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🤖 | What is "Love Live! Starring Aqours, Nijigasaki, Liella! "SONGS OF ...

Photo "SONGS OF TOKYO" / Aqours Riko Sakurauchi (CV. Rikako Aida), Yo Watanabe (CV. Akinatsu Saito), Dia Kurosawa (CV. Arisa Komiya), Ruby Kurosawa (CV. Ai Furuhata)

What is "Love Live! Starring Aqours, Nijigasaki, Liella! "SONGS OF ...

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Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Club will perform two songs, and four people, Aguri Onishi, Kaori Maeda, Miyu Kubota, and Natsumi Murakami will participate in the talk.

"lovelive! From the series, Aqours, Nijigasaki High School Idol Club, and Liella! → Continue reading

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Murakami Natsumi

Murakami Natsumi(Murakami Natsumi,1995[2]May 9[3] -) isJapan OfFemaleVoice actor.Yurin ProAffiliation[3].TokyoBackground[2][3].


The reason why I became a voice actor was in an English class at a junior high school.Alice in WonderlandA reading play that focuses on the picture. When I played the role of Alice, I got an impression from my classmates that "Alice's voice is cute", and I became interested in acting and became aware of the voice work.[1][4].. The view of anime I originally liked also changed,DEATH NOTE"soMamoru MiyanoWas impressed by the presence of the voice[1].

When I was a junior high school student, I couldn't work part-time and couldn't afford to attend lessons, so I concentrated on studying at the school, and after finishing the exam, I started looking for a school where I could study voice actors.[4][5].. Participated in experiential classes at several vocational schools and training schools and visited themYokoikoI think that the lesson has a good sense of tension and you can learn firmly from the basics,Yokoko Yokoiko Voice actor/narrator schoolDecided to enroll in[4].

"Aikatsu Stars!The first appearance in an anime work with Ako Saotome[1][6].



As a voice actor

  • The motto of doing work and the inscription on the right side are "becoming"[1][5].
  • Ako Saotome of "Aikatsu Stars!" is mentioned as a role that became a turning point as a voice actor, and it is said to be important in life[1][5].. Also, for the first time, I performed a play that cried only with voiceQuiz RPG Wizard and Black Cat Wiz』Warblinger = Milly[5][10].
  • It is sometimes said that the voice is characteristic and not suitable for heroines. The goal is to play an orthodox heroine in a romantic comedy[1].
  • Nobody really respects me, but I admire someone who can clearly say what I have thought about[1].. Also, in the acting areaOtani IkueRie KugimiyaAre listed[5].


TaiziIs the main character.

Television Animation


Theater animation

Web anime



Drama CD

  • Movie version Aikatsu Stars! Original drama CD (Ako Saotome)
  • Will you cry in front of you (Naomi[31]
  • TV Anime / Data Carddass "Aikatsu!" & "Aikatsu Stars!" Special Drama CD (Ako Saotome)

Digital comic

  • Are you sure! -Private Yotsuwa Women's Academy Endangered Car Department- (Claire Arai)[32]
  • Akito seems to draw a card (2020, SR dancer[33]
  • Give me a reward at night (Naruse Hinano[34]
  • Nijiyon Season 3 (Ai Miyashita
  • Miss Haru, it's time for love! (Horai Haru[35]


* IsInternet distribution.

  • Natsumi Murakami and Ayasa Ito Recently I fell in love (2020 -,Otozumi*)[36]

TV program

* IsInternet distribution.

Other contents


Character song

Release dateProduct NamesongSongRemarks
2020/8/5Open☆Music GateHinata Yume(Murakami Natsumi"Yumeiro Melody"Television Animation"Mucre Dreamy] Related songs
2021/4/28Home Sweet HomeKisaragi-Alice (Miyu Tomita), Snow (Sayaka Kikuchi), Rose (Murakami Natsumi), Grimm (Minami Takahashi"Home Sweet Home"Television Animation"Combatants will be dispatched!"Ending theme
Rose (Murakami NatsumiTV animation "Combatants will be dispatched! 』Related song


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