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📺 | Ryohei Suzuki & Riho Yoshioka, "What is Kyun?"

Photo Ryohei Suzuki & Riho Yoshioka – (C) Fuji TV

Ryohei Suzuki & Riho Yoshioka, "What is Kyun?" To an unfamiliar romantic comedy

If you write the contents roughly
I think "Renai Manga Artist" is the purest love story this spring.

Ryohei Suzuki and Riho Yoshioka will start broadcasting on Fuji TV on the 30th, from the remote production of the Thursday theater "Renai Manga Artist" ... → Continue reading

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Love story (love story) isEnglishでLove storyMeans単 語.


  • Love story - Eric SegalNovel. 1972,Itakura AkiraA Japanese translation was published by. A revised Japanese translation was published in 2007, and the title at that time was "Love Story-A Love Poem. "

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