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📺 | Kentaro Sakaguchi "I felt like I made a scene together" in the confrontation with Munetaka Aoki who played the existence of evil.


Kentaro Sakaguchi "I felt like I made a scene together" in the confrontation with Munetaka Aoki who played the existence of evil.

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In addition, Munetaka Aoki, Yuki Sakurai, Yuki Furukawa and others will be listed as new casts in this work.

From 3:30 on March 21th (Tuesday), starring Kentaro Sakaguchi, Fuji TV's "Signal Long-Term Unresolved Case Investigation Team Special ... → Continue reading

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Munetaka Aoki(Aoki Munetaka,1980May 3 -) isJapan OfAn actor.OsakaYao CityI'm fromOsaka Prefectural Yao High Schoolgraduate.Stardust promotionBelongs. Height 185cm[1].Blood TypeAB type.Wifetalent-actress OfYuka.


After graduating from a graphic design vocational school, during my part-time job, I was interviewed at the office at the recommendation of a friend who was a model.Initially, the application was made in the model frame, but after seeing the faces of other aspirants, he changed to aspiring actors on the spot.At that time, I wasn't so enthusiastic about working as an actor.

2002To the movieMuscle heat』Debuted. 2006, NHK Saturday drama "Connected tomorrow』First starring.During this timeTomomi Maruyama,Shogen,Kenji AibaTheatrical company withREBOUND GLAMORWas formed and performed on stage, but it was dissolved in 2007.

2007 years,NHKContinuous tv novel"Dust and dust』, Played the role of a rakugo storyteller, Rakugoka, who is a brother of the heroine and is a marriage partner, and became widely known.

2010,Ryoma-den』First appeared in a taiga drama, Tosa DomainShojiro GotoPlayed.In the latter half of the drama, he gradually gained weight in order to gain dignity as a clan executive, and eventually gained about 15 kg.[2][3] After that, in about a month, I lost a lot of weight and the movie "Life』I went to shoot.

From January 2011 to June 1ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クI studied abroad in Japan.During this timeGreat East Japan EarthquakeWhen the outbreak occurred, a large cloth was used to collect the messages of hundreds of local people.Fukuyama MasaharuI sent it to a charity radio program.[4]

The third generation of Japanese dance since around 2011Kikunosuke OnoeStudied under.[5]

2012 year 4 month,Kawauchi Family Kikusuimaru,Yoshimi Tendo,Takashi MiikeWith themYao CityHe was appointed by the chief as "Yao's charm ambassador" to carry out PR activities for the city.

In private life, NHKThursday historical drama"ChikaemonThe talent / actress who was dating with the co-starring inYukaAnd married on June 36, 2016, which is Yuka's 6th birthday after a half-year dating period.[6][7][8], One month later on July 1thTokyo-Meiji JinguWas held at[9].. On April 2020, 4, he reported that his first child was born under the joint name of his wife, Yuka.[10].


  • "Dust and dustThe role of grass was an audition, and it was difficult because there were no actors who matched "big", "strong" and "pure", but with the appearance of Aoki, it was unanimously decided that "I finally met the grass".Of the heroine that was decided earlierNukijiya ShihoriWhen he read the script and imagined Aoki, he was surprised to see that.[11]
  • In the scene where the master beats you in "Life's Like a Comedy"Tsunehiko WataseI was seriously slapped.Immediately before the performance, he was told, "Aoki, I'm going!", And after the performance, one eye became hard to see, and when he noticed, his contact lenses had blown off.[12]
  • I heard from a friend that "Chiritotechin" is being watched in the Japanese-American society in South America and the history of the hardships of Japanese immigrants. Traveling around the month, rakugo in several places in Peru, Paraguay and BrazilTool shopAnd interacted with local Nikkei.[13]
  • Drama"It's sunny today. No abnormalities』, Played a young sugar cane farmer in Okinawa Ben.Co-starKenji SakaguchiAccording to the report, all of them were originally planned to be in standard language, but the enthusiasm of being particular about acting in dialects and receiving guidance from local people was fruitful, and only one person was able to speak Okinawa.In addition, even if there was no turn, he accompanied the photographer to a remote island, interacted with the residents, and strolled around the island.[14]
  • movies"Boobs valleyIn Kitakyushu, where the shooting camp was held, junior high school students who played the role of men's volleyball team were allowed to eat the famous ramen, and they were able to talk to each other from an early stage.Also, I often played volleyball with them between shoots, and I was scolded for sweating my clothes.[15]
  • He is also known as an actor who is enthusiastic about studying, and in "Ryomaden" he went to the site to see the recording twice as much as his shooting day.[16]
  • Tosa clan who plays in "Ryomaden"Shojiro GotoWanting to get in touch with, he himself in Louis Vuitton's wallet, after he was the first Japanese to be on Louis Vuitton's customer listTawaraya SotatsuI copied the "white elephant figure" of the above and used it habitually.[17]
  • Conflict to make a role during the sword fight practice of "Ryomaden"Tosa Emperor's PartyBecause I was away from the actors in the role, I had actually started fighting in a terrible atmosphere.After that, at the sake tableTakuma OnoThe members of the Emperor's Party were apologized, saying, "Actually, I was doing that on purpose at that time, I'm sorry."[18]
  • In "Ryomaden", I bought a book about torture in the Edo period and studied it.Okada IzoUsefulKen SatoWas seriously tortured.Sato says, "It really hurts. I was really hit by a bamboo sword, and a blue bruise remained for a while."[19]
  • 2011 year 5 month,Cannes International Film FestivalAppeared in "LifeWas exhibited, I rushed from my study abroad destination in New York,Takashi MiikeDirectorEitaJoined a party from Japan.Since he was not an invitee, he was self-sufficient in travel expenses, and he also stayed in a camp on the way.[20]
  • "Return from Pearl BayIn 』, in an attempt to shorten the distance with the actors of the same Navy, he drank alcohol and beat the shaved head to deepen the unity.Of the superior roleHiradake UniversitySaid that Aoki hit his head for a moment, but he hit each other and became like a best friend the next day.[21]
  • "Rurouni Kenshin"ofSanosuke SagaraThe role is of the action directorKenji TanigakiからDonnie YenI was given a special training on the DVD.[22] Inui BanjinGenki SudoThe shooting of the battle scene with him lasted all day and night, but he was happy to hear that former fighter Sudo told him that he was tough.[23]
  • May 2013,El MundoIn "Bicycle Exploration Department Tanzania Journey", I completed a total length of 3,400km by bicycle, going around Kilimanjaro and reaching the highest road reaching point at an altitude of 462m.According to the program director, it was popular with all local men and women of all ages along the way.
  • Co-starred in "Rurouni Kenshin" in November 2013Aoi YuIs intense on the stage "Good Buy"Kawachi dialectIt is said that he taught dialects by injecting dialogue into a voice recorder when he played a woman who stirs up.[24]
  • "Rurouni Kenshin: The Great Fire of Kyoto / The End of the Legend], My fist hit me and my tooth broke during shooting.When asked by a local reporter if he was injured at the Asian premiere in the Philippines, he answered "I lost the teeth by hitting." And then "But I don't mind because I am." Sanosuke, right? ”And called out to the venue to make the audience excited.[25] In addition, I was fainted several times after being tricked, and in an interview, "I'm falling when I'm doing some actions, so it's often said that my face when I'm falling is funny ..." Is answered.[26]
  • He often plays the role of father, spending time with the child actor during shooting, and playing a lot.It seems that they will enjoy shooting the child actors.[27]
  • His special skill is painting, and he has a unique sensibility in blogs like picture letters.In addition, his hobby is traveling around the world with one backpack, and in 1 he traversed five continents.It is said that they sleep exclusively in night trains, night buses, and shared rooms for travelers.
  • An entertainer belonging to Yoshimoto Creative Agency,span!Kenichi Mizumoto is a junior high school classmate.There is a past that came to Tokyo with Mizumoto.


TV drama

Mobile distribution drama

  • Izumi, I, He, and I (October 2009, 10 --Episode 5 distribution, Lismo! Channel au original drama) --Uno
  • Love letter 5 years later(April-June 2010,BeeTV) --Oki


Directed by Martin Scorsese Silence -Silence- (2016 USA) Prison Watcher Part XNUMX


Travel and others

  • Japan Clear Stream Wonderful Journey (July 2006, NHK)
  • Seto Inland Sea Kiyomori 500km Cruise (September 2012, 9, NHKBS Premium) --MC
  • El MundoBicycle Expedition Department Trip to Tanzania (February 2013-2, 25 / Full version March 27, NHKBS3)
  • Sunday Museum Art Journey Special Let's Find, Beauty (April 2015, 4, NHK ETV)
  • Nippon Entertainment Japanese traditional dance with me (April 2016, 4, NHK ETV)
  • Seven rules(November 2017, 4 -,Kansai TV)
  • Travel to a different world hotel (January 2018, 1, NHKBS Premium)
  • NHK Special"Unkei and Kaikei New Discovery! Phantom Masterpiece" (May 2019, 5, NHK General TV)

Reading and narration



  • Shunji IwaiProduced radio drama "Ento Tsushin Asachie Drive" (JFNseries)




  • FLY! Making of "Fly, Daddy, Fly" (June 2005, 6)
  • Fly, Daddy, Fly (December 2005, 12) --Special Limited Edition (First Press Limited Edition) / Regular Edition


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外部 リンク

Yuki Furukawa

Yuki Furukawa(Furukawa Yuuki,1987May 12[1] - )Is a Japanese actor. Nickname isFurupon[3].



Because of my father's work as a doctor[4]From 7 yearsカナダSpent 8 years atAmerica-ニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク3 years after moving to[5]Spend a total of 11 years abroad[1].

Keio Academy of New YorkAfter returning to Japan,Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio UniversityGo to 2009,Mr KeioElected to[1].

2010 years,HoriproReceived a jury special award at the newcomer discovery audition "Campastar H50 with Men's Nonno" held as part of the 50th anniversary business[1][6]Debut in the entertainment world.

In 2013, made an overseas debut with a Japanese-English collaborative work "Ieyasu and Anjin". In the same year, the leading drama "Mischievous Kiss ~ Love in TOKYOWas delivered in China at the same time as Japan, and it was a huge hit.Chugoku-ShanghaiThe first fan meeting of Japanese actors was held at 1200 people in total[7].. Over 1000 fans welcomed at the airport, and there was a noise of about 300 people waiting at the hotel where they stayed[8].

2014, Chinese version of TwitterWeiboHas more than 100 million followers[9].. It is said to be a "god of God (meaning "an admired man") and boasts great popularity in China.[9].. In the same year, he starred in the Sino-Japanese collaboration drama "Mysterious Summer". Received the Asian Actor Award for the first time as a Japanese person at the award “Shooting 2015 Aiki no Yuya” hosted by the Chinese distribution company “iQIYI”.

2018 years,Quak Jae YoungDirected work, Japanese-Korean collaboration movie "Wind color] Starring in.

2019 years,Yubari International Fantastic Film FestivalAwarded ``New Wave Award Actor Category'' in 2019[10].. June 6 of the same year, announced that he married a general woman on the 23nd of the previous day[11]..On October 10, the same year, he reported the birth of his first baby girl through his agency and his Twitter account.[12].

In 2021, won the "Attention Actor Award" at the Weibo account festival 2020 Weibo Japan Guneikai[13].. The total number of followers of weibo has exceeded 2020 million as of August 8.[14].


Is a returnee[1]Can speak English like a native[15].. Future goalsKen WatanabeInternational actors like[16]And the rotation of the head is fastKuranosuke SasakiTo be an actor like[17].

Special skill is basketball, mahjong[3][18].. He is good at break dance, and he was also the representative of the dance circle "Revolve" in college.[1](Third generation J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE OfTakenori IwataIs a representative of a dance circle with a rival relationship with the same university[19]). The movie released in 2018Laugh in cloudy weatherIn the PV "Cloudy Dance ~DD~" that dances to the theme song "Kagene"[20].

Although I confess that I have no sense of sense[21], In high schoolRIZEとDragon ashHad a copy band and was in charge of the guitar[22].. In 2019 RIZE bassistKenKenPlayed on the radio with[22].

I love cats and go to the cat cafe on holidays[3].

On holidays, be sure to cook yourself either day or night, use point cards for beans, etc.[18][23].



TV drama

Delivery drama



promotion video



  • ace.(2016/2018)[71][72]
  • In Agora "Waizu Platform 828 Daisho Campaign" (August 2018 -)- Weibo,WeChatDeployed on Chinese SNS and outdoor advertisements such as[73]
  • Bandai"The Rose of Versailles Eyeliner" (September 2018 -)[74]
  • Pantene "Miracles" (2018)


  • 2016 City Boy -40 years since the launch of POPEYE- (2016,WOWOW)[75]
  • 4K KATANA PROJECT (2016)[76]



  • Ting Yi 2015 Ai Qi Yong Night "Asia Actor Award" (2014, China)
  • 3rd Annual DramaFever Awards ``Best Couple Award'' (With Mirai Hooka) "Mischievous Kiss 2 ~ Love in TOKYO" (2015, USA)[82]
  • The 1st "Sneaker Best Dresser Award" (2018)[83]
  • Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival2019 ``New Wave Award Actor Category''[10](2019)
  • weibo account festival 2020 Weibo Japan Guneikai "Attention Actor Award"[84](2021)


Photo album

  • 1st Photobook Japanese version "Yuki-Be natural" (2013)
  • 1st Photobook Overseas edition "yuki ~ Be natural" (2013)
  • 2nd Photo Book Chinese version "YUKI in San Francisco" (2015)[16]
  • 2nd Photobook Japan "Yuki in San Francisco" (2015)
  • 3rd Photobook "unknown" (2017)[85]


  • Yuki Furukawa 2014 Calendar (2013)
  • Yuki Furukawa 2015 Calendar (2014)
  • Yuki Furukawa 2016 Calendar (2015)
  • Yuki Furukawa 2017 Calendar (2016)
  • 10th anniversary Yuki Furukawa Selfie calendar 2021 (2020)[86]

Magazine serialization


  • 1st DVD "The First Step -Yuki Furukawa in Shanghai-" (2013)

Voice actor

  • Ikebukuro West Gate Park (BeeTV "Bee Manga", 2011-2012, 30 episodes)-Takashi Ando[90]


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