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🎭 | "Kinky Boots" Enthusiasm as if you were in the theater

Photo (C) Broadway HD / Shochiku

"Kinky Boots" enthusiastic as if you were in the theater

If you write the contents roughly
Laura is a tough drag queen who has lived strong while overcoming various difficulties.

This work of the "Shochiku Broadway Cinema" series, which screens a masterpiece stage of Broadway in New York at a movie theater. ... → Continue reading


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Drag Queen

Drag Queen(British: drag queens) Do as a womanperformanceKind of. This is called because the hem of the worn outfit is dragged.[1].


The origin of the drag queen is the malehomosexual Sexual orientationAs a means to overcome the difference betweenEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu,HeelsAs flashyCostumeIt is said that he was excessively directed to the "female sex" that men seek as an ideal image by wearing a body and wearing a heavy attitude.

Originallysub cultureAsGay cultureWas born as part ofCross dressThe Drag Queen is one of thehomosexual,BisexualIs overwhelmingly large. But in recent yearsHeterosexualOr a woman may do this. From hobbyists to professional performers, the drag queens are getting thicker.

TransgenderA woman (who has a gender identity of a woman but is assigned a man because of her physical characteristics at birth) is dressed as a woman for the purpose of "becoming a woman" or "being seen as a woman". On the other hand, that of the drag queen is "femaleParodyThe main difference is that the purpose is to "play women's sexual expression."


English drag There are three theories that came to mean "a transvestite man".

  1. What is supposed to be a secret word in the theater world. First recorded in 1870. When there were not enough actresses to play female roles on the stage at the time, child actors and short, young actors dressed as female actors, but they wore long skirts to keep their legs out of sight. However, they were unfamiliar with how to wear skirts, and even if they dragged their hem to the floor, they had a flat face. It was so funny that it got this name. The original meaning of the English noun drag is this "drag". This is the most popular theory.
  2. Means "wear" in German carry But in Yiddish trogn And this became English drag The theory that became. It is a theory based on the fact that modern spoken English has many words that originate from German via Yiddish, but there are places where consonant exchange when it changes does not necessarily follow the law of phonetics, so it is prudent. The point of view is generally.
  3. English phrase "dressed aSat girlThe theory that it is an abbreviation of "(like a woman)". Although it is a theory that is spread in the public outside the English-speaking world, this is a so-called popular theory (in correct English, "dressed like a girl")).

Still more drag queens The first occurrence of the phrase was in 1941.


In EnglishdragWhen "" is written in katakana, it may be "drag" according to the standard transcription method.LGBTIn the media, it is often written as "drag". this is drag drugThis is to prevent misunderstanding as if it were related to (drug, drug. Illegal drug as slang).

First in JapandragIt was originally advocated to describe "" as "drag"Body] Editor-in-chiefMargaretIt is said that it is Higashide Ogura.Also, in the Kansai area, where a unique drag culture existed before this, it is often referred to as "drug" even today.

Drag Queen in Japan


back ground

kabuki OfFemale formIn Japan, there has been a tradition that men dress up as women and perform arts in public. In Kinai, female dance is the main subjectKamikamiIs rooted in the tradition ofHuman national treasure-Yuki YoshimuraThere are also dancers like. This Yoshimura's only sonFuneral procession of roses] Made a shocking debut ピ ー タ ーIs. For a while after Peter made his debut, he performed various entertainment activities in a woman's costume, but when he left the camera one step, he was usually in a man's or neutral clothes (though it was flashy), and his ownSexualityI didn't bring anything into the art. From this point on, he became a crossdresser and professed to be gay.Akihiro MiwaIt was different from such.Carousel MakiIs undergoing a sex change operation in Morocco.

With such a background, it was not until the times when the general public, who became tired of the established “entertainer drag”, began to embody the art of this new field by themselves.1980 era,ク ラ ブAttracted attention withShemaleIs different fromHidero MediaAppeared in the so-calledBubble heydayWas the time of.


Miss Glorias from the early 90s京都Started to work in. At the same time,TokyoThen.MargaretKoto Higashi was introducing Drag as American gay culture. In the KantoGoldMany people started dragging at the legendary club called ". In itTechno popSingHideroThere were JINCO Mama and KEIKO Mama and sang Madonna and Yumin[2].. By the wayBody(May 1998 issue) “If it's the same gay Dance Nya Sung Son” says, “The Drag Show is born from Gold” and “The Drag Queen culture in Japanese clubs is from the Miss Universe Contest”. Pictures of the flyer and Miss Universe contest are posted.

At that time, there was a difference in the drag between Kansai and Kanto. In the Kanto region, a party-like or miscon festive event was the mainstream of club excitement.

In the mid 90's, Japan-based drag queens also appeared in overseas shows, and it seems that Japanese drag queens are enrolled in New York (605 W 48th St, New York, NY). Became. However, many Japanese drag queens who were active abroad left the front stage for various reasons when they returned to Japan.

In Japan, even the movie "PriscillaWith the arrival of the 1990s gay boom, Drag became an integral part of gay culture. Since the mid-1990sHideroMedia drag plays an active part, and in clubSupermodelThe beautiful drag queen became the mainstream. "Singing monohouse" has reached its peak, so the drag at club events is a Western music woman.DIVA OfLip-syncAndStandThe offering was to the center.

On the other hand, a drag called UC (Upper Camp), which is different from the conventional drag, begins to appear in Tokyo. With the advent of UC Drag drags a Japanese actressTributeTurned into a sexual show. With the fact that the trendy idol lip sync and the TV drama pakuri have a strong story, and that everyone knows, this has expanded the fan base. Acquires an identity as an antithesis against the existing authority of Kansai's artistic nature and Kanto's party beauty, but as it expands, its own style becomes authoritative, resulting in self-poisoning. Despite being regretted, it will be dissolved. During the early days, the Laison d'Aetle, which was an antithesis to the existing culture, was expanded to energy, but after the dissolution of UC, it continued to be in a recession and the significance of existence as a drag could not be clarified.

Since the 2000s

In the late 2000s,Matsuko DeluxeAndMitsu MangroveIn addition to the impact of his appearance, he has started to play a major role in the entertainment media due to his presence as a one-of-a-kind one with sharpness. The name of a transvestite spread when Mitz began to speak for the media.

Entering the 2010s, Matsuko Deluxe and Mitz Mangrove,BourbonneToNaja GrandivaDue to the popularity of, and the boom of the Onee system for a long time, various drag queens came to be exposed to the media mainly through variety programs in the frame of a crossdresser. As a result, the existence of the drag queen as one form of the Onee system began to be socially recognized.

Famous drag queen

  • Divine
  • Chi Chi La Lou
  • (English edition)(Born November 1960, 11.CaliforniaSan DiegoI'm from At the age of 15GeorgiaAtlantaMove to. She studied performances in a nightclub in Atlanta and later worked in New York. Exposed to numerous media, he is also active in movies and TV. In 1993Elton JohnAnnounced a duet song "". It had a great influence on many Japanese drag queens)
  • (English edition)(Called the legendary drag queen John Epperson has been active in New York for over 30 years and is also called the "God Breath of Show Business" by many showbiz officials. Although not a major, there are many Japanese drag queens who yearn for Lipsinka)
  • (English edition)(Born in City Island, New York. Graduated in 1983. Studied acting. In 1992, when he released his first one-man show, "Miss Coco Peru in My Goddamn Cabaret," he was active in various media. 1995 Meet Rafael, a university professor from New York, and have a same-sex marriage in Spain in 2008. Currently living in Los Ángeles)
  • (English edition) (Born in Levittown, New York. Since the 1980s, he has been active mainly in New York City. In 1993, he launched an agent company "Screaming Queens Entertainment" exclusively for drag queens and manages many drag queens mainly on the east coast.)
  • Marcia P. Johnson
  • Gia Gunn
  • Kim Chi
  • Alyssa Edwards
The United Kingdom

A work in which a drag queen appears


Western painting

Japanese movies

TV drama



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