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📺 | Seishiro Kato Aim for the University of Tokyo! "Dragon Zakura" audition breakthrough for over 1000 students

Seishiro Kato who appears as a student in the photo drama "Dragon Zakura"

Seishiro Kato Aim for the University of Tokyo! "Dragon Zakura" audition breakthrough for over 1000 students

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Kato, who has been loved as a "children's store manager" since he was a child actor, has grown into a freshman in college after studying abroad in London, England.

Actor Seishiro Kato (19) starring Hiroshi Abe (56) in the TBS drama "Dragon Zakura" (starting in April, Sunday, later ... → Continue reading

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Children's store manager

Children's store manager(Children's Tencho)2009May 4から2010Was deployed toToyota OfCMCharacters appearing in the series or its commercials (XNUMXst generation:Kiyoshiro Kato). From 2014, Seishiro's younger brotherKenshiro KatoIs the second generation[1]..Planning and production is by CM plannerShinichi Fukusato.


The main performers areKiyoshiro Kato,Naoko Iijima,Jugo Hana..Seishiro is the "children's store manager," Iijima is the children's store manager's mother, and Ogo is the children's store manager's sister.The red jacket is a trademark of the children's store manager. There were two patterns: a commercial for the "children's store manager" alone, and an announcement of "eco-car tax reduction" and "replacement subsidy" at the end of the regular car commercial.

The CM development was once completed in 2010, but the CM series "TOYOTOWNAs a character in the movie, Seishiro Kato's younger brotherKenshiro KatoIs appointed as the second generation child store manager.Seishiro, who played the first generation, also appears in the series.

Independent CM

The child store manager will explain tax cuts with a childish analogy under the theme of "from now on" at the store, but at the end it will be childish.endingIt was a short gag-style commercial.
The main pattern is, "The child store manager breaks into the interaction between the store clerk and the customer and explains it with a childish analogy, but at the end, the mother or sister scolds or is disappointed and gets punched.""Swimming school fee" and "ice candy fee" were used as examples of eco-car tax reduction.An example of a replacement subsidy is that "fried bread is attached to the curry that is my favorite food for lunch."There was a 15-second version that left the store immediately after the explanation and a 30-second version that added a short exchange between the child store manager and the customer after the explanation.
Recently, there have been various arranged versions.

designatedCommercial song"Children's store manager's song" (song isKiyoshi Maekawa) Was produced and played as BGM.Ryo IshikawaAt the time of the "Rival Appearance" version in which "Rivals Appear", the lyrics were different for the same song ("Children but the store manager" was replaced with "Golfer but the store manager") and "Hanikami store manager's song" was used.I was able to listen to many on the special site.

Insert notification into general commercials

In the final scene of the CM for other car models, a part where the child store manager says "○○ (car name) is tax-reduced and subsidy is also added." Is added.However,Estima,ク ラ ウ ン"It is a tax cut. There is also a subsidy."Eco car subsidyAfter the end of, it has been changed to "○○ (vehicle name) is tax reduction" or "tax reduction".
Along with the improvement of the name recognition of "Children's Store Manager", patterns such as co-starring with the talent of the vehicle CM and appealing the image of the car model have appeared, and advertisements have been developed according to the image of the appearing talent.The pattern is as follows.

  • Corolla Fielder Kimura TakuyaCo-starring with "(Kimura)" Store manager, please! "(Children's store manager)" Tax reduction. Subsidy. ""Later, as the commercial was changed, I drew a mustache on my face (on the commercial).catIt was changed to the pattern of reading aloud in the state (because of the appearance of).
  • Ractis(XNUMXst generation) Baby faceオ ー ド リ ー-Wakabayashi MasayasuHe co-starred with him, wearing a different-colored suit and taking the same pose.
  • Vanguard NewscasterChristel TakigawaIn collaboration with, read aloud like a news program host.
  • Noah(2nd generation) ActressYuki MatsushitaSay with.When the end of the eco-car subsidy was approaching, it returned to its own state.
  • Corolla Rumion With the line "Tax cuts and subsidies" (later changed to "Tax cuts and subsidies"), the face of the child store manager is also squared in CG.
  • Wish(October 2010-) Appear in commercialsEXILERepresentative song "Choo Choo TRAINWhile pretending to be, "Tax cuts are still going on!"
  • Ractis(2nd generation) (November 2010-) Read aloud "Tax reduction is also an ant!" After the CM catch phrase "Is this an ant?"

PriusFor example, the tax-free vehicle type is "○○ (vehicle name)duty free, Subsidies too. However, due to the tax exemption effect, Prius has a large backlog of orders, and it is virtually impossible to register a new car by the end of March 2010, which is a condition of replacement subsidy.MediaWe have been refraining from PR since around the time when it was revealed in the press.In addition, it should be noted.SAIWas not initially broadcast for the same reason as the Prius, but after a while, "Tax exemption.. Is now added.In addition, it should be noted.LexusChildren's store managers do not appear in cars sold under the brand.


My worries are "I call my teacher a customer" "I can't concentrate on my work the day before the excursion"NicknameBecomes the store manager. "
My favorite foods are popsicles (he says, "I like it better than three meals"), and my mom's apple pie.What I'm not good atGreenpeace..Also, always on the right kneeAdhesive bandageIs pasted.The first child store manager has retired.
Both mom and sisterMeehaIn the "Rival Appearance Edition", he asked the manager of Hanikami for his autograph.

Clerk's family

Appeared in "Appearing from the window (camping) / (skiing)"

Other people

Appeared only in "Urashima Taro" and "School Lunch"
Appeared only in "Urashima Taro"
  • Female customer-
Appeared only in "School Lunch"
Appeared only in "Ski"
Appeared only in "Rival Appearance"

Each series

  • Appearance (April 2009, 4-September 5)
  • Eco-car tax reduction (April 2009, 4-September 5, 9)
  • New How to Buy (April 2009, 4-September 5, 9)
  • Edited by Taro Urashima (June 2009, 6-August 5, 8)
  • Fashion Show (June 2009, 6-August 5, 8)
  • Lunch (June 2009, 6-January 5, 2010)
  • Appeared from the window (camp) (August 2009, 8-November 20)
  • Appearing from the window (skiing) (September 2009, 9-December 21, 12)
  • Appearing rivals (October 2009, 10-January 20, 2010)
  • Year / Month (April 2010, 4-)
  • Test drive site / hybrid version (June 2010, 6-)
  • Test drive site / back guide (June 2010, 6-)


  • 49th ACC CM FESTIVAL (CorporationSeishiro Kato is selected for the Best Acting Award (sponsored by the All Japan CM Broadcasting Federation).
  • 2009 yearsNew Word/Buzzword Award"Children's store manager" was selected as one of the top 10 in the same yearMay 12Seishiro Kato attended the award ceremony held at.


  1. ^ The second generation of "Children's Store Manager" is Seishiro Kato's younger brother, Kenshiro Kato (Ken Shiro Kato) News -ORICON STYLE-
  2. ^ Toyota Motor's TV commercial after 2011 "ReBORNIn the "DRIVE FOR TOHOKU version" of the series,Date MasamuneAppeared as a rebirth of."TOYOTOWN version" of the same seriesIn such cases, the settings of the previous commercials, including this one, have been taken over, but it is unclear whether the "DRIVE FOR TOHOKU" version has inherited the settings of the "Children's Store Manager" series.
  3. ^ Iijima in the pastMitsubishi Chariot GrandisAppeared in a commercial.


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