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🎥 | Tori Matsuzaka, Honor Student Detective Transformed ... Short Hair, Beard, Sunglasses, Tobacco Impact Visual


Tori Matsuzaka, Honor Student Detective Transforms ... Short Hair, Beard, Sunglasses, Tobacco Impact Visual

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The visual released this time is impressive with the devilish appearance of Hioka played by Tori Matsuzaka.

The teaser visual of the movie "The Blood of Wolves LEVEL2" (released on August 8) starring actor Tori Matsuzaka ... → Continue reading

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Tori Matsuzaka

Tori Matsuzaka(Matsuzaka street[3][4],1988 May 10[3] -) isJapan OfAn actor,モデル.left handed[5]..Nickname is King.

KanagawaChigasakiBackground[2].Top coatAffiliation[6]..Wife is an actressToda Erika.


2008 , I was invited by a friend to apply[7]Won the Grand Prix at "Challenge FB Model 2008 Audition" and the magazine "FINEBOYS] Started performing arts activities as an exclusive model.at the same timeTop coatEntered the training school "Artist ★ Artist" as the 8th gen member[8].

2009 To theSuper squadron series33rd work "Samurai Sentai Shinkenger』, Appeared in the role of Takeru Shiba / Shinken Red, and made his debut as an actor[9]..This work is the first starring in a TV drama[7], The movie version of the same work became the first appearance and the first starring in the movie.

2010 From October2011 Until March, "Sensation Yubure! Senior Rock You], Made a regular first appearance on a variety show.

2011 Public movie "Antokinoi Nochi","we are not able to change the world. But, we wanna build a school in Cambodia. ”85th Kinema Junpo Best Ten New Actor Award[10], 33rd Yokohama Film Festival Best Newcomer Award[11]Award.

2012 , NHK drama "Ume-chan teacher"soContinuous tv novelFirst appearance.The movie released in the same year "Connect』In the 25thDaily Sports Movie Awards Yujiro Ishihara New Face Award[12],36th Japan Academy Award New actor award[13],22th Japanese Film Critics Award Best Actor Award[14]Was awarded.

2014 ,NHK"Military officer officer]Kuroda Nagamasa As a roleTaiga dramaFirst appearance.2016 ,movies"PaddingtonWas in charge of dubbing Paddington, the main character of[15].

2020 May 12, Of the actressToda ErikaRevealed through their respective agencies that they were married[16].


  • The name of birth, "Momo Lee," is a Chinese historian.Shigeru Shigeruof"HistoryWritten in the word "Tohri Silent Self-Seikei(Eggplants are said to be made from the sardines) "[4][17][18]And the Chinese story "Sakura Ume Tori'[7][19]It is derived from the two.The former is from my father's desire to become "a person who is loved by anyone with virtue"[4]The latter was named after my mother's desire to "cherish her own personality."[19]..The reading is "street" because of the parents' commitment[4][17].
  • As for my family, I have an older sister and a younger sister[2], Father teaches psychology in college[20]..I have few friends[21], He says he has no hesitation in going to the cinema, karaoke, and eating yakiniku alone.[22].
  • In the second grade of the junior high school where Matsuzaka attendedAya MatsuuraWore[23][24].. The movie "At that time" released in 2021. ], With Matsuura as the trigger for the original authorHello! ProjectThe main character who became a fan ofTsurugiTo play[25].
  • I was in college when I started performing arts activities, but after a two-year leave of absence, I decided to live as an actor and dropped out of school, defying my parents' opposition.[26]..He later recalled this as "the biggest decision in his life," but he said he didn't regret it.[26]..Also, as an ideal actorShinichi Tsutsumi,Hiroshi Abe,Toshiyuki NishidaAre listed[27].
  • "ONE PIECE』Big fan[28], I also got an autograph from the original author Oda[29].. 『SLAM DUNKI also like[30]Being influenced by the basketball club in junior high school[27]. further,BUMP OF CHICKENIs a big fan of[31]In 2014, their tour documentary film "BUMP OF CHICKEN "WILLPOLIS 2014" Movie version』Appeared as a voice actor[32]..Also, my favorite foods are tuna and omelet rice.[2]..Strong interest in unknown creatures and UFOs[33].
  • "Yu-Gi-Oh!』\ I like it, initiallyOfficial card gameHowever, the fact that he started the app game "Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links" rekindled, and he got the title of "Duel King", which is the highest rank in the game, without charge.[34]..Also a junior in the officeMasaki Suda's RadioIt is customary to talk about Yu-Gi-Oh when he appears in the movie.[35], There is a corner "Sugada ★ Gi ★ King" that is held only when Matsuzaka comes to the guest[36].
  • The official blog "M-Storiy" was opened from January 2009, 1, but closed on October 30, 25 on the occasion of the 2013th birthday.[37]..After that, from September 2015, 9TwitterStart[38].

Related to "Samurai Sentai Shinkenger"

  • In childhood, "Ninja Sentai Kakurenger』(1994 Watching the broadcast)[9], Played the role of Saizo / Ninja Blue in episode 5 of "Shinkenger"Tsuchida UniversityCo-starring with was realized.
  • left handedIn Although[5], Played Takeru Shiba right-handed. "Movie versionIn the stage greeting, I promised the fans that I would overcome my dislike of konjac and overcame it.[39]..Regarding special effects, it was said that there were difficulties not only at the time of shooting but also after the end, such as the words and movement habits peculiar to special effects things were hard to get rid of.[40].
  • CastelnuovoNo. 1 in the ranking of popular actors from the Super Sentai series on the official website[41].





TV drama

Web / Distribution Drama


original video

Net movie

  • DEATH GAME PARK (April 2010-,BeeTV) --Shodai Tokunaga (Masahiro InoueAnd W starring)
  • Fateful Person (April 2010-, Hills Diet Short Movie)-As Hayase
  • Mischief of the Goddess ~ I became you (March 2011, 3-, BeeTV) --Starring Hideyuki Takumi (two roles)[101]


Theater animation






  • Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition Special Program Portrait of a Genius ~ The Mystery of Da Vinci Challenged by "TAKE FIVE" ~ (May 2013, 5, TBS) --Navigator
  • Life Design U-29(October 2015, 3-March 30, 2018,NHK education) - Narration[120]
  • Tell us the war(September 2015, 8, Fuji TV)-Navigator[121]
  • Tori Matsuzaka A Faraway Silk Road Trip (June 2017, 6, BS-TBS) --Navigator[122]
  • Nekomentari Special Edition Yoro Sensei Tomaru Living in Kamakura (Part 2020) (May 5, 31, NHK E-Tele) --Reading




  • TORI MATSUZAKA 1stDVD Toori Michi (March 2010, 3, TOEI COMPANY, LTD.)
  • Tori Matsuzaka Toori Michi 2011 (June 2012, 6, TOPCOAT / THE WORKS)

Magazine serialization

  • Hinode Publishing"FINEBOYS』Exclusive model & serialization
    • "Front Matsuzaka, Ura Tori!" (-March 2015 issue)
    • "Matsuzaka Tori, Kotoba and clothes." (April 2015 issue-)
  • Crocodile books"+ Act.mini" → "+ act." "Théâtre TŌRI" (October 2011 issue-)[158]


Photo album

  • Tohri (October 2009, 10,Crocodile books)
  • Road -TAO- (October 2011, 10)Magazine house)[160]
  • Delusion, Tori Matsuzaka (April 2016, 4, Wanibooks)[161]
  • Delusion, Tori Matsuzaka 2 (May 2018, 5, Wanibooks)[162]
    • Wanibooks serialization "Théâtre TŌRI" made into a book[158]

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