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🎥 | Natsuna Watanabe singing in a different way as a singer Movie "Sukutte Goran" theme song "Red Genya" MV released


Natsuna Watanabe sings in a different way as she plays the role of the movie "Sukutte Goran" Theme song "Red Genya" MV released

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"Red Genya" is written by Mio Aoyama, who provides lyrics to many artists such as V6, AAA, and Do As Infinity, and Harumi Doki, the scriptwriter of the movie "Sukutte Goran".

See the photo of "Sukutte Goran" Matsuya Onoe's first movie starring Natsuna Watanabe (Momoiro Clover Z)'s first movie ... → Continue reading

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