsukaMarry[3]..What is Nagatsuka?Geroppa!I have been dating for six and a half years since I co-starred in.Kyozo NagatsukaIs my father-in-law.

"Rei Nakanishi and 2015 Actresses" on January 1, 21 (Nippon Columbia) Debuted as a singer.




  • 1990 eraStarring in many TV dramas from1996 From spring1997 Until summer, he played the leading role in five serial dramas.He played various roles from comedy to serious and all of the appearances were hit, so at that time he was called "Queen of Serial Drama".It is also known in China and Southeast Asia for co-starring with foreign film actors and broadcasting serial dramas overseas.
  • After the age of 30, her activities as an actress have shifted from TV dramas (serial dramas) to movies and theatrical performances.


TV drama



TV drama


Variety program


  • Saturday Premium Fuji's Art Renaissance-This is fine !! Fujio Akatsuka Legend (November 2008, 11, Fuji TV)-Narrative
  • European sake and gastronomy pilgrimage(April 2009, 4-, BS Nippon Television) --Narration
  • Extracurricular class Welcome senior "Let's make a zoo! ~Ueno ZooDirector Teruyuki Komiya ”(December 2009, 12,NHK General)-Narrative
  • THE World Heritage(TBS)-Narrative
    • Special Edition "Donau's Journey by Ship" (January 2010, 1)
    • Special Edition "Travel in the Alps by Rail" (January 2010, 1)
  • The way I came The way you went (September 2011, 9, NHK) Narration
  • Takako Tokiwa Portugal traveling with books-The hometown of Nanban culture guided by Yukio Mishima- (November 2011, 11, BS Asahi)
  • Takako Tokiwa Spain traveling with books-Andalusia walking with the legendary poet Lorca- (March 2013, 3, BS Asahi)
  • Takako Tokiwa Belgium traveling with books ~ Maeterlinck To the hometown of the happy blue bird ~ (March 2014, 3, BS Asahi)
  • The Premium Secret enjoyment of Kyoto people(January 2015, 1, NHK BS Premium) --As Sanyako Sawato
  • The 29th Folklore Association Special Hero's Wife Atsuko ~ The Life of a Woman Who Lived in a Turbulent Sino-Japanese Relations ~ (February 2015, Nagoya Broadcasting Network Production,Private Broadcast Education AssociationEach station) --Narration[34]
  • Nobuhiko Obayashi Film Festival! ~ Hanaho Hanagoto What I want to tell you now.Nobuhiko Obayashi x Shunji Iwai x Takako Tokiwa Special talk ~ (April 2020, 4 (midnight on the 25th),Japanese movie channel)[35]
  • Kyoto pictorial ([Note 2],KBS Kyoto / TOKYO MX / BS11)-Navigator[37][38]
    • "Early Spring, a famous treasure handed down to the old family" February 2021, 2 and others
    • "Takumi's skill to support early summer and Kyoto cuisine" May 2021, 5 and others

Language program

  • Traveling French (October 2016 --March 10 Rebroadcast April 2017 --September 3, NHK E-Tele) * In charge of appearance and narration
  • Traveling French (2nd season. October 2017-September 10, NHK E-Tele) * In charge of appearance and narration





Photo album

  • Takako Tokiwa Photobook miss you-I want to see you again- (1999 May Kadokawa Shoten)

CD / Album

  • Rei Nakanishi and 12 actresses (released January 2015, 1, Nippon Columbia: COCP-21) * Singing song "Fugue of love'
  • Rei Nakanishi and 13 actresses (released January 2016, 9, Nippon Columbia: COCP-28) * Singing song "Angel temptation'


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注 釈

  1. ^ It was scheduled to be released on April 2020, 4,New coronavirusAnnounced postponement of publication on March 3 following the spread of the infection[32].
  2. ^ It was scheduled to start broadcasting in April 2020,New coronavirusIt was announced on April 4 that the broadcast will be postponed due to the spread of the infection.[36].


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