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📺 | The drama "My House Story" is a hot topic!The real living national treasure of the Noh world is unraveled, hidden in the "Zeami Code" ...


A hot topic in the drama "The Story of My House"!The real living national treasure of the Noh world is unraveled, hidden in the "Zeami Code" ...

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It was performed during the ceremony "Shogun's proclamation" in which the emperor appoints a shogun.

Historian Michifumi Isoda said, "I was surprised that the secret of Japanese history can be seen so clearly from the window of Noh. → Continue reading


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ShogunateWhat is (shogunsenge)?EmperorBut,Samurai governmentIs the head ofJapanExercise the governing power ofConqueror GeneralA ritual that is left to the job.


Samurai governmentHe gained power by his own military power and implemented feudal land ownership and legal control.However, the administration and its official recognition as its head still maintained its position as central power.EmperorIt could only be established by the recognition of realistic power and aristocracy by the proclamation of the general.

However,Kamakura ShogunateIn principle, it is believed that the general was not declared.This was at that timeSwearingThe procedure itself京都There is no case that was done for people who lived other thanKamakuraLived inYoritomo Gengen以下Kamakura ShogunateThe successive shoguns ofEye removalWas appointed by.However, in principle, the official positions appointed by the exemption areEquivalent to official positionExists[Annotation 1],AlsoCustodyHojoBy京都Will be newly welcomed fromGeneral MiyaIt is noted that he has been sentenced to general[Annotation 2][1].

Example of Shogun's resignation (declaration) (Prince Munetaka) ("Azuma mirror")

Prince Munetaka, Minister of the Left, Declaration of the Minister of the Left

(Kun reading)

Prince Munetaka Sanshin Right, Minister of the Left (Takatsukasa Kanehira, Junior First Rank), the imperial prince of the affair, and the Shogun General
ConstructionApril 4st, 1252th year (4) Ogaiki Nakahara Ason (, 1th rank higher)

Example of Shogun's resignation (proposal)(Yoshiharu Ashikaga) ("The Diary of the XNUMXth Volume of the Mibu Family")

Left horse head source Ason Yoshiharu Right Nakatsugu Fujiwara Tomoomi Shisadaden Nobuyoshi Dainagon and Dainagon Tomoomi Fujiwara Nobuyoshi Fujiwara Shogun The Great History of the Left

(Kun reading)

Left horse head source Ason Yoshiharu (Ashikaga Yoshiharu, under fifth place) Right middle Ben Fujiwara Ason Shisada (Yanagihara Shisada, Junior Fourth Rank) To Den (Nori) Dainagon and Dainagon Marshal Fujiwara Ason Kojo (Sanjo Nishikojo, Junior Second Rank) In order to serve Mikoto Nori, the person in charge should be the Shogun General.
OhnagaDecember 1521, the first year (12), the head of the main shrine and the great history of the left.

The early modern periodWhen you enterImperial courtThe authority of theForbidden Nakanami officialsBy giving control even to the imperial court,Official riteAnd won the status of "feudal king"Tokugawa familyEven, the legitimacy of its ruleEmperorHad to rely on the general proclamation by.fact,Tokugawa familyThe headFamily inheritanceImmediately after, simply "emperorFor the first time by the general proclamationGen SeiwaTo sayGonmonProve your qualification to be the head ofGenjiIt is shown that he could become a "Kubo-sama" or a "Shogun-sama" by being officially recognized as a "Kubo-sama" or by performing a national authorization act at the same time.And even General Tokugawa, who actually ruled even the imperial court as a "feudal king," was declared a general.SuperiorityAt the time of visitEmperorWas the "king" and the general was the "champion".

Example of Shogun's resignation (declaration)(Tokugawa Isenori) ("Tsukido Memoirs")

Dainagon Dainagon Gen Tokugawa Ienobu Tokugawa Ienobu and Daishin Harumiya Tokugawa Fujiwara Nobuyoshi Fujiwara Dainagon Tokugawa Ienobu Motokatsu Nobuyoshi Dainagon Kaneza Otsukijuku Ason Hiroshi

(Kun reading)

Gondainagon source Tokugawa Ienobu (Tokugawa Ienobu, second rank) Right middle valve and Harumiya Daishin Fujiwara Asamimitsu (, 6th rank higher) ) In order to serve Mikoto Nori, the person who should be the conqueror general, Hoei 1709th year (4) 2 May XNUMX Repair Tokugawa Ienobu, Chief of the Great Buddha of Todaiji Temple and Daishi Sakata Akihiro Otsukijuku (Senior Fifth Rank)

When proclaiming a generalEdo PeriodThrough most ofEdo CastleToMessengerGoes,GeneralIs Kamiza,MessengerStood in the lower seat and made a proclamation, but at the end of the Tokugawa shogunateRoyal family-Official houseBecause the authority ofTokugawa IgemoSince then, the messenger has become the upper seat and the shogun has become the lower seat.


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注 釈

  1. ^ The procedure for appointing a person residing in Kamakura to the Shogun by exemption is correct as a supplementary procedure for non-residents in Tokyo (only those residing in Kyoto can be proclaimed), but the Shogun does not have the equivalent of an official position. As mentioned above, the supplementary procedure isDeclarationThere is a contradiction that the procedure is limited to (declaration) (a shogun who does not have an official position cannot be appointed by expulsion).
  2. ^ However,SosonIn the case of, the procedure was not in time for the sudden situation, and the arrival date of the royal king in Kamakura was set to April 4, and the fact of the declaration was made on the same day.RokharaThe method was adopted in which the messenger sent a declaration at a later date.


  1. ^ Kitamura,2005.


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  • Takumi Kitamura "About the Assistant General of the Shogun of the Kamakura Shogunate" (Collection: Hiromichi Imae, "Medieval Historical Materials and Systems" (Continued Group Documents Completion Meeting,2005ISBN 978-4-7971-0743-2 P137-194)

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Conqueror General

Conqueror General(Seitai Shogun, old font: Shogun Army)Imperial court OfForeign officerone of. "Shogun" isEzoTheConquestMeaning to do.


Asuka Period-Nara periodSinceTohoku region OfEzo conquestTemporary to direct the businessOfficial officeIs General Zhendong, General Mochibushi, Seitotai-shogun, Ambassador Mochibushi, General Mochibushi,General SeitoThere were various things such as, but at the end of NaraOtomo Brother MaroWas appointed as Shogun for the first time.Under Shogun (Shogun),Deputy ShogunUnder General Seito (Ambassador), positions such as Deputy General Seito (Deputy Ambassador), Superintendent of the Seito Army, and Sergeant Seito were placed.

Next to Otomo Brother MaroSakaue Tamura Maro TheAteruiI gave him a heroic name, but the nextWriting room cotton maroCame out after he was appointed to the Shogun.In the middle of the Heian periodFujiwara no TadafumiWas appointed to Seito Taishogun, but this isTaira ShomonIt was for subjugation, not for the purpose of conquering Ezo.Conventionally,Minamoto YoshinakaWas appointed to the Shogun General at the end of the Heian period,LaterAs you can see, Yoshinaka was appointed by Seito Taishogun.

Taira administration-Oshu FujiwaraDestroySamurai government(Shogunate) Was foundedYoritomo GengenIs "GeneralThe imperial court appointed Shogun Shogun, who was appointed by Sakanoue Tamura Maro, as a good example.For the next 675 years, he will be headed by Shogun, who is the de facto supreme authority of Japan as a samurai builder.Kamakura Shogunate-Muromachi Shogunate-Edo ShogunateContinued (with a temporary blank).Keio3 years(1867Yoshiki Tokugawa OfResignationReceivedMeiji New Government Great command of the royal revivalThe Shogunate was abolished.During these three shogunate, from Minamoto no Yoritomo to Yoshinobu Tokugawa, the shogun's rank was 3st to XNUMXnd rank, and the assistants, the governor, and the elder were generally XNUMXth rank.This is a disparity equivalent to the prime minister, the chief of the ministry, and the position of the imperial court in modern honors.There are many cases in which the shogun was only a puppet because he was in full control of his real power under the assistant role.Nevertheless, the formal authority was overwhelming, and he was the one who prostrated all the daimyo and the shogunate from the heights.


Nara/Heian period

The Shogun (General) is one of the generals (General) appointed during the conquest of "Shogun".The Pacific OceanHe led an army advancing from the side.Aside from this,Sea of ​​JapanThe general who leads the army that advances to the side is Shogun (Shogun)General Zhen),KyusyuThe general who leads the army heading forPrince Kaneyoshi(General Zhenxi).is this,"Dongxiang-Xirong-Nanban-BeidiCallChinese thoughtof"Four quartersIt is said that it was applied.

As a general against "Dongyi"Wado2 years(709May 3Was appointed to General Rikuoku Town EastKyosei MaroIs the first[Note 1], The first look of "Shogun" (usually the same as Shogun)Yoro4 years(720May 9Was appointed as Shogun ShogunTajihi MamoruIs[Note 2]Also on the same day, for "Beidi"General MochibushiToSuruga AbeWas also appointed. "Seito ShogunThe first look isPostponement3 years(784)In MayGuardian GeneralPromoted fromOtomo Ichimochi And thenGeneral SeitoThe first look of "" is the 7th year of Enryaku (788May 12Resigned toKi no KosamiIs[Note 3][Note 4].

10th year of the calendar (790May 7ToOtomo Brother MaroIs the ambassador of Seito[Note 5]Was appointed to.Enryaku 12 years (792May 2In addition, "Seitotai-shogun" was changed to "Seitotai-shogun". "ambassadorWas also called "general". "Japanese abbreviation"13 years of Enryaku (XNUMX years of Enryaku)794May 1ToConqueror General OfOtomo Brother MaroToSword"Give me", and this is "Conqueror GeneralIt is said to be the first look ofEmperorIs a military commander appointed to.

Deputy ambassador of Otomo brother Maro (Vice General)wasSakaue Tamura MaroIs the 15th year of the Enryaku calendar (796May 10He was appointed as a guardian general and commanded the war, and the following year, 16th year of Enryaku (797May 11Was promoted to Shogun.Sakaue Tamura MaroHas fought stubbornly until thenIsawaEzoAteruiBring back to KyoTohoku regionThe whole country was settled.afterwardsMutsu no AzechiwasWriting room cotton maroHowever, when engaging with EzoHirohito2 years(811May 4Shogun[Note 6]Appointed to the leap of the same yearMay 12He played the end of the Ezo conquest and was a deputy general to the guardian general.Monobe foot jointIs promoted.Konin 5 years (XNUMX years814May 11Although Funya no Watamaro was appointed as a shogun again, the conquest was not actually carried out.

Yoritomo Gengen

Independent administration of the eastern country

Yoritomo GengenClan (Gen Kawachi) Serves the imperial court with the military as a family businessMilitary aristocratMet.But,IzuFrom the life of a wandererEastern countrySamuraiRaised the flag of Mr. Antihira.Yoritomo's initial position was not officially recognized by the imperial court.Yoritomo first built the "Eastern Kingship", which was relatively independent of the imperial court, and the era name was given to the imperial court in Kyoto.PeaceHowever, Yoritomo remains as it isApprovalUsed the year[1] ..After that, including the relationship with the imperial court, precedeTaira administration-Minamoto Yoshinaka-Oshu FujiwaraIt is said that the administration concept was gradually devised from the comparative examination of the three patterns of the local administration.

  • The Taira administration is an existing貴族 OfFamily characterHe chose to be promoted to the post in an orderly manner and seize power of the imperial court as a consort kin of the emperor, but he only showed off the prosperity of the Taira clan and did not function well as a representative of the samurai as an effective ruler of the region.On the other hand, while maintaining a certain degree of independence of the eastern country, negotiations will be repeated in order to allow the imperial court to recognize the voluntary sovereignty as samurai power.
  • TairaOvertake京都Minamoto no Yoshinaka, who overwhelmed him, became Seito Taishogun, who existed more than 200 years ago.OfficerWas done.The official name of Seito Tai-shogun indicates the duty to conquer the east, and it is presumed that Yoshinaka's intention to oppose Yoritomo in the eastern country.Yoritomo, who destroyed Yoshinaka, also wants a title comparable to this.
  • At the timeTohoku regionIs beyond the control of the imperial courtOshu FujiwaraWas an independent decentralized government[2]..Mr. Fujiwara OshuGuardian generalGet the status ofMutsu-DewakuniInMilitary administrationRecognized local sovereignty in the form of and ruled for 100 years[3]..The site of the frontier standing army (temporary expeditionary force in the case of Shogun)CommanderBecause of his personality, he did not need to be in Tokyo, which was convenient for the head of the local government.Yoritomo himself continued to stay in Kamakura and tried to maintain a certain degree of independence while receiving official approval from the Imperial Court in Kyoto.

From General Konoe to Shogun

TakehisaNew Year (1190), YoritomoGeneral KonoeTo (Right General)OfficerHowever,General KonoeHad to stay in Tokyo due to his character as commander of the Central Guard, and resigned within half a month.The right generalEquivalent to official positionAlthough it is expensive, it is not in a position to command samurai and suppress local conflicts like General Seito Taishogun of Minamoto no Yoshinaka, but in a position suitable for having an independent sphere of influence in the eastern country like General Oshu Fujiwara's guardian office. Absent.

What I paid attention to was the official position of Shogun.BandoFor the purpose of gaining a cause for the conquest of Ezo (Mr. Fujiwara Oshu), who leads the samurai, and also as a name for laying down military affairs (local sovereignty) like the guardian general, from the facts It was a good-looking official position that was superior to the guardian general.

In other words,

  • Togoku samurai builderKamakura-donoPrivate position
  • Guardian(Pursuit messenger)・GroundTo take control of military and police rightsJapanese Sou Pursuit Envoy, Japanese Sou JitoPublic status
  • Recognized as the right general,Housekeeping organizationTheGovernment officeAuthority to receive treatment equivalent to public political institutions such as

It can be said that it was the Shogunate's position to put all of them together and make them a publicly supported integrated position.

Significance of Shogun

However, for Yoritomo, the Shogunate was a government office that was needed to conquer Mr. Fujiwara Oshu.Oshu BattleActually appointed afterTakehisa3 years(1192There is also a view that) is no longer needed.In fact, Yoritomo did not stick to the position of Shogun, and indicated his intention to resign two years later.[4][Annotation 1].

Also, of the old manYoriieIs the first to succeed to the familyGeneral Sakonoe, ThenSaemonToOfficerIt was three years later that he was appointed to the Shogun General.Yoriie loses his positionHiki Yoshikazu's strangeAt that time, while the succession of the status of Sou Jito and Sou Jito became a problem, the position of Shogun was not targeted.Therefore, it can be seen that the Shogun General at this stage was not inseparable from the position of Kamakura-dono, the lord of the samurai family, and Sou Jito, the military ruler of Japan, and was not so important.However, Yoriie's younger brotherReal morningWhen he succeeded to the family reign, he was first appointed to the Shogun General.

Yoritomo took up this position in the second rank, which is equivalent to the left minister, who is the permanent highest position of the imperial court, and at the same time formed a samurai-dominated government nationwide while leaving a dual administration with the imperial court. The title of Shogun General as "The World" gradually permeates.In addition, until later years, the ranks of junior officers of the shogunate, such as authority, kanrei, and elders, remained in fourth rank, and only the shogun was isolated and reigned over all samurai as a high authority (even without actual authority). Customs (if any) were also established during this period.

New facts revealed in recent years

theseMythNew to overturnhistorical dataAs, "Mitsuki Ryo Ryosho"[Note 7]"Yamatsuki』Kenkyu 3 years (1192) A description of the history of Yoritomo's Shogun General was found in Articles 7 and 9 of July.According to it, Yoritomo wanted "Mae Ufu" to replace the issue.General", And in the imperial court that received it,"Officer""General Seito"Shogun" "Superior GeneralAs a result of the proposal and examination of the four candidatesHira Somori"Seitotai-shogun" appointed by Yoshinaka and "Seitotai-shogun" appointed by Yoshinaka were rejected as bad examples, and "Senior General" was also rejected as unprecedented in Japan.Sakaue Tamura MaroIt is said that Yoritomo was appointed as "Shogun" because he was appointed as "Shogun" as a good example.In other wordsWhat is important for Yoritomo is not "conquest" but "general"Then, it became clear that the imperial court chose "Shogun" by elimination.Therefore, on the premise that Yoritomo wanted "Shogun", the research that has been interpreted with an emphasis on "Shogun" needs to be reexamined (at the same time, Yoshinaka is the commissioner). I also said "Azuma mirror"Shogun" instead of "Shogun"TamabaIt became clear that it was "Seito Taishogun" described in[6][7].

The reason why Yoritomo wanted a "general" is10st century - 11st centuryHas an ancestor of the guardian general ofSadamori styleTaira-Ryobun styleMr. TairaHidesato styleMr. Fujiwara-Yoriyoshi styleGenjiAt that time, when it was his identity that he was a descendant of the guardian office "Shogun", Mr. Taira no Sadamori, Mr. Fujiwara Oshu of the Hidesato style, and Mr. Minamoto no Yoshinaka of the same Yoriyoshi style as himself.Source house-Yoshitsune MinamotoBecame the only builder of the Buke no Tōryō by controlling the battle for hegemony with the descendants of the guardian office "Shogun".Oshu BattleAlso consciously the guardian office "Shogun"MinamotoIt is said that Yoritomo, who showed off his successor, wanted the title of "General" as an authority beyond the guardian office "General" in the samurai society as a symbol of his position.[8][9][10]..In addition, there is a theory that the shogunate was valued in the position of commanding and controlling the battle for the samurai, and the "general general" who puts them together was important for commanding and controlling as the builder of the warrior gate.[7].

Also, although Yoritomo wanted a shogun,Goshirakawa PopeRegarding the point that is said to have been blocked byAzuma mirror』Kenkyu 3 years (1192) It has been believed for a long time from the description of the article on July 7, such as "General military, the intention of the self-reliance, the undecided Tatsunosuke, the demise of the Crown of the Emperor, the first morning affairs, and the appointment of Azuma Kagami." However, in recent years, "Azuma Kagami"Toshinaga3 years(1184It was pointed out that the article on April 4th had contradictory content.This article is from Yoritomo on March 10thEye removalBelow the fourth rankThat I was told byYoshitsune MinamotoThe messenger of the messenger tells us that the article describes the details of the diversion.According to it, as a merit of subduing Yoshinaka,Fujiwara no TadafumiAlthough Go-Shirakawa considered giving the position of Shogun following the precedent ofinvestitureIt is said that it became only.However"Tamaba』Juei 3 years (1184) The articles on February 2th and March 20th state that Yoritomo's petition declined all official positions that were supposed to be given by Go-Shirakawa and received only the post.To explain the description of "Azuma Kagami" and "Tamaha", it is understood that Yoritomo declined although he tried to give Shogun (= Shogun) as a military service of the battle that Go-Shirakawa had already finished. NotHeian periodIt is possible that both Go-Shirakawa and Yoritomo regarded the Shogun General as an honorary official position and did not recognize it as a "samurai lord" or "eastern ruler" in the long time after the early conquest of Ezo. There is sex.

Furthermore, there is no evidence that the status and authority of the Shogun and Shogun were discussed between Juei and Yoritomo's assistant Shogun, and Kamakura-dono's possession cannot be confirmed from the historical materials of the same period in both Kyoto and Kamakura. The authority does not depend on a specific official position,Declaration of October, XNUMXnd year of Genpei,Bunji's charteretc,Kamakura-donoIs due to various military and police powers such as the right to control the eastern country and the right to protect the nations, which have been approved by the imperial court. It is said that it was nothing more than an assistant official.According to this theory, the article on the third assistant shogun by Azuma Kagami is a dramatized article after the authority of the shogun was established, and the assistant shogun actually has political significance. OfGen KawachiLegitimacyKamakura-dono (not a samurai Genji)Seta Shogun) Is said to have been reached.Sekke ShogunCustodyHojoEt al.Kamakura ShogunateThe side linked the status of the successor to Kamakura-dono and the various authorities recognized since Yoritomo as the authority of Shogun Shogun, who is the official position of the sky name that has been commonly replaced by the three generations since Yoritomo. The new Kamakura-dono, Sekke ShogunGeneral MiyaSeeking inheritance toSeku no RanThe imperial court, which was later seized by the pro-Bakufu faction, also acknowledged this, and took the view that the Shogun General was converted to the official position of "the master of the samurai family" and "the ruler of the eastern country".[11]

Sekke Shogun / Sekke Shogun

Kamakura PeriodSince then, the political power of the Shogunate has gradually increased.However, he became a shogun, Kamakura-dono, as Yoritomo's real child.Source source-Minamoto morningDid not have the power to compete with Mr. Hojo, a vassal.When Yoritomo's lineage died, Hojo initially sought to become a royal general, but was eventually rejected.[12]..For this reason, we welcomed a 2-year-old Santora from the Sekiseki family, who has the lineage of Yoritomo's younger sister, to Kamakura-dono.Masako HojoGuardianed.It was Yoriie's daughter who became the regular room, and the real morning regular roomNobuko BomonWas a grace childTake no goshoMet[13]..After six years after taking the genpukuFujiwara YoritsukeHe became a shogun, but his real power was poor and it is believed that he was a puppet.[14].. HoweverHojo YasutoshiTake advantage of post-mortem turmoil, antiProfitHe showed movements such as arguing the gokenin of the house and opposition to the inauguration of the firstborn Hojo Tsunetoki.[15]..Immediately after this, the childKujo YoritsuguWas retired at the age of 6 and was given the post of shogun, which is believed to have been the effect.[15]..However, Yoritsune remained a hidden force after that.[16],Mitsutoshi NagoshiIn cooperation with the anti-Tokusou forcesHojo TokiyoriConflict with (Miya turmoil), Immediately after that, he was repatriated to Kyoto[15][17]..Yoritsugu has also been deposed due to the rebellion of the monks.[18][19].

After that, the imperial family was welcomed as a general, so-called "General Miya", But"Tokusou exclusive controlIn the shogunate called, the predominant view is that it was nothing more than a puppet of the Tokusou family.[12]..Sixth ShogunSosonWas repatriated to Kyoto on suspicion of rebellion in the midst of an adultery incident in the Seishitsu room.[20], Seventh ShogunPrince YasuyasuIsMasukagami』, As it is expressed as" being swept away by Shogun Miyako ", it is almost treated as a sinner and exiled to Kyoto[12].HisaakiFor unknown reasons, he resigned at the age of 33 and returned to Kyoto.Guardian Prince TheKamakura ShogunateBecame a priest with the destruction of[12].

Shogun of the Kenmu administration and the Muromachi period

Kenmu ShinseiThen, it became a dictatorship of the imperial court aiming at the pro-government of the emperor's family and the revival of the national government, and a confrontation with the samurai broke out over the prizes and territories.Takashi AshikagaThe Kenmu administration collapsed with the rebellion ofNorth morningHe became a shogun and opened the Muromachi Shogunate in Kyoto, but became a coalition government with influential guardians such as Hosokawa, Shiba, and Hatakeyama, and the characteristics of the Kobu administration increased.

ButMuromachi Shogunate3nd shogunYoshimitsu AshikagaStood at the top of both public and military powers.Since then, ShogunsamuraiBecame the supreme authority of (however, in terms of substantive power, he was a former general.Muromachi,Big manMay be held by the Shogun, not necessarily by the Shogun).The imperial court lost sovereignty due to Ashikaga Yoshimitsu's deprivation of kingship, and political power fell to the lowest level in history.ShogunYoshikazu AshikagaEven after handing over toHeavenI stayed focused on Yoshimitsu, who occupied the position of.

In May 15, after Yoshimitsu's sudden death, the general's authority was rapidly restored, and he became the governor of Hosokawa.Yoshimasa ShibaIn collaboration with the old man, the power of the shogun and the function of the shogunate were revived, and Yoshimitsu's government officeKitayama No.Also presentKinkakuWas left and demolished[21]..Since then, the emperor and the imperial court have been rebuilt by swinging back, aristocratizing the Sengoku daimyo, and approaching hunters.[22].

Yoshinori AshikagaHe frequently intervened in the inheritance of the guardian daimyo and exercised dictatorial power, but his murder and the rebellion led by the guardian daimyo reduced his general power again.In the days of Yoshimasa, he acted like a court in the armed conflict between the guardian daimyo.Of that childYoshihisa AshikagaIs trying to recover the real powerMr. RokkakuHe led the subjugation army himself, but died of illness halfway through.

Northern and Northern DynastiesIsSouthern Dynasty OfAkira KitahataIs allowed to call the guardian general as the guardian general, but this isSeika familyHave a familyKitahata FamilyFor this reason, Akiie hated that the guardian general was clearly a lowly profession.

Warring States period general

GeneralAshikaga materialSucceeded in a hexagonal conquest that Yoshihisa couldn't fulfill, but by increasing his confidenceHosokawa MasamotoConflict with, a coup d'etat was caused by the absence of troops dispatched to Kawachi to conquer Hatakeyama, and he lost his general position (Meiji's political change).The rule of Mr. Hosokawa was established in the shogunate, and the power of national rule of the shogunate and the shogun disappeared, and the Muromachi shogunate became a decentralized government that ruled Kinai.

Although the shogun's authority over the samurai remained to some extent, the Sengoku daimyo was established, and it was difficult for the shogun to go against the intentions of the influential daimyo. I was ridiculed as "flowing public"[23]..The general's right to assist the guardian becomes intermittent and the emperor'sKokujiAppointment was revived, the imperial court agency authority could not be exercised, and it became a direct performance, and the general power was reduced.[24].

In the 22nd year of Tenbun (1553), Yoshiteru, the 13th shogun,Miyoshi administrationWas establishedNagayoshi MiyoshiAttempt to counterattack, RakuchuOmi countryKuchikiHe was banished to Japan and returned to peace five years later, but in May 5 (June 8).Eiroku strangeNijo Imperial PalaceWas attacked and killed by the army, and even the shogun is no longer a non-criminal existence.Therefore, my brother'sYoshiaki Ashikaga TheOda NobunagaThe 14th Shogun, which was established by the Miyoshi administration with the cooperation ofYoshie AshikagaSuddenly died, he was enshrined and became the 15th shogun, rebuilt the Muromachi Shogunate and revived Kinai rule.

However, Yoshiaki is a tradition from the time the Muromachi Shogunate was founded.Shingen TakedaSince he aimed for multiple alliances with other influential daimyo, he eventually confronted Nobunaga, and Yoshiaki raised a soldier to Nobunaga, but was arrested and expelled from Kyoto.The Muromachi Shogunate is a bureaucratic publicMr. IseAnd manyMitsuhide AkechiIt was taken over by and virtually disappeared.However, the imperial court did not actively dismiss the Ashikaga clan's shogun.[25]After that, the Oritoyo administration established a different administration from the Shogunate Shogunate system, so Yoshiaki was in the general position until he resigned at the beginning of the Toyotomi administration.

Edo period shogun

In the 5th year of Keicho (1600)Battle of SekigaharaTo winToyotomi AdministrationWipe out the opposition withinTokugawa IeyasuIs a unique non-subordinate to ToyotomiOfficial riteIn the 8th year of Keicho (1603), he became a shogun.

Two years laterLegitimate man OfTokugawa HidetadaTransferred the shogunate to the shogunate, like the former Ashikaga clanFamily jobage,Toyotomi familyInstead ofTokugawa familyFor generationsMaster of the samuraiIt was shown to be.

This Tokugawa administration laterEdo ShogunateIs called.Unlike the former Kamakura Shogunate and Muromachi Shogunate, the power of the shogunate's vassals is in the Edo Shogunate.Tokugawa ShogunateThere was no situation that surpassed.

But in the middle of the 19th century (Bakumatsu)OpeningThe authority of the imperial court and the southwest outside the Shogunate triggered by the problemMale clanThe political power of the shogun increased, and the general's official power diminished accordingly.Public military coalition,Large government delegation theoryI tried to redefine the official rites, but I got stuck.

Keio3 years (1867),Yoshiki TokugawaResigned from Shogun General and returned "Daisei" to the imperial court (Resignation), The head of the Tokugawa family is not the Shogun, but "emperorAsPublic administrationI aimed to be a leader ofRoyal reconstructionA new administration was inaugurated to shut out the former shogunate, and the traditional government offices, including the shogunate, were abolished.

Interior Minister Ason Gen

Left middle Ason Fujiwara Ason Mitsuhiro Dainagon Dainagon Fujiwara Ason and Katsunobu

February XNUMX, XNUMXth year of Keicho Daisuke Chuji and Dr. Shigeki Otsukijuku

(Kun reading)

MinisterGen Ason (Tokugawa Ieyasu62 years old)

Left middle valve(Karasuma) Fujiwara Ason Mitsuhiro[26]To DenProclaim( OfGon Dainagon(Hirohashi) Ason Fujiwara Kanekatsu[27]Proclaim( OfTo.勅Bong(ReceivedToPiece(KudanPerson of,should(ArmorYou should do it with ShogunA person(Teeri

February XNUMX, XNUMXth year of Keicho[28] Daisuke Chuji and Dr. Shigeki UtaTakaaki Otsukijuku[29]Bong(Received.

— Shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa's resignation (official declaration), Nikko Toshogu document

The theory about Shogun and other samurai governments

Genpei Alternate Thought and General Genji

In addition to the theory that Minamoto no Yoritomo paid attention to the meaning of the military administration (local sovereignty) of the eastern country and wanted the official position of Shogun, the samurai administration in Japanese history was Mr. Taira (Takehira Hirano)WhenGenji(Gen Seiwa) Will changeGenpei Alternate ThoughtOr, it is said that being a Genji is a condition for being entrusted to the Shogun.General GenjiThere was a theory.However, in reality, even after Yoritomo,Seta Shogun,Imperial generalThere is an example ofGen Seiwaother thanMr. Fujiwara,royalHas also taken office,TairaWas self-proclaimedOda NobunagaIs said to have been appointed as Shogun by the Emperor (Three positions), Etc., it is not only Genji who can become a shogun.Also, Shogun EqualGenjiI have the impression that this isYoshimitsu AshikagaIt is after that.

Hideyoshi Toyotomi

Hideyoshi ToyotomiIt is,Sengoku periodUnifyPeople of the worldHowever, unlike other world-renowned people such as Minamoto no Yoritomo, Ashikaga, and Ieyasu Tokugawa, he never became a shogun.Therefore, Hideyoshi was also aiming to become a shogun, but a Confucian scholar in the Edo period was born, saying that he could not become a shogun because of his origin.LinsanIn his book "Toyotomi Hideyoshi", Hideyoshi was a former shogun to become a shogun.Yoshiaki Ashikaga OfAdopted childIntroducing an anecdote that he tried to become but failed.However, on the other hand, HideyoshiMaehisa Konoe OfnephewIt is more difficult than the inauguration of ShogunKanpakuHas realized the appointment to[Annotation 2]Hideyoshi is in the first placeImperial courtThere is also a document saying that he was recommended to be the officer of Shogun.[Annotation 3][30][31][32].

Regarding Shogun Shogun during the Oda-Toyotomi period, among the people at that time, Shogun Shogun was the Ashikaga clan.Family jobBecause there was a concept that "the shogunate can only be the Ashikaga clan" in a sense different from whether or not he was from Genji, he was banished from Kyoto and lost his real power.Yoshiaki AshikagaContinues to be recognized as a shogun, and there is a view that the imperial court did not actively dismiss it.[25].

List of Shoguns


  • Before Minamoto no Yoritomo,EzoAs the secretary of the conquest messenger, I recorded all the things that are similar in nature to the Shogun.In the old case, "ambassador" is synonymous with "general".


Successive generationsFirst nameSupplementDismissalRemarks[Note 8]
Ancient example (before Minamoto no Yoritomo)
Kyosei MaroWado2May 3
(709May 4
General Zhendong
Left large valveBelow the fourth rank
Tajihi Prefectural GuardYoro4May 9
(720May 11
April 5th year of Yoro
Shogun Mochibushi
HarimaPressBelow the fourth rank
Fujiwara no UmaTurtleFirst yearMay 4
(724May 5
Jinki 2nd year leap January
General Mochibushi
Sir ShikibeOn the fourth rank
Maru FujiwaraBalance9/1
Ambassador Mochibushi
CouncilThird placeandSir Hyōbu
Fujiwara no TsuginawaHouki11May 3
(780May 5
Seito Ambassador
NakanagonJunior Third Rank and Prince Hyōbu
Fujiwara no Oguro MaroHouki 11 yearsMay 9
(780May 10
Ten OAugust of the first year
CouncilBelow the fourth rankandRight guard
Otomo IchimochiPostponement3May 2
(784May 3
Enryaku 4 yearsMay 8
(785May 10
NakanagonThird placeandDaio HarumiyaMutsu no Azechi → Same as on the left
Ki no KosamiEnryaku 7 yearsMay 7
(788May 8
Enryaku 8 yearsMay 9
(789May 10
General Seito("Assistant Lord』Make to Shogun)
CouncilLeft large valveBelow the fourth rankDaio Kaneharumiya → Same as on the left
Otomo Brother MaroEnryaku 10 yearsMay 7
(791May 8
Enryaku 14 yearsMay 1
(795May 2
beginningSeito Ambassador, Enryaku 13 years (794Conqueror GeneralFirst look as
SubordinateThird place・ Honors
Sakaue Tamura MaroEnryaku 16 yearsMay 11
(797May 11
Enryaku 20 yearsMay 10
(801May 12
Mutsu DewaPressSubordinateandMutsu no KamiyoshiBig wordThird place
GiftSecond place
(Return)Enryaku 23 yearsMay 1
(804May 3
Datong5May 9?
(810May 10? )
Writing room cotton maroHirohito2May 4
(811May 5
Conqueror General
CouncilOn the fourth rankLord OkuraMutsu no Azechi ambassador → SangiThird place
(Return)Konin 4 yearsMay 5
(813May 7
Konin 7 years
Fujiwara no TadafumiTenkei3May 1
(940May 2
Tengyo 3rd yearMay 5
(940May 6
General Seito
CouncilBelow the fourth rankRepair husbandandUemon
Minamoto Yoshinaka
(Yoshinaka Kiso)
Toshinaga3May 1
(1184May 2
Juei 3 yearsMay 1
(1184May 3
General Seito
SubordinateIyo Mamoru
Kamakura:1Yoritomo GengenTakehisa3May 7
(1192May 8
10 years oldMay 1
(1199May 2
5 years (1194) There is a theory of dismissal.
Second placeGondainaku → Same as on the left
Kamakura: 2Source sourceKennin2May 7
(1202May 8
Kennin 3rd yearMay 9
(1203May 10
Second placeSaemonSecond place
Kamakura: 3Minamoto morningKennin September 3, 9
(1203 10 年 月 日 13)
Kenpo7May 1
(1219May 2
SubordinateRight ministerSecond placeGeneral Sakonoe
Kamakura: 4Fujiwara Yoritsuke
(Kujo Yoritsune)
Kaoroku2May 1
(1226May 2
Kangen2May 4
(1244May 6
Seta Shogun,Kujo MichiieChild.
XNUMXth place downRight AdmiralSecond placePre-right Dainagon
Kamakura: 5Kujo Yoritsugu
(Kujo Yoritsugu)
April 2, 4nd year of Kangen
(1244 6 年 月 日 5)
Construction4May 2
(1252May 3
A child of Sekke Shogun, Kujo Yoritsune.
XNUMXthAdmiral Ukonoefu → Third placeGeneral Sakonoe
Kamakura: 6Soson4 years oldMay 4
(1252May 5
Bunei3May 7
(1266May 8
General Miya,Emperor Gosaga OfPrince.
Three items → One dishLord of the Center
Kamakura: 7Prince Yasuyasu[Revised 1]Bunei 3 yearsMay 7
(1266May 8
Correct response2May 9
(1289May 9
Prince Munetaka, Prince Munetaka.
Subordinate → Two items
Kamakura: 8Hisaaki2 yearsMay 10
(1289May 10
Tokuharu3May 8
(1308May 8
General Miya,Emperor GoFukakusa OfPrince.
Three items → One dishSir Shikibe
Kamakura: 9Guardian PrinceTokuji 3rd yearMay 8
(1308May 8
Syokei2May 5
(1333May 7
General Miya, Prince Hisaaki.
Unknown → Two items
KenmuGuardianMotohiro3May 6
(1333May 7
Genko September 3
(November 1333)
General Miya,Emperor GodaigoPrince.
Second productSir Hyōbu → Same as on the left
KenmuNaruyoshiKenmu2May 8
(1335May 8
February 3rd year of Kenmu
General Miya, Prince of Emperor Go-Daigo.
(I.e.PrefectFour items → Same as on the left
KenmuTakashi Ashikaga[Revised 2]Kenbu 2rd yearMay 8
(1335May 8
Kenbu 2rd yearMay 11?
(1336May 1? )
Seito Shogun
Ran of the Middle AgesHe will be appointed to confirm the eastern part of the subjugation.
Muromachi (Southern Court)
Muromachi:1Takashi AshikagaKenbu 5rd yearMay 8
(1338May 9
Postponement3May 4
(1358May 6
Second placeGondainaku → Same as on the left
GiftFirst placeMinister
Southern DynastyOkiyoshishinnoEngen4
General Miya, Prince Moriyoshi.
Second productSir Hyōbu?
Southern DynastySoraShohei7Leap February 2
(1352May 3
General Miya (Seito ShogunOr), the prince of Emperor Go-Daigo.
One dishSir Shikibe → Same as on the left?
Muromachi: 2Ashikaga YoshiyaEnbun 3 yearsMay 12
(1359May 1
Sadaharu6May 12
(1367May 12
CouncilThird placeGeneral SakonoeSecond placeGondainaku
GiftFirst placeLeft minister
Muromachi: 3Yoshimitsu AshikagaSecurityFirst yearMay 12
(1369May 2
OeiFirst yearMay 12
(1395May 1
SubordinateLeft horse headJun SannomiyaFirst placeLeft minister
After the dismissal of the shogunMinister
Southern Dynasty(Yoon RyoSource3May 8?
(1386May 9? )
It is called Prince Munenaga, Prince Munenaga.
Since it does not look like historical materials of the same period, its existence is questioned.
Muromachi: 4Yoshikazu AshikagaOeiFirst yearMay 12
(1395May 1
Oei 30 yearsMay 3
(1423May 4
XNUMXth place downGeneral SakonoeFirst placeMinister
Muromachi: 5Amount of AshikagaMarch 30, 3
(1423 4 年 月 日 28)
Oei 32 yearsMay 2
(1425May 3
XNUMXth place downGeneral UkonoeCouncilBelow the fourth rankGeneral Ukonoe
First rankLeft minister
Muromachi: 6Yoshinori Ashikaga[Revised 3]Regular length2May 3
(1429May 4
CargillFirst yearMay 6
(1441May 7
Sangi General SakonoeSubordinate → Former Minister of the Left
Muromachi: 7Yoshikatsu AshikagaKakitsu 2 yearsMay 11
(1442May 12
Kakitsu 3 yearsMay 7
(1443May 8
Senior Fifth Rank Lower Sakonoe → Junior Fourth Rank Lower Sakonoe
First rank of the Minister of the Left
Muromachi: 8Yoshimasa Ashikaga[Revised 4]Wen'an6May 4
(1449May 5
文明5May 12
(1474May 1
XNUMXth place downLeft horse headJun SannomiyaFormer Minister of the Left
Muromachi: 9Yoshihisa Ashikaga[Revised 5]December 5, 12th year of civilization
(1474 1 年 月 日 7)
Longevity3May 3
(1489May 4
Jugoi XNUMXth place Shimozakonoefu General → XNUMXst placeMinisterGeneral Konoe
Muromachi: 10Ashikaga material[Revised 6]Entoku2May 7
(1490May 7
Mystery2May 6
(1493May 8
SubordinateGeneral UkonoeCouncilUkonoefu Junior Fourth Rank
Muromachi: 11Yoshizumi Ashikaga[Revised 7]Meiō 3 yearsMay 12
(1495May 1
Eisei5May 4
(1508May 5
XNUMXth place downLeft horse head → SangiThird placeGeneral Sakonoe
GiftFirst placeMinister
Muromachi: 10
Yoshitaka Ashikaga[Revised 6]Eisho 5 yearsMay 7
(1508May 7
OhnagaFirst yearMay 12
(1522May 1
Return of Ashikaga Yoshitane.
Third placeGondainakuSecond placeGondainaku
First Rank Daijo-daijin
Muromachi: 12Yoshiharu AshikagaDecember 12, 25st year of Daiei
(1522 1 年 月 日 22)
astronomical15May 12
(1547May 1
XNUMXth place downLeft horse head → Junior Third Rank DainagonGeneral Konoe
First rankLeft minister
Muromachi: 13Yoshiteru Ashikaga[Revised 8]Astronomical December 15, 12
(1547 1 年 月 日 11)
Eiroku8May 5
(1565May 6
SubordinateLeft horse head → CouncilGeneral SakonoeSubordinate
First Rank Minister of the Left
Muromachi: 14Yoshie Ashikaga[Revised 9]Eiroku 11 yearsMay 2
(1568May 3
Eiroku September 11
(November 1568)
SubordinateLeft horse head → Same as left
Muromachi: 15Yoshiaki Ashikaga[Revised 10]Eiroku 11 yearsMay 10
(1568May 11
Tensho16May 1
(1588May 2
Sangi Sakonoe Junior Fourth Rank → Junior Third Rank Dainagon
After the dismissal of the shogunJun Sannomiya
Edo:1Tokugawa Ieyasu[Revised 11]Keicho8May 2
(1603May 3
10th year of KeichoMay 4
(1605May 6
First placeRight ministerFirst placeFormer Minister of the Right
After the dismissal of the shogunMinister..GiftFirst placeTosho Daigongen
Edo: 2Tokugawa HidetadaApril 10, 4th year of Keicho
(1605 6 年 月 日 2)
Genwa9May 7
(1623May 8
MinisterSecond placeGeneral KonoeFirst placeRight ministerGeneral Konoe
After the dismissal of the shogun, Daijo-daijin.First rank
Edo: 3Tokugawa IemitsuGenna April 9, 7
(1623 8 年 月 日 23)
Keian4May 4
(1651May 6
Naidaijin Second Rank General Ukonoe → Junior First Rank Minister of the Left General Ukonoe
Daijo-daijin's decree.GiftMinisterFirst place
Edo: 4Tokugawa KazunaKeian 4 yearsMay 7
(1651May 9
Enpo8May 5
(1680May 6
Naidaijin Second Rank General Ukonoe → Minister of the Right Second Rank General Ukonoe
Daijo-daijin first rank
Edo: 5Tokugawa TsunayoshiEnpo 8 yearsMay 7
(1680May 8
Hoei6May 1
(1709May 2
Naidaijin Second Rank General Ukonoe → Minister of the Right Second Rank General Ukonoe
Daijo-daijin first rank
Edo: 6Tokugawa Isenori[Revised 12]Hoei 6 yearsMay 4
(1709May 5
Masanori2May 10
(1712May 11
Naidaijin Second Rank General Ukonoe → Same as on the left
Daijo-daijin first rank
Edo: 7Tokugawa IetsuguShotoku 3 yearsMay 3
(1713May 3
Shotoku 6 yearsMay 4
(1716May 6
Naidaijin Second Rank General Ukonoe → Same as on the left
Daijo-daijin first rank
Edo: 8Tokugawa Yoshimune[Revised 13]KyohoFirst yearMay 7
(1716May 9
Extended enjoyment2May 9
(1745May 10
Naidaijin second rank General Ukonoe → Minister of the Right second rank
Daijo-daijin first rank
Edo: 9Tokugawa IejuEnkyo 2 yearsMay 10
(1745May 10
Treasure calendar10May 5
(1760May 6
Naidaijin second rank General Ukonoe → Minister of the Right second rank
Daijo-daijin first rank
Edo: 10Tokugawa Ieharu10th yearMay 7
(1760May 8
Tenmei6May 9
(1786May 9
Naidaijin Second Rank General Ukonoe → Minister of the Right Second Rank General Ukonoe
Daijo-daijin first rank
Edo: 11Tokugawa IemitsuTenmei 7 yearsMay 3
(1787May 4
Tempo8May 4
(1837May 5
Naidaijin second rank General Ukonoe → Junior First Rank Daijo-daijin
First prize
Edo: 12Tokugawa IekeiTenpo 8 yearsMay 8
(1837May 9
Kaei6May 6
(1853May 7
Junior First Rank Minister of the Left General Sakonoe → Same as on the left
Daijo-daijin first rank
Edo: 13Tokugawa Iesada[Revised 14]Kaei 6 yearsMay 10
(1853May 11
Ansei5May 7
(1858May 8
Naidaijin Second Rank General Ukonoe → Naidaijin Junior First Rank General Ukonoe
Daijo-daijin first rank
Edo: 14Tokugawa Igemo[Revised 15]Ansei 5 yearsMay 10
(1858May 11
Keio2May 7
(1866May 8
Naidaijin XNUMXnd Rank General Ukonoe → Junior First Rank Minister of the Right General Ukonoe
Daijo-daijin first rank
Edo: 15Yoshiki Tokugawa[Revised 16]Keio 2th yearMay 12
(1867May 1
Keio 3th yearMay 12
(1868May 1
Second placeGondainakuGeneral Ukonoe → General Ukonoe, second rank of Naidaijin
Meiji Restorationrear,First placeDukeAristocratMemberThe First Order of the Order of the Rising Sun
GiftIsamu Hiragi Kirihana Great Ribbon
Shogun Shogun (Person who was given the Shogun General after his death)
Tokugawa TsunashigeHoei7May 8(1710May 9Posthumous recognitionWorthKofu Domainmain,Edo Shogunate6 feeTokugawa IsenoriFather of.
CouncilThird place, GiftGonchu dictumThird place, Later giftMinisterFirst place


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注 釈

  1. ^ at the same timeSaeki no IwayuWas appointed to General Ezo after the conquest.
  2. ^ Mutsu on September 4, 9th year of YoroPress OfHiroto KamenoWas murdered, and on the following 29thTajihi MamoruWas appointed as Shogun Mochibushi.
  3. ^ In the case of Ki no Kosami, when he was appointed on July 7, 7th year of the Enryaku calendar, he was named "Seito Ambassador" in "Shoku Nihongi" and "Seito Taishogun" in "Nihon Kiryaku".
  4. ^ The names of the shoguns are not very unified on record, for exampleFujiwara no UmaIn the case of, he is a "Shogun" when he is appointed, and a "Shogun Ambassador" when he returns to Tokyo.
  5. ^ As "Seito Ambassador",Fujiwara no Tsuginawa,Fujiwara no Oguro MaroThere are also examples of appointments such as.
  6. ^ The other shoguns, regardless of whether they were attached or not, were given a sword by the emperor and were entrusted with full authority.Writing room cotton maroI haven't been given a sword.
  7. ^ "Yamatsuki』(Nakayama TadachikaDiary) and "" (Shiki FujiwaraDiary)Eye removal・ Extracted about various events and things. Excerpt from "Yamatsuki"Fujiwara SadanoSince there are many articles about Shiki and Shiki is a grandson of Noh, the editor can be considered to be a descendant of Noh and Shiki.
  8. ^ The official position is when the shogun is appointed and when he is dismissed.And the posthumous priesthood.
  1. ^ With the inauguration of the Shogun General in 3, the text changed to "General Household Government Office", but after October 1192th, the document format will return to "Former Right General Household Office". ..The theory that Yoritomo interprets this as a change due to the manifestation of his intention to resign from the post of Shogun.However, Tomio Takahashi returned because "former right general" is more authoritative, so if he resigns, he said that he did not use "former general" even though the final officer was most valued.[5]..On the other hand, whether or not it was accepted is another matter, and this is also controversial, and Ryosuke Ishii said, "Sonpi BunmyakuAfter the description of the inauguration of the Shogun in July 3, Yoritomo said that he actually resigned from the Shogun on October 1192, 7. Is.
  2. ^ Hideyoshi Toyotomi was the first to take office as a non-kuge, and it is said that the imperial court was far more reluctant to take office as Shogun.
  3. ^ "Tomonin DiaryAccording to the statement on October 12, 1584, when he was inaugurated as a lord, he was advised by the imperial court to serve concurrently as Shogun, but refused.


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