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🤖 | "Evangelion Exhibition" archive video released for free. Until September 9


"Evangelion Exhibition" archive video released for free. Until September 9

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"Whether you enjoyed the exhibition locally or unfortunately did not have the opportunity to visit, please enjoy this exhibition, which is behind the scenes where the world of Evangelion's work is created.

The exhibition space of the "Evangelion Exhibition" held in various places for about 2013 years from 8 is used as an archive video ... → Continue reading


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exhibition(Tenrankai) generally means博物馆[Note 1]Done inHistoryMaterial, personal material,Crafts-ArtExhibit to show worksPlanningIs called.

Something similar,exhibitionとexpositionHowever, the former is not an arts and crafts,BusinessRelated toIndustrial productsWe are looking for a new business with a plan to display theCompanyIt is aimed at people and is not normally held at museums. In addition, the latter includes not only exhibition-like things but also exhibition-like things, and it is planned not only for business people but also for the general public, and it is a larger venue than museums and galleries (most In that case, it will be held at a newly established venue).

Art exhibition

Of the exhibitions, those that show art and craft works are called craft exhibitions and work exhibitions.

There are various ways to classify art exhibitions. For example,ThemeHow to cut with, how to cut with people,Open call for participants exhibitionThere is a method of separating with and.

As an exhibition (art exhibition) in Japan,1907(Meiji40 years alreadyExhibitionThe first exhibition of the (MEXT Art Exhibition) was held,1914(Taisho3 years)Second meetingHave also started (List of winners of Nika Exhibition), has a history of more than 100 years.


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  1. ^ Incidentally,MuseumIs a kind of museum.

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