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🤖 | The date and time of the first delivery of the second season of the anime "Isis of Different Ability" has been decided!Starring Jin Ogasawara, Chiyo Tomaru, Haruna Asami, Hikaru Midorikawa and others!


The date and time of the first delivery of the second season of the anime "Isis of Different Ability" has been decided!Starring Jin Ogasawara, Chiyo Tomaru, Haruna Asami, Hikaru Midorikawa and others!

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The story of the connection between the heroine "Chiyo" who is detained in the research facility and the protagonist "Humanitarian" is depicted, and the indiscriminate serial murderer "Akawan" who uses different abilities begins.

Weekly from April 2, 2021 regarding the second phase of "Isis of Different Ability" distributed as a WEB animation ... → Continue reading


Web version of the free magazine "Rooftop" published by Livehouse LOFT. Pop culture information presented by the Rock Hall of Fame, where Southern All Stars, BOOWY, and Tatsuro Yamashita also stood on the stage. Artist exclusive interviews and various reviews.

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Serial killer

Serial killer(British: Serial killer, Serial = continuous, permuted) is a term commonly used for serial killers who repeat multiple murders over a month or more with a constant cooling period under abnormal psychological desires. Is[1][2].. Most serial killers are intended to satisfy psychological needs and also involve sexual contact with the victim, but the motive is not necessarily limited to that.[1].Murderer,Pleasure murderIt may also refer to the criminal who repeats.

Show that it is your own crimeTrickIt may leave some unique sign, and the victims may have something in common with their appearance, occupation, gender, etc.[3].

Overview / Definition

The English word "serial killer" is originallyFBI agent OfRobert K. ResslerBut,Ted Bundy(Theodore Robert Bundy, a serial killer who killed more than 36 women in the United States, executed in 1989) is said to have been proposed in September 1984. Similar meanings such as serial murderer and serial homicide have been used for some time.

There are multiple definitions of serial killers, but according to an FBI report[1], It is summarized in the following common items.

  • Crimes by one person, rarely multiple people
  • There are two or more murder victims
  • The murders are separate and happen at different times
  • Crimes can be committed at regular intervalsMass murder Distinguish between (mass murder) and serial murder

A serial killer is characterized by repeating multiple murders (serially) after a certain period of time (cooling period). If you kill a large number of people at once (1 or more within a day by FBI definition)Mass murderThe criminals are called mass murderers and mass murderers. In addition, anyone who committed murder in more than one place within a short period of timeSpree KillerThis is also distinguished.

It is widely believed by experts that the number of victims meets the definition of a serial killer with at least three murder victims.[4].. Legally, the HR1998 --Protection of Children From Sexual Predators Act of 3494, enacted by the US Congress in 1998.[5]In the statement, "serial killings here are three or more murders in a row, all of which were reasonably committed in the United States and committed by the same criminal or criminals. It is inferred. "

In 2005, the FBI held an interdisciplinary symposium in San Antonio, Texas.[Source required].. This is about serial murderknowledge135 serial killers from different disciplines to identify commonalitiesExpertIt is a collection of. The group also summarized the definition of serial murder, which FBI agents have widely accepted as its standard, as "unlawful killing of two or more victims by the same criminal in separate cases."[Source required].. However, this definition does not take into account the motives for killing and does not define a cooling period.


According to the FBI report, the motive for killing serial killers is often a kind of lust murder to satisfy their desires. However, the direct motive is not limited to sexuality, but also includes anger, profit, thrill and attention.[1].. Robert R. Hazelwood of the FBI Behavioral Sciences motivates serial killers to "satisfy their self-esteem." In other words, it fulfills one's desire by projecting and showing off one's own power to the victim based on "the desire for power, resentment, and the desire for control" toward others, and the criminal act ("self-esteem crime") It means that rape and body damage may be involved as part of this.[6].. Therefore, in many cases, some of the ornaments and bodies worn by the victim are stored as "trophy (souvenir / loot)".

The motives of serial killers are generally divided into the following four categories:[7].. The motives of the individual serial killers may overlap.


Visionary types are oftenMental illnessSymptoms, unrealistic, claiming a different personality, or something else (God or Devil)[8]Instigated by, or claimed to have been permitted[9].. Telepathically communicated(English editionIs that type[10] .

Mission system (sense of mission)

The type of mission justifies one's actions just to eliminate certain types of people who are generally defined as "undesirable." The victims include homeless people, criminal records, homosexuals, drug addicts, prostitutes, or people of a particular race or religion. This type is especiallyMental illnessDoes not show a temperament[11].. Some think that they change society and cure social illnesses[12].


This type of serial killer gets thrills and pleasures from murder and sees people as just a means or object. Is divided into three child types: "libido", "thrill", and "for a comfortable life (profit)"[13].


This type isセ ッ ク スIs the main motive, regardless of whether the victim is dead. Your fantasy plays an important role. Sexual serial killers have a psychological desire to have absolute control, control, and power over their victims.tortureThere is a desire to cause death while giving pain[14].. The crime is usually committed using a knife or hand that requires close contact with the victim. As the crime continues, the intervals between murders usually become shorter, require more stimulation, or both.[15].


This type of thrilling murder is stimulating and arousing by inflicting pain and fear on the victims. Thrill murders usually do not result in sexual contact and the victims are randomly selected. This type of serial killer can also refrain from murder for a long time. Every time I commit a crimeTrickI think I will not be caught aiming for a perfect crime[16].Robert HansenIs that type[17].Zodiac KillerBut he sent a letter to the newspaper saying, "Murder is better than sex. It's the most thrilling."[18].(English editionIs testified by the victim that he was "enjoyed and excited"[19][20].

For a comfortable life (profit)

Motivation for material profit or for a comfortable life. Victims are usually family members or close acquaintances. Wait for the suspicion to clear at intervals of murder so as not to be suspected. Often used as poisoning. Female serial killers are often of this type. Not everyone[21].

Show off and control power

The main purpose of this type of serial killer is to project and show power to the victim. This type of serial killer may have been abused in early childhood and may feel helpless or unsatisfactory as an adult. Many of these power and control serial killers commit sexual abuse, with the difference that rape (unlike libido-type serial killers) is not based on libido but a form of domination.[22].Ted BundyCan be said to be this type of serial killer[23].

Criminal image

The vast majority of serial killers are seemingly ordinary people, with jobs, homes and children, and living as members of normal society. In addition, there is no bias in a particular race, and it is proportional to the racial composition of that country. Often of varying degreesMental disorder,Psychopathy(So-called psychopaths), which may contribute to murderous behavior[1][24].. Depends on familyMental,physical,SexualIAbuseMany people come from unstable families[3]. Also,juvenile-youthFrequently in the timesBullyingYou may have been socially isolated.AnimalTheAbuseSome people were doing it.scam,theft, Some are involved in crimes such as vandalism[25].


FBIAccording to the "Crime Classification Manual" of, serial killers are divided into the following three categories.[26].

  • Organized type
  • Disorganized type
  • Mixed type

Organized serial killers plan their crimes in detail. For example, a victim is kidnapped, killed, and then abandoned elsewhere. Invite the victim with a hand that often appeals to the victim's sympathy. Or, aim for prostitutes whose profession is to follow others voluntarily. Such a serial killer will firmly destroy evidence even at the crime scene.Forensic scienceHe also has knowledge about burying bodies and putting weights on them to sink them into the river. Carefully understand your crimes reported in the media and often take pride in yourself. Organized serial killers have a high ability to maintain social skills and relationships, have friends, romantic relationships, get married, build a family, and have children. This type of serial killer is the type that people around me say after being arrested, "I didn't look like a kind and injuring person."Ted Bundy,John wayneIs classified as this organized type[27].. Generally speaking, this type of IQ is around the overall average (94.7)[28].

Disorganized serial killers are usually much more impulsive. Often, they use what is on the spot to kill them. Mostly, they don't even try to hide their bodies. He is unemployed or is a wolf type and has few friends. Often have a mental illness or have been committedTrickThere is often excessive violence, such as tactics, and sometimesNecrophiliaWith sexual assault[29].. The disorganized serial killer has a slightly lower IQ of 92.8 than the organized type.[28]

The mixed type may change from an organized type to a disorganized type by mixing the above two types.

health care worker

Called the "angel of death" type, there are many cases of serial murder by medical professionals worldwide. Originally many in the nursing industry, he commits crimes by abusing his strong position to provide care to the vulnerable and his medical knowledge.


Female serial killers are rarer than male ones[30][31][32][33].. Female serial killers in America1800から2004Less than 6 in 1 serial killers (416 out of 64 known female offenders), 15% of American serial killers are female and the total number of victims is between 427 and 612 Is said to be[34][35][36].. A book about female serial killersLethal LadiesAuthors Amanda L. Farrell, Robert D. Keppel, and Victoria B. Tintinton said:Ministry of JusticePoints out that 36 serial killers have been active during the last century. "[36].The Journal of Forensic Psychiatry & PsychologyShows evidence that 16% of all serial killers are women[37].

Famous serial killer

Hereinafter, they will be described in alphabetical order.



Serial killer related cases

Japan (incident)

Overseas (incident)

Serial killer related characters and related works

Works on serial killers


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graduate School

graduate School(Kenkyusho, Kenkyujo,British: research institute, laboratory, research center Etc.)ResearchIt is an organization / facility that conducts such activities.


What is a research institute?Research(OrResearch and Development),Alsotest,AppraisalTo do etc.組織(organ) And thatFacilityThat is.In a broad senseobservatoryIn some cases, it also includes "agricultural laboratory".

It varies from laboratory to laboratory, for examplenatural Science,Humanities,Social scienceThose that target various fields such as, or specific fields that are subdivided from them have been established.In addition, there are research institutes in various fields, not limited to science.
The founder is not particularly limited,International organization, In a countryCentral government,Local government,University,Company,Foundation,IndividualAnd so on.
In the case of Japan, those set up by companies in companies are called "in-house research institutes", those set up by individuals are "private research institutes", and those set up by local governments are those established by Japan. What to installPublic test research instituteCalled.
Type, classification
There are various classifications of research institutes, for example, classification according to the type of academic discipline.Also,"Basic researchThere are also cases where the meanings of "" and "" are classified, the meaning of "top-down" research with a predetermined mission, and the meaning of "bottom-up" research based on the free ideas of researchers.

UniversityIs not usually classified as a research institute, but often has an institution named after the research institute.諸分野に関する政策立案、政策提言を主たる業務とするIts main business is policy making and policy proposals related to various fields.think tankHowever, many of them use the name of research institute.The English laboratory refers to a wide range, including simply well-equipped locations.For this reason, facilities that perform analysis and manufacturing using known technologies that are not research are also called (photo development, blood tests, acoustic analysis, structural analysis, etc.).

World laboratories

International organization

The United Kingdom








The organizational structure is different for each area.

Generally speaking, in the research institute, each research themeLaboratoryDivided into, usually there are no students.Here, technical or apprentice staff →Researcher(Or Researcher) → Senior Researcher (or Senior Researcher), Office Manager → Department Manager → Deputy Director → Director Many institutions have adopted a hierarchical structure.

However,Ministry of educationIn the laboratory under the jurisdictionUniversitySimilar to the course of教授,Associate professor,Teaching assistantIt is composed of (or engineers and students).

For think tanks, see "think tank"checking.

Research Institute under the direct control of international organizations in Japan

National Research and Development Agency, Major research institutes attached to the Japanese National Research and Development Agencies

"The country directly operates"Facility, etc., Or a research institute attached to an institution such as a facility

country's"Special institution, Or a research institute attached to a special institution

Research institutes in other countries

Shared use / joint research base

Inter-university research institution corporationLaboratory

Major local government research institutes

Public interest incorporated foundationLaboratory

General FoundationLaboratory

Research institute of incorporated association

Here, only those that are incorporated by the institute alone are listed.

Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Institute of school corporation

Education Institute

Religious corporation research institute

Other laboratories


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  1. ^ Tokyo National Museum,Kyoto National Museum,Nara National Museum,Kyushu National MuseumAre also under the umbrella of, but these are also conducting research activities
  2. ^ Network-type material / device area joint research center consisting of multiple research institutes
  3. ^ Network-type interdisciplinary large-scale information infrastructure joint use / joint research center
  4. ^ Network-type Arctic Research Joint Promotion Center
  5. ^ Network-type biomedical and dental engineering joint research center
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