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🎥 | Yui Horie, Junji Majima, Kana Hanazawa, who are related to the original work of the movie "I'll show you where it's shattering", Yuyuko Takemiya ...


Yui Horie, Junji Majima, Kana Hanazawa, who are related to the original work of the movie "I'll show you where it's shattering", Yuyuko Takemiya ...

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■ Kana Hanazawa (voice actor)
I was very much looking forward to the first live-action film of my favorite Yuyuko Takemiya's work.

Known for the anime "Toradora!" And "Golden Time," the lightness of the words expresses the atmosphere peculiar to teenagers, and each generation ... → Continue reading


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Hanazawa Kana

Hanazawa Kana(Hanazawa,1989May 2[2][7] -) isJapan OfVoice actor,actress,singer.TokyoBackground[4].Osawa OfficeAffiliation[4].. Husband is a voice actorKenshō Ono[6].


The reason for entering the entertainment world was because the mother who brought the child's audition flyer asked me to do it and answered immediately.[8].. I was active as a child actor since I was a kindergarten child.[9].Entertainment shows"After all teacher pacific saury"[10]AndTV drama"Gacco teacher] Has appeared regularly. In the meantimeBig apple[11],Five eight[12],Smile monkey[3]Belonged to.

At the age of 14, he was broadcast in 2003 on TV animation "LAST EXILEFor the first time as a role of Holly Madsane, she challenged a voice actor. In 3, after passing a blank for about 2006 years, in the third year of high school, TV animation "Zega Pain』In the regular role as the heroine Ryoko Kaminagi. With this work as a trigger, I began to aim for a voice actor business[13].. After deciding to go to university, negotiate with the manager of the Osawa office that I knew on the phone, and after going through the in-house examination, the affiliation is decided.[14].

Entered university in 2007. At the same time, he became a full-time member of the Osawa Office and began full-scale activities as a voice actor. After graduating from university in 2011, I became a talent professional. December 2010, 12, radio program "Nonko Tobita's Anime ScrambleReceives "Best Female Voice Actor Award" at "Anime Grand Prix 2010"[15].

On February 2012, 2, the official site was opened and the debut of the singer was announced. The production presentation “Kana Hanazawa Solo Debut Presentation Party” was held on the 23th,AniplexAnnounced to release 1 singles in 4 year[16].. As the first of these, on April 1th, "Starry sky ☆ Destination, The second on July 7thHatsukoi Nooto, The second on July 10thhappy endings"The 2013th edition on January 1, 16"Silent SnowWas released.

February 2013, 2, 20st album "clearWas released. In MarchNHK Osaka HallShibuya Public HallHeld the first solo concert in.

September 2013, 4, ``Famitsu AwardReceived "Character Voice Award" at 2012[17].

February 2014, 2, released the second album "26". Lives were held at 2 locations from April to May.

2015, XNUMXthVoice actor awardAwarded Best Supporting Actress[18].. In March of the same year, his first live-action movie starring himself "I need you[19].

2015年4月22日、3rdアルバム『Blue Avenue』をリリース。同年5月3日に声優の単独公演としては8人目となる日本武道館ライブを皮切りに、5月から7月にかけて5都市でツアーを開催した[20].

On October 2015, 10, won the "Voice Actor Award" in the female category at the "Newtype Anime Award 10-2014"[21].. From November of the same year to February of the following year, nationwide circuit events for reading and acoustic live were held in 11 cities.[22].

August 2016, 9,Sumitomo Mitsui VISA CardStarted issuing "Kana Hanazawa VISA Card". This is the first time that Sumitomo Mitsui VISA Card has appointed a voice actor.[23].

February 2017, 2, 22th album "Opportunity" released. Lives were held in 4 cities from April to June[24].

April 2017SACRED MUSICTransferred to[25].

October 2018, 10 Received first place in "Voice Actor Award" in the female category at ``New Type Anime Award 7-2017''[26].

On February 2019, 2, the 20th album "Koko Base" was released. Lives were held in 5 cities in April[27]..In April of the same year, he performed his first overseas performance in two cities, Guangzhou and Shanghai, China.[28].

August 2021, 1,bilibiliOpen an official channel in.February 2, the same year,ZOZOStarted distribution of his first Chinese digital single "magical mode (Chinese Version)" in collaboration with[29][30].

On July 2021, 7, the label I belonged toPony canyonTransferred to[31][32].


Beautiful clear voice is often pointed out as a reason for its popularity[33].. 『Zega Pain』DirectorMasami Shimoda"The transcendental healing voice" gives the impression of the audition[34]I recall. Also,""Literary Girl"The author ofMizuki NomuraIs "clear and pretty voice" about acting at the reading event[35]Is expressed. When I was invited to the "AFAX- Anime Festival Asia" anime convention in Singapore in 2010, it was introduced as "angelic voice" on the official website.[36].Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.AnnouncerNaoki YoshidaIs "the one and only clear voice quality"[37][38].

Bobcut is a trademark of the hairstyle. The ground hair is a natural perm, and usually a straight perm is applied.[39].. In the winter of 2010,Movie version "Literary Girl"To play Toko Amano, the protagonist of[40].. He also appeared in the event in his appearance[41].. Also, around autumn 2012,PSYCHO-PASSThe image is based on the image of the heroine, Tsunemori Zhu.[42].. In 2016, she showed off her blonde figure in the jacket of the single "Transparent Girl" and attracted much attention.[43].

There is no particular nickname, and it is often called by fans and fellow voice actors by their real names. "Hana-chan" in "Durarara!! Radio for short, Duraragi!!" and "Kanaan" in "Angel Beats! SSS (Dead World Front) RADIO" are called as radio programs only.
I don't like being called by "Hanazawa-san" with my family name ("Sazae"ofHanazawaWhen called, I will respond by imitating Mr. Hanazawa.Also, I don't really like the nickname "Za-san".Rene RajRevealed when he made a guest appearance in[44].

I don't use blogs or SNS under my personal name. Twitter has an Aniplex account regarding solo artist activities and an account for the radio program "Kana Hanazawa can do it alone?"

My hobby is reading. In high schoolHaruki Murakamiof"Kafka on the beachSince then, I have been eager to read novels. As a favorite writer,Emi Yamada,Hiromi Kawakami,Takako Sato,Nishi KanakoAre listed[45].. Special skill isMagic trick[3].

The “Literary Girl” series was read through the audition and became a fan. I tried eating paper manuscripts on the day of the audition to get closer to the main character[46].

When I was a kidFull Metal Alchemist''Shaman kingWas a fan of TV anime based on Shonen Manga[47].

In junior high school, I was enrolled in the personal computer research department[48].. In high school, he was appointed vice president of the student council president. I wanted to stand out when I started playing a child role, but I recall that I became a stranger at this time.[49].

He likes big bread and enjoys visiting bakeries. In the 2015 live tour, we sold products collaborating with local bakeries at each venue[50]..Meanwhile, broadcast on May 2021, 5Nippon TV"news every.』, The father is the parents' houseHino city OfToyota StationIn frontInari SushiBowl of rice topped with sashimiIt was also revealed that Hanazawa devised the store name, which runs the store.[51]..When I was little, I used to go out to watch baseball games with my father.[52].

LOL problemEspecially fans of Hikari Ota[53].


Ayana TaketatsuIs,My sister can't be so cute"Became friends and became familiar with it. At the birthday concert ““apple symphony” the Birthday” held on June 2013, 6, a congratulatory message for Takeda was screened.[54].

Haruka TomatsuI knew it through a voice actor magazine before co-starring, and became friends soon after the first meeting. Every February, a festive dinner is held because the birthday is near. Often plays the roles of sisters and duo.

Marina InoueIs,Zega Pain''Lunar Rabbit Weapon Mina''Important things for magicians ~Sora of Summer~There are many co-starring works from the new age to the present. I have friends in my personal life[55].

Asami ImaiIs,STEINTOR』I was enthusiastic about the co-starring. About Hanazawa, "I adore both women and humans, I really want to get along with each other," he said.[56].

Voice actor unit "RO-KYU-BU!Through the music activities ofYoko Hikasa,Yuka Iguchi,Yui Ogura,Rina HidakaDeepened friendship with.I especially love the youngest Kokura.In addition, I became a counselor about going on to Hidaka, a junior, and transferring to an office.[57]. For Iguchi of the same school year who belonged to the Osawa office at about the same time,A place farther than the universe』At the event of thank you[58].

Shintaro AsanumaIs the first co-starZega Pain], the newcomers collaborated to face the post-record.[59]. A fan of Asanuma as a playwright, he often goes to see the stage.[60]. In "RADIO KILLED THE RADIO STAR" staged in 2013, he made his first appearance as a voice only[61]. In addition, we are requesting the scenario for the drama CD "Oitamo Paradise 2-Rescue All-purpose Negi Oto" and the lyrics for "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe" from the album "25".[62]. When the Great East Japan Earthquake struck in 2011, Asanuma reported to her fans on Twitter instead of Hanazawa, who did not have a blog.[63]. After that, both of them participated in the voluntary earthquake charity CD "tetote"[64].

Uchiyama YumiIs,Saki-Saki-Achiga"God of poverty is!Since then, he has co-starred in many works, and has deepened his friendship by going on a trip in his personal life. Uchiyama also named himself as a "friendly voice actor" in the questionnaire.[65].

Misaki KunoIs,Black ★ RockshooterSince then, he has co-starred in numerous works, and Hanazawa states that he is adoring Kuno who is a junior of the office both in public and private.[66]. On the other hand, Kuno has also expressed respect and trust for Hanazawa.[66][67].

Sakura AyaneHas always named Hanazawa as the voice actor he respects. When co-starring at dubbing, I try to participate in her favorite costume[68].

Comedy combination "Joyman, And co-starred as "Joy Woman" at the event "Anime" Cells at Work! "Presents Yoshimoto Kenko Comedy Live-Kana Hanazawa x Entertainer-" held on August 2018, 8. , Showed off the story[69]..After that, he appeared on November 2020, 11, "Talking 007(Nippon Television), Hanazawa showed off Joyman's story.

Released on September 2017, 2Weekly BunshunDigitallyKenshō OnoAfter being informed of his love for him, he admitted that he had a relationship with him, saying, "I am seriously dealing with you."[70].

On July 2020, 7, I reported on Twitter that I was married to Ono.[6].


TaiziIs the main character.

Television Animation


Theater animation



  • To Love-Ru-OVA(2009-2010,Yuki Mikan)-Comics Volume 13-Volume 18 Limited Edition

Web anime

2000 era
2010 era


  • Kingdom hearts iii(Invi)
  • Mobile Legend (Kagra[621]
  • Mirage Memorial (Athena,Hades[622]
  • One Zero Project (Ondine[623]
  • Cells that always work (Red blood cell[624]
  • Castle Project: RE ~ CASTLE DEFENSE ~ (Edo Castle[625]
  • Crash fever(Red blood cells[626]
  • Ikki Academy ~ Advance! Tousen no Mahou Shoujo[627]
  • Eternal seven days (Se Yui[628], Mayuri Shiina)
  • Fantasy Life Online (You area[629], Tier[630]
  • RELEASE THE SPYCE secret fragrance(Sonoko Nogi[631]
  • Bungo Stray Dogs The Strange Dog Mystery (Lucy M.[632]
  • Venus Eleven Bibit! (Ichika Nakano[633]
  • Grand Summoners (Leone[634]
  • AFTERLOST-City of Disappearance (Snow[635]
  • Mikuni Reiha (Naoko Sun, Haruka Zhang, Cicada[636], Son Kotora[637]
  • Goetia Cross (red blood cells)[638]
  • Vanishing city 0.[639]
  • Song of Time-Sonata without End-(MiyuMiyo>[640], Delusion[641]
  • Heart and quiz in English and English (Ichika Nakano)
  • Sword Art Online Alicization Braiding(Edith Synthesis Ten[642]
  • Demon King and 100 Princesses (Beelzebub,Sebass[643]
  • Hyperdimension Girl: Fantastic Paradise of Kamihime (Amaterasukami,迦 御 [644]
  • Last Escape -The Goddess of Revenge- (Saki Hanahara[645]
  • Ukiwa Wakamu (马可萝覮, Yatsugi)
  • Cross-dimensional masterpiece
  • Progenitor: Coastline
  • Unknown Future (Rin[646]
  • Yugioh Duel Links(Sera / unknown duel)
  • Gakuto Gakuen (Chiyo Sanada
  • Miracle Girl (Mrs. Butterfly)
  • Dreamy dance (Shinseiko
  • Need for Speed ​​Heat: Heat (female car operator (daily delivery))

Drama CD

  • TV drama "Prince of Stride Alternative" audio drama TAKE A DAY OFF (Nana Sakurai[770]
  • Drama CD "Love and lies"Volumes 1-3 (Misaki Takasaki[771]
  • Drama CD "Angel 3P!』(Chika Minato[772]
  • Prince of Stride Audio drama series Be My Steady (Nana Sakurai[773]
  • "Great Reversal Trial 2 -Naruhodo Ryunosuke no Satoru- ~Ryunosuke's Civilization Enlightenment Box-" Ecapcom Limited Edition Recitation Drama CD "Shuudanro Saku Natsume Soseki Rindanto" (Soundboard) (Misa Kotowa[774]
  • Fate/Prototype Sougin no Fragments series(Ayaka Sajo[775]
    • Drama CD & Original Soundtrack 1 -Tokyo Holy Grail War-
    • Drama CD & Original Soundtrack 2 -Braves-
    • Drama CD & Original Soundtrack 3 -Rotating Tragedy-
    • Drama CD & Original Soundtrack 5-And the Holy Sword Shines-
  • Rumiko Kaito (not a phantom thief)Bird play Tsumugi[786]
  • Devils lineVolume 14 Limited Edition with Drama CD (Akihito Kanzaki[787]
  • Cyber ​​Squadron Last Angels SP STAGE 1 "Cyber ​​Squadron Last Angels STARTING OVER" (Grace[793]
  • Five equal brides∬ ~ Summer memories are divided into five equal parts ~ Limited edition bonus drama CD (Ichika Nakano[794]
  • Great Ace Attorney 1 & 2 -Ryunosuke Naruhodo's Demise and Satoru-Special Drama CD "Great Ace Attorney Day" (Misa Kotowa

Radio Drama






tv set



  • Sea Turtle Roxy's Adventure (July 2015, 7-: "Orbi Yokohama" Theater 18[873], "Ovie Osaka" Theater 23.4)
  • WEAVING ROOM ~ Festival of WEAVER ~ from YouTube Space Tokyo (YouTube: July 2018, 7[874]
  • Planetarium "Tokyo Midnight Groove" (July 2019, 7 -: Konica Minolta Planetarium "Manten" in Sunshine City[875]
  • Tokyo LosT Tracks -Sakura Till- DJ Program (YouTube, Bilibili: July 2020th and 7th, 5)[876]
  • Yamagata Prefecture Tendo City Tourism PR Video (2021)[877]


Audio book

  • A Novel Garden of Leaf (Hyoka Yukino)[899]
  • Stan Lee Alliance Trick of Light[900]

Digital comic


* IsInternet distribution.

2000 era
Early 2010s
Late 2010s

Internet tv

TV drama

Other TV programs

  • Club AT-X (AT-X)
    • #130 “Sketchbook-full color's” cast interview
    • #136 Introduction of the first volume of the "Sketchbook-full color's-" DVD
    • #161, #162 (guest)
    • #204-#211 "Freezing TV Hananotalk"
    • #221 “Low Kyubu!” cast interview
    • #226 "Dengeki Bunko Autumn Festival 2011" Row Cubu!
    • # 241 "Hagure brave's devil aesthetics" Introduction to Toryumon Super Zero Volume
    • #251 "Dengeki 20th Anniversary Festival" Row Kyubu!
    • #273-#276 "Relaxing Date at Tokyo Solamachi"
    • #279, #280 “My Neighbor Seki-kun” cast interview
    • #281 "D-Frag!" cast interview
  • Anime tv (TOKYO MX)
    • #495 "Interview with the movie version "Literary Girl" and King of Thorns -King of Thorn-" interview
    • #497 Chairman of "Tokyo International Anime Fair 2010" is Maid!
    • #501 "Theatrical Version "Literary Girl" Stage Greeting
    • #545 Comment from "Dora"
    • #562 Interview with "TV Anime Low Kyubu! Special Feature"
    • #575 "Animelo Summer Live 2011-rainbow-Digest" Row Kyubu!
    • #578 "Dengeki Bunko Autumn Festival 2011" Row Cubu!
    • #634 Stage greeting on the first day of "Aimakure Gakuen"
    • #656 "Anime Content Expo 2013" AURA
    • #662 "Kotonoha no Niwa" Stage Greeting
    • #688 "My Neighbor Seki" production presentation
    • #757 Stage greeting in the movie "I need you"
    • #763 Budokan live
  • Lisani! TV(TOKYO MX/AT-X/Entertainment-Tele/Tokyo Metropolitan Television)
    • #1-#13 "Kana only ~ ONLY KANA ~" Mini Corner
    • #46, #47 Special Feature
    • #98, #99 Special Feature
    • #150, #151 Special Feature
    • #164 Budokan live
    • #204 Special Feature
    • #219 Special Feature
    • #244 Special Feature
    • #256 Special Feature
  • Mezamashi TV(Fuji Television Network, Inc)
    • May 2012, 5: "Koregu~" Midori ga Madoguchi (Interview)
    • May 2015, 1: "Koregu~" Midori ga Madoguchi (Interview)
    • March 2016, 3: "Here" (interview)
    • April 2017, 4: "Dice Talk"
    • November 2017, 11: "Mezamashi Janken, GODZILLA Monster Planet Public Memorial Stage Greeting"
    • March 2018, 3: ``Mezamashi Janken''[927]
    • November 2020, 11: "Ra Koguro Senki-The Future I Choose-First Day Stage Greetings"[928]
  • ZIP!(NTV)
    • March 2013, 3: "You're awesome. ""interview
    • March 2017, 3: "SHOW BIZ TODAY" interview[929]

Live-action movie





  • Bakemonogatari Clock (Sengoku Nadeshiko[1022])   
  • Anime Telephone Steins Gate Mayuri (Mayuri Shiina[1023])  
  • My sister cannot be so cute iP (black cat[1024])   
  • Steins; Gate Awakening Future Gadget No. 0840 (Mayuri Shiina[1025])   
  • Fractal Awakening Frunet & Nessa (Nessa[1026]) 
  • I have few friends App (Hasegawa Kobato[1027]
  • Row Kyubu! Mezamashi (Chika Minato)[1028]
  • IS Voice Scheduler (Charlotte Dunois[1029])    
  • Guilty Crown Awakening (Ayase Shinomiya[1030]) 
  • Ringed voice flower (Shishino,Yeah[1031]
  • Moretz ♡ Space Pirate Awakening (Chiaki Kurihara[1032]
  • Yakimochi Fantasia Yakimochi NAVI[1033]
  • Dengeki Stamp Calendar (Chika Minato[1034]
  • Even if the anime "Yutori-chan" becomes an app, it will be frustrating.[1035])    
  • ABC Alarm News (Angel[1036]
  • Talking IS Infinite Stratos (Charlotte Dunois)- LINE stamp
  • "MAPLUS+" STEINS;GATE Kisekae (Mayuri Shiina[1037]
  • LINE Sticker The Irregular at Magic High School (Mayumi Nanakusa)
  • MAPLUS character de navi (Mayuri Shiina)[1039]


  • Jun Yuji Sanada Special (Yuri Kamanosuke
  • Pachislot Girls Guns Groovy (Lilu
  • Pachinko CR fake story (Nadeko Sengoku
  • CR STEINS; GATE (Mayu Shiina
  • CR Fever Aquarion W (Jessica Wong
  • CR Sengoku Maiden 5-10th Anniversary-

Video products

  • Tales of festival 2009
  • Dengeki Bunko Autumn-Winter Team de Durarara Lovers in Nakano
  • IS One Off Festival!
  • Inu x I SS ~ I don't do secret service!~
  • RO-KYU-BU! LIVE TOUR 2011 -Fantastic Game-
  • IS2 One Off Festival 2
  • Stage "God of Mitsuami"
  • Durala Lounge!! in Pacifico Yokohama
  • Prince of Stride Alternative FAN MEETING 2016 TO BE ALIVE
  • Gabriel Dropout ~Making Angel and Devil Bread~
  • Earth Gorgeous Produce Performance Vol.15 ZEROTOPIA
  • The Quintessential Quintessential Bride Special Event
  • Tales of Graces Anniversary Party
  • The Quintessential Bride ∬ SPECIAL EVENT 2021 in Nakano Sunplaza
  • Festival to work together

Other contents

  • Heart button(year 2010,Shinna Kasuga[1041]) ※ The strongest Chiya Hoya Fair You can hear the voice of the heroine on the phone when you buy the target comic
  • Schoolgirl/ Roman lantern Kaioh company RecitationWith CD (2012) Recitation
  • Password manager (2012,Rika Ichigaya[1042]) * In charge of the theme song of Trend Micro password management software "Pass☆Mane"
  • Project VAOL Great East Japan Earthquake Charity CD tetote (2012[1043]
  • Begging dog Toy/World-view animation (2013, Rossi, Eruko Ota)[1044]
  • Chiba City MonorailIn-Car Broadcast (June 2013, 6-March 8, 2014: Black Cat / Ruri Gosara)Ayana TaketatsuWith[1045]
  • Lawson Otsuka Pharmaceutical ×<story series× Lawson Campaign In-store broadcasting (2013, Nagiko Sengoku[1046]
  • Tales weaver (2014,Benja) Online game (MMORPG) *There is no dialogue during the game. The person was adopted as the image of the character.
    • In charge of the theme song "HEAVEN's TALE" in the commemorative anime movie at the same character birth event[1047][1048].
  • Japanese version"Hinabee -BEE-Anime PV (2014,瑠 璃[1049]
  • National Agricultural Cooperative Association Anime CM "I love you! Zeus(2014,Zeus[1050]
  • Shinken seminar high school course Short animation "TURNOVER" (2015,Chizuru[1051]
  • sharp(2015) Emo par movie "Emo motion" XNUMXnd "emo pa life story"[1052]Appointed as promotion character for SHARP smartphone AQUOS[1053]* Appeared in the web promotion video.
  • "Literary Girl" Alarm clock with voice (2010,Amano Toko[1054]
  • Row Kyubu! Alarm clock with voice (2012,Chika Minato[1055]
  • My sister. No. original alarm clock (2014,Black cat[1056]
  • "My sister can't be so cuteVisualize Note Unitcom Co., Ltd. (2011,Black cat[1057]) *Records the voice of the desktop theme, Tsun version, Der version and Kirino Kosaka dialogue version
  • "Aquarion EVOLVisualize Note Unitcom Co., Ltd. (2012,Zessica[1058]) *Includes common aquarion EVOL mode that mixes desktop theme voices and voices from two basic themes with Mikono and Suzushiro
  • "IS <Infinite Stratos>Visualize Note Unitcom Co., Ltd. (2013,Charlotte Dunois[1059]) *Recorded audio, tuned version and dere version according to Windows system sound
  • Kanerby (2013, "Kana Hanazawa live 2013 "claire"" goods, system voice recording:Kana
  • Kanner Bee 2 (2014, "Kana-Dian Family" ("Kana Hanazawa live 2014 "25"" goods, system voice & USB memory format audio drama recording:Kana,Narration)
  • Kanner Bee 3 (2015, "Kana-Dian Family" ("Kana Hanazawa live 2015 "Blue Avenue"" goods, system voice & USB memory format audio drama 2 recording:Kana,Narration)
  • Kanner Bee 4 (2017, "Kana-Dian Family" (2017, "Kana Hanazawa live 2017 "Opportunity"" goods, system voice & audio drama recording:Kana,Narration[1060]
  • Majority drama"My sister can't be so cute featuring Eromanga teacher(2015-2016, black cat)
  • PRIUSIMPOSSIBLE GIRLS (2016, 01 2ZR-FXE engine[1061]In charge of theme song "Shijo no Koe"[1062]
  • Kyoto Fantasy Theater Company EastDoujinshi "Secret Activity Log -Month-" Voice actor ver. (2016,Mary Berry Hahn[1063]
  • Game "Kamei Revelation" (2016) * In charge of the theme song "Awakening Travelers"
  • Game "Kotoko Shoujo" (2016) * In charge of the theme song "Kirameku Mirai-Go! Steel Girl"
  • UHA Taste Sugar × Hawk's Claw Anime drama “Amazing Puccho” (2016, Mika Yuba[1064]
  • Alarm clock with original voice Kagari (2016,Kagari
  • [Reading story version] 4th Album "L-El-" Story Book Animation Sean Movie (2016,Elle[1065]
  • LG Electronics Japan Co., Ltd. isai Beat “Best Ongaku” edited by Kana Hanazawa (2016)[1066]
  • Pokemon Daisuki Club "Pokemon Puppet Theater Papemon" (2017, "Amai Yuwaku" Song by: Kana Hanazawa[1067]
  • Umabi Special Contents "Heterogeneous Live Challenge" (2017) * 80thTokyo Yushun(2013) in charge[1068]
  • Real escape game "Escape from the sinking luxury cruise ship" as Rene (2017[1069]
  • In-car announcement of "Mt. Ooyama Cable Car", a collaboration between "GODZILLA Monster Planet" and Odakyu Electric Railway, and Limited Express Romance Car "Metro Momiji" (2017[1070]
  • Denon AH-GC20 Granblue Fantasy Special Edition Characters recorded with voice guidance recorded by voice Zeta CV: Kana Hanazawa (2017[1071]
  • Kyoto fantasy troupe Touhou doujin animation "Secret activity record -celebration-" full voice version (2017,Mary Berry Hahn[1072]
  • Entertainment shows Eye character Season 3 (2017, ※ In charge of opening theme "The maiden's heart can not be stopped!" Ayase Haruna (CV Hanazawa Kana)[1073]
  • Real Escape Game x Great Reversal Trial "Lun Dunh Court Murder Case" Jousato Mikotowa (2017[1074]
  • A place farther than outer space x Yokohama/Hakkeijima Sea Paradise Mini-drama island announcement (2018[1075]
  • Game "Mahou Area LAND OF CAROMAG" (2018) * In charge of theme song "Light Blue"
  • Game "Kannazuki" (2018) * In charge of theme song "Shinnazuki Compassion"[1076]
  • MINISTOP x Leighton Mystery Detective Agency-Katley's Nazotoki File-Gift Campaign Announcement in-store Katry (CV: Kana Hanazawa) (2018[1077]
  • "STEINS;GATE" LINE official sticker "Talk!STEINS;GATE stamp" (Mayu Shiina[1078]
  • "Leighton Mystery Detective Agency" in Nazotomo Cafe CUBE "Katley Eil and the Bomb That Does Not Stop" Katley (CV: Kana Hanazawa)[1079]
  • Mezza-MoominValley Park (2019-,Snork grandfather[1080]
  • Art moving center WEB animation movie (2019-2021,Izumi[1081][1082][1083]
  • PSYCHO-PASS SS x T Card TSUTAYA in-store broadcast Akane Tsunemori (CV: Kana Hanazawa) Newly recorded narration (2019)[1084]
  • SACRA STATION (2019, Biribiri Video) Talk Guest[1085]
  • LINE Novel "Reiwa Novel Award" Special PV (2019) * In charge of the theme song "Genmi"[1086]
  • Pierre Nakano and AVIOT Collaboration Earphones Psychopath Akane Tsunemori (CV: Kana Hanazawa) Voice Announcement (2019)[1087]
  • Game "Unknown Future" (2019) * In charge of theme song "UNKNOWN FUTURE"[1088]
  • Senryu girl Lottery Collection Snow White Nanako (cv Kana Hanazawa) Alarm clock with limited voice (2019)[1089]
  • Otsuka Pharmaceutical Working cells Episode 11.5 Heat Stroke-If You Have Pocari Sweat- (2019)[1090]
  • Hero beta(2019 Meiko Umejima/Meiko) Live2D animation[1091]
  • Game "Inuyasha-Naraku no Ren" (2019) * In charge of the theme song "Battle of Naraku-Soufutan"[1092]
  • Cells at Work! Original Drawing Exhibition Red Blood Cells (CV. Kana Hanazawa) Audio Guide (2019)[1093]
  • Drink Forge Tan and apply for LINE! Kana Hanazawa Goods Win Campaign Alarm Clock with Voice (2019)[1094]
  • PSYCHO-PASS IN CONCERT Akane Tsunemori (CV. Kana Hanazawa) Voice appearance (2019)[1095]
  • Lawson x movie "HUMAN LOST human disqualification" in-store broadcasting Miko Hiiragi (CV. Kana Hanazawa) (2019)[1096]
  • AR mystery solving game "PSYCHO-PASS Shibuya Psycho Hazard" Voice Akane Tsunemori (2020)[1097]
  • Working cells x Taisho Pharmaceutical collaboration "Deco Pita! Working cells presented by Pavlon", limited voice drama distribution. Red blood cells (CV. Kana Hanazawa) (2020)[1098]
  • SPINEAR "Singing TV Anime Yesterday" Special Edition Audio Drama (2020,Morikome Reiko[1099]
  • Suntory The premium malts"Mr. Hanazawa, who loves cans" WEB video (2020)[1100]
  • Ikeda Model Hall Muhi DC fast-dissolving lock WEB video (2020)[1101]
  • App smash. Reading (2020)[1102]
  • Game "Onmyoji" Japanese cover song MV "Seven sides of Shinsei, good and bad troubles" Menreiki (CV Kana Hanazawa) (2020)[1103]
  • TOoKA BASE "Five equal brides∬ ”Collaboration wireless earphones Original voice Ichihana (CV: Kana Hanazawa) (2021)[1104]
  • Working cells Narration in the special store (2021)[1105]
  • Game "Hito Gakuen" (2021) * In charge of theme song "Mazari" Chiyo Sanada (CV Kana Hanazawa)
  • Fuji-Q Highland x "The Quintessential Quintessential Bride ∬" Collaboration Event Announcement (2021)[1106]
  • "Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter Agent Spring Dance" [I read Dengeki Bunko] (2021, read aloud)[1107]
  • "My sister can't be this cute black cat if" [Dengeki Bunko read aloud] (2021, read aloud)[1108]
  • "Ro-Kyu-Bu! ] [I tried to read Dengeki Bunko] (2021, read aloud)[1109]
  • Real Escape Game x STEINS; GATE "Escape from the Fate of Repeated Death" Mayuri Shiina (Voice: Kana Hanazawa) (2021)[1110]
  • Game "Girls Contract" (2021) * In charge of the theme song "Flower of Hope"[1111]
  • "Five equal brides ∬ Real Sisters War again" Original character voice recorded by Kazuka Nakano (CV. Kana Hanazawa) (2021)[1112]
  • "Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2021" MC (2021)[1113]
  • Cells at Work! × Sukoya Kanpo Aruite Health Campaign Erythrocytes (Kana Hanazawa) Limited Support Voice (2021)[1114]
  • Society 5.0 Science Expo in Tokyo Skytree Voice Guide Character Mirai's Voice (2021)[1115]
  • Toei Kyoto Studio Park x "The Quintessential Quintessential Bride ∬" Collaboration Event "Real Sisters War Again" New Voice (2021)[1116]
  • Cabinet Office My Number Card Introduction Video Mina-chan and 1 other 5 roles (2021)[1117]



Release datetitleStandard product numberOricon
Highest rank[1118]
Limited EditionNormal EditionCamo boardMore
1st2012/4/25Starry sky ☆ DestinationSVWC-7840 / 1SVWC-78427 bit
2nd2012/7/18Hatsukoi NootoSVWC-7863 / 4SVWC-78654 bit
3rd2012/10/24happy endingsSVWC-7899 / 900SVWC-79017 bit
4th2013/1/16Silent SnowSVWC-7926 / 7SVWC-79288 bit
5th2013/12/25Planet in loveSVWC-7974 / 5SVWC-797611 bit
6th2014/10/1Smile modeSVWC-70021 / 2SVWC-7002312 bit
7th2014/12/24KokyutosuSVWC-70041 / 2SVWC-7004313 bit
8th2015/2/25I need youSVWC-70053 / 4SVWC-7005513 bit
9th2016/2/24Transparent girlSVWC-70138 / 9SVWC-7014020 bit
10th2016/6/1NewSVWC-70170 / 1SVWC-7017214 bit
11th2016/11/30RoughSVWC-70225 / 6SVWC-7022720 bit
12th2018/2/7I want to be a person loved in springVVCL-1164 / 5VVCL-116615 bit
13th2018/7/25All rightVVCL-1267 / 8VVCL-1269VVCL-1270 / 127 bit
14thScheduled for December 2021, 9Moonlight MagicPCCG-02058PCCG-02059SCCG-00082BRCG-00079

Delivery single

Release datetitleSound quality
2015/10/21A place to reach96kHz / 24bit
2021/2/3magical mode (Chinese Version)
2021/3/31magical mode


Full album

Release datetitleStandard product numberOricon
Highest rank[1119]
Limited EditionNormal Edition
1st2013/2/20clearSVWC-79296 bit
2nd2014/2/2625SVWC-7988 / 90SVWC-7991 / 928 bit
3rd2015/4/22Blue AvenueSVWC-70064 / 5SVWC-7006612 bit
4th2017/2/22OpportunitySVWC-70251 / 2SVWC-7025315 bit
5th2019/2/20Coco BaseVVCL-1401 / 2VVCL-140318 bit

Remix album

Release datetitleStandard product numberOricon
Highest rank[1119]
2016/8/31KANAight-Kana Hanazawa Character Song Hyper Chronicle Mix-SVWC-70189 / 9012 bit


Release datetitleProduct NameSound qualityRemarks
2015/7/31A place to reachAstell & Kern AK100II KANA HANAZAWA Edition192Khz / 24bitHigh resolution sound source

Tie-up song

happy endingsTelevision Animation"Blast of Tempest"Ending theme2012
Junk spectacleTelevision Animation"My Neighbor Seki"Opening theme2014
When I close my umbrellaPlayStation Vita gameLiberation Girl SIN"Ending theme2014
I need youThe theme song of the movie "You Must Be There"2015
Silent Snow"Zega Pain ADP"Image Song2016
Sing in the cloudsAsahi Broadcasting"Good morning morning sun ] Think Bee! Horoscope Ranking Theme Song2017
All rightTelevision Animation"Leighton Mystery Detective Agency-Katley's Nazotoki File-"Ending theme2018
Moonlight MagicTV drama"If you like it."Opening theme2021

Video work

Release datetitleStandard product number
First editionNormal Edition
1st2013/7/31Film Documentaire de claireANSX-3999 / 4000
2nd2014/8/27CHALEUR -Film Documentaire de “25”-ANSX-10002
3rd2015/11/4Live Avenue Kana Hanazawa in BudokanANSX-10023
4th2017/9/27Kana HANAZAWA live 2017 “Opportunity”VVXL-13 / 4VVXL-15
5th2019/9/25KANA HANAZAWA Concert Tour 2019 -Coco Bass- Tour FinalVVXL-37VVXL-38

Character song

Release dateProduct NamesongSongRemarks
May 4Lunar Rabbit Weapon Mina Character Collection 3Mizu Shimotsuki Mina (Hanazawa Kana"The reason for tomatoes"Television Animation"Lunar Rabbit Weapon Mina] Related songs
May 11Musiuta DVD Volume 3 Limited EditionAnzu poetry song (Hanazawa Kana"Red Ribon"Television Animation"Musiuta] Related songs
May 5I know a strange godRanzaki Yuka (Hanazawa Kana"I know a strange god"
"I know a strange god predawn mix"
Television Animation"Frenzy Family Diary"Ending theme
May 7To LOVE Ru -Trouble- Variety CD Part 1Yuki Mikan (Hanazawa Kana"That's right, Seishin!"Television Animation"To LOVE Ru -Trouble-] Related songs
May 7Sekirei/Dear sweet heartConclusion (Saori Hayami),Tsukiumi(Marina Inoue), Kusano (Hanazawa Kana), pine (Endo Aya"Sekirei"Television Animation"Wagtail"Opening theme
"Dear sweet heart"TV anime "Sekirei" ending theme
May 7graceful wayAnnie (Hanazawa Kana"Il cielo"game"ARIA The ORIGINATION-El Cielo of the Blue Planet-"Insert song
May 8Sekirei Sound Stage 01Kusano (Hanazawa Kana"Green melody"Television Animation"Wagtail] Related songs
May 10Sekirei Ichi Limited Edition BonusYui (Saori Hayami), Tsukiumi (Marina Inoue), Kusano (Hanazawa Kana), Matsu (Aya Endo)"I'm sorry! KISS OR DIE!?"Radio "Sekirei Radio" theme song
May 11Sekirei XNUMX Limited Edition bonus CD"Sekirei (AKIBA SQUERE event live version)"Television Animation"Wagtail"Opening theme
"Dear sweet heart (AKIBA SQUERE event live version)"TV anime "Sekirei" ending theme
Shina d'Arc-King of the Black Moon and Princess of the Moon of the Blue- Vocal AlbumExodus (Ono Daisuke) & Vincent (Hiroki Yasumoto) & Noel (Kawasumi Ayako) & Marble (Hanazawa Kana"Kingdom March is Tantaka Turn"Manga"Shina d'Arc-The King of the Black Moon and the Princess of the Moon in the Azure-』Ending image song
May 11To LOVE Ru -Trouble- Variety CD Part 5Yuki Mikan (Hanazawa Kana"You have to be like you!"TV anime "To Love-Ru" related songs
May 3Tomorrow's Good! Character Song Vol.4 Kagome IkarugaIkaruga Kagome (Hanazawa Kana"Small step ★"
"Maiden's colorful prayer"
Television Animation"Good tomorrow!] Related songs
Tomorrow's Good! Volume 1 First Limited Edition with CDIkaruga Four Sisters (Ikaruga Ibuki (Rina Sato), Ayame Ikaruga (Haruka Tomatsu), Ikaruga Chihaya (Yukari Tamura), Kagome Ikaruga (Hanazawa Kana"Let's live with I,my,me!"Theme song for WEB radio "Tomorrow's Good Chirajio!"
Kannagi 5 Limited Edition Limited EditionZange-chan (Hanazawa Kana"Delicate to Love Me Please"Television Animation"Kannagi] Related songs
Sekirei DVD whole volume purchase privilegeYui (Saori Hayami), Tsukiumi (Marina Inoue), Kusano (Hanazawa Kana), Matsu (Aya Endo)"Sekirei -Non Stop Mega Mix-"Television Animation"Wagtail] Related songs
May 7Magical Miracle GirlMarl (Ayumi Tsuji), Rilte (Hanazawa Kana),shell(Mariya Ise"Magical Miracle Girl"game"(PW) Project Witch] Theme song
May 7(PW) Project Witch Shell-LimitedRilte (Hanazawa Kana
"A gentle melody"PSP game(PW) Project Witch』Rilte ending theme
May 7Tomorrow's Good! Volume 5 First Limited Edition with CDIkaruga Kagome (Hanazawa Kana"Let's live with I,my,me!"Theme song for WEB radio "Tomorrow's Good Chirajio!"
May 8Tadashi storyAraragi calendar (Hiroshi Kamiya), Senjogahara Hitagi (Chiwa Saito), Mayoi Hachikuji (Emi Kato), Sugawa Kanbara (Sawashiro Miyuki),Nadeko Sengoku(Hanazawa Kana), Tsubasa Hagawa (Yui Horie), Meme Oshino (Takahiro Sakurai), Shinobu Oshino (Aya Hirano), Araragi Hien (Eri Kitamura), Araragi Tsukihi (Yuka Iguchi"album of memories"
"thank you goodbye"
Drama CD "Tadashi story"Theme song
May 9THE IDOLM @ STER DREAM SYMPHONY 00 “HELLO !!”Ai Hidaka (Haruka Tomatsu)・Eri Mizutani (Hanazawa Kana)・Ryo Akizuki (Yufuko Sanpei""HELLO!!" (M@STER VERSION)"
game"THE IDOLM @ STER Dearly Stars] Related songs
May 10THE IDOLM@STER DREAM SYMPHONY 01 Eri MizutaniEri Mizutani (Hanazawa Kana"Precog (M@STER VERSION)"
"Spell Magic! (M@STER VERSION)"
"Thank you for your memories (M@STER VERSION)"
May 11Promise I'm with You/SURVIVE BABY SURVIVE!Yui (Saori Hayami), Tsukiumi (Marina Inoue), Kusano (Hanazawa Kana), Matsu (Aya Endo)"Promise I'm with You"Opening theme for the game "Sekirei -Gifts from the Future-"
"SURVIVE BABY SURVIVE!"The ending theme of the game "Sekirei -Gifts from the Future-
May 12Tokimeki Memorial 4 Character Single BOXHibino Risumi (Hanazawa Kana"Rainbow notes"game"Tokimeki Memorial 4] Related songs
May 1Bakemonogatari Blu-ray & DVD Volume XNUMX Limited Edition Bonus CDNadeko Sengoku(Hanazawa Kana"Love circulation"Television Animation"Bakemonogatari"Opening theme
May 2DARKER THAN BLACK -Meteor Twins-3 BD / DVD BenefitsSuho Pavrichenko (Hanazawa Kana"Twinkle Real Star"
"Sorrowful Dream Volume"
"A shining person"
Television Animation"DARKER THAN BLACK -Meteor Twins- Related songs
May 3private wingSuwa Tenhime (Hanazawa Kana) & Nishiki Nakajima (Yuko Sanpei)"Bookmark A Head"game"Strike Witches -What You Can Do A Little Peaceful Days-"Ending theme
May 3Tokimeki Memorial 4 Vocal & Stories Vol.2Hibino Risumi (Hanazawa Kana"Love is a Melody"Game "Tokimeki Memorial 4" related songs
May 3Strike Witches What you can do with youSuwa Tenhime (Hanazawa Kana"Bookmark ahead"Game "Strike Witches -What You Can Do A Little Peaceful Days-" Ending Theme
May 4Clear spaceYutori Tanaka (Yuki Aoi), Picked bookmarks (Hanazawa Kana), Reiko Dankain (Akino Watanabe"Relaxation"Web animation "Yutori-chan] Theme song
May 5B type H character song albumMayu Miyano (Hanazawa Kana"A spoonful of love"Television Animation"B type H series] Related songs
Yamada(Yukari Tamura) ・ Mayu Miyano (Hanazawa Kana) ・ Kyoka Kaneshiro (Yuu Kobayashi"Nonononon"TV animation "B type H system" insert song
Maid Sama! Character Concept CD1 ~ School Side ~Shizuko Kaga (Yuu Kobayashi), Hanazono Sakura (Hanazawa Kana"Koihana"Television Animation"Maid Sama!] Related songs
May 6THE IDOLM @ STER BEST OF 765 + 876 = !! VOL.03IM @ S ALLSTARS1641[Member 1]"THE IDOLM @ STER (GAME VERSION)"game"THE IDOLM @ STER] Related songs
Chihaya Kisaragi (Asami Imai), Azusa Miura (Chiaki Takahashi), Iori Minase (Rie Kugimiya), Ami Futami / Mami (Asami Shimoda), Eri Mizutani (Hanazawa Kana"LOST"
May 7THE IDOLM @ STER BEST OF 765 + 876 = !! THE iDRE @ MLOSTEri Mizutani (Hanazawa Kana
May 7"Book Girl" Memoir Soundtrack I-Dreaming Girl's Prelude-Toko Amano (Hanazawa Kana"sky"""Literary Girl""Image Song
May 7White Tsubasa's Pledge ~ Pure Engagement ~ / Onnajiki MochiYui (Saori Hayami), Tsukiumi (Marina Inoue), Kusano (Hanazawa Kana), Matsu (Aya Endo)"White Wing No Pledge ~ Pure Engagement ~"TV anime "Sekirei-Pure Engagement-" opening theme
"Onjijiki Mochi"The ending theme for the TV anime "Sekirei -Pure Engagement-"
May 8Mania glitterNanako Matsu (Hanazawa Kana"Mania glitter"OADStrange seminar"Opening theme
Hen Semi[Member 2]"Weird Rin Shan ~ It's weird. Shampoo after Rin Sue ~"OAD "Hen Semi" ending theme
May 8At the window of my heartFutaba Aoi (Hanazawa Kana"On the windowsill of my heart"Television Animation"Let's go play!"Ending theme
"Kimiiro * Complete"Related song for TV animation "Asobi ni Ikuyo!"
May 8STEINS;GATE Audio Series ☆Labomen No. 002 ☆Mayuri ShiinaMayuri Shiina(Hanazawa Kana"Gentle dusk"game"STEINTOR] Related songs
May 9I'm going to play! Drama & Character Song CD ~ I've started to play ~Ellis(Kanae Ito), Kinami Manami (Haruka Tomatsu), Futaba mallow (Hanazawa Kana"Smile ☆ Peace"Television Animation"Let's go play!] Related songs
May 9Durarara! ! vol.8 Limited edition privilege CDAnri Sonohara(Hanazawa Kana"Girl taking time'Television Animation"Durarara!!] Related songs
May 9SEKIREI SOUND COMPLETEYui (Saori Hayami), Tsukiumi (Marina Inoue), Kusano (Hanazawa Kana), Matsu (Aya Endo)"LET'S GO GET U!"Radio "Sekirei Radio-Pure Engagement" theme song
May 10A disappointing neighbor section★★☆Friend making team[Member 3]"Sorry neighbor section ★★☆"Television Animation"I do not have many friends"Opening theme
May 10Good luck! Don't disappear!! Dye thin film drama CDKarasuma Nadeshiko (Hanazawa Kana"Honnari outside with strong tea"Manga"Do your best! Don't disappear!!] Related songs
May 11Mahou Sensei Negima! -Another World- Theme Song CollectionYue Farandole (Natsuko Kuwaya), Collet Farandole (Satomi Satomi), Emily Seven Sheep (Ayana Taketatsu), Beatrix Monroe (Hanazawa Kana"Magical Twinkle Sky"
"Good vibration!!"
OADMagical Teacher Negima! -Another World-] Related songs
May 11Hatsune GenkiThin firefly (Hanazawa Kana), Yoshino Katsurishi (Satoshi Hino"Two people still"Television Animation"Virgin Yokai Pomegranate"Ending theme
Occult Academy Blu-ray & DVD Volume.3 Bonus CD at the end of the centuryNaruse Kozue (Hanazawa Kana"Innocence of asia'Television Animation"Occult Academy at the end of the century"Insert song
Occult Academy Blu-ray & DVD Volume.1-Volume.3 Linked Purchase Bonus CD at the end of the centuryMaya Kojiro (Yoko Hikasa), Mika Nakagawa (Chihara Minori), Kozue Naruse (Hanazawa Kana), Ami Kuroki (Takagaki Ayahi), Akari Okamoto (水 瀬 い の り), Chihiro Kawashima (Yu Kobayashi)"LOVE machine'
More To LOVE-Ru Character CD2 Mikan & DarknessYuki Mikan (Hanazawa Kana"Living Wars"Related songs for TV anime "Motto To Love-Ru"
Sekirei-Pure Engagement-Four BD/DVD bonus CDKusano (Hanazawa Kana"Onjijimochi Kusano Solo Ver."Television Animation"Wagtail] Related songs
May 12KoinoirushiGod's Knowing Corps[Member 4]"Koinosirushi"
"Koino Shirushi feat. Shiomiya Shiori"
Television Animation"The World God Only Knows"Ending theme
May 12God Only Character CD.4 Shiomiya Shiori starring Kana HanazawaShiomiya Shiori starring Hanazawa Kana"Whistle jet"
"Koinosil from Shiori"
TV anime "God Only Knows Sekai" related songs
May 2Otome Yokai Zakuro Variety CD Kayo KosakushuThin firefly (Hanazawa Kana"Kageboshi"TV anime "Otome Yokai Zakuro" related songs
Thin firefly (Hanazawa Kana), snow cave (Ayo Toyosaki), Onigami (Yui Horie"Safflower maiden song"
May 2SUPER ∞ STREAMBroom of Shinonono (Yoko Hikasa), Cecilia Alcott (Yukana), Suzune (Asami Shimoda), Charles Dunois (Hanazawa Kana), Laura Bodewig (Marina Inoue)"SUPER ∞ STREAM"
Television Animation"IS <Infinite Stratos>"Ending theme
May 2Sekirei -Pure Engagement- Blu-ray & DVD whole volume purchase bonus CDYui (Saori Hayami), Tsukiumi (Marina Inoue), Kusano (Hanazawa Kana), Matsu (Aya Endo)"Sekirei Pure Engagement Non Stop Mega Mix 2"Television Animation"Wagtail] Related songs
May 3Morita is quiet theme songsMM first[Member 5]"Mr. Morita is quiet"Original anime "Morita san is silent" opening theme
May 4TV animation "IS <Infinite Stratos>" original soundtrackBroom of Shinonono(Yoko Hikasa), Cecilia Alcott(Yukana), 凰 bell sound (Asami Shimoda), Charles Dunois (Hanazawa Kana"SUPER∞STREAM (#6,7 ver.)"Television Animation"IS <Infinite Stratos>"Ending theme
Broom of Shinonono (Yoko Hikasa), Cecilia Alcott (Yukana), Suzune (Asami Shimoda), Charles Dunois (Hanazawa Kana), Laura Bodewig (Marina Inoue"SUPER ∞ STREAM (#8 ~ ver.)"
My Little Sister Can't Be So Cute BD/DVD Vol. 4 Privilege CDBlack cat(Hanazawa Kana"Masquerade!"Television Animation"My sister can't be so cute"Ending theme
May 5Punctuation!Nanako Matsu (Hanazawa Kana"Punctuation!"
Television Animation"Strange seminar] Related songs
May 5My Little Sister Can't Be So Cute BD/DVD Vol. 6 Privilege CDKirino Kosaka (Ayana Taketatsu), Black Cat (Hanazawa Kana), Saori Basina (Hitomi Raw"Akihabara☆Dance☆Now!!"Television Animation"My sister can't be so cute"Ending theme
May 6My Little Sister Can't Be So Cute BD/DVD Vol. 7 Privilege CDBlack cat(Hanazawa Kana"† Life is short, love me maiden †"
May 7TV anime "Deadman Wonderland" character song "Shiro"DWB feat. SHIRO (Hanazawa Kana"SHINY SHINY SHIRO mix"
"Cremet d Anjou"
"Dungeon Chocolatier Ace"
Television Animation"Deadman wonderland] Related songs
May 7My Little Sister Can't Be So Cute BD/DVD Vol. 8 Privilege CDBlack cat(Hanazawa Kana), Kyosuke Kosaka (Yuichi Nakamura"Atonement Serenade"Television Animation"My sister can't be so cute"Ending theme
IS <Infinite Stratos> Blu-ray & DVD Volume 4 First Limited Edition Bonus CDCharles Dunois (Hanazawa Kana"Mon cherie, ma cherie"
TV anime "IS <Infinite Stratos>" related songs
May 8Low Kyubu! Character Songs 01 Chika MinatoChika Minato (Hanazawa Kana"Jitsugoi Koi Shoooooter!"Television Animation"Row Kyubu!] Related songs
Hanazawa Kana imaging Chika Minato"SHOOT!-No.4 MIX-"
Steins Gate BD Vol.3 Bonus CDMayuri Shiina(Hanazawa Kana), Feiris (Haruko Momoi"3 pm on May Queen"Television Animation"Stein's Gate] Related songs
May 9Mayu Uta!Sakamachi Benou(Hanazawa Kana"Glitter☆Submission"TV anime "Mayo Chiki!" related songs
May 10THE IDOLM @ STER ANIM @ TION MASTER 03765 + 876PRO ALLSTARS[Member 6]"GO MY WAY!!"Television Animation"THE IDOLM @ STER"Ending theme
May 11Hoshi Imo Paradise 2-Rescue the all-purpose green onion man-Hanazawa Kana"love song""Imo Paradise 2-Rescue the All-Around Leek Man-" Ending Theme
May 12"The World God Only Knows" Character Cover ALBUM ~ Song Selection: Tamiki Wakaki ~Shiomiya Shiori starring Hanazawa Kana"Twinkle Star'TV anime "God Only Knows Sekai" related songs
Ro-Kyu-Bu! Intabaru 3Chika Minato (Hanazawa Kana"My Dear ..."Songs related to the TV anime "Ro-Kyu-Bu!"
May 3IS <Infinite Stratos> VOCAL COLLECTION ALBUMCharles Dunois (Hanazawa Kana"Mon cherie, ma cherie"TV anime "IS <Infinite Stratos>" related songs
Charlotte Dunois(Hanazawa Kana"Arigato. Not just."
May 2Yakimochi Caprice ★Roux(Yuki Aoi), Nowa (Hanazawa Kana"Yakimochi Caprice ★"Television Animation"Yakimochi Fantasia] Theme song
May 4I have few friends BD / DVD Volume 4 First production bonus "Asoto CD 4"Hasegawa kobato(Hanazawa Kana"Yukeyuke Gernica-chan!"Television Animation"I do not have many friends"Insert song
SquarePanicSerenade / Futuristic PlayerYasuno Takakamo (Aoi Yuki), Akira Shinko (Nao Toyama), Gen Matsumi (Aoi Matsu)Hanazawa Kana), Ryo Sagimori (Uchiyama Yumi), Matsumi (MAKO)"Square Panic Serenade"
"SquarePanicSerenade ~ SquarePushedSixteen Remix ~"
Television Animation"Saki -Saki- Achiga Hen episode of side-A"Ending theme
May 5Kannagi Nagioto + Nagiuta Perfect EditionZange-chan (Hanazawa Kana"Delicate to Love Me Please"Television Animation"Kannagi] Related songs
May 5Durarara Wrapping !!-"Durarara !!" Character Song Collection-Anri Sonohara(Hanazawa Kana"Girl taking time'Television Animation"Durarara!!] Related songs
I have few friends Blu-ray Volume 5 First BonusHasegawa kobato(Hanazawa Kana"Grumpy * Vampire"TV anime "I have few friends" related songs
May 6Sengoku Collection Character Song Collection Vol.01Taihei-kun, Ieyasu Tokugawa (Hanazawa Kana"Love Scope"Television Animation"Sengoku Collection] Related songs
May 6Saki-Achiga Hen episode of side-A Character Song Vol.3Gen Matsumi (Hanazawa Kana"Dragon Magic"
"Majan ☆ World ver. Gen"
TV anime "Saki-Achiga Hen episode of side-A" related songs
Saki-Achiga Hen episode of side-A Blu-ray Volume 1 First Limited Bonus Special CDYasuno Takakamo (Aoi Yuki), Akira Shinko (Nao Toyama), Gen Matsumi (Aoi Matsu)Hanazawa Kana), Ryo Sagimori (Yumi Uchiyama), Makoto Matsumi (MAKO)"I'm waiting in a square universe(Achiga Women's Special ver.) "
"We welcome you enthusiastically.(Achiga Women's Special ver.) "
May 7Inu x Boku SS BD / DVD Volume 5 Bonus CDSkull Palace Carta (Hanazawa Kana"Sweets parade"Television Animation"Inu x Boku SS』Episode 6 ending theme song
May 8Orange Smile First bonus version with anime PVRion (Hanazawa Kana"Orange Smile"
"Orange Smile (Ver.60 Sec)"
May 8SKET DANCE Character Song & Original Soundtrack "Saya and Fun Music Collection"Saaya Agata (Hanazawa Kana"NO COOL BOY"
"Tomorrow girl"
"Complete for you"
Television Animation"SKET DANCE] Related songs
Kobato no Uta Tetami! Anime "Iron Necromancer" cover song singleHasegawa kobato(Hanazawa Kana"Oath of Poems ~ Scars of Saints ~"
"Fight, the king of darkness has descended"
TV anime "I have few friends" related songs
I have few friends Blu-ray Volume 6 First edition benefitsHasegawa kobato(Hanazawa Kana"Over the distance"The ending theme of the game "I have few friends, Portaburu"
May 9Bodacious Space Pirate BD Vol.7 bonus CDMarika Kato (Mikako Komatsu), Chiaki Kurihara (Hanazawa Kana"Pirate Song"Television Animation"Bodacious Space Pirate"Insert song
May 9TV anime "Mobile Suit Gundam AGE" Character Song Album Vol.2Romalie Stone (Hanazawa Kana"TWO HEARTS ~Reason of tears~"Television Animation"Mobile Suit Gundam AGE] Related songs
May 9OVA I have few friends Ado-ondisc Blu-ray First edition bonusHasegawa Kotaka (Ryohei Kimura) & Yozora Mikazuki (Marina Inoue) & Sena Kashiwazaki (Kanae Ito) & Yukimura Kusunoki (Nozomi Yamamoto) & Rika Shiguma (Misato Fukuen) & Kobato Hasegawa (Hanazawa Kana) & Maria Takayama (Yuka Iguchi)"You are a friend"OVA "I have few friends" ending theme
May 9Happy Girl Lucky Girl!Ichiko Sakura(Hanazawa Kana"Happy Girl ☆ Lucky Girl!"Television Animation"God of poverty is!] Related songs
Ichiko Sakura(Hanazawa Kana),Autumn leaves(Uchiyama Yumi"Uraharasakasa Curse MIX ver. Ichiko"
Momiji no Uta ~Sorrowful Praise~Autumn leaves(Uchiyama Yumi), Ichiko Sakura (Hanazawa Kana"Urahara Sakasa Mahou MIX ver. Autumn leaves"
May 10SENGOKU BEST COLLECTIONTaihei-kun, Ieyasu Tokugawa (Hanazawa Kana"Secret"Television Animation"Sengoku Collection] Related songs
May 10"Good Luck Girl!" Original Soundtrack & Variety CD Happiness Energy Assortment (Gift)Ichiko Sakura(Hanazawa Kana"Uraharasakasa" The more you fight! MIX""
Television Animation"God of poverty is!] Related songs
May 10Too bad neighbor section ★★☆ (two and a half stars)Friend making team[Member 3]"Sorry neighbor section ★★☆"Television Animation"I do not have many friends"Opening theme
May 12You're Mamori ThaiRika Ichigaya (Hanazawa Kana"You are Mamori Thai""Password Manager" theme song
May 1Cracked apple / flower blooming in snowAkizuki Maria (Hanazawa Kana"Flowers blooming in the snow"Television Animation"From the New World] Theme song
May 2Be My FriendNeighbor section[Member 3]"Be My Friend"The opening theme of the TV animation "I have few friends NEXT"
Hasegawa kobato(Hanazawa Kana) & Maria Takayama (Yuka Iguchi)"Beisu!! Raibaru!!"Character song for TV animation "I have few friends NEXT"
Our wingsNeighbor section[Member 3]"Our wings"The ending theme of the TV animation "I have few friends NEXT"
May 3Bamboo Rendez-VousMei Mei (Hanazawa Kana"Bamboo rendezvous♡"
"Shirokuma Cafe-Mei Mei"
The ending song for the TV anime "Shirokuma Cafe"
May 3Kotoura-san's ending theme collection Flower of hope and Tsurupeta and ESP Lab's themeESP Study Group[Member 7]"ESP Research Theme"Television Animation"Kotoura-san"Ending theme
May 3Saki-Saki-Achiga Hen episode of side-A Carason Best Album THE Yume no Hit Square Achiga HenYasuno Takakamo (Aoi Yuki), Akira Shinko (Nao Toyama), Gen Matsumi (Aoi Matsu)Hanazawa Kana), Matsumi Yoru (MAKO), Ryo Sagimori (Yumi Uchiyama)"I'm waiting in a square universe(Achiga Women's Product and ver.)"
"We welcome you enthusiastically.(Achiga Women's Product and ver.)"
TV anime "Saki-Achiga Hen episode of side-A" related songs
May 5Sengoku Otome 3 ~ Ran ~ Soundtrack CDKashin (Hanazawa Kana), Onigami (Airi Yuki), Shion (Sumire Uesaka"Ran ~ Run ~"CR 『Sengoku Maiden3” theme song
May 5Sasami @ Don't try hard BD/DVD Volume 3 Special CDKagami Kagami (Hanazawa Kana"Mirror of the synapse"TV anime "Sasami-san @ Ganbarunai" related songs
May 6Absolute Defense Leviathan Character Song Collection Absolutely sing!syrup(Hanazawa Kana"Aqua Fall Defense Corps"Television Animation"Absolute Defense Leviathan] Related songs
May 7Infinite Stratos Original Drama Series Vol.4 feat. Charlotte DunoisCharlotte Dunois(Hanazawa Kana"Soleil bouquet"TV anime "IS <Infinite Stratos>" related songs
May 7Low Kyubu! SS Character Songs 01 Chika MinatoChika Minato (Hanazawa Kana"Junjo Generation"Television Animation"Row Club! SS] Related songs
Hanazawa Kana imaging Chika Minato"Get goal!-No.4 MIX-"
May 7My sister cannot be so cute. BD/DVD Volume 2 Special CDKirino Kosaka (Ayana Taketatsu), Black Cat (Hanazawa Kana), Saori Basina (Hitomi Namaten)"Forever..."Television Animation"My sister can't be so cute."Ending theme
May 8SWEET PAINRyoko (Hanazawa Kana), Shizuno (Kawasumi Ayako), Minato (Marina Inoue"SWEET PAIN"CR 『Zega Pain"Theme song
May 8My sister cannot be so cute. BD/DVD Volume 3 Special CDBlack cat(Hanazawa Kana"Monochrome☆HAPPY DAY"Television Animation"My sister can't be so cute."Ending theme
May 8No matter how I thinkYu-chan (Hanazawa Kana"I'm not cute, don't you?"Television Animation"You're bad no matter what I think!] Related songs
May 9Kizano YukueJupiter's sisters[Member 8]"Kizuna no Yuque"Television Animation"The World God Only Knows Goddess"Ending theme
Shiomiya Shiori starring Kana Hanazawa"Kizuna no Yuque feat. Shiomiya Shiori"
May 9My sister cannot be so cute. BD/DVD Volume 4 Special CDBlack cat(Hanazawa Kana"Destiny of Setsuna"TV anime "My sister can't be so cute. "Ending theme
May 10I have few friends NEXT Volume 4 Nexto CD 4Hasegawa kobato(Hanazawa Kana"PASTEL B☆X"
"Be My Friend -Kobato Featuring Neighbors VER.-"
"Our Tsubasa -Kobato Featuring Neighbors Department VER.-"
TV anime 'I have few friends NEXT] Related songs
May 11BEAUTIFUL SKYHoki Shinonono (Yoko Hikasa), Cecilia Alcott (Yukana), Suzune Suzune (Asami Shimoda), Charlotte Dunois (Hanazawa Kana), Laura Bodewig (Marina Inoue), Takushin Saki (Chikazu Saito), Tsubasa Saki (Mimori Suzuko"BEAUTIFUL SKY"Television Animation"IS <Infinite Stratos> 2"Ending theme
May 12Occult Maiden Character Song Album[1120]Oya no Oya (Ami Koshimizu), 蘆屋sparrow (Kumoto Hisako), 蘆屋white cat (Hanazawa Kana), Tsuya tortoise shell (Chihara Minori"Beyond the Jet Black feat. Starving Trancer"
"Beyond the Jet Black feat. Starving Trancer (Normal Edit)"
"Beyond the Jet Black (Ryu☆Remix)"
Smartphone game "Occult Maiden" related songs
"Occult Maiden" Special Bonus Track CDShioya White Cat (Hanazawa Kana"Beyond the Jet Black-White Cat Solo Version"
Favorite answerChitoge Kirisaki (Nao Toyama) & Kosaki Onodera (Hanazawa Kana"My favorite answer"Television Animation"Nisekoi] Character Song
May 12TV animation "IS <Infinite Stratos>2" original soundtrackBroom of Shinonono (Yoko Hikasa), Cecilia Alcott (Yukana), Suzune (Asami Shimoda), Charles Dunois (Hanazawa Kana), Laura Bodewig (Marina Inoue"BEAUTIFUL SKY [TV SIZE 5 people ver.]"Television Animation"IS <Infinite Stratos> 2) ending theme
Broom of Shinonono (Yoko Hikasa), Cecilia Alcott (Yukana), Suzune (Asami Shimoda), Charles Dunois (Hanazawa Kana), Laura Bodewig (Marina Inoue), SenseiMimori Suzuko"BEAUTIFUL SKY [TV SIZE 6 people ver.]"
Broom of Shinonono (Yoko Hikasa), Cecilia Alcott (Yukana), Suzune (Asami Shimoda), Charles Dunois (Hanazawa Kana), Laura Bodewig (Marina Inoue), SenseiMimori Suzuko), Sensei Tateshina (Chiwa Saito"BEAUTIFUL SKY [TV SIZE 7 people ver.]"
My sister cannot be so cute. BD/DVD Volume 7 Special CDBlack cat (Kana Hanazawa)"The last ceremony"TV anime "My sister can't be so cute. "Ending theme
May 1Cordless ☆ Shine ☆ PHONE/Momo・Gi・Ta・Te Fruit Girls♥Kinoshita Apple (Yukari Tamura) & Nori Nakazawa (Yukari Tamura)Hanazawa Kana"Mo・Gi・Ta・Te Fruit Girls♥"Television Animation"Norin"Ending theme
Nakazawa agriculture (Hanazawa Kana
May 2The World God Only Knows Character Cover ALBUM2-Music Selection: Wakaki Tamiki-Shiomiya Shiori starring Hanazawa Kana"Raison d'être'Related songs for the TV anime "God Only Knows Sekai Megami Hen"
May 2Decoy story Volume XNUMX / Nadeshiko Medusa (above) BD/DVD bonus CDNadeko Sengoku(Hanazawa Kana"Mousou Express"Television Animation"Decoy story"Opening theme
From Nagi Tomorrow BD・DVD Volume 3 Special CDMukai Well Manaka (Hanazawa Kana"I wonder why..."Television Animation"From the calm tomorrow] Related songs
IS <Infinite Stratos> 2 BD/DVD Vol. 4 Special CDCharlotte Dunois(Hanazawa KanaMade in love with Mademoiselle
"BEAUTIFUL SKY Shall Solo Version"
TV anime "IS <Infinite Stratos> 2" related songs
May 3Minna NamaeShibasaki Ashika (Hanazawa Kana)・Takao (Shizuka Ito) ・Mr. Funabori (Ayo Toyosaki)"Minna no Namae no te te te te sai"Television Animation"Dee flag!"Ending theme
D-Frag! OP/ED interlocking purchase bonus CD"(Enter your name) RMX"Television Animation"Dee flag!] Related songs
IS <Infinite Stratos> 2 Ignition Hearts theme song collectionHoki Shinonono (Yoko Hikasa), Cecilia Alcott (Yukana), Suzune Suzune (Asami Shimoda), Charlotte Dunois (Hanazawa Kana), Laura Bodewig (Marina Inoue)"Grow Up Shining!!"The ending theme of the game "IS <Infinite Stratos> 2 Ignition Hearts"
May 3Onion Japonesu!Zeus-kun (Hanazawa Kana"Onion Japunesu!"Anime CMI love you! Zeus] Theme song
Zeus-kun (Hanazawa Kana)・Mika (Maaya Uchida"Nikko's Nico Nico!"Song related to the anime commercial "Onikui Suki! Zeushi-kun"
May 4Nisekoi Blu-ray & DVD Volume 2 Limited Edition Bonus CDKosaki Onodera (Hanazawa Kana"Recover decoration"Television Animation"Nisekoi"Ending theme
May 4Dee flag! BD · DVD Volume 2 bonus CDShibasaki Ashika (Hanazawa Kana"8 bit skipper"TV anime "D-Frag!" related songs
May 4Why she flagsYELL[Member 9]"Why she flags"Television Animation"If she is flagged"Ending theme
May 5Norin Rin BD/DVD Vol. 2 Special CDNakazawa agriculture (Hanazawa Kana"Minori nozokko future forecast ♥"The ending theme for the TV anime "Nourin"
May 5My Sweet ShelterKawai Ritsu (Hanazawa Kana), Mayumi Nishino (Rina Sato), Ayaka Watanabe (Kazuko Kanemoto)"My Sweet Shelter"Television Animation"We are all Kawai-so"Ending theme
Kawai Ritsu (Hanazawa Kana"After the last page"TV anime "We are all Kawai-so" related songs
“MOSTEST” above MOSTAnya (Asami Shimoda), Lucca (Okame Asuka), Jessica (Hanazawa Kana"MOSTEST above MOST" (ver.2)Television Animation"Star dragon knight"Ending theme
May 8If she is flagged, BD/DVD Volume 3 bonus CDBandit Yamae (Hanazawa Kana"Ambitious!"
"Why she flags"
Related song for TV anime "She is Flagged"
May 8From Nagi Tomorrow BD・DVD Volume 9 Special CDMukai Well Manaka (Hanazawa Kana"Sound of waves, voice of the sea"TV anime "Nagi no Asukara" related songs
World Conquest-Zvezda of the Plot- BD/DVD Vol. 6 Privilege CDNatasha (Hanazawa Kana"Tell me Nauka, dreaming Pecica"Television Animation"World Conquest Zvezda Plot~] Related songs
Nisekoi BD/DVD Vol. 6 Special CDChitoge Kirisaki (Nao Higashiyama), Kosaki Onodera (Hanazawa Kana), Seishiro Yuki (Mikako Komatsu), Marika Tachibana (Kana Azumi"Imagination Diary"The ending theme for the TV anime "Nisekoi"
PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 Character Song CD ~Song Festival~Getemhardt (Nobuo Tobita), Melfonsina (Hanazawa Kana"In the darkness of Shura"game"Fantasy Star Online 2] Related songs
Lisa (Hanazawa Kana"Bullet show time"
May 9Galaxy Otome Original SoundtrackKashin (Hanazawa Kana"Tenderness from God"CR "Ginga Otome" theme song
May 9Eterna / After closing the umbrellaHanazawa Kana"When you close your umbrella"game"Liberation Girl SIN"Ending theme
Nisekoi BD/DVD Vol. 7 Special CDChitoge Kirisaki (Nao Higashiyama), Kosaki Onodera (Hanazawa Kana"Important way to make"The ending theme for the TV anime "Nisekoi"
May 10The Irregular at Magic High School Nine School Battle Edition 1 BD/DVD Special CDMayumi Nanakusa(Hanazawa Kana), Mari Watanabe (Marina Inoue)"Twilight after school"Television Animation"Irregular at Magic High School] Related songs
May 11Star Knight Dragon Knight BD/DVD Vol. 5 Special CDJessica (Hanazawa Kana"Ai no Silver Knight Story"
"MOST and above "MOSTEST" (Jessica ver)"
TV animation "Starring Dragon Knight" related songs
May 11Persona 4 The Golden BD/DVD Vol. 3 Special CDKujigawa Rise (Rie Kugimiya), Marie (Hanazawa Kana"True Story"Television Animation"Persona4 the Golden ANIMATION"Insert song
May 11Buried Gold BD/DVD Vol. 6 Special CDHOSHINO DALC (Hanazawa Kana"Gutto CHERISH"Television Animation"Ryugajo Shichichi no Buried Gold] Character Song
May 12Nisekoi Comic Market 87 "Special Gift" SetKosaki Onodera (Hanazawa Kana"White gift"Television Animation"Nisekoi] Related songs
May 1Persona 4 The Golden BD/DVD Vol. 5 Special CDMarie (Hanazawa Kana"Dazzling Smile"The ending theme of the TV anime "Persona4 the Golden ANIMATION"
May 2Puella Magi Overage -kawaii songs collection-Mashiro Ito (Hanazawa Kana"Ungifted"
"Reason of birth"
"Ungifted (acid spaghetti mix)"
"Magical Girl Over Age] Related songs
May 4The Irregular at Magic High School Yokohama Mayhem 3 BD/DVD Special CDShiba Miyuki (Saori Hayami), Mayumi Nanakusa (Hanazawa Kana"Pure love endless"Song related to the TV anime "The Irregular at Magic High School"
May 4Unlimited Fafnir Character Song Album -Beautiful Midgar-Philyl Crest(Hanazawa Kana"Tale of my life"Television Animation"Unlimited Fafnir"
May 5Qunka!Bando Marimo (Hanazawa Kana"Qunka!"
"Qunka! (Holy Pants Remix)"
Television Animation"Tekyu] The fifth theme song
May 6Nisekoi: BD/DVD Vol. 1 Special CDChitoge Kirisaki (Nao Higashiyama), Kosaki Onodera (Hanazawa Kana), Seishiro Uke (Mikako Komatsu), Marika Tachibana (Kana Azumi)"Vague Hertz"Television Animation"Nisekoi:"Ending theme
May 7Durarara!! x 2 6 BD/DVD bonus cover song collection CDAnri Sonohara(Hanazawa Kana"Sailor suit and machine gun"Television Animation"Durarara!!X2 ”Related songs
May 8"PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2" Character Song CD ~Song Festival~IILisa (Hanazawa Kana"Destruction shooting theory"game"Fantasy Star Online 2] Related songs
May 9Nisekoi: BD/DVD Vol. 4 Special CDMagical Patissier Kosaki-chan (Hanazawa Kana"Magical styling"TV anime "Nisekoi:" opening theme
May 10Sharin' Miracle/Happy Happening♪Princess Pampuru (Hanazawa Kana"Sharin' Miracle"For theaterMovie Go! Princess PreCure Go! Go!! Gorgeous three-piece!!!!!!"Insert song
May 11Marsan Kaku KazokuLara Sataline Deviluke (Haruka Tomatsu), Mikan Yuki (Hanazawa Kana"Marsan Kaku Kazoku"
"Darling Darling! (Lara Mikan version)"
TV anime "To Love-Ru" related songs
May 11Nisekoi: BD/DVD Vol. 6 Special CDKosaki Onodera (Hanazawa Kana"Crayon cover"The ending theme for the TV anime "Nisekoi:"
May 12CR heat wave! Otome Festival Fan Thanksgiving Live Soundtrack CDKashin (Hanazawa Kana), Otomo Sourin (Emi Kato), Sayaka Kazegami (Yoko Hikasa), Jody Burnside (Eri Kitamura), Amane Hazuki (Mikako Komatsu)"Otome Festival"CR "Environment! Otome Festival Fan Great Thanksgiving LIVE theme song
Dominance[Member 10]"Redemption SKY"
May 2The world is new todayKuroda Sayuki (Haruka Sensuge), Kobayakawa Yuka (Hanazawa Kana), Teruha Ando (Satomi Akasaka), Uguisu Yuki (Satomi Sato)"The world is new today"Television Animation"Girls aim for the wilderness"Ending theme
May 2Tsuppari-kun vs Sekitori ManOshimoto Yuri (Yui Watanabe), Kanae Shinjo (Suzuko Mimori), and Eggplant Takamiya (Narumi Kyoko), Bando Marimo (Hanazawa Kana"Tsappari-kun vs Sekitori-man"Television Animation"Tekyu] The fifth theme song
Bando Marimo (Hanazawa Kana
May 3"Yuna Yuki is a hero" character songs Baton of courageSonoko Nogi (Hanazawa Kana"EXODUS"Television Animation"Yuki Yuna is a hero] Related songs
May 3Uncle and Marshmallow Song Collection Vol.1MIO5 <Degas> (Hanazawa Kana"The bird I saw at that time is now"Television Animation"Uncle and marshmallow"Ending theme
Uncle and Marshmallow Song Collection Vol.2"I'm an idol... Degas"
May 3Game "Girls aim for the wilderness" First edition song CDKuroda Sayuki (Haruka Sensuge), Kobayakawa Yuka (Hanazawa Kana), Teruha Ando (Satomi Akasaka), Uguisu Yuki (Satomi Sato)"Master Up"Opening theme for the game "Girls aim for the wilderness"
"Don't you cry?"Ending theme for the game "Girls Aim for the Wild"
May 5Magical Girl Over Age -the second brew of Magic-[Note 22]Mashiro Ito (Hanazawa Kana"I find""Magical Girl Over Age" Related Song
May 5Girls aim for the wilderness BD・DVD Volume 3 First edition bonus CDKobayakawa Yuka (Hanazawa Kana"The world is still a new solo ver."Television Animation"Girls aim for the wilderness"Ending theme
"She and Her Cat -Everything Flows-" Original SoundtrackBeauty (Hanazawa Kana"Glass eyes"Anime"She and her cat -Everything Flows-』Full version opening theme
May 6TV anime 'IS <Infinite Stratos>2” vocal albumBroom of Shinonono (Yoko Hikasa), Cecilia Alcott (Yukana), Suzune (Asami Shimoda), Charles Dunois (Hanazawa Kana), Laura Bodewig (Marina Inoue"Sleeping Lover"game"IS <Infinite Stratos>2 Love and Purge” ending theme
Charlotte Dunois(Hanazawa KanaMade in love with MademoiselleTelevision Animation"IS <Infinite Stratos>2” related songs
May 10TV anime "Prince of Stride Alternative" character song CD vol.1Nana Sakurai(Hanazawa Kana"To be continued!!"Television Animation"Prince of Stride Alternative] Related songs
May 11WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY Original SoundtrackEna Black (Hanazawa Kana), Serafi (Eri Kitamura), Tama (Ayana Taketatsu)"World Parade"game"World of final fantasy"Ending theme
May 1Future StrikersAltair Torte[Member 11]"Future Strikers"Television Animation"School Girl Strikers Animation Channel"Opening theme
Future Strikers (Yu Sashima (CV: Kana Hanazawa) ver.)Yusui Sajima(Hanazawa Kana"May be JUSTICE!"TV anime "Schoolgirl Strikers Animation Channel" related songs
May 2Gabriel Drop KickGabriel (Miyu Tomita), Vine (Saori Onishi), Satania (Naomi Ozora), Rafiel (Hanazawa Kana"Gavreel Drop Kick"Television Animation"Gabriel Dropout"Opening theme
Hallelujah ☆ Essim"Hallelujah ☆ Essayme"The ending theme for the TV anime "Gabriel Dropout"
Satania (Naomi Ozora), Rafiel (Hanazawa Kana)"Reversal Devil & Angel"TV anime "Gabriel Dropout" related songs
May 3FriendsSumi Washio (Mimori Suzuko), Sonoko Nogi (Hanazawa Kana), Minowa silver (Yumori Hanamoru"Friend"Anime"Yuki Yuna is a Hero-Washio Sumi's Chapter-"Ending theme
May 4~ My sister can't be so cute. Complete Collection+-My sister. Comp+!Black cat(Hanazawa Kana"The last ceremony-REMIX ver.-"Television Animation"My sister can't be so cute.] Related songs
March Comes In Like Lion Blu-ray & DVD Volume 3 "March Comes In Like Lion Original Soundtrack"Akari Kawamoto (Ai Chino), Hinata (Hanazawa Kana), Momo (Misaki Kuno)"Meow Shogi Leader"Television Animation"March lion"Insert song
Gabriel DropOut Blu-ray & DVD Vol.2 "Angel and Devil Character Song & Soundtrack CD"Gabriel (Miyu Tomita), Vine (Saori Onishi), Satania (Naomi Ozora), Rafiel (Hanazawa Kana"Original Bible"Television Animation"Gabriel Dropout] Related songs
May 7PromiseSumi Washio (Mimori Suzuko), Sonoko Nogi (Hanazawa Kana"Yakusoku"The ending theme of the anime "Yuki Yuna is a Hero -Chapter of Sumi Washio-"
Sonoko Nogi (Hanazawa Kana"Friend"Songs related to the anime "Yuki Yuna is a Hero -Chapter of Sumi Washio-"
May 12Hanakotoba / Lullaby of HeroesSanshu Junior High School Hero Club[Member 12]"Hanakotoba"Television Animation"Yuki Yuna is a Hero -Chapter of Heroes-"Opening theme
"Larabai of the Heroes"TV anime "Yuki Yuna is a Hero -Chapter of the Hero-" Ending Theme
May 1Schoolgirl Strikers ~ Twinkle Melody ~ Melody CollectionAltair Torte[Member 11]"Draglight"game"Schoolgirl Strikers ~Twinkle Melody~] Related songs
May 2From here From hereMari Tamaki (Inori Minase), Kobuchisawa House (Inori Minase)Hanazawa Kana), Hinata Miyake (Yuka Iguchi), Yuzuki Shiraishi (Saori Hayami)"From here, from here"Television Animation"A place farther than the universe"Ending theme
"One Step"Insert song for TV anime "A place farther than the universe"
May 3A place farther than the universe BD/DVD Vol. 1 bonus CDKobuchisawa House (Hanazawa Kana"From here, from here"
"One Step"
Related song for TV anime "A place farther than the universe"
May 8Schoolgirl Strikers ~ Twinkle Melody ~ Melody Collection Vol.2Altair Torte[Member 11]"Glitter ☆"
"Invincible Melody"
Songs related to the game "Schoolgirl Strikers ~ Twinkle Melody ~"
Yusui Sajima(Hanazawa Kana), Ryoko Shinonome (Yamamoto hope"Mai Kore"
May 8Mission! Ken / Yasu / Daiichi / IchiRed blood cells (Hanazawa Kana), White blood cells (Tomoaki Maeno), Killer T cells (Daisuke Ono), Macrophages (Kikuko Inoue"Mission! Ken, Yasushi, No. XNUMX"Television Animation"Working cells"Opening theme
May 8wicked princeprincess à la mode[Member 13]"Wicked prince"Game "<Story> Series Pukupuku" theme song
May 9TV animation "Steins; Gate XNUMX" original soundtrackMayuri Shiina(Hanazawa Kana), Kagari Shiina (Megumi Ban"Song played by the stars"Insert song for TV anime "Steins; Gate XNUMX"
May 10I can't stop my maiden heart!Hina Ayase (Hanazawa Kana"I can't stop my maiden heart!"Songs related to the TV program "ICHARA"
May 1FeelingThe quintuplet of the Nakano family[Member 14]"Five parts"Television Animation"Five equal brides"Opening theme
"Gon no Ichi"The ending theme for the TV anime "Five Division Bride"
May 3The XNUMXth division bride character song mini albumNakano Ichika (Hanazawa Kana"Hello, dear my dream ~ in a second ~"Related song for the TV anime "Five Uniform Brides"
May 4Big! Blu-ray BOX audio benefitsIslay (Suzuko Mimori), Shima (Yuka Iguchi), Hana (Hanazawa Kana"Devil ☆ Idol"The anime "Debidoru! "Opening theme
Flower(Hanazawa Kana"Devil ☆ Idol"
"I want to be a superstar"
TV animation "Debidoru! 』Related song
May 6Shōmetsu Toshi Yuki Cover Song SingleSnow(Hanazawa Kana"Swallowtail Butterfly ~ Ainouta ~'
"Hello, Again-A place that has always existed-'
Television Animation"Disappearing city"Ending theme
May 8The XNUMXth Division Bride-Kawasa Max Re-mix-The quintuplet of the Nakano family[Member 14]"Five division feelings (PandaBoY Opening Voice Edit)"
"Gobun no Ichi (PandaBoY Tropical House Edit)"
"PandaBoY Five Flowers Dance Edit"
Related song for the TV anime "Five Uniform Brides"
Nakano Ichika (Hanazawa Kana"Hello, dear my dream ~ One second later ~ (PandaBoY Jazzin'House Edit)"
May 11Song of courageSonoko Nogi (Hanazawa Kana"Yumemi Nokuni"Pachislot "Yuki Yuna is a Hero" related song
May 3From now onThe quintuplet of the Nakano family[Member 14]"Five divisions from now on"Related song for the TV anime "Five Uniform Brides"
May 3Uchitama ?! ~ Do you know our Tama? ~ Vocal CollectionHanasaki peach (Hanazawa Kana"Kitty's cutie!"Television Animation"Do you know Tama?"Ending theme
Uchitama?! Do You Know Tama?? Original Soundtrack3-chome All Stars[Member 15]"Theme of XNUMX-chome"
May 4Phantasy Star Online 2 Episode Oracle Character Song CDMelfon Sheena (Hanazawa Kana"If you can meet again"Television Animation"Phantasy Star Online 2 Episode Oracle] Related songs
May 5Vanishing City LAST ALBUMSnow(Hanazawa Kana"Harmony"game"Disappearing cityThe final chapter theme song
May 11Beautiful World / HYBRIDRay[Member 16]"Beautiful World"Television Animation"Lapis Re: LiGHTs] Related songs
"HYBRID"Insert song for TV anime "Lapis Re: LiGHTs"
May 12SKY FULL of MAGICEliza (Hanazawa Kana"ARIA -Eliza Short Edit Ver.-"
May 1GO! GO! Cell FestaRed blood cells (Hanazawa Kana), Leukocytes (Tomoaki Maeno), Killer T cells / Memory T cells (Daisuke Ono), Macrophages (Kikuko Inoue), General cells (Yusuke Kobayashi), Lactic acid bacteria (Yuri Yoshida"GO! GO! Cell Festa"Television Animation"Cells at Work!"Opening theme
May 1"PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2" Character Song CD ~ Song Festival ~ VIHarriet (Megumi Han), Lisa (Hanazawa Kana"Two hearts"game"Fantasy Star Online 2] Related songs
May 2The shape of five equal parts / persistentThe quintuplet of the Nakano family[Member 14]"The shape of five equal parts"Television Animation"The Quintessential Bride ∬"Opening theme
"Hatsukoi"TV anime "The Quintessential Quintessential Bride ∬" ending theme
May 3Five equal brides ∬ Character song mini albumNakano Ichika (Hanazawa Kana"Kizuiteyo ~ One Love ~"Songs related to the TV anime "The Quintessential Quintessential ∬"
May 3Minamikaze / Summer DaysThe quintuplet of the Nakano family[Member 14]"Minamikaze"The opening theme of the game "The Quintessential Quintessential Bride ∬ ~ Summer Memories are also Divided ~"
"Summer Days"The ending theme of the game "The Quintessential Quintessential Bride ∬ ~ Summer Memories are also Divided ~"
Cyber ​​Squadron Last Angels SP STAGE 1Last Angels[Member 17]"Angels of the Light""Cyber ​​Sentai Last Angels" related songs
May 4Infinite girlNiki (Hanazawa Kana"Infinite girl"Songs related to the game "Shining Niki"
May 4Cyber ​​Squadron Last Angels SP STAGE 2Grace (Hanazawa Kana"Crystal Tears""Cyber ​​Sentai Last Angels" related songs
May 7Princess Connect! Re:Dive PRICONNE CHARACTER SONG 22Aoi (Hanazawa Kana"Tomodachi March for Bocchi"game"Princess Connect! Re:Dive"Insert song
May 7空相Menreiki (Hanazawa Kana"Sky phase"Songs related to the game "Onmyoji"
May 7Zombie Land Saga Revenge BD Volume 2 Bonus CDFranchouchou[Member 18]"Bukkake for you"
"To light'
Television Animation"Zombie Land Saga Revenge"Insert song

Other participating works

Release dateProduct NamesongSongRemarks
2007/12/27TV Tokyo animation "Sketchbook-full color's" drama CD Sketch Book StoriesHanazawa Kana,Medieval Asuka,Makino Yui"Tanpopo Watermill"Television Animation"Sketchbook 〜full color's〜"Ending theme
2008/4/23GUNSLINGER GIRL -IL TEATRINO- Vocal AlbumHanazawa Kana"Doll (Angelica Version)"Television Animation"GUNSLINGER GIRL] Related songs
2009/12/23Pale white cisferiaVocal: Mitsuki / Voices:Hanazawa Kana,Ayo Toyosaki,Sawashiro Miyuki"End of rubble"
Vocal: Mitsuki & Lico / Voices:Hanazawa KanaToyosaki Aio,Takiya Kakihara,Sawashiro Miyuki"Lunatic..."
Vocal: Mitsuki / Voices:Hanazawa Kana, Tetsuya Kakihara, Miyuki Sawashiro"Celestial Blue"
2010/2/3Kobato. OST1 Spring UtakataHanazawa Kana"Tomorrow coming"
"Tomorrow coming-in a snowy town"
Television Animation"Kobato."Insert song
2010/3/24Kobato. OST2 When cherry blossoms bloomHanazawa Kana,Chiwa Saito"Tomorrow-Under the Ginkgo Tree"
Hanazawa Kana with children"Yellow sunflower"
Hanazawa Kana"Tomorrow coming-when cherry blossoms bloom"TV animation "Kobato. "Ending theme
2011/2/2Atelier Violato ~ Alchemist of Gramnat 2 ~ Memories of Ultramarine Original Soundtrack"Spring clock happy clock"game"Atelier Violato ~ Alchemist of Gramnat 2 ~Ultramarine Memories" ending theme
2013/6/26THE CUTBase Ball Bear feat. Hanazawa Kana"A feeling of love"
2014/1/22My Seki-kun song CDHanazawa Kana"Annoying Spectacle"Television Animation"My Neighbor Seki"Opening theme
Hanazawa Kana+ Classmate"Annoying Spectacle Opening Theme (TV size) a cappella ver."
2019/3/6Meteor CallingWEAVER feat.Hanazawa Kana"Meteor Calling -Prologue- feat. Kana Hanazawa"
2019/3/18Akira Kamisaki 20th Anniversary Selected Works "DAWN" Limited EditionHaruka Tomatsu,Hanazawa Kana"Our Music that doesn't end"Live event "MONACA festival 2016" theme song
2020/10/13Kana Hanazawa (feat. Kana Hanazawa)Eiaki Ryan.B feat.Hanazawa Kana"Kana Hanazawa (feat. Kana Hanazawa)"

Live event

Appearance datetitleVenue
September 2013-3, 17Kana Hanazawa live 2013 “claire”
May 2014-June 4, 17Kana Hanazawa live 2014 “25”
2014/11/23"Can you do it alone with Kana Hanazawa?" Public recording and live! in SendaiSendai Civic Center Large Hall(Miyagi
May 2015-June 5, 3Kana Hanazawa live 2015 “Blue Avenue”
March 2015, 11-March 7, 2016Kana Meguri ~Sing, read and travel~
2017/2/5isai Beat presents Kana Hanazawa Premium Live[1121]Billboard Live TOKYO(Tokyo
May 2017-June 4, 15Kana Hanazawa live 2017 "Opportunity"
2018/2/10KANA HANAZAWA Concert 2018 “Spring will come soon”Shinjuku Cultural Center(Tokyo
August 2018, 9KANA HANAZAWA Concert 2018 ~Okay~
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September 2019-4, 12Kana Hanazawa 2019 Traveling Concert
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