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🧑‍🎨 | Freely shine and design!Wireless mechanical keyboard "Marsback"


Freely shine and design!Wireless mechanical keyboard "Marsback"

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Key switches and key caps can be replaced to your liking.

Many people spend a considerable percentage of their day touching the keyboard, such as desk work and hobby games ... → Continue reading


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KeycapIs a small plastic cover that covers the key switches on your computer keyboard.Keycaps often have illustrations showing the corresponding key functions and alphanumeric characters.Early keyboards had integrated keyswitches and keycaps, but keycaps have been separated to make it easier to create keyboards with different layouts.

In Japan,Key topIs used in almost the same meaning as a keycap, but strictly speaking, this is a phrase that refers only to the top surface of the keycap.[1].


A typical keycap from the 1970s to the 1980s was two-color molding, and the character part was molded on the keycap with two different colors of plastic.However, this method is not often used because the cost is high, mainly the mold cost, and the keycap tends to be more durable than the on-board equipment.Today's keycaps are generally printed by sublimation printing or laser engraving.[2]..However, 2-shot molded (“double shot”) keycaps are still on sale.[3], Its feel[4]Known for its durability.

Modern keycap

The keycap can be purchased as a replacement set for the keyboard.Replacement sets are often sold, especially for keyboards that use Cherry MX style axes.Custom sets are bought and sold in the maniac community, and craftsman-made keycaps[5]Can be purchased individually.

Some keycaps are printed and some are not.Unprinted keycaps are called "blank keycaps" and are said to be useful for promoting touch typing and muscular memory because they have to rely on the sensation of their fingertips without vision.However, in the world of modern mechanical keyboards, non-printing caps are often selected with an emphasis on aesthetics.

As plastic, ABS, PBT, POM, etc. are often used (see the material section).The top of most keycaps is described as cylindrical (curved toward the side like a thick cylinder), flat, spherical (curved up, down, left and right like a large sphere). Will be done.Recently, cylindrical keycaps are preferred over spherical keycaps, but laptop keys are often flat.

As of 2021, most compatible keycaps are sold for mechanical keyboards (Cherry, ALPS, Kailh Choc) and inexpensive keyboards such as pantographs and membranes other than Topre products (capacitive non-contact method). It has not been.The replacement keycaps are mostly for mechanical keyboard users and homebrew keyboard users.



The material of the keycap is different for each brand, and the feel, durability, scratch resistance, etc. are different.


It is often used for keyboard housings and keys.It's a relatively soft material among modern plastics, but it's durable and hard to break.TopreABS is used for the chassis of, and it is also used for IBM model Ms. Most of the Filco and Das keys that come with the keyboard you purchased are made of ABS. There is a little "smoothness".For exampleLegoEtc. are also made of ABS.[6]

 PBT is a harder, longer-lasting material that has a "sandy" feel and does not turn yellow like ABS over time.However, because PBT is fragile and costly, most keyboard makers do not use PBT for their keyboard cases or keys.Exceptions are some Cherry / Poker / Leopold keys and IBM / Unicomp keys.[7]

Also known as the "Delrin" brand name, this material has excellent wear resistance, solvent resistance, and low abrasion resistance.However, it is not very common because it is an expensive material.It was used on old black Cherry G80 keycaps and discontinued Nopoo Chocolate keyboards. It was also used on Keycool keyboards, but is now obsolete.Vortex is currently using POM for lettering infills for Backlit Doubleshot PBT / POM Keys. [8].. Cherry MX key casing made by POM Chemical Testing[9] The same applies to MY steB's axis Cherry Labeling.[10] .

Durable transparent plastic. Used for translucent keys such as Signature Plastic key sets.[11][12]


Numbers, letters, and symbols are printed on the keycap by pad printing, laser engraving, sublimation printing, two-color molding (double shot), and other methods.

Pad printingThe cheapest and most commonly used.
Sublimation printing Dye sublimationSublimation printing is a little expensive, but it is used by Topre and some companies such as ZF Electronics (Cherry) and Unicomp.
Two-color molding Double ShotAlthough it is an expensive method, high-end keycaps that are molded in two colors are also sold.
Laser engravingPrint letters on the keycap with a powerful laser.[2]

Key shape

The easiest way to compare keyboard profiles is to look at them from the side.The shape (profile) of the keycap refers to the profile shape of each row of the keycap.Different shapes have different key sizes, shapes, and thicknesses.In modern keycap sets, the ones that have different shapes for each row are called "sculpted profiles".[13].

  • OEM
  • Cherry
  • Apple
  • Tai Hao
  • Alps
  • Laser
  • DCS
  • SA
  • SA-P
  • LD
  • HSA
  • XDA
  • NDA
  • MT3
  • MDA (Mix)
  • ADA

As of 2021, Cherry, OEM, DSA, etc. are especially common as cheap and high-volume items.As a set of high-class key caps, the SA shape is very popular.


Several standards are in circulation, mainly for mechanical keyboards.Keycaps with different shaft specifications cannot be inserted as they are because the shape of the shaft is different.

Cherry MX compatibleIt is the most commonly distributed keycap for compatible mechanical keyboards. It can be inserted into a standard Cherry cross-shaped shaft, and if the keycap is sold as a set, it is often compatible with Cherry MX unless otherwise specified. In addition to genuine Cherry MX products, it is supported by many Chinese key switches such as Gateron and Kailh.
HHKB, RealforceA type of keycap that can be inserted into the ○ -shaped shaft of HHKB and Realforce produced by Topre.
Alps axisA key switch manufactured by Alps Electric Co., Ltd. that can be inserted.It has a shape close to □.
Kailh ChocA shaft compatible with the Kailh choc switch, which is a thin mechanical key switch called Low Profile.It is a ll-shaped shaft with two long and thin outlets in parallel.

More information

  • US Utility 5193924, Larson, Carlyn F., "Cap cover for keyboard keys", issued 16 March 1993 

Other keycaps

There is also a so-called artisan keycap, which is made by a completely original method. [14]


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