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🤖 | "I was embarrassed" Idol Anri Morishima shows off her Lolita cosplay


"It was embarrassing" Idol Anri Morishima shows off her Lolita cosplay

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The hairstyle is half twin and a light blue ribbon is attached as a hair accessory.

Anri Morishima (@ anchuu_122) A member of the idol unit "# 2i2" and a gravure idol ... → Continue reading

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Hairstyle,HairstyleWhat is (hairstyle)?HeadGrowing fromhairA style made using.


It is made by making various modifications such as lengthening, aligning to the same length, making a mass, knitting, etc.Skin headA style that does not use hair, such as, is also recognized as one of the variations of hairstyles.髪型を作るために髪を切り揃えることをヘアカット(散髪)と言うが、整髪する前の基礎作りとして髪を切る場合や、カットだけで髪型を作る場合があるCutting the hair to make a hairstyle is called haircut (haircut), but there are cases where you cut the hair as a basis before styling, or you make a hairstyle just by cutting.[1].

Religious,People, Depending on the group to which they belong etc.社会May have specific roles and regulations, such asclearThen.pigtailWas being forced.

19st centuryOr later,WesternThe influence of the countriesAsia,AfricaThe hairstyle of Western countries at that time became widespread.

MaleIn many cases, the hairstyle of the hairstyle is relatively short or long so as not to disturb the activity, such as haircutting. On the other hand,FemaleHair is relatively long.

Hairstyle changes in Japan

Kofun period-Yamato periodIsTotal angle(MizuraA hairstyle called Mizura) was made among men. Divide the hair into two parts,earIt is a hairstyle that rolls up and down next to. Women in the Kofun periodEdo Period OfShimadaHad a hairstyle similar to.Nara periodWomen in China have tied together Takakei and Sokei.

Heian period-Azuchi Momoyama period

Heian period Ofroyal,貴族We swear that men wear a tie and wear a crown, and women hang hair (tatamigami/glide/suaihatsu). Was. Female hairblackThe longer and the longerBeautiful womanWas said. It was disliked to pinch hair in the ear and was disliked as "ear pinch".childrenTimesSplit hairFor hairstyles that bring down hair (or numbness), or for boysMizuraIt was sometimes tied to. When I was 12 to 16 years old, man tied his hairCrow hat,crownWearFirst crown(Ukiburi) (Former clothes), the womanDressAt the same time as wearing a costume and raising hair,Tooth blackWithEyebrowdid. Each of these ritualsadultThere was a meaning of the ceremony. Since the end of Heian period, it has spread to samurai and the affluent people. For the royal family and aristocrats, this customMeijiIt continued until it entered.Common peopleMen patted their bangs on the back and tied their hair back or made a crossTotal hairI had a hairstyle like that.元結が乱れたり、元結を作らず髪を散らした髪型を散髪、乱髪と呼んでいたHairstyles that have disordered hair or have scattered hair without making hair are called haircuts or hairstyles.[1].

Edo Period

After the Meiji era

JapanThen.Meiji EraFrom the government toHaircutWas issued, but it did not easily penetrate. ThereforeEmperor MeijiIt was popularized by setting a standard. After this,CivilizationZangiri head became popular among the people as a symbol of.Mad song"Zangiri Heading makes a sound of civilizationIs famous. In Japan since 1885Hair clipperStarted to be used,Round cuttingHairstyles that cut hair shortly, such as october trimming and quintuple trimming, have become established.

As an exception to the haircut order,SumoThe wrestler's brow was recognized (as a point of caution, the haircut law proclaims that the hairstyle can be freely set, so there was no penalty for tying a hairstyle).

Since the Meiji era,SchoolgirlAs a hairstyleBraidBecame popular, there were many schools that specified braids as the hairstyle for students, and some schools continue the tradition even today.

The traditional clothes have been devised to suit Western clothing,Russo-Japanese WarLater became fashionableTwo hundred and three highlands TheSiege siegeAt203 HighlandsThe motif of the fierce battle.

Showa from the Taisho era

Taisho eraFrom ShowaPrewarBy the time the girl's hairstyleOppappaThe head was the mainstream.In the Taisho era, even among adult women, hair was trimmed to the extent that it did not cover the shoulders.Hair breakAppeared, and the hairstyles that kept the hair tied up and trimmed spread among women.

Second World WarDuring the war from just before, hairstyles were heavily regulated.1939Has been exiled with the slogan "Let's stop the permanent",PermWas virtually banned[2]In addition,1943From February, men's hairstyles consisting of No. 2 to No. XNUMX were set. No. XNUMX had two bangs, No. XNUMX had bangs of one to eight minutes, and No. XNUMX had halved or rounded hair. Those who want more than one long hairPomadeI was asked to bring a katik to a barbershop[3]However, it was not already available.

After the war, in Japan, the boy's hairstyle wasBot mowThere were only two (with a little delay)Sports mowingAppeared). For adult male hairstylesSeven divided classificationThere are many hairstyles calledall backThere was also a corner cut. From the 1950s, among boys and adolescents,RegentHairstyle is fashionable.ModsA world-class idol that incorporates the fashion ofビ ー ト ル ズUnder the influence ofMushroom cutSpread worldwide in the 1960s. Since the late 1960s,Counter cultureOf the men who stretched their hair randomly as an expression of rebellion against societyLong hairHairstyle appeared. But nowLong hairIt is said that short hairstyles were common only in the very modern times in the long history, and even before the Edo era, long hair was common sense even among men. (In the first place, there was no tendency to cut it into regular short pieces)

1970 eraから1990 eraUntil the beginningIdolboomByKentaro cut,Seiko cutHairstyles that combine perms and cuts have become popular. Also, with the advance of women into society, sauvage, which is easy to maintain, became fashionable at the same time.


1990s, popularsinger, Visual band, charismaHairdresserEtc.Hair colorOr hybridi,ShaggyThe style was fashionable.

In 2017, a case in which a student who had a brown background hair was asked to black-dye, which triggered a fine hairstyle regulationBlack school rulesBecame a problem. There are calls from across the country to improve school rules such as "cutting the bangs shorter than the bottom line of the eyebrows" and "prohibiting shaving".

Hairstyle types

There are two rough categories by length.

Short hair

  • Short hair-generallyNapeCan be seen.
  • Semi-short-Generally, the nape is hidden.
  • Very short-generally with the napeamountCan be seen. It is sometimes abbreviated as "verisho".

Long hair・ Hairdressing (long hair, tail hair)

  • Long hair-generallyshoulderIt refers to long hair that goes down.
  • semi-long ――In general, the nape is completely hidden and it hangs on your shoulders.
  • Very long-generally until the nape is completely hidden and rests on your back.
  • Ponytail-A hairstyle that is generally tied like a horse's tail.
  • Pigtail-Generally, a hairstyle tied in two.
  • Dumpling-Generally a round hairstyle.


Semi-short and semi-long togetherMediumSometimes also called.

Medium is mainly used as another name for semi-long, and semi-long is Japanese-made English, which is called shoulder length hair in English.

Since "semi" means "half", semi-long means "half long hair".

Recently, there is also a hairstyle called Bob style.

Hair quality

Classification by hair habit

  • Straight hair-Hair without habits or waves.
  • Peculiar hair-Peculiar, wavy hair. There are individual differences in strength.
  • Mixed Hair-Hair with a mixture of straight and habit hair.

Classification by hair thickness

  • Cat hair CatThin hair like the body hair of.
  • Bristles-thick hair.


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