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🎭 | Former Takarazuka Star Troupe Top Yuzuru Kurenai First stage after leaving the group "I'm honestly happy"

Photo "Untouchable Beauty" Former Takarazuka Revue Star Troupe Top Star, Yuzuru Kurenai = Osaka City

Former Takarazuka Star Troupe Top Yuzuru Kurenai First stage after leaving the group "I'm honestly happy"

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This time it's completely different. "I saw Kunihiko Mitamura and Katsunori Uchiba of Yoshimoto Shinkigeki.

Former Takarazuka Revue Star Troupe Top Star Kurenai Yuzuru's first stage starring after leaving the group "Untouchable Beauty ..." → Continue reading

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Katsunori Uchiba

Katsunori Uchiba(Katsunori Uchiba,1960May 8 -) isJapan Ofcomedian,Comedy actor,An actor.Yoshimoto New ComedyFormer chairman of the.Nickname isUcchi,Utchan,Baby.

OsakaOsakaNishinari WardI'm fromYoshimoto KogyoAffiliation.My wife is the same Yoshimoto ShinkigekiUnknown Yasue(In his art history, he is a junior of Yasue) and is also the father of one child.Osaka Prefectural Higashi Sumiyoshi Technical High Schoolgraduate.Downtown,Tommy's,HeelsSame as OsakaNSC1th generation.


1982, After graduating from high schoolNSCEnrolled in.

1983February, while attending NSCShimada ShinsukeDirected and starred in the stage "Iriomote Wildcat Sumika in the West Sun"extraWas cast as, but was the protagonistRyusuke MatsumotoUchiba, who remembered the lines, was hurriedly selected as the leading role by Shinsuke because he had a bad memory of the lines. After graduating from NSC, the theater unit "Theatrical company instantAs a member ofNamba KagetsuWas appearing on the stage such as.

1985FromKyo Hanaki-Okahachiro-Kimura Susumu-Kanpei MaWere the mainstayYoshimoto New ComedyBecame active on the stage of.

1989, "Yoshimoto Shinkigeki Stop Meyo Kana !? Campaign"RestructuringIs also a member of the seat and one year seniorUnknown YasueHowever, the two did not agree, and as a result, they remained in the new comedy.Uchiba initially intended to agree, but in the previous yearBrain stem hemorrhageSusumu Kimura, who had collapsed and was paralyzed,Umeda KazukiI called the dressing room and encouraged him in the hall saying, "You're like a restructuring, but do your best."It is said that Uchiba changed his mind on this phone call and remained in the new comedy.Uchiba2019At Kimura's funeral, he squeezed out the words, sobbing, saying, "I should have seen you even if I fell down ..."[1].

With the strategy of the company that wants to breathe new air into the campaign and for a while after thatKoji Imada-130R-Koji HigashinoDuring that time, Uchiba also sharpened his art with them, and the entire new comedy was evolving.In private1992May 2I got married to Yasue Michi.

1995FromShigeo Tsujimoto-Yasushi IshidaInaugurated as a new leader.It was the main force at that timeKuwahara Kazuo-Charlie beach-Medaka Ikeno-Inoue Tatsuo-Joji Shimaki-Miho Nakayama-Yumi Suenari-Takashi Obitani-Akie AsakaTo veterans,Kimie Nakanishi-Tamada ShimadaWas a promising young stockHanako Yamada-Takashi FujiiEfforts were made to build the new Yoshimoto ShinkigekiTaiwan,ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クOverseas performances such asTBSNationwide online broadcast "Super! Yoshimoto Shinkigeki, "", Etc., surely built a golden age.Uchiba is about this new leader eraDowntownAfter entering TokyoKoji Imada-130R-Koji HigashinoHe said that it was difficult to get the customers back because he got out of the new comedy as if he was chasing them.[2][3].

1999, With 3 new leadersHiro YoshidaIs appointed as chairman.Because he was dexterous in both blurring and tsukkomi, and created a stage where he could laugh without relying on a specific character.Super chairWas called.Also, rarely among those who have experience as chairman of Yoshimoto Shinkigeki, TV appearances are limited to new comedy and its derivative programs, and some drama works, and there are almost no appearances in variety shows.

2019In March, he retired from the chair and became a veteran member to support the new comedy.[4].

2021May 3,New coronavirusThe infection to[5].


  • SynchronousHitoshi Matsumoto"Duffel coatとpaperbackI will never let go of it. "ReadingI like it, and I'm usually quiet and don't talk much.Mood makers OfHiro YoshidaIn contrast to.Therefore, of my wifeUnknown YasueFrom then on, I was sometimes ad-libed during the stage saying, "When I'm at home, I just read books silently."But now magazinesMonthly YoshimotoSince he wrote his impressions of reading every month, he revealed that he hated books because his hobby, reading, became like a job.[6].
  • It seems that he hasn't cried so much, but in the special program of the 50th anniversary of the new comedyShigeo TsujimotoHe said he was sent to visit him while he was in the hospital.Unknown YasueI was asked "Is it okay?" And cried, which was said to be the reason for my marriage.I knew this episodeYumi SuenariSaid he regretted, "I wish I had been to the hospital."[7].
  • I like thick women, and my wife, Yasue Michi, went on a diet, and as Yasue's story tells, it was popular with the public as "becoming thin and beautiful", but Uchiba said, "A little more. The thicker one was better, "he said.
  • Known as a drinker.When the marital relationship was coldGreat Hanshin-Awaji EarthquakeYasue was encouraged by showing himself "It's okay! I'll protect it!", And Yasue fell in love with Uchiba and the relationship was restored, but it is said that it was actually a drunken momentum.
  • The number of canned beers is set to one per day, and when you steal Yasue's eyes and drink, you sneeze to drown out the sound of opening the pull tab of the can.This is a setting that "if Yasue becomes a wife" even during the stage of the new comedyChitoyo KowataDemonstrated.
  • At the end of the drunkenness, it becomes cute, such as asking "Yangyang, can you make a small rice ball today?"It was announced by Shigeo Tsujimoto in a special program for Koyabu's inauguration as chairman and a special program for the 50th anniversary of the new comedy, and when it was revealed in the latter program, he cried.
  • In performances where he chairs himself, he often plays a role that is swayed by troublemakers, while in supporting performances, he often becomes a troublemaker or plays a role that makes him sick.
  • Compared to other chairsShinnosuke Yasuo,Nakata Hajime,Toshihiko TakaiAre often appointed.


  • "Well, can you do that?"(A gag that messes with others.Joji Shimaki,Takashi ObitaniSimilar exchanges with others)
    (Kuwahara) "((Shigeo Tsujimoto(Look at the chin) Peel the oranges with the chin dexterously. "
    (Tsujimoto) "Peeling!"
    (Uchiba) "Well, can you do that?"
    (Tsujimoto) "Can you do it!"
Such exchanges are repeated multiple times, changing the content of "what you can do".
  • Yeah!
When I was very surprised, I shouted out loud, "YeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeA sound between "e" and "i"And it gets a little cloudy).
It's an amazing situation, but it's absurd, and at some point I notice the situation and sometimes shout "Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Occasionally, he calls out "Come on, everyone together" and utters with other performers.Sometimes it calls on the audience.
  • "Fugafuga, Hagahaga, Hogehoge, Hinyahinya ..."
A gag that can't speak clearly when you're extremely nervous or scared of your opponent.The co-stars start dancing to the pronunciation.
(Example: "I'm Katsunori Uchiba" nasal voice to "Hatakuhi, Fuhi Hatsuri and Hohihafu")
The co-stars speak more clearly and often imitate two to four people (in most cases).Kuwahara KazuoStarting from), and finallyShigeo TsujimotoWhen he tried to do it, the co-stars said, "Everyone is tired," and no one danced. Tsujimoto said, "Why don't you dance!"


  • Ahobon
    He is a rich Gobo Chama character and asks Madonna for a relationship on the premise of marriage, but he is immediately refused.
    It appears while marching to the light appearance song, and at the end, bring the right foot behind and cross.When it reappears, it will appear while singing the song that appears.
    He searches for the name of the role of Madonna while calling out loudly, but because he is facing a different direction from the place where the role of Madonna is, he is struck by the co-star.
    When I was invited to a date but was immediately refused, I said "OK?"
    It hurts with a time lag when hit.
    If you say stupid, you'll be in a bad mood, but if you're stupid, you'll be in a good mood. (Sometimes shy)
    When you pull the bow tie you wear, you will say "Ah!", But the pitch of your voice will change depending on the angle you pull, and when you twist it, you will say "Belloberon".
    Hold your right hand in the chest position (a pose like only a "small" right hand) because you don't lose the second bag, and keep this position no matter what you do (hold the second bag). If you hit it strongly to the right from the side, it will make one full turn to the right on the spot and return to the original pose).However, when the bag is removed from the hand, such as when it is knocked down, it loses its strength and collapses.[8]..At this time, if the bow tie mentioned above is pulled, it will be called "Ah" with a low tone and no energy.Then, when the bag is returned to his hand, he stands up and says, "Recovery!
    If there is an attendant, they will try to break in to help immediately after the bag is knocked down, but at this time their bag will also be knocked down and they may also lose power and collapse. ..
    When it appears for the second time, it may appear in a blue hakama, and it appears while turning the fan with a finger.
  • Ucchi
    He is a Kabuki-style historical drama actor, and his face is painted white.When the co-star calls out "Ucchi, san!" When he is in a bad mood, he decides a Kabuki-style pose and heals his mood.The Drifters OfKato teaThere is something close to the character played by.


Current appearance program

tv set

Past appearance programs

tv set

TV drama

Single-shot drama


Japanese version dubbing

WEB distribution

  • Healthy and Cultural Minimum Life Chain Story 5.5 Episodes (2018,GYAO!<Kansai TV production>)-Goro Ishibashi
  • Second wife industry Chain story 1.5 episodes and 2.5 episodes (2019, GYAO! <Kansai TV production>) --Osamu Nishiki


Solo event

  • Sohonke Uchiba Katsunori Kintetsu Small Theater (1997)
  • Sohonke Uchiba Katsunori Kintetsu Small Theater (1999)
  • Katsunori Uchiba Solo Event UK Theater Four Reasons (2001/2018)


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外部 リンク

Kunihiko Mitamura

Kunihiko Mitamura(Mitamura Kunihiko,1953May 10 -) isJapan OfAn actor-singer.NiigataShibata CityI'm fromBlood TypeIs B type, height 178cm.

Former actress who is a former wifeMari Nakayama[1]3 children between.Eldest sonShun MitamuraAnd the third sonMasaki NakayamaIs an actor.The second son is an ordinary person.

One child (eldest daughter) with his current wife.


Niigata Prefectural Shibata High SchoolAfter graduating and going on to a prep school, I falsely moved to Tokyo[2]After working at a signboard shop, after working at the theater company Seihai Training CenterTheatrical company SeihaiBelong to.

1979At the recommendation of the theater company, "Infinitely close to blueDebuted with[3].

same year"Deadly series]Hide of the decoratorAppeared in a role, brilliantly killed, and played a workman who praised a dark expression and gained popularity[4].

1980Of the actress who co-starred in her debut workMari NakayamaMarried and earned three children, but divorced in 3.Has custody of the eldest son and the second son. On May 1999, 2010, he remarried after a one-year cohabitation with a woman who was 5 years younger than a former TV program production company employee for five years. The eldest daughter was born on March 16, 26.

1982Than"Smile in the sun!』Appeared as a gypsy detective, young detective Miwa Cantrio[5], Kingfisher Quartet[6]Gain popularity as one of the.

He is also a singer and has released many singles and albums (TDK recordMore singer debut, laterColumbia RecordTransferred to. Music activity resumed in indies in May 2010).On the stagemusicalHis representative works are "" (the role of the first Eddie) and "Scrooge"(2nd generation Scrooge)," "(Morgansal), etc.

"Adult trip"soShigaNagahama OfOdani CastleWhen he visited the site, he said, "The birthplace of the Mitamura family."In the same program, he professed to be a "castle enthusiast" and said he was visiting old castles in Kansai such as Fukuchiyama Castle.

Awa danceKnown as an enthusiastic fan ofTokushima City Awa OdoriHas participated in the Sunstar Ren for over 20 years.But,2016Is the musicalAnnieI was absent due to the performance in Osaka.


  • At first, I didn't like the role of a hitman, so I refused to appear as a deadly worker, and since the contract was for 2 cools, I wanted to drop the program according to that contract, butShigeru IshiharaI was invited to drink from, and I was persuaded that I was halfway to quit now, so I extended my appearance[7].
  • In the final episode of Shin Hissatsu Shigoto, he was scheduled to die spectacularly, but many fans pleaded for help and he decided to continue the Hissatsu Shigoto series.[8]Therefore, the appearance in Taiyo ni Hoero! Has been shortened.
  • Mitamura initially refused to appear in Hissatsu Masshigura, butEiichi KudoHas set a condition that he will appear if he is the director of episodes 1 and 2, and Kudo was originally scheduled to direct the final episode and the 11 episodes before that, but due to schedule reasons, Mitamura I was directly apologized by Kudo[9].



TV drama

Information/variety programs

(2008) of the "Highway Walking Trip Series" that has been serialized since 1 for this Saturday SpecialNikko Kaido10 days (broadcast on May 5) ・ (31)Mito HighwayAll have appeared in the 8-day edition (broadcast on November 11th).

Many others

Video work (V-cinema)

  • Memoir, Koichi Goda, XNUMXrd generation of Kagotora
  • Memoir, Koichi Goda, the third generation of Kagotora, the prestigious succession
  • Memoir, Koichi Goda, the third generation of Tora Kago, Kansai Twenty-day Association




● 1985 "Age of Fear"

  • Flower person Fukawatei (Meijiza) Fumiko Wakao/ Co-starring Fukuko Ishii/ Direction)
  • Higuchi Ichiyo (Meitetsu Hall) Keiko Takeshita/ Co-star Fukuko Ishii / Director)
  • A new comedy full of women (March 2007, 3,Asahi Broadcasting)
  • Female index finger (March 2011-3, 3, Mitsukoshi Theater Fumiko Wakao / Co-star Fukuko Ishii / Director)
  • musical"Annie(2014-2016)
  • Summer Special Festival (Kyoto Minamiza)
    • Hissatsu Female Mouse Boy (1981)
    • Deadly Naruto Whirlpools (1982. Before thatMeitetsu HallWas performed in advance)
    • Deadly Botan Lantern (1983)



Release datespecificationStandard product numbersurfacetitleRemarks
Toshiba EMI
1980/4/20EPTP-10724ARun now!Live now!TV Asahi historical drama "Deadly worker"Insert song
BKaji River
1981/5/5EPTP-17156AMemories of thread wheelTV Asahi historical drama "New deadly workerTheme song
BBehind the tears
TDK core
BSmall balloon
BLaunch ceremony
1983/7/21EPT07S-1035AClear seasonTV Asahi historical drama "Mibu's love song"Insert song
1983/11/5EPT07S-1042ASelf-esteemTV Asahi historical drama "Deadly Worker IV"Insert song
BBecause it's hard to wipe tears
Nippon Columbia
BParty dress
1985/8EPAH-641ALife is a comedyTHE SCHOOL![12]In the name, TBS TV drama "If the school is ...!?Theme song
BI liked bananas
BOnly you In My Heart
1986/8/1EPAH-757AShake ... EyesTV Asahi historical drama "Hissatsu Masshigura!Theme song
1987/3/21EPAH-815AIn My Loneliness ~ Sorrowful Room ~
BPostmark in summer
1988/3/21EPAH-923AYou are paradise
BBallad no one knows
1988/11/21EPAH-973AReminiscence sapphire
BWinter ebb tide
1990/10/218 cm CDCODA-941Man's hometownANB historical drama "Shogun Iemitsu Shinobi JourneyTheme song
2Sunny on the way
1992/10/218 cm CDCODA-1081YouthANB historical drama "Shogun Iemitsu Shinobi Journey 2" theme song
King record
1994/5/258 cm CDKIDS-1821DawnTV Asahi historical drama "Tonosama Furaibo Hidden JourneyTheme song
2Dream coordinates
2010/6/24CDMPTCS-30011LOVE Song


  • Eventually you enter the season (April 1982, 4, Toshiba EMI)
  • Hitman Hide (April 1982, 4, Toshiba EMI) Mini Album
  • From Autumn of the Wind (October 1982, 10, TDK Core)
  • Vol.III (September 1983, 9, TDK Core)
  • Selection 12 (March 1984, 3, TDK Core) Live Album
  • My Favorite Songs (November 1984, 11, TDK Core) Best Album
  • DAY BY DAY (February 1985, 2, TDK Core)
  • MARIKO (November 1985, 11, TDK Core) Best Album
  • SOUND TRACK (November 1985, 11, TDK Core)
  • Kunihiko Mitamura Best Collection (March 1987, 3, Nippon Columbia) Best Album
  • OLD / NEW (October 1987, 10, Nippon Columbia)
  • Kunihiko Mitamura Complete Song Collection (October 1988, 10, Nippon Columbia) Best Album
  • Rondo of the 12th Moon-A Year of Goodbye and the Story of 1 People- (November 11, 1988, Nippon Columbia)
  • Kunihiko Mitamura Best Album (December 1989, 12, Nippon Columbia) Best Album
  • Kunihiko Mitamura Best Selection (September 1993, 9, Nippon Columbia) Best Album


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