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🎥 | "Movie" Seven Meetings "" Terrestrial Golden First Broadcast! A special message has arrived from the starring Mansai Nomura!


"Movie" Seven Meetings "" Terrestrial Golden First Broadcast! A special message has arrived from the starring Mansai Nomura!

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Meanwhile, Banji Harashima (Mitsuhiro Oikawa), who has been content with second place in the world, will be appointed as the new section chief.

TBS will broadcast the movie "Seven Meetings" for the first time on terrestrial broadcasting from 8:57 tonight. "Rikuo", "Downtown Rocket", ... → Continue reading

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Mitsuhiro Oikawa

Mitsuhiro Oikawa(Mitsuhiro Oikawa,1969<Showa 44>May 10 -) isJapan Ofミ ュ ー ジ シ ャ ン,An actor..業務提携先はBusiness alliance partnerHoripro.. 2015年まではUntil XNUMXMother enterpriseBelongs to.所属レコードレーベルはThe record label you belong toColorful Records.

TokyoBorn in Ota Ward.Seijo UniversityFaculty of Lawgraduate[1].. Nickname is "Mitchie. "


After working as a stage theater actor and band[2],1996Debuted as a singer with "Morality" in (8)[3].

1998,WITH LOVE』, And then started acting as an actor[4].

2011(23)May 7, Of the actressRei DanMarry[5].

2012(24)May 7, Announced business alliance with HoriPro.Activities as an actor such as drama, movie, CM are active under HoriPro affiliation, but music activities and fan club management continue to belong to Mother Enterprise as before[6].

2015(27)May 7Announced that the contract with Mother Enterprise has been completed.以後は俳優活動を含めたマネジメント業務をAfter that, management work including actor activitiesDG agentWill be entrusted to HoriPro and will cooperate with HoriPro[7].

2016(28), 29thJapan Glasses Best Dresser Award・ Entertainment world division[8], 17thBest formalistsAward winning[9].

2018(30)May 11, Rei Dan and divorce[10].


  • Nickname isMitchie..At the same time, he calls himself a "profession".
  • He says that his strength is "idealism" and his weakness is "perfectionism".Usually, the agency produces the direction as a talent, but Oikawa has consistently self-produced since his debut.As a singer, he is also a general producer of live concepts, composition, direction, and choreography.
  • It is also famous that female fans are called "baby" and male fans are called "boys", and they are very important to them.He says he reads almost everything he can, such as fan letters, emails, and questionnaires collected at concert venues.
  • He often calls his friends and acquaintances in the entertainment world by his own nickname, "because he wants to shorten the distance between his hearts." 「クドカン」こと"Kudokan"Kankuro MiyatoHad been told that he was suddenly called "Kank-chan" when he met Oikawa for the first time, and was confused as "I have never been called Kank-chan (by anyone) ..."[11].

Musician / actor

Live activity

Even if I am busy with other work such as acting, I do not miss an annual national tour[3], Live is very important as his own "lifestyle presentation".Divided into parts such as front, center, back, 2nd floor, 3rd floor, etc. of the audience seats, toward the audience in each place, "front baby!", "Middle baby!" Frequently call out "Baby!", "Baby on the 2rd floor!"It is customary for fans inspired by Oikawa's concept to wear ingenious cosplay costumes and dance.According to the songPom pomMany fans bring their own.


Musicality is J-POP, funk, soul, rock, pop, glam rock,New romanticAnd wide. In 2018, he advocated "dancing rock"[12].. Also,プ リ ン スI'm also a fan of.I own most of Prince's CDs.When Prince was renamed and was called "former Prince," he said, "I will quit the prince. Call me a former prince."

Countdown live cosplay

Every yearNew Year's EveIt also appeared in cosplay at the opening of the countdown live "Yuku Mitchie Kuru Mitchie" to be held in Japan.披露しているのはWhat is showing offCharIncluding "Red Comet Nyaa" that imitated as much as possible, "Cyborg 009], [Space Battleship Yamato], [Lupin III(Green jacket version), "Gatchaman], [Rose of Versailles』And profess that Oikawa is a fan1970 - 1980 eraWas predominant inAnimeMany of them are works.But,2007There is no specific model because it is said that "the material has run out" in the countdown live ofChugokuDuring the dynastyemperorAppeared in clothes reminiscent of. In 2008, "Legend of the Galactic Heroes"ofReinhardtSo, the band members are the Imperial Army, and the women areCode GeassUniform. 2009年はXNUMXMichael jacksonAppeared in the costume of (drumKaoru AbeIs with Bubbles' headgear).Several songs with Michael-style arrangements were performed.


"Partner』Of the seriesYutaka MizutaniHe was selected to play the role of Takeru Kambe, the second generation partner of Ukyo Sugishita, and appeared in the final episode of season 2. From season7, it became the main cast of the leading role.When he heard the offer from the manager, he thought it was an "interesting casting".He also said, "I thought this would be a turning point in my life," as he was just turning 8.Mizutani, who co-stars, saw "Passionate ageThe image of the role of Hirohiro Kitano, an elementary school teacher, is strong, so he calls him a "teacher" involuntarily at the scene.By the way, Mizutani calls Oikawa "Micchan" instead of Mitchie because it's boring to be the same as other people. "The television』Sponsored" 64thThe Television Drama Academy AwardWon the Supporting Actor Award. I got off with the final episode of season10.[13][14]However, the 15th and 13th episodes of season14, the 17th episode of season10, and the spin-off work released in 2013 "Aibo Series X DAY, Published in 2014Aibo -Theatrical Version III- A huge closed room!, Published in 2017Buddy-Theatrical Version IV-Capital Crisis 50 Hostages!』In the same role as a guest appearance.When he appeared as a guest in these, he was suddenly hugged when he met Mizutani.


Kiyoshiro Imawano

Kiyoshiro ImawanoThe exchange began with the request for the provision of music.At this time, Kiyoshiro suggested, "Let's form a unit anyway," and the music unit "Mitsukiyo" was born.お互い「ミッチー」「キヨタン」と呼び合う仲だったWe were friends calling each other "Mitchie" and "Kiyotan"[15]..In addition, it is said that Kiyoshiro often followed Oikawa's work on his hobby bicycle and jumped into Oikawa's work.movies"1980The cameo appearance was accompanied by Kiyoshiro Imawano, who was with us on the previous schedule, with a single word, "I wonder if I'll be out too."To Kiyoshiro Imawano, who insists that he is a passerby, the director set a small role on the spot and realized, "Then the audience will be worried and anxious."He has an unusual role (as well as Oikawa) and costume.Kiyoshiro Imawano gave me the words, "What should I do if I get used to it? Keep floating."

Toshiaki Karasawa

Toshiaki KarasawaAndNHK taiga drama"Toshiie and Matsu],Fuji Television Network, IncDrama"White tower",movies"CASSHERN], [20th century boy"Chapter 1,"In the hero],Continuous tv novel"And my sister』And has co-starred many times.He has a good relationship with his attitude toward work and his sensibility, both public and private.Oikawa adores Karasawa as "Aniki", and Karasawa also calls Oikawa "Mitchie" with love and affection for his younger brother.共通の趣味も多く、特にThere are many common hobbies, especiallyTakarazukaFor the theaterTokyo Takarazuka TheaterSometimes I go to the same place.Karasawa and Oikawa himself talk about a number of episodes that seem to be on good terms both publicly and privately.
In the November 2009 issue of "Monthly Hi-Vision", when I consulted about the pressure and anxiety of appearing as a partner of Yutaka Mizutani in the popular drama "Aibo", Karasawa immediately answered "Get out" and gave me a back Show off the episode that he was pushed.As a reliable person who sometimes encourages me, he states that "My partner is Mr. Karasawa."
Oikawa is particular about his live set and costumes, and makes full use of his unique aesthetic sense to tour.ConceptI am proud that it is an artistic one that suits my needs.However, Karasawa who jumped in and participated in the liveRococoCostumes that are conscious of the keyCurtainIt's a pattern like that, "he said in one word, and was not a little shocked.However, at a countdown live one year, he cosplayed with Oikawa and went on stage.

Akihiro Miwa

Since high schoolAkihiro MiwaHe was impressed with the way he lived and the quality of his work, and he was the one who wanted to meet him someday.[16]..Oikawa played "Prince-sama character" for a while after making his debut in the entertainment world, but it became so pervasive that it became difficult to convey the true meaning of the artist's activities that he originally wanted to show.When I was 29 years old, when I was suffering from a dilemma, there was a gap between what I expected and wanted from the people around me and what Oikawa wanted to express, and I got a job of talking with Miwa (talk show).ステージ上で初対面を果たし、美輪から多くの金言を貰った及川は心が救われるような思いだったというOikawa, who met for the first time on the stage and received many gold words from Miwa, felt that his heart was saved.[17][18]..Miwa also liked Oikawa's attitude toward work and aesthetic sense, and in 2001 Miwa directed, art, music, and starred in the stage "Fur MarieWas selected as the main character, Kinya, a young boy.以来、互いの舞台やコンサートを観賞したり、双方が愛してやまないバラの花を贈り合うなど親睦を深めているというSince then, they have deepened their friendship by watching each other's stage and concerts and giving each other rose flowers that they love.[16].

Hobbies / Preferences / Other Episodes

Favorite female type

The type of woman you like among celebrities has both intelligence and an ennui atmosphere.Christel Takigawa,Nicole Kidman..Recently, he said, "A person like the landlady of a small restaurant in a detective drama is good."また、脚フェチ、メガネAlso, leg fetish, glassesFetishBut also.The reason I like women with glasses is because they look intelligent and I want to look into the back of the glasses.特に華奢な眼鏡チェーンを付けたメガネの女性が好みとのことEspecially women with glasses with delicate eyeglass chains like it.[19].

Takarazuka Revue

Because of my mother's influence since I was a childTakarazuka RevueHe is a big fan of.特にIn particularKei AranShe has been a fan of her since she was young.In magazines and interviews, he says, "The male role must have a'shadow'!" And "Mysterious places are attractive."また、2009年から2010年に掛けて、宝塚歌劇花組公演で『相棒』が演じられる事となり、本人は、「宝塚ファンなので2倍楽しみ!!しかも主演は友人のAlso, from XNUMX to XNUMX, "Aibo" will be performed at the Takarazuka Revue Flower Troupe performance, and he said, "Because I'm a Takarazuka fan, I'm looking forward to it twice !!Masahito!! I will definitely go to see it. "

Former wife Rei Dan is a former Takarazuka Revue, but she had never seen the stage even though she was already a Takarazuka fan when she was active.[20].


I've loved anime since I was a child, especiallyGundamOne of my favorite celebrities,Me ~ TeleWas appointed as "Me-Tele Gundam THE FIRST Goodwill Ambassador". 2010年に発売されたReleased in XNUMXPSPFor gamesGundam Assault Survival』Singing the theme song" Sorrow NEED YOU "and is in charge of the voice of the custom pilot.In addition, there are many opportunities to appear in special programs and special programs that feature Gundam.

Kamen Rider

Kamen Rider V3 / Shiro KazamiPlayedHiroshi MiyauchiIs professed as an actor's roots.Therefore, the movie "Super Hero Wars GP Kamen Rider 3], When it was decided to play Kamen Rider No. 3 / Kyoichiro Kuroi, which does not exist in Kamen Rider's official history, he felt pressure.黒井の演じ方についても、宮内(風見)へのリスペクトからニヒルなキャラクターを想定していたが、監督のRegarding how Kuroi plays, I assumed a nihilistic character from the respect for Miyauchi (Kazami), but the director'sTakayuki ShibasakiAfter a meeting with, lonely and melancholyDark heroIt is said that[21].




Original album

  • Ideal theory (1996)May 7, Toshiba EMI)
  • Lies and romance (1998)May 2, Toshiba EMI)
  • The Encyclopedia of Desire (1999)May 7, Toshiba EMI)
  • Sanctuary ~ Sanctuary ~ (2001)May 12, Toshiba EMI)
  • Meteor (2002May 11,Warner Music Japan)
  • Celluloid Night (2003)May 11, Project-T) * Under the name of "Ken Touma".
  • Hikarimono (2004May 6,Warner Music Japan)
  • Nocturne ~ Nocturne ~ (2005May 10, TRICKSTAR RECORDS / Cheers)
  • FUNKASIA ☆ (2007May 4, TRICKSTAR RECORDS / Applause) * Bonus DVD for the first edition
    • The recorded song "Kimi no Mania"NHKA one-minute TV drama broadcast on NHK World Premium for general TV, educational TV, BS2, and overseas.El Popolacchi goes!』Image song.Oikawa provided the music himself because he was an avid fan of the show.
  • RAINBOW-MAN (2008May 11, TRICKSTAR RECORDS / Applause) * With special DVD
  • Our beautiful world(2010May 2, TRICKSTAR RECORDS / Applause) * Bonus DVD for the first edition
    • The bonus DVD includes the final Mitsukiyo performance at the one-man show tour 07/08 "I want to flirt" (December 2007, 12 @ NHK Hall), "Intense Romance" and "Omitted, from the top of the moon. 』Music clip recorded.The former is recorded beyond the walls of record companies.
  • Galactic Legend (Galaxy Legend)2012May 3, TRICKSTAR RECORDS / Applause) * Mitsuhiro Oikawa & THE FANTASTIX
  • Fantastic Castle Phantom (2013May 3, TRICKSTAR RECORDS / Applause) * Mitsuhiro Oikawa & THE FANTASTIX
  • Farewell !! Youth Fantastics (2014May 3, TRICKSTAR RECORDS / Applause) * Mitsuhiro Oikawa & THE FANTASTIX
  • Man's Heart DANCIN'(March 2015, 3, Victor Entertainment)
  • Punch-Drunk Love (March 2016, 3, Victor Entertainment)
  • FUNK A LA MODE (April 2017, 4, Victor Entertainment)
  • BEAT & ROSES (March 2018, 3, Victor Entertainment)
  • BE MY ONE (March 2020, 3, Victor Entertainment)

* In the original album (from "Ideal Theory" to "The Encyclopedia of Desire"), there are times when the song is sung as the character "Ranmaru Hanatsubaki".

Best album

  • Nihilism (1999)May 12, Toshiba EMI)
  • Hikari -MITSU- (2006)May 5, Toshiba EMI) * With special DVD
  • Hiroshi -HIRO- (May 2006, 5, TRICKSTAR RECORDS / Cheers) * With special DVD
  • 20 -TWENTY- (May 2015, 5, Victor Entertainment)

Live album

  • Banned Zone ~ Sanctuary ~ (2002)May 3, Toshiba EMI)
  • Tsukino Hikari MEMORIAL BOX (December 2006, 12, TRICKSTAR RECORDS / Applause) * DVD / photo card set included
  • Cheers (2010)May 12, TRICKSTAR RECORDS / Applause) --Live best album, first production limited edition is "Live Video Collection-Young spirit. -”Two DVDs of“ One Big Show '98 -The Holy War of the Mamiya- ”and Memorial Photobook -INDIVIDUALIST- are included in the 2th anniversary memorial box specification.This work uses live sound sources from 15 onwards, and is edited and structured so that you can enjoy one stage.

Cover album

  • GOLD SINGER (2004)May 12, TRICKSTAR RECORDS / Cheers)


  • Days of love and art (2003May 3, Toshiba EMI) 5CD + DVD


* All released by Toshiba EMI.

  • 1997 "Can you dance?" (LIVE)
  • 1998 Mitchie's baby set (single & video) "You can die '98" "See you soba"
  • 1998 Mitchie's Baby Set (single & video) "My Jelly / Tonight at the Pink Club."
  • 1998 "My Jelly / Tonight at the Pink Club." (Video) Released on October 1998, 10 BVC-7
  • 1998 Ecstasy Ranbu (LIVE)
  • 2001 Mitsuhiro Oikawa One-man Show Tour 2000 FINAL "Don't tell anyone ..." (LIVE)
  • 2001 Mitchie Video Clip Collection "The World of Mitsuhiro Oikawa" (Video Clip)


  • 2001 Mitsuhiro Oikawa One-man Show Tour 2000 FINAL "Don't tell anyone ..." (March 2001, 3,Toshiba EMI) LIVE
  • 2001 Mitchie Video Clip Collection "The World of Mitsuhiro Oikawa" (December 2001, 12, Toshiba EMI) Video Clip
  • 2003 "Utakata." 2003 Mitsuhiro Oikawa Solo Performance (August 8, 6,Warner Music Japan) LIVE
  • 2004 Ride ON Baby !! (December 2004, 12, TRICKSTAR RECORDS / Cheers) LIVE
  • 2005 10YEARS A GO GO !! DVD-BOX “GOLDEN GUY” (July 2005, 7, TRICKSTAR RECORDS / Cheers) LIVE
  • 2006 Mitsuhiro Oikawa One-man Show SPECIAL !! "Nippon Budokan" (August 2006, 8, TRICKSTAR RECORDS / Cheers) LIVE
  • 2007 Mitsuhiro Oikawa One-man Show Tour 06/07 "You are the Star !!" (August 2007, 8, TRICKSTAR RECORDS / Cheers) LIVE
  • 2007 entertainmentCraftsman ~ Light and Shadow of Mitsuhiro Oikawa ~ (December 2007, 12,TV Asahi/Applause)documentary
  • 2008 Mitsuhiro Oikawa One-man Show Tour 07/08 "I want to flirt" (July 2008, 7, TRICKSTAR RECORDS / Cheers) LIVE
  • 2009 Mitsuhiro Oikawa One-man Show Tour 08/09 "RAINBOW-MAN" (July 2009, 7, King Record / Cheers) LIVE
  • "Can you dance?" Experience! BEST NOW DVD
  • Experience watching "crazy dance"! BEST NOW DVD
  • 2010 Mitsuhiro Oikawa One-man Show Tour 2010 "Beautiful World." (September 2010, 9, King Records / Cheers) LIVE * Recorded at Tokyo Nippon Budokan on May 8, 2010)
  • 2011 Mitsuhiro Oikawa One-man Show Tour 2011 "Adult Love." (October 2011, 10, King Record / Cheers) LIVE * Recorded at Tokyo NHK Hall on June 19, 2011)
  • 2012 Mitsuhiro Oikawa One-man Show Tour 2012 "Galaxy Legend" (October 2011, 10, King Record / Cheers) LIVE * Recorded at Tokyo NHK Hall on June 24, 2011)
  • 2013 Mitsuhiro Oikawa One-man Show Tour 2013 "Fantastic Castle Phantom" (October 2013, 10, Mastard Records / GALAXY) LIVE * Recorded at Tokyo NHK Hall on June 30, 2013)
  • 2014 Mitsuhiro Oikawa One-man Show Tour 2014 "Love and Youth Journey" (June 2014, 6, Mastard Records / GALAXY) LIVE * Recorded at Tokyo NHK Hall on June 15, 2014
  • 2015 Mitsuhiro Oikawa One-man Show Tour 2015 "Mitsuhiro Uta Gassen" (September 2015, 9, Colorful Records) LIVE
  • 2016 Mitsuhiro Oikawa One-man Show Tour 2016 Punch-Drunk Love (October 2016, 10, Colorful Records) LIVE
  • 2017 Mitsuhiro Oikawa One-man Show Tour 2017 ~ FUNK A LA MODE ~ (November 2017, 11, Colorful Records) LIVE
  • 2018 Mitsuhiro Oikawa One-man Show Tour 2018 BEAT & ROSES (November 2018, 11, Colorful Records) LIVE
  • 2019 Mitsuhiro Oikawa One-man Show Tour 2019 PURPLEDIAMOND (November 2019, 11, Colorful Records) LIVE


TV drama



Television Animation

Theater animation



DVD single

Entertainment shows

  • Gundam until morning(April 2009-September 4,Nagoya TV)
  • Please! Ranking Aibo Theatrical Version II Release Commemoration Aibo x Please! Ranking I'll understand all of my Aibo SP (December 2010th and 12th, 19,TV Asahi)
  • GundamWeek (April 2012, 4-May 30, 5,Animax) --Moderator.Introducing the highlights of each work every day.
  • Move Gundam-Engineers who challenged their dreams- (December 2020, 12, NHK General TV)

Music program

Travel program






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