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🤖 | "Fist of the North Star" Well-made pedestal ~~~~ !! A figure pedestal for Jagi that expresses the world view "Bike Bee ..."

Photo "Jagi Bike Base" 79,800 yen (excluding tax) (C) Buronson / Tetsuo Hara / Coamix 1983 Copyright License GW-908

"Fist of the North Star" Well-made pedestal ~~~~ !! A figure pedestal for Jagi that expresses the world view "Bike Bee ..."

If you write the contents roughly
While making the best use of the atmosphere of the original, it is one dedicated to Jagi that thoroughly made the mechanical parts including the air cleaner and carburetor.

From "Fist of the North Star" comes a special pedestal "Jagi Bike Base" that makes the Jagi figure stand out even more. 2021 ... → Continue reading

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air cleaner

air cleaner(British: Air cleaner) Is a device or component that is installed in a machine that takes in air so as to remove foreign substances such as dust and dirt contained in the inhaled air so as not to interfere with the function and performance of the machine.


The air cleanerengine,Air conditionerIt is used in machines that take in and use air.The simplest structure is a grid-like holding member in the middle of the air intake and intake pipe.air filter(British: air filter) Is held, in order to suppress inhalation resistanceAir cleaner box(British: air cleaner box) OrAir cleaner case(British: air cleaner case) Is provided, and an air filter having an area larger than the cross-sectional area of ​​the intake pipe is often incorporated.

Air cleaner case

The air cleaner case is a container for storing the air filter.It usually has an inlet for taking in outside air and an outlet for the filtered air to go to the machine body, and in some cases, it has a drain tube that discharges the moisture that has entered with the outside air so that it does not accumulate.There are cases where the dust collecting capacity of the air filter is effectively utilized by devising the flow of air flowing through the case, or the maintenance cycle of the air filter is lengthened.For engines such as automobilesSurge tankSome are designed to work as a resonator and to increase the intake efficiency and suppress the noise generated in the intake system.

Oil bath type
This is a system in which an oil reservoir is provided in the air cleaner case, and the air sucked into the case is once blown onto the liquid surface and then directed toward the air filter.Than air when the air flow hits the liquid surface and bendsdensityLarge dust and dirtinertiaIt comes into contact with the liquid surface and is separated before adhering to the filter.Since the oil collects dust, it is necessary to discard the old oil and replace it with new oil during maintenance.Oil is easily availableengine oilIn general, a wet filter that does not easily affect the performance even if oil droplets adhere to the filter is often used together.
Since the filtration performance is high relative to the capacity of the case, it was a widely used method in the era when the filter paper performance was low.[Source required]But nowadays, automobiles used in dusty environmentsConstruction machinery, Used in stationary engines, etc.
Centrifugal type
CycloneIt is also called an expression, and the principle is the same as that of the cyclone.The air cleaner case has a cylindrical shape, and the sucked air is inside the case.渦流It is a method with a structure that causes.Some have a rectifier (a cylindrical part with many blades) that helps generate vortices.Massive large dustCentrifugeAnd extend the maintenance cycle of the filter.The separated dust collects in a removable dust pot provided at the bottom and needs to be removed regularly.In order to make it easier to see the dust collected in the dust pot, the case made of transparent material may be placed in a position where it is easy to see.Generally combined with a dry filter.
Like the oil bath type, it is used in the engine of construction machinery used in a dusty environment.

Air filter

The air filter is the core component of the air cleaner that catches and removes foreign matter in the passing air.Air cleaner element(British: air cleaner element) Also called.For the material濾紙And non-woven fabrics that are molded by entwining fibers irregularly, flexible polyurethane foam, etc.Foam plasticIs used, and in some cases, it has a structure in which a plurality of layers having different densities are stacked.金属,Resin OfframeIn some cases, it has a structure that facilitates replacement and maintenance.bellowsIn some cases, it may be folded into a shape or formed into a cylindrical shape to increase the filtration area with respect to the occupied volume.

A method of entwining dust while the material is still dry乾式Call[1]..It has a feature of relatively low ventilation resistance.[1]..Paper and non-woven fabric are often used as materials, but foamed plastic may also be used.
Wet type
For materials such as urethane foamオ イ ルSoaked in oil and adsorbed on oil to remove dustWet typeCall[1]..It has high adsorptivity, can be used repeatedly by washing, and can also filter water.[1].
Viscous type
A method of soaking the filter paper with oil and adsorbing dust to the oilViscous typeCall[1]..Low ventilation resistance and can filter moisture[1]..Some are disposable and some can be washed and reused.


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