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🎥 | Actress Nao talks about "life-changing words"

Photo Nao and Tanishi Matsubara (Photo: Radio Kansai)

"Life-changing words" spoken by actress Nao

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Nao, who played the role of Azusa Kosaka in the movie, appeared in the radio program "Tanishi Matsubara no Seikatsu" (Radio Kansai), where the original author of this work, Tanishi Matsubara, serves as a personality.

Box office revenue exceeded 23 billion yen. Kazuya Kamenashi of KAT-TUN starred in "Accident ..." which became the No. 1 horror movie of this century. → Continue reading

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Matsubara Tanishi

Matsubara Tanishi(Matsubara Tanishi,1982May 4 -) isJapan OfComedian(Shochiku entertainmentBelongs). "Accident propertyOccurring everyday as a live performerPsychic phenomenonIs verified every day[Note 1][2].



When I was young,Part-time job(convenience store-Golden Dragon RamenAnd so on)[Note 5]. at that timepyramidI didn't go to the top of the younger live, which was a hierarchical structure of the type, and I was rarely called to the live of my seniors, so in order to create an opportunity to appear on my own without relying on others,[10]Or the leader in "C Creation"[3]Is serving. However, the times when it could not sell continued for a long time[Note 5].

Most of the entertainers who entered the training school at the same time retired and are active in the entertainment industry,Osaka-Nagoyaでlive house"Butcho Kashiwagi"[11]It became only[Note 5].. The senior entertainer who helped me wasKenji Moriwaki, Miwa Yusuke,Kamijo Takeshi[2].


My fatherretirementThen entered Ryukoku University and graduatedMonkBecame[Note 6].. Mother isdanceTeacher of. My sister is a talentMiho Matsubara.. I have another brother.[2]

Art style

mainlyPin entertainerAre active as. Sometimes lived togetherChun-chan"Twist your feet",Hiroshi KomorienAnd formed a unit with the name "until you die",M-1 Grand PrixHave participated in[Note 5].. As another personality,Void priestIdol Koukomura[12]でLive activityIs also going.

Accident property live entertainer

As an entertainer who continues to live in the accident property, he is called by various programs and events and claims to be the "entertainer who lives in the accident property."Yoshimoto KogyoProject of "EntertainerHas nothing to do with.

The reason why I came to live in the accident property was the senior of Shochiku Entertainment. Makoto KitanoOf the program "Mr. Makoto Kitano, don't go."(Entertainment-Tele) When he appeared in a talk event, he showed a scary story in an apartment where a young entertainer he knew livedlaunchSo Kitano asked me to live in that room. However, because I could not rent this property due to various reasons when I actually tried to live,殺人I will live in another accident property where there was an incident from 2012[13]..Yuji Okayama (Okay) RefusesKamijo TakeshiI refused, so it was my turn to turn to Tanishi.

In the first property, the program staffVideo cameraSet up幽 霊Is reflectedGala"A paranormal diary of Tanishi Matsubara[14]Started from the first dayOrbFlew, one week later when I left the apartmentRun awayMany encounters such asMysteriousEncounter a phenomenon[6][13].. After that, the planning of the program was finished, but when the lease contract renewal time came, I repeatedly moved to another accident property and as of April 2020, I live in the 11th house[15].

In June 2018, a preview of where you lived and what you were looking for,Special cleaningAccident property visited by part-time job ofFloor planIntroduced withAccident property ghost story Scary floor plan”[16].. This work isHideo Nakatadirected by,Kamenashi KazuyaIt was made into a movie starring (released on August 2020, 8)[9].

Besides that, living in an accident property for many years could lead you to any scary place? From that thought, I personallySpirit spot,ruins・For exampleLate night1 person[Note 7]Visited in Tokyo and delivered a video to leave the proof "Tanishi Matsubara Let's stay in another world"[17]Do not use the monetization function[2]In July 2019, we published "A Different World's Awesome Journey" introducing about 7 places visited from 2016 to 2018 with this project[18][Note 8].

Starring program

[Note 1]


tv set


Online delivery

  • O-Chun LIVE!(2015 -,YouTube-Nico Nico Live Broadcast Every Saturday 22:00 -) Live Broadcasting
  • Oshima Teru× Accident Property Lab of Tanishi Matsubara (2018 -, YouTube/Nico Nico Live Broadcast once a month, irregular delivery)[22]
  • Tanishi Matsubara's Sudden Horror Trip by Nittele Plus Web Channel (2020-, Nico Nico Live Broadcast Irregular Delivery)[23]



tv set




Online delivery


[Note 1]


  • Mr. Makoto Kitano, don't go.A man who calls a wonder! Matsubara Tanishi Festival (May 2018, 5,Take Shobo)Such
  • Harlequin collector (collector) Tanishi Matsubara (January 2019, 1, Rakusosha)
  • Strange Collector (Collector) Tanishi Matsubara 2 (March 2019, 3, Rakusosha)


Single Author


Serial comic

Serialization column


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Radio program

Radio programWhat is (Radio Program)?Radio broadcastorInternet radioIn (Web Radio)programIs a general term for.

Classification of radio programs

Japan OfBroadcasting lawIn Article 5, "type of broadcast program" is "Liberal Arts Program,Educational program,News program,Entertainment programEtc. " Article 2 of the Law defines the contents of cultural programs and educational programs, but there is no definition of news programs and entertainment programs.

Radio station TheTelevision broadcasting stationUnlike, there is no obligation to publish various types of "harmony between each other" and "standards for the type of broadcast program" based on Articles 106 and 107, but an example of voluntarily publishing the program type. There is[1][2].

OnceJapan Private Broadcasting Federation(National Association of Commercial Broadcasters)Broadcast standardThen, in order to voluntarily announce the program type of each station, radio programs are changed to news programs, political programs, social and public programs,Religious programs,Program for children, Educational programs, entertainment programs, and each station applied this mutatis mutandis[3].. It was later amended and this article is gone.

Radio program genre

Unique to radio programs

  • News program
  • Entertainment program
    • Music program
      • There are many examples of full playback of record / CD sound sources. Also,Radio personalityThere is also a configuration in which only music is played with little or no talk (non-DJ).
      • Request program - listenerFrom postcards,facsimile, E-mail, etc., solicit music requests from listeners in advance or during the broadcast time, and broadcast them. Some programs combine the elements of countdown programs and variety shows.
    • Reading program
    • Radio Drama
    • Talk show - EspeciallyMidnight broadcastOccupies a central position in. There are more radical talks than on TV, and many celebrities (comedy talents, actors, etc.) have begun to sell after appearing on this type of program as a personality. There is often a corner to solicit gag from listeners by postcard, facsimile, e-mail, etc.Postcard craftsmanFrom among the regular contributors calledTV writerIs also produced.
    • Aniraji
  • Radio shopping ――It is often positioned as a corner included in the time of wide programs, etc., but since the mid-2000s (2004-2006) when the advertising revenue of the entire radio station began to decrease, mail-order companies buy program slots. The number of cases is increasing, and the broadcasting time is increasing at most broadcasting stations. There are many formats in which a personality and an outside specialist (except for some) talk over the phone. In some cases, a subsidiary of a broadcasting station undertakes a radio shopping business.

What is common with TV programs

Major radio programs

Category: Radio stationandCategory: Radio programsSee. Especially for sports programsCategory: Radio sports programsreference.


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