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🎥 | Masami Nagasawa tears at the Best Actress Award "I will continue to make movies in good faith"

Masami Nagasawa (C) Japan Academy Prize Association, who won the Best Actress in the Photo Award

Masami Nagasawa tears at the Best Actress Award "Keep making movies in good faith"

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Nagasawa, Nana Komatsu, Hiromi Nagasaku, Chieko Baisho, and Suzu Hirose have won the Outstanding Leading Actress Award.

[44th Japan Academy Prize] On the 19th, the award ceremony was held at the Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa in Tokyo, and the best starring woman ... → Continue reading


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Double Award Chieko

Double prize Chieko(Chieko Baisho,1941〈Showa16 years>May 6[1] -) isJapan Ofactress,singer,Voice actor..Nickname is "Chiko-chan".

My sister is an actressDouble Award Mitsuko.. Younger brotherNissan Motor Baseball ClubFormer directorAkira Baisho[Annotation 1], Tetsuo Baisho, a former managing director of New Japan Pro-Wrestling.Husband作曲家 OfReijiro Koroku.



Nishisugamobirth.TokyoKitaTakino RiverGrow up in.During the warIbarakiToEvacuation.. ,Kita Ward Autumn Leaves Junior High School(Current:Kita Ward Takinogawa Autumn Leaves Junior High School)graduate[1].. My fatherToden OfDriver,Mother isconductorMet[3].

Double prize winner

The rare double prize surnameAkitaKazuno-gun(Current:Kazuno)TowadaoyuHave roots in[3]..AncestorsSatake clanServed toGuardAnd one of my ancestors was smartSecretaryIt is said that the origin of this surname is that he was selected for and received some award.[3]..Chieko's father: Mietsu is from here and went to Tokyo when she was in junior high school.Counting yearsBoy at 15conductorPassed the exam[3]..Mother: Hana AokiIbarakiMakabe-gunYamato Village(Current:Sakuragawa) From[3]..After graduating from elementary school, my mother became a female conductor in Tokyo and got acquainted with Mietsu and got married.[3].

Joined SKD

Known as a "throat pride" vandalism when he was a child, he worked for the Misuzu Children's Chorus.1957,Shochiku School of Music and DanceEnrolled in.1960, Graduated from the same school at the top,Shochiku Opera Company(SKD) Joined as a 13th gen member, attracted attention as a "special talent" at a young age[1].. In syncHiromi Sakaki(Shochikuactress),Kato Midori(Voice actor) And others.After performing in school, he made his debut in the grand review "Tokyo Odori" in the same year.From this year, the chief enrollee was given the honor of leading the finale and going down the grand staircase, and the double prize dressed as a baton girl served as the first generation.

Movie / singer debut

1961,ShochikuScouted by a movie and left the Shochiku Opera Company, "" (Noboru NakamuraDirector) made his movie debut.1963,Yoji YamadaDirector's movie "Downtown sun』[1] After that, he became a popular actress indispensable for Yamada's work. "Downtown sun] Is not only a movie / song, but the phrase itself is still synonymous with the double prize.

1963Debuted as a singer with "Shitamachi no Taiyo"4th Japan Record AwardReceived the New Face Award.NHK Red and White Singing BattleAlso participated for 4 consecutive years (see below for details).Other hits include "Goodbye After Dance" and "Good morning""Forget the grass for you"(Youichi SugawaraThere is a competition with others).

To be a regular of Yamada's work

movies"The man is painful] In the seriesKiyoshi AtsumiPlayed the role of Sakura, the younger sister of Torajiro Kuruma, who plays the role, and made her popular.[1].. Co-starred in "Otoko wa Tsuraiyo"Hidetaka YoshiokaI still have a close relationship withHokkaidoNotsuke-gunBetsukai TownDouble prizeVillaWhen I came to play, I was so close that I asked (Yoshioka) for a massage.

"家族, And also appeared in the original masterpiece released by Yamada in between the "Otoko wa Tsuraiyo" series.Especially up to "Final Take", he plays the leading role or the role of Madonna. Most of the early Yamada works before the start of the "Otoko wa Tsuraiyo" series also starred in the double prize, and over 60 works in total, a close and long-term director that is unparalleled overseas. He maintained the starring (or semi-starring) actress duo (and nevertheless had no rumors of a private dating).On the contrary, there are very few appearances in other director's works, and although he mentioned his motivation to play the role of a villain, it has not been realized in the movie.Since he is from the Shochiku Opera Company, he is also demonstrating his drastic modernism at concerts.

Compared to the character of "Bright but gentle and graceful Sakura" in the "Otoko wa Tsuraiyo" series, the double prize in private is a little more fluttering.Yamada's beloved disciple as a project to bring out the positive side of the double prizeMasahashi Takahashi TheNHKTV drama"My sister"[4] I wrote a duology.This is a kind of variation that literally contrasts with "younger sister" Sakura and has a lot in common (both husbands also have different occupations as a worker and a painter, but they also have a gentle intellectuality). It is a musical aim.

Atsumi's death is from Yoji Yamada1996May 8I heard it on the phone that night and said, "I couldn't believe it for a while, and I didn't want to see it because (the work) was moving."[Source required],May 8At the "Farewell Party with Tora-san" held in Tokyo, after the condolences, he sang "Sakura's Ballad" and told Director Yamada, "It doesn't matter if the story is incoherent, I cried on the way. It doesn't matter. Anyway, I just need to talk about your thoughts on Atsumi-san. "[5]..He also co-starred in 48 works of "Otoko wa Tsuraiyo".Chieko MisakiWhen he died, he read a condolence and sang "Forgetful grass to you," which Misaki was listening to on his sickbed.

After "Man is hard"

2004IsHayao MiyazakiThe director's anime movie "Howl's moving castleIn charge of the voice of the heroine Sophie, she sings the theme song "The Promise of the World."

Since he was a movie actress exclusively for Shochiku for many years, he has less appearances in TV dramas than actresses of his generation.Fuji Television Network, IncTale program "Ken Shimura is okay.When he appeared in "Otoko wa Tsuraiyo"ParodyPlaying, brilliantly deciding the important big blur scene and taking a laugh, and performing a role that can not be imagined from the usual art style such as a man's dress on the play of Tale and a bad role, and responding widely from blur to Tsukkomi etc. He showed a friendly side that is not like a big actress and a wide range of roles, and was well received by viewers.Stupid』Also made a guest appearance.

movies"The man is painfulAfter the death of Kiyoshi Atsumi, who starred in the film, he has been engaged in performing arts activities with an emphasis on music.In addition to singing a wide range of genres from popular songs to popular / standard, nursery rhymes and singing songs, the soprano that grows well and the beauty of Japanese pronunciation make it highly evaluated as a singer (Ichiro Fujiyama(I also appreciate it), and he is still energetically performing concerts.

After the discovery of breast cancer

2001From a lump in your chestBreast cancerIs discovered.Purple ribbonReceived the award2005From aroundPink ribbonParticipates in activities and participates in symposiums.After that, he also developed breast cancer.Kuniko YamadaLaunchedStar Mixed ChorusStarted cancer awareness activities as a member of2008Broadcast in JanuaryBS Asahi"Shuntaro TorigoeIn "Living with Cancer", he publicly detailed his feelings at the time of surgery and his husband's help.[Annotation 2].

2013In the spring medalAsahi day small badgeWas awarded.

Appearance work

TV drama



Television Animation

Theater animation


  • Grandia III(August 2005, 8) --The role of the Holy Beast Glyph

Documentary variety



  • 37 timesJapanese Singers AssociationSong Festival (October 2010, 10,Yupot)-Moderator
  • Autumn Kayo Festival (October 2012, 10, Yupoto) --Moderator
  • The 50th Kayo Festival (November 40, 2013, Yupoto) commemorating the 11th anniversary of the Japanese Singers Association


Singer activity

Representative song



NHK Red and White Singing Battle participation history

Year/Broadcast timesProgramOpponent
1963 (Showa 38) /14 timesDowntown sunHiroshi Ashino
1964 (Showa 39) /15 timesIf you close your eyesKazuo Funaki
1965 (Showa 40) /16 timesGoodbye after the danceHiroshi Wada and Mahina Stars
1966 (Showa 41) /17 timesGood morningKyu Sakamoto
  • Of these, singing videos still exist in the 14th, 16th, and 17th times (the 16th time).カ ラ ーVideo).
  • In the 16th time, Mitsuko, a younger sister, appears as a back dancer.
  • The 14th, 16th, and 17th episodes are rebroadcast in "Memorial Red and White Song Battle" (NHK-BS2).


Single Author


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注 釈

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  3. ^ There is also an article with "Seto no Koiuta" as the debut song.[20].


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Related item

  • Nagasakiya He was an image character in the 1960s.

外部 リンク

Hiromi Nagasaku

Hiromi Nagasaku(Hiromi Nagasaku[3],1970May 10[3] -) isJapan Ofactress,talent,singer.IbarakiWhereaboutsAso Town(CurrentWhereabouts) From[2][3].Tanabe AgencyBelongs.


1988,All Night Fuji Received the Best Performer Award in the "High School Girl Special" Beauty Girl Contest[5]After that, Fuji TV's TV program "Paradise GoGo !!"Inside"Otome JukuFromArimi Matsuno,Aiko SatoWith 3 peopleIdolgroup"ribbon』Formed and acted[6][7].. Solo debut in 1993 with the single "My Home Town"[5].

afterwards"Theater company☆ShinkansenAfter[6],1994In the drama "Place In The SunDebuted as an actress.50nd Blue Ribbon AwardSupporting Actress Award,35th Japan Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress,54nd Blue Ribbon AwardReceived Best Actress Award, etc.[4].

2009Of the filmmakerMaro NaitoMarry[5][7].2010The first boy,2013Gave birth to a second baby girl[7].


  • The name "Hiromi" came from the year 1970, when he was born.Japan World Exposition (Osaka Expo)Named by my grandfather after the event was held[8].
  • As the number of actors who play devilish women has increased, it may seem that Eisaku himself is the same, but he said, "It's nothing from my mouth ... but it seems that the role overlaps with me. It ’s a lot of fun as an actor. ”[9].
  • "" Which is broadcast irregularly on the Fuji TV seriesA strange storyIn the "Spring Special Edition" broadcast in 2017Most in historyPlayed the 8th starring role[10][11].


TV drama



Entertainment shows

Documentary program

Travel program



  • Timeslip Koganemaru (1993)
  • Stand by me (1994)
  • Shimokita Beatnik (1996)
  • Solo play "Water Story" (1997)
  • Love Letters (1998)
  • Orleana(1999)
  • Love play(2000)
  • Human windmill (2003)
  • Love again (2003)
  • LAST SHOW (2005)
  • Dracul God Fearing Dracul (2007)
  • Thank you very much for your happiness! (2008)
  • Rain (2011)
  • Shiren and Ragi (2012)-Starring Shiren
  • PLUTO(2015) --Uranium / Helena (2 roles)
  • (2016,Theater CLIE)-StarringKazuha Higuchi Role[27]
  • Doll House PART2 (2019) --Starring Nora


Web magazine

  • Travel Web Magazine for Adult Women "Tabiiro" Tabiiro SELECTION (2008-)

Voice guide

  • Bunkamura The Museum, Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum, Iwate Museum of Art "Antonio Lopez Exhibition, Master of Contemporary Spanish Realism" (2013)




  1. My Home Town (August 1993, 8) Lyrics: Ginshiro Akiya, Composition:Kenichi Kurosawa, Arrangement:Seiji Kameda
    (C / w) Thoughts I can't reach
  2. Without You (January 1994, 1) Lyrics: Ginshiro Akiya, Composition: Kenichi Kurosawa, Arrangement: Seiji Kameda
    (C / w) Only for you
  3. Come see me (June 1994, 6) Lyrics: Mayumi KurobeChiaki Ishikawa, Composition: Chiaki Ishikawa, Arrangement: Seiji Kameda
    (C / w) Love, smile and flowers
  4. 9: 01PM (February 1998, 2) Under the name of "HIROMI NG".Lyrics and composition: Ken Matsubara
    (C / w) Inspiration


  • N(1993 9 å¹´ 月 日 1)
  • Here and Now(1994 7 å¹´ 月 日 21)
  • "Hiromi Nagasaku" SINGLES Complete(2007 8 å¹´ 月 日 17)


Photo album



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外部 リンク


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