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🎥 | "Dragon Zakura" sequel, Seishiro Kato has been selected as a new student!

Photo Seishiro Kato has been selected as a new student in the University of Tokyo class! – (C) TBS

Seishiro Kato, the sequel to "Dragon Zakura", will play the role of a new student!

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Other promising young actors such as Sara Minami (Nao Hayase), Kanata Hosoda (Kenta Hara), Sara Shida (Mari Kosugi), and Oji Suzuka (Ryo Fujii) will be selected as students of the University of Tokyo Senka. ..

Actor Seishiro Kato will start the Sunday theater "Dragon Zakura" starring Hiroshi Abe in April (TBS series, every Sunday at 4 pm ... → Continue reading

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