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All past masterpieces of TBS such as "Koi Tsuzu", "Dragon Zakura" and "SPEC" are free!

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"Ouran High School Host Club" (4) starring Haruna Kawaguchi, who starred in the April Tuesday drama "There is a reason for dressing up love", and "A Story to Read on the Day I Love You for the First Time" (2011) Year), Osamu Mukai starring "I will be back on time.

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Ouran high school host club

"Ouran high school host club』(Orankoukou host club),Bisco HatoribyJapan OfComic..Also, based on thatAnime,ゲームthe work.


"LaLa』(Hakusensha),2002It was serialized from the September issue to the November 9 issue.After that, "LaLa December issue special edition LaLa Special" was published as a "completion memorial special edition" that spent more than 2010 pages on this work, including reprints of popular stories, various interviews, and newly written 11 pages. (However, this newly written part is not included in the book at this time).Also, in the March 12 issue of this magazine, "LaLa", a 6-page one-shot featuring Kyoya Ootori was published as a "special edition" (this is included in the final volume).

2011In April, 4 volumes, the final volume of the main story, were published. As of December 18, the cumulative circulation has exceeded 2011 million.[1].

Television AnimationIt is,2006From July to AugustNippon TVBroadcast elsewhere (detailsTelevision AnimationSection).afterwards,PS2Made into an adventure game with, adding new elementsDSHas also been ported to (detailsゲームSection).

Also, 20117ToTBSWas made into a live-action drama[2](Detail isTV dramaSection).To commemorate the drama, related articles and a 2011-page "special edition" were published in succession to the September and October 9 issues of "LaLa," and the October issue featured a live-action cast on the cover. A photo book is attached to the appendix.Both of these two special editions are drawn two years after the end of the main edition, and all the main characters are college students.According to the author, these special editions are undecided. In 10, these unrecorded works will be distributed in the form of electronic books.Also, in March 16, the movie was released in the cast of this live-action drama version (see details).Movie versionSection).


upper classOnly sons and daughters of the family ofPrivate Ouran High SchoolHigh SchoolScholarship student1 yearsHaruhi FujiokaIs the third of the South School Building in search of a quiet place to studymusic roomTo reach.However, there is "to spare timeBeautiful boyHowever, it also welcomes and moisturizes female students who have spare time. "Host partA group called (club) was open.

Because of carelessness, the schoolauctionWas scheduled to be exhibited at "ReneHaruhi, who broke the vase, becomes a "host dog (chore clerk)" to repay the compensation of 800 million yen.glassesRemovedReal face Good lookingBecause it was, it was upgraded to a waiter.Then, as a condition for canceling the debt, a quota is imposed to attract 100 (1000 will be added later) designated customers, and the first step as a host member will be taken.But there is a big problem ...Haruhi was a "girl."

Thus the host part is hiddenRed one pointThe relationship and speculation between Haruhi and the members who knew it gradually changed through various events.

Ouran High School

The location isTokyoBunkyo ku..It belongs to the super rich school "Ouran Gakuin" and its official name is "privateOuran Gakuin High School ".The chairman is Yuzuru Suou. "In onepedigree, SecondmoneyMost of the students have a family with an upper class "no mess" status.Classes are divided into groups A to D according to family status and financial strength in addition to grades.To go on to higher educationEscalator methodAnd since the family and financial strength do not change quickly, many people are in the same class all the time.Therefore, my classmates are almost the same every year.

We have adopted a scholarship scholarship system, and only students with excellent grades are admitted to the general public and are exempt from tuition fees.However, it is rumored that for the common people, not only the academic ability required, but also the upper class must not be afraid, and the school spirit has very high mental hurdles, so it is necessary to have a thick nerve to become a scholarship student. Has been done.The school song is written by the current president, and since it is a ridiculous lyrics, it will not be sung in official venues.

Host part

Active in the 2rd music room near the north corridor on the top floor of the south school building.Our basic policy is to meet the needs of our customers by taking advantage of their unique characteristics.The motto is "strong, noble and beautiful".Second year of foundation.It is an unusual department that does not belong to any athletic or cultural system and has no advisors.

The director is Tamaki Suoh (2 years) who is also the founder.Members other than Haruhi receive scouts from Tamaki and join the club.The current members are Mitsukuni Haninozuka (3rd year), Takashi Morinozuka (3rd year), Kyoya Ootori (deputy director, 2nd year), Hikaru Hitachiin (1st year), Kaoru Hitachiin (1st year), Haruhi Fujioka. A total of 1 people (6 year) consisting of 1 men and 7 woman.However, it is a secret that Haruhi is a woman (since there is almost no description of everyday school life in this work, it is not clear how to keep the secret to other students).All the members are in Group A, and all of them have one of the best ancestry in the academy except Haruhi.

Hospitality fee, nomination fee, food and drink fee are free.Point systemso,Net auctionIt is a system that allows you to receive services such as priority treatment according to the purchase price at.

By the way, the titlerubyIs the host club (club), but the name in the work is the host club (bu).


The grade of the student character is at the start of the story. In Volume 16, everyone has been promoted (or graduated).Also, the host member is Haruhi'sDuffel BagIn line with studying abroad, everyone is studying abroad in the final episode.

Host member

Haruhi Fujioka (Haruhi Fujioka)
Popular nameHaruhi-Haruhi..Mitsukuni onlyHaru-chan..Sometimes in a ringDaughteris called.In addition, from Benio Amakusa of the Zuka clubMaidenCalled.
1st year group A. 155 cm. O type.May 2birth.It's so gentle that you can cheat just by wearing a boy's school uniform (wearing a sports bra for the time being)A cupAnd, although it is neutral, it has a well-organized appearance.What is your favorite foodsushi(Especiallyfatty tuna),Ramen,strawberry..The foods I dislike are sweet and spicy (with some exceptions).NaturalSo, it is a "thin" gender that is usually extremely indifferent and insensitive.My specialty isclassicとEnglishAnd the subject I hate isArt..School yearchief(Conditions for being a scholarship student. If you make a mistake, you will fall to No. 3 and take a follow-up exam).
The main character of the story.The first person is "I".GeneralCommon peopleHowever, he entered Ouran Gakuin High School as a scholarship student because of his excellent grades.Joined the host department to repay the damage of 800 million yen for the broken vase.I'm constantly struggling to be swayed by the members and to be overwhelmed by the difference in feelings with the rich.In the future, I will receive a scholarship from the university department (Faculty of Law), And the late motherDumplingWas a professionLawyer(In the special edition of the September 2011 issue of "LaLa", I went on to school safely).Therefore, it is essentially hard-working, and the exercise is generallyWeak..She is not good at dancing and singing because she has a bad sense of rhythm, and she is also a radish acting.
In middle schoolLong hairHowever, after going on to school, I cut it roughly by myself because my hair was gummed by a child in the neighborhood, and since then it was a shortcut that the twins reworked in the first episode until studying abroad in Boston, but since I was studying abroad in Boston, my back hair Only start stretching.
Basically a rough personality, unawarePoisonous tongueHouse.The surroundings often spin idle due to their too thin nature, and they often stab the end with a strong, non-malicious word, often depressing people.The unawareness of love was even told by Mei that she was "worthy of sin at a level that she couldn't sympathize with."However, he unknowingly observes the characteristics and behaviors of human beings in detail, and he sees the differences between twins and draws his emotions from minor changes.Occasionally she shows a girlish side, such as unconscious gestures, but her father, Ranka,ShemaleFor some reason, he is indifferent to his gender and appearance, and makes people mourn.In addition, it is easy to catch a feast (although I long for a large Toro, I haven't eaten because of the obstruction of the ring and bad luck).He is fairly disciplined and tries to keep the promises he has made in a destructive manner, so he is trusted by the people around him.
Since he lost his mother early, from an early ageHouseworkBecause my father, Ranka, is working at night and is not often at home, I often do not come up with the idea of ​​"relying on someone", and basically I try to solve myself by myself.As a result, he was unknowingly worried about the surroundings, including Tamaki, and after being warned by Mitsukuni, he received a roundabout follow-up from Kyoya, "Dare to be a villain."Also, since I met Tamaki and others, I am aware that my perspective and way of thinking have changed.
In the academy, students other than the members and Kasanoda are not identified as women (even when dressed as a woman, the regulars of the host club only recognize that they look good, and Ranka's remarks in the final episode finally reveal it. However, it is well known to classmates in junior high school and acquaintances in the neighborhood.
High places / closed places /insectIt's okay for many people to be scared, butThunderI'm not very good at it, and I'm extremely scared so much that my body shrugs.
In the middle of the work, it is intense in front of the ringPalpitationI thought that it was a symptom of a cold, but when I saw Tamaki and Kadani, I felt unpleasant, and shortly before that, Tamaki became a symptom. I am aware that I like it.I'm trying to hide what I like about Tamaki around me, but I'm crazy about my actions and words.After Tamaki stopped coming to school, Hikari was happily saying, "Confess to help the lord" (confessed in the last episode 80).However, after that, the twins had a refreshing attitude as usual, and the twins described it as a "confession = mission completed" type (just not showing up, waiting for time to be alone, etc.) It seems that he was tentatively concerned).
Tamaki Suoh (French name: Rene, Tamaki, Richard de Grantane)
Known as King (but self-proclaimed), Ring,Tamaki-senpai-Ring..Twins onlyPalace,RarelyDad..Mitsukuni only■ Solutions..Occasionally only KyoyaFather.
2nd year group A. 183 cm. A type.May 4birth.What is your favorite foodCommon people ramen,Common sweets(EspeciallyBaby star ramen).kind ofNaru& A stupid prince, the reason for the establishment of the host club is "because I enjoy myself", and he has a good-willed personality to swing around.My specialty isEnglish,French,World historySo, I'm a grader (a genius who doesn't study at all and is good at exercising).
Host manager who boasts a nomination rate of 7%.He specializes in serving customers who capture the hearts of women with sweet talk, and in that case he calls them by "last name + princess" (this is transmitted to most of the members).Its fame (?) Is famous in elementary school as "a genius who pleases women" and in class boys as "stupid".I was taught by my motherピ ア ノThe skill is outstanding.I have never caught a cold since I was born, but I caught it for the first time in Volume 9 (caused by Haruhi).
As a punishment for absenting school trips silently to members (other than Kyoya and Haruhi)Echinaka 褌When I was in the shape of one, I was pointed at the camera and signed a peace sign.According to the person himself, "it will happen naturally when the camera is pointed".
Have a french motherhalfAnd because my mother is not a regular wifeFranceI lived in. He was called to Japan at the age of 14 and established a host club with Kyoya, who he met after transferring to Ouran High School Host Club.It seems that he was longing for the (wrong) Japanese culture he heard from his father.
She is vulnerable to tears and emotions.He can play with the mischief and tsukkomi of the members like a child, but he has a super positive thinking that turns his predicament and hardship into his own energy no matter how depressed he is.As a result, he is also a "surprisingly difficult person" who has survived complicated family circumstances.There is no dignity of the director, but his cheerful personality is loved by the members.
In my brain, I have a family setting of myself as a father, Kyoya as a mother, Haruhi as a daughter, and twins as a son. (In the film, I was watching my parents separated by my grandmother up close, so it is speculated that I was unknowingly blocking my love feelings by sticking to "family ties").After orienteering, he finally realizes his love for Haruhi, calls Hikari and tells him that he likes Haruhi.This is why Haruhi is accustomed to the treatment of the ring, as it is similar to Ranka, whose behavior is full-blown because of his father's attributes.
I have a friendly dog.In the original story, when he came to Japan, he was given a puppy by the servants of Suo No. XNUMX House, and he called "An An", so he named it Antoinette.In the anime, I bought it on impulse at a pet shop in a common department store.
Historical drama and "OshinI like humanity programs such as "(This is also the result of my father's tricks. I can even play the accompanying songs of historical drama on the piano).I also watch hero TV for children.After meeting Haruhi, he became even more interested in the lives of the common people (especially, I loved Kotatsu, which I had always admired, and I made him make it at Kyoya's house as soon as I met him).In addition, he collects all the toys from the series, or buys sweets ("common people's sweets"), closes empty bags in a scrap book, and even writes his impressions.However, because his knowledge is on TV and at a level he knows, the image of "common people" is quite poor, and he treats him as the most rude of the host members with the intention of paying attention to Haruhi.
I had an appointment with my grandmother for my school trip to France, so I was absent from the members (other than Kyoya) and other students in secret.During that time, the servants of the second residence were also on vacation, so they often ate with their father because they were free.The event at that time triggered me to find out what I wanted to do in "Suou".
It was decided to move to Suo's main residence in the 16th volume of the original, but at the order of the chairman's grandmother, cut off the connection with the host department so that outside people (especially Haruhi) will not be involved in the case related to "Suo". (Finally returned).
After Haruhi decided to study abroad, he decided to study abroad in secret, but he was given the condition to do his grandmother's errands after school and on holidays, so for a whileBusyIt had been.In the meantime, I was secretly looking for an apartment in Boston where I could keep an Antoinette and go back and forth between each other through the living room door.
The author suggests that he will marry Haruhi in the future.
Kyoya Ootori
Known as Kyoya OotoriKyoya Ootori..Mitsukuni onlyKyo-chan..From the ring and twinsMom-motherAlso called.Renge onlyKyoya.
Class A class president for 2nd grade. 181 cm. AB type.May 11birth.coolsystem.My favorite food is spicy food.The food I hate is sweet.My specialty isEnglish,German,physicalSo, the top grader (unlike Tamaki, he makes some efforts).
Deputy general manager and store manager of the host department, an intelligent group who intelligently plans everything.Behind the scenes, he is the "King of Shadows" who holds the real power of the club (according to other members), and is a dark-skinned tactician who keeps "the smile of the devil" during business hours.Always a notebook (called "Yamacho" in the novel. In the drama versioniPaduse. ), And keep the books even during business hours.Since I am in charge of management, there is little customer service.He has detailed information from student data to behind-the-scenes information, but he is a type who does not talk unless asked, and sometimes he himself creates troubles in the club.I sometimes agree with Tamaki's proposal because it doesn't bother me, but most of the time I don't try to get deeply involved, just watching.
It is difficult to get up due to low blood pressure, and if you wake it up forcibly, you will be glared with very scary eyes, and even the normally shameless Hitachiin Brothers are afraid (commonly known as Hypotension Great Demon King).For this reason, it is called the Demon King, the Great Demon King, etc., but in some casesPrajna No. XNUMX(No. XNUMX is Ritsu Kasanoda) is also feared.
In the past, he played the perfect "third son" who stands up to them, even though he has the same talent as his older brothers. I am aiming for the position of.Also, since my two older brothers went on to medical school together, I dared to go on to economics, and then in the United States.MBAI'm going to getAs a matter of fact, in the special edition of the September 2011 issue of "LaLa", he went to an American university and seemed to have eaten with Tamaki who went to inspect the business of the Suo Group.
Self-proclaimed as "for merit" to associate with membersegoistHowever, it is not really "honest".For profit, I sell personal belongings of members, hidden photo books, and sell aesthetics.On the contrary, if there is no merit, it is completely indifferent and unfriendly.However, there is also one side that works without loss, such as protecting the old lady from fraud at a department store and searching for Tamaki's mother at a school trip destination.It has a cool image, but the ring says it's a "hot guy."
There are many cold responses to the ring, but he firmly admits it as a "best friend", and other members also recognize it as an "irreplaceable friend".In addition, during the turmoil of the Suo family, he secretly investigated the suspicious behavior of lawyer Takasaka and the trends of the Suo family.
In the final episode, Mitsukuni pointed out that he might have liked Haruhi unknowingly, but he denied it.While denying it, he said that he did not intend to break it because he got something irreplaceable, so he may have stopped it even before he fell in love, but the truth is in the bush. is there.
Hitachiin Brothers (Hitachiin Brothers)
1st year group A. 178.2 cm. B type.May 6Living.He is a small devil who loves to play pranks and others as a toy, and he is a type who does everything to cause trouble when he is free, so he is wary of the surroundings.My favorite foods are Italian and spicy food (I like to try spicy foods that no one else can eat).But for various dishesMaple syrupIt seems that it will be put on.
Forbidden brotherhoodsymmetryAre the twins for sale.Joined the middle school from the third year.Hikari attacks during business, and Kaoru is in charge of receiving.Playful and mischievous, he is apathetic and indifferent to boring things.It was almost the same except for the bangs (light / right division, Kaoru / left division) and clothes, but later the light changed the hair color, making it easier to distinguish.In the anime version, there are many scenes where the bangs are divided in reverse. He likes Haruhi, who can distinguish between the two, and while he often makes fun of her as a toy, he often reacts to Haruhi in a similar way.They are always together when they are awake and when they sleep, and both sides need each other, and they are a pair to do anything.
As mentioned above, he often crying and fighting lies to kill time, but he also specializes in styling and makeup, and in the first episode of the original story, he cut Haruhi's hair.In addition, he is also in charge of makeup when Haruhi is dressed as a woman.
Before joining the club, he was aware that the world was stupid, so he created a world of only two people, keeping others away.Therefore, the ties between the brothers are extremely strong, but they are immature when it comes to socializing and compassion.Also, the balance of their world is gradually changing due to the influence of Haruhi, who can be said to be the first intruder.The university is planning to take an entrance examination outside of the university, which has an art department instead of Sakuraran (in the special edition of the September 2 issue of "LaLa", she has become a beauty college student and her hairstyle has changed).
All the brothers are bigスペインA fan of historic buildings inア ル ハ ン ブ ラ 宮殿He said, "I like it at the level of dying."
The first person is both "I", but the light is sometimes called "I".
Hitachiin Hikaru
Known as lightGuangjun..Mitsukuni onlyHika-chan.
My specialty isMath,Physics,Chemical, In art, ranked 1th in the 5st semester midterm test.
Twin brother.He is jealous and is overtly angry when he takes his own things and favorites.Compared to Kaoru, he is a little kid and stupid (hot blood).Haruhi says, "Even one person is insane. It's 1% more than Kaoru and has a worse personality."Kaoru said, "Hikari likes Haruhi," and for the first time, he realizes his feelings.
Later, I confessed to Haruhi, and I pushed the back of Tamaki, who couldn't realize the feeling of love, saying that I would do my best so that I wouldn't lose to the trauma.The consultant is mainly Mori-senpai.
To Kaoru, who thinks he is a hindrance to the independence of light, he said, "It is important to be independent as an individual, but we should continue to support and stimulate each other." There is also an older brother-like figure that has been dyed and imitated so that it can be distinguished from Kaoru.
Kaoru Hitachiin
Known as KaoruKaoru..Mitsukuni onlyKao-chan.
His specialty is English, contemporary writing, and art, and he ranked 1th in the mid-term test of the first semester.
Twin brother.During business hours, I often shed tears due to the attack of light, but in reality I use eye drops.Compared to light, the way of thinking is a little adult and introverted.Haruhi says, "If you are alone, you are a relatively common sense person."
Although he was aware of his love feelings for Haruhi, he finally realized that light was more important than Haruhi and decided to support his love.
In anime, there are many scenes that show a gentle and self-sacrificing personality, especially pushing the back of light.The consultants are mainly honey seniors.
Mitsukuni Haninozuka
Popular nameHoney senior・ Honey.Only Takashi and Yasuchika, Mitsukuni's younger brotherMitsukuni..Satoru, Takashi's younger brotherMitsukuni.
3rd year group A. 148 cm. AB type.May 2Living.My favorite foods are cakes, strawberries and spicy foods.The food I hate is carrots.Fear of the darkでClaustrophobia.Lorishotasystem.His specialty is mathematics, and he is the top grader.In the first episode, it was set to be the oldest in the department, but since the birthday was solicited in this magazine and the setting was reset based on the result, Takashi has become the oldest in the department since then.
A lovely item and mascot of the host club.Always with the rabbit stuffed animal "Usa-chan" made by her late grandmother.However, because he lost to Takashi in the "duel" with Takashi in Volume 17, he will bring Usa-chan only once every three days after entering the university department.
When calling a person, except for calling Mori "Takashi", it is a habit of adding "chan" and ending with "~ nee" (sometimes it becomes "~ kane").It feels younger than it looks, but on rare occasions he can see the back face "Black Honey", and it is a mystery whether he is natural or calculated.Although he gets up early, he gets up as bad as Kyoya, and his eyes are called "monster eyes".Takashi is a cousin.Usually, Takashi's shoulders are in a fixed position, and it is the Kokoku style to jump on.He is a good understanding of the members, and while he has a lot of advice that seems to be a senior student, he sometimes gives out extra small things and is blamed by Takashi.
Contrary to his appearance, he is a master of martial arts, and when it comes to lightning, he moves like a ninja.Previously enrolled in the karate club, he also has experience of national domination in judo and karate during his middle school days.In addition, the Secretary of the Defense Agency, who served as a referee in the match that defeated his father, Yorihisa, said, "From the strength of a destructive weapon.United NationsI'm going to be inspected, so please don't take it seriously. "Green beretHas many legends, such as destroying.Also, basically, he performs the technique while saying "Usa-chan ○○ (kick, punch, etc.)".
Originally it was moderate, but since I truly received the words of Tamaki that I met while restraining myself, I have become a sweet lover who flattens three whole cakes after dinner and holds a "special cake night" once a week.In addition, even Takashi, who knows him well, can't imagine his obsession with snacks, such as giving up on Yasushi, who is in conflict because of that, instead of making concessions.The cost of sweets for Mitsukuni in the host department is also a source of trouble for Kyoya Ootori.
He is a master of Komashi dialogue (?), Such as making a declaration in Kanatsuki, "If you want to get along, be my favorite."
In a plan to meet Tamaki with her mother, she said, "I have come up with it," and spent a day with Takashi to pick up the scattered servants of Suo No. 1 House.
In the future, I plan to launch a new business in Haninozuka to develop toys and automobiles.
Takashi Morinozuka
Popular nameMori-senpai・ Mori-kun.Mitsukuni only崇..Only younger brother Satoshi and YasushiTakashi brother(Takanii).
3st year group A. 192 cm. O type.May 5Living.My favorite food is Japanese food.Stoic & wild (= "wild animal" but not a beast) system.My specialty isGeographyとJapanese historySo, the grade seat.
Joined the club as an attendant of Mitsukuni.I get the impression that it is unfamiliar from the eyes and silence, but it is neutralized by the combination with Mitsukuni.In the host club, it is popular with girls who say, "I like to give favors in the shadow."He holds the Kendo club and has experience of nationwide domination in Kendo when he was in the middle school.He is good at hard work, probably because he usually carries Mitsukuni.According to Satoru, "The Last Bushido".According to Mitsukuni, a romanticist.Sometimes he is swayed by the members, but he is a good big brother from the members and other students.
Perhaps because of his pedigree as a vassal, he follows his cousin, Mitsukuni (no boy's love feelings, master-slave relationship).It always seems to be calm, but when he is separated from Mitsukuni or hated, he is overtly upset.In the 15th volume of the original, there is something I want to say to Mitsukuni, so I decided to "duel" in the Hanozuka style.
He has a gentle personality on the inside and expresses himself by actions rather than words.Therefore, there are many serious fans, and Haruhi has a lot of trust (so Mori's request is easy to follow).On the other hand, there are some insane aspects such as bringing the wild boar caught alive into the school building and eating the boiled crab from the head.When I'm sleepy, I'm extremely talkative and spit out frivolous lines (this was set for a drama CD to cover the usual small number of words. In addition, the main narration is also in charge of the drama CD) ..
I don't see any feelings of love for Haruhi, but there were many scenes where she secretly blushed, perhaps because she thought she was cute for her cosplay and behavior. I was thinking).Perhaps because of his height, there are many scenes where he puts his hand on the person's head.
My pet is "Piyo-chan", a chick I bought at a night shop (now growing into a chicken).In addition, he is fond of the raccoon dog "Pome-chan" (whose godfather is Mitsukuni) who has fallen alive because he was blessed with rice balls, and he protects it at home.These two animals are so fond of Mori that they are jealous of each other and quarrel with each other, but they are basically on good terms.Mori are called "Piyo" and "Pome", respectively.
It ’s a small fetish, and my hobby isGampuraMaking.It is very popular with animals, and it is so fond of two pets as well as Doberman, the guard dog of the Suo family.My favorite TV show is an animal documentary.According to the author, it is certain that he will be in trouble with his wife and children in the future.
The first accent of "Harpoonozuka" is "Momo"Ri"Nozuka", but the first accent of "Mori Senpai" is "AlsoRisenpai ".
  • In addition, two third graders graduated from high school with the original 3 volumes.He went on to the university department of Hoya Carnosa, but Mori went on to the law department and Honey went on to a different department from the science and engineering department (it seems that it had been decided before).However, the host club is not "retired" but "OB" and "I'm going to go from the university club with two people every day, even if it's impossible".

Family members

Fujioka family

General public.I live in a small apartment.

Ryoji Fujioka, Ranka
Haruhi's father.OrchidsSource name..15 years old at the time of the original volume 36.
I met Kotoko at a bar at night (19 years old at the time, 25 years old Kotoko).It was the relationship between the bartender's part-time job and the customer.In a case in which Kotoko, a newcomer, dealt with herself for the first time, she testified that the accused was innocent and her senior at work was the true criminal.After the trial, I quit the bartender, switched to daytime work, bought a cheap dinner for Kotoko every day at a Chinese restaurant, and sent it home (this is possible that my senior lover is resenting Kotoko). Behavior in consideration of sex).at this point,BisexualIt is coming out to Kotoko.
A conscious bisexual, she vows to love only Kotoko for the rest of her life.In addition, he behaves as a normal man with his make-up removed (although it can also be a handsome word).When Haruhi was a child, he was in charge of a liquor store and a transsexual business.
wife·DumplingAfter passing away, she became a transsexual in earnest.I met the host club for the first time in my apartment, but I haven't been with Kyoya, who was in charge of the department and reported on Haruhi's activities on campus.Mel friend..In general, he treats the host members favorably, but only Tamaki, who showed a bad scene of "pushing down" Haruhi in the first meeting, recognizes it as an "enemy (stealing his daughter)" and thoroughly bullies him.Other than that, when I saw the situation where Haruhi touched the ring (in a state of unawareness), I thought that Haruhi would like the ring first, so I felt hostile towards the ring (however, the first impression was "Stupid").As a parent, I am watching Haruhi firmly.He also seems to admit that the ring is similar to himself.
He loves his daughter Haruhi and often boasted that he was a proud daughter.Mei says it's beautiful.
Later, like the late Kotoko, he fell in love with Zuka.
Kotoko Fujioka
Maiden name: Katayama.Haruhi's mother and deceased.During lifeLawyerHe was a talented person who was expected from the surroundings for the future,StringIt is said that he started working at a small law firm in the town to support his husband who was almost the same.karateIt seems that up to one general male can manage to win.
Actually, he liked beautiful things (people) and was a collector of the Zuka club that put a strain on his household budget.
Haruhi died when he was young.Make notes with cooking recipes for Haruhi during the fight against illness, or in the name of HaruhiBank accountsI made a lot of money and made regular deposits (Ranka took over after death. It seems that there is enough money to study abroad), and I cherished the family left behind.

Suo family

One of the seven famous families.Formed a conglomerate and managed schools and hotels based on the financial industry.Suou means "to become a king as much as possible".

Yuzuru Suou
Tamaki's father.General Suo Zaibatsu.President of Ouran High School.
Marriage of convenience with his wife, but divorced when a ring was born with a French woman he met on a business trip.
Take the trouble to ringinvisible inkMy hobby is to make fun of my son by sending letters and injecting Japanese lie information.father proverbially foolish.
"Daddy-Long-Legs], Adopted a special student system, and handed a letter set after the story when he first met Haruhi (from that standpoint, he knows Haruhi's gender).In the novel version, there is a depiction of binding the letters that have arrived since then into a scrap book.Haruhi says, "Yoshi and Tamaki are similar."
In Volume 16, when Tamaki moved to the main residence, he ordered the secretary to "permanently suspend the activities of the host club" by order of the president.In addition, he reaches out to the board of directors from behind and defeats his mother, who is the chairman.After that, since the problems between the family including them were solved, the host department was given permission to resume the activity.
He knew that the lawyer, Kosaka, had a relationship with Haruhi's parents, and used it to stop Haruhi from being excluded from the surroundings of the ring.
In addition, for many years, he has invested private funds in a company run by Tamaki's mother's parents' home, secretly backing up the development of new drugs that are effective against Sislese syndrome.
Suou Shizue
Chairman of the Suo Zaibatsu.
After the death of her husband, she has been managing the chaebol by herself, so she still has the highest power as chairman even after retiring from her current position.He was dismissed by his son's plan, but later became a consultant.
He called Tamaki to Japan because he had no trace, but he was not happy with Tamaki, who was a "concubine", and for three years he forbade him from contacting or meeting his mother.However, in the midst of the turmoil, he received Haruhi's words in episode 3 and gave permission to go to see his returning mother (since he has also reconciled with his son).
Although he is a ruthless person, he also has a resolute side that he does not want to involve others in Suo's influence.
I like historical drama,Ken WatanabeThere is also a line that makes you feel like you are a fan of.In addition, after the defeated turmoil, I was looking forward to the piano played by the ring, and I could see some playful parts from the ruthless image until then.

Otori family

The former Duke's house.It also manages resort facilities, mainly in the medical field.According to Kyoya Ootori, "all things in common are healing" and "always thinking about people's happiness", but it smells like a mess.The anime has 100 private police officers.

Takao Ootori
Kyoya's father.Representative of the Otori Group.There is also a deal with the Suo conglomerate, and Kyoya is getting information about a new drug for Sislese syndrome from this tsute.
Kyoya is urging him to achieve more than his grades.
Yuichi Otori (Yuichi Otori)
Kyoya's older brother.The eldest son of the Otori family.He is training as a successor at the same general hospital as his father.Wear glasses.Although he has a wife and children, he has breakfast with his father and younger brother Akihito and Kyoya once a week to consult about work.
Akihito Otori (Akito Otori)
Kyoya's older brother.The second son of the Otori family.Currently enrolled in the medical school of the university.Scheduled to obtain an MBA after graduation.Younger than Hiromi Fu.According to the author, "the best accessory in this manga".

Hitachiin family

mainlyClothesRun a related company.Most of the costumes for the host club are provided by the Hitachiin family.The mother is a female master clan for generations, and her surname is also her mother.The family motto is "I lived freely and won."My grandmother is a flower arrangement artist.In the anime, the structure of the house is symmetrical.

Hitachiin Kazuha
Ikebana Hitachiin style 7th Iemoto.Twin grandmother, 5 years old when twins were 45 years old.You can also put on a kimono.My hobbies are touring (also called wandering) and playing with motorcycles.A characteristic hairstyle with a large number of flowers inserted in the tied hair (as much as the ring was mistaken for a hat in the past), but this is a prank that the twins at the age of 2 originally set up while she was sleeping. It seems that it was a trigger.
The twin grandfather is also a married woman, and she is associated with her wandering every time.
Hitachiin Yuzuha
Hikari, Kaoru's mother.Management andfashion designer.
An optimistic and generous sex.Except for work, it's a rough idea, and the way to distinguish twins is almost like a quiz (actually, it's already possible to distinguish them, but they are silent).However, this is also the affection of my mother, and I treat her without any distinction.
Hitachiin Hayabusa
Software DevelopmentCorporate officer.Married woman.
Twin father.The shadow is extremely thin, and even the twins may not even notice their existence, and if they do, they will be there.Because the shade is too thin, "Covert"Orientation" and ridicule.Unlike my wife, I can distinguish twins and feel their feelings, but I can't do anything because I don't notice them.By the way, I'm good at erasing signs, but I'm also good at reading.

Haninozuka family

A famous martial arts family.Incorporate various physical techniques, use weapons, etc.総 合格 闘 技I made a duel method called "Mitsukuni Haninozuka style" which corresponds to the category of.The family motto is "If you can see one gate, slash it instantly (if you meet, battle for the time being)", and if you meet your brothers for the time being, you will have a strict exchange as if you were in a real battle.It seems that they are producing small soldiers.The Harpoonzuka family is a neighborhood.

Mitsukuni Haninozuka
Mitsukuni's father. 45 years old.He is known as a genius martial artist since the founding of the Mitsukuni Haninozuka family.Appeared in Episode 72.
In the anime version, Mitsukuni asks for his true strength, and he fights with "I'll show it to you", but he is defeated by Mitsukuni.
He loves Mitsukuni very much and always defends Mitsukuni in the question and answer with Akira.The height is the same as Akira Harpoonzuka, and it is quite tall for Mitsukuni Haninozuka.
Mitsukuni Haninozuka (Yasuchika Haninozuka)
Known as Chika.Mitsukuni only Chika-chan (however, at the time of the duel, she is called Yasushi).Takashi and Satoru are Yasushi.
Mitsukuni's younger brother.Middle school 3rd year.Karate club captain and judo club affiliation. 167 cm. A type.
The motto is "Strict to yourself and strict to others".He hates Mitsukuni, who has fallen into desire, and does not recognize him as the next head of the family (rather, he is seriously scared of his brother who flattens three whole cakes for a midnight snack like a youkai or something). Absorb the technique to get closer toコ ン プ レ ッ ク スIs intense.The reason why I wear glasses with good eyesight but a little degree is because I don't want to look like my brother and because I blur my brother's appearance.
With a cool personality that is the exact opposite of her brother, she is as popular as a girl.I'm not good at sweets and cute things, but I said that I don't have blood, and I love small animals (especially chicks).If you blame it tightly, you will start crying (if you cry, your chick will jump out), and if you praise it, you will be happy like a child, just like your brother.In fact, he has a personality that is as close to Mitsukuni as possible.In the final volume of the book, "Future Prediction," Satoru formed a "breeding club" to raise small animals with Yasushi instead of the host club after studying abroad.At that time, he graduated from glasses.

Harpoonzuka family

Although he was a vassal of the Mitsukuni Haninozuka family for generations, he became a relative in the marriage two generations ago, and his master-slave relationship is declining (although he instinctively follows).Like the Mitsukuni Haninozuka family, he is a famous martial arts family and specializes in swordsmanship.There are many affiliated businesses with the Haninozuka family, and the relationship is inseparable in terms of business.

Akira Morinozuka
Takashi's father. 45 years old.Appeared in Episode 72.
Satoru Morinozuka
Middle school 3rd year.Takashi's younger brother.Kendo club captain and karate club affiliation. 175 cm. O type.
I respect my brother and do not doubt that all his actions are correct.Therefore, I speak in honorifics to my brother.According to tradition, Yasushi is designated as the master, but he believes that it is his vassal's duty to purge rudeness and selfishness with a bamboo sword, and he is arranging exclusively.
A refreshing and cheerful personality that is the exact opposite of his brother.Somewhat natural.A taste-on-chi that makes you drink black tea with Tabasco.The twins say "stupid child".
Not read the air.Even so, I think I can read the air myself.According to the author, "a very annoying child".
In the final volume of the book, "Future Forecast," after studying abroad, the brothers formed a "breeding club" to raise small animals with Yasushi instead of the host club (originally, a new host club was planned to be formed, but the new host club). When I started to keep small animals in an attempt to make Yasushi, who was reluctant to form, feel that way, it became a breeding department).
Like her brother, she looks neat, but there is no depiction that is popular with female students.


Tamaki's mother.French.
Yuzuru was sympathetic, but Yuzuru's mother, Shizue, was not allowed to marry.
Although she was a child of a good family (noble), she was sick and used to get feverish and fell asleep when Tamaki was young. There is.I'm good at playing the piano, and when I'm feeling well, I also do a teacher (a young ring was also taught by her).I have an Antoinette brother dog (named Hachibee).
He is a natural and cheerful person who remembers the wrong Japanese culture as it was taught by Yuzuru.Even now, my love for Yuzuru and my son Tamaki hasn't changed.
Since he has a lot of pictures of Tamaki, he probably keeps in touch with Shizue in secret.
In Volume 17, the cause of long-standing sickness is "cisrese syndrome," which is said to be an intractable disease, and the Grantane family, who is their parents' home, has developed it with private support from Yuzuru Suou to treat it. Being a subject of a clinical trial of a new drug showed signs of recovery, and I was able to come to Japan temporarily.
In the anime version, after the disappearance of the Toner familyHousewifeIt has become.
Yado Fuyumi
Maiden name, Otori.Kyoya's older sister.26 years old when first appeared.
He has a very gentle personality and cares about Kyoya in various ways.He is also close to Tamaki, who often goes in and out of the Otori family, and creates a gourmet map for the common people together.There was a time when I was immersed in Kyoya's room and took care of cleaning, etc. in the name of training for the bride, but as a whole I am not good at housework.
Because in the anime version before marriageCredit titleIs the maiden name.

Academy students / related persons

Ayano Koji
3rd year group A.Former host club regular.The name below is unknown.
A sarcasm that puts the upper class on the noseStereotypeLady.He was jealous of Haruhi, who was loved by Tamaki because of the common people, and repeatedly harassed him.
Houshakuji Renge
Cosplay,Love gamesIs a hobby, genuineGeekGirl.A large dark red ribbon is tied to the hair.In a romance game, he was absorbed in a character similar to Kyoya, and after seeing a picture of Kyoya, transferred from France and transferred to Group A for the first year.As a result, he seems to understand the difference between the game and reality, and remains at the academy after that.The manager of the host department (apparently). In the special edition of the September 1 issue of "LaLa", the university departmentFaculty of EconomicsI am going on to school.
FanI love the setting, everythingMoe attributeFamiliar with.When I get angry, my hairMedusaTo become.
Although the number of appearances in the original is small, it has increased significantly in the animation, and it is a usual pattern to appear in Kamide Oniken with a gimmick using a powerful motor.In addition to character attribute guidance, live commentary, and commentary, he is active in selling douujinshi in the host club (it is unknown whether the money has been paid to the club), and hosting a hero show on the roof of a department store (?).
It is the first female character other than Haruhi to be called by Mori (animation only).
DVDVolume 8 is the only non-host member to decorate the cover of the jacket.
Umehito Nekozawa
Known as Nekozawa-senpai. 3rd grade. black magicDepartment manager.
ロシア-Tokarev(Romanov) Born in a family that worships cats for generations, following the dynasty.In a quarter closer to Russia, he is a beautiful blonde boy, but he always covers his whole body with a black wig and a black cloak (all members wear).
I am fascinated by the darkness, and I am not very good at bright places.Curse, blood, etc.occultLike.cat'sPuppetAlways with "Belzenev".For my sister, I had a special training from a host member to go out to a bright place without a wig or cloak, but I couldn't stand the sudden change, so I soon returned to normal.Of the host members, only Tamaki believes in the curse.
For some reason, he is often involved in the ring, and according to the president's remark in the original episode 81, in order to delay the boarding procedure of the mother of the ring, somehow he entered the VIP lounge with Curses! It's a terrifying curse. "
Kirimi Nekozawa
1st year of childhood. 3 years old.Umejin's younger sister.
Looking for a high school brother and getting lost in the host club.Contrary to my brother, I am not good at darkness and (real) cats.From his brother's portrait, he has a strong admiration for his prince-like brother, but for a long time he did not believe that Umeto, who is usually dressed as his brother, was his brother.However, he is opening his heart from the one at the time of appearance. "Jiuchi RoulinAnd "reverseHaremI like to have girls read manga.
At first, the host member couldn't remember his name, so he was called "Sashimi-chan".
Reiko Kanazuki
1st year D group.Black magic club.
One red point of the black magic club.Quiet and less emotional ups and downs.I have no friends other than the members, and the curse of my hobby is the only means of communication.Mitsukuni, who fell in love at first sight, said, "I will take away my soul because I was robbed of my soul."At the end, he approaches head-on without relying on a curse and is allowed by Mitsukuni.
In the final volume of the book, "Future Prediction," he uses a gesture of "I can't say what I want to say," and tells Mitsukuni, but at that time, he accepts the "marriage" that he tried.
Joey Wheeler
2nd year Vice Chairman of Group A.The grade is 3rd grade (always 2nd until the ring comes).At the request of Kyoya, he once served as a teacher for Haruhi, who had to take a follow-up exam due to a careless mistake.In the work, it is the next brain group after Kyoya Ootori.
It is characterized by speaking long lines in one breath, and the nickname in the host club is "MorseMs. ".I hate rain, noise and rings.Straight hair without distortion, but actuallyNatural perm(Therefore I hate rain).After realizing that his feelings for Tamaki were the inside out of his favor, he changed to a hairstyle that made use of his perm and became a regular at the host club, but his straight and serious personality remained the same.
He is a key person who overheard the members' plans to take Tamaki out to meet his mother with Kasugazaki and other regular guests of the host club, and established a cooperative system.
In the anime version, like the other mobs, I fell in love with the ring I met for the first time.
Takeshi Kuse
3rd year group A.American footballDepartment manager.
Although the grade is different from Kyoya, he is a childhood friend from the childhood.In one case at that time, his pride was crushed by Kyoya Ootori, and although he was unilaterally regarded as a rival, he still won 0.My parents' house is the top of the fruit and vegetable import business, and I always carry oranges with me and cover them with their skins.By the way, this orangePost-harvest pesticideYou don't have to worry about it.
As he is the director of the American football club, he has considerable motor nerves.At the athletic festival, the losing team gained momentum.
Guest appearance in the bonus message recorded in the 3rd drama CD.
Konan Mitsuyama
3rd year B group.Student Organization Secretary.
Kyoya, Takeshi and childhood friend.Takeshi is engaged and loves each other.It doesn't look like an unfussy appearance, and its personality is quite black, and it's useless for Kyoya Ootori to compete with Kyoya, so I'd like him to stop (I'm telling him face to face).My parents' house is the number 2 fruit and vegetable import business following the Kuse family.
Kazuki Aiga
Class A class president for 1st year.The grade is the grader (once Haruhi's careless mistake was the chief).Haruhi is consistently called "Fujioka". In the special edition of the September 1 issue of "LaLa", he went on to the law department of the university department like Haruhi.
Parents are politicians.Fear of the darkBesides, it is an extremely scary physical phobia.I have a feeling for my childhood friend Kuragano.The twins say, "When you bully, your filth becomes apparent."
Ritsu Kasanoda
Known as Bossa Nova, Bossa Nova.Only Haruhi is Casanova.Young from the members. 1st year D group. In the special edition of the September 2011 issue of "LaLa", he entered the Faculty of Economics at the university.
A trace of the Kanto's largest gangster, the Kasanoda-gumi.Redhead.I couldn't make friends because of the fearful look (Twins and Tamaki, Hannya No. 2) and attitude of even the members.It is quiet and scary at first glance, but he admires Takashi who gathers around him and becomes a disciple.After that, he had a romantic feeling for Haruhi, but before he confessed, he received Haruhi's unconscious "friend" declaration and crushed it.After that, he joined the gardening club and became Haruhi.Petit tomatoesExchanges as friends continue, such as handing over the seedlings of.
The contents are animal-loving and disciple-minded (although the animals could only touch things that could not escape due to injuries, and the members were scared on the face), and the roots are quite good.The original name was "Human Blizzard", but the name disappeared after making many friends.Those who are dexterous.In the anime, you can see girls talking to each other at the Sakuraran Festival and kicking the can.
He is the only (?) Student who knows Haruhi's identity other than the members, but due to discussions (obviously threatening) with the members, he vows to keep secret for Haruhi.
Shiro Takaoji
Elementary 5th grade A group.Naughty system.Selfish, cheeky and scary.The compulsory club is music.He became a disciple of the host club to turn around the girl and chicks he was interested in, and received special training on the piano for the duet with the chicks.Later, he went in and out of the host club and got the title of "Sister Killer".Also, in the novel version, a host department was established in the elementary department.
Kamishiro Hina
Former elementary school 5th grade A group.The compulsory club was music.Now because of my father's workGermanyLives in.What is Tsuguro who was a classmate and was doing the same club?E-mailIn long-distance relationship by.According to Tsuguro, "Unexpectedly Yakimochi Yaki".
Kanako Kasugazaki
2nd year B group.Host club regular.
Childhood friend and fiancéeToiletIn order to attract the attention of Haruhi, he continues to go around the wandering hosts (also known as a man with a sickness) (it seems that everyone has done two laps before joining Haruhi).He nominated Haruhi, who had just joined the club, and also served as Haruhi's dance teacher at the Christmas event of the host club.Even after confirming his feelings with Toru, he is one of the regulars who appears in the host club, although the frequency has decreased.I live in the neighborhood of the Haninozuka family.
During the suspension of host club activities and the turmoil of the Suou family, we visited the host club members together with other host club regulars, and said, "Most of the regulars know about the birth of the ring." That's what I said.After that, I overheard the host member planning to take out the ring and follow the plan with the regulars.
Haruhi will kiss her cheek at the animated Christmas event, but Haruhi mistakenly pushes Haruhi when Tamaki knows that it is a first kiss, and Haruhi gives a first kiss to Kanako. I will end up.
Toru Suzushima
2nd year C group.The son of "Suzujima Tsusho", which runs a tableware import business.The tea set of the host department is also purchased from his company.Feeling close to his low family, he avoids his fiancée, Kanako.Trying to be the right man for herThe United KingdomDecided to study abroad.
Akira Komatsuzawa
3rd year C group.Newspaper manager.My fatherInfomationPresident.Can't sell at allgossipPublished the newspaper "Sakura Spo".From the impatience of the club and his position, he scoops the face behind the ring through interviews with the host club and tries to increase the number of copies and destroy the ring, but behind the mirror nights who saw it The face is shown and the pressure is applied.
In the original, an extra scooping the duel between Takashi and Mitsukuni is distributed just as "the last work".
Ukyo Chikage
2nd year B group.Newspaper club.Since the parent company is under the umbrella of the Komatsuzawa family company, it is in a vulnerable position.
Tomochika Sakyo
2nd year C group.Newspaper club.Like Ukyo, I can't go against the director's instructions.
Ai Kadani (Megumi Kanoya)
Due to the disagreement between his parents' relatives, he moved to Group A for the second year from the prestigious "Aoi Tsuka Gakuin" in Kobe.My father has many restaurants in Kansai.He loves cooking and cherishes the books his father wrote in the past.
One day, Tamaki helps a horse attacked by a crow during an event at the host club.That triggered me to start worrying about the ring and confess.It seems to be close to Haruhi who appears in the delusion of the ring that the twins say.
Although he struggled with Tamaki in the orienteering sponsored by the host club, it took too long to finish at the bottom.Also, the event itself was designed to reveal her true intentions.
Toshinaga Matsudaira (Toshiyori Matsudaira)
Student president of Group A in 3rd grade.I have a stomachache, and I have a stomachache just thinking that I might be able to compete for physical strength in the "Central Building Salon Battle", which takes place at the Sakuraran Festival.However, brain battles such as chess are strong.
Host department regular customers (some)
Each has a fixed nominee.Relatively moe (especiallyBoys love) There is a strong tendency for attributes.
The information network between regulars keeps track of the birth of the ring and the current state of the family.However, because he had signed an agreement with Haruhi, who is a commoner, in a direction that he would not snoop, he did not notice that he was a girl even when he saw Haruhi's transvestite (long wig, one-piece dress, and makeup), and his love with Tamaki was also Boy's Love. It seems that he was cheering in the mode.
In the anime version, they also have their own personal names.The following are the students who appeared from the original.
Momoka Kuragano
1st year class A vice chairman.Excellent results.A fan of Haruhi, he appeared in episode 1 of the anime. In the special edition of the September 2011 issue of "LaLa", he went on to the law department of the university with Haruhi and Aiga, and still calls Haruhi as a prince.
Kimiko Sakurazuka
1st year group A affiliation.One of Haruhi fans.
Zennosuke Kazama
Known as the elder.High school vice-principal.A gentleman with a beard as a trademark.It is a rule to cover the soup from the face just like the troubles of the host club that occur in the cafeteria.
When he was young, he fell hungry and became a soup researcher who published a book when he was treated to a woman (later his wife) for soup.The couple is still very good.

Other people

Shirayuri no Kai / Zuka Club
"For the maiden by the maiden maiden" meeting belonging to the girls' school "St. Lobelia Jogakuin". What is "Zuka"?Takarazuka RevueIt seems to be an abbreviation for Takarazuka, and their behavior is Takarazuka itself. Boasting a 30-year tradition, the activities are diverse, including tea ceremonies and debates in addition to the stage.It also sells various "Zuka club goods".
When he visited at the presentation of the Culture Department of Sakuraran, he learned about the actual situation of the host department and Haruhi's circumstances, and tried to pull Haruhi to Lobelia.He also forcibly took Haruhi as a substitute for the stage.
They are hostile to the host club, who cheats on women, but both are stupid groups who are similar or close to each other.
Amakusa Benio
Known as the Red Rose.Director of Zuka.He is tall and has short hair, and plays a male role in the play.I saw Haruhi as a woman at a glance.My favorite food is Octopus Wiener.
Chizuru Maihara
Known as Suzuran-kun.Deputy General Manager of Zuka Department.The origin of the popular name is "Nolinoideae → Maizuru grass (My sweet potato) ”.
Hinako Tsuwabuki
Commonly known as daisies.The origin of the popular name is "Asteraceae → Ishibata (Tsuwabuki) ”.
Isao Sonoda / Misuzu
Shemale, a colleague of Ranka.Misuzu is the name of the source.Former bank clerk.Nickname is "Misuzucchi".In the summer, he runs a pension in Karuizawa, and Haruhi also comes to work part-time.A girl's hobby that is good at cooking and sewing and loves frills and lace.Batsuichi.
Mei Yasumura (May Yasumura)
Misuzu's daughter now lives with her mother and her remarriage partner's father.Metropolitan Umeda Girls' High School 3st grade 1 groups.It's a kogal style and has a bad mouth.His special skill is making clothes and sewing yukata by himself.I like to dress girls in cute clothes that I made (Haruhi says, "Surely Misuzu's blood").He treats Misuzu coldly, but secretly thinks of his father that he likes the dishes that Misuzu makes.
He has a hungry relationship with Haruhi, such as cooperating with Haruhi's love affair, and is also close to the host club members.Every time I come to Haruhi's house, I go to HaruhiOmelette riceI have you make. In the special edition of the September 2011 issue of "LaLa", she went to a fashion school and met Kasanoda, who was dispatched to her twins on behalf of herself when asked to be a fashion model for the event.
An enthusiastic fan of Hitachiin Yuzuha.
Tetsuya Sendo
ポ ニ ー テ ー ルKasanoda group new member of. 22 years old.Although he is the second son of the conflicting Sendo group Kanto branch leader, he runs away from home on a rainy day, falls in love with his kindness and hides his identity and enters the Kasanoda group.Since he often handles miscellaneous tasks near Ritsu, the rate of chattering is proportionally high.A bridge between Ritsu and his disciples.
ミ シ ェ ル
EuropeThe first princess of the small country of Monar.It has an appearance similar to the mother of the ring.Transferred to Haruhi's class when visiting Japan.He is very fond of his older brother, Lowrance, and behaves as a selfish man because of the loneliness he cannot afford.
Maezono Shima
Suo No. 82 Residence Employee General Manager and Kan Education Section. XNUMX years old.
After Tamaki moved to the main residence, he was on vacation, so he seems to have been working hard on a class to obtain a diving license in Amami Oshima.Most of the servants of the second residence, including her, were originally staff members of the main residence, so they knew the security of the main residence and cooperated in the operation to take out the ring with the preparedness of dismissal.After the turmoil was over, Shizue, who received the intention of Tamaki, returned to the main residence with everyone including her and Antoinette.
A doctor who escaped to his wife and children and got lost in Sakuraran High School, where he was measuring his body to find his daughter.A stupid man who infiltrated Sakuraran by mistake for public Huanglin High School.
Haruhi's middle school classmate.I confessed to Haruhi at that time, but Haruhi, who had a natural blur, didn't even notice that it was a confession.During the summer vacation, I helped my uncle's fruit and vegetable shop in Karuizawa, and I met Haruhi again for the first time in a year because one of the delivery destinations was Misuzu's pension.At that time, he was officially shaken, but he is still a friend.Belongs to the soccer club at the destination.
Maids A and B (name unknown)
They are also twins, who are the caretakers of Hikari and Kaoru.Helping Haruhi change clothes makes her eyes shine strangely.
Caretaker (name unknown)
He was a child caretaker of twins and was a thief.It was unfriendly, but the twins liked it. He has the belief that he is the only one who believes.Her words will influence them later.
The maid of the Nekozawa family.Kirimi, who longs for an older brother like a prince, was reading a picture book from which the prince appeared, but because the repertoire was exhausted, he started working on shojo manga.It is because of her that Kirimi uses words that are not suitable for her age.Talk "appropriately" about the secrets of the Nekozawa family.
Nekozawa family secretary.A long wound like a sword is running on the left half of the face.In the original, he is also in charge of picking up Kirimi.The combination with Kuretake is outstanding.
Seisaburo Tachibana
Otori family bodyguard. 39 years old.It is the only bodyguard with Kyoya that allows you to enter Kyoya's room.According to him, it seems to be an "honored thing".Very serious and a little nervous personality.
The oldest and leader of the three with Kyoya Ootori.I bring back and store (many) gifts from Kyoya, which Kyoya throws away.I have a wife and a daughter.
Otori family bodyguard. At the age of 45, he is the oldest of the three.He is always calm, so he is relied on by the other two.
His specialty is cooking, and he also prepares Kyoya Ootori's midnight snack and snacks for three people.My wife is 3 years old and is currently 23 months pregnant.
Otori family bodyguard. 35 years old.The body is big but the mind is small.I'm not good at straightening my hair, so I use skinheads.It is easy to be moved and tears are fragile.I have an older wife.I like animals.
Fengya Private Police
Private police with 100 members.He is receiving martial arts instruction under Mitsukuni Haninozuka.SWATBoasting average equipment, Mitsukuni and Takashi have no teeth at all.In the 7th episode of the animeH&K MP7Was equipped with, but held without raising the foldable vertical foregrip.
Yuko Kosaka
One of the lawyers doing business with the Suo family.Ryoji's acquaintance seems to be Kotoko's junior at university.A person who was conducting a behavioral investigation of the ring in order to decide whether or not to put the ring in the main residence, but there seems to be something else.Money is noisy because there was a time when his family collapsed and was rough due to his father's debt.
After it was discovered that he was being danced in the palm of his hand during Shizue's defeat, he quit his large office and chose to work in a small office like Kotoko.Fish sausageI like it and I am particular about the manufacturer.
Secretly feeling for Ryoji
The name is unknown.A young man with black hair who has a habit of threading.A hard worker who works under Kosaka as a lawyer's egg, but is constantly being swayed.肉 ま んLike.

Drama CD

AnimatedPreviously, it has been made into a CD drama several times in the past as a service for all applicants in "LaLa" or "LaLaDX", and as an appendix CD for "LaLa".In addition to the main drama, a mini drama and a collection of extra messages are also included.

The voice actors were totally replaced when they were animated, but only Kenichi Suzumura, who played the role of Kaoru, also participated in the anime as Mitsu.Since the animation, the CD drama attached to the magazine has also been announced as an anime version of the voice actor.

"Ouran High School Host Club" Glitter CD Pack (2003winter)
The main drama is Haruhi Iribe episode of the first episode of the original (included in one volume of the book).
"Ouran High School Host Club" Uki Doki CD Pack (2004summer)
The main drama is the episode of Renge Houshakuji in the third episode of the original story (included in one volume of the book).
"Ouran High School Host Club" Wai Gaya CD Pack (2005summer)
The main drama is a physical examination episode of the original episode 4 (included in 2 volumes of the book).
LaLa Memorial ☆ Drama CD (September 2004 issue appendix)
Contents: An original episode in which a club's equipment inspection exemption is applied and a shiritori match is played.
LaLa Kirameki ☆ Drama CD (September 2005 issue appendix)
Contents: An original episode in which members of the club play dodgeball.

* The following are the voice actors for the anime version.

"Ouran High School Host Club" Anime Drama CD (September 2006)
The main drama is an original episode in which the members make friends with the piglet and Haruhi.
LaLa Gorgeous ☆ Drama CD (2006April issue appendix)
Contents: An original episode in which members explore the mystery of a donut hole.
LaLa Treasure ☆ Drama CD (2007April issue appendix)
Contents: An original episode that opens a counseling room for the host department.
"Ouran High School Host Club" exciting drama CD
(1) Host Club Road to Drama CD (2) Cursed Host Club (3) Otori Staff Three People
LaLa Appendix: LaLa Premium Drama CD (May 2008 issue appendix)
Contents: An episode in which members fight for Haruhi's lunch box.
LaLa Appendix: LaLa Excellent Drama CD (2008April issue appendix)
Contents: Tamaki's dream comes true !? An original episode in which Tamaki's delusional family comes true.
LaLa Appendix: LaLa Precious Drama CD (2009April issue appendix)
Contents: An original episode that holds a homemade auction.
"Ouran High School Host Club" Climax Drama CD
(1) Host Club talks about the history of glory! (2) Three Otori staff members (3) Voice actor roundtable discussion


Before animation

After animation

See the anime cast for details.The following is a cast of characters that did not appear in the anime and appeared only in the drama CD.

Television Animation

2006May 4からMay 9Until midnight every TuesdayNippon TVIt was animated elsewhere.All 26 episodes.

The episode is almost in line with the original, but the ending is original because the original was incomplete.During the main story, there was a production that a telop was inserted when introducing a character or plunging.

Cast (animation)

original character

An anime original character that does not exist in the original.

Eclair Toner
Only anime appears.The third daughter of the Tonnerre family, one of France's most famous families.He came to Japan to marry Tamaki and acquire a company of the Otori Group.He is interested in Tamaki from a story from Tamaki's mother, a housekeeper of the Toner family.Always carry an opera glass with you, especially watching the ring regardless of distance.
In order to monopolize the ring, Haruhi's personality is arrogant and cold, such as taking over Haruhi's debt and expelling Haruhi without a reason to be enrolled in the host club.However, even though it was a political marriage, love for the ring was not just a form.
Eclair means "thunder light" in French and Toner means "thunder", suggesting that it is Haruhi's "natural enemy" who hates thunder.
Appears only in anime.It suddenly appears and drops the banana skin, but sometimes only the skin is dropped.Someone always gets caught in the skin.

ス タ ッ フ

Theme song

Opening theme"Sakura kiss'
Lyrics- Natsumi Watanabe / Composition --Rie / Arrangement --Yutaka Shinya / Song - Chieko Kawabe
Ending theme
"" (Episode 1-Episode 25)[4]
Lyrics / Composition-Ryusuke Anzai / Arrangement / Song- LAST ALLIANCE
"See you tomorrow!" (Episode 26)
Lyrics --Ryohei Matsufuji / Composition / Arrangement --Yutaka Shinya / Song - Host part[Member 1]

Insert song / insert song

  • Haruhi sang in "Episode 19 Lobelia Jogakuin's Counterattack" in charge of the theme song.Chieko Kawabe"Brilliance" recorded in the 5th song of the album "brilliance"little wing. "
  • The piano song used in "Episode 6 Elementary School Host is Naughty" is "Nodame CantabileWas also usedMozartof"Sonata for Two Pianos". Even in episode 15, Tamaki is playing (although it is for four hands).


Ouran high school host club Soundtrack& Character Song Collection Part XNUMX
Character song
In addition, all 20 soundtracks
Sakuraran High School Host Club Soundtrack & Character Song Collection Part XNUMX
Character song
In addition, all 19 soundtracks
Sakuraran High School Host Club Soundtrack & Character Song Collection Special Edition
Character song
In addition, a total of 2 soundtracks, including 12 songs not recorded in the first part and the second part

List of stories

Number of storiessubtitleStoryboardShowAnimation directorAirdate
1You are the host from todayTakuya IgarashiAtsushi Hasebe2006May 4
2High school host workIchi SatoTakefumi AnzaiHiroki Kanno2006May 4
3Beware of physical examinationTensai OkamuraMasayuki IimuraHideyuki Motohashi2006May 4
4Female manager invadesNakatsu TamakiEiko Saito2006May 4
5Twin quarrelKazuki KakudaYuka Kudo2006May 5
6Elementary school host is naughtyFukuda MichioYuji MoriyamaYuji Moriyama2006May 5
7Jungle pool SOSShinji IshihiraTakefumi AnzaiYuko Yazaki, Atsushi Hasebe2006May 5
8Sun, sea and host clubTakuya Igarashi
Masayuki Iimura
Masayuki IimuraHideyuki Motohashi2006May 5
9The challenge of Lobelia JogakuinShingo KanekoHiroki Kanno2006May 5
10Fujioka family's daily lifeHiroaki SakuraiYu ShinodaKayoko Nabeta2006May 6
11My brother is a princeShinji IshihiraShin MatsuoEiko Saito2006May 6
12Honey senior's unsweetened three daysFukuda MichioMitsutaka NoshiyaShinichi Suzuki2006May 6
13Haruhi in WonderlandTakuya IgarashiAyumi Kurashima2006May 6
14Cover the rumored host clubMasakazu HishidaTakefumi AnzaiYuka Kudo2006May 7
15Karuizawa refreshing battleShinji IshihiraNakamura SatomiHideyuki Motohashi2006May 7
16Haruhi and Hikari's first date strategyKazuki KakudaAtsushi Hasebe, Hiroki Kanno2006May 7
17Kyoya Ootori's unwilling holidayFukuda MichioInukawa InuoKayoko Nabeta2006May 7
18Chika-kun's Declaration of Overthrowing HoneyShinji IshihiraYu ShinodaYoshiyuki Kodaira2006May 8
19Counterattack of Lobelia JogakuinShingo KanekoEiko Saito, Yuko Yazaki2006May 8
20Door opened by twinsTomoki KyodaNakamura SatomiHideyuki Motohashi2006May 8
21Until the day when it becomes a pumpkin somedayHiroko Kazui
Shinji Ishihira
Ikuro SatoIkuo Kuwana,Itagaki Atsushi
Kyoko Yasuda[5], Kyoko Kotani[5]
Hiroshi Osaka[5],Hiroyuki Oda[5]
Naoko Kaneda[5], Naoshi Yamamoto[5]
2006May 8
22Volunteer to become a disciple of Mori-senpaiTakefumi AnzaiYuka Kudo2006May 8
23Unconscious melancholy of the ringShin MatsuoAtsushi Hasebe, Hiroki Kanno2006May 9
24And Kyoya metTomoki KyodaYoshiyuki Kodaira2006May 9
25Declaration of dissolution of host departmentShinji IshihiraShingo KanekoEiko Saito, Yuka Kudo2006May 9
26This is our Sakuraran FestivalTakuya IgarashiKumiko Takahashi2006May 9


Broadcast areaBroadcasterBroadcast periodBroadcast dateBroadcast seriesRemarks
Kanto wide areaNippon TV2006May 4 - May 9Tuesday 24:50-25:20NTV seriesParticipation in production committee
HokkaidoSapporo TV2006May 4 - May 10Wednesday 25:25-
ShizuokaShizuoka Daiichi Television2006May 4 - May 10Tuesday 25:20-
Chukyo wide areaChukyo TV2006May 4 - May 10Wednesday 25:59-26:29
Kinki wide areaYomiuri TV2006May 4 - May 10Monday 25:42-26:12MONDAY PARK The 1 part
All over JapanAnimax2006May 10 - 2007May 4Friday 22:00-22:30CS broadcasting
Kids station2010May 5 -Thursday 23: 00-

Video distribution siteShowtimeSo, all episodes have been distributed on the Internet since early April 2008. From May 4, 2008GyaOFree distribution of 2 episodes each on the anime channel.

Nippon TV Tuesday 24:50 frame
Previous programProgram nameNext show
Ouran high school host club

TV drama

2011May 7からMay 9Until,TBS series OfFriday BreakIt was broadcast in the frame.Haruna KawaguchiThis work is the first starring in a serial drama[2]..The narration in the program played the voice of the anime version of Haruhi Fujioka.Sakamoto MaayaIs in charge. On August 2011, 8, a fan meeting called "Ouran High School Host Club Summer Party" was held.Film adaptationIt was announced that it will be done.


Ouran High School Host Club is one of Japan's most prestigious schools, with one family, two money, and the son and daughter of a good family.

After school, Haruhi Fujioka enters the third music room at the end of the stairs hall on the north side of the South School Building in search of a place where he can study quietly.The story begins from there.

Cast (drama)

Ouran High School Host Club

A splendid play group woven by beautiful boys who reign over super rich high schools.

A beautiful boy who has spare time will entertain and moisturize a girl who is also free.

Ouran High School Host Club does not charge a fee, so insteadNet auctionThe sales of goods and goods cover the cost of costumes and food and drink.

Haruhi Fujioka
Performance- Haruna Kawaguchi(Childhood (photo / recollection) Ishii Moeka)
High school first grade scholarship student.The poorest man in school and the common people.Scholarship students will be expelled if they do not keep the top position.He doesn't care much about his appearance and lives for a week with the 1 yen given to him by his father.
The long hair was gummed by a child in the neighborhood and cut by himself into short hair.In a father-son family, he cannot be pampered by others, and always tries to have a strong heart and repels the ring.
It looks like there are no things I don't like, such as dark places, high places, tips, and insects, but I'm not really good at Kaminari.When I was young, I always endured desperately alone.
Tamaki Suoh
Performance- Hironori Yamamoto
High school sophomore.Host department manager.A prince-type boy with the highest nomination rate.There are too many feelings that I like Haruhi, but I can't convey that feeling to him.Maybe it's a shameful joke, Haruhi is struggling to be called "dad".
Kyoya Ootori
Performance- Shunsuke Daito
High school sophomore.Deputy General Manager of Host Department.A cool boy who has a habit of saying "Don't underestimate the information of the host club" in the brain of the host club.In case of emergency, all the keys such as Ouran Gakuin classroom and the chairman's office are duplicated.
He has a ruthless personality that he doesn't sweat if there is no merit, and he doesn't have to worry if he has no purpose, but when Haruhi was thrown into the sea, he jumped into the sea without a calm judgment.
Hitachiin Hikaru
Performance- Shinpei Takagi
Hitachiin Kaoru
Performance- Manpei Takagi
High school first grader.Girls' favorite boys love, the best forbidden play unique to twins is on sale.He is the No. 1 hedonist in the host club and enjoys beating the pure maidens.
In the middle school days, his personality was even more distorted than he is now, and he was afraid of being hurt, so he deliberately tried to make mistakes with each other.
Tamaki, who knew it, invited the host club to join the club, saying, "It's a talent in a sense that it's so similar. Why don't you stop trying people masochistically and play a fun game?"
Mitsukuni Haninozuka
Performance- Chiba Yudai(Mitsukuni when it gets smaller)
High school third grader.Known as Honey Senior, a more neutral boy of the Lovely system.Looking like this, he was a karate champion in junior high school and was captain of the karate club before joining the host club.His specialty is "Usa-chan kick".
The Haninozuka family is a prestigious martial arts person, and decided that he must be a strict person suitable for the next head of the family. Will change.
Takashi Morinozuka
Performance- Masaya Nakamura
High school third grader.Known as Mori-senpai, a strong wild boy with few words.Since the Warring States period, the Harpoonzuka family has served the Haninozuka family for generations, and the relationship continues even today, and due to the marriage two generations ago, Mitsukuni is a cousin.Has experience of national domination in kendo.
I trusted Tamaki, who spoke for me, a word I couldn't say to Mitsukuni, "Being honest with myself is also strength."

Black magic club

Umeto Nekozawa
Performance- Ryusei Ryo
High school third grader.Director of the Black Magic Department.He often appears in the host club and makes an ominous prophecy to Haruhi.I'm not good at sunlight.I'm studying listening to curse speed learning to learn spells.
The Nekozawa family is a family who moved from Russia to Japan a long time ago.Romanov dynastyA venerable family tree that belongs to the genealogy of. Legend has it that once every 100 years, you will be fascinated by the darkness and have a child.
DomesticallyPrivate beach"Nekogaiwa" where the guardian deity of the Nekozawa family is enshrined for generations, "Dokutsu" where the people cursed by the Nekozawa family are buried, and the Western-style "Western-style" that seems to appear in American psychic movies There is "Besso".
Compared to the original and anime, it appears more often.
Reiko Kanazuki
Performance- Sugisakika(7th --final story)
High school first grader.Fortune-telling the compatibility between Tamaki and Haruhi's father with crystals. "Unfortunately, it's not a good match, and there's a phase of sickness," he said, saying that there are ominous signs for people who are neither male nor female.
My hobbies are curses and studying the dark world.He speaks words without stagnation, but sometimes he makes mistakes in words and is thrust into it.However, he has not made any corrections and is always calm.

Host department female regular customers

Chiharu Tojo
Natsuki Saijo
Performance- Mitsumi Hiromura
Akina Nanjo
Performance- Ayu Higashi
Kuragano Hyakuka
Performance- Fresh vegetable name
Kimiko Sakurazuka
Performance --nicola
Regular customers
Performance- Midori Fusa,Yukie Mizutani,Madoka Takahashi,Misuzu Miyagi,Nagisa Odajima,Misaki Shiraishi,,,


Kotoko Fujioka (Photo of the other world / Recollection)
Performance- Suzuki Ami
Haruhi's mother.Working at a small law firm in the city, on the side of vulnerable people.


Ayakoji Seika
Performance- Okawa Ai(The last episode of)
Tamaki Suoh's nominated guest.A naive and high-ranked greenhouse-raised princess who never eats the food of the common people.Harassing Haruhi who likes the ring.
However, all the members had a prospect and it seemed that they would be prohibited from entering or leaving the host club, but it was canceled because Haruhi, the victim, forgave her.With that gratitude, one year's worth of cardboardInstant coffee(Key coffee3 types) were presented to the host department.
Performance- Satoshi Jimbo
An internist in the neighboring town.I was heading to Huanglin High School to give my wife and daughter a celebration of going on to school, but I accidentally entered Ouran High School.
Female doctor
Performance- Karahashi Yumi[6]
Dispatched from a hospital run by Kyoya's father, he is in charge of physical examination of Haruhi.
Performance- Atsushi Mizutani
Private Sakuraran Gakuin Performs a physical examination so as not to hurt the students while complimenting them well.
Bob nurse
Performance- Nanase Iwai
Private Ouran High School Escort a physical examination booth and provide a drink service so that students do not get lost.
Performance- Tomomi Yoshida
Ayame Jonouchi
Performance- Nakabeppu Aoi(The last episode of)
Haruhi's tutor.Kyoya's classmate and vice chairman with excellent results.
I hate distorted posture, so I think about myselfMorse codeContinue talking without giving time to breathe like.The person who heard itLack of oxygenFall into a state.
Straightening hairI fully understand that it appeals to the Japanese emotions from ancient times, but I hate rain.Also, the ring is attractive and popular with the majority of girls, but it is not accepted physiologically.
Teacher in the third year of middle school (recollection)
Houshakuji Renge
Performance- Taiho Tsuchiya(Episode 6)
Kyoya's parents are the daughters of business partners.I came far from France to meet Kyoya Ootori.I'm addicted to the romance simulation game "Ukidoki Memorial".
A delusional girl who enjoys selfish delusions by superimposing the characters, Masaru Ichijo and Kyoya Ootori.In order to please Kyoya, he challenges unfamiliar dishes, bake cookies, volunteers as the manager of Ouran High School Host Club, and struggles to renew his character.
As I got involved with the Ouran High School Host Club, I gradually became able to accept the reality.
Wataru Hozumiji
Performance- Goo Shiro
An overprotective father who is sweet to his daughter.I love Renge.
Chairman's Secretary
Performance- Tetsuko Abe(8th and 10th-final episode)
He warns the president who is calm and calm and derails the story violently.
Ouran Gakuin Boys
Performance- Yuki Ono
A bad boy who looks a little bad.
Chara Nampa Man
Act-Ryo Yanagi,
I trespass on a private beach and pick up female customers.
Private Sakuraran Gakuin High School Vice-Principal
Performance- Hideki Kurauchi
When I was in middle school, I liked light and wrote a love letter in my desk.However, I couldn't tell the difference between light and Kaoru, and I cried with merciless words, "Please make a more interesting confession next time."
Ryoji Fujioka / Ranka
Performance- Toshige Shigeyuki(The last episode of)
Haruhi's father works at Okama Bar.Tamaki is regarded as a "pest" enemy and exchanges information with Kyoya by e-mail.Sometimes called tailing play, he watches Haruhi from the shadows.
It helps my daughter to have a solid personality because she doesn't want to worry about her father, but I want her to be a little spoiled in her heart.
Little girl
When I was shopping at a supermarket, I was desperate to find a product and didn't notice the canned food that was piled up high, so I knocked it down with a cart.
Yuzuru Suou
Performance- 寇毅(10th --final story)
Tamaki's father and director of Ouran High School.A large conglomerate that handles a wide range of hotels, theaters, etc. based on the financial industry.
In words, he says he wants to be "Uncle Asinaga, a boy and girl who is poor but aspiring," but he wants to know his gratitude from the inside, so he will give Haruhi a letter set to write a thank-you letter on a regular basis. To do.The story tends to derail and the gesture resembles a ring.
Kirimi Nekozawa
Performance- Mone Sawada(The last episode of)
First-year childhood student, Umeto Nekozawa's younger sister.My brother gets damaged when he goes out in a bright place, but on the contrary, my sister is not good at dark places.A very unbalanced tragic brother and sister.
I think the prince depicted in the portrait is my true brother, so I wouldn't believe it even if the butlers around me explained that the person in black was still alive.
The host club's "Nekozawa Brothers and Sisters Good Friend Daisakusen" was successful and gradually regained the bond between the brothers.I'm not good at animals and I especially hate cats.
Kirimi, who only believes in the prince, reads a picture book in which many princes appear.Still, the story is exhausted, and this time the repertoire is expanded to shojo manga.
As a result, Kirimi began to speak words that infants do not hear, such as "reverse harem" and "sake pond meat forest."
Suou Shizue
Performance- Kyoko Enami(10th --final story)
Yuzuru's mother, Tamaki's grandmother.Chairman of the Suo Zaibatsu, the most powerful person.When Tamaki approaches and greets him, he refuses the existence of his grandson, saying that he is "dirty."
Performance- Ryutaro Akimoto
Haruhi's middle school classmate.When I visited Pension & cafe Misuzu for delivery at Arai Fruit and Vegetable Shop, I met Haruhi who works at the pension again.I am worried about Haruhi who went to an elite school.
Akira Komatsuzawa
Performance- Nagase Tadashi(Episode 9)
High school third grader.Newspaper manager.Grab the scandal of the betting ring for the survival of the club and plan to publish it in the school newspaper article.
Ukyo Akari
Performance- Mio Uema(Episode 9)
Newspaper club member.I can't stand the director's insidious plan and tell the truth of the matter to Harinozuka.He is also a fan of Hidden Mori.
Wrestling captain
Performance- Justice Iwakura
Cooperate with the newspaper club's plans.Using the trained body as a weapon, he confronts Senior Honey, but he is easily dismissed without any movement.
Takao Ootori
Performance- Akihiro Shimizu(The last episode of)
Kyoya Ootori's father, the Suou family, tells Kyoya that he should take good care of him because he is a worthwhile partner.
Yuichi Otori
Performance- Masada Goda
The eldest son of the Otori family. "It's easy for people who don't succeed," he says to Kyoya.
Akihito Otori
The second son of the Otori family.He looks down on his third son, Kyoya.

Staff (drama)

"Ouran High School Host Club" Episode 0 Broadcast Content

  • Episode0 (drama part)
    • Case1 Akina Nanjo / Case2 Natsuki Saijo / Case3 Chiharu Tojo
    • The author name of the book "The Beginning of a Bad Love" that Natsuki Saijo was reading in Case 2 became "Atsushi Han", which is a combination of the surnames and names of Choru Han and Atsushi Sato, who are in charge of directing this drama. There is.
  • Special Talk Part XNUMX / Part XNUMX
    • Performers: Haruna Kawaguchi, Yusuke Yamamoto, Shunsuke Daito, Shinpei Takagi, Manpei Takagi, Yudai Chiba, Masaya Nakamura, Ryo Ryusei
  • Making at the time of shooting

Broadcast list

Number of storiesAirdatescriptShowAudience rating
May 7
Natsuko Ikeda
(Drama part)
Atsushi Sato2.7%
Episode1May 7Natsuko IkedaChoru Han1.1%
Episode2May 73.4%
Episode3805 Day2.7%
Episode4May 8Atsushi Sato2.3%
Episode5May 83.1%
Episode6May 8Choru Han3.0%
Episode7902 Day3.4%
Episode8909 DayAtsushi Sato2.8%
Episode9May 94.0%
Episode10May 9Hiroki Shibasaki3.1%
Final EpisodeMay 9Choru Han2.3%
Average audience rating 2.8%Video researchLook up,Kanto area・ Household)
  • Episode 1 will start broadcasting at 30:24, which is 50 minutes behind schedule due to the extension of the professional baseball All-Star.
  • Episode 6 will start broadcasting at 24:29 for broadcasting related programs on the world track and field.
  • Episode 7 is a special organization during the World Championships in AthleticsNEWS23XWas broadcast until 24:25, so it started broadcasting at 24:30
  • Final EpisodeMasahiro Nakai's Kinsuma SpecialTherefore, the broadcast started at 25:24, which is 45 minutes late.

Internet station / broadcast time

Broadcast target areaBroadcasterBroadcast periodBroadcast dateEpisode0 Broadcast date and timeRemarks
Kanto wide areaTBS TV(TBS)2011May 7 - May 9Friday 24:20-24:50May 7 24:20 - 24:50Production Bureau
ShizuokaShizuoka broadcasting(SBS)Simultaneous net
Kinki wide areaEvery day broadcasting(MBS)2011May 7 - May 10Wednesday 26:40-27:10[8]May 7 26:40 - 27:105 day late
Chukyo wide areaCentral Japan Broadcasting Company(CBC)2011May 7 - May 10Friday 25:27-26:00July 7 22:25 --27:2621 day late[9]
KumamotoKumamoto Broadcasting(RKK)2011May 8 - May 10Monday 25:25-25:55May 7 25:25 - 25:5510 day late
HokkaidoHokkaido Broadcasting(HBC)2011May 8 - May 10Tuesday 24:56-25:26May 7 24:56 - 25:2611 day late
FukuokaRKB Mainichi Broadcasting System(RKB)2011May 8 - May 11Tuesday 25:25-25:55May 8 24:55 - 25:2532 day late[10]
NaganoShinetsu Broadcasting(SBC)2011May 9 - May 11Thursday 23:50-24:20May 8 23:50 - 24:2041 day late
ToyamaTulip TV(TUT)2011May 9 - May 11Monday 25:00-25:30May 9 25:20 - 25:5045 day late
IshikawaHokuriku Broadcasting(MRO)2011May 9 - May 12Wednesday 24:55-25:25None68 day late
KagoshimaMinaminihonhoso(MBC)2011May 10 - May 12Monday 24:10-24:4073 day late
YamagataTV You Yamagata(TUY)2011May 10 - May 12Tuesday 24:20-24:50[11]81 day late
MiyagiTohoku Broadcasting(TBC)2011May 10 - May 12Wednesday 24:20-24:5082 day late
D × D ~ Drama Night ~ First frame
NiigataBroadcasting System of Niigata(BSN)2011May 10 - May 12Monday 24:50-25:20[12]July 10 17:24 --50:2587 day late
Okayama prefecture, Kagawa prefectureSanyo Broadcasting(RSK)2011May 10 - 2012May 1Wednesday 24:20-24:50July 10 19:23 --50:2489 day late
EhimeAi TV(ITV)2011May 10 - May 12Friday 25:25-25:55May 10 24:50 - 25:2091 day late
FukushimaTV You Fukushima(TUF)2011May 10 -2012May 1Monday 24:50-25:20None101 day late
MiyazakiMiyazakihoso(MRT)October 2011, 10-31May 1Monday 24:55-25:25May 10 24:55 - 25:25108 day late
NagasakiNagasaki Broadcasting(NBC)2011May 11 -2012May 2Tuesday 24:20-24:50May 11 24:20 - 24:50116 day late
OitaOita Broadcasting(OBS)2011May 11 - May 12Monday --Thursday 10:20 --10:50May 11 10:20 - 10:50"Relieved Time" frame
KochiTV Kochi(KUTV)2011May 12 -2012May 2Wednesday 23:50-24:20May 12 23:50 - 24:20145 day late
OkinawaRyukyu Broadcasting(RBC)2011May 12 -2012May 2Thursday 26:25-26:55[13]None146 day late
AomoriAomori TV(ATV)2012May 1 - May 3Wednesday 25:00-25:30[14]166 day late
YamanashiTV Yamanashi(UTY)2012May 1 - May 1Monday-Friday 16:20-16:50
IwateIBC Iwate Broadcasting(IBC)October 2012, 1- May 3Tuesday 24:50-25:20172 day late
Tottori-Shimane Sanin Broadcasting(BSS)Tuesday 24:55-25:25
HiroshimaChina broadcasting(RCC)2012May 1 - May 3Friday 25:55-26:25[15]182 day late
Yamaguchi TV Yamaguchi(Tys)2012May 1 - May 4Saturday 26: 41 - 27: 11May 1 26:51 - 27:21190 day late[16]
CS broadcasting(全国)TBS channel2012May 3Sunday 12:30-18:00NoneAll 11 episodes broadcast at once
  • 2011May 8-26 DayIs 9 minutes behind normal for each station due to the broadcasting of programs related to world track and field
  • 2011May 8-May 9Is a special formation during the World Championships in AthleticsNEWS23XWas expanded by 10 minutes, so each station was delayed by 10 minutes
  • The number of internet stations gradually increasedTBS seriesIt will be broadcast on all 28 stations
TBS Friday Break
Previous programProgram nameNext show
(December 2011, 4-February 22, 2011)
Ouran high school host club
(December 2011, 7-February 22, 2011)
Abandoned frame
TBS Friday24:20 frame
Ouran high school host club
[Friday Break frame until this work]
Kaito Royale
[From this workFriday drama NEOframe】

Movie version

"Movie Ouran High School Host Club" is a Japanese movie released on March 2012, 3.This is the original story of the movie version, which is the sequel to the TV drama series, and has the full script cooperation of the original author.Starring "If a female high school baseball manager reads Drucker's "Management"』Haruna Kawaguchi.Naomi Zaizen will play the role of Anne-Sophie as a special appearance, and Mariko Shinoda of AKB48 and Nichkhun of 2PM will appear as special guests. From December 2011, 12, theater etiquette commercials by members of the host club have also been screened.Also,Chiba YudaiStarring "Osamu Shirato Case FilesIn the 8th episode of 』, a member of the host club appears as a collaboration with this movie.[18]..In the movie audience mobilization ranking (according to a survey by Kokou Tsushinsha), it was ranked 11th for the first time.[19].

The catch phrase is "It is a club activity that makes you addicted if you notice it.. "

Cast (theatrical version)

Staff (Movie version)

  • directed by - Choru Han
  • Original-Bisco Hatori "Ouran High School Host Club" (published in "LaLa" by Hakusensha)
  • Screenplay-
  • musics - Tadashi Nakanishi
  • Music Produce- Hirohide Shida
  • Theme song- miwa"At any age"(Sony Records)
  • Executive Producer-Shunsuke Muramatsu
  • Executive Producer-Hideki Tashiro
  • Planning / Producing --Takeshi Sugiyama
  • Produce- Hidenori Iyoda
  • Producer- Yasuhito Tachibana
  • Associate Producer-Keisuke Watanabe, Atsushi Sato
  • Line Producer-Toshihiro Maeda
  • Shooting-Masahiko Omi
  • Video --Shubun Furuichi
  • Lighting-Shuji Yokoyama
  • Recording-Takahiro Uemura
  • Art --YANG Jinei
  • Decoration-Megumi Iida
  • Art production-Yui Kawashima
  • Assistant Director-Hiroki Shibasaki
  • Producer-Taiki Sato, Kazuya Yoshikawa
  • Assistant Producer-Eiji Takano
  • Costume-Kim Junka
  • Hair Make-Maki Matsuda
  • Tools-Saori Nakahi
  • Record-Nano Koyanagi
  • Edit --Toru Takaike
  • Song selection-Sou Inagawa
  • Sound effects-Yoichi Nishimura
  • CG Producer-Misato Torio
  • CG Director-Katsumi Iwata
  • Supervision cooperation-Hirofumi Sugawara
  • Planning cooperation-Hakusensha LaLa editorial department
  • Production Production-DREAMAX Terevision
  • Distribution- Sony Pictures Entertainment
  • Production-Movie "Ouran High School Host Club" Production Committee (Sony Music Entertainment,TBS,Hakusensha,Drimax television,Central Japan Broadcasting Company,SBS,TUT,MBC)

TV broadcast

2016May 1ToTBS1:20-3:34 (JST) Was first broadcast on terrestrial broadcasting as a "New Year movie special project"[20].

Spin-off drama

"Ouran High School Host Club-Haruhi's Happy Birthday Daisakusen-" is auLISMO dramaA live-action spin-off drama distributed from January 2012, 1.All 6 episodes.

  • Haruna Kawaguchi
  • Hironori Yamamoto
  • Ryusei Ryo
  • Masaya Nakamura
  • Chiba Yudai
  • Shinpei Takagi
  • Manpei Takagi
  • Fresh vegetable name
  • nicola
  • Daisuke Shunsuke
ス タ ッ フ
  • Directed by Choru Han, Atsushi Sato
Theme song
  • miwa"FRiDAY-MA-MAGiC" (Sony Music Records Inc.)

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  • "Ouran High School Host Club-Extremely!-"ISBN 4-592-18773-3(2008 4 å¹´ 月 日 5)
  • "Novel Ouran High School Host Club-Special!-"ISBN 4-592-18703-2(2009 9 å¹´ 月 日 4)

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  • "Hana to Yume Comics Special Ouran High School Host Club Fan Book-Uki ♥ Doki ☆ Strategy Daisakusen-"ISBN 978-4-592-18702-8(2009 9 å¹´ 月 日 4)
  • "Ouran High School Host Club Anime Fan Book"ISBN 4-592-73238-3(2006 11 å¹´ 月 日 21)


Idea factory(Otomate) Was released on July 2007, 4PlayStation 2useゲーム..A multi-story adventure game in which the player becomes the main character, Haruhi Fujioka, and multiple endings can be reached by branching the scenario.The whole story is original full voice (but only for the main members), and the stills are drawn by the anime staff.In addition, the original author, Bisco Hatori's original draftoriginal characterWill also appear.

Later as "Ouran High School Host Club DS"Nintendo DSA ported version will be released.At that time, new events were added to each member, and voices of three regular host club members, Renge Houshakuji, Umeto Nekozawa, and Ranka Fujioka, who had no voice in the PS2 version, were also added.

Game original character

Jean-Pierre Leo
Voice- Kazunori Nomiya
Gorgeous high school second year.Born in France, Tamaki's best friend.When I met Tamaki in France, Tamaki taught me French and then my friends.I came to Ouran High School to pull out the ring to the host club established at Gorgeous High School.
Wang Rong
Voice- Hajime Uchino
Gorgeous high school second year.International students from China.Son of a malicious financial company in China.There is also an opinion that he has a cunning personality and is somewhat similar to Kyoya.
Gotokuji Yoshitsuna
Voice- Masakazu Sakimoto
Gorgeous high school second year.I came from the United States as a guardian of Leo.There is also an opinion that it is quiet and resembles Mori somewhere.
Sayuri Himemiya
Voice- Amika Takahashi
Ouran High School 1st year.Haruhi's best friend in kindergarten.I am concerned about being tall.He has a personality that he hates to lose, but he is late in love.After graduating from kindergarten, I went to the United States, but when I learned that my first love partner I met at a social party there was at Ouran High School, I chased and returned to Japan.
Haruhi is called "Haru-chan".Haruhi calls him "Sayuri" and Mitsukuni calls him "Sayu-chan".


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Unit member

  1. ^ a b c Haruhi Fujioka (Sakamoto Maaya), Tamaki Suoh (Mamoru Miyano), Kyoya Ootori (Masaya Matsukaze), Hitachiin Hikaru (Kenichi Suzumura), Kaoru Hitachiin (Keisuke Fujita), Mitsukuni Haninozuka (Saito Ayaka), Takashi Morinozuka (Daisuke Kirii)

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