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🤖 | "Muse" water gun. Armor Magnum from "Bottoms" is now available as a water gun


"Muse" water gun. Armor Magnum from "Bottoms" is now available as a water gun

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In order to incorporate the design into a product called a water gun, it is commercialized with a "concept model" that has a slightly different design from the animation.

Argosha Co., Ltd., a hobby maker, appeared in the 1983 TV anime "Armored Trooper Votoms". → Continue reading


It is a site "PHILE WEB" (file web) that delivers daily news, reviews, bargain information, etc. on AV / audio / gadgets. First published in 1999.

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Concept model

Concept model (English: Concept Model, Conceptual model) IsCompanyApart from the model that is scheduled to be released, it is a model that will be announced for the purpose of informing the inside and outside of the concept that the company is aiming for in the future.It may also refer to a conceptual model in information processing.


exhibitionMost of them are exhibited as "reference works".

While saying that there are no plans to release high-priced products, there is a strategy to promote the public's hunger and connect it to sales at the time of actual sales.On the other hand, there are cases where items that were not really planned to be released can be sold in actual sales due to the strong demands of users.

The expensive onesFour-wheeler,MotorcycleThe manufacturing companymotor ShowAnd relatively cheap onestoyManufacturers often announce.In addition to that, in recent yearsMobile phoneMore and more businesses are announcing.

Water gun

Water gunWhat is (Mizudeppo)?WedMade to injecttoy(Play gun).


Water gunSprayIt operates with a structure and principle similar to.The main body mainly stores watercontainerAnd the trigger ispumpIt is attached to the water, and by operating it, water is spouted vigorously from a small hole in the muzzle.AlsoWater gunIn toys called, etc., pressure is applied with compressed air into a tank containing water, and thisvalveThere is a device that can be released by operating the trigger and can continuously inject water.

Many pump-type products have a simple structure, are inexpensive and small, but those that use compressed air have a slightly complicated structure, such as pressurized pumps and pressure valves, and are large and somewhat expensive.

Since it's old in Japan,Bamboo tubeThere is also a water gun that spouts water from the hole at the tip of theWater bulletAlso called (Mizuhajiki), it has been used for a long time as a practical fire extinguisher in addition to games.is thispistonWater is stored in the cylinder, and once the piston is pushed all the way out, all the water is ejected, so it is necessary to replenish the water each time.syringeHowever, with the needle removed (syringe), it can be used in the same way with the same structure, and the bamboo tube is made of plastic.パ イ プSome of them are said to be.

In addition to those using compressed air, there are also those that inject water using a rubber bag-shaped container or water pressure, and those that use an electric battery.However, this is not very common or is considered another toy such as a joke.

As an applicationPlaying in the waterPlay with each other, shoot at the target, orsurvival gameIt may be used for shooting like.

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The United States of AmericaとカナダSo, for quite some time, there were import restrictions and domestic laws stating that water guns "must be made of clear or light-colored plastic."This is the same areaGun societyThis is to prevent misunderstandings with actual firearms.In fact, there are quite a few cases in which a water gun, a toy gun, and a real gun were mistaken for a robbery and shot, resulting in a bloody disaster.

In Japan and the United States, this was in the early 2000sdetergent,bleachMischief such as putting in and firingPassageAlthough a specific incident was reported, the toy maker later warned that if the toy maker used it by filling it with something other than water, the water gun could be damaged due to deterioration of parts, and the user himself could be injured, and the situation gradually subsided.In addition, there is a risk that the exposed side will be injured in such usage, and the police will investigate it as an injury case or an attempted injury case.

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