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📺 | Naomi Watanabe and other talented comedians have been nominated! Awarded with the Kim Suma Entertainer Academy Award and TBS drama famous scenes!


Naomi Watanabe and other talented comedians have been nominated! Awarded along with the Kim Suma Entertainer Academy Awards and TBS drama scenes!

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In addition, super-luxury co-stars such as Yuki Matsushita, Keiko Toda, Jun Kaname, Maryjun Takahashi, and Atsushi Maeda will talk about the awesomeness of comedian actors.

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Mary Takahashi

Maryjun Takahashi(Maryjun Takahashi,Maryjun Takahashi,1987May 11 -) isJapan OfFemaleFashion Model,actressIs.Nicknamed Mary, Mary[2].

ShigaOtsu CityBackground[3][4]And the entertainment agencyAsia promotionBelong to. "CanCam』Has an exclusive model history.


When I was in elementary school, I belonged to a local sports boy groupvolleyballWas devoted to[5].. Won the Grand Prix at "Yokohama Shonan Audition 2003" in August 8, and from April 2003 "CanCamBecame an exclusive model[6].. After graduating from the exclusive model of "CanCam" in the June 2012 issue,[7]"CLASSY.And 'Today, "GINA" and other magazines[8].

Since 2007, various TV programs including song programs and variety shows,Cecil McBee,Kyocera,Morinaga Confectionery,GoogleAppeared in TV commercials of various companies and products such as[9]BesidesNHKContinuous tv novel"Pure and lovePlayed Mary[10].

On Twitter, November 2013, 11Ulcerative colitisWas announced as being treated.In the hope that awareness of this disease will spread, he wrote his own book, "Assuming that one of my" misfortunes "was missing."[11], In 2016Cervical cancerI also wrote that I suffered from[12].

Since May 2016, he has been the "Lake Biwa Otsu Furusato Tourism Ambassador" with his sister Yu.[4][13].


Run a milk delivery officeJapaneseWith his fatherFilipinoHave mother's parents[14], The eldest of four brothers and sisters[15].

"PINKY』And act as a modelYu TakahashiIs my sister[3], The younger brother is painting artist Genji Takahashi, the younger brother isProfessional soccer player OfYuji TakahashiIs.Yu's husband is a kickboxerHirotaka Urabe, Yuji's wife is exAKB48 OfTakagi Aki.



  • CanCam(February 2004, 2 --April 23, 2012) --Exclusive model.
  • CLASSY.(April 2012, 4-)-Regular model.



TV commercial


  • Boldly (2013-)
  • asics (2014-)

TV program

TV drama

Delivery drama



  • PU-PU-JUICE The 20th and 21st performances "Ryoma lives and kills Ryoma (heroine)" (2014)
  • PU-PU-JUICE 17th Performance "Miracle Man" (2013)



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注 釈

  1. ^ Initially, it was planned to make a drama with the same title as the original, "Recommendation of just right ugly", but it was changed to "The law of happiness that makes life fun".[56].
  2. ^ Although it was scheduled to start broadcasting from April 4th[64],New coronavirusAnnounced postponement on April 4 following the spread of the infection[65]


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