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🎥 | Tropri and Healin, a gorgeous collaboration unique to movies

Photo (C) 2020 Movie Healin'Good Precure Production Committee

Tropri and Healin, a gorgeous collaboration unique to movies

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With the excitement as it is, the dance of the ending theme song "Tropica ING" of "Tropuri" started.

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Tropical ~ Ju! Precure

Precure series > Tropical-Rouge!Precure

"Tropical-Rouge!Precure』(Tropical-Rouge! Precure)2021May 2からAsahi Broadcasting TVBy the production ofTV AsahiseriesBroadcast every Sunday from 8:30 to 9:XNUMX,Toei animationProductionTelevision Animation[1]. "Precure series18th work in total[2], 16th generation Pretty Cure.

Abbreviation is "Tropuri"[3].. The catch phrase is "Change with makeup!Muteki's motivation!'[4].


The theme of this work is "Let's do the most important thing now!"æµ·"When"cosmeticsIs set in a seaside town with the image of a tropical country where mermaids appear.[5].

The annual TV series starts in the first week of February, but the previous work "Healing ♥ precure"ButSpread of new coronavirus (COVID-19)And accompanyingEmergency declarationDue to production interruption and itre-airDue to the provision of a period, the main broadcast was postponed and ended in 2021.May 2Since it was delayed to, this work also started broadcasting from February 2 of the same year in a form affected by this.In addition, this work is the first time that the series starts other than the first week of February.

Like the previous series, this workTeletextAnd data broadcasting.In data broadcasting, you can play a mini game that plays rock-paper-scissors with characters, an ending-linked game that will be described later, and the overlay display function "time display by remote control operation" is a normal display and non-display, as a precure specification, "Kururu" "Rock-paper-scissors"[Note 1][6].


The main character, Manatsu Natsuumi, is a girl who lives on a small island, Minami Nojima, and will soon become a junior high school student.From spring, I moved to the city of Aozora, where my mother, Ao, is, and decided to attend a junior high school in the city.Depicting that life in Aozora City is tropical, he left the island after seeing off his father, the ocean, and the residents.

Meanwhile, at that time, the mermaid country, Grand Ocean, was attacked by a witch who lived on the bottom of the dark sea, and most of the inhabitants were deprived of their motivation.It is said that the world will be in a difficult situation if human motivation is deprived.The queen, who took the situation seriously, entrusts four tropical pacts to Laura, the only mermaid girl who escaped the difficulty.The Queen tells Laura, "When the hearts of humans and mermaids communicate, the key to open the pact appears, and the human awakens to the legendary warrior" Pretty Cure. "Upon hearing this, Laura agreed with the Queen's life, thinking that she had a chance to get closer to the next Queen, and headed for the human world to find a suitable person for Precure.

Manatsu arrives in Aozora City, and Laura arrives in the human world.Manatsu reunites with Ao, then walks around the city, and has a shocking encounter with Laura on the beach.After that, a servant, Chongile, and a monster, Yaraneda, who serve the witch who is behind him to invade the human world, appear, and Laura who was nearby is captured.When Manatsu saw her pinch and shouted, "My'Now, the most important thing!'It is ...!", The heart-shaped ring, which is the key to Pact, appears and Pact is drawn.Manatsu transforms into "Pretty Cure of Everlasting Summer" Cure Summer, defeats Yaraneda, and helps Laura.After the battle, Laura tells Manatsu, "Fight for me!" And she accepts at will.In this way, the exchange between the two people, who were a little bit hugging, began.

Manatsu enrolls in the long-awaited urban school, Aozora Junior High School, and becomes a girl and classmate she sees at a cosmetics shop in the city.Her name was Sango Suzumura, the daughter of the shop.Manatsu immediately becomes friends with her own brightness and talks about club activities.However, Laura is not happy with Manatsu, who prioritizes junior high school life over Precure, and eventually collides with Manatsu and causes friction.However, through the battle, the relationship is repaired and gained nothing.

Manatsu and Laura agree that Sango is suitable for Precure and invite her immediately, but she refuses to say "I don't have the courage and confidence".However, when Sango sees Summer confronting Yaraneda, he remembers the positive words they gave him and decides, "Believe in yourself! Don't run away!"At that time, a ring was born on the finger and Pact was attracted.Sango awakens to "Pretty Cure of Jewels" Cure Coral with them and cooperates with Summer to defeat Yaraneda.After the battle, Sango thanked Manatsu and Laura for changing herself, and made a deal with them to become best friends.

When Laura suggested to Manatsu, who had decided on club activities, "How about the Precure Club?", Manatsu and Sango went to the library to find out about Precure and met a girl student there.She is a sophomore Minori Ichinose, an honor student with excellent grades, who likes mermaids and has a wealth of knowledge.When Laura meets her, Manatsu invites her to Precure, but she refuses to say "I'm not confident."Meanwhile, a new servant, Numery, appears and uses Yaraneda.Manatsu and Sango transform and face each other, but they are pushed, and Minori who sees them is also terrified.However, Laura inspires me to "believe in myself!" And decides to "help the two!" And receives Pact.At that time, a ring was born on the finger.Minori said in themfruit(fruits)"Pretty Cure" Awakens to Cure Papaya and joins the two to defeat Yaraneda.After the battle, Minori conveys her feelings to Manatsu and becomes friends, saying, "It feels good."

One day, when Manatsu is walking in the city, he gets entangled by a senior student, but a female student who seems to be a senior student gets help.She is Asuka Takizawa, a third-year student, and has an older sister's skin that cannot be overlooked by people in need.Laura sees her and is convinced that she is suitable for Precure, and immediately scouts, but is refused "I have no intention of becoming a companion".At the same time, Manatsu applied to the Student Organization for a new club, but Yuriko Shiratori, the student council president, rejected it as "there is no club room."Asuka joins the search for a club room and finds a room that has become a warehouse, and then four people clean it and finish it safely to secure a club room.Numery's Yaraneda appears in front of the three who broke up with her and confronts them, but there are many and they are forced to struggle.Asuka, who noticed the incident, rushed to the scene and demanded Pact from Laura, and at the same time, a ring was born.Asuka awakens to Cure Flamingo, "Pretty Cure of Fluttering Wings", joins the three, and instantly defeats Yaraneda.After the battle, Asuka utters a meaningful word, "Do you believe in your friends?" And decides to join the group of Manatsu.If the conditions are not met, I will apply again, but Yuriko points out that the content is unclear, and even if I think about the specific content, I cannot come up with a good idea and I am disappointed.Taking advantage of finding and helping the graduates who were looking for something there, he inspired "I will do my best to do the most important thing now!" And applied for the "Tropical Club" with that motto.Yuriko is likely to reject her again, but with the support of the graduates who helped her, she is conditionally approved.With this, the tropical club activities that Manatsu envisioned started, and Laura, who had no school registration, joined the club as a temporary member.

One day, when five people are doing club activities, the queen's pet, Kururun, visits to hand over the deliveries to Laura.Elda, a third servant, appears there and tries to rob him, but he defends himself with the success of four people.After completing the mission, Kururu decides to stay in the human world as a supporter without returning.Laura is astonished when she sees it, but she accepts it after seeing the welcome of Manatsu.

The four Summer, Coral, Papaya, and Flamingo fight against the witches of Mawashi to save the world's crisis.



Sango, Minori, Asuka live in "Aozora City", and Manatsu from "Minaminoshima" in the first episode.movingI came.

Manatsu and Sango enter "Aozora Junior High School" in the second episode and become the same class (2 groups per year).Minori is a 1nd grader (5nd grade 2nd class)[ep 1], Asuka is a third grader.

First personAre all "I".

Manatsu Natsuumi / Cure Summer
sound - Files love[7]
Of this workhero[1].May 8Born in the first year of junior high school[8]..Transforms into a pulsating everlasting summer precure "Cure Summer".Summer: Of(I.e.He has a cheerful personality and is more motivated than anyone else.With a personality that moves the body earlier than you think感情(Emotions and sorrows) are also expressed using the body.AlsoExcitedWhen you do恐怖,AstonishmentWhen you rememberRunny noseThe facial expressions are also rich, such as putting out.The habit is "Tropica!".
Hair is brightBrownAnd黄色 Ofribbonでポ ニ ー テ ー ルI have to.The color of the eyesgreen..Plain clothes in white topsEmerald green OfCulotte skirt, White on bare feetSandals..On the neckShellfish OfpendantAre wearing.
LauraAbandonment, Minori is called "Minori-senpai" and Asuka is called "Asuka-senpai".
If there are so many things I want to do and I can't decide, I sometimes step on the ground.
またGiant isopod,FrogfishSuch,minorI like living things[ep 2]..On the other hand, what I am not good at is studying, and I get red points in all five subjects.[ep 3][Note 2].
Moved from my small island, Minaminoshima, to the city of Aozora,coastalでmermaidMeet the girl Laura.After that, Laura is attacked by Chonggile, the servant of the witch, and Yaraneda, the monster, and decides to help her.At that time, the "Heart Kuru Ring" (hereinafter "Ring") was born by the power of thought, and at the same time, the "Tropical Pact" (hereinafter "Pact") that Laura had was attracted and used to awaken to the summer. Defeat Yaraneda and help Laura.After the battle, she was told that she would fight with me from now on and made a deal.[ep 4].
After that, I entered Aozora Junior High School and which oneClub activitiesI'm worried about entering.So club activitiesorientationHowever, he noticed that he had dropped the "Mermaid Aquapot" (hereinafter referred to as "Aquapot"), and went out of the orientation and headed for the search.Then, as soon as he found Laura, who had been out of the aquapot and caused a great uproar, he became a dispute, and finally he started to vomit, saying, "I don't know Laura anymore!".However, when she sees her being attacked by Yaraneda again, she tells her "I'll do my best for both club activities and Pretty Cure!" And transforms into a summer, helping her safely and reconciling (see also Laura's item).[ep 5].
After that, it was difficult to decide on club activities, and when I couldn't decide, Laura advised me, "Why don't you make it yourself?" And immediately applied to the student organization under the joint name of himself, Sango, and Minori.However, the student council president, Yuriko Shiratori, tells her that there is no club room, and she is about to fail, but with the help of Asuka, she secures a club room (see also Asuka's item).[ep 6]..After that, I was suffering because the activity content was not decidedGraduateThe purpose of "doing the most important thing now" was inspired by the help ofmottoApply for the "Tropical Department".With the support of graduates, it is conditionally approved and starts activities[ep 7].
Suzumura Sango / Cure Coral
Voice- Yumori Hanamoru[7]
May 5Born in the first year of junior high school[9]..GlitterjewelryTransforms into the Pretty Cure "Cure Coral".Cute things I like.With a caring and gentle personality, you can easily get along with anyone.At first, he couldn't speak his true intentions, but he overcame it with the coral awakening (details will be described later).
HairBlue purple Ofsemi-longAnd yellow and green on the left, on the rightマ ゼ ン タI have my hair stopped.Near the shouldercoralBundle with the ribbonTwin tailI have to.On the crownAhogeThere is.Eye color is yellow.Plain clothes are light purple topspurpleSkirt, white socks and purple sandals.
At first, Manatsu was called "Natsumi-san", and after becoming a friend, he was called "Manatsu-chan", but after seeing her being pushed by Yaraneda, she awakened to Coral and then called her abandoned. Will be.Minori is called "Minorin Senpai", Asuka is called "Asuka Senpai", and Laura is called abandoned.
Home is a cosmetics shop in the city "Pretty Holic"[10]Because it ismakeAnd cosmetics.
Because of his gentle demeanor, he quickly becomes friends with his classmates, including Manatsu.Also, I bought it and it was sold outice creamThere is also a compassionate heart, such as handing over to a girl.
On the other hand,<span>-6 years old</span>Purple that I thought was cute in the timesTulipI have a past that I regretted because I chose only myself.that istraumaAfter that, I couldn't say "my cuteness" and became a character that was in tune with people's opinions.
He is envious of Manatsu who can express his own opinion, and exudes the trauma mentioned above.Laura, who was listening to it, advised me that I had to believe in my cuteness, and Manatsu also said, "Makeup will make you feel better!"After that, they urged Precure to awaken, but refused, "I don't have the courage and confidence."However, when he sees Manatsu transforming into a summer and confronts Yaraneda, he decides, "Believe in yourself! Don't run away!"In response to that thought, a ring is born and Pact is attracted.Use them to awaken to Coral and defeat Yalaneda with Summer.Thank you to Manatsu and Laura for allowing me to claim my cuteness after the battle, and sign a deal with them.Close friendAnd become a companion[ep 2].
Minori Ichinose / Cure papaya
Voice- Ishikawa Yui[7]
May 11Born in the first year of junior high school[11]..Inspirefruit(fruits)Transforms into the precure "Cure Papaya".Honor student with excellent grades, especiallyNational languageIs the top grade.Poker faceI don't show much emotion, but I have a firm hold on myself.ReadingIs a hobby, and it's worth it想像力,InsightGood at[ep 8]..However, there are also harmful effects due to that.[Note 3].
On the other handCuisineSkillsFoodstuffBoth the choice and seasoning are devastating and handmadeBox lunchIt is a level that Manatsu who ate the food is in agony (Minori himself is not aware of it)[ep 9].
HairOcher OfShortcut..The color of the eyeslight blueRoundglassesI'm wearing it.The plain clothes are light blueCreamTops, cream skirts, white socks and thinOrangeShoes.
It is called "Minorin Senpai" by Manatsu and Sango.I'm calling Laura abandoned.
From an early ageThe Little MermaidI love mermaids and am familiar with mermaid legends and stories.Therefore, when I first met Laura, it was very difficult.Movingare doing.
Previously belonged to the literary club and wrote for the magazineNovelAlthough it posted "Mermaid Story", there is a past that was criticized and the brush was retired.It became a trauma and I lost confidence in myself.
He tries to help Summer and Coral, who are pushed by Yaraneda, but becomes reluctant to say, "I can't do it."Laura, who was watching it, gave her a pact while being told, "Believe in yourself more!", And remembered that Manatsu and his friends praised the novel, and decided to help them with courage. ..Then, with the ring and pact born with that thought, he awakens to Papaya, joins them, defeats Yaraneda, and becomes a friend.[ep 1].
Asuka Takizawa / Cure flamingo
Voice- Asami Seto[7]
May 10Born in the first year of junior high school[12]..FlutterWingsTransforms into the Pretty Cure "Cure Flamingo".Strong sense of justice and excellent motor nerves.
coolIt is thought that it is difficult to approach due to the atmosphere, but in reality it is kind and takes good care of juniors (so-called "sister's skin").Contrary to its cool appearanceRabbitAppearsComputer gameslike[Note 4][ep 7]..Also, he is good at cooking because he makes lunch for his family.[ep 9]..On the other hand, I don't want to join anyoneLone wolfThere is also a dislike.
Hair"Red" OfLong hair..Eye color is light purple.Plain clothes are whiteredTops,Ultramarine OfSabrina pants, Light blue sandals.
Manatsu and Laura are called by abandonment.
There seems to be a conflict with Laura's personality, and when she heard that she was looking for Precure for her career, she complained, "I don't like using others to advance." He points out the remarks from above.
ManatsuBanchoSeeing that he was entwined with the crew, he stood up and repelled them.Laura, who was watching the situation, scouted for Precure, but at this point she refused, "I have no intention of becoming a companion."
Seeing Manatsu, who had been rejected by Yuriko about the new construction of the rear part, he sent out a help ship saying "Prepare a club room".StoreroomFind the room you were in and clean it with Manatsu (see also Manatsu section).After that, they parted from the three, but they realized that something had happened in the direction they were heading and rushed to the scene.There, when the summers are struggling with Yaraneda, they decide to get angry and demand Pact from Laura, and at the same time, a ring is born.Then, they awaken to the flamingos and instantly destroy Yalaneda.After the battle, he mutters a meaningful word, "Would you like to believe in your friends again?" And decides to join the group of Manatsu.[ep 6].

Grand Ocean

In the land of mermaids in the sea, Laura and Kururu's hometown.After being attacked by a witch, the motivation power of the whole country has been deprived.

ロ ー ラ
Voice- Rina Hidaka[7]
A mermaid girl who came to the human world to save her hometown.Manatsu and San are the same age.The full name is "Laura Apollo Doros Hyginus Lamer'[ep 4].
Hair is bluishpink OfLong hair..Eye color is brightBlue green..Wear a turquoise breastplate,light bluePink on the lower bodyTail fin.
The first person is "I".Manatsu are called by abandonment.
He is a confident person who is in good shape and has a personality to be honest with whatever he thinks.Also, a littleUninhabitedでTsundereThere is also one side[ep 5]..Furthermore, I take pride in myself as "cute"NarcissistBut also[ep 2]..In addition, there is also a strong belief.[ep 8].
He began to search for a person who would be a precure to become the next queen of the country, and when Manatsu awakened, he began to live in the human world as a supporter.I usually stay in the aqua pot, and Manatsu has it.
I'm not very interested in the human world, and I'm only aware of the precure human beings as "abandoned pieces to become a queen".[ep 4].
Although he was supposed to live in the Natsumi family, he is showing his unmannedness, such as taking a bath without permission from the aqua pot.Then he asks Manatsu to look for the next Pretty Cure and comes to school, but he gets out of the aqua pot without permission, and the students find him and cause a big uproar.That caused a conflict with Manatsu, and he vomits "Find another Pretty Cure!" And makes a mistake with her.In such a situation, Yaraneda is encountered again and attacked, but Manatsu appears to help.Look at her, reflect on her actions, apologize and make up with her while hiding her shyness (see also Manatsu)[ep 5].
Manatsu, who later decided that it was cramped in the aqua pot, said, "Nobody comes because it is not used now," and asked to provide an aquarium pool.[ep 5]However, when I was swimming alone at a later date, I was witnessed by a sango who happened to pass by.[ep 2].
Also, I am dissatisfied with the general image of a mermaid that pervades the masses, and when I happened to hear Minori telling the synopsis of "Mermaid Princess", I thought "Why should I disappear for humans?" "Can't you?"[ep 1].
Voice- Aimi Tanaka[7]
Of the mermaid queenPetIs a sea fairysealIt looks like.Body color is pink.
A laid-back and self-paced personality.The bark is "Kururun ~!". I like "shell cookies".
Hometown entrusted by the QueenSweetsComes to deliver to Laura.After completion, decide to stay in the aqua pot (human world) without returning to home[ep 8].
Mermaid queen
Voice- Yuko Sasaki
Queen of the Grand Ocean.Entrust Laura with Tropical Pact and order to look for Precure[ep 4].

The witches of Mawashi

The hostile force of Precure in this work.It is based in a Western-style building on the dark seabed.After depriving the motivation power of Gran Ocean, he intends to deprive the motivation power of human beings on the ground, and will be hostile to Precure who are trying to prevent it.

The members are in the form of some kind of marine life, far from humans, and the members other than the witch are engaged in their own positions.

Upper echelon

The witch of Mawashi
Voice- Rei Igarashi[13]
An evil witch who lives on the bottom of the sea with a dark face and something like a mask[13]It has a large physique with a long tail and fins.Zhang himself, who attacked the Grand Ocean and deprived him of his motivation and made the inhabitants lethargic, has set the human world as his next target.
He seems to be lazy on a regular basis, and when the butler of the butler hears about the appearance of Precure, he lays down saying "I will do it tomorrow" even if he is asked for the next strategy. I'm showing one side.On the other hand, the power to show when he shows anger is such that Butler is upset, and the slow progress of collecting motivational power can make him angry, but he soon calms down.
Voice- Komatsu Shiho[13]
YellowSeahorseA male butler who serves a witch who turns around after wearing a black tailcoat.
He always has a poker face and a light tone, but occasionally shows a comical side, such as changing his complexion to a dish made by Chongile.[13]..Although he has a modest attitude, he is straightforward when it comes to work, and he warns servants who are not motivated other than their own work that "only witches are allowed to leave behind" and precure "because they are children". Don't lick it. "
Report the appearance of Precure to the witch who is behind, advise to plan the next strategy, and instruct the servants to gather motivation power.


Everyone, including them and Butler, has their own job titles, and they usually spend their days working as servants of the mansion where the witch lives.When there is no work or sortie in the human world, they often chat around the table and complain about each other.Regarding the sortie to the human world, he seems to be lazy, though to varying degrees, and he sorties out while saying something.However, because of his innate personality, only Yaraneda appears, and no one sorties out, or even though they sortie and Yalaneda appears, there is no one around and the life is to take away "motivation power". Sometimes I didn't do it.

Voice- Hiroshi Shirakuma[13]
bluecrabA man who serves a witch who turns around after wrapping a red cock tie (chef scarf) around his neckchef(Cook)[14]..The first person is "I".He is aboard a floating green boat when he sorties into the human world, and wears white cook clothes when he works as a servant.
He speaks in a rough and rough tone, and has a lazy personality with a habit of saying "Katari".It seems that they often lie down at the base.Although he follows the life of depriving him of his motivation, he wants to go home if he can get as much as he can, and he hates it when he sorties out.On the other hand, his skill as a chef is excellent, and he makes things that consider the other party, such as making "ramen that does not grow noodles no matter how much he eats" for the witch who is behind. Sometimes I show a side that doesn't seem to injure the scissors during cooking[ep 1]..It seems that the witch doesn't eat her food at all, and she seems to be dissatisfied with giving priority to the motivation power to leave behind, and wants her to eat her food loosely.
When summoning Yaraneda, "Come out, Yaraneda"While screaming, throw the core thing at the body.
Voice- Akino Watanabe[15]
Sea cucumberA bewitching woman who serves a witch who has a lower body likedoctor(doctor)[16]..The first person is "I".Board a purple floating boat when you sortie into the human world.
He speaks in a lazy tone, has a laid-back laughter, and has a laid-back personality.There is no choice but to sortie out to take away the motivation power, but he can afford to enjoy the mission itself.In addition, he has excellent skills as a doctor, and at the base, he also treats other servants who serve the witches who are behind him.
When summoning Yaraneda, "Come out, Yalaneda"While screaming, throw the core thing at the body.
Voice- Takagaki Ayahi[17]
shrimpA childish girl who serves a witch with a lower body and antennae likeMaid..The first person is "I" as well as Numery.When you sortie into the human world, you board a floating pink boat.
Although he has an innocent personality, he also has a cheeky and poisonous side, such as sarcastic to the other party and cursing Yaraneda.He hates being treated as an adult and hates being called by butlers with "san".Butler's fare is also aimed at the sortie to the human world, and he usually refuses to boast that he does not want to do responsible work because he is a child.Because of his childhood, he is loved by other servants, and he also shows a decent childish side, such as being happy to receive dessert from Chongile and playing with dolls.
When summoning Yaraneda, "Let's play, Yaraneda"While screaming, throw the core thing at the body.


Voice- Nozomi Mikajiri
A monster used by the servants of the witch of Mawashi.Basically, it is characterized by a loose face, but it is rich in emotional expressions such as being attacked and hurt, and showing anger. "Yaraneda!".
It is summoned by the servants by letting the object contain a purple nucleus made by a witch.When it is born, under the direction of the servants, it absorbs the "motivation power" of the people around it with an eerie smile.[Note 5].
When you receive the Precure purification technique, the used object will return to its original state, and the motivation power will be returned from the aqua pot to the owners.
Zenzenya Laneda
Voice-Nozomi Mikajiri
A powerful monster used by the servants of the witch of Mawashi.Like Yaraneda, "Yaraneda!".
It is created from a newly created green core in anticipation of the slow collection of motivational power by the witch.The basic parts such as appearance and summoning are the same as Yaraneda, but the attack is upgraded here, and it often makes Precure and others struggle.It is also possible to deprive Precure's "motivation power" that could not be deprived by Yaraneda.
Precure's personal special move does not work, and it can only be purified by Precure Mix Tropical.When the purification technique is received, the used object is restored, and the motivation power is returned from the aqua pot to the owners.

Precure family

Natsumi family

Natsumi Taiyo
Voice- Akira Harada
Manatsu's father.Runs "Umi no Ie" in Minami Nojima.
Aoi Natsumi
Voice- Ryoko Wei
Manatsu's mother.Worked at Aozora Aquarium.

Suzumura family

Miyuki Suzumura
Voice- Northwest Junko
Sango's mother.Runs a cosmetics shop "Pretty Holic".

Aozora Junior High School

A junior high school where Manatsu and his friends attend.The uniform is green for both men and women with a sailor color with a beige line in light green and a short-sleeved sailor suit with a school emblem on the chest.ThailandWear.The bottoms are slacks for boys and skirts for girls, and the color is the same as the sailor color.WhiteSocksBrownloafers.

Manatsu and others are listed below due to differences in uniforms (not mentioned above).

  • Thailand-Pink for Manatsu, purple for Sango, yellow for Minori, and red for Asuka and Yuriko.
  • Skirt-Sango is white around the hemFrillMinori has a hem that hides her knees.
  • Socks-Minori is whiteHigh socks, Asuka has a white lineNavy blueSocks.
Saki Sakuragawa
Voice- Tokui blue sky[18]
Manatsu, a female teacher who is in charge of Sango.Also serves as an advisor to the Tropical Department.
Yuriko Shiratori
Voice- Ayaka Fukuhara[18]
Student president.
Kiriko Shiraishi
Voice- Serika Hiromatsu
Manatsu, Sango's classmate.
Naomi Komachi (Naomi Komachi)
Voice- Sara Matsumoto
Similarly, Manatsu and Sango's classmates.
Yumi Kuwano (Yumi Kuwano)
Voice- Fumiko Uchimura
Similarly, Manatsu and Sango's classmates.
Haruna Takatsuki
Voice-Sara Matsumoto
A graduate of Aozora Junior High School 10 years ago.
Tomono Natsuo
Voice-Fumiko Uchimura
Also a graduate of Aozora Junior High School.

Other people

Hirabayashi Mafune (Hirabayashi Mafune)
Voice- Hiroko Nishi
A woman who is the director of the Aozora Aquarium.
Yuna Yamabe
Voice- Minami Takahashi
A girl that Manatsu and his friends saw near the school gate.He was wearing a mask and sunglasses, but when he hit a streetlight and fell down, he turned out to be a young actress whose popularity is skyrocketing.The shy personality is a complex[ep 10].

Precure settings

Precure in this work is positioned as "a legendary warrior handed down in the land of mermaids, Grand Ocean".

The mermaid queen said, "When a human with a sparkling sun in his heart and the mermaid's heart communicate with each other, the key to open the tropical pact appears, and that human is Precure."

Insert the heart ring for each transformation into the keyhole of the tropical pact and turn it, open the pact and "Precure!Tropical change!""Let's make!Shouted, "catch!While pressing the heart in the center of Pact, "cheek!""Eyes!""Hair!""lip!(Each charm point comes last) "dress!Make up each part while shouting, and transform.When Yaraneda decides on a technique, the lip goes around the opponent and "Victory!Purify with the decision line.

In the 5th episode, the 4 initial members got together, and from the 6th episode, all of them jumped while running, and said, "◯◯! (The part of ◯◯ changes every time) Tropical ~ Ju! Precure!Will come to call himself.In that case, jump from the left in the order of flamingo, summer, papaya, and coral.

This work does not mention that the identity of Precure is a secret, and there are also remarks that it seems to be open contrary to the previous works.

Cure Summer

The charm point that Manatsu Natsuumi transforms intolipPrecure. "Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu"Heart markChanges to a costume.The name at the time of transformation is "A thrilling everlasting summer!Cure Summer!".The image color is different from the pink-centered coloring that has been used in the main character Pretty Cure, and there are many colors based on white.ト ロ ピ カ ルIt is in color[1][Note 6].

The blonde side tail with pink and light blue gradation is decorated with hibiscus flowers and hair ornaments with white and green cloth.The costume is a separate type, with a sleeveless top with a pink frilled sailor collar with a light blue line on the top, see-through frills around the sleeves, and a pink ribbon on both sides of the bottoms. She wears a miniskirt with dark pink and light blue lines and light green frills.Light blue frills are added for mixed tropical.He wears long white fingerless gloves wrapped with a pink ribbon on his hands, and his shoes wear white ribbon pumps with a dark pink and light blue sole.A pink heart highlight appears in the eyes.

In battle, the enemy is disturbed at a quick speed, and a powerful blow is taken to bring down the opponent.

Individual skill
Precure / Oten and Summer Strike
Summon a Heart Rouge Rod, kiss the lip, create a heart, breathe and inflate to create a sun of energy, jump and pierce the Heart Rouge Rod, "Precure!Oten and Summer Strike!A technique to purify the target by throwing it with a shout.

Cure Coral

The charm point that Suzumura-san transforms intocheekPrecure. In "dress"four Leaf CloverThe mark changes to a costume.The name at the time of transformation is "Glittering jewels!Cure Coral!".The image color ispurple.

Yellow ribbon in the middle of purple pigtails.There are red ribbons on both sides at the bottom.He also wears a sailor cap with a coral ornament and a bluish-purple ribbon with a light blue line.On both cheeks, there are two large and small heart-shaped pink cheeks on the left side and one on the right side.The outfit is an off-shoulder dress with a large cape, a brooch with a shell decoration on the chest, and light blue frills on the waist.The skirt has a white and purple tip, a light blue line, and a light purple frill.Blue frills are added for mixed tropical.Fingerless gloves with purple ribbon wrapped around her hands, and long boots with purple soles with pale yellow anklets.A light blue heart highlight appears in the eyes.

In battle, you can make a "x" (x) with your fingers to put up a red-purple "x" shield along with the "peke" sound effect, which can be used to prevent the opponent from attacking.

Individual skill
Precure / Mokomoko Coral Diffusion
Summon a heart rouge rod, kiss the lip, create a heart, breathe and inflate to create a lot of hearts, "Precure!Mokomoko Coral Diffusion!A technique that wraps and purifies the target by releasing a series of hearts like a coral with a shout of ".

Cure papaya

The charm point that Minori Ichinose transforms intoEyesPrecure. "Dress" represents the shape of papayadropThe mark changes to a costume.The name at the time of transformation is "Inspirefruit(fruits)!!Cure papaya!".The image color is黄色.

The orange hair has two levels of heaping, and the back hair has a ponytail.She wears red, yellow, green balls and yellow butterfly hair ornaments, and has red beads and kiwifruit-shaped earrings on her left and right ears.The costume is a yellow and light yellow balloon skirt type dress, with a shell-shaped brooch and orange ribbon on the chest, pink frills on the right waist, and an orange ribbon with a light yellow line on the bottom of the skirt. ing.Pink frills are added for mixed tropical.He wears light yellow fingerless gloves with an orange ribbon on his hands, and his shoes are loose socks in yellow and short boots in orange.Also, the color of the eyelashes will change to green, and the highlight of the yellow heart will appear in the eyes.

In battle, in the form of kiwiEarringsYou can shoot a beam by making it huge and seeing it.

Individual skill
Precure Pampaka Papaya Shot
Summon a heart rouge rod, kiss a lip, create a heart, breathe and inflate, enter into it, become a papaya, then split vertically and emerge from the inside, as well as countless green grains And "Precure!Pampaka papaya shot!A technique to purify the target by shooting it like a bullet with a shout of ".

Cure flamingo

The charm point that Asuka Takizawa transforms intoHairPrecure. In "dress"DiamondThe mark changes to a costume.The name at the time of transformation is "Fluttering wings!Cure flamingo!".The image color is"Red".

Long red hair with mint green mesh on the bangs, light red and mint green feathers, and feather earrings on the left ear.The costume is a separate type, and the top is a white sleeveless top with a red and light red collar, and the sleeves are decorated with feathers.The skirt is a high-waisted red asymmetric skirt with white and yellow lines, with a light yellow-green fabric decoration and white frills.Yellow-green frills are added for mixed tropical.He wears white fingerless gloves with a red ribbon on his hands, and knee-high socks with mesh on his feet and red long boots with red and white on his toes.Also, there is a pink heart highlight in the eyes.

In combat, he specializes in melee attacks using kicking techniques.

Individual skill
Precure Buttobi Flamingo Smash
Summon a Heart Rouge Rod, kiss the lip, create a heart, breathe and inflate to create a ball of fire, and shoot wings from the rod to "Precure!Buttobi flamingo smash!A technique that uses the wings to shoot a ball of fire, charring the target, and purifying it.


Precure Mix Tropical
A combination technique with four initial members released using the heart quartet ring.Frills are added to each costume by attaching a heart quartet ring to the summer heart rouge rod.[Note 7](The color of the frills is light blue for summer and coral, purple for papaya, and green for flamingo).After that, Summer said,Jump out and have a healthy heart!Coral is "A gentle heart!"Papaya"A smart heart!"Flamingo"A burning heart!Create pink, purple, yellow, and red hearts.Heart pounding docking!", And put them together under the summer, inflate their hearts to make eggs, and a huge phoenix is ​​created from them.Precure Mix Tropical!Along with screaming, the technique of putting the Heart Rouge Rod into rod mode and purifying it by hitting the phoenix against the enemy[ep 3].
When the technique is decided, a four-colored heart symbol will rotate around the enemy, and Victory will be shouted from the left in a row of coral, flamingo, summer, and papaya.

Related items

Tropical Pact
Pact type item used when transforming into Precure[19].
Owned by the mermaid queen, there are four[ep 5].
Heart curling
A ring that is the key to tropical pact.It is embodied when the hearts of humans and mermaids, who are precure, communicate with each other.When set to Tropical Pact, Pact opens and transformation into Precure begins.[20].
The colors are white, purple, yellow, and red.
Heart Rouge Rod
Lip-shaped item for performing individual and coalescing techniques[21].
Manatsu's lipstick is a variation of the lipstick that Manatsu cherishes from her mother.Sango, Minori, and Asuka's lips are different colors that are split in response to the feelings of Sango, Minori, and Asuka.
Heart quartet ring
An item that is attached to Manatsu's Heart Rouge Rod when performing a coalescing technique.
Mermaid aqua pot
A perfume bottle-shaped item that Laura, a mermaid, usually lives on the ground[22]..Beds, tables and food are available.In addition, it is possible to float and move freely at the will of Laura.
When the Pretty Cures brought down Yaraneda, Laura said,Mermaid aqua pot!""search!Press the lid part to identify the position of the "Yaruki Power" of the people who were robbed by Yaraneda, and "Motivated power comeback!And press the lid part twice to recover the motivation power inside.After the Yalaneda is purified, the motivation power is returned to its original owner.
It also has a camera function, and when you take a picture, it is recorded in a bubble called "Shabon Picture".[ep 8].
Ocean prism mirror
Laura received from the Queenhand mirror..It is also a proof of the queen candidate[ep 5].

In-work terms

Aozora City
The city where the manatsu live.
Aozora Aquarium
The aquarium where Manatsu's mother, Ao, works.
Pretty Holic
A cosmetics shop run by Miyuki, the mother of Sango.It is also Sango's parents' home.
Heart coffret box etc.Positive mind,Believing heart,A heart that never gives upWe sell cosmetic brands with the concept of supporting the power of cosmetics.
There is also a cafe space on the 2nd floor.
of shopMascot characterAs,PandaとCinderellaThere is "Derera-chan" with the motif of "Derera-chan", and it has appeared as a costume for a campaign for new cosmetics.
For the children's cosmetics brand with the same name,
Aozora City Museum
A museum in the city. Held "Special Exhibition Mermaid World".
Minami Nojima
Manatsu's hometown.
Tropical part
Club activities established by Manatsu. With the motto "Do what is most important now", the axis of our activities is to enjoy what we can do only once (see Manatsu's section for details).There are five members: Manatsu, Sango, Minori, Asuka, and Laura (treated as temporary members because they are not students).The director is Asuka, and the advisor is Saki Sakuragawa.[ep 7].
At first, the motto of Manatsu, the founder, was ambiguous as "I want to do everything in the sports club and the culture club!"questionnaireAs a result of the above, the "Cosmetics Department", which is Sango's proposal, was unanimous, and although it was decided to apply to the Student Organization, "School rulesviolationIt has a history of being rejected.
The questionnaires of the other three people are as follows.
  • Minori-Reading
  • Asuka-Become friends with Usako from "Friendly Usa Usa Village"
  • Laura-Queen's Lesson

ス タ ッ フ

The series director will direct each episode of the series so far andMovie Pretty Cure All Stars Sing together ♪ Miraculous magic!''Movie Kirakira Precure a la mode Crisp! My memories of Millefeuille!Yutaka Tsuchida, who was the director of the series, took office, and the series composition is the first participation in the seriesMasahiro Yokotani, The character design is "Go! Princess Precure』Since working on the second design of the seriesYukiko NakataniIs in charge[1].

Theme song

The opening theme is the previous work "Healing ♥ precureWas in charge of the ending of the previous termMachico, The ending theme is "Star Twinkle PrecureWas in charge of the endingChitake YoshitakeHas been appointed[7]..In this work, not only the ending but also the opening has a dance element.The production of the opening animationYutaro OchiIs working on[24]..The choreography of the ending dance continues from the previous workCRE8BOYIs in charge.

Opening theme

"Viva! Spark! Tropical-Ju! Precure"
Lyrics:Shoko Omori, Composition/Arrangement:EFFY,song:Machico

Ending theme

"Tropica I ・ N ・ G" (Episode 1-Episode 3, Episode 6-)
Lyrics:Saori Kodama, Composition / Arrangement: (Lantan), Song:Chitake Yoshitake
Four early members perform a dance, and an illustration of Laura and Kururun is inserted on the way.
In the third episode, "Movie Tropical-Rouge!Precure Petit Jump!Collaboration ♡ Dance party! The dance video with the addition of the four precure of "Healin'Good Precure" used in "" is used.
In this ending, the toy of Laura's hand mirror "Ocean Prism Mirror" works in conjunction with the music in the ending video.[25]..For this reason, a greeting video of about 10 seconds by Precure or Laura is provided as a toy activation waiting time before the ending starts.Furthermore, during real-time viewing, you can play a game in which you can acquire frames by operating the buttons on the remote control or the buttons on the ocean prism mirror that registered the remote control information in the linked data broadcasting and accumulating gauges.[6][26].
"Shrimp Buddy ☆ Healing Day!& Tropical I ・ N ・ G Ending Relay ”(Episode 4-Episode 5)
Lyrics- Noriko Fujimoto・ Saori Kodama, composition --ANDW ・ Misaki Umase (Lantan), arrangement - Tateyama autumn sky・ Misaki Umase, song- Kanako Miyamoto・ Chihaya Yoshitake, Arranged by Medley-Misaki Umase
Uses the ending medley in a short film.The opening greeting has been changed to one by Cure Summer and Cure Grace.In addition, the game on linked data broadcasting is suspended.
In the overseas distribution version, it is replaced with the normal ending.

eye catching

Same as the previous workeye catchingIs B part only.

  • A pattern (Episode 1-Episode 5)
    • The left screen is Asuka → Minori → Sango → Manatsulip(Manatsu also has a heart coffret box), and the right screen is linked and pulls the lip.After that, Laura and Kururun who were in the box fell (actually Manatsu was pulling)string(Because it stopped suddenly), it joins the Manatsu who were lined up earlier.
  • B pattern (Episode 6-)
    • Manatsu in uniform and Nakakuru, who is watching over Laura, perform acrobatics with a heart-shaped ring, and after posing, they switch to one-shot film with only one precure every week.

List of stories

  • Unless otherwise specified, the broadcast date indicates the date of Sunday, and the broadcast dates other than Sunday are also listed.Furthermore, if it is broadcast outside the normal broadcast time, a footnote to that effect will be indicated.
  • subtitleIs the role of manatsuFiles loveReads aloud.
  • The background of the subtitle is that the mermaid aqua pot suddenly starts to move while Laura is looking up at the four summers recorded in the soap bubble picture, and the next moment Kururun pops out.hibiscusIt turns into a tropical bag with blooming.
  • From episode 7Avan titleAt the beginning, a self-introduction and the previous highlight scene are inserted.It may be omitted due to the composition of the story.
    • Episodes 7 and 9-: After Manatsu runs through the signboard of the work logo, he backs up and introduces himself. After Manatsu's mouth zooms in, the highlight scene is cut in.
  • As with the previous work, the end card is omitted, and the distribution announcement of "Tropica Osha Lesson" described later will be a substitute.
  • Depending on the configuration at the time of the main broadcast, the provided credit screen may be omitted, and the credit display may be displayed at the lower right of the avant-title and the next notice or the following video that will be played after that.
  • The opening video / end card may be replaced when recording video software, rebroadcasting on an independent station or satellite broadcasting, or video distribution.
Number of storiessubtitlescriptStoryboardShowAnimation directorArtMain broadcast date
Fully motivated!Cure Summer!
Masahiro YokotaniYutaka TsuchidaKen UenoMiki Imai2021
May 2
2Manatsu and Laura!
Which Daiji is the most important?
Takayuki MurakamiYuzo SasakiMiho Shitaya
Yuki Minagawa
Eiji HamanoMay 3
3believe in yourself!
A lot of cute!Cure Coral!
Junichi SatoGo TobitaKenji MimaYu SaitoMay 3
4Popping cure papaya!
This is my story!
Hiroaki MiyamotoKoji KawasakiYuichi Hamano
Katsumi Tamegai
Francis Caneda
Alice Nario
Arisa TairaMay 3
5Senior visit!
Burn!Cure flamingo!
Guardian KonomiYutaro OchiTakao IwaiHitomi MatsuuraMiki HigashiMay 3
6Start now!
The name is Tropical Club!
Masahiro YokotaniAtsushi ShimizuMikio FujiwaraLee BonzenMay 4
7come up!
Sea fairy Kururun!
Isao MurayamaNaka ★YoHiroshimaSeiji MasudaGood luck
Eiji Hamano
May 4
8The first club activity!
Get tropical with your lunch!
Mio InoueSatoshi NishimuraFumio ItoAyako Mori
Shinichi Wada
Kanako Nakamura
Natsuko TosugiMay 4
9Is makeup magic?
Tropical in the movie!
Hiroyuki YoshinoHiroyuki KadoMitsuru AoyamaArisa TairaMay 4
Precure!Mixed tropical !!
Yoshimi NaritaYutaro OchiTakao IwaiKen UenoMiki HigashiMay 5

Broadcasting station / distributor

Broadcast in Japan

Subtitled broadcasting-Linked data broadcastingIs a TV Asahi seriesFull netConducted only by stations.

Broadcast areaBroadcasterBroadcast periodBroadcast dateBroadcast seriesRemarks
Japan[Note 8]Asahi Broadcasting TV(Production Bureau) And otherTV Asahi series24 full-net stations2021May 2 -Sunday 8:30-9:00TV Asahi seriesSimultaneous net
Tottori-Shimane Sanin Broadcasting(BSS)2021May 3 - May 3
2021May 4 -
Saturday 11: 15 - 11: 45
Sunday 6:15-6:45[Note 9]
TBS seriesDelay net
Sponsored net

Delivery in Japan

Internet in Japan / Broadcast period and time
Delivery period Delivery time Delivery site Remarks
October 2021, 2- Sunday 9:00 update TVer Free delivery limited to the latest episode
May 2021-June 3, 1 - YouTube(Precure Official YouTube Channel) Limited time delivery of episodes 1 and 2 only

Delivery outside Japan

CrunchyrollHas been distributing videos in the Americas since March 2021.[27].

Related program

"Tropica Osha Lesson"
Precure Video content delivered on the official YouTube channel.Delivery starts at 9 o'clock on Sunday.Cure Summer will show you how to arrange and make up your hair.
Number of storiessubtitleDelivery date
#1Cure Summer Osha Lesson![28]2021
May 2
#2Laura's chat lesson![29]May 3
#3Cure Coral Sha lesson![30]May 3
#4Cure papaya lessons![31]May 3
#5Cure flamingo lessons![32]May 3
#6Cure Summer Osha Lesson![33]May 4
#7Sea Fairy Kururun's Sha lesson! Part 1[34]May 4
#8Sea Fairy Kururun's Sha lesson! Part 2[35]May 4
#9Cure Summer Mitsuami Hair Lesson![36]May 4
#10Cure Summer's "Lip DE" talk lesson![37]May 5


A series of independent films of this work is scheduled to be released in the fall of 2021.[38].

Movie Tropical-Rouge!Precure Petit Tobikome!Collaboration ♡ Dance party!
Released on March 2021, 3Movie Healin'Good Precure Yume no Machi de Kyun! GoGo! Makeover !!A short film that will be screened at the same time. Introducing 4 early members and Laura[39].
Along with the release of this work, some of the highlight scenes of this work are used in the opening video of episodes 4 and 5 of this work.

Comic version

Like the previous seriesKamikita TwinBy "Nakayoshi』(Kodansha) Has been serialized since the March 2020 issue[40]..Since the manga serialization start issue remains as usual, the serialization will start in advance of the broadcast of the main part of the animation.


Tropical-Rouge!Precure Home Hirome Show
On February 1, 2021, the day before the first episode broadcast, it will be held online on the official Precure YouTube channel.[41]..The day consisted of a partial advance delivery of the first episode, a corner where Pretty Cures read out the viewer's name and deliver a message, and a mini-live by the theme song singers Machico and Chihaya Yoshitake.
Tropical ~ Ju! Precure LIVE 2021 Viva! Tropical SUMMER! LIVE
XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayPacifico Yokohama National HallA character song live by the theme song singer and voice actors scheduled to be held at.Scheduled for 2 performances day and night[42]..See the relevant item for details.

Olive Related Products

Music cd

Both are sold byMarvelous..In this work, as a privilege to purchase all the CDs of the TV series (purchase both if there are two forms), if you collect all the enclosed application tickets and apply, you will get a "dresser sleeve case (walnut three-sided back specification)" that can store all the CDs. Will be presented[43].

  1. "Viva! Spark! Tropical-Rouge!Precure / Tropical I / N / G"(2021May 4Release)
    • CD + DVD Edition: MJSS-09288 -9
    • Normal Edition: MJSS-09290
    • Includes the opening theme and the ending theme of the previous term. The CD + DVD version of the DVD contains non-telop movies of the opening and ending of the previous term.The first limited inclusion privilege is canvas bromide (super art 2 color printing) for both types.
  1. "Tropical-Rouge!Precure Original Soundtrack 1』(2021May 6Scheduled to be released, MJSA-01314)
    • BGMAnd the TV size version of the theme song etc.Soundtrack board.. The first-time inclusion privilege is a jacket size sticker.
Vocal album
  1. "Tropical-Rouge!Pretty Cure Vocal Album ~ Tropical! MUSIC BOX ~』(2021May 7Scheduled to be released, MJSA-01315)
    • A vocal album containing a total of 11 songs, including character songs by voice actors as Precure and Laura, and image songs by theme song singers.The first inclusion privilege is a jacket size sticker.

DVD / Blu-ray Disc

Both are sold by Marvelous.The seller is up to the previous workPony canyonInstead ofHappinet Media MarketingIs in charge[44][45].

DVD(各巻3話収録)は2021年7月28日より、Blu-ray Disc(各巻2枚組・第1〜2巻は各12話収録)は9月22日よりそれぞれ発売開始予定。

Number of turnsNumber of recorded storiesJacket illustrationVideo benefitsRelease date
1Episode 1-Episode 3"Tropical-Rouge!"Pretty Cure" big big big big introduction !!
First term ending dance lesson movie
First term non-telop OP & ED
2021th of February 7
2Episode 4-Episode 6Non-telop OP & ED
3Episode 7-Episode 92021th of February 8
4Episode 10-Episode 122021th of February 9
5Episode 13-Episode 152021th of February 10
6Episode 16-Episode 182021th of February 11
7Episode 19-Episode 212021th of February 12
8Episode 22-Episode 242022th of February 1
92022th of February 2
112022th of February 3
132022th of February 4
152022th of February 5
Blu-ray Disc
Number of turnsNumber of recorded storiesJacket illustrationVideo benefitsRelease date
1Episode 1-Episode 12Transformation & technique scene collection
Material gallery
First term non-telop OP & ED
"Tropical-Rouge!"Pretty Cure" big big big big introduction !!
First ED theme song dance lesson
Bansen & CM Collection
2021th of February 9
2Episode 13-Episode 24Transformation & technique scene collection
Material gallery
2022th of February 1
32022th of February 3
4Transformation & technique scene collection
Material gallery
Main cast audio commentary
2022th of February 5

Cosmetic products

Pretty Holic
As a children's cosmetics brand inspired by the cosmetics shop of the same name that appears in this workBandaiWill make a new development.The specifications are gentle on children's skin, such as allowing children who are interested in cosmetics and makeup to enjoy cosmetics easily and safely through animation, so that they can remove makeup with water or soap, and wear it as an accessory for related products. Cosmetic cases and mirrors will be released[46][47].
In addition, the development of "Pretty Holic Luxe" as a cosmetics brand for adults has started, and the first "Pretty Holic Luxe"Pretty CureCure Black Cure White, "Yes! Precure 5 GoGo!The fragrance multi-balm "Pretty Item Charm Cosmetics", which is based on the image of "Cure Dream", will be released on Bandai's online shopping site "Premium Bandai".[48].


[How to use footnotes]

注 釈

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